Katherine Heigl: ‘I’m a Sappy Mom Now’

06/09/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Cheyenne Ellis/AP

Almost every woman imagines the type of mom she will someday be, but for Katherine Heigl theory and reality collided with the arrival of daughter Naleigh, 18 months.

“I’m a sappy mom now,” she confesses to USA Today. “I didn’t think I would be. I thought I’d be a cool mom who keeps everything in perspective.”

Heigl goes on to reveal that she and husband Josh Kelley have “talked about biological children,” and for now all options remain on the table.

“We haven’t ruled it out,” she explains, “but I would like to adopt again.”

Their decision-making process is fraught with emotion, however.

“It’s a little bit hard for me,” Heigl, 31, admits. “If I have a biological child, is there a child now who will go without a mom? But I can’t take them all.”

In fact, to hear the Killers star tell it, it’s not a question of whether their brood will expand — but by how many!

“Maybe we’ll have four or five kids,” she muses. “We’ll see how two go. Two could throw me right over the edge!”

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Sara-Eve on

You know, she says some silly things sometimes but underneath it all I think she makes a really great mom.
She comes across as being grounded, in-tune and compassionate

Niomi on

I know not a lot of people like Katherine Heigl, but I’m not one of them. Yes, she says some silly things that people judge her for, but the bottom line is that she has saved a little girl and is caring and loving her like her own.

dfs on

Niomi, when you adopt a child, the child IS your own child.

JMO on

Angelina Jolie used to say the same thing and she went on to have her own children as well as adopt more. She could do both. And she’s right she can’t save the world.

romy on

one of the first interviews I have liked of hers! I guess at least she puts it out there, and you know what you get with her. So many of the other celebs that people love here are very fake.

Amy on

She gets so much hate on here that I will never understand but she loves her little girl and seems to be a great mom with a good heart so I am a fan!! Also, love that she adopted!

Jen K on

Everytime I see that photo, it just makes me melt! It’s so beautiful.

I’ve been a fan of her’s for a long time, but I just LOVE Josh! He’s got an amazing voice and puts on a great live show!

Luna on

This interview officially made me a fan of Katherine Hiegl. She may not be the prettiest or the best actress, but her love for Naleigh is so undeniable that the way I view her as a person has changed. I love that she wants to adopt (i love adoption, but have 5 biological children, my house is crazy!) I agree with JMO.

m-dot on

Something about her rubs me the wrong way. Can’t put my finger on it…

Nella on

I happen to like Katherine Heigl, she seems like a good mother and I applaud her for adopting that beautiful little girl. Aside from that she’s a good actress, not one of the best, but a good actress. I enjoyed watching some of her movies. I read some of her interviews and I think she’s just an honest person,sometimes too honest for her own good in hollywood. I don’t think she thinks how she will sound to people before she does a lot of those interviews so she just kinda rolls with it, it seems. She’s probably learning now to not say everything that’s on her mind and maybe to say it in a better way. That’s just my opinion on that.

Shelby on

I see how she can annoy people, and perhaps she could learn (and seems to be learning) think a little more before she speaks and to say some things a little more tactfully, but I actually think it’s refreshing that she’s so straightforward most of the time!

Lee on

@m-dot perhaps that is jealousy. Also, why comment if you hate her. Please save that drama for perez hilton.

Anyhow, I love her interviews because she’s real and not fake. Sometimes she’s brutal when it comes to honesty but that’s a good thing 🙂

Lyn on

I think Katherine is lovely….very beautiful inside and out. Adopting is wonderful-the issue of children without Moms begins with why these children were born to those who could not care for these children, unless they are orphans.

CelebBabyLover on

JMO- As dfs said, children you adopt are just as much “your own” as biological ones are. That being said, didn’t Katherine once say that she’s “turned off” to the idea of childbirth or something? Perhaps she’s gotten over that, though.

JessicaC on

Im a little surprised, no one here finds her irritating. I think adoption is great and all, but she just has this vibe about her-cant put my finger on it-thats shes entitled, or making better decisions then the rest of is pions. Im all for adoption, but her remark that if she had biological children there would be a kid out there without a mom, just rubs me the wrong way. People shouldnt be made to feel guilty for having biological children. And if you think about the big picture, it’s pretty strange to make people who can afford and love a child not have their own in order to take care of the children of people who shouldnt be having them. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re going to say that adopted children ARE your own, and ok they are, but it IS still different, no matter how you slice it. With that said, Lee, no Im not jealous, thats just my opinion. people need to get half a brain, the only thing more annoying than Heigl is people who say “you’re jealous” every time the comments aren’t all sunshine and bunny rabbits.

JMO on

celebbabylover – I think I remember her saying something alon those lines too.
But like I said Angie used to say that too that if she gave birth she’d feel like she’s letting another child down that could be hers. I think anyone could have that guilt. But I believe that by adopting one child you’ve done a good deed and you shouldn’t feel like you have to do more if you don’t want.

ABG on

As the mother of an adopted child — I couldn’t love my child any more had I given birth to him myself — I admire them for adopting. There are so many children out there who need good homes.

That being said, I think she should try to have biological children, as well, if they’re able to. Let other people, who cannot have children of their own, adopt.

There are SO MANY people who cannot have children of their own and would love to be able to adopt, but the COSTS are astronomical (to the point where only the “rich and famous” can really “afford” adoption).

dfs on

JessicaC, it really ISN’T different and I can’t fathom why anyone would think it would be, although I do agree with you that her comments come off poorly . . . I feel people should adopt because they want to expand their family, not because they are trying to “save” a child. Very often a child people adopt would have been adopted anyway, so they aren’t really saving the child. Even in the case of Katherine and Josh, where their child was special needs and might not have been so easily adopted, it still rubs me the wrong way when people say they are “saving” a child when they adopt it–Katherine and Josh should just be very grateful that they have a child

KG on

As someone who is adopted and has a biological child….i can tell you right now there is no difference. My mom and I have talked and all the things she says she feels about me, I feel about my daughter. Doesn’t matter that I came from another country and my daughter I gave birth to. There’s just an instant, deep love and connection you feel with a child no matter what they come from. Your child is your child. No matter how you “slice” that.

I honestly wish magazines would stop calling the children who are adopted, the person’s “adopted” child. Can’t you just say child? My parents never went around calling me their “adopted” daughter. I was just their daughter.

mls on

First and foremost no matter how you have a child (biological or adopted) they ARE your child. You do not have to give birth to love a child so completely. I have both and there ISN’T a difference except in their birth stories and honoring my daughter’s birth mother. Yes, HONORing her. Our society tends to give those who choose adoption for their birth children such a hard time “people who shouldn’t be having babies anyway”, etc. The majority of these women chose LOVE by carrying their babies to term and giving the child to their forever families/homes. Until you have given birth and then left a hospital without that child, I would encourage others not to be so judgemental. Lastly, yes we have received the comments of “you are doing such a wonderful thing”, “she is so lucky to have you what would her life be without you”, etc. But the truth is, she SAVED us too…she blesses our family and her siblings in so many ways…we would not be the same without her. And there is my soapbox!!!!

Mattie on

Let other people, who cannot have children of their own, adopt.
Yes, because there are just sooo few parentless children out there that should be reserved for those with infertility, while those that “can do it”, should just go ahead and have a biological child. I never understood this notion, that having biological children somehow fulfills you. Isn’t having a child to love and raise enough?

JMO on

I have to make one more small comment. When you adopt a child indeed in some cases you are in fact saving a child. Depending on where you are getting the child it could be the difference of the child living a life of poverty and/or growing up in an orphanage. When a person chooses to go elsewhere to get a child to take them out of a bad situation that too is saving a child. It doesn’t mean that a person only did it so they could be some kind of hero. Most people who adopt do so from the heart and some make the choice to not only want to bring a child into their lives and hearts but to also give them a better life. I guess some people will always have differences of opinions on the matter.
In this situation you could possibly argue that Katherine saved Naleigh’s life literally as she was sick with a heart condition where possibly nobody else would of stepped up to adopt her. If he didn’t get adopted what would of happened to her?

Lola on

JessicaC, I don’t think Katherine was trying to make parents of biological children feel bad with her comment. She was just stating her opinion. In fact, she specifically said, “It would be a little bit hard for me. If I have a biological child, is there a child now who will go without a mom?” To me, that doesn’t translate to, “I know better than everyone else, and everyone who has a biological child is wrong because they’re leaving a child somewhere else in the world without a mom.” She was just saying that she personally has a problem with having a biological child, not that everyone else should have a problem with having a biological child.

And also, I disagree with your comment about people taking care of children from parents who shouldn’t be having them. First of all, when a child gets put up for adoption, it’s not always because the parents were irresponsible. It could also be because the parents died or for some other reason were forced to give up their child for reasons that were beyond their control. And even if it is the parents’ fault, does that mean the child should be treated any worse than other kids? EVERY child deserves a good home, regardless of who their parents are.

Georgia on

Sheryl Crow has now adpopted two boys, for what ever reason she choose adpotion, and Sheryl doesn’t harp on about it half as much as this woman.

I agree there is just something about her, in interviews and on screen that is annoying.

Allison on

I agree, I’m sure she is a fine, loving Mom.

But, I think the reason she gets so much crap is she is so self important. Its like she thinks everything she does is this big dramatic fantastic event. Including adoption. Good for you, its a great thing, but it doesn’t make you a saint.

I just feel like no matter if she had her own kids or adopted, it will always be, “I’m so emotional, this is so perfect and fantastic, and I was meant to do this, blah, blah.” Her shtick gets kinda old. We are all Moms, its part of our everyday lives – and it is not ALL roses and lollipops.

Maybe its just part of being a celebrity and being asked at every moment how you feel about being a new mom and she’s not really that dramatic about the whole thing.

Haleiwa on

I see nothing wrong with her gushing and being so enamored with her daughter. I say gush away. She’s clearly happy and if people want to find fault with every word out of her mouth so be it. It speaks more to their pettiness and insecurity. She’s a new mom going on and on about the wonders of a new child and the whole experience of building her family. Nothing different from a whole host of other celebrity parents who have gushed endlessly about their children.

CelebBabyLover on

Allison- Naleigh is just as much Katherine’s “own” child as any child she might give birth to! 🙂

Haleiwa- I agree! And if Katherine talked about how difficult motherhood can be, she’d probably get criticized for that (for example, “It can’t be THAT difficult when you have nannies and such at your disposel!”). This is yet another example of how celebs can’t win either way!

JMO- If I’m remembering correctly, Katherine made it pretty clear that she was “turned off” to the idea of childbirth in the sense that it scared her, grossed her out, or both (I’m not sure which one or combo it was).

mls- I agree! Obviously there ARE people out there who shouldn’t be having children (but hey, if they put those children up for adoption, at least they’re doing the right thing!), but that isn’t always the case. For example, some woman concieve as a result of being raped. Obviously in that case, concieving a child was out of the woman’s control!

dfs on

Lola, I agree with you. Many parents of biological children are not ABLE to adopt, and I’m sure Katherine and Josh know this as they were no doubt very carefully screened before they were approved to adopt. But she’s saying that in her case, because she has the money, time, background, etc., that is neccesary for a potential adoptive parent (not to mention her ability to deal with the adoption of an older, special needs child), she feels guilty for having a biological child instead of adopting another child.

Violet on

I am adopted, and I am in the process of adopting internationally. I don’t have any fertility problems (that I know of) and don’t plan on ever having a biological child, that is my choice. Children who need families shouldn’t be “saved” for only those who can’t conceive. The mountains of paperwork and excruciating months upon months (years for some) of waiting for a child during the adoption process is my own version of pregnancy and labor. The moment I see my child for the first time will be just as exciting had I given birth myself.

Also, you don’t have to be rich to adopt. I surely am nowhere close to being rich. It just takes some creative money saving and fundraising ideas.

Anonymous on

I don’t pretend to know Katherine Heigl very well but I have had the pleasure of spending some time with her now and then. She is so incredibly nice and friendly – very real, very down to earth and unaffected by her own fame. Always interested in what you have to say and has time for everyone. She certainly can be too honest for her own good and but she is never deliberately malicious and one thing she is not is entitled. She is grateful for everything she has and it makes me laugh when people think she is self important or big headed. The woman has no ego at all and just tries to be as normal as she possibly can be. She just has to watch what she says but I think she is realizing that and sometimes she might come across as a diva or ungrateful when it couldn’t be further from the truth. She is just like anyone else when we whine about things from time to time.