Christina Aguilera: Juggling Music and Mommyhood Is Tough

06/07/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

Christina Aguilera has more to worry about than whether or not you dig her latest single.

The songstress and mom says even though she’s excited about the release of her new album, Bionic, getting back into the swing of things doesn’t come without a cost.

“The toughest part is the schedule — balancing that between being a mommy and being able to still concentrate and focus on the work,” Aguilera, 29, told PEOPLE at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday at Gibson Amphitheatre in L.A.

“I’ll go and tuck my son in at night and sing him to sleep [with] a lullaby, and then I go in the studio and sing. It’s definitely a challenge and a balancing act, but one that I take on. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Aguilera says one of the most important things about raising her 2-year-old son Max Liron with husband Jordan Bratman is allowing him to grow up in a happy-go-lucky environment.

“I really like to let him be creative and give him the freedom to really have fun,” she says.

“I think fun is a really big element of life itself, and being able to take in the small things. I’m instilling that in him early — being playful, and allowing him to get messy and dirty as a boy and just have fun — to really push for his individuality.”

One thing Aguilera doesn’t care about? People who want to trash her. As she says in ‘Not Myself Tonight,’ “If you don’t like it, eff you!”

— Dahvi Shira

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Lauren on

“One thing Aguilera doesn’t care about? People who want to trash her. She says, “With ‘Not Myself Tonight,’ if you don’t like it, eff you!”

Glad to see how motherhood’s matured her. I’m starting to see why she had such trouble getting along with her peers in middle and high school. If she was as bratty then as she is now, it’s no wonder.

jessicad on

Why would she care about people who TRASH her? I’d say the same thing if people trashed me! I like her attitude about balancing Mommyhood and still being a woman.

hayley on

i go back and fourth with christina, some time i read thing about her son and it warms me, i love the way she wants her son to be free and how much he has inspired her and her music 🙂

i think maybe its tricky sometimes you can’t really always get the message on print, but at the end of the day i think its clear she loves that little boy, 🙂

Luna on

I can’t decide what I feel about Christina. Sometimes, I think she’s really irritating and immature in her parenting style. Other times, the love and warmth towards her son that comes across moves me. I don’t know. This article tore me.

Jennifer on

Utter trash mouth. How inspiring for her son!

Pamela on

I’m so sick of these celebrities always finding reasons to complain about something. They got everything that most people could ever want- they apparently got happy families, they got a lot of money, they are internationally adored and admired, ect. and they still find reasons to be complaining about something.

Jennifer Chew on

@ Jennifer. That is how some kids grow up. I am not saying that it’s right, but that is how it is. I grew up that way. My mother has one of the filthiest of ANY female that I know!!! I am not saying I am proud of that fact, but that is how it was in my family. That is how I was brought up, and that is how I learned how to use those words. The way I see it is you either learn how to use those words at home, or elsewhere. To me they are just words, it’s people who put bad meaning and context behind those words that make them bad. The words themselves are neutral. Weather people want to admit it or not, EVERYONE uses those words. Some may not use it as often as others, but they still use them. I know I do. Especially when I am pissed off.

John on

I’m a fan of Christina Aguilera. I think she is beautiful and her love for her child is truly a blessing. Yes, she may her her moments that are annoying and immature but that’s what celebritys are. Nobodys perfect.

Terri on

I don’t see how she’s irritating and immature in her parenting. I think she’s quite mature and has great perspective on life.

And btw, it’s obvious that last paragraph wasn’t a direct quote from the interview. It’s a line from her song and one the writer threw in ad lib.

Nancy on

This girl is wasting her talent. Seriously lighting up your crotch on national television? Her new video? Really, is all that necessary? We get that you are a sexual being and you have a vagina Christina. I don’t want to see you or anyone else for that matter, gyrating and simulating sex on TV. Why does everyone think everyone wants to see that? Is nothing sacred and private anymore? And this is what you want your son to see? That women “are sexual beings” and shouldn’t be afraid to show it?!? You can do all of that without lighting up your vagina.

LisaL on

It is no wonder the moral fabric of this society is unravelling at warp speed – I mean honestly, could she have done this song without all the sexual innuendos that were put into it – honestly, why do these celebrities who know that the youth of America are watching them, continuously feel the need to push the envelope – I can’t wait till your little ones “impressionable mind” gets a hold of things like this – would it kill you to not only act like a “lady” but actually set a good example of what class looks like – to think your son “won” you as a mother – lucky him.

none on

She said, if people don’t like it then eff, you….wow, that’s funny b/c if her fans, the audience doesn’t like her music, then that means 0 money in your bank account sweetie. All these celebrities say they dont care what people say, obviously, they have huge heads b/c they are celebrities but if it weren’t for the fans, people who buy your sh*t, you wouldn’t have that arrogance in you. Wouldn’t be where you are now. So, I think these celebrities think they are all that but in all honesty, she’s just another little girl whos fame will fall soon when they act like that. I prefer LAdy Gaga.

victor on

I admire the way she is bringing her son up. Giving him the freedom to express himself in the way he wants to as a kid is amazing for his future! It’s so much better than too much strictness and put downs by parents. I was very constricted growing up, and wish I had more freedom expressing myself as a kid. It keeps up wit you. Great job Christina.

JME on

Okay Christina AKA X-tina Has every right not to care what ppl think when they trash her I mean why concentrate on that please….Like the blogger that are bashing her on this blog referencing her lyric in “NOT MYSELF TONIGHT” (WHICH EVERYONE NEEDS TO DOWLOAD!) “The old me’s gone and if you dont like it EFF you!” If u dont like it dont listen to it why bash her Christina is a well established international popstar GET OVER IT!! I mean if u wanna waste ur time bashing her heck buy her CD the BTW which comes out 06/08/10 get!!! So basically what I’m trying to say is get over it XTINA is here to stay!

linda on

everyone should not get mad just because what we say does not affect her. if you worry about everyone thinks of you we would have a bunch of courney Love’s. thank god for sanity. go christine and and forget whay evryone says and continue to be strong and brush them haters off with a steel brush. remember 20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have problems.

chrissy on

you know the funny thing about celebs is they have so much money they can go years or the rest of there life without doing anymore movies or releasing an album. There have been plenty of celebs who have said goodbye to hollywood because they have had children and wanted to live a normal life with them. Celebs like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, Madonna , etc. could leave the business right now and be well off the rest of there life but they choose not to

Nina on

How lovely for a “mother” to say ‘eff you’ in a song that her son will hear when he’s older. Good going, Christina, that’s really classy.

Canadian Fan on

Ok, really people? I am pretty sure that at least two of the people that are trashing her in this comments section are people she grew up around who are clearly envious of everything she has achieved.

She has an amazing voice, stellar talent, beauty, brains and a great family life. Bash all you want if it makes you feel better about your sorry self. It doesn’t take away from what she has or is.

veronica on

What world do some of you live in? .. My parents use profanity and it has not affected me in any way, Christina should not have to limit herself because she’s a mom, I don’t think any woman should change who they are because they are mom unless it’s physically or emotionally hurtful towards the child. Although Christina does use profanity in her songs and possibly in everyday life as most of us do, who’s to say she’s not going to teach her son that he shouldn’t refer to a female as a _____ or that he shouldn’t say certain words in certain places.

barb on

I don’t know a lot about Christina but my daughter listened to some of her music when she was growing up. There were some songs I liked and some that didn’t do much for me. But the few that really touched me really stuck with me. One she did called “Beautiful”, really went straight to my heart. Then there were others that had some good beats. All in all it’s the music that does it or not for me and I try to stay out of their personal lives. Good luck in all you do Christina, go make the music cause you do have a fantastic voice. You can’t please everybody so just please yourself.
50 year old fan in CT.

Emily on

Please, that is just part of a song. Singing is her career. Everyone has heard a curse word at some point in their lives, so I think he will turn out okay. Having a job that requires her to relate to the public through music does not make her a bad mother. This kind of closed-mindedness, however, might.

Cory on

So you’re a bad mother if you cuss??? That’s ridiculous. And she’s not saying it around her little boy now. If he hears it when he’s grown up, who cares??? I can’t believe how many prudes there are in this world. This isn’t 1930.

And @Pamea: They got everything that most people could ever want- they apparently got happy families, they got a lot of money, they are internationally adored and admired, ect. and they still find reasons to be complaining about something.

No family or life is perfect. Money and being internationally known doesnt make you happy. If you havent noticed, most people in Holllywood arent happy. Dont judge until you live the life.

Rosario on

I love that Christina is so outspoken and speaks her mind! She’s not afraid to say what she feels and it’s right, if people don’t like it well eff them. It’s not their life, if she’s happy then let her be happy. I’m happy for her and wish her all the success in the world!

Gem on

Christina seems great as a parent.

What I don’t like about her is how she tries so hard to be sexy.
It’s painful to watch the desperation and in the end, it’s anything but hot.

Erin on

Wont Angelina’s kids grow up and find out she wore a vial of Billy Bob’s blood around her neck? Or that Shiloh was conceived while daddy was still married to someone other than mommy? And wont David Boreanez’s (sp) kids grow up and find out he was a huge adulterer? And the gyrating? Did Lisa Marie turn out to be a bad person because he dad was scandalous in the 50s? If it bothers you so much, move on.

Mamita on

Gosh if i was Christina now i WOULD SAY EFF YOU hardballs.. no kidding, WOW. Who cares if she curses? I definitely don’t. Her song ”Not MySelf tonight” is amazing. I bet none of you guys have the balls to go out there & do what she does, + be so good at it & have a banging baby after body… Jealousy?

lanna on

Okay I am confused I have her video on my IPod and her crotch is never lit up. It looks like sequence or something but that is it…..
Honestly I am a fan and I have always been a fan. She has a beautiful voice and she is not going away anytime soon so get over it already. The fact of the matter is that sex sells and that is that and for those people who think it is going to change well you are living in a fantasy world…. This is the reality of are world for us and are children and if you do not like the profanities or the sex just don’t watch the video, no one is asking you to. If the video is on there is a button on the remote that allows you to change the channel same with the radio. Really people get lives.

As far as her parenting who’s business is it of ours to comment. She is not commenting on are parenting skills and we are not perfect. So unless she is neglecting or abusing her son we have no room to comment!!!!!!!

alexis on

everyone is free to express their opinion so for me she’s great.her style her album and how she express herself is very professional. i can see the difference between gaga and her. she’s not trying hard for me because she had done all of that before anyone else. she’s versatile. i love how she do everything. i found her as a real artist. she’s very risky and i dont care if im the only person loving her.she’s amazing for me.
im sick and tired of the gaga and xtina comparison.they are very different. just appreciate whats coming to music.

ADH on

A lot of the people commenting on here seem to be petty and jealous for some reason, because although she talks about her son, what do you all really know about her parenting style. I hate to see women on here that say she has an ego, because she doesn’t allow people to put her down. So what? she is supposed to cry and apologize for whom she is. A lot of you in here need your head checked because I think you might live your lives as people pleasers and you are probably upset that she is living life the way she wants! I applaud Xtina for everything she does and tries. She wasn’t whining by saying juggling motherhood and working is hard, that goes for any woman who works and has children it is a struggle and women take that on alone, because they are essential to child-rearing, so to hear people saying crap like she curses, your kids will hear those words from you, television, or peers, and that crappy comment about they have everything, celebrities don’t have everything because they have to live under this constant bull like this judged every day because they want to sing, dance, or act and share their passion with other people. some of you in here need to grow up because you are blatantly green with envy in your comments!

Amy on

I’ve never grown to like her as an artist, she always appears so desperate. First she was #2 behind Britney and now she’s in Lady Gaga’s shadow. She’s got an amazing voice when she’s not wailing and inserting “Yeah” and “Oh”- honestly her live performances hurt! You’ve got a great voice, Xtina unlike so many others out there- control it! She is in love with her little boy and so I like reading her interviews, regardless although she does make me cringe sometimes! I see no issue with any cursing, however.

Melissa on

Worried about balancing your job and your kid…welcome to real life!! How about us girls who have to work 3 jobs while going to school to make ends meet, try that!!! You do not know what stress is until you have to work 50 hours a week while still wondering how to pay the bills. These celebrities need to realize they have it made and need to stop complaining about living.

amandamay on

although i’m not really a christina fan, i find the whole “you’re a bad mother because you cursed in a song” thing ridiculous. what about all the actresses who swear in the films they do? are they bad mothers too? i curse. not all the time, but it slips out once in awhile (usually when i’ve dropped a plate of spaghetti on the floor etc lol) – and my son has even heard me do it on occasion! gasp! horror! lol and guess what? at almost 8 years old he’s never once cursed. he knows it’s something adults occasionally say and that it’s not appropriate for children.

the only song of xtina’s that bugs me is “genie in a bottle” – i’ve always found a teenager singing the line “gotta rub me the right way” to be disturbing.

CelebBabyLover on

Erin- Actually, Brad wasn’t married when Shi was concieved. From what I’ve read, a judge actually signed off on the divorce in early or mid August (I forget which). Then they had to go through the mandatory three month California waiting period, hence the announcement we all heard in October 2005 about the divorce being final. For all intents and purposes, though, Brad was legally divorced in August, and, if you do the math, sweet Shi was concieved at the end of August or very beginning of September.

All of that being said, I DO see your point, and I DO agree with the rest of your post. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

As for this interview…..When I read the “If you don’t like it, eff you!” remark, I actually thought, “Go Christina!”. I could see my own mother saying something like this, and she certainly isn’t a horrible mother because she curses sometimes!

Nesa on

I totaly agree with Jennifer Chew!!! My mother has a bad bad mouth but there just words no big deal and we learn to deal with them. It does not make you a less of a person because you use them you just have to know how and where like anything else. My mom till this day has a filty like my grand mother did…..Im 26 but I will not say one bad word infront of my mother. I have respect for her….when Im with others yes I do use them a lot. I’ts not a BIG DEAL!!! her son will be just fine!!!

hayley on

im not sure its all the green eyed monster, i am a fan of christinas music for the mot part and have always liked her videos but even i though after watching the lastst one, put your clothes on love lol lol lol:)

as i said i go back and forth because like every one sometimes she comes across as a little toooooo serious about herself, many misic artist do i think and it get har for people to take that seriously because at the end of the day, its not like they are out on the front line, or a brain surgeon saving lives…. but as i said before no matter how i feel abo her it is clear she loves her son and wants to be a good mum and thats what counts . 🙂

Ann on

Aguilera should literally go ‘back to basics’ and just sing really good music without all the spectacle that seems to rival that of Gaga’s. Also, I hate sounding retro but doesn’t her mommy status make Aguilera’s sexy-vixen image seem a little contrived?? If she really loved her son then maybe she shouldn’t perform with a bunch of people touching her boobs and vajayay. Oh yeah.. and a lit-up-crotch-heart doesn’t help weather Aguilera’s Gaga comparison. One day her son will look back and wonder: WTF was mommy doing on stage when I was only three years-old??? Believe it or not, I loved Aguilera’s music but this whole bionic thing just isn’t her.

Jilliane on

LOVE her! She is so talented and beautiful! I don’t know about the rest of you but i love her new music (and all her music!!!) and honestly as my mom and nana always said “if you don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say anything at all!” If you don’t like her music than don’t listen to it and if you don’t like her than don’t read about her! Just skip over the article and move to the next one. All you negative nellies need to stop posting such horrible things on a blog about celebrities’ children!

DJB on

@Amy.. I can’t believe you would actually say she was #2 behind Britney. Obviously, you are talking about sales. In 20 years, let’s see who is still around. And, isn’t the article about being a Mom. What does Britney or Lady Gaga have to do with that fact?

Erin on

CelebrityBabyLover – Actually I think I’m right. They filed for divorce in March and there’s a mandatory six month period in California from that step until the final decree is issued. (I’m an attorney here – but not a divorce lawyer) I wouldn’t want any would-be divorcee in my home state to believe otherwise. Brad was married and having an affair. In comparison to Christina’s swearing, I think we can figure out which is more egregious and go on with our lives.

klm on

The F you T-shirt and lyric in her song don’t bother me at all! I agree with the others who feel profanity alone, while it isn’t necessarily admirable, isn’t a huge deal.

What DOES bother me, is the OVERTLY sexual nature of the Not Myself Tonight video. And let me say that I am NOT a PRUDE! I am not religious, I even like things that are a little bit racy and fun, but whoa, my initial reaction when I saw that video was, “YOU HAVE A SMALL CHILD! What are you DOING???”

I guess I hold her to a higher standard because she has a child, and perhaps that is unfair of me – maybe I shouldn’t have a double standard. But for some reason, I felt sorry for her kid when I saw that video. I felt like he was somehow being corrupted by it.

klm on

Lee, Of course mothers are allowed to enjoy their sexuality! It’s the WAY that it is done in CA’s video that I found disturbing.

CelebBabyLover on

klm- I’m pretty sure Max isn’t going to be seeing that music video anytime soon.

Ann- Considering Lady Gaga arrived on the seen several years AFTER Christina, I’d say that if either lady is copying the other, it’s Lady Gaga copying Christina.

rochelle on

Child or no child, she overtly sexual themes in her latest music video are over the top and too much, she could be a lot more subtle with her sexuality and make it more tasteful. I think she’s a great mom, but I do have a problem with the themes she’s been pushing. It’s tacky. That said, I love her music and I think she’s otherwise a great mom.

CelebBabyLover on

Melissa- As another poster pointed out, being a celebrity does not automatically mean you have a perfect life! Celebs have struggles, too….just not neccesarily the same ones “regular” people have. 🙂

jjstar on

Ditch the music and raise your kid. Your child takes priority over your *career* any day. You had your heyday – it’s time to grow up. Juggling is for clowns.

Thomas on

I love Christina Aguilera; I think that she has her head on her shoulder (unlike other celebrities). Everyone has their moments; she has a crazy schedule (between work and being a good wife and mother) may affect her mood.
I also believe that the video is a little bit exagerated but I like it.

CelebBabyLover on

jjstar- So all women should be stay-at-home moms? This 2010, not the 1950s!

klm on

CelebBabyLover, So raising your kids yourself is outdated?

CelebBabyLover on

klm- What’s outdated is the thinking that every mom has to be a SAHM. Years ago, women were expected and encouraged to give up their careers when they have children. But now most people realize that continuing to work when you have kids doesn’t make you a bad mother.

And in fact, having a stay-at-home mom is not always the best thing for kids, either, nor does being a stay-at-home mom automatically make someone a good mom. In fact, some women are actually better moms if they work than they would if they stayed home. Even in the comments sections here on Moms & Babies, some posters admitted that their moms probably would have been better mothers if they had worked (the reason most give is that their mothers LOVED their career, and resented leaving it when they became moms. Overtime that can lead to resenting the kids and such.).

Also, why is that, when it comes to moms, everyone seems to say, “She should quit working and stay home with her kid(s),”…..yet when it’s dads we’re talking about, no one bats an eye about them working outside the home instead of staying home with their kids? Dads can be stay-at-home parents, too (and more and more are choosing to do so these days)!

I also want to point out that some people (and this goes for both women and men) don’t have the option of being stay-at-home parents. Some people HAVE to work. For example, some couples can’t live on just on salary (and yes, I realize there are cases out there where people live above their means. But some people couples can’t live on one salary even if they live within their means). And single parents obviously have to work to support their families. 🙂

I have nothing against stay-at-home parents, but I also recognize that women can, and should be encouraged to, be more things than just moms once they have kids. In fact, I don’t think it’s healthy for women to focus soley on their children once they become moms. It’s important to have your own interests outside of your family, too. 🙂

klm on

CelebBabyLover, I don’t agree with everything you’ve stated above, but you absolutely make some excellent points. Thanks for your point of view.

hcc on

On A Lighter Note, Max Is Beautiful.