Constance Marie’s Blog: My Fertility Fight

06/09/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

It’s been a whirlwind three weeks with celebrity blogger Constance Marie — we’ve met the family, gone “into the trenches,” and learned all about cloth diapers.

This week, the actress — who lives in California with her fiancรฉ, yoga instructor Kent Katich, and their 16-month-old daughter, Luna Marie — tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies about the long fertility struggle that eventually ended in the conception of her baby girl.

Courtesy Constance Marie

OMG! Ladies, I am so overwhelmed by your cloth diaper support! I was the only one in my mommy group who was doing it. I felt like an oddball but now, not so much! Thank you.

I also want to mention that I designed a blanket for the Bundled in Hope Campaign, which raises money to give blankets to kids in need. If you can, please check it out and bid away! Thanks mucho!

This weekโ€™s topic: My fertility journey. Oy! It was so long, but so worth every second, because at the end of it, I got my sweet little Luna Marie. I always knew I would have a family, but I just didn’t know how I would get there.

I never felt ready to have a baby until I was about 37 years old. I knew I always wanted kids someday, but I needed to be “ready,” ya know? Emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, etc.

Plus, my mother had me when she was 18 — I didn’t want to repeat that. So, like any smart girl I was always careful. Growing up we are told every day, “Donโ€™t get pregnant! Be cautious!” As if just standing next to a boy would knock us up! Right?!

But then, somewhere in our lives that all changes! It goes from, “Make sure to not get pregnant!” to “Oh man! I gotta hurry up and get pregnant!” Honestly, I wish we had a visible meter that would just DING and announce, “It is time to get serious ladies!” That biological clock is a force to be reckoned with.

I do wish I had started earlier, but I never thought I would have a problem! I had read how a lot of women were having kids later in life. I was healthy, in good shape and Latina! I mean come on! We are supposed to be muy fertile right?! For sure it was gonna be easy! Wrong.

When I turned 38, Kent and I decided it was time. We were thinking “Yea! We have to have lots of sex!” And by nine months in, it was, “Ugh, we have to have lots of sex!”

My doctor suggested I have some blood tests done and go to a specialist for a test called a hysterosalpingogram, which I can only describe as a combination x-ray/pap smear. They inject dye into your fallopian tubes to see if there’s a problem. Sounds like fun right? Um … no.

The test did not go well. His diagnosis: blocked fallopian tubes. I was shocked! All these years I had been trying not to get pregnant and I had blocked tubes! What a waste of a lot of birth control right?! I was so shocked and sad. I would not be able to get pregnant naturally.

My gyno suggested I wait a bit and then go for a second opinion. I went to see a different specialist that I nicknamed “Mr. Sunshine.” He was patient, sweet and calm. This time — I kid you not — he injected the dye, it just flew up the tubes and presto! Like a frickinโ€™ miracle, they were fine! I didn’t question it — back to lots of sex! I was on a mission! This time I bought an ovulation kit and I became a pro at peeing on a stick.

Courtesy Constance Marie

After a few months I was pregnant! Kent and I were in shock! Wow! At seven weeks we went for an ultrasound to see and hear the baby’s heartbeat. As we eagerly looked at the monitor, we grew silent. There was no baby. Words cannot express how sad we were. That was a horrible day.

The only thing I had to hold onto was that years earlier a friend of mine had shared her pregnancy journey with me. She told me that she had gotten pregnant three times and that each time, it didn’t work out. She was very matter of fact about it. She knew it was just part of the process when a woman is older. That friend went on to have two beautiful girls. I loved her so much for being honest and sharing that story with me. I needed hope.

Once more we got pregnant! Once more, it did not work out. Another horrible day. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I tried the holistic approach, doing research on toxins that could impede my getting knocked up. I eliminated coffee and fish from my diet. The pesticides in coffee and fish, as well as the mercury in the latter are considered possible contributors to birth defects in fetal tissue. I also stopped drinking out of plastic bottles, because the plastic releases a toxin called Bisphenol A (BPA), a known hormone disruptor. Lastly, I did a few cleanses. I was not kidding around!

We decided to get even more serious. My doctor suggested Clomid, a drug that helps a woman produce more than one egg each cycle, along with the most common type of Artificial Insemination, Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI). We did this about six times! One of the times, our substitute doctor — because of course, I only ovulated on major holidays and weekends, especially Sundays — spilled the specimen all over the floor! Dammit! After all of Kent’s hard work. Then he had the nerve to say he wouldn’t charge us!

So far, none of this was working. I was getting tense. I was running out of time and knew I needed to bring in the BIG GUNS!

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was our next step. I asked around and my friends suggested the rock star of the IVF game, Dr. Richard Marrs. I LOVE this guy! I started a regimen of injections — Yes, I injected myself. Eek! — plus meticulously timed sex. Romantic right? Not so much.

This did not work.

Then we upped our game. Major hormone injections helped me to produce up to 13-18 eggs each cycle — that will bloat a girl! — that they would then harvest like I was a frickin’ orange tree while I was under anesthesia. I was nervous but trusted Dr. Marrs.

Afterwards, they would take my egg and thin the outer layer — because it had grown hard and bitchy over my 38+ years — and Kent’s sperm and introduce them to one another. When they weren’t looking, they’d SHOVE them together! When they formed an embryo, we would wait to see how it developed, literally calling in every day to see how our lil guy/gal was doing. When it had developed far enough, it was time to be put back in my uterus.

Courtesy Constance Marie

I also included acupuncture into this method because it has been reported to increase the ability of the embryo to implant into the wall of the uterus.

We did the IVF process two times. Each time, my odds looked so great, but each time it did not work out.

At this point, Dr. Marrs started to realize that something was wrong. I was able to get pregnant naturally but because the fetal tissue wasn’t great quality, the baby wouldn’t develop. Now they were putting in the A-team embryos and still nothing! I had eight embryos left, so Dr. Marrs started thinking outside the box.

He believed that the IVF medicines were messing with my own natural implantation process. That part I could do fine on my own, so he decided that we should freeze the remainder of the embryos and just wait, allowing my body to clear out from all the hormones and get back to normal.

Me? I did not like this concept! I was panicking and feeling pressed for time. I wanted that baby NOW. But who was I to argue with an IVF rock star?

I detoxed, relaxed and cleaned out mentally and physically. Whew! During a regular ovulation cycle two and a half months later, we defrosted a few of my little popsicles and put them in the oven, followed immediately by acupuncture. To ensure implantation, I literally laid down on the couch for two days until one of those little buggers took hold.

And take hold one did! One little embryo survived the ice age and implanted! That little embryo was and is little Miss Luna Marie, the love of my life!

I cannot tell you how depressing, frustrating, difficult, sad, lonely and just plain crappy the whole process was. However, I can say that I would do it ALL OVER AGAIN! As I sit here listening to those little puffy pickle toes running upstairs and screaming “Mama!” while I sit here and type away, I can tell you that it was all worth EVERY minute!

That is my story, as condensed as I possibly could. I hope it is helpful to some of you who are just beginning or mid-process, or maybe you can forward it to a friend. Just know that you are not alone. We women need to support each other!

My last thought — if you want a family, it can and will happen! One way or another! ๐Ÿ™‚

Courtesy Constance Marie

— Constance Marie

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toni on

Hi Constance, I love your story. Are you going to try for a sibling for your daughter. Thank You

Anna on

Wow, thank you so much for sharing that personal story. I think it’s so important for women to realize that they don’t stay fertile forever.

Christine on

All I have to say is that Luna Marie is such a beautiful baby. I love reading your blogs every week and I look forward to them each week. I thoroughly enjoy it. Please keep them coming. Thanks

Destiny on

I truly appreciate your honesty about your fertility struggles. It is refreshing as most celebs never own up to their fertility struggles…ie female celebs having babies over 42 years of age. It is VERY unlikely this happend naturally. It was probably a result of IVF/Donor eggs. I can understand them not wanting to disclose the use of Donor eggs but they could at least own up to IVF. There is nothing shameful about having to do IVF to have a baby. I know….I have done it twice. The first IVF resulted in a miscarriage while my second resulted in a beautiful, healthy baby boy. He is now 17 months and is the love of my life. We will be doing IVF again next year to have another child. I just wanted to say that you are truly an inspiration to couples struggling with fertily issues. Thank you and God Bless.

G on

Thank you for sharing this story. I’ve also struggled with infertility, and these stories really give us infertiles hope ๐Ÿ™‚

(Though I’m 7 1/2 weeks now and a little freaked out by that part of the story!)

Alexa on

I just want to say Thank You Constance for being so open about your journey. I know that there are so many women out there that you will inspire to not give up hope of one day starting a family of their own. I thinks its improtant for us women to be honest with each other and to stop feeling any shame about the reality of conceiving. More Women and celebrity’s can learn a thing or two from you.

P.S Luna is adorable!

Rachel on

I too want to thank Constance for sharing her story. Although, I did not do IVF, I did do an IUI and I am not over 40, but 34.Infertility can happen for any reason. Our fertility struggles were due to my husband and we had to resort to donor sperm. Thankfully I got pregnant on our third try and now we are waiting our baby boy’s birth in October. For those who judge these treatments, you will never understand the heartbreak one goes through month after month and they don’t work. It takes a toll on you physically, emotionally, pshycologically. Wishing Constance and her family the very best!

Carrie Campbell on

As a woman who struggled for a year and half to get pregnant…which really seems insignificant now…I can only imagine what it was like to go through.

Truly makes you appreciate those little gems once they arrive doesn’t it!

Id on

Hi Constance, Thank you so much for sharing your story. I had a long struggle with infertility as well. Like you I started after 35 and didn’t expect to have any problems. I now have a beautiful baby boy and I will be 40 this year and will be going back soon to hopefully give him a sibling. It is a long, hard road but reading stories like yours would of gave me a lot more hope when I first started out. I wish more celebrities would open up and share their infertility struggles, no one would think less of them, they’re only human…

Jodi on

I love that you shared your story- and with such grace, wit and honesty. Thank you! I too went down the infertility path and now working FT and missing my girls. Yes 2 – the 2nd time was a breeze which we did not plan for or expect but feel blessed by it. Enjoy your little pickle toed beauty!!

Serena on

What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your story!

FertileGarden on

WOW what a wonderful story, Constance Marie you are an inspiration in patience, hope, honesty and faith that if you want to be a mother, it will happen! Thank you for sharing your story, may it bring comfort to others!

Amy on

OMG have tears in my eyes, your story touches home, it is very similar to what I went thru and finally had my angel 3 years ago, you are right it is worth it! Congrats and thanks for sharing your story

Michele on

Thank you for sharing. I recently had an IUI and the nurse spilled too! I was speechless. I’m still waiting to find out the results but your story gives me hope.

Jenny on


Luna Marie is beautiful and I admire your strength and perseverance. That was a beautiful story.

Kwise on

THANK YOU for sharing this story – it moved me to tears. I too have struggled with fertility problems, and I’m shocked at how common they are (in part because most women feel they have to keep their fertility struggles private). So I appreciate you sharing your story, and CONGRATS on your beautiful daughter. She is a miracle.

Michelle on

I sincerely look forward to your posts each time. I’m normally not a blog follower, but love yours! Thanks for sharing.

Janna on

I’ve never known anyone with fertility problems, so I had no idea what someone might go through. This story is such an eye-opener!

And seriously, Constance Marie, you are an amazingly strong trooper!!!

Didi on

I had an ultrasound on monday and there was no baby. I was 10 weeks pregnant. We are devastated. Thank you for giving me hope

Nicole A. on

I am sooooo proud of your strengh (and humor) in sharing in your fertility journey with the world. I was 25, when after 4.5 years of fertility issues and a story much like yours, we had our beautiful twin daughters – same age as the beautiful Miss. Luna Marie. I know exactly where all your emotions are coming from, and what you’re going through.

Keep the stories coming. It’s great to enjoy in the lives of celebrities, with not always perfect lives (but beautifully perfect outcomes.)

T on

Thanks for giving a voice to infertility!

Still Life in Southeast Asia on

Constance Marie, thank you for sharing your story. I am so happy for you and your husband.

You have a gift for writing. Please consider writing a book!

kristy on


thank you for your story. Congrats on your beautiful lil girl. i appreciate your story and how it’s coming from you directly and not thru newspaper or magazine.

Anonymous on

What a wonderful story and your baby girl is just soooo beautiful, God bless. I too suffered through IVF and can truly say each time I look at my three beautful children that I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I still have two frozen embryos and I am counting the days until I have them implanted. It is so wonderful to see happiness and love come from each one of these most difficult of processes. Here’s to a wonderful blessed future as a family unit!

Kim K on

Awesome story. She really wanted this baby & did not give up.

Kelly on

Thanks for this article. We’ve been trying for 4 years (I’m only 30) and been through 5 clomid cycles, a burst tubal pregnancy, and just started IVF process this week. My problem is my tubes too and seeing this made me feel so much better knowing it will all be worth it. After such a long ride on the roller coater you can start to give up hope and not see the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how optimistic of a person you are.

Wendy on

Thank you for sharing your IVF journey. Your daughter is a miracle and so adorable! I had age on my side but still needed clomid to conceive my son at 28 and we did 2 years of IUI’s and 3 IVF’s at age 30 to conceive my daugther. They are the loves of my life and like you said ,it is ALL worth it!

Patrizia on

Hi Constance…your baby girl is beautiful. I also had issues with infertility. I was 29 when I started for a family however by 31 the only thing that happened was a tubal pregnancy. We then attempted IVF and I got pregnant everytime however we ended up losing a baby girl (Janina) and twin boys (Nicholas and Nathanial) and so by this point I was at a loss. Like you…I am full blooded Italian and should be breading like a rabbit. The Dr’s still don’t know why I can’t carry to full term but there is a happy ending. My best friend decided she was going to carry our child. We had 11 embryo’s left and on the last two…it worked. My best friend gave birth to my son, Evan, on October 31st, 2006. I am 42 and have a 3 1/2 year old. No siblings in the future just happy to have my son. Good luck to you and yours!!!

Ashley on

One in eight couples experience infertility and it is so frustrating that there are not more advocates talking about this issue. It is a medical problem and we should not be ashamed. Thank you for being honest about your experience.

Diane on

Thank you so much for being so honest about how hard it was, yet hopeful that things can work out. My husband and I have been trying for 2 years and after getting his sperm checked we finally have the answer as to why we cannot get pregnant. Now we are waiting for the fertility clinic to call so that we can have our first consultation to find out if we have any options to have a child of our own. Even though our difficulties are due to crappy sperm in the end it will be me who has to endure the injections, the surgeries, etc. Makes me resentful, but also so sad that in the end we may not be able to have a baby that is created by both of us. I love my husband so much and really cannot imagine having a child that won’t have his hands, his eyes, his cute butt. This is the hardest thing I have ever experienced, but it is nice to know I am not alone.

Amanda on

I tried for 3 years to get pregnant using most of the same techniques you did – somehow, someway it ended up happening naturally for me. It is heartbreaking to go through it, and when everyone else has it come by so easily, it makes you feel even worse and more alone. Thank goodness there are people like you who are talking about it and putting it all out there. You make others feel less alone and more brave. You give hope. Thanks for this blog!

Maria on

I loved your story, and I am so happy for you. Its always a shame that women that really want to have children cannot get pregnant. And then you have those women who get pregnant easily, and do not even want their babies. But your story tells women out there not to give up, and keep on praying and trying!

Tee on

Didi- I’m so sorry! I can’t imagine how heartbreaking that must be!

Constance, Luna is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us! I look forward to your next post!

Bridget on

Thank you so much for sharing – I know how long and hard the journey was. My husband and I tried for over 5 years, 5 miscariages, endless inseminations, injections, ovulation test, blood test etc and we welcomed a daughter who is now 7 years old. So worth the journey – Enjoy your little girl.

Evie on

Oh my goodness…you had me crying and laughing all at the same time. I can realte to part of your process, since a few months ago I lost a baby. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But you’re right, we MUST support one another and look forward to the future. Thank you for sharing your story. I have hope for me now!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love reading your blogs..keep em comin’


vivian on

Hi Constance,
I love your story. I went through those painful injections, for couple of years. It was really tough tried to get pregnant through IVF. I was pregnant with the IVF process twice but ended in miscarriages. It was so much pain to see that I could not succeed. My husband and I want to have kids. But it did not work for us. I just turned 41 young yesterday. I plan to go back to do IVF again but insurance does not cover for me to do it. It covered only $10,000 for a lifetime. It is very trying to get pregnant. IVF is cost so much. It is a reward that you finally had a daughter.
I am glad you have a daughter.

Angie on

Constance, Gracias! Great story!

I just recently donated some of my eggs who had 3 unsuccessful IVF treatments and now she’s 20+ weeks pregnant thanks to my donation!

AND, to boot, I’m pregnant as well! We’re both due in the Fall!

It’s great to hear about stories that contain struggle and are rewarded by success!! Yay for you!

[Sahria] on

Constance Marie,

Thank you so much for supporting woman. I am 19 years old and I am waiting like you did. My fiancee and I plan to wait until I am 25 to have our first child. I am so afraid that I am waiting and taking YAZ! for no reason. I have a deep haunting feeling that I may never be able to share a child with my soulmate. He has a child from a previous relationship, and I love that baby with all my heart. But it’s not the same as having my own with him. I fear that someone else has been blessed to have a child from him and I never will. It kills me to feel this way but I cannot see what will happen when I am 25.
Your story keeps making me cry because I hope my story goes as yours did and results in a beautiful miracle.

Thank you so much for your Last Thought, It’s keeping me strong with hope!!


V on

Constance, thank you, thank you for sharing!
My husband of two years and I just met with a local fertility specialist last Friday. The whole process is so overwhelming!
I start clomid/insemination this upcoming cycle and am hope hope hoping that things work out.
It is truly amazing how many couples have trouble conceiving (1 in 6!), and it is totally reassuring to exchange stories of hope and determination.
Best wishes to you and your beautiful family!

Jacy on

Your daughter is adorable. When I read your fertility story I re-lived my own. I too went through the “dye” procedure and the nightly Clomid pills. I took my basal body temp. and peed on the ovulation stick, month after month after month. I had laperoscopy and many miscarriages. Heartbreak when I went in for ultrasound just to see an empty uterus. Tears when my period would come. That was 22 years ago. My one full-term pregnancy was hard and scary, but so worth it. In two weeks I will be attending my daughter’s college graduation ceremony. She is my miracle baby.

tammy on

I am glad you could be so honest…………& lucky! I am 41 years old & have gone through over 4 years of fertility treatments, 8 IUI’s, & have completely run out of money since health insurance does NOT help with these issues. I would LOVE to try IVF, but cannot afford to try it even once. It is something that I think about 24/7. It is nice to see it work out for someone though.

Heather on


I loved reading about this, My husband and I went through alot to conceive as well. We got pregnant right away, but then like you when we went to the doctor, no baby, no heartbeat. We tried for over a year and a half after our loss, and no luck. I did some fertility testing and treatments, but then we started looking into adoption. Just as we were about to start our profile, I got pregnant! I am 18 weeks so far, and everything is looking good. Your daughter is so cute!!

Pam on

One of the best stories I ever read online and so heartwarming. Kids are wonderful……

Brooks on

I would love to chat, I’ve tried everything but IVF, I had a really bad doctor that wanted me to do the IVF Instead of IUI! i ASSUME beacuse it’s more money, I know I was ovalating and he did it anyways of course it didn’t work, I’m at my end wits! I;m turning 37 this year and really want a baby! help!!!!

Frances on

Wow..I’m sitting here crying right now, because I’ve been struggling to get pregnant for 7 years now and I’m only 25. It’s so nice to hear a celeb being honest about her own infertility problems. I will always remember this story. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Lorelai on

Great Story Constance, thanks for sharing! I have a 3yo girl and a 6mo boy and I never had problems so I can’t even imagine what you went thorugh! totally worth it though. I just wanna say I didn’t know you were latin! I am latin and I live in South America but I’d rather not say where. I just learned english at school so usually people think I am a gringa latin lol, you know what I mean. Where are you from? Your Luna Marie is beautiful. Does she keep you busy? just wait and see, it just gets worse ha ha! my 3 yo acts and talks like a teenager I swear, but I do love her to death! her abuelos spoil her rotten ๐Ÿ™‚ looking forward to hear about you next week!

Marilyn on

Luna looks just like her daddy!

Jamie on

Thank you Constance for sharing your story. I had the same issues as you regarding blocked tubes. However, the chances I had of carrying to term with IVF was too low. The cost of the procedure was also extremely expensive. So after much praying and consideration my husband and I decided to adopt. It tooks us 2 1/2 years before we became parents to a sweet little baby girl. We are so blessed. Congrats on your little girl she is beautiful.

Lila on

Thank you for sharing! Your daughter is gorgeous.

I took us years, and IVF, to conceive our daughter who is 3.5 years old. We tried IVF again this year and got pregnant, but that baby went on to Heaven. We have two embryos left frozen and that is it- if we don’t get pregnant this time we are done. It’s just too much physically, emotionally, financially to keep repeating. We still feel blessed every day we get to spend with our little princess.

I saw a plaque once that said “First we had each other. Then we had you. Now we have everything”. Truer words were never spoken.

Raquel on

My family and I are huge fans of yours. I was so overjoyed to hear that you became a mother as we have followed your career and you have played one of the sweetest moms on TV. Your blogs on your adventures in motherhood are something I look forward to reading. My heart was torn hearing about your struggle with fertility. And being Latina I also know about fertility and the struggles of keeping the baby cooking until labor but I am a mother of 3 healthy beautiful boys and I can definitely say that every day will be another classic story to share with family, friends and fans. Thanks so much for sharing pictures of your beautiful Luna and your personal stories. You do have a support system and we are just hoping that you and your family feel our love and well wishes being sent out to you!

mom of two! on

luna is adorable. congrats to marie and kent on their daughter and overcoming their struggle to have a family. i had some fertility issues very young. me and my ex husband got married when i was 18 and he was 21 and had our daughter immediately with no problem. a year later we tried to have another one and it didnt happen. my periods were no longer normal and i felt like i had pms all the time and never knew if i was pregnant or not cuz i felt so bloated and awful. the dr said nothing was wrong and i just wasnt ovulating. we tried for about 3 years and then were going to start fertility pills. but my husband decided he didnt want to be married anymore. so for years i suffered with awful irregular periods and tried everything that made them worse and was told to lose weight by a skinny dr. i finally went to a different dr and she gave me shots to shrink fibroid tumors that the other dr told me were not the problem. met my current husband in 2003 and in 2007 at the age of 35, i had our son with no problem! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cathy on

You have the most adorable baby girl! Welcome to the world of being a “mommy” . . . it’s the best! Thanks for sharing your story!

Chris on

Constance, your struggle is almost identical to the one I went through. After 3 IVF attempts and countless IUI’s (along with 3 early-term miscarriages, 1 having been a tubal pregnancy) it’s very comforting to be able to relate to someone in the public eye who has gone through the same thing. I am in my mid-40’s now so I know the chances of conceiving naturally are slim to none, but I always have hope and I know that there are alternatives. It’s interesting how your doctor took the approach to your getting pregnant — ironic that in the end, you went off the drugs and let your body naturally to the work for implantation. You are an inspiration and great to share all of this with people like us, who know what it’s like to struggle to conceive.

kerry sutton on

I know exectly how u feel. I’m 35yrs old and trying to get pregnant. Its hard u know,nobody wants to talk about it. Everyone ask u when are u having a baby and u say i’m trying and they say alright thats the fun part. But then u have a miscarrege and another miscarrege and u try not to get discarrage cause u want a child. Alot of people got to understand for a lot of people its hard to get pregnant.
Thanks for posting that.

Heidi on

Hi! Thank you for sharing your story. I am 29 years old and my husband and I have been trying for 5 years. We have gone through years of natural cycles, 4 IUI’s and 1 IVF. The IVF finally worked but had an early miscarriage. REading your story especially your last quote “My last thought โ€” if you want a family, it can and will happen! One way or another!” makes me realize there is hope!

Thank you!

Ashley on

What an inspiring story. I just had a baby. I didn’t have problems, but I couldn’t imagine my life without him and I love how encouraging you are to those who are trying for a family. What a great blog!

1baby on

My hubby and I tried for years to have a baby we would get pregnant naturally and then it would wind up being a tubal pregnancy. After 4 tubal pregnancies and 2 ruptures the Dr.’s said I needed a hysterectomy. I was only 28. We were devistated. That was 7 years ago. In 2008 a wonderful friend told her cousin who was pregnant and couldn’t take care of the baby about us and she litterally knocked on our door the next day. Today we have the most incredable little girl who amazing looks exactly like me. Through everything my hubby and I went through to be given this chance to love this little miracle is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

JoAnn on

I am now 45 years old. Had our first child at 27…and the second child at 40…what happened to my 30’s?? LOL. Sadly we have lost 2 pregnancies..both at 10 weeks along. One at 42 and one at 44…were not trying to conceive either time. Thank you for sharing your situation. Apparently, I have no trouble conceiving…just developing past 10 weeks. We have decided to be happy with our 2…and stop!

Carrie on

I know the struggles that people feel. I had a miscarriage in Aug 2008, then pregnant again in March 2009 with twin boys and that pregnancy endend at about 22 1/2 weeks and they did not make it (each pregnancy I used clomid). I so want to have a child but sometimes I feel like my heart just cannot take another heartbreak. I read stories like this and it DOES give and my husband hope. Thanks for sharing your story. Your family is beautiful.

SHANON the Receptionist on

You have one of the most beautiful babies in the world and for all that you went through, i tip my hat to you. You are very strong and kind plus funny in real life. LOL… You, Kent, and Luna(moon) your sunshine are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing your story.

Serendipitie on

Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for not hiding your struggles as I suspect many celebrities do – that just ensures infertility stays a dirty word. And thanks for giving me hope!

Stephanie on


Like yourself and several other women out there, I too struggle with trying to get pregnant. I was, however, only 21 years old. We had tried for six months with no hope. We went to a fertility specialist and they preformed an hysterosalpingogram among other tests to see what could be the problem, and they only thing that was a little off was my lining never got thick enough. We had decided to try an IUI while using Clomid, and wham, we were pregnant on our first try. I was one of these women that thought that everything was going to be great while pregnant, I was wrong. On our one year wedding anniversary, I went into labor. I was only 21 weeks pregnant. My doctors saw that my cervix had collapsed and being so close to the magical 25th week, they put me in Trendelenburg position, to try and reduce the strain on my cervix. One week later, due to infection, my water broke. Two days later, I gave birth to our son, Jacob, via classic cesarean (mid-line). He lived for 12 minutes. We were devastated. Unsure if we should try again, we decided to push forward and live. Our team of doctors had decided that IVF was the best route to take, due to my incontinent cervix. We had three day five embryos, and were going to try one at a time. I can tell you that that one, did not take. We had used up all of our insurance for that one try, and it cost way to much money to try one of our two frozen angels. After taking a month to let my body rest, we went back to our old method of Clomid and IUI. We did this for two months, only producing one egg in each cycle, and again, no success. This last month, we tried IUI with Follistim, a much more aggressive fertility medicine. With the new medication I was able to produce four follicles and our doctors increased my progesterone levels to help increase the odds. Only, two days ago, we got the devastating news that we were not pregnant.

I hope and pray that we will be-able to experience the same love that you have for your daughter one day. Cherish every minute.

Rebecca on

Hi Constance,
Thank you for sharing all the ups and downs of your infertility journey. I’m latina also and at 37 was thinking and going thru many of the same things. All my sisters and female cousins were fertile myrtles but I struggled. IVF did not work for me. My little girl is a miracle. No meds or needles; just God got her here. Its great to know our struggles aren’t our own. Thanks again. Luna Marie is so precious!

Chris on

As someone who has been struggling with Infertility for over a year, it is nice to hear that I am not alone… That there are other people who understand the desire to have a baby, the fusteration of not being able to get pregnant and who are finally successful. Thanks Constance

Cristin on

This is not written in judgement of other’s decisions. What I was always told by my doctor is that women, biologically should be having their kids before 30, never before 35. We can wait for everything to be perfect, but unfortunately, while we are waiting to be “ready” (which we never are anyway), our bodies are getting too old to conceive naturally. Medicine can help to a point, but not everyone is wealthy enough to go that course. I don’t think later pregnancies should be promoted. There is a reason why so many women are having fertility issues, they are too old to be getting pregnant. A baby is always a gift and blessing from God, no matter how they are conceived, but women should be told, while they are young, to expect fetility issues if they wait too long.

Sharon on

I know what you are going through! It took me 13 months to conceive my first son at 37. When he was six months old we started trying again – nothing. We did IUIs so many times I can’t count! I got pregnant on one round and it didn’t work out. I then had a surprise pregnancy right after my Mom passed away and I thought it was her angel – only to have that one not work out either. After being told my eggs probably weren’t great, the doctor recommended Donor Eggs. We did that to the tune of $40K all in including weekly acupuncture for a year. We got pregnant with the donor eggs (we had two embryos implanted). I miscarried again – I was told it was just the luck of the draw. We decided to try again on our own with injectable drugs and I didn’t even respond – my FSH shot up to 79 and I was told I was in menopause. My doctor put me on HRT because we have two frozen embryos that we were planning on trying again with later this summer. We just got a big surprise though! I am pregnant – so far all the numbers look good – we’re praying and keeping everything crossed. If this one works out, I will be 42 and my son will be 4 1/2 when the baby comes.

G on

Cristin, you must not have read the many comments from people who were in their early to mid-twenties and suffering from infertility….

I was 30 when our struggle began.

Danielle on

I really appreciate you taking the time to share your struggle with infertility. It gives me hope because my husband an I are having a hard time concieving as well. I’m 28 yrs old and we’ve been trying for almost 2 yrs now. When we decided to have kid’s I thought it would be a piece of cake but after trying an trying with no results we decided to see a specialist. So I had all the test done as well as my husband an the dr came to the conclusion that we had what is just called unexplained infertility. I was so frustrated because they were the doctor’s, it was there job to explain it! I started taking clomid, progesterone and injecting myself with HCG and Repronex and then it was IUI time. I had six cycle’s with that and each time we swore it was gonna be it and was let down. So, now I’m on a break for a while because it really does put stress on you. Our next step is IVF and I’m praying night and day that it works! This has all been such an emotional rollercoaster and some day’s I feel hopeful and someday’s it hit’s me again that all this time has went by an still no baby but I must say that after reading your story an the stories of other woman who have posted today is one of those day’s that I feel hopeful again. So thank you so much!! Your little Luna is an angel and I am looking forward to being just as blessed as you. Thanks again!

Lynn on

Vivian & Tammy, I am in the same boat as you unfortunately. I would love to say that I’m not giving up on my dream of having a child but I can’t because the treatment is so expensive. My health insurance limit has been met for fertility treatment. I was fortunate enough to have a son 15 yrs ago but my new husband has no children. I have had 4 IUI’s and 2 IVF’s. Two pregnancies resulted from the IVF’s only to show up later as no baby. Its so heartbreaking!!! I am 41 now and still trying to figure out how to cope with this big void in my life. Reading these stories has been so comforting to me… I do not feel alone. You are all in my prayers. CONGRATS to Constance Marie and all women that are fortunate enough to give birth to these little miracle angels!!

Stephanie on

Hi Constance,
thanks for sharing your challenge yet miraculous experience. It give me hope as i’m 42 and in the last year have really thought about having a child since i met someone who i would like to have a family with. My challenge is the fibroids i have which may make it difficult to concieve. If you have any suggestions on shrinking etc. not surgery, i would be grateful! THanks again for your openess and congratulations! Your daughter is very beautiful. Stephanie

Lisa on

Constance- You Rock! I’ve been through ivf, iui, at home inseminations, the works! I was 23 when I started ttc and it took 18 LONG months. Finally after a frozen cycle I conceived my dd katie, 7 next month. Several re’s told me I’d NEVER get pg on my own. They are wrong! I got pg once with my son Alexander, born last dec, and I am almost 6 weeks pg again. Drs aren’t always right but I do thank GOD for IVF:) Luna is gorgeous!

Kat on

This is idiotic. Biggest issue – the “IVF” is in fact just medically stimulated ovulation. Real IVF includes a lot more shots and long needles that actually remove the eggs from the ovaries. The embryo (if there is any) will be then returned to the uterus somewhere between day 3 and 6 after the egg retrieval. I appreciate the effort but it makes it sound like it’s just older women who have this issue, when, in fact, a lot of young couples such as ourselves can’t get pregnant on their own. We finally conceived our son after 3 years of trying through IVF at the ripe age of 28. We still have 6 frozen embryos ready and hopefully those will give us the 2 more kids we are hoping to have. Chances are not really that good, but fingers crossed. And btw, not only did I do shots for a month before the IVF but continued through the post partum period and there is absolutely nothing to that (the are all sub-q – under skin, which is easy, the ones in the muscle aka the butt are way worse).

Susie on

Thank you for sharing your story! Infertility is a long and heartbreaking process for more people than you realize. We personally started trying in our early 20’s and it took us 10 years to get our daughter who will be 3 in August. I am currently 7 months pregnant with a boy. He has conceived naturally 2 weeks after we saw a doctor to plan out fertility treatment after trying for 2 years for a second pregnancy. All in all, this is my sixth pregnancy and we had to fight hard to keep him. The first 12 weeks were touch and go but we are doing great now!

Cristin on

I have read, and I do understand. Fertility can happen at any age. If you have a fertility problem at 20, you will have one at 39. However, you will have a much greater window to do something about it. Once someone becomes aware of a fertility issue they may also decide on adoption. Unfortunately, adoption also gets increasingly difficult the older you get. Many countries have age restrictions. My point is that women should be better educated. There is no judgement, anger or any sort of tone like that in my post. My heart is full of concern and sadness for anyone going through fertility issues.

Shanna on

Thank you for sharing your story. It’s so nice for other women to relate and know they are not alone. I struggled with infertility for over two years and underwent 9 IUI’s, 2 IVF’s and 2 miscarriages before we were blessed with our little miracle, who is now 7 weeks old.

I would do it again in a second, but it is truly the most difficult thing my husband and I have ever experienced. Your little girl is precious and I wish you a lifetime of happiness with her!

Marcia on

Constance, thank you so much for sharing your infertility journey! My husband and I have been on our journey for over 5 years now. It is by far the hardest thing Ive ever had to deal with and the emotional rollercoaster is still going. After 4 failed IUI’s, we have decided to move on to IVF at the end of this year. Your story really gives me hope and I am so happy that you were blessed with a beautiful baby girl!

Emma on

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have been recently diagnosed with secondary infertility. I have a two year old and had no issues conceiving her, but we have been trying for a year for her sibling. I had one miscarriage in March. I am going for the HSG (uterine dye)test described in this article tomorrow, and my doctor suspects I have blocked tubes. This story gives me hope that I will have another baby one day. Thank you, Constance. Your little girl is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

Letty on

Hello! I am 35 & don’t have kids… though it is a dream. Thank you for sharing the information. I loved you on the George Lopez show & I love you even more for being so honest!

Shelly on

Thank you for the beautiful story Constance. It is a joy to read about good news versus all the upsets that occur daily. It certainly brings back memories of my daughter and her complications being told she had endometrosis at 17 and to have her children early if she wanted any. She had a boyfriend who loved her and it was their decision to marry. Although she was too young for marriage, I have a great handsome 13 yr old grandson (after 1 tubal pregnancy). 3 years later, a little redheaded beautiful granddaughter. Then what the doctor (10 doctors it took to tell her she had endometrosis) occurred and she had a hysterectomy at 22. Am so grateful that she was able to have the two children and could be a mother.
It’s a miracle for certain of the many medical miracles out there, that women can now have the options out there to have children. Still need the uterus though….lol

amandamay on

cute little girl!!!

Vanessa on

Constance, your story does bring lots of hope for all of us who have been struggling with fertility treatments. I had 3 IUIs and one resulted in a pregnancy. Unfortunately, after 4 months of being pregnant, the pregnancy had to be terminated due to complications. My husband and would like to try again, however, these treatments are quite expensive. Thanks for your sharing your story.

Kellie on

I have been sitting here at my computer crying reading each and every one of the comments after reading your story. We were blessed with our daughter in 2001 when I was 27. On her first birthday we tried to conceive again, never thinking that it wouldn’t work. We managed to conceive three times, the first two we lost within the first 12 weeks. The third we lost at 24 weeks, our baby boy, Cameron. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for us and almost destroyed our marriage. After lots of prayer, talking to one another and advice from our doctor, we put our dreams of having another baby in our hearts. Our daughter is now 9 and she is the light of my life. She asks sometimes why she doesn’t have a brother or sister and we are very open and honest with her. We explain to her that we tried very hard to give her a sibling but it just didn’t work. I tell her that God thought she was so special, we didn’t need to have another baby.

To all of you beautiful women out there going down this road, I am thinking of you and I pray for you. It’s the most heartbreaking thing I have ever done, but my daughter is the most precious gift in the world.

God bless you all.


Kir on

as the mom of Twin sons (who are 2 now) through IVF and 4 yrs of trying all of the things you did, I THANK YOU For writing this story, for bringing INFERTILITY out of the closet and out into the light so that we can start treating it like the Disease it is…something that we can work to cure and cover with insurance like any other ailment.

Your daughter is beautiful, your story touching and your soul…wonderful, THANK YOU from one infertile mom to another.

Jenny on

I’d also like to thank you for being so honest. I too, waited (and am in the process of trying/getting tested, etc.) until I was 37. You always hear of celebrities getting pregnant in their 40s…so why rush? Well, as I’m finding out now…it’s VERY hard to get pregnant later in life and most of those celebrities DID get help/IVF, etc. I’m so glad you owned up to it also!! And not that we want women to rush into something they’re perhaps not ready for, I think the word DOES need to get out there that it’s NOT that easy to get pregnant later in life. Thank you thank you…not just for your honesty, but for your hope. Sometimes I feel like my dream is slipping away, but you’re right…you can have a family one way or another. Thank you, Constance Marie.

Jennifer on


Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story. I am only 36 years old. I had my first daughter Mary at 31 and my second at 34. Both were IVF babies. My husband and I tried for years to get pregnant before we went the IVF route. Our families and friends could not understand why we didn’t have kids already. It seems like such a closed door subject that no one wants to speak about. Like IVF or any fertility procedures are taboo. I want to thank you for sharing your story. I felt ashamed and embarassed that I had to go to a fertility clinic to get pregnant, like I had done something wrong. It is so refreshing to hear some one, especially a celebrity, speak about the process in the open. Your daughter is beautiful and indeed worth the pain and wait.

Momof2 on

Your story was so beautiful. It is so refreshing to hear someone talk about their infertility struggles so openly. It seems that its a topic that people rarelly talk about. Congatulations to you and Luna Marie is beautiful and worth everything you went through

Lisa on

Thank you for sharing your journey with us and congratulations on your beautiful daughter. My husband and I have been through two unsuccessful IVFs thus far. We have another one planned in August, and I am hoping and praying that the old phrase about “Three’s a charm” is true. Take care and good luck!

Ann on

Constance, Thank you for sharing your story. It is such a personal struggle to go thru and I think that everyone should be made aware that having a child isn’t always as easy as it is supposed to be.
I started out getting pregnant the good old fashioned way & from that I’m very lucky to have a beautiful little old boy. Then when it came time to have another child it just wasn’t happening. After many tests, clomid, 3 failed IUI’s and surgery we decided to try IVF. The first try didn’t work and although the 2nd try faired a little better we only came away with 1 embryo. There were no embryos to freeze & no hope if if didn’t work. Luckily all it took was that one beautiful embryo. I’m very happy to say that I’m pregnant and in the middle of my 2nd trimester.

Martha on

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I, too, have a daughter thanks to a frozen embryo transfer – it was such a frustrating 6 years of trying, failing and miscarrying, and just when I thought it was all for nothing, one of two frozen embryos worked! Hooray for popsicle babies :)!

Grace on

Constance – thank you for sharing your story. Our story (my husband and mine) is very parallel to yours (you’r right those die injections up the tubes weren’t fun!) except we were younger 27 & 28 when we started our process,just goes to prove fertility issues can happen at any age. 2 years later after a particulary hard month and just as I had given up all hope I woke up out of a dead sleep very very early on Father’s Day 2009 and peed on the LAST stick I had at home – PREGNANT! One of the best moments of my life, waking up my husband at 4:00AM on Father’s Day with a pee drenched stick over his face to announce I was pregnant. After some questionable genetic ultrasounds mid-way and for the duration of the pregnancy (THAT was even more terrifying than the trying to get pregant!) Audrey Grace was born just perfect as can be this past March and is undoubtedly the love of my life, after God and my husband.

You’re right – It was all worth it! Staring at my daughter sleeping, smiling, pooping ;-D it’s my life.

Luna Marie is precious!

Rosa on

thank you for sharing your story Constance Marie. I decided that i couldn’t keep waiting for that special someone in my life and decided to do artificial insemination with a donor sperm. it’s being a tough road. i started in January and still not pregnant. i decided to step back and stop treatment give myself a month or two off and then do the invitro. now i’m trying to get the money together to do the invitro. we will see what happens. i’m about to be 38 in July so this is hard for me.

Reyna L. on

Hola Constance,

Ur Daughter is so beautiful!!! and I agree I love reading ur blog..Please keep them coming..:)

looking for him on

To Cristin,
Not all of us CHOOSE as to what age we may try to concieve. I was with someone for 4 years that all of the sudden realized he didnt want children. Now, I am searching for the right one, but it is very hard. Easy for someone to say when they get married and find the ONE at a young age.

Jen on

I went through everything you went through starting at age 24 due to MFI (male factor infertility). After nearly two years of heartache, I got pregnant and now my husband and I have two gorgeous girls (2.5 years old and 5 months old) who I love more than life itself. I, like you, am very open and honest when it comes to our infertility journey and I have been blessed to be a support and encouragement to others as a result. Thank you for having the courage to share your story publicly!

Natalie on

Love your blog! Please keep them coming. God Bless your daughter, so beautiful. I feel the same way about my daughter, there are no words to describe a Mother’s love! Take care

Amy on

Thanks for being so inspiring! As you said at the end, yes, we can have a family one way or another. We tried IVF many times until we were out of money, and then moved on to adoption. It finally happened, but that wasn’t easy either, and we had to endure some failures before we had our family complete with two little ones, who are now 5 and 2. The message here is, if you want it, NEVER give up! You don’t have to be rich either–a lot of people have online fundraising campaigns for their international adoptions, and adopting out of US foster care involves fewer fees than a private agency. It often takes years and years, like it did for us, but it is so worth it in the end! I love hearing stories like yours; families like ours, who have been through all this, are not uncommon, but not everyone shares their experiences, so we often think we’re alone.

Mom2E on

Thank you, Constance, for once again putting a face to infertility. You always write with such eloquence and humility, and so many women can relate. I am one of them. My husband and I had seven attempts at IVF (all but one of them were paid for out of pocket) and turned to adoption after all of the failures. Our little girl is the light of our lives. Anyway, it is so refreshing to hear someone open up about their struggles… I wish more celebrities would follow in your footsteps but am so grateful for you. Please continue to speak up and to educate about this disease. There is nothing shameful about infertility and it should not be whispered about!

stephanie on

I am soo glad that you shared your story. Just from reading your story gives me hope that one day as well i will also be able to have another blessing!!!! I am blessed with the love of my life my son, but have been trying to have another one for the past 3 yrs, been through the miscarriages, one which i was soo happy that i had a positive test back then find out the baby never developed broke my heart.i have also tried Clomid several times and still nada.. I loved your story.. you were once in my shoes, and this makes me feel better knowing i am not the only one out there that is going through this difficult struggle.. Its seems since i have been going through this everyone around me seems to have no problem getting pregnant, so this part hurts!!! Thank you once again!!! your daugher is very beautiful and i am glad that you have the greatest blessing of all.. god bless

Michele on

Thank you so much Constance for sharing your story. I am currently going through the same problems. I had 6 IUI and one attempt at IVF and still nothing. Reading your story gives me hope that I will be blessed with a little one someday soon. Once again, thank you.

klm on

Thank you Constance!!!!

Stephanie on

Great story! Where did you get her adorable ballerina outfit? I’d love to get one for my grandbaby…Thanks

Emma on

Thankyou so much for sharing your story Constance. I like so many others have been trying for almost three years so I know how hard it is. At 32 I’ve lost four pregnancies – we are healthy and have followed all of the recommendations for fertility to the tee, so it can happen to anyone. Best wishes to all of the other incredible women and I hope that in a couple of years time that we too can feel as fortunate as Constance as we adore our beautiful babies. x

Heidi on

So happy for you both, beautiful baby girl. I could not have a baby either. We did everything and more as above except in vitro. The in vitro process is horribly expensive and an average income of 2 RN’s wasn’t going to work out. Did we want to take loans out? borrow against our retirement funds? and on and on. It was the biggest loss of my life!!! I am now 44 years old and started the whole process at 34. It was all exhausting, frustrating, heart wrenching. I eventually gave up and had a hysterectomy at 39 for horrible cramps and pretty much end the endless hope each month of being pregnant.

It took me 5 years and an amazing infertility female therapist who went through everything I did and more to finally feel better again. Time is the only thing that makes it better. I am also blessed with an amazing, supportive and very loving husband, so we focus on each other now. I know having a baby would have been a miracle, but after time I can also appreciate the wonderful and close relationship my husband and I have that maybe some relationships with children don’t experience. I can finally look at pregnant women and newborn babies and not cry. It will always be with me, but the feelings are different now.

I am very excited to feel better. I have been a RN for 21 years and worked with oncology(cancer) kids for 15 of those years. I am working with adults now, but I think I am sure I want to go back to the babies and children. My husband and I, both being RNs are moving 9/1 to Oahu, Hawaii where nurses are needed desperately. Everything happens for a reason, paradise here we come, our family of 3, me, my husband and our 8yo golden retriever Sprite.

Julianna on

Women like you and Celine Dion help women who are near their forties to keep hoping for their dream of a family. For me, who am in my middle twenties, you’re an inspiration with your drive to achieve your dream of having a child. While I’m still getting there, physically, emotionally and financially, you teach me not to take the child I’ll have one day for granted. Thank you for all this, for letting us into your life and your intimacy. Luna Marie is a beautiful little girl and so lucky to have you as her mama!

AO on

All I can say is wow!!!!! I’m 26 years old, latina and had the same thought you had… hello we are supposed to be baby maker machines lol j/k… I have had 3 miscarriages and your story gave me a lot of hope. Coincidentally today I just came back from my specialist who is going to refer me to an infertility clinic to figure out what’s going with me. Thanks for sharing now I know that is a long road when we are not are able to have babies naturally but at the end we will be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel especially when is reflect in your beautiful baby’s eyes, smile, etc.

iluvperfectparents on

Wow even though I have 6 beautiful children, this is still an inspiring story.

Rebecca on

Thank you for sharing your story. My husband and I dealt with infertility for over 3 years, starting when I was 26. The most frustrating part for us was that every test they did came back perfect. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, and when we hit the 3 year mark, our fertility specialist told us that we had only a 3% chance of conceiving without IVF. Unfortunately, IVF wasn’t an option for us financially right then, and we were faced with having to put treatment on hold for who knew how long to save up the money, all the while feeling the clock tick as I headed towards thirty, and grieving that we may never be parents. Then miraculously,a month before I turned 30 and only 3 months after the doctor made his dire prediction, I got pregnant the “old-fashioned” way! We now have a beautiful 1 year old daughter, Anna. We’ve started discussing number 2 (hey, I ain’t getting any younger), but as much as I hear the clock ticking, I’m just not ready to go down that road again yet. Congrats to you!!

Vanessa on

Wow! thank you for sharing your story–it is refreshing to see someone being open about this topic. Thank you also to all the other women sharing their stories—I too had my struggle with infertility at the age of 37 but a little bit differently in that we had trouble with our second child ( I have sinced learned that this is a very large percentage of infertility cases!)—anyway, we had our first daughter without any difficluties (literally within 2 weeks of deciding to have a baby)..but when we were ready for the second child, we were surprised that things weren’t going as smoothly. After 3 years, 7 IUI, 2 IVF, and 1 miscarriage of twins we were out of funds and we decided to be thankful for our beautiful daugther that we already had at home–one month after giving everything up I became pregnant and we now have our second beautiful girl. So definitely never give up HOPE!,…and for those having struggles with a second, my doctor said, the sooner you start getting help the better your chances.

Jen on

I’ve got to say. Your story is my story. I’ve never felt anything so messed up an dealing with infertility. I felt every emotion at the same time. You are right–it is all worth it. After over 4 years of trying (and quite a few thousand dollars later) we are half-way through a pregnancy with a growing baby boy! I can’t wait to meet him. The important thing for anyone going through this to remember is: never give up hope–know that someday, someway it will happen for you. It may not be the way you always thought it would be, but if you want a baby, you will get a baby.

Luna on

I don’t know how to put into words what I feel about your story. The words ‘touching,’ ‘miraculous,’ and ‘heart-warming’ aren’t special enough for the struggle you went through and the beautiful daughter you have. Not only do you inspire women with your poise, fantastic acting skills, and beautiful daughter, but you are admired for your honesty and for keeping everything real. Your story touched me in a way that I’ve never felt about something that happened to someone else. You are a beautiful, special, strong woman and you deserve all the blessings in the world. I love your blogs and encourage you to write a book, because girl, you can write! If I were there with you right now, I’d give you a hug. So hug Luna for me and remember that you have gotten the greatest gift of all in the most unpleasant of circumstances. Many blessings.

Laurie on

I love you Constance! your story is such an inspiration! I just had my HSG test… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ouch! and now im on Clomid! so i can relate. WIsh me luck and lot’s of baby dust!

Lola Marie on

Hi Constance. I’ve followed your career since Mi Familia!

I’m not a mother yet, but I love this site and I LOVE your blog. As it has been stated many times before “thank you” for opening up a part of your personal life and struggle to your fans. You are so down to earth. Congrats on finally getting the beautiful baby you always wanted and I wish you many blessings.

Laughed so hard at “One of the times, our substitute doctor โ€” because of course, I only ovulated on major holidays and weekends, especially Sundays โ€” spilled the specimen all over the floor! Dammit! After all of Kentโ€™s hard work. Then he had the nerve to say he wouldnโ€™t charge us!”

Emily on

Thank you so much for your story and honesty, Constance. But I would feel remiss in not mentioning something to the readers. As someone who has undergone several rounds of IVF myself (and only 1 brought me my daughter), women need to get educated about reproductive health. The facts are: The older you are, the tougher it is to get pregnant. Bottom line (though many women are in denial about this). You add to that any other reproductive issues–or spouses issues–and you are in for a long haul. Fertility is financially exhausting for most families and you are not even assured of the outcome. It is mentally taxing on a couple on so many levels. I thank God I was able to do it, but I would be lying if I didn’t say, if you can have kids earlier in life DO IT.

Megan on

Thank you so much for telling your story!

So many couples these days, young and wise, have fertility issues!

If only more celebrities would speak out about there issues I am sure there would be less of a stigma attached to fertility treatments. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Congrats on your beautiful daughter!

traxie on

Thanks wholeheartedly to Constance for sharing her story – and to posters like Vanessa. Like Vanessa, we have a wonderful, perfect child but have had no luck giving him a sibling, and IVF looks to be in our future. I find it really reassuring to hear that this is such a common issue for women in their 30s. What I most fervently hope for is that younger women will learn from the unfortunate situation many women of my generation are in – & not leave it till too late.

Tove on

I’m 33, was lucky enough to get pregnant via IVF (with accupuncture) after several years of trying and doing all the right things (no caffeine, no plastics, no fish, no tinned foods, regular yoga, organic milk and foods, brazil nuts, name it, I did it to put myself in the best position possible). Yesterday I went for my second ultrasound at 9 weeks to discover that there’s no longer a heartbeat. I’ve been crying all night, feeling sorry for myself, resentful to the world, and sorry for my husband because he would make such an amazing father. I burst into tears again after reading your article. Thanks for instilling a little bit of hope.

Kristen on

Thank you so much for telling your story. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 & 1/2 yrs and we are still waiting for our miracle. I am 26 years old and at this age it’s supposed to be easier to conceive. When people tell me that oh don’t worry you’re still young, I find it only hurts more b/c I know as I get older it will not become any easier. I have undergone every test possible and so has my husband and it has been found that the problem is on his end. We cannot afford IVF and I’m not sure I could handle the possiblity of disappointment. I can relate to so many aspects of your story and it really blessed me to remember that I am not alone and that there is still hope. At this point we are still waiting for our miracle. We have considered adoption but we are not ready just yet to go that route. It has been very difficult and lately it seems to have gotten alot harder. Thank you so much for your story, it gave me a glimmer of hope in some pretty hopeless days.

Aneela on

Thanks Marie for this candid story. I cried while reading it. I am 38 and have been trying for almost a year without any success. After reading your story, I have hopes again that somehow, it will happen. You are an inspiration.

kristina on

I also thought, when it was time for us to want and be ready for children, no big deal…wrong! We tried for about two years. After the first year i couldn’t help but think, “what is wrong with me?!?!” After a lot of “we’ll get pregnant, don’t worry” and “maybe it’s me, not you”…we found out we were-exciting! We were over the moon-till a week later, sadly, we lost it. He was getting to deploy in the next month and of course we went at it like rabbits since we wouldn’t see each other till he came back IN A YEAR…and a month later, no period…went to buy the stick thta i too have become a pro at peeing on-and bam, we’re pregnant…two months so far and so far so good…it’s not as easy to get pregnant like we all feared we could be when we were younger…

Alison on

Thank you for sharing your story. As others have said, I think that celebs sometimes hide their fertility struggles. Understandably so, considering how cruel the media can be. However, I wish more would open up after the fact like you have.

We, too, struggled to start our family–for nearly 5 years. I lost two pregnancies, including one that was a life threatening ectopic and cost me one of my tubes. Thankfully, I have an amazing husband and we worked with the best fertility practice in the country. After every test and treatment known to man (including acupuncture as well!), and two rounds of IVF we were blessed with beautiful, healthy twin girls who will be 2 in a few weeks.

Also, I just wanted to point out that, while fertility does decrease as you age, not all fertility issues are age-related. I have a genetic abnormality (we discovered) and it likely would have made no difference if we had started 10 years earlier. My advice to anyone trying to conceive–track your ovulation and if you have been trying for 9 months without success, start looking for a doctor.

All the best to you and your GORGEOUS little girl, Constance!

Anya Burnett on

Constance, thank you for sharing your amazing story! It’s wonderful to know (and read) that women are talking about their struggles and the joys of getting/being pregnant. BRAVO!

As the mother of an 18 year old college bound son, I understand the desires and challenges of wanting to be a parent. I enjoyed the 18 years of raising my son. And, from the pictures of your beautiful Luna, you’ll have delicious FUN! Enjoy and I look forward to reading your blogs! ๐Ÿ™‚

Many blessings and cupcake wishes,
Anya N. Burnett

Someone You Know on

What a gorgeous daughter…you should feel very blessed!

RM on

This is a beautiful story. I am so glad you have Luna, now. I am in my early 20s as is my partner and we have suffered through 3 miscarriages. Finally back ready to try for number 4 after the all clear and we hope it is the sticky one.

Andi on

Thank you for sharing your story. It’s great to spread the word that having a baby isn’t always simple. For those of us who have struggled with infertility and miscarriages, we can often feel broken, alone and helpless. It helps to read stories like yours! I’ve dealt with much of the same you have, including a HSG that indicated my tubes were blocked when they weren’t! Some docs simply don’t perform this correctly and the consequence is completely devastating to women, until they find a good doc.

Veronica on

I absolutely love your story… I too have struggled with fertility. At this point,at the age of 31 will wait for the future. What i appreciate about your story is the rawness of emotion that gets involved, I tell you that I dont wish any of this struggle on anyone who wants a family. Thank you very much and much love to your family!

mom of 2 on

as i sit here and read everyones story and mine up above i posted yesturday, it amazes me that so many woman struggle with infertility that want to have children and how it isnt easy to have a baby. it takes alot to make a baby and its still so shocking that while most of us have to struggle, some people go out and sleep around, dont want kids, get pregnant on accident, dont know how it happened because they used birth control and they are the ones who just happen to be ovulating at that exact time and get pregnant. it just doesnt seem fair sometimes! i guess its us woman who want children that have work the hardest to make those dreams come true and are more happy when we are blessed with our beautiful children. good luck to everyone actually trying to conceive! thank you constance and everyone for your stories and for being an inspiration to other women ๐Ÿ™‚

Tina on

So great to read that story…I am going through the same thing and it feels good to get some inspiration and know that I am not alone. Thanks for sharing it.

Gweneth on

Thanks for the uplifting story, it has helped my attitude today. As I prepare to throw yet another baby shower for a friend who got pregnant on the first try, it’s hard not to be jealous and bitter that it’s such a difficult journey for me to have a baby. (So far- charting, clomid, IVF, miscarriage, IVF again.) It’s so nice to think..hey, it will happen for me next so I should be able to share in this joy.

Angie on

Been there, done all of that and was still not able to conceive. I was in the 15% of “unexplained infertility.” After several years I could not mentally or physicall do it any more so, we decided to adopt, and now have to beautiful children.

Paula on

I am so happy all worked out well for you and Kent! babies are little miracles. I have one question, throughout this long and arduous process, did you ever consider adopting a child?

Sarah on

THANK YOU! THANK YOU for sharing! I am happy to be reading this in People. Women need to be aware of the difficulties of infetility and how common it is. Most women do not educate themselves until they wait until what they consider their “ideal” time and are schocked that their body has another plan.

It is unfortunate that women are not publically open about discussing infetility and how emotional it is. There are many websites dedicated to infertility however, it is rare to find women in real life that are so open about their difficult journey.

Anonymous on

Thank you so much for sharing your story.. I have been trying for children for quite a while; recently I found out I may not be able to have children, but I still try to be optimistic. It is always good to hear that others have been through trying times, and gotten results. One thing I’ve known for sure since I was a child is that I want to be a mother, and to give all I can.


Sarah on

For those of you that are in need of a little or a lot of help from above, I am grateful to Saint Gerard for my precious miracle. I understand this may not be the most appropriate forum for this however, I feel that it’s only fair to share with others in need.

Saint Gerard Prayers For Motherhood
O good Saint Gerard, powerful intercessor before God and Wonderworker of our day, I call upon thee and seek thy aid. Thou who on earth didst always fulfill Godโ€™s designs, help me to do the holy Will of God. Beseech the Master of Life, from Whom all paternity proceedeth, to render me fruitful in offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life and heirs to the Kingdom of His Glory in the world to come. Amen.

JHM on

Just read your blog and I’m touched at how you overcame the difficulties of conceiving. We’re trying to get pregnant and my Gyn has started me on pre-natal and Clomid. Thankfully we’re only two months in on the Clomid. After reading your blog, I don’t feel alone anymore and this will allow me to think positive that it will happen. Thanks!

Kate on

Thank you so much for writing this post.
It has touched me more than you will ever know.

It means so much to know that I am not alone.

Cara on

Thank you so much for this blog! As a mother of 2 beautiful, healthy boys and a 3rd due August 1st, I have to be honest and say that I had no idea there were so many women that had such difficulty getting pregnant. I am one of the lucky ones who got pregnant right away and had great pregnancies.

This story and all the others that I have read make me count my blessings and take a step back and appreciate how fortunate I am. Next time I want to scold my 4 year old for leaving cookie crumbs in my bed, I’ll think of this blog.

I’m sending good fertility vibes to everyone out there who needs them! Good luck and all the best!

Karen on

Thanks for sharing your story. It provided me with a lot of hope. I am thrilled that you had a happy ending!

Star on

This is a great story, that I, as well as many other women, can relate to. I too went through all of the same struggles, and, had 2 miscarriages but, never did conceive. Had I had the funds to do multiple IVF’s I am sure I would have had the same luck as Constance. It’s sad that the cost is so prohibitive for so many couples, and, most will never realize their dream of being a biological parent. I do realize there are other ways to become a parent, and, I do hope that everyone that struggles with fertility will look at all of the options available to them. Do not give up, and, good luck to everyone struggling to conceive! God Bless!!

mary tomlinson on

Hi Constance!
I loved your story! congrats on such a beautiful baby. My husband and I had to do in vitro too. We had to use an egg donor and it was a long emotional road too. You feel very alone when everyone around you is getting pregnant but you’re not! We were blessed with twins the first time and I my son and daughter are almost 5 mo. I just wanted to offer hope to others out there struggling with infertility- you are not alone and it will happen for you!

angela on

thank you so much for sharing your struggles. i can see how that beautiful little girl would be worth all that work.
it is great that you would be so honest with the world about such a personal struggle. so often celebrities deny having to use fertility treatments and it does nothing but make those of us who have had to do so feel worse about it.
thank you for your strength.

Michelle on

Thank you for sharing your story, knowing you had success in the end helps me continue my journey with hope.

We have been trying for five years, diagnosed in year two with thyroid issues and having IUI for 18 months now, at first every second month to give my body a break. We fell pregnant on our 4th IUI and heard and saw the baby’s heartbeat at 7 weeks, but lost our little bundle at 9 weeks. We have just done our 10th IUI (in total) and are now doing it every month and trying to get up the courage to try IVF – but seeing it fail for so many friends I realise it’s not a fix or guarantee, which is why I want to continue to try IUI, more natural and less invasive – plus it worked once!

Being a mum must be amazing, I can’t wait and hope our turn comes soon. Knowing other people also struggle but do achieve success in the long-term helps me keep going. Thanks again for sharing, you’re one strong lady to have gone through so much and keep at it.

Megan on

Thank you for sharing your story. I am struggling through the same issues and the lovely injections! Hearing your story makes me feel less alone, at a time when i feel everyone but me is pregnant. You’ve inspired me to stay motivated! Thank you!

FC on

Wow, I think I would’ve crumpled into a dark hole after all the emotional stress she’d gone through during their trying. But, a miracle happened and they were blessed with that beautiful little girl, Luna. I think she looks so much like her mom, too, the more she gets older. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d say she’s a true testament to not giving up on something you truly want. She didn’t and her and Kent’s wish came true.

Still, I had to laugh at her description of them forming the embryos. That was funny.

Hopefully waiting on

After 4 years of TTC I also went to see the Rock star of all IVF doctors! I just had an IVF transfer from Dr. Marrs and now is the hardest part of waiting!!! AHHHH! Thank you so much for sharing, this really gives me hope.

Krystal on

Thanks Constance! I am struggling with infertility and all the treatments right now. It’s re-assuring to read your story. Thank you for sharing it. It’s a difficult and heart-breaking process, to say the least.

Eva on

Constance, I always get teary-eyed when I read other people’s success stories. Having lived through a similar struggle, it is so great to know that there are others out there who get it. I mean get it. Although people don’t mean to, they say the most thoughtless things. I really wanted to pummel every person who told me to “just relax”. Seriously? Stress caused 6 years of infertility issues? Gee thanks.

Three doctors, 6 IUIs, 2 IVFs stopped the day before egg retrieval, 3 full cycle IVFs and 1 egg donor later, I have beautiful twin daughters. And we are going to implant our two remaining embryos later this year.

Gina on

Thank you for detailing your fertility struggles. My husband and I also struggle with fertility issues and this gives me a lot of hope. It is nice to know we’re not alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

dina on

Believe it or not, your story brought tears to my eyes! I,too, went through IVF and through God’s fortune, have my beautiful twins that are 19 months and wonderful. I went through many failed procedures, like you, and would do them all over in a heartbeat! You need to write a book about this and send you message because I don’t think there are many personal stories about this topic. And when someone goes through it, it feels like they are the only ones and it’s very stressful and costly. Thanks for sharing your story and being so candid!

Maggie on

Where is the outfit Luna is wearing from or who is it made by? SOOOOO CUTE!!!

mj on

According to NPR, the peak age, biologically/physically, for a woman to get pregnant is 22. I think our society needs to be more accepting and accommodating of women being pregnant at younger ages. If you can’t get pregnant because you are too old then you shouldn’t be having a baby. My boss’s wife is in her mid to late 40s and they are dropping loads of $ on IVF treatment. He is in his 50s. They have two under the age of 3 now. He will be in his 70s when his kids are in high school. As someone whose parents were nearly old enough to be my grandparents, I think older women trying to get pregnant is selfish because older parents are completely out of touch with younger generations – at least mine were.

Debroah on

I too have fertility problems and had the hysterosalpingogram in which my tubes were found perfect. But my complications were coming from Endometriosis which lead to 8 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy. As my age grew the chances of carrying a child to full-term dropped, so when I turned 35 all dreams of a child went out the window with my percentage dropping to 35%. And a few months later, a miracle happened through all the scars and yes even birth control (used to lessen endo pain: there I was sitting in the docs office due to a lung and sinus infection to be told that I was pregnant again. This time no excitement due to the fear of losing another child until I saw my Gyno Dr. Mark Sheridan: He walked in the room as he usually does saying there’s my girl, how are you? his face beamed when I said pregnant: to which the checkup was done to confirm pregnancy and he made me swear that no one else was touching our baby: he has been through a lot with me during our 14+ years together as doctor/patient. Still being a little worried: had an ultrasound a few days later then waited due to a weekend: there on the screen for the very 1st time in all my pregnancies was a precious little miracle who was showing me all his/her beautiful parts. While pushing to deliver my child: I thought to myself as they said this is the last push and we’ll have a head: Oh my God, it is finally happening: I am going to be a Mom. With that my Princess Serenity arrived into the cold blizzard like world, wanted more then I will ever be able to express to her in a lifetime. It was during a conversation with my very own Dad that I have decided not have have anymore natural children (even though Princess is requesting a baby brother or sister)but do hold the door open to either adoption or foster parenting in our future.

Last note: Endometriosis is usually found to affect woman but men have been known to have it as well. It is also hereditary through either parent or it could have skipped a generation but is treatable with early detection. Once menstruation begins and severe cramps and/or headaches occur can be the beginning symptoms of Endometriosis in a young girl: please see a gynecologist for testing immediately.

To all of you out there who think that it is impossible for dreams to come true: if they are meant to happen then it will happen when you least expect it! Your life will be forever altered by the experience you can in a lifetime.

Love & Peace


Bancie1031 on

Wow she went through a hard long process! But well worth it …. she has a beautiful healthy daughter! I’m about to start my fertility treatments for an IUI myself ….. so I can just imagine her disappointment each time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
I’m glad that she didn’t give up and got the family she deserves.

Appreciative on

Hello. I have never before posted a response to an article on a webiste such as this, but I very much wanted to thank you for your candor and humor. My husband and I are struggling with infertility, and sometimes it can seem to be such a long and lonely struggle, and your willingness to share your story has touched my heart today and has provided a much needed dose of hope. All of the best to you and yours, and thank you again. You must be a wonderful person; thank you for adding a dash of brightness to the world.

Marie on

Thank you so much for sharing your story! It gives me so much hope on our journey.


Melissa on

Congratulations on your bundle of joy–and it’s difficult to hear how hard it was to conceive and be disappointed and go through so many procedures. I have a friend who so desperately wants a child but cannot due to her husband not having viable sperm. I thank God that I have two wonderful children conceived naturally and thank you for helping me to realize just how many women struggle with infertility. Many women take it for granted getting pregnant just like that and I pray for those trying that they have have success and healthy beautiful babies. God bless you all.

kristin on

Thank you so much for sharing!! I am currently going through fertility treatments (IUI & femara) and it is so refreshing to hear that not all celebrities conceive naturally. What an amazing story~infertility is such a rollercoaster. Congrats on getting your happy ending!

Alma on

Thank you Constance Marie for this wonderful blog post about infertility. I understand completely about the whole “Latina thing” and being “fertile like rabbits.” I’ve never been pregnant but I know people who have had trouble conceiving and have adopted instead.
It’s heartbreaking to see them struggle to get pregnant and I love how frank you were about how you had difficulties too. Your article will help other women who are having that issue and your honesty is a refreshing breath of air.

Kim on

Thank you so much for sharing your fertility journey. I wish more women were as open as you were about their own struggles – it gives us all hope. We’re a year into trying to conceive our second child, and we recently suffered a miscarriage (blighted ovum). It was heartbreaking. I realize that we are very lucky to have one child already, and may well have more, but the road can be very hard indeed. Thanks again for your encouraging story!

annachestnut on

Very well written story. I can relate since I waited and paid the infertility price. The best is having your kids in your 20s but that is not always possible.

Massiel on

OMG..your story was beautiful. Im 25years old, and have PCOS and ive been through all those test and had 3 miscarriages 1 naturally, 1 on just clomid, and the last one with IUI..this is so stressful.. But your story gave me home. thanks so much.

Becky Romano on

What an amazing journey! I’ve lived it and now I have 2 beautiful kids. You are totally right, it can happen.

serena on

I am so happy for you.There is nothing like a bond with a child. You are a great person and a wonderful actress. I watch your t.v show every night. Im sure you are a great mommy and Im sorry it took you to those extremes to get your mirical. Thank you for everything you do.

Lady Cat on

From someone who’s been there, done that…Glad it all worked out in the end. She’s beautiful and, yes, it’s worth it. We tried for 2 years and ended up with a SET IVF from which we were lucky enough to get our son. It is amazing how all those injections, all the meds, all the worry, all the money spent…none of it matters if and when when you are finally able to hold your little one.

Joanne on

You and your daughter are so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your story…you give us all hope that although it may be difficult to conceive, it is possible…my friend went through the same thing as you and now she has a beautiful 3 month baby girl! Enjoy every minute with your daughter because they grow up so fast!

Anonymous on

She is so cute

Karen on

Thank you for sharing your story…I too suffer from infertility. I had 2 miscarriages and am just starting with fertility drugs and will proceed (hopefully) with IUI. I am in my early forties and pray every day this works and I can start a family of my own. IVF is not covered by most insurance companies (and is very expensive out of pocket), so if IUI does not work, I’m not sure what I will do. I keep praying…

FlGrl on

Thanks for sharing your story. I do not wish this on anyone but it refreshing to know that my Husband and I are not alone on our 5 + year mission. I was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis. We have tried everything under the sun, except for IVF (we just can’t come up with the money for it). I is very hard and discouraging but we will keep trying. It is always encouraging to hear stories like yours. Congrats.

Melissa on

Constance, thank you so much for sharing your story. I respect people, especially celebrities who are honest with their struggles on conceiving. Your story is an inspiration and I’m so happy for you that you have your beautiful little girl.

Unfortunately, I fall into that category. Found the one at 31, got married a year later and started trying 3 months later. Got pregnant (naturally) the first time after 8 months of trying and miscarried due to the embryo being a blighted ovum (baby never developed), and my second pregnancy (naturally) was an ectopic. Went through several IUI’s and one IVF. I was diagnosed with POF (premature ovarian failure). The only way for me to have a child with my husband is adoption or donor egg. We’re looking into it, but cannot proceed at this moment due financial reasons.

As to Cristin’s post, yeah we can’t wait for everything to perfect, but I doubt a woman is just going to randomly select a man to get her pregnant because she’s 35 and still hasn’t found the one. Not a good statement to make when one is dealing with infertility.

Susana on

reading all the replies here make me sad and mad. All you women deserve to have kids yet there’s women out there that pop babies out like candy and just end up abusing them! nothings fair…

Veronica on

just wanted to say that you are truly an inspiration to woman struggling with fertily issues. Thank you and God Bless.I am still on the stuggle but out of the $$$$. Its been a long 5 years trying to conceive. Your story was awsome!

noni on

I’m glad that Constance Marie had the baby she wanted, however, I think stories like this should be a wake up call to women. Unfortunately, we can’t REALLY have it all without complications. You can’t work away your 20s and 30s and put off having a baby until you are in your late 30s and not expect major complications. Women can’t just expect to get pregnant whenever they want. Biology is powerful, and you’ve got to make your priorities and realize what you might be giving up, either way.

Wow on

God bless you and yours!

Glenda on

Hello Constance:

Thank you so much for sharing your story, I am currently taking Clomid and hoping for the best. My husband and I have been trying since 9/07 without luck and it took me some time to admit that something was wrong, it still hurts to say it. I didn’t wait because of a career or money, I waited because I wanted to be married and truly love the man that would be my child’s father. My husband is in final stage renal failure which doesn’t make things better but we’re hanging in there. At least I feel a little less alone now.

Thank you.

Jill on

What is your problem? Constance Marie finally gets pregnant after years of TTC starting at 37 and that is what you say to her? I would not wish infertility upon my worst enemy. It is horrible. It’s not like she planned it this way!

But a lot of women around 40 do plan it that way and there is nothing wrong with women having a baby around 40. It is commonplace and completely normal. Look around. You must not get out much!

There are A LOT of women around 40 having babies naturally. I had infertility throughout my 30s and at 40 I finally became pregnant naturally after finding supplements for PCOS I never had heard about.

Things have shifted by at least 5 or 10 years with people living longer, healthier lives. 40 is at least the new 35 if not the new 30 that’s for sure!

I also know children whose parents had them around 40 and they said it keeps their parents young. You are lucky your parents even had you. Stop complaining and be grateful!

marp on

Jill – I suspect that MJ is speaking from an emotional place, in that she probably feels that she doesnt have the connection she would wish for with her parents given the age differential. She is entitled to her feelings on that. But she probably also has not suffered from infertility.

My mum had me at 37, and so my intention was always to have a family before I was 35 to not have the same issues of an older parent. But (and MJ take note) – life doesnt always work out that way. I didnt actually meet my partner until I was 31. And then when we decided to start for a family, we have had many years of (in)fertility issues – miscarriages, treatments etc. And now I am 38. So MJ please dont be so hard on folk, as it isnt always out of choice that people are battling with infertility in their late thirties/early forties.

It is only until you have had to walk in someone’s shoes that you really know how it feels. Constance Marie is doing the world a great service by being honest and open – something many famous people arent. And I think her message is, if she knew then what she knew now she wouldnt have waited. So PLEASE dont knock someone who is actually trying to bring about change for good!

Heather on

Thank you for sharing your story! I am 31 (technically a baby in the world of fertility) and have been on our journey for 2.5+ years now. Multiple Clomid rounds, IUIs, and 3 rounds of IVF – 2 ending in chemical pregnancies! It’s frustrating beyond belief but it’s so refreshing to hear encouraging stories like yours! Enjoy your little bundle…I can’t wait to get there one day. I will keep enduring the not so fun shots….all the way thinking of the littleone – to – be!

InfertileNaomi on

What a great story of hope!

Brooke Jolley on

Thank you for sharing you journey. I am 28 years old have been trying we are going on 8 years it has been a difficult journey and I am only 28. I went through an adoption scam and ended out on bottom I have tried the clomid and shots IUI, and HCG only to be set up for failure. It has been discouraging knowing that I have to save for IVF to have a child but all the failed attempts made me only want to give up but it is not really giving up it is always in the back of my mind which I feel like is never really giving up if I am still storing it. I would just like to thank you because this gave me hope to go ahead and still keep trying and your story has touched me.

Hayley Shaver on

I am an adoptive mother, but never had a baby to hold since we adopted a foster child when he was eight. The whole family wants a baby. My kiddo tells me it is lonely to be an only child. I am beginning to think it might be best for me to do ICSI, skipping totally IUI. Now, how to best pay for it . . .

grace monique on

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