Sheryl Crow Adopts a Second Son!

06/04/2010 at 11:15 AM ET
Michael Buckner/Wireimage

Sheryl Crow is a mom again!

“I have some exciting news to share with you guys,” the musician announced on her official Web site Friday. “Wyatt has a new little brother!”

Levi James was born April 30th,” Crow, 48, writes.

The 5-week-old joins elder sibling Wyatt Steven, 3, whom Crow adopted in April 2007.

— Marisa Laudadio

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to her and Wyatt! I love Levi’s name.

Melissa on


laura on

gongrats on the new addition, i’m so glad some people except adoption

Janna on

How sweet! Great news!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to her! I love the name, it goes really well with Wyatt.

Brooke on

Wonderful news!! Congrats to Sheryl & Wyatt.

Sandra on

Wow, that is SO amazing. πŸ™‚
And love the name. Congrats!

Luna on

Congratulations to Sheryl and Wyatt. I love the name Levi James Crow! I’m so thrilled for their family.

Remy on

Congratulations to Sheryl and Wyatt! This announcement really made me smile! I can’t wait to see little Levi!

Lorus on

Awww, Congratulations to them! When I saw the photo of these two the other day I was wondering when she’d adopt again. What great news.

Mrs. R on

She looks like she just LOVES motherhood, and her little guy Wyatt is such a cutie!

romy on

Love the name!

MrsC on

Awesome for her! It is kind of funny that she named her son the same name as her ex’s BFF, Matthew McConaughey!

Sarah on

CONGRATS! Now the weird thing is that my Husband and I have a son named Levi and the name we had chosen for our next boy was.. Wyatt LOL!

Manal on

I just love it when people adopt!!!:D:D:D

Emma on

Congrats to Sheryl and Wyatt on the new addition! πŸ™‚ I love the names she has chosen for her boys. She seems to love motherhood very much. I wish them all the best. πŸ™‚

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Sheryl and Wyatt! I love the names that Sheryl has chosen for her children πŸ˜€ I bet that she’s extremely happy to be a mommy again πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to meet Levi.

tracy on

Mom is a great title for Sheryl. From the spotlight, she seems like a great ‘hands-on’ mom. Wyatt is always smiling and this new little guy probably will too. Congratulations to the ‘Crow’ family.

Pinkdancer on

That’s great that Wyatt will have a sibling! I wonder if they are biological brothers.

Mandii on

Yah!! Great news! Love his name too πŸ™‚

Hannah on

How great is it?? How great is she??

grace on

wow, congrats. that is wonderful news!

A on

I love it when celebrities (or people in general) adopt! Children waiting to have parents is just so sad, plus they’ll have the best education and health care… Wyatt is such a cutie by the way!

babymama on

i’m so happy for them..

and i’m glad there aren’t any ageist haters going after her, like they did celine,

Crystal on

Sooo happy for Sheryl and Wyatt. Levi is sure to be loved and adored by him mom and big brother!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Mariana on

Congrats to Sheryl! Love her boys’ names!!

brannon on

That’s the 4th Wyatt/Levi set I’ve heard πŸ™‚ Exciting news indeed. Congrats to them all.

glee fan on

i can’t believe she adopted another child! what a great thing to do since i am adopted myself. i love how her sons have normal names!

JMO on

aww so awesome!!!

Rye on

Congrats to Sheryl!! That is awesome! I think it is wonderful that she has given Wyatt a sibling!! πŸ™‚

Steph on

yup, she really seems to care that her ex is having a baby with his girlfriend πŸ˜‰
So happy for her and her family, congratulations and best wishes πŸ™‚

romy on

did she get Wyatt as a newborn or was he a bit older?

Jill on

She adopted Wyatt as a newborn too.

Why does there seem to be a double standard for two 47/48 year old women? No one says anything about age when Cheryl adopts a newborn at 48. But if Kelly Preston becomes pregnant at 47 then the age factor is brought up by some people. It is the same result — by birth or adoption. They both will have newborns. What gives?!

Jill on

Meant to say Sheryl in my last post.

I also wanted to say I think it is great for both Sheryl and Kelly. I just don’t get the double standard since the majority babies born to women in their 40s are completely healthy if that is the concern. There are also waiting families for newborns so it is not like this baby would not have gotten a home if Sheryl did not adopt him.

Diana on

Jill – I think with a lot of the comments with Celine a great majority were more a concern with the father since he is 70 then with Celine herself. And if they were criticizing Celine directly I would guess it is that there are more health issues with being pregnant over 40.

Sophia on

I wasn’t expecting this announcement but what a wonderful thing to hear about! I’m sure Wyatt is very excited to be a big brother, and that Sheryl is overjoyed to be a mum again πŸ™‚
Wyatt Steven and Levi James go really well together. Congratulations to this gorgeous family!

CelebBabyLover on

Diana- I think that IS the case with the comments about Celine, but Jill was using Kelly Preston as her example, not Celine. And I have to agree with her. There DOES seem to be a double-standard!

Sarah M. on

I agree with the double standard, also. And it’s not just from one woman to the other, but also one man verses other men and men verses other. Certain celebrities can do no wrong, no matter their ages, circumstances, situations, etc. Other celebrities always do something wron, no matter their ages, circumstances, situations, etc. While there is a difference between Sheryl Crow and Kelly Preston or Celine Dion in regards to actually the risks of being pregnant, all of them are ‘older’ and starting out with newborns. So they are all equal in that regard.

It’s great that Sheryl has adopted another son! She seems sooo happy with Wyatt and he seems so happy!! Love their names, too. πŸ™‚

Jill on

I am glad you agree with the double standard. Thought it was just me noticing it. It is just wrong how some people reacted to Kelly Preston’s announcement last month compared to the response Sheryl is getting adopting another newborn son.

I also know of several women in their late 40’s who were pregnant naturally including my husband’s grandmother. That was before any fertility treatments! Plus there are other celebs like Gina Davis and Holly Hunter to name a few who were 47 when they had their babies and no one made a fuss. People just assume they did IVF or donor egg. Odds are they did but it can happen naturally too. So I don’t know why some people were shocked about Kelly being pregnant. I guess they don’t get out much.

With people living longer, healthier lives I think things have shifted by at least 5 or 10 years.

There also is a double standard with men. Age is never brought up as a factor unless the guy is 70 like Celine’s husband!

romy on

yes and when you think about it the other kids actually have 2 parents alive rather than just 1 like Sheryl’s kids.

hayley on

wow thats great! se always looks so happy when she is out with her son, i love looking at these kind pics πŸ™‚ its heart warming.

i do agree with the double standerd al little, mmmmm maybe its because people just don’t think older women can get pregnant on hei own and always assume the hadhelp and that what bothers them, messing with nature so to speak, like with j lo no one thinks she had those lovely twins on her own which sas more about us than her, maybe every one should jsut try and be happy for every one πŸ™‚ even if we thinks its odd or don’t agree as such, respect another womens wish to become a mother πŸ™‚ congrats on a nother son xxx

Victoria on

Congratulations to the Crow family! I wish Ms. Crow and the children all the best in world. Adoption can be the best for both the parent(s) and for the child; as I am one who was adopted as a newborn and also adopted parent of a newborn years ago. The joy of a child brings into the life of the family is the greatest blessing a mother can receive. Motherhood is based on who is willing to walk the floors in the middle of night with a sick infant,or waiting up for the teenager to arrive home safely. Motherhood is solely based on having an open loving heart regardless of the mother’s age! Again, congratulations to the Crow family. May all your dreams and blessings be upon your family!

Julie on

What I don’t understand is that celebrities can adopt newborns like they are going out of style but when regular people want to adopt a newborn baby it takes 5-10 years on a waiting list and you are lucky if you can adopt from your own country. I guess money does make the world go round.

Connie on

I agree with Julie. We adopted 2 newborns in our early 30s after 5 years of infertilty and waited a couple of years to be successful. I also worked in the adoption field and would tell couples over 40 and singles regardless of age that their wait could be extremely long and if the prospective couple were both over 45 nearly impossible unless they located the birthparents on their own. Most (not all) but most birthparent(s) are young and someone over 35 is ancient and possibly older than the birthgrandparents which make it very hard to select an older couple or single person to be the adotpive parents. Money does speak in this situations!

Sarah M. on

While I think money does play a factor with some people, I don’t think it does with all. After all, you never really know how long they’ve been on a list. A few celebs have outright said (AFTER they had their adopted child with them) that they were on a list for YEARS, but didn’t want to say anything until they actually got the child. If you think about it, it would be awful to just get on the list and start the process, tell the world, then have something fall through and not wind up with a child in the end. I’m not saying that this is the case with all celebs. But I bet this is the case with more than one might think. Some you definetly get the vibe that money played a big part, I’m not disagreeing with that. But I don’t get that vibe here.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- I agree! In fact, Sheryl herself has spoken about the fact that she had a few adoption attempts fall through before she finally got Wyatt. For all we know, the same may have been true in this case. Also, I remember Meg Ryan saying that she tried for years to adopt from here in the States but was unsucessfull….which is why she went to China to ultimitly adopt Daisy. πŸ™‚

dfs on

I think the negative response to Celine Dion and Kelly Preston as opposed to Sheryl Crowe is that their SPOUSES are so much older. Celine’s husband is near seventy and John Travolta is over 55.

I also think there is a big difference between adopting a child in at 45 and giving birth to one. The chances of a child being born to a mother over forty with special needs are very high.

CelebBabyLover on

dfs- Well, Celine and Kelly both have the money to do PGD (that’s when they take a sample from a zygote before placing it into the womb to check for genetic abnormalities), and to do other genetic tests as well. So the chances of either of them delivering a baby (or babies, in Celine’s case) with special needs is probably extremely low. πŸ™‚

On another note….I wonder how Sheryl managed to keep this news underwraps for over a month (Wyatt, if I remember correctly, was just weeks or even days old when Sheryl adopted him, so I’m guessing the same is true of Levi)?

dfs on

You’re right, it is probably low, although Kelly hasn’t said that she did in vitro.

heyybaby on

i love the fact her boys were born a day apart

Shirl on

Kudos! What a neat way of tinhking about it.