Spotted: Nahla Aubry Horses Around with Halle Berry!

06/03/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Giddy up! Nahla Ariela Aubry, 2, shows off her stellar horseback-riding skills during a trip to Griffith Park in Los Angeles on Wednesday with mom Halle Berry. Dad is model Gabriel Aubry, with whom the actress recently split.

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Nella on

Nahla’s face is priceless hehehe! This little girl is soooo adorable!

Niko on

Nahla is such a cutie. This pic with her riding on horseback by herself is a bit disconcerting, though. She should be on something smaller, IMO. If she topples over and falls she’s gonna get hurt badly. I know she’s strapped in, but still!….

Janna on

I just love this age. Everything is a wonder, it’s all new and exciting. Just look at that face!

(way to ruin the moment, niko)

Sharon on

I agree with you Niko, i wouldn’t let my 2 year old do that, even with a strap, Look at Halle, she has a fence between her and her daughter, What would happen if that horse went crazy??? Not the most smartest thing a mum could do i think!!!

Lisa on

Niko, I am not bashing you at all although some people might but I think she is pretty securly straped on the horse. It looks impossible for her to fall off. I’m sure that there is also someone running the pony rides close to her if they thought she was in danger and Halle is right there with a smile on her face taking pictures. In my opinion it is an adorable picture and Nahla’s face is priceless!

amandamay on

i live very near this park (griffith park) and can say with all certainty that there is no way she would fall off that pony or be bucked off. it’s a small oval shaped pony ride with wooden rails along both sides of the pony. what you don’t see in the photos is that a “guide” walks NEXT to the pony/child for the entire ride. the horses for the little kids are soooo slow lol my son has been many times and it’s not worrisome at all. now that he’s a bit older my son rides the ponies that go faster, but like i said, the ponies for the small children are old and slow.

soooo cute! what a gorgeous little girl!

Lauren on

She is such a cutie!

Someone always has to find something wrong with a beautiful picture.

Sadie on

Nahla is just gorgeous. Halle looks like a loving and doting mom. She would not put her child in harms way.

Amanda on

I’m more concerned about the condition of the poor horse. It is sickly looking, and lives a life that consists of walking in a circle all day, getting water only every few hours, no food for a workday at a time, toting around kids who hop up and down in the saddle and kick it…it’s shameful what we do to animals in this country all for the sake of entertainment. And Nahla is not too young to be riding a pony. I was started in the saddle when I was about two. I used to volunteer at a center for therapeutic riding which catered to children with autism, cerebral palsy, and other developmental “delays,” and it’s quite safe. In this case, however, Nahla’s poor pony is probably so tired and hungry and thirsty that it doesn’t have the energy, let alone the desire, to buck anybody off.

Anna on

Such a cute photo and it doesn’t look dangerous at all.

Madison on

I feel bad for the pony too. What a depressing life. I remember there usd to be a guy that would come door to door with a pony and have kids take pictures with it. That was in the 80’s and I look back on it and feel sorry for that pony. I also used to remember they used to have ponies at McDonald’s for a picture.

Nahla might need a helmet….but if the pony doesn’t go fast maybe not?

amandamay on

i don’t know a huge amount about horses (rode a bit when i was little) but from my experience, the horses at the griffith park pony rides seem to be treated well. it’s not 1 or 2 ponies forced to go in a tiny circle for hours on end… there are at least 15 ponies of which only a handful are used at a time. the rest stay in the shade, eat and drink and get swapped out with another bunch from the barn/large fenced grassy area. if someone who knows more than i do says they look ill or unfed, then i’ll take their word on it. i’m just speaking from my experience of being there.

SadieA on

Amanda, I’ve also volunteered at a place just like you mentioned! It’s amazing what it can do for those kids! Although, we always had someone walking next to the horse, sometimes holding the child, just in case. Obviously there are different needs for different conditions. I also feel for the animal in this photo. Hopefully, it’s treated well.

CelebBabyLover on

Nahla is adorable! 🙂

xxx on

amanda, i agree with you. No matter how bad my child would want to ride on a horse, i would never let him/her.
I’m even ashamed at myself, because when i was a kid, i used to ride on them in the park.

sgv on

I agree with Niko…Maybe I will walk near the horse with my child in case she falls, or the pony gets crazy… but well that’s me 🙂

Cape Town Mum on

Janna & Lauren I think you’re being too hard on Niko. As a mum to a 2.3yr old my first reaction was also apprehension – especially seeing that Halle is seperated from her by a fence. Amandamay has put my concerns to rest. Obviously this photo is not giving the ‘full picture’ – so to speak 🙂

Niko on

Always a rough crowd in here…*cough*Janna & Lauren*cough**cough*, lol. You can’t even express concern over a child’s safety without some people on this site miscontruing that as criticism. OK, maybe there was no need to worry after Amanda(she’s seen kids riding on horseback before)assured me its next to impossible for Nahla to fall off the horse. Thanks AmandaMay and Lisa for your perspectives.

Shirelle on

Besides Shiloh Nahla is the most adorable celebrity baby ever.

Sasha on

I would be concern; animals can be unpredictable. There have been too many accidents with animals that people believed were harmless. I think Halle or the “guide” should be right next to Nahla because she is so young. It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. I’m in no way saying that Halle is a bad mom.

On a side note, I think Nahla is the most adorable celebrity baby!

Jill on

I love seeing pics of Nahla she’s absolutely stunning. Her face is priceless in this photo.

J-Lin on

Cute picture.

I think that’s the problem with kids today, they have been pampered and over protected too much. You can’t put your child in a bubble neither can you worry yourself to death over the impossible.

Falls, scrapes, and head bumps are a part of growing up. Most parents have the instincts to protect their children from harm and Halle feels comfortable with the situation. Get over yourselves. Discomfort is a part of life.

bre on

I agree with J-Lin. I call these kids the bubblewrap generation. I think there were only a few times me an my brothers left the house for the day and someone didn’t come back with a scrape, bruise, sometimes a sprain, (the only time I’ve broken anything was from playing organized sports) and I’m only 28. My playdates were my friends coming to do door and asking my parents if I could come out to play.

hayley on

i have to say i didn’t no she was strapped in and my first thought was hmmmm head gear might be an idea, now i understand she could not fall off i can breathe a bit better lol lol

knowing me i still bit head gear on my kids just in case lol lol infact bubble wrap if i had any would be a great help, cute little girl and a happy mum, loves pics like this

SadieA on

J-lin & Bre: In all fairness, it sounds like you’re referring to children older than two! I’m sure that Halle looked at the pony’s demeanor and the safety precautions and felt comfortable with the whole scenario. But the fact that other mothers here are concerned is hardly indicative of a softer generation! The child in question is still pretty young, and I think they’d be less concerned if she were older. I’ve worked with horses for years and even after all that time, they can still surprise you!

gel on

amamda do not be so quick to judge halle is not behind the fence

Shaya on

Nahla is adorable and her expression is priceless. Some of the comments would have you think she’s riding a bucking bronco and holding a pair of scissors in each hand.

Mariana on

I love Nahla and Halle!!

FC on

Nahla’s adorable. She has that whole, “Wow!” look etched all over her face. :)Love it!

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just saw a video clip of this on PEOPLE TV’s Off-Duty Hollywood…..and there was indeed a guide walking in front of the horse. In fact, if the guide had been any closer to the horse’s head, he’d have been sitting on it! So it’s a pretty safe bet that Nahla wasn’t in any danger! 🙂

Ans on

Head-bumps are a part of growing up, yes, but if a little girl falls off a horse it’s going to be more than a head-bump.

Would a helmet hurt? It doesn’t matter how tightly she’s strapped in.

CelebBabyLover on

Ans- As I said in my post above, the video clip of this outing shows that there was a guide walking right by the horse at all times. Also, as other posters have said, those horses/ponies don’t go very fast at all. I have watched those pony rides many times, and really, they’re about as safe as they come! 🙂