Melissa Shoes and Vivienne Westwood Team Up for Mini Sandal Collection

06/07/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Melissa Shoes

Ever since they created the first “jelly”, shoe company Melissa has been on a roll. From sleek flats to pretty heels, their colorful footwear is not only chic, it’s fun. Each shoe is made with the finest (and softest) PVC that smells like bubblegum.

With a little help from Vivienne Westwood, they’ve launched their first mini collection. And it’s beyond cute! Available in six colors, the slip-on sandals ($100) are pint-size versions of the Lady Dragon Bow and Love heels.

Want some for your little princess? They’re currently available in the U.S. at Brooklyn-based boutique, Epaulet. Check them out at

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T on

OMG I want those shoes 🙂

Lauren on

Agreed. Totally drool-worthy.

Anna on

100US$ for plastic shoes? I don’t think they are cute either.

Julie on

I have to admit – these are adorable (but expensive!). I would buy a pair as long as I knew they were comfortable for my 2-year-old. So many of these shoes, especially sandles where you don’t wear socks, cause blisters. However, if they are comfortable, to me, they are worth the extra cost. Does anyone have experience with these shoes?

romy on

my girls would love the red heart ones! I would never buy them for that price though. You can find so many cute, comfy sandals for 1/6 of that price. you just have to do the bend test with them and have the kids try them on. BUT those shoes are obviously meant for a different set!

leah on

woah, $100 is insane. I splurge on a few things for myself and baby but $100 for sandals is ridiculous, even if they are cute.

c on

Scented, plastic shoes for $100??!

Yuck! I agree with the other poster who said they aren’t even cute.

The “princess” treatment for baby girls needs to be brought under control, at least as it involves buying lots and lots (closets full) of clothes and accessories for infants and toddlers. (Nothing wrong with “playing princess” — it’s just the consumerism behind it that need to be rethought.)

Who is the housewife reality star who recent went into bankruptcy with over 11 million dollars of debt? I can imagine that her daughters would own lots of shoes like these…

isabelline on

I love Melissa shoes- for me! I don’t see the point of buying a toddler 100$ shoes. Her feet are going to grow and she won’t be able to fit in them after a couple of months!

isabelline on

I would totally buy these for my daughter Danielle! I adore the love heels and I own every color of them

Janna on

I just bought the first set, with the three pink bows, last week! They are beyond cute and my 4-year old looooves them!

I got them right at the store, but I wish I had known they had free shipping!!

Sage on

They are cute. I would never spend that much money on them, but they are cute.

amandamay on

wow. these shoes make me glad i don’t have a daughter! lol but i guess i’m the only one who thinks they are really tacky looking. not really my thing. nor is teaching a toddler that wasting $100 on plastic shoes is a good thing (and they will only fit for a couple of months!). i have plenty of money to afford things like this, but am raising my son to not be materialistic and to save his money. i think it’s fine if other people want to buy these, but personally, i would never waste money on $100 plastic shoes that probably cost 20 cents to make. (i agree with “c” – the “princess treatment” of girls these days is way out of control and i am not excited to see how this generation of girls turns out in 20 years)

Janna on

Here we go again.

Has it ever occurred to you that some people think the shoes are cute, their kids will like them, they might match half their clothes and *they* don’t think it’s too much to spend?

You are incredibly condescending, and your mass generalization of anyone who might spend $100 (that YOU deem too much) on children’s shoes is ludicrous.

Ruin a generation of girls? Sheesh……..

amandamay on

janna – i didn’t say buying these shoes would ruin a generation of girls, just that the materialistic over-consumption that we’re teaching kids (and moreso the girls) is going to have a seriously negative impact on their generation. i don’t think this is a leap to make. teaching little girls to buy waaaaaay more than they need – a lot of the time with money that isn’t there (credit cards) is not necessarily the way to teach their generation how to value money, how to save for the future or that your worth isn’t made up of how many dresses are in your closet. i’ve spent enough time with kids (both boys and girls) to make a valid judgment that parents are teaching their kids the wrong values when it comes to money, spending and self-worth. if you don’t agree, that’s fine. i’m not going to argue with you. we just have a difference of opinion.

c on


I also have a different opinion from you, and your “how incredibly condescending, etc” rant is ironic because you’re bashing people who are expressing their own opinions. It seems that several of us happen to think that these shoes are way too expensive and more than a little bit tacky. It’s our opinion, and there is nothing wrong with us expressing it, just as there is nothing wrong with people expressing the feeling that these shoes are the best thing to ever be made and will make a marked improvement to their daughter’s quality of life.

Amandamay, I also have a son, and am a bit relieved that I don’t have a daughter. I’m teaching my son to be less materialistic, and if I had a girl I would teach her the same thing, of course…. But I fear that girls are bombarded with the message that they NEED things like these shoes from a very early age, and I even think they start to feel that something is wrong with them if they don’t have shoes like this when they get to be school-aged. It’s sad…

Jen on

I think the shoes are beautiful! I would definitely buy them. 🙂 Granted, they may not fit into everyone’s budget, but this is Celebrity Baby Blog afterall. If you can’t afford to splurge, don’t.

sgv on

I think they are awful 😦

c on

Eeeew, yuck. Who wants feet that stink of bubblegum???

And the shoes are tacky-looking (even without the artificial odor added…)

Jenn on

I don’t like them whether or not they are $10 or $100. They look cheap and are on the tacky side.

kirsty on

they are so ugly. If you are looking for good shoes for your kids, try pediped or robeez, they are approved by the American Podiatric Association and they are actually cute!

Terri on

They’re okay, but I agree that $100 is just a bit much for plastic shoes.

Kayte on

Ugh! I thought these shoes were ugly even before I read that they are $100. Anyone who wants to can certainly buy expensive smelly shoes for their child, though.

Sam on

I don’t find anything cute or pretty about these shoes. The colors (other then the all pink ones) are all wrong and don’t look nice together. Plastic shoes cannot be comfortable for growing, sweaty little feet. I wouldn’t buy them for $10.00, never mind my thoughts about $100.00.

Janna your ‘here we go again’ attitude is the problem. This place is for opinions about pictures we see – so far no one has said anything that is not nice – except you.

Marina on

I think that they are cute, and I would buy them for my kids, even at that price.

4GB on

Not only do I think that they are absolutely ugly. They are made from PVC! One of THE most toxic substances out there! No thanks! I’ll save the hundred dollars and have my girls donate it to charity.

Larissa on

For as far as I know kids shoes can be quite expensive, and a toddler has no concept of what 100 dollar is anyway, even if you try really hard to explain, there is no point in doing it.

Larissa on

I grew up wearing Melissas and I didn´t die, surprise surprise!

JMO on

The bows are cute, the hearts are not.I personally would never spend that kind of money (not even on myself for shoes) let alone my toddler!
See in my mind if I bought them I’d have this whole mind game thing going on in my head of; if you went to Payless during BOGO time you could of gotten your little princess about 7 pairs of shoes for the price of these one pair!! And well there is no sense in putting my tortured mind through that kind of drama 😉

stacy on

Those shoes are cute. They would probably match half my daughters wardrobe, and I can afford them. You better believe there is no way I’m going to pay $100 for shoes she’ll “be a kid” in and ruin first run=-) Cut the price in half I’d think about it.

c on

Larissa! That’s kind of like saying “I’ve driven drunk my whole life and I didn’t die, so it’s wrong that people claim that it’s dangerous.”

I’m not saying that wearing PVC is a hazard to your health, but I do need to point out that your post is pretty ridiculous!

What I can tell you about PVC is that it is toxic to the workers who work in PVC manufacturing plants, and it releases harmful substances when it is burned. So the precious little toddlers who wear these shoes are likely not at risk, but the people who are working to produce all the plastics we consume as well as the people who clean up your trash are. That may or may not be important to you, however.

Sam on

JMO – made me LOL for real! Thanks! :))

ME on

YIKES…super ugly and way over priced. I don’t mind spending money for my daughter to have nice things, but these people are smoking something when they thought of the price for these piece of crap shoes!

ME on

Has it ever occurred to you that some people think the shoes are utterly atrocious, their kids will despise them, and they don’t match half their clothes and *they* think it’s too much to spend?

You are incredibly hypocritical, and your mass generalization of anyone who might NOT spend $100 (that YOU deem a perfect price) on children’s shoes is outrageous.

Ruin a generation of girls? Sheesh…REALLY? Are you really serious on that notion? That’s a bit dramatic LOL

MiB on

While I don’t care for the shoes, nor consumerism in general, 100 dollars donesn’t seem overly expensive for a pair of Vivienne Westwoods.

To the poster who said that ist’s wrong to teach “a toddler that wasting $100 on plastic shoes is a good thing (and they will only fit for a couple of months!)” well, to be honest, a You won’t wether You buy them or not. Toddlers say “pretty shoes” or possibly “comfy shes” and that’s that, they don’t have a concept of money anyways and won’t care what the shoes cost.

Kristin on

Uggh, I agree with many above – yuck. Let’s be real, these are so Walmart!

Lauren on

I should probably clarify my older post: I still think these shoes are adorable. They are real stand-out pieces, and as lon as they’re paired with neutral, solid clothing (ie white), they will look great. But I am shocked by the price. Melissa’s adult shoe line with Vivienne Westwood runs about the same price, so logic follows that shoes for infants would be at least a bit more inexpensive. Guess not? But much as I like these shoes, I could not bring myself to spend that kind of money on them. Not when they’ll have to be tossed aside in six months and are not made of real leather.

Tammy on

Wonder if Suri Cruise has spotted these babies!

Tainah on

Melissa it’s a brand from BRAZIL!
I don’t understand why the link for the webpage it’s Australian..
The official webpage is:
The price it’s totally worthy, and I have like, 12!
This sandals are gorgeous, confortable and the smell, OMG, make you want to eat them!

jasmine on

TOO cute. omg.

Sarah on

Uh Janna you are worried about not getting the free shipping and you paid $100 for plastic shoes for a child? Whatever.