Joey Fatone: I Want to Make My Family Proud

06/06/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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Former ‘NSYNC member Joey Fatone never had a problem impressing girls — until it came to his own daughter, 9-year-old Briahna Joely.

“I want my kids to be excited about what I do,” Fatone, who has signed on for a guest appearance on Disney’s Imagination Movers, tells Time Out New York Kids.

“My daughter doesn’t care about what I did with ‘NSYNC, but once I did Hannah Montana about a year ago, I became God to her.”

And while his eldest girl — Fatone and his wife Kelly welcomed a second daughter Kloey Alexandra in January — may not be interested in her dad’s singing days, Briahna does love visiting his former stomping grounds: New York City.

“There’s a pizza place in Brooklyn she loves called Spumoni Gardens,” he shares.

“She keeps asking if she’s from New York or from Florida. I tell her she’s a Floridian, but she’s kind of a New Yorker because I keep bringing her back to taste all the food and culture.”

Noting his daughter “loves to sing and entertain,” Fatone reveals Briahna is a star-in-the-making, if she can overcome her nerves!

“She did The Wizard of Oz where she was a crow,” the proud papa, 33, raves.

“She was actually offered the part of the Wicked Witch, but she turned it down because she got nervous and wasn’t sure she could learn the lines.”

— Anya Leon

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Amanda Babin on

Aw that’s cute! Funny how Briahna cares more about a guest role on a Disney show than his father being a part of one of the biggest bands of all time.
I’m sure Joey can still make his family proud just by showering his girls with love and attention which I’m sure the girls get more than enough of. I can’t wait to see the first pics of Kloey! =D

romy on

cute article. their naming system is funny

Claire on

We saw Joey Fatone today. He was filming with the Imagination Movers for a concert special they have coming on the Disney Channel in the next few months. We were one of the lucky 6,000 New Orleans residents who got to sit in the audience!
Joey looked like he was having a blast! At one point he was jumping on a trampoline with the Movers!

jenna on

I like their childrens names, I think they’re nice and girly (which is what I’d chose if I have daughters). I’m not a fan of crazy spellings but maybe they chose Kloey because it’s (K)elly and J(oey). It’s cute if it is!

Sarah M. on

Jenna – That is why they spelled Kloey the way they did. The ‘Kl” for Kelly and the ‘oey’ for Joey. I’m not really a fan of crazy spellings, but at least they have a reason for why they spelled it that way. (They explained it when her birth was announced.)

Allison on

I love Spumoni Gardens too!

romy on

yes, they combine names. Joely as middle name, Kloey as first name. Both from Joey and Kelly. I think it’s funny.

jenna on

Ah I have never read that but I thought that must of been why. I think it’s lovely that there’s meaning to their daughters names, make them a bit more special. Me and all my sisters were given names that my parents chose because they just liked them but our middle names have meaning. For example my younger sister’s middle name is Catherine because my parents got married in St Catherines church.

Elisabeth on

Yeah that was done because of the parents first names, they did an article about it when Kloey was born I don’t see anything funny about it their both pretty names and I love the spellings. It’s not the first time I’ve heard of parents combining their names to make baby names. It’s not like they named their kids weird names like Peanut or rainbow rosepetal India or something like that.

CelebBabyLover on

Elisabeth- Other than the fact that I happen to like the name Petal Blossom Rainbow, I agree with you completely. I actually happen to know of a couple who combined their names to make their first child’s name. Personally, I think it’s adorable when parents do that! 🙂