BumpWatch: Courtney Mazza – Radiant in Red

06/09/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Tasos Katopodis/Getty

With her growing belly on display, Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza attend the Chicago Healthy Living Challenge, held at the Navy Pier in Chicago on Saturday.

The television host and author, 36, and his lady love expect their first child this September.

“She looks beautiful pregnant and I just pamper her,” Lopez told PEOPLE recently.

“I’m constantly trying to feed her because I want to have a really healthy, chubby baby!”

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ProudTeenMomm on

Cute bump,she looks really good in Red!!!

jordan on

I hope it’s a girl…and comes out looking like Mario. I want to see a girl version of Mario. So happy for them

romy on

She looks great! Mario looks like his mommy dressed him.

J on

He looks like he is taking a casual day or is dressed for the gym, what’s the problem?

Lauren on

j, what do you mean by what’s the problem? He was at the Chicago Healthy Living Challenge (according to the article).

I can’t believe how much she popped. She looks so cute. The are going to have one cute baby. I heard he was great at the event. Wish I could have been there. A great event to get moving and exercise. I wouldn’t have mind looking at Mario Lopez, getting everyone moving!!

Heather on

He wants a chubby baby, so he’s stuffing food into his girlfriend? All that’s going to succeed in doing is making her fat… duh.

c on

Heather, geez!!

First of all, I think he’s being light-hearted in his words. He’s not literally STUFFING food down her throat.

Second of all, if she’s active, eating a lot will not necessarily cause her to get fat.

Third, the weight of a baby is actually directly related to the caloric intake of mom during pregnancy, with lots of variation from woman-to-woman, of course. (Though I don’t think he was being 100% serious anyhow.)

The point is, calm down and don’t be so literal!! I think it’s hilarious that so many readers take these celeb quotes out of context and put so much weight into it all.

hayley on

I think it was a joke heather, i used to say the same thing while stuffng my face with cookies 🙂 lol lol although my baby was still diddy lol

they both have beautiful eyes, and lovely dark hair, i bet their baby will just as lovely 😀

Patrice on

Absolutely stunning!! And glad to see that Courtney has finally decided to ease up on the tanning…(I was actually a little bit worried about that for a bit) its a MAJOR no no while pregnant).

amandamay on

lauren – i think “j” was responding to “romy”s comment about mario looking like his “mommy dressed him” – j responded by saying he was going casual for the event and she doesn’t get why that’s bad. at least that’s how i interpreted it! lol

they both look great! what a cute little bump 🙂

romy on

J, they’re at the Chicago Healthy Living Challenge. I just meant he’s so ‘pretty’ in his full velour track suit. He is just funny to me, not so much the guy he claims to be in interviews.

Lauren on

Amandamay, That makes sense. Thanks!!

Lola Marie on

Does anyone else think she looks like Constance Marie?

CelebBabyLover on

Patrice- Perhaps her tan was the spray-on kind? I’m not sure, but I don’t those are dangerous during pregnancy.

Lorus on

c – Based on women I know (both in real life and on baby boards) the caloric intake of the mother has very little to do with the newborn’s weight unless the mother has developed gestational diabetes.
I’ve known healthy (no GD) women who gain the typical 25 pounds and end up with babies on the verge of 10lbs. Then there are some healthy women (no GD) who gain 80lbs and end up giving birth to 7 pounders.
I’m overweight, gained ~25 pounds with both pregnancies, and gave birth to 7.7 and 7.11 pound babies.

ctl on

Lorus, but caloric intake/weight gain of mom definitely affects risk of GD, which in turn definitely affects baby size. So, there still is a causal pathway between mom’s eating habits and baby’s weight.

(Not trying to be argumentative, but just to say that there are multiple ways by which health effects can occur, either directly or indirectly.)

CelebBabyLover on

c- I agree! And also, think about it this way: What and how much we eat obviously affects how much we weigh. So it stands to reason that the same would be true of how much nutrition a baby gets in the womb! 🙂

Sal on

She does look like Constance Marie. Italians and Mexicans look alot alike.