Family Photo: The Simpson-Wentzes – California Cool

06/04/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
National Photo Group

Family shopping trip!

Bassist Pete Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, along with son Bronx Mowgli, 18 months, make a tight trio while picking up some new clothes at Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday.

“We’re definitely a tight-knit family, and Pete and I are very hands-on,” Simpson-Wentz, 25, tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

“Spending time with Bronx is the best thing in the whole world for us.”

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Tiffany on

They looked dressed for summertime but what’s up with Bronx and his long sleeves & boots?

Angela on

Bronx’s is either over dressed or under dressed for the weather.

Jessica on

There ya go haters!! It is Ashlee… And she’s HOLDING the baby!!!

izzy on

tiffany, maybe they use the long sleeves for sun protection? idk.

and yes, for the haters on the previous simpson/wentz post, please be kind enough to eat your words. ashlee’s “fixing” bronx’s psychological “injuries” now that she’s carrying him.

romy on

Jessica, I thought she’s always holding the baby in pics except when Pete’s alone w/him while she’s working? She is ALWAYS holding Pete’s hand that’s for sure, she is always doing damage control it seems.

Mina on

She is holding the baby who improperly dressed! LoL

duh on

oh geez…it’s not like the kid is in a snowsuit…he’s in shorts and a long sleeve shirt (one of which doesn’t look like it’s a thick material at all)…as for the boots, perhaps HE wanted to wear them?

some people seriously need to calm down about every little thing

hayley on


lets hope that was just a really bad joke,

cute pic, i like his little boots , i like his long armed shirt too, and i LOVE that ash and pete are always holding hand , its nice to see a happy young couple with their very very cute little boy.

but then some people just arn’t happy unless their moaning, ooooooppppps sorry i mean expressing an opinion bwhhahaaahaahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

HeatherR on

This is a very cute picture of them! I’m so glad that I’m not a celebrity as I would hate to have every photo analyzed! A photo only captures one second and rarely tells the whole story!

Mariana on

and yes, for the haters on the previous simpson/wentz post, please be kind enough to eat your words. ashleeโ€™s โ€œfixingโ€ bronxโ€™s psychological โ€œinjuriesโ€ now that sheโ€™s carrying him. [2]

some people seriously need to calm down about every little thing [2]

Shea on

In L.A. people wear Uggs with shorts…if you’ve ever seen pictures of Pam Anderson and her boys they do it all the time. he’s dressed like a skater kid.

tlm on

And if the little guy had a tank top and was barefooted you nasty haters would complain that he was getting too much sun and would hurt his little feet if she put him down. For goodness sakes people . . . GROW UP AND QUITCHURBITCHEN.

cris on

Why is Bronx the only one without sunglasses on? They obviously don’t care about their son’s eyes…;)

Bronx is a big boy!

Kasey on

Ashlee’s out and about with her son? Alert the press!

::rolls eyes::

sgv on

well said Jessica! i thought the same when i saw the picture.
I like this family, they always look happy and in love.

Mina on

Yeah no sunglasses on the kid, but the parents have them on. At least a hat…the kid is fair and its obvious he is squinting! But I am sure I will hear “hes a baby, he was probably pulling them off” or something, yet a baby can pick what shoes he wants to wear, even tho its hot..sometimes a parent has to put thier foot down. And an infant doesnt have to dress like a “skater”…Pam’s kids are older and happen to be into skating themselves. Kids are not dolls/toys. A parent should dress them appropriatly for the weather, but I guess style comes first for them? =(

babytyche08 on

They look so cute..

hayley on

mina –

do you have any idea how hard it is to get a kid to keep sunglasses on under the age of 3?? yes yes some do but most kids will pull off socks, hats , shoes any thing they can and just to point out kids have NOT been wearing sunglasses for years and years and there eyes are all fine. unless i missed some huge news report saying all adults had gone blind because their parents didn’t make them wear sunglasses ๐Ÿ˜€ if did i stand corrected lol lol

get a grip woman! lol! and stop trying to find reasons to cll them bad parents, its gettting really quite sad now.

hmmmm jealous maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰

emily on

The women on this board are literally my worst nightmare. It’s like you are all the epitomy of the ‘mother in law’ times 10!!! But hey, if the ONLY way you can justify yourself as a parent is to make innapropriate comments on how a woman in a picture raises her child, then go for it.

ecl on

Yeah, maybe they should staple gun a hat and glasses to his head! That should solve the problem.

romy on

omg Mina, for real?? or were you joking? anyway, OUCH, Ashlee’s arm must kill. Bronx is huge!

JM on

wow mina (and some others), take a deeeeeeeep breath, you get stressed over so many little things that have nothing to do with you it CAN’T be good for your health.
lol “dressed like a skater” what are you 90? ๐Ÿ™‚ that is one of the funniest things i have heard, and one of the most ridiculous.

sunglasses? if you have been lucky enough to never see a toddler who would rip off sunglasses as soon as you put them on them, then please send me your address in Lala land. otherwise you’ll know that sometimes with kids, your choice is let them go without sunglasses or you don’t leave the house.

and for all those of you complaining about how he is dressed….. but…. but… but.. this is not a suri cruise post. i thought all the wackos went over there to roll around on the floor and have a fit if she wasn’t wearing a jacket for three steps between a taxi and a hotel. don’t tell me your migrating to other posts? because if you’re going to start giving us a report on what other kids SHOULD be wearing, because you know better than their parents who are actually HOLDING them, then i despair. really. really???? you know better whether bronx feels hot, cold or just fine and hunky dory? you must have a pretty high opinion of yourself and your powers….

pam on

have you ever tried to put sunglasses on a little kid? Not possible unless they want them on.

Mina on

There ARE sunglasses specially made for kids/infants that have a band that go around the head (like goggles) so the kid cant throw them off. So tell me another one. And yeah, once again I am soo jealous of Ashlee. Trust me, she is the LAST celeb I would be jealous of. I would be jealous of her sister before her.

Plus, this is just an internet page. Its not like I am over here throwing things across my house because Ashlee isnt raising her kid properly. But its funny to think u all think that lol.

cris on

I think the majority of the posts on here are sarcastic…at least one would hope.

June on

Mina, obviously you like the attention – otherwise you wouldn’t keep coming back looking for a reaction to your comments.

You should really get a life.

CelebBabyLover on

JM- Very well said! Also, I’ve been wondering for awhile why it is that only some celeb parents get picked on for not having sunglasses and/or a hat on their kids. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times a celeb kid has been pictured wearing sunglasses and/or a hat (well, maybe it’s a little more than that, but you get my point!).

Yet very few celeb parents get critcized for not putting sunglasses and/or a hat on their kid. Even the Holmes/Cruises and the Jolie-Pitts, the two most criticized families on here, don’t get criticized for not having a hat or sunglasses on their kids. Why the huge double-standard?

hayley on

– Mina

how many adults do you no with damae to their eyes because they didn’t wear sunglasses as a baby????????? I’m betting none so hush up buttercup becuase your talking rubbish lol lol, ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

clearly this women doesn’t have children if she thinks a kid can’t pull of goggles lol lol :)………..

fyi mina why don’t you put your engery into kids that relly need it, like the thousands of abused kids out their that are being beaten, strarved and even killed by their own parents rather than trasing a celeb mother that is CLEARLY rasing a happy heathy kid. but then i suppose maybe your just not jealous enough of those mums, its just ashlee you save that for…..

noam on

sunglasses are quite hard to keep on a child, especially if you’re just walking from your car to a store or restaurant (which is what’s happening here, i’d imagine.)adults clearly can handle the whipping on and off, but for two minutes on a toddler, it’s not really worth the hassle, in my opinion…

Mina on

Ok then since you are so desperate to think her child wouldnt keep on a hat or sunglasses, then what about a parasol? Any GOOD mother thinks of her childs safety, comfort, and well-being before ANYTHING.

jessicad on

Agree with CelebBabyLover, I can’t even think of a baby posted here that had sunglasses on yet this has never been brought up. I know my daughter wouldn’t wear hats or sunglasses, even as an infant, so sunblock on her bald head it was! I’m such a bad mother and I don’t know how to put my foot down, I obviously don’t care about her safety so I shouldn’t even have kids!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mina on

Jessica, did I say you or anyone else shouldnt have kids? No I did not. So stop putting words in my mouth.

Georgia on

A parasol? Lol, now we know you are a troll and DEFO have no kids!

The baby is so cute, so blonde, gives away mum and dads hair dye!

Mina on

I’m not a troll and I do have a child…a very healthy, happy, smart one at that. Was raised properly. Unlike the majority of these brats today who have moms that make excuses for everything, like how hard it is to raise a child, etc..

hayley on


sure sure mina, we all all believe you, thousands wouldn’t…ll :).

how are you not passing on all that bitterness onto your child? i feel sorry for him/her, in my opinion you arn’t setting a good example of how to treat people.

Mina on

How am I bitter? I said I wasnt throwing things across my house because Ashlee Simpson cant raise a kid properly…millions of women cant. I was giving suggestions on how she can keep the sun from her babies eyes, and now I am a childless troll? Sorry that I care about kids. Sorry that I care about the welfare of other peoples innocent little kids who cant speak for themselves. I guess I will stop caring about babies, but then I might be considered heartless in all your eyes…cant win can I? Funny ladies!

O btw, google and reasearch the amount of damage the sun can do to fair skin (actually any skin), and eyes. I come from a fair family and a medical family at that..but I suppose I wont care anymore since its not MY kid. I’m done stating my OPINION, because some people just cant handle the truth being spit in their faces…they want to turn their backs and pretend everything is all wonderful and butterflies. Take it easy girls!

hayley on

hello your talking to a midwife……

yes there is stuff on the web now about sun and babies eyes but as i pointed out for years and years we all managed with out them and we are all ok….for goodness sake if you believe every thing you read then half the stuff in your house with give you cancer….amd if you eat a big mac you die!

you care about kids? so much you say thier mums can’t raise them right because you vist a gossip/baby site and see a few pics, and that some how makes you all seeing all powerful?
you take it easy and stop calling women you don’t no bad mothers.

it does make you sound bitter.

Mina on

Lee just shut it. Hayley, how come you can sit there and say things like I cant assume she is a bad mother, but you call her a good mother when you dont know her either and all you see is pictures? How is that fair, I really want to know? Do you know her personally? Do you know what goes on behind closed doors? Do you know how many abused kids look and act normal and nobody ever knows they are being abused? Or how the mothers who abuse their children are always the one that the neighbors are like “omg I would never have thought!”

Now to clear things up, I am not saying Ashlee definitly IS abusive toward her child, but HONESTLY nobody knows if she is or isnt. To defend her while saying I cant have an opinion on her is unfair. Neither of us know her personally.

I was stating it doesnt look like she dressed her child properly for the elements. The end!

Kira on

When I first saw this post I did not even bat an eye at what the baby was wearing.
Marcia Cross use to dress her twins in long sleeves and pants all the time in the summer to protect them from the sun, so I assumed that was what was going on with this child. I admit, when I first saw this on her twins, I thought, gosh they must be hot, but then she did a whole interview about UV protective clothing and how they were actually relatively cool in these clothes…
So to see this baby in long sleeves…not a huge deal.
The uggs….well, I don’t know, people in LA dress so different from the rest of us, again i did not bat an eye.
He could have on sunscreen. So I did not even think about him not wearing a hat and most babies do NOT wear sunglasses, so that was not even something that crossed my mind.
Would I put my child in a hat…sure…but seriously, here in the South Eastern USA…I see little ones in the park with a tank top and a diaper with no hat, no shades, and little sandels playing….I am sure I played like that as a child and I came out just fine. I was actually surprised to see ANY comments about what he was wearing…I thought the comments would be about how BIG he is and how TINY Ashlee looks carrying him. LOL>

CelebBabyLover on

Lee- “Imaginary child”? You have NO idea whether or not mina is telling the truth about having a child. Imagine how YOU would feel if someone said YOU were lying about having kids!

I don’t agree with mina’s comments myself, but to say that she must be lying about having a child is a bit much, IMO.

hannah on

Mina.. you are a joke..

I dont see what the problem is with what Bronx is wearing. I dress my little boys like that sometimes. Whats wrong with it? In fact I often wear long sleeve tops with shorts!

Christy on

Wow I come on to comment on what a sweet family they are and see World War Three has started!

Are there no moderators anymore? Yeah Ok maybe Mina is a little fanatical about the sun safety and stuff and yeah I think women come here just looking for something to complain about but come on!

Georgia, Lee and Hayley you are equally as bad and in my eyes worse because you are just bullys. Calling someone a troll and bitter and unfit to raise a child just because she has an opinion that differs from yours? Sad

hayley on

because mina you have no right too call some one a bad mother or even hint that he arn’ t looking after their kid right because you lookeded at a PHOTO!

YOU are the one that started alllllll this rubbish by and you have been called out by every mum on here with a brain!

we call her a good mother because that kids looks healthy! *most abused children do not* and happy, again many abused children project their pain through their expressions, no smiles, shy, fearful ect and i have never seen a pic like that of ashlee and her son so how can you asume she a bad mum when all you have seen is lovely family pics!!?

you don’t no her to call her a bad mother, but yet you do it anyway and then have a go a us for defnding her and calling you out on your c**p.

maybe if you spent less time calling other mus weak and bad and their kids brat you would get a bit more respect. ick i deal with mums like you every day, the just looooove telling others how to raise thier kids , and while they are dolling out these pearls their kids are jumping all of the place being little terrors.ick.

Mina on

Hayley, I have every right. By saying I have no right to speak badly of Ashlee’s parenting, then you have no right to speak well about it.

No smiles? Google or youtube Kelsey Briggs and look at that child with 2 broken legs and black eyes with a HUGE grin on her face in almost every photo.

You say I dont know her so I cant call her a bad mum…but you dont know her yet you can call her a good one simply from seeing nothing more than a PHOTO. See how I can turn the tables and make your own words bite you in the arse?

My kid isnt the one who is the terror TRUST ME. He is the best behaved I have seen in years. These days, kids sas their parents and act like spoiled little gremlins.

hayley on


i can understand just by looking at this post it would look unkind, but how ever may i add not my first run in with mina, i think my of the uproar has come from the post where ashlee was called in question as a mum for not carrying her son…….

if you go around calling others mothers weak and their children brats you can expect to get it back. mind you i am positive we woldn’t let our children carry on like this if they were disagreeing with some one…………… but your right it sad, mums should just support each other raher than sit behind thei computers passing judgement on snap shots of life.

Lola Monroe on

Whoa, some of you people need to be admitted somewhere because you are CRAZY!!!

I love Ashlee’s hair with highlights, I think they look like a happy, loving family…Bronx is adorable, enough with the negativity you bitter betties!!!

marla on

Those infant sunglasses are a joke by the way. I put them on mine when she was little and they were so snug to her face they hit her eyelashes….waste of $

hayley on

shakes head and gives up………..i guess some people really arn’t happy unless they can sit behind their computers and judge other mums…

i suppose its he only way to make yourself feel better isn’t it, th big green eyed monser creeps in and you can’t help but be bitter towards them so you attack them in he worse way , which for most women is to question them as a mother…..and the best bit with no reason too just because you felt like it or most likely your jealous.

i feel sad for anyone that lives this way. truly truly sad.

Mina on

You feel sad for women who have an opinion but not sad for infants who cannot speak for themselves and have to depend on their mothers to dress them properly and raise them properly. WOW. You got your priorities straight.

Has it ever occured to you that Bronx (or any other infant who is dressed by thier parent like they are a doll and not a child) would choose comfort over style? Just 18 months ago he was in a comfy warm womb, butt naked. Now he is in the sun with a black long sleeved shirt on and snow boots! By all means, when he gets older, let him where what he wants. I suppose if it was 30 degrees and he was in shorts, that would be “cute” and “in style” and his “parents style”. But hey, remember, its not MY kid so I should not care (or have an opinion for that matter).

Funny lady!

Angela on

@ hayley- It’s a blog where people come to comment. You don’t have to agree with the content but respect other people’s right to comment.

jessicad on

Mina it’s just ridiculous that you’d call someone a bad Mom for not putting sunglasses on their child, and say that they obviously prefer fashion over safety or don’t know how to put their foot down, you took it a little too far. Women like you are exactly why I was afraid to leave the house when my daughter was a newborn, I know a lot of women judge every single little thing and think they are perfect super mom and feel the need to put others down. Why do that to another mother? There was a great article from Jennifer Garner about this very thing and how she doesn’t like the competition that’s going on with Moms lately. As women we’re supposed to help each other out and be there for support, not compare and judge parenting styles. Luckily I gained so much confidence from my daughter that now I don’t mind if others judge because I know I’m doing a great job and the best I can. I have to laugh at some of the things people point out here because I’d go crazy otherwise.

By the way I love your name, my daughter is Milla but her nickname is Mina:)

Mina on

Jessica, I was in fact suggesting things such as toddler sunglasses, a hat, and a parasol and I got chewed out, even laughed at and said I was childless for suggesting such a thing.

Babies are not a fashion statement. If the parents can get away with something they like that is appropriate, comfortable, and agrees with the elements, then great. Fashion should be the LAST thing on any parents mind. I would even be more forgiving if it had to do with her religion/culture because I understand everyone is different. But Ashlee is just a regular American girl treating her son like a doll, and making him a fashion statement. Really, its not JUST Ashlee. I know it seems like I am picking on her alone. Regular people do it, and so do other celebs. Gwen Stafani dying her childs hair is horrifying. A child forced to sit still and get his hair bleached (the smell is awful and it burns, having gotten my hair dyed a couple times). Why would she want to change her childs appearance anyway? He was beautiful the way he was and now he looks like a skunk.

Also, comming from a medical family, Suri’s high heels are nothing short of astonishing. How her pediatrician hasnt said something is beyond me. Read up on how childrens feet grow…its a CRITICAL time. BUT they are of a different religion, so i guess its ok with them. I’ve watched those tribes that do weird things to their kids too. Nothing I SAY is going to change that, but I have EVERY right to an opinion!

One of the truest quotes I ever heard is “ANYONE can have a child, that doesn’t make them a parent”.

hayley on

@ jessicad

could not agree more, there this site in the uk. mums net that is fulllllllll up with people like that, they scream i can express my opinion but really use it as a mask to pass judgement, it is sad because when i had kids or when i deliverd them i used to think you go to join the best club in the world full of other that wanted you to do well and that would help, now i feels it full of judgemental women with nothing better to do than tell you how to raise your child. its so sad! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

hayley on

i love now that its an attack on diffrent religons and tribes now…..i guess the only way to raise a baby is your way ………. ever heard of live and let live

Mina on

Hayley, thats total B.S. What would you say if someone’s “way” of raising a child was to beat them? Would it be ok then, because thats what they believe in. No, there ARE standards to being a “good” parent. What about that religious sect that married girls off as young as 10 to grown men who have multiple wives…is that ok? Or what if a cousin fell in love with his cousin…is incest ok in your eyes? After all “live and let live”. LoL

Funny lady!

hayley on

ok for godnesssake let it go!
you keep banging on you have your right to your opinion and i have too,

and in my opinion you hav gone all round the houses trying to prove your right while moaning at our right to speak twaddle. we arn’t talking about thoe kinds of tribes are we and i don’t thnking they will bw marrying bronx off at 10! get a grip, seriously. keep talkng your rubbish ** in my opinion** and i shall tak the higher ground and ignor it,

funny lady, how come you haven’t postd on any thig else??? just green eyes for ashlee i take it?

as long as no child is in danger and i mean real danger no just you think they need short sleve t shirts and sunglasses and is happy *** see above photo for example** then yes live and let live!!!

drama queen! *** in my opinion***

Mina on

Yes, you have a right to an opinion (I never said you didnt). Its because of your opinions that we have been having this discussion back and forth. It was YOU who said “they scream i can express my opinion but really use it as a mask to pass judgement”. Having an opinion on something is passing judgement whether its “good” or “bad”. You defended her, and I didnt. We both had/have opinions.

And o yes, once again I am sooo jealous of Ashlee Simpson, whatever shall I do? LoL. Trust me, I have had a twinge of jealousy over Angelina Jolie (hot wonderful husband, good hearted and beautiful woman, and cherub kids) but Ashlee Simpson is the LAST celeb I would envy. In fact, is she even still considered a celeb?

Anyway, I got my OPINIONS out, and you have stated your OPINIONS, so I am done with posting under this board. Its gone on long enough. Its getting quite boring and there is really nothing else to say. Peace out!

hayley on

yawn lol lol lol lol lol lol ๐Ÿ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Mina- Obviously there ARE unacceptable ways to raise a child. I think what hayley is trying to say is that there is also more than one RIGHT way to raise a child.

Anyway, at this point, I think we ALL need to agree to disagree here. It’s pretty obvious at this point that none of us is going to change anyone else’s opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

hayley on


i LOVE you lol xxx i feel like you are th voise of reason ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

and i agree here is a _ under it. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€