Soledad O’Brien and Girls’ Gala Grins

06/05/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Steve Mack/Getty

Soledad O’Brien brought her girls — Cecelia, 8, and Sofia, 9½ — to the Seventh Annual Wayuu Taya Foundation Gala, held Thursday at the Stephen Weiss Studio in New York City.

The In America host, 43, is also mom to 5½-year-old twin sons Charlie and Jackson with husband Bradley Raymond.

“They are allowed to watch the news, and I watch it with them,” O’Brien tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies of her work.

“I think it’s only scary when there’s no context. When you’re seven or eight years old and you have no one to question, you need some reassurance.”

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Mary on

ok…i don’t watch the news because i find it depressing and confusing sometimes. I can’t imagine how these young girls must feel. My son is almost 8 and I still shield him from the news. I rather keep him innocent for as long as possible. There are plenty of years ahead for my children to find out about all of the bad in the world. I rather focus on the good right now. just my two cents.

bre on

I started watching the news when I was about 8 or 9 (first Gulf War). But my favorite show at the age was Murphy Brown. I agree with Soledad, if I had a question about something my parents would explain it to me honestly. More information made things less scary, atleast for me, some kids are more prone to anxiety and I can understand why their parents would shield them from the news.

izzy on

if a kid doesn’t watch the news, chances are he won’t ever find interest in them…..thus creating more ignorant adults. sorry to say but its the truth

Jillian on

Well I was never restricted from watching the news, but I never wanted to!! I hated the news when I was that age, I always had to wait until it went off so I could watch Rugrats 🙂 lol Anyway, I LOVE Soledad! I hope I get to watch her on CNN for a long time 🙂

krewcat on

I love her! She’s right. Kids need to be able to watch and understand things around them. It will increase their knowledge and their thirst for learning. My 9 and 8 year old like to watch the news every night and they also like Megyn Kelly on Fox. OF COURSE things have to be explained sometimes. Thats the job of the parent. I like being the go to person for my kids, and I hope that will continue for a LONG time.

hayley on

each to their own, i suppose i do keep my kid away from sad, or dark news stories but then are only small and don’t understand what they are seeing, but maybe when they get older i wil have too…. they are only 2 and 3 lol lol

although i must say the idea of exposeing my kids to war, death or any thing like that upsets me sooo much 😦 i just want them to keep their child mind for as long as i can 🙂 snata, tooth fairy, magic butterflys lol all thinks magic and wonderful 🙂 its must just be the protect thing well all have 🙂

Marilyn on

I didn’t watch the news that young. I was more interested in playing sports, playing with my friends, and just being a kid. Kids grow up too soon these days.

Annie on

When I was that age, I watched the news. They are not preschoolers; they are 8 and 9 and half. It’s better than they be aware of what is going on and be able to ask their parents questions and get a full context. At that age, they will hear about the “news” anyway. Let them get an accurate portrayal and be able to ask questions. Regardless of how hard you try, you will never be able to raise your kids in a bubble.

lulu on

@ izzy … i agree with your entire statement,i began watching the news at the age as well.. things are going on in world why make children oblivious to the world they live in, not everything you might want them to watch but still Knowledge is power.

Lauren on

I disagree with you. I never watched the news as a child and I am very far from an ignorant person. I am very educated on what is going on in my state, country and world and take interest in it. Sorry, but that is the TRUTH. Yours is an opinion.

You go on all of these postings and half the time post negative, insulting, and rude comments. Even attempting to “sign in” as someone else to agree with these ridiculous comments. I have no problem with your opinion being different than mine or someone else’s, but start doing it with class.

Luna on

Lauren: I’m not saying I don’t believe you, so please don’t interpret this that way. I’m just curious, how does izzy “sign in” as someone else to agree with herself? Just curious, honestly 🙂

Personally, my oldest son will watch the news sometimes, but he prefers reading, the Wii, or playing outside. We as a family don’t watch too much television anyway.

Gretchen on

Look! Little girls dressed like little girls! And not showing too much skin!

Lauren on

On another posting “izzy” posted something very rude. I can’t remember what is for, I think a posting of Pete Wentz and baby, but could be wrong. After she posted the comment, another comment was posted and said, “I agree with Izzy….” and was signed with the name Izzy. So many people picked up on it and mentioned it on the posting, but no response was given, last I looked. Childish.

Luna on

Lauren, Thanks I was just wondering. 🙂

Luna on

Lauren, You got me morbidly curious, so I checked one post that I thought I recalled seeing izzy post something like you described. On Kevin Costner’s new daughter Grace’s announcement, Izzy agreed with herself (although to be fair it is possible there were two izzy’s but highly unlikely). Anyway, just thought I’d share. It’s bath time now for the kiddos. I just had to post this because I was curious and thought I’d add.

noam on

i watched the news as a kid, primarily because my parents did. we watched the local 6 o’clock news, and then we’d have dinner and talk about it. not only did my siblings and i become exposed to what was going on, we were taught how to express our opinions. (a local lawsuit between school board and parents created quite the argument in my family, and for months, we all looked forward to sitting down and watching how it unfolded between my brother and stepbrother, who were on polar ends of the issue…)i agree that there needs to be context–you can’t plop a kid down in front of anderson cooper and expect him to understand…plus, with their mom being a newscaster, it’s only natural that the girls would want to watch.

Lauren on

Thanks for finding it. I have memory loss these days. Maybe I am wrong, but I would think the original Izzy would have said something.

loren on

the girls look like children, instead of mini grown ups 🙂 Children grow up so quickly anyways; nice to see young
looking children for a change 🙂