Sean Patrick Thomas and Aonika Laurent’s Southern-Style Shower

06/09/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Aonika, Lola and Sean – Courtesy Thomas Family

With their second child — a baby boy to be named Luc — due Saturday, June 12, Sean Patrick Thomas and Aonika Laurent Thomas toasted his imminent arrival with a shower at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Joined by 45 of their closest friends and family, along with daughter Lola Jolie, 2, the Lie to Me and Fantastic Four actors celebrated the latest addition to their family with a Southern-style shower honoring Aonika’s New Orleans hometown.

“Everyone knows that I’m worse than Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when it comes to ‘home,'” laughs Laurent Thomas, whose guests enjoyed crawfish, jambalaya, shrimp scampi and praline confections.

Lola and Aonika – Courtesy Thomas Family

In fact, Laurent Thomas’ love for New Orleans extends from the baby shower straight into the delivery room!

“Hurricane Katrina couldn’t keep me from being married in New Orleans and there was no way my children wouldn’t be born on Louisiana soil,” declares the actress.

“Sean and I compromised — my brother [mailed] soil from my backyard and we placed it under the bed at Cedars Sinai. Lola was born on New Orleans soil!”

The couple plan to repeat the trick during Luc’s delivery this month.

Aonika – Courtesy Thomas Family

Hosted by the actress’ pals Vicki Story and Chimene Clarke Holmes, the bash was held in the hotel’s penthouse suite and adjoining rooftop patio, allowing guests to take full advantage of the sunny day.

Working with Shalena Smith of Ga Ga Designs, Laurent Thomas’ friends organized the shower, using Smith’s Baby Registry Concierge Service to choose the perfect gifts for baby Luc.

Smith — an interior designer who has completed rooms for Heidi Klum, P. Diddy and Pete and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras — also designed the nurseries for the Thomas children.

“Shalena put together a royal room for our king,” Laurent Thomas explains.

“The room looks like a French boudoir — similar to Lola’s room but with a masculine touch. Simply beautiful! It was also the inspiration for the [baby shower] cake.”

Baby shower cake – Courtesy Thomas Family

Before the birth of their daughter, the couple, both 39, were open about their long road to parenthood. “The problem hasn’t been getting pregnant, it’s been keeping the pregnancy,” Laurent Thomas explains.

Unfortunately, she and Sean again experienced several miscarriages before conceiving their son. “We were blessed to get pregnant and stay pregnant,” she says. At the shower, “everyone wore butterfly clips as a symbol of dreams coming true.”

Butterfly pins – Courtesy Thomas Family

So what does their toddler think of becoming a big sister? “Lola’s very excited about having a baby brother,” says Laurent Thomas. “Every morning she greets her brother with a belly kiss. When we pray at night she says, ‘Bless brother’ and then kisses my belly.”

Lola – Courtesy Thomas Family

“The biggest, most important thing we will ever do beyond careers is being parents,” notes Laurent Thomas. “I’m so delighted to share this experience with one of the most amazing men in the universe! We are so grateful to God for Luc. After so many miscarriages, to be blessed with both a daughter and a son … we couldn’t be happier.”

Aonika and Sean – Courtesy Thomas Family

— Tracy Bobbitt, Hollywood Mom Blog

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jenna on

I prefer Lucas or Luca to Luc but its still a nice name. Just me, but I think its funny when people name their babies and tell everybody before they’re born. I dont know why! Just something I wouldn’t do.

m-dot on

Beautiful couple! I’m glad they were able to have another successful pregnancy. I love that she maintains her Creole culture wherever she goes. =)

Luna on

What beautiful people. I love their children’s names and I love the fact that they keep so close to New Orleans. I hope everything goes smoothly for them through the remainder of the pregnancy and Luc and Lola bring Sean and Aonika many happy, blessed years.

harley on

Jenna – she’s sticking with the French version of Luke. I agree with naming a kid before they are born…just never know if it’s going to “fit”. Either way, so happy for them!!! Their strength is amazing.

amy on

she has the most beautiful baby belly!

Pinkdancer on

They look so radiant and happy! I loved seeing all the pics and props for being out and about so close to the due date! I would want to sit and rest! πŸ™‚ best wishes!

Michelle on

Now that is one baby shower I’d be happy to go to! I love New Orleans and it has been 10 long years since I’ve been there.

Good luck with the baby and I love the name Luc (and the spelling)

Kathleen on

She looks beautiful. I am glad it’s a boy. Nice to see them with one of each. She looks especially gorgeous in the picture where she is wearing the white dress.

CelebBabyLover on

I wonder why they had the baby shower so close to the due date? I mean, Aonika could have gone into labor in the middle of the shower! I’m not criticzing them at all, just wondering why they cut it so close!

Anyway, Lola is adorable!

Anonymous on

Aww, the “bless brother” part is SOOOO CUTE!!!

goddess on

To CelebBabyLover, it’s possible they waited on the shower to make sure she could carry the pregnancy to term.

Maria Luna on

Good Luck And GOD BLESS such A Beautiful Family!!

Lola Monroe on

Wow…Aonika looks stunning in the 3rd photo…their a beautiful family…Congrats!!

Another N.O. Native on

Congratulations to the family! The heartbreak of many miscarriages has brought them another blessing! So happy for them….Baaaabbbyyyy!

Faye on

I went through the same thing and am happy for them. May they have a healthy and blessed child.

Annie on

Wow she looks really good!

Jenn on

What a lovely couple! She is a radiant mother to be- gorgeous! I loved the cake too! Happy for them!

P Moore on

My husband and I named our baby before she was born and when we finally saw her we couldn’t picture her being named anything else. Her cute little face fit her name perfectly and for us it added something special to the delivery, to have the nurses calling her by her name and welcoming her by name as she was being born. It was beautiful!

daniela on

She’s simply glowing in that white dress pic – and nothing but baby!!!

And can I have some of the cake, it looks yummy!!!

Jennifer on

Wow such a beautiful, happy looking family its good to see that such a thing still exist!

Anonymous on

I agree celeb baby lover. That happened to my aunt. she went into labor with my cousin in the middle of her shower and they had to cut it short. It is not such a good idea to have a baby shower so close to your due date because you never know what can happen. you should have it when your 7-8 months pregnant.

Anonymous on

CONGRATS Sean, Aonika, and Lola on the new baby. I’m glad that they are having a boy since they had such a difficult time getting pregnant the second time around. Its good that Lola is taking to her baby brother already. Btw, I like the name Luc. Its very French and I love French names

Mylahsmom on

They didn’t give a date when the shower was held…they only mentioned that they baby was due this weekend. It could be that the shower was held last month for all we know.

Also, as someone else mentioned, with a history of miscarriage some couples prefer to hold off as long as possible before the celebrate. I’m sure they were “ready” before they even had a shower and going into labor during was the least of their worries.

sheniiqua jones on

not only are they gorgeous, happy and blessed.

But my baby daddy cousin ex boss, went to that party, and she said, that they are very nice, very real people..

its so nice to hear about rich and famous folks , who are keepin it real…

good lookin out sean and aonika!!

you all shore do make some pretty babies πŸ˜‰

Laurie B. on

What a beautiful family! The pictures just made me smile. GOD bless all of you.

FC on

Their whole family is adorable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lola until now. She is precious. I want to take her home with me. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see/hear more on Luc when he finally arrives!

Jane on

My boyfriend i and already pick our son name before he was born his name is Dominic πŸ™‚ and he fits the name perfect

Bridgette on

Congratulations! I’m from Louisiana so it’s a pleasure to know that you and your family have so much love for the city of New Orleans and continue to celebrate it’s culture. I remember seeing your wedding on TV and thinking what a beautiful couple. It’s going to be easy remembering your baby’s birthday because my dad, who pass away several years ago, was born on his birthday.

SanFran on

Hi Aoni, glad to see y’all are doing well. Lola is absolutely beautiful – hope the best for you all and your new son, Luc – love his name!

Jane on

To Jenna: that’s a weird comment you made. My last child, James, was named before his birth. My husband would ‘talk’ to my stomach. We were very happy to name our child before his birth and tell others, too. I think Luc is a very wonderful name; not a weirdo name; like others… Pre Congrats to the happy couple!

Glenda on

Congratulations! What a blessing and testimony. Such a beautiful couple. I am to from Louisiana and so proud of Aoni and her lovely family. May God continue to bless this family.

sosideirish on

What a beautiful family! Does a heart good to read an article about faith, love and commitment to the things in life that are really important! Congratulations!!!