Party Time! Greg Vaughan’s Son Jathan Celebrates Turning Three

06/08/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Who says kiddie parties shouldn’t rock? Thanks to dad Greg Vaughan — formerly of General Hospital — and mom Touriya Haoud-Vaughan, their son Jathan James‘ disco-themed third birthday bash was filled with glitter, glam and plenty of dancing.

On May 21, the adorable tot celebrated his birthday at The COOP play space with family and friends, including 4-month-old baby bro Cavan ThomasModern Family‘s Julie Bowen and her sons Oliver, John and Gus, as well as Nancy O’Dell and her daughter, Ashby.

Courtesy Greg Vaughan

Click below for more photos and all the party details!

Courtesy Greg Vaughan

While adults dined on yummy sandwiches from Los Angeles-based Cheebo and sipped on ZARB champagne, the children enjoyed a delicious High School Musical-inspired cake, as well as chocolate cake balls courtesy of Leslie Maynor at Fantasy Frostings.

Courtesy Greg Vaughan

But it wasn’t all about the sweets. While wearing retro sunglasses, disco ball necklaces and funky sequin hats from their cool goodie bags, mini guests got their boogie on to tunes by Michael Jackson, Justin Beiber and the Bee Gees on COOP’s electronic dance floor.

“We try hard to make our celebrations special; not cheesy run-of-the-mill kid’s parties,” says Lucinda Lent, owner of the COOP, tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

Courtesy Greg Vaughan

“For Jathan’s party, the colors were vibrant, the music was pumpin’ and the kids were unstoppable. And parents were able to enjoy a cocktail in the outdoor garden as the sun went down. It was a perfect party for kids and adults alike!”

Mom Touriya was also pleased with how everything turned out. “The highlight of the party was seeing Jathan overjoyed to be surrounded by his friends as he blew out the candles on the cake,” she shared.

Courtesy Greg Vaughan

So, what did dad Greg — who was the party’s official photographer — think? “I really loved watching the kids dancing and running around the space,” says Vaughan. “They were clearly having an absolute blast.”

Courtesy Greg Vaughan

All in all, Jathan’s birthday party contained every ingredient needed to make each invitee — from the youngest to the oldest — feel like genuine rock stars.

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Olivia on

Wow – what a gorgeous family!! Touriya is so beautiful I can’t stand it and those boys are going to be heartbreakers…

Brooklyn on

Great pictures, especially the family shot! Touriya is gorgeous!

JustMe on

I had to look up who Touriya was on Wiki… she is stunning!

izzy on

wow, touriya is STUNNING. wow.

romy on

at first glance she reminded me of Jessica Seinfeld. Jathan is so hard to say seriously! I feel like I have a lisp. cute little boys

Krissa on

Jathan? How do you pronounce that? (Please don’t say that it rhymes with Jason)
Very beautiful family.

glee fan on

those boys are so going to heartbreakers when they are teenagers! what a gouragous family

Judy on

Oh boy! Nancy ODell is so beautiful, her daughter is so cute!! Jathan is turning a handsome boy, and Cavan looks so interested in something, anyway he doesn’t look like Greg as Jathan does, he is so different.
Oh and Touriya I remember her when she used to sing “In the Name of Love”? She looked much better on that clip lol time goes by.

Luna on

Stunning, beautiful, gorgeous boys. Touriya is beyond beautiful. Jathan is one stunning little boy; he looks like my oldest son a little bit. 🙂 And Cavan, his name wasn’t my favorite at first but my gosh he’s too cute.

dede on

I believe you pronounce it like Nathan, but with a J.

CMc on

They are gorgeous. But yes, Jathan is not easy on the tongue. It does sound like Jason with a lisp. Ouch.

Alycia on

Jathan is a horrible name, but a gorgeous family

HeatherR on

Greg and Touriya kinda look alike….Lol

Sophia on

Their kids’ names are… well, interesting, but boy are they gorgeous boys! They definitely make up for their odd names in cuteness. Happy Birthday to Jathan!

Allison on

i agree, Jathan is a bad name. It’s impossible to say without sounding like you are trying to say Jason, but with a bad lisp. Cavan? I can’t even figure out to say that..Cave-in, Cav-in, Ca-van?

Cute party however.

CelebBabyLover on

I think this is the first time we’ve seen little Cavan….and he’s a cutie! I wish we could have seen a picture of Julie and her boys (who, per the post, were at the party) as well, as I don’t think we’ve seen John and Gus yet (or at least good pictures of them. I think there’s one of them in their double-stroller when they were just a few months old, but you can’t really see much of either one).

Anyway, sounds like Jathan had a great time! 🙂

Amellia on

Cavan is a county in Ireland so if it is pronouce the same way it probably is pronounced Cav-in.

Anne on

Difficult to pronounce it? What do you all mean?
I’ve no problems to pronounce it… just pronounce it as a ‘t’?
I think it’s a nice name 🙂

Inge on

I love this family. Touriya is from my hometown in the netherlands, beautiful girl.

Rebecca on

Great photos!
Greg’s family is cute, but I agree the kids names are odd.
Jathan is handsome as his father and Cavan looks like Steve Burton lol Ok just kidding it would be crazy life copying art lol

megan on

High School mucial theme? Is that strange for a 3 year old or is it just me??? I thought that was more of a tween thing. But whatever….cute party and gorgeous family

Esther on

Why problems with saying Jathan? Isn’t it almost the same als Nathan? I think Cavan is supposed to be said like Kevin.


WOW Nancy’s husband has quite the blue eyes.!!! And her daughter
is so cute..No Nancy’s husband looks like Steve Burton right down
to the eyes and the hair cut..THANKS FOR THE PHOTOS..

romy on

Nancy would look so nice if she did her hair the color of her daughter’s. Her husband for sure has tinted contacts. He is a plastic surgeon right?

Ronny on

Greg looks so different from Charmed, but still cute.
Is Touriya his second wife? She is not American, is she?
He was married to Danielle before. Danielle is so beautiful.
Jathan is cute, looks like his father. Cavan doesn’t but he is cute anyway and I think Cavan is indeed said like Kevin.

Dina on

I think Touriya is Arabian, she is not American.
Greg’s kids are cute. But Greg you look much better without your hat, man your hat is really awful. lol
Nancy is stunning and I love her hair and Ashby is a princess.

Brooklyn on

Nope, she’s not American.
She’s from the Netherlands. Wikipedia says she’s of Macedonian and Moroccan heritage.

Elizabeth on

Does anyone else think this is strangely excessive for a 3rd birthday party. I realize they do not pay for these parties and that the advertisers do it for the free publicity but somehow it seems so overblown for such little kids….

Patrice on

Jathan is such a cutie… A perfect combination of Mom and Dad : ) And it looks like (so far at least) Cavan has Greg’s baby blues!

Dina on

I agree with Elizabeth! Since Touriya is a new PR in LA looks like they used their kids party for publicity. It is indeed overblown.

Dina on

If you take a look on Touriya’s company twitter she promoted a champagne on her kids party and was happy to get the parents drunk. Completely overblown.

Dina on

Totally true, I got her quotes on twitter:

the parents loved it, think i got everybody drunk!! 🙂 mission completed!!!
1:28 AM May 25th via web

And then the last, but not the least ” ZARB CHAMPAGNE” best tasting champagne ever!!
1:28 AM May 25th via web

My question, is she a Mom or a PR?? I think Mom should come first. Just a thought…

Lauren on

I would hope at 128am her kids were sleeping, as I bet they were, which would allow her to have a little fun. Nothing wrong with being a PR and having fun when your kids are sleeping. I know I do, especially after my kids birthday parties.

Dina on

The party was during the day, the posts on twitter were on the day after the party.
I don’t know if you know the Coops, but the parties are about 2 hours long, just that.
Nothing wrong with being a PR, but using the son’s party to promote champagne it is really strange. Mom should come first, I agree with Dina.

Dina on

Look “On May 21, the adorable tot celebrated his birthday at The COOP” and the tweet was on May 24, this time 128AM is just what is showed on the users browser, and it is a timezone issue, but touriya was just sending thanks for the ones that helped on the party, but indeed she promoted a champagne on her kids party, the parents got drunk during the party not at night.
I really don’t appreciate champagne promotion on a kids party.

Dina on

ok lets copy the tweets:

Just wanted to thank, everybody who made “Jathans” birthday a blast!! “Fantasyfrostings”, your cake and the cakeballs were amazing!!!

Tough Cookies childerens boutique, everybody loved ” little Capers”!

And Lucinda, thanks for putting everything at “The Coop” looking so amazing!

And then the last, but not the least ” ZARB CHAMPAGNE” best tasting champagne ever!!

the parents loved it, think i got everybody drunk!! 🙂 mission completed!!!

She posted them as Thanks for the ones that helped her on the promotion.

Party was on may 21 and tweets on may 24.

April on

Dina you clearly have a personal problem with Touriya but posting multiple times just makes you look like a crazy person. Get a life.

Cute kids, hot parents, cute party.

christina on

I miss seeing Nancy O’Dell on AH..but oh man, her hair looks awful! I agree — she should go natural with the color. And hubby’s contacts need to go…ugh.

Dina on

Thank you for the advice April, I do have a life, but browsers problems as well, so I thought that my posts wasn’t going, my friend tried too from my PC and it took time to go, just that.
I don’t have a personal problem with Touriya, I don’t know her in person, but I just don’t like a mom using a kid to promote alcoholics.

shalay on

It’s entirely possible that Nancy O’Dell’s husband is NOT wearing contacts. I know people who have eyes that blue. Sometimes it comes through very vibrant in pictures, and other times it doesn’t.

Lauren on

Dina, you also said you agree with Dina. Interesting. I don’t think she is “using her kid to promote alcoholics.” Just because someone drinks and gets drunk that does NOT make them an alcoholic. And I doubt that she really got everyone drunk. You shouldn’t take things so literally.

Jennifer on

Jathan is such a handsome little guy, and Cavan is a cutie – such pretty baby blues.

Ashby is getting so big – she’s such a cutie! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- I agree! There’s a 🙂 right after Touriya’s post about getting everyone drunk, so it’s pretty clear to me that she was joking around and didn’t literally mean she got everyone drunk!

Anyway, as for Nancy O’Dell and her family…..I agree that it’s possible her husband’s eyes really ARE that blue, or that it’s the lighting making them look that way. Also, Ashby looks just like her mommy! 🙂

Lauren on

I read your comments about the tweets and since they didnt make sense decided to check them out myself. You are not presenting accurate information.

Judy on

Well, I agree with Elizabeth and with Dina in some points. Of course there is promotion, otherwise there would not be so many brand names in just one post. I agree that children party is not the right place to promote a champagne brand, of course there were adults there, but the principal person in the party is the kid, it’s weird associate this kind of product with he.

I think there is nothing wrong with the tweets Dina copied from twitter, is strange the way she wrote, but it’s not a lie. I think that people have all the right to say what they think, especially if they think that something is wrong. If she gets indignant by someone promoting champagne brand in a kids party, she has the right to say it.

And I think that Nancy O’Dell husband’s eyes are blue, just the treatment on the photos make the colors more vivid.

Edward on

Is Touriya representing Zarb? yes she is. Did Touriya promote it at Jathan’s party? yes she did…
so there are people who think about that as a normal thing and there are people, me included, who think about that as inadequate.

JJW on

Jathan sounds like a kid with a bad lisp is trying to say “Jason.” What an unfortunate name.

romy on

sometimes people get slightly tinted contacts that enhance their color for looks purposes, and also so that if you drop the contact it is easier to find. I think his may be tinted blue or aqua, but he still probably has very blue eyes. maybe they are naturally that way, I don’t know.

Carla on


Geez! enough already!! on

I’m certain Touriya & Greg are sitting around just devastated that they didn’t consult with all of US first before naming their children! GET A LIFE ALREADY!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Isn’t the important thing here that, from the looks and sounds of it, Jathan and his friends had a good time at the party? Also, it’s possible Jathan is pronounced like Japan, not like Jason. It may even be pronounced “Jay-tan” (in otherwords, silent h). 🙂

Josie on

Awww.. what a gorgeous family. Jathan and Cavan are both sooo cute! Plus, Touriya is gorgeous.

FC on

That family shot is beautiful, and the one of Greg and the boys together? Heart-melting. Especially that little Jathan with those bright blue eyes of his. 🙂

fashionaddict on

They all look so beautiful! Touriya is Dutch by the way, she looks gorgeous in the picture! Greg, Jathan and Cavan look good too, though. Jathan and Cavan are going to be heartbreakers for sure!