Kourtney Kardashian’s Blog: Where Mason Gets His Looks!

06/08/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

This week our newest celebrity bloggerKourtney Kardashian — addresses some of your comments about her 5½-month-old son Mason’s uncanny likeness to her brother, Rob, and to their late father, Robert, who passed away from cancer in 2003. The reality star, 31, can be seen on E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami with boyfriend Scott Disick.

Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

The first thing people say when they meet Mason is that he is like my brother Rob and my dad’s twin. He really does look so much like them — but to me he is totally his own handsome little self.

Still, it’s more than his looks that remind me of my dad: Even Mason’s energy reminds me of him. Mason is very mellow, calm, peaceful and happy. He’s such a funny little boy who is always laughing and smiling.

I do wish that my father and Mason had gotten to meet each other, but I know my dad is looking down on us and really does know Mason well.

Rob Kardashian; Mason Disick; Robert Kardashian – Angela Weiss/Getty; Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian; Ron Galella/WireImage

It’s true that Mason looks mostly like a Kardashian -– it’s amazing how strong those Armenian genes can be! — but he does have the exact same cleft chin and ears as his daddy [Scott Disick]. Check out the resemblance in the below photo of Scott and Mason.

It really is pretty cool how much babies change from day to day. Some days, Auntie Kimmie will say that Mason looks just like Scott. When I look back at pictures of Mason, starting from when he was born up until today, he looks so different. But since I am around him every second, I don’t really notice he is changing.

Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

When Mason was first born I used to get so sad when the day was over because I knew I would never have that day back with him. Even though I don’t want him to grow up too quickly, I am so curious to know what he will look like when he does grow up.

When we were little, Kim and I used to always wonder what our sister Khloé would look like because she always had such different looks than us! (She has light eyes and had blonde, curly, long hair as a little girl!)

Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

On another topic, Mason is already turning into quite a traveler. Over the weekend, he had his first trip ever to Las Vegas! The weekend before, he went to Charlotte, North Carolina and Indianapolis, Ind., to the Indy 500. He’s such a great traveler. I’ll tell you about that next week…

— Kourtney Kardashian

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Maria on

Mason is such a cutie 🙂 god bless him and you. Your doing such a wonderful job as a mommy!!

Jennifer Myers on

Congrats, he is gorgeous!

Jill on

He is such a handsome baby! Congratulations to Kourtney, Scott, and their families!

mae on

He is such an adorable baby! Congrats Kourtney and enjoy every minute of it because you’re right it does seem to go by and babies change so much each day. I have 7 month old twin girls and I look back at their newborn pics and can hardly remember them being so little–they look so different now!

tiffany on

mason is such a cutie pie. to me he has his moms ears. but does look like scott in a way. congrats

hayley on

he is soooo cute!! He is also sooo healthy looking! just wanna hug him xxx

Kaileigh Frey on

I can see where he looks like rob ..But i think he is like the cutest lil thing I have ever seen in my life ,But i also think that he kinda looks like Scoot but he is handsome

alexa on

have to agree. Mason is a mix of Grandpa and Scott. Congrats K! you look like you are having an amazing time! many years of happiness to you!

Kristen on


Mason is SO cute and he has something in common with my little guy…they were born on the same day! Dec 14, 2009!!

Jess on

Awww he’s adorable! He really does look so much like her dad and brother. I can see some of Scott in the other picture too. Genetics are crazy. God bless that little munchkin. Such a cutie!

mary on

Kourt, he is so adorable… When my son was born he looked exactly like his father, now he is 19 months and is a spitting image of myself. Your little man always looks so happy, and he loves the camera, haha i guess he kinda has too.

Becca on

I love seeing pictures of Mason! He’s precious! My daughter was born December 14, 2009 too and weighed the same as Mason! I think he looks just like Kourtney.

KK on

Kourtney is my favorite Kardashian!

Anonymous on

He is soo adorable! I’m so happy for you and your family! Puts a smile on my face!

J on

mason is adorable. as for why khloe looks so different from her sisters and why she had curly blonde hair and light eyes…well, i’ll just keep my opinion to myself.

Danielle M on

OMG he is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks just like his uncle and grandfather. 🙂

kay on

He definately has that Kardashian look for now, hope he keeps it. Love reading your blog as well too Kourt.

Brooke on

toooo cute!

Kaitlin on

Kourtney you are a great mom!

ChefDulce on

Kourtney you were a brave woman to decide to have your baby now you are getting the rewards in this sweet and darling baby who will always be by your side because the bond you two have is unbreakable. Bless you and Manson.

L. Liz on

Kourtney and I have similar features. I’m getting married in a few days and although I am not ready for babies yet I hope the day I do have one he looks just like Mason.

Congrats to your families. He is beautiful!!!

Brie on

Mason is hands down the cutest celebrity baby and he may even take the all time cutest celebrity baby in my book and I hope in everyone elses. He is happy and handsome and very loved that is a great combination. It also doesn’t hurt that he is dressed adorably in every picture I have seen of him. I love the Lakers PJs picture Khloe posted a few weeks ago. Good job Kourtney and Scott!

XoXo on

He is a cutie! Technically Kim/Kourtney look a lot like their mom + both Khole/Rob look like their dad. Genetics are great.

Yvette on

Mason is a cutie butie and he is all Kardashian!!! When he was born, I seen the episode and since day one he looked like his uncle Rob and his granddaddy. Kourtney your baby is just beautiful, just like the Kardashian Clan!!!! BABY MASON ROCKS!!!

Maria on

Aww Mason is sooo cute! Im due December 15th with my first little one and cant wait! reading blogs like yours makes me look forward to being a mommy more and more! God Bless! Xoxo

sheryl on

OMG! kourtney your baby is such a cutie! he is so adorable. i bet you love dressing him in his cute little clothes, my son is three years old and i used to love putting on all his cute little baby clothes. my husband says thats the only reason he thinks i want another one. lol. i am so happy for all of you. i bet this little guy brings all of you alot of happiness. i love all of you kardashians. funny how you said khloe looked so different and now she looks like you and kim. you are all so gorgeous. i think your whole family is the best looking family i have ever seen. i have two sisters and me and my older sister have dark hair, eyes and darker complection and our middle sister has blonde hair and green eyes. we all have the same parents…so sometimes that happens! she got teased her whole life that she was the milkmans, adopted, the mailmans…ect. lol. keep up the good work with your blog. we love reading it. good luck with everything else your workin on and good luck to you, scott and mason! 🙂

Angela on

He is an adorable, precious little boy!!!!!!

Linda on

He is so adorable, I just want to squeeze his little cheeks!

Lina on

Wow, your baby, Mason is so adorable. I agree with
your he looks just like your brother and dad!
Enjoy Mason, I am a mother of 3 and they grow up to fast!

Anne Fee on

I personally think Mason looks like his beautiful Mama!! Congrats!!! Mason is beautiful!!!:):):)

beverly on

*That baby is so beautiful*.And i love your show..I dont think he look’s like scoot.He look’s like your brother@your father…love your show..

Synetta on

I think he looks like his dad

BabyLover on

He is beautiful! He’s nice and plump and I bet he smells soooo good. I just want to sniff his little feet!!! (I don’t know why, but I love that…until they get about 2 yrs old). Take Care!

Becca on

OMG Kourtney I think he really does look like Rob and your dad…but he has your eyes…he is so precious and he seems like a happy baby with so much love…thanks for sharing the pictures…I love the one Kim posted on her website when your mom and Mason were taking a nap…so precious…

Lola Monroe on

Mason is SUCH an adorable little guy, oh my gosh…I just want to kiss his cute chubby cheeks!!! Mason definitely looks a lot like a Kardashian…dark features & everything. But I do also see Scott in there as well! Best of luck to the 3 of them =]

Vanessa on

Congrats Kourtney,
Baby Mason looks just like your dad. What a lucky little guy.
I know your a great mom to him. BTW I love the name Mason. I was going to name my 17 year old son that but his dad wanted Anthony. If I had another boy he definetly would have been a Mason. Love ya Kourt!

Lorelai on

Kourtney, Mason is so adorable regardless of whom he looks like! (but you can’t deny those armenian genes in him lol) I commented on your last (and 1st) blog and I have a girl and a baby boy and all I can say is boys are really mellow and calm (at least as babies!) You are doing a great job, I’m sure your father IS looking down and feeling proud of the way you are mothering that lovely peanut. Looking forward to what you tell us about Mason next week!

Kimberly on

WOW, he sure does look like Rob!! He’s so cute! Those Eyes!!

ariaan on

i think he’s a reincarnation of Robert…

roula on

Hey kourtney, you are a great mother and mason is adorable! My daughter zoe will be 6 months on the 17th and she resembles my dad who passed away last year when i was 5 months pregnant with her. She has his nose and lips. I always wish he would have been alive to see her but i know he is around us. Anyways keep us posted with adorable mason’s news.

Nadine on

My goodness that kid looks so Armenian. Bravo akhcheegus bravo:) Togh asdvadz bahe!

shad on

love reading your blog..mason is a cutie pie…i wonder if kris has a blog…

baby lover! on

wooow 🙂 He’s sooooo chubbbby and cute!!!!

J on

Just say it, other J, don’t be like that. You understand how genetics work right? Grow up…

iska on

SO sweet, love him

Becky on

Such a cutie pie..So chubby and lovable..@ J (frist one)..I have nine brothers and sisters..ALL of us have the same Mother and Father..Guess what though? Two have red hair, two have black hair, one has blonde hair and the rest have brown hair..So what my dear is your point?

Maria A. on

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!
He’s gorgeous & looks just like the rest of the
“Krazy Kardashians”! Keep up the good work!

miamichic on

i can so relate to what she said about when the day is over she gets sad… i have a 10 month old baby boy and feel the same. actually i get sooo sad when i look back at dates written down anywhere and think of how old he was at that time and how he will never be that age again 😦 .. i think thats why women keep on having kids! cuz they grow up to damn quick!! and like K, I also wonder what mine is gonna look like in the future.. Mason is super cute and i wish kourtney and scott all the best! 🙂

J on

You grow up, J#2. I can say whatever the hell I want on this blog. So tired of you wannabe blog police.

Alyssa on

HaHA….funny they put Rob up there…what are they implying?

Kay on

Wow, I didn’t know that you were in Charlotte, NC at the Speedway. If I had known, I would have been there just to see you and Mason. As soon as I saw his picture, I said “He looks just like her brother.” Then I read your blog and that fact was confirmed.

Vanessa on

OMG! Kourtney your baby is getting so big and so cute!!! i really do think that Mason looks like Rob.. the eyes and the chubby cheeks are so oober cute!

kjames603 on

He is precious and adorable. Being a mother is wonderfully amazing, isn’t it?

You look great! Are you still nursing?

Luna on

Mason is too cute Kourtney! If i were you, I’d feel so blessed. I totally see his Grandpa and Uncle Rob in him, but now that you pointed it out, I see a little Scott too. Congratulations.

Lola Monroe on

J #1…it’s not “Blog Police” your just a rude…well I guess ill keep my opinions to myself as well…toodles doll

Mason is gorgeous, just like his mommy!!!

Larissa on

Mason totally has his dad´s eye expression(even tho his has mom´s big brown eyes!)
He is just gorgeous and seems like such a good spirited lil boy!!! Congrats!!!!

J on

you do that, lola. toodles.

noemi on

what a handsome little baby ,God Bless him , he look like daddy tooooo

Shay on

He really does look soooo much like Rob and her father!

The has only been one time (ONE pic out of IDK how many pics I’ve seen of him) on Khloe’s site where I could actually see even the slightest resemblance to Scott!

That serious scowl is sooo Scott! LOL

nichole on

Kourtney, It’s so funny that you say that about your son because for some reason my youngest daughter looks just like my brother, who passed away in 2009. She has the facial features and the red hair that he had!

Josie on

Mason’s just the cutest thing, he’s inherited more of the Kardashian genes than Scott’s, and he looks exactly like Rob.

Chelsea on

Kourtney has always been my favorite Kardashian next to Rob. But Mason is so Cute. She did a great job . 🙂

Scarlett on

Yes, it is amazing how babies can look just like someone in the family!! Little Mason Dash, is soooo adorable and sooo precious!! Kourtney and Scott are lucky to have such a handsome baby boy!! I know that his Aunties and Uncles,Grandmas,and Grandpas love Little Mason Dash!! God Bless you Kourtney,Scott, and Mason Dash!!

Natasha on

He’s so beautiful!

Kim on

When I saw the first released pic of little Mason I thought he looked JUST like your dad! In fact, that was the first thing I said lol….congratulations…have fun keeping all the little girls at bay from that little cutie ;o)

Dee Dee on

Definietly, Mason looks like his grandfather and uncle A LOT. He will stay as Kardashian!

Vivian on

I think Mason is one of the prettiest babies I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Best to you and your family!

LO on

MASON is a pretty baby just like his mother.

izzy on

i think its sweet how much he looks like rob and rob sr. i honestly think its a way of robert sr. making his presence known even after death.


Dear Kourtney, pls tell us how do you manage his food during long trips? does he good eater, mine really not good with foods, we almost fighting when its comes to feed her. Best

Anonymous on

He definitely looks like your father and your brother. There is no doubt he is a Kardashian!!!!!

Colleen on

He definitely is a Kardashian!! There is no doubt about it!!

Alpha on

omg he is sooooo Cute && Looks Just Like your father and your brother! God Bless him

Shay on

Kourtney, you are going to have such a heartbreaker on your hands. You think the women are crazy over him now? You and his aunts will have to beat the girls from getting to him!!!!He will probably have girlfriens in preschool! LOL!

Niki on

I don’t see any trace of Scott in Mason. That boy is 100% Kardashian!

Seraphine's Mom on

My baby girl is about the same age as Mason, and when I look at him and Kendra Baskett’s little man I think of how she’ll probably have pictures of these handsome boys pinned up to her bedroom wall when they’re all 12!

Cecelia on

Mason is so cute, I think he looks like you!

Lisa Melkonian on

Congratulations!! What a perfect little Armenian looking baby!! I have a 3 year old son who is Armenian & Puerto Rican.. Yes quite the mix he’s perfect just like your little man:)

Vicki on

He is so precious. Cherish these moments because they grow up fast. He does look alot like your Dad, whom I thought was very handsome. Just remember to always love and support him no matter what. A mother’s love can never take the place of anything in a child’s life.

Love watching you and your family. One of my favorite shows.

Sue on

Mason is so handsome, he’s starting to steal hearts already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s a sweetheart and I’m so glad Mason has a great personality. You and Scott are so lucky. God Bless You

Ayantika on

Mason def. looks like Rob Sr. & Rob Jr. Such a beautiful baby. God bless them all.

A on

Wow Mason has beautiful eyes!

m-dot on

I still don’t see ANY of Scott in there! That baby is so delish and is alllll kardashian so far.

Laurie on

That is a very beautiful baby!

Ivonne on

Congrats again! Mason gets cuter by the day. And I agree with Kourtney, Mason does look a lot like his father. I think others may be swayed by his coloring, and he does have a gorgeous Kardashian tan, but he has the facial features of his father. I think Kourtney would know, she sees them both everyday!

I guess I take it a little personally because my family insists that my 2 year old son looks just like me and is my twin, looks like my mom, my grandma, and everyone else. They have never seen his father though, and in fact he’s his father’s spitting image. It might sound weird that I’m offended by people insisting that my child looks like people he does not on a daily basis, but for some reason it feels like they’re saying that they can see him more clearly than I (who created him) can. I wish I could write a blog post like this but clearly it wouldn’t help 😦

T p on

omg he is adorable he looks like rob

Shayla on

He looks like his Uncle Rob! Either way, a beautiful boy. And tell Scott her needs to straighten up and fly right. He will influence his son more than he will ever know!

maggie on

ohhhhhh what a chubby cutie. he’s definitely a kardashian

MichelleP on

Mason, he’s a very handsome little baby boy. And you were correct to say that he looks like your father and your brother.

martha on

OMG HE is soooo cuuuuuutttteeeee! And about him looking like his uncle ROB ur not kidding but then again Rob looks like his dad! Kourt your doing a fabulous job with him and yourself as being a wonderful mom!

Shannon on

Ok. I happen to have the cutest baby in the world but Mason is definately a close second. the minute I saw his picture I thought how much he looked like Rob. I have a cleft chin too so it is a great addition to his beautiful looks! You guys make good lookin babies! good for you!!!

Lucky Lucy on

Baby is precious. Let’s not forget that Scott is his father and loves him very much.

Proud Armo on

Yay for Armenian genes! 😉

Kim K on

He is a ham!!

D on


cnd on

Yes, the Armenian genes are very dominate.He does resemble her brother a lot.
But,some of his features are he definitely shown from his Daddy. Like he has “SCOTT’s ROUNDED EYES” and of course his “CLEFT CHIN”

gianna on

mason is so beautiful, he looks just like the kardashians. He seems like such a loved little boy by his parents, aunts, grandma, he is lucky. Love this family and how close they are, and you seem like a great mom kourtney. can’t wait to see you reality show with mason in it.

Tee on


Mason is one of the most adorable babies I’ve seen! From one mother to another, take plenty of pictures and enjoy each and evey precious moment with him during this stage. Babies have a tendency to grow up fast and the years seem to fly by just as quickly. Keep up the great job, you’re a fantabulous mother!

liv4luv on

Kourtney you broke a record for the most positive comments ever and I have to agree that your little man is soooo cute. I saw a clip of the show and I’m just glad that mostly the fights are over before they start.

Kourtney, you do know that you can move on from Scott. I’m sure he’s a good dad, but he’s not a good boyfriend. I’m just saying

Ashley on

I never write stuff because moms don’t really have time. However, I have an 18 month old and 3 month old and constantly kiss them too. My husband says its ok until they start school. So tell Kim – making out with her nephew is more than ok until he’s 5ish! Being a mom is great and I’m proud of you for not losing who you are in the process! Good Luck and treasure each minute.

Nalini on

Mason is absolutely perfect Kourt……You’re so blessed!

bonnie on

mason is so precious! he has the most gorgeous eyes they are so big and bright!! he looks alot like his handsome uncle rob and grandpa!!

Yolanda on

He does look like his dad, keep tuned you’ll see more and more of it.

Kathy on

God bless! Your son is beautiful. And don’t tell your sisters, but, I think your the prettiest of the 3.

Anonymous on

Awww…he is so cute!! With parents so wonderful, he will become a great boy.

Emily lopez on

Mason is so cute kourtney! My son’s name is jason. my hubby named him after my brother he died of cancer also he never got to our son but your father and my brother are up in heaven together looking down on both mason and jason and they are smiling. He does look like your dad just as jason looks like my brother. Love, Emily:)

Theresa on

He’s only a little guy so far. I agree I think he has features of his dad and his grandfather, BUT hello he looks like his mommy too with those big dark eyes! He’s the cutest baby, I can’t wait to see all the cute outfits Kourteney will dress him in when he gets older because she has such great taste in clothing.

xxx on

in the first two pictures he looks a lot like Kourteney too ( same eyes, smile, skin color and nose).He’s all kardashian, but babies change so fast, maybe he’ll get his dad’s look when he’s older.
He could be Rob’s son.

monica on

he is a cute baby and can tell tht u r a great mom.

kyla on

kourtney , he’s so adorbale. y

Traci on

Oh my goodness I watch your shows and Mason is adorable. He does certainly resemble your Father. He is a beautiful baby and you are a beautiful Mother. Congratulations to you and your family..xoxoxoxox

JL on

Mason is sooo cute! He even has the Kardasian widow’s peek!

Amy on

OMG he is beautiful. What a handsome little guy. Thank god he looks like a Kardashian.

Sydney Bovat on

Oh! Kourtney, your baby looks so so much like your daddy. i know he would love your little miracle!!!! I am so glad to see that Mason and Scott have that special son-daddy bond! My nephew will only fall asleep on his daddy’s chest laying just like that. It is so amazing that you, Scott, and Mason are all one happy family and I can’t wait till that season premier or Kourtney and Khloe’ take Miami to come on so I can see Mason. God bless!
Love SYdney

Jen on

Mason is such a cute baby and may god bless you and your child! your doing such a good job as a mommy.


He is so handsome!!! If that was my nephew I would kiss him all the time like Kim does. I just want to pinch his chubby cheeks so bad. lol. Kourtney & Scott good job! The Kardashian’s are the best looking family I have ever seen in my life period!!!

Ashley on


Mason is such a cutie! Big fan of your family show! Good luck with the little guy!

Gigohead on

Yep! Mason does look a lot like Robert Kardashian!!!!Its uncanny! I hope his presence helps the family deal with his loss.

FC on

He’s such a cute little boy. I love his big, doe-like dark eyes. And Kourtney’s right. While he shares similar features with his grandfather and uncle, he has his own look. 🙂

christina on

Mason is such a cute baby, and you are a blessed mom. Enjoy every second because it goes so fast!!

Robin on

It is so good to see you soooooo happy! You deserve this happiness!

KimT on

He is sooo cute! I just love happy, plump babies:) That smile and those big bright eyes just made my day. Mason really does look just like his uncle and grandpa. And he has his mom’s beautiful eyes. Lucky kid!

rebecca on

He’s beautiful Kort!! He has the best mommy ever he’s such a lucky little guy. God bless you and your beautiful family! Good luck with everything!

P.s I can’t get over how easy u made it look giving birth and pulling him out it was such an amazing site! Love you kort!

Caitlyn on

What a CUTIE!!! Kourtney he is so so cute and you and Scott are very lucky to have such a beautiful baby!

FrancesYbarra on

Kourtney, You have a beautiful son he has really big pretty eyes and a cute smile your lucky to have such a close bond with your family! Your such a wonderful loving caring mother to your son Keep up the Good Work?

ilene on

Hi Kourtney,
He is so beautiful. Mine are leaving for college in September so get all your kisses and squeezes in now. Your son is the picture of happiness, keep up the great job!

sheila on

Mason is Mason a mix of his Mom and Dad and other family members. Oh but I believe he met his Grandfather before he ever got to earth. I love watching the shows and even though there is drama yall work through things and love each other. I thank you for letting all of us be a small part of your lives. Congrats to you and Scott on your beautiful son.

Liane on

Mason is absolutely delicious! What a doll 🙂 No doubt that boy is a Kardashian, but I’m sure he has some of his daddy in him none of us see. 🙂 Good job Kourt!

chrissy O. on

Kourtny, Mason is a beautiful baby boy! He is your brother Rob to T! Good Luck and Love in your future!!!

CLT on

Kourtney I absolute love you and your familys show, when I saw the episode when Mason was born I saw your dad in him, and when I see more pictures of him now he is a real Kardashian for sure, kardashians have strong blood thanks to your father. I really do hope you and Scott sort things out. Do it for Mason.

Lee Esle on

Well… Baby Mason looks like his uncle Rob… so handsome.
I love to see pictures of your beautiful baby boy… is so adorable.

Ana on

baby mason is sooooooooo cute, words cant describe and he looks just like rob

spike on

I don’t care for the Kardashians much, but that little Mason, I could just eat him up. So gosh darned adorable! And Rob ain’t so bad either.

Kelly on

Im sorry but I DONT THINK SCOTT IS THE FATHER of Mason. I think its the bestfriend of Rob whom Kourtney slept with in Miami. Dig photos of him and compare him to Mason. To prove that? DNA test!!!

CocoPictures on


Rachel on

I agree with Kelly.

juatia on

ilove masim he looks like his dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary on

Mason is THE cutest baby EVER!!! Scott, you and Mason are such a beautiful family! I wish you all the best, you deserve it!!

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