Katherine Heigl Betters Herself for Naleigh

06/03/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Motherhood has brought out the best of Katherine Heigl, for the Killers star says she’s shed her worst habits since welcoming daughter Naleigh, 18 months.

“[It] used to be smoking but I quit,” Heigl, 31, tells FOX News, “so now it’s just cursing but I’ve curtailed that because my daughter is in a mimicking phase where she’ll repeat everything I say, and that did happen once before.”

In her upcoming film One for the Money, Heigl portrays a bounty hunter and she says she has no plans to walk away from edgier roles now that she’s a mom.

“I’d hope to never do anything that I would be ashamed for her to see, but now that I’ve got a child I’m not going to only do children’s films,” she explains.

Naleigh does factor into Heigl’s decision-making process in a different way, however.

“My work now is so about her, I don’t want to do anything that will take me away from her for too long or put her in an environment that she’s not comfortable in,” Heigl shares. “The worst part is leaving her to work, but I love to work and I love what I do. So it’s this contradiction.”

Comparing herself to the Grinch because “my heart is too big for my body,” Heigl is clearly smitten.

“I love this child in a way I have never loved,” she confesses. “I imagined, but I never knew.”

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Erin on

With all do respect, what was Katherine’s “edgy” work? “The Ugly Truth”? “27 Dresses”? Does “Knocked Up” seriously count as “edgy”?! Anyhoo, her daughter is adorably adorable!

Sadie on

She sounds just like I thought – TRASHY, just like the movie Knocked up? Potty mouth and smoking GROSS!

Sadie on

With all due respect but who smokes and has a potty mouth with a toddler around? This is just tra shy to me just like the movie Knocked Up was.

Lauren on

I’d say movies like Knocked Up and The Ugly Truth put her into edgy territory, yes. Not exactly kiddie material, are they? I’m just still wishing she hadn’t left Grey’s Anatomy. Her character was unbearable much of the time, but it’s not the same without her.

Sadie on

She definately needs to better herself. Smoking and cursing and doing movies like Knocked up – gee what a great role model she is.

romy on

I do not miss her on Grey’s one bit actually! Annoying character. I know she can be annoying most of the time, but I’m surprised everyone is bashing her when she says she’s quit. Think of all the celebs who smoke. And Gwyneth Paltrow is famous for her potty mouth too. Actually isn’t Gwyneth still a smoker? Anyway I think it’s great she quit, she used to be always photographed with a cigarette in her hand. It would probably be easier for a woman who faced pregnancy to quit because of harm to the fetus. So I think good for her on this one.

andilea on

I love how you all sit here all high and mighty like you are the perfect moms. Give it a rest. There is no perfect, only the best you can do. You guys have no right to judge.
You sound bitter and jealous.

meg on

Cut her some slack people! She quit smoking for goodness sakes- that’s a good thing!

Kat_momof3 on

I would say Bride of Chucky was pretty edgy (she was in that)… though her character wasn’t edgy. Still, I’m sure there are some independent films or stuff she did in college that we don’t know about.

me on

Sadie… we get it. You’re not a fan of Katherine Heigl (but are a big fan of the word trashy). No need to repost 3 times:P

lila on

I really really dont like her and it has nothing to do with smoke and cursing… it makes me mad so much tallent actress dont have half of the opportunities she has.

Caitlin on

What?? She quit smoking quite a while ago. It’s awesome that she beat such a nasty habit for her daughter and herself.

Mrs. R on

I remember her saying she was quitting smoking a while before Naleigh was on the scene. And it seems pretty normal for a new mom to want to clean up a potty mouth when her child hits the speaking phase.
She would be trashy if she didn’t care about things like that, but she does, so I’m thinking there are just some trolls out there looking to criticize anything.

I like her honesty in her interviews. She doesn’t BS and schmooze, which is refreshing in a celeb. She’s not 100% sweetie pie and she doesn’t apologize for it. She’s been around a while now – long before Grey’s she was in a few movies, nothing famous really, but they’re out there.

cali girl on

She rubs me the wrong way…………..

Luna on

I have kids. I never smoked, but I had a mouth like a trucker. It does come out sometimes, but I gave it up. Anyone who can give up a habit for their child deserves praise in my eyes. Quitting smoking is GOOD! Way to go! I think she should be praised for changing herself for her child. Come on now, who doesn’t? What’s happened in the past is past, so if she is becoming a new person, I say give her the benefit of the doubt.

Emily on

I think you are all missing the point. She is saying she QUIT smoking for her daughter, and that she is curtailing her language habits for her daughter. Why slam her for being that way before if she’s acknowledged it and doing something about it? Nobody’s perfect and if not one of you smokes and not one of you has ever uttered a swear word in your life (despite having children), then I’ve officially fallen off my chair.

And maybe the term ‘edgier’ here (also meaning “more edgy”) means that she is being offered edgier roles, and/or that she’s pursuing them. It doesn’t actually mean that her previous movies are edgy. JMO.

I think it’s sad that CBB is full of people who judge and slam specific celebrities so religiously. Katherine never gets a break despite all articles demonstrating that she is providing her daughter with a loving family and home. Even if you don’t like her movies or her characters, isn’t that something to be commended?

Amanda on

Wow Sadie, for someone who thinks Katherine Heigl is trashy you would think you wouldn’t waste your time coming back to post 3 times.
I think she sounds like a normal mom, I’ve never smoked so that is something I never had to quit, but lots of people smoke and many continue after they have kids so she gets some ‘non-trashy’ points from me just for the fact that she cared enough to quit. And lots of people curse like sailors around kids and don’t seem to give a damn, so again, she gets some ‘non=trashy’ points for caring about that too. If she didn’t care that would be trashy. Her movies aren’t the best but they aren’t the worst either.
I think it’s pretty normal to want to better yourself once you have kids, I know I have tried to improve myself right down to forcing myself to eat healthier so my kids have a good example. Her new movie is coming out so I’m assuming we’ll be hearing a lot from her.

Jess on

You guys are sad people. She’s a human being that has flaws and admits that freely. Just another group of people who sit around that are jealous of someones fame and popularity and obviously hold a grudge about a pointless T.V. show.

I think it’s great that she chose to adopt a child that needed help! It’s an amazing gift to give to someone. It’s obviously opened her heart and her mind and made herself a better person. I don’t see anyone on here adopting children that need the help. Just simply criticizing those that do. Grow up.

And who in their right mind can honestly say that they’ve never cursed in their life? I want to know ONE parent on here that has never cursed!!! Whether or not you were a parent at the time, if it makes her trashy, it makes you trashy. Everyone curses and people do have bad habits. At least she’s chosen to overcome that rather than sit around on the computer all day while you should be tending to your children rather than being jealous of someone that has something you will never achieve. Get over it.

jessicad on

Well said Jess!

I love Katherine, she’s so honest and seems like an amazing Mom and someone who would fit right in my circle of friends!

SadieA on

I always post under the name “Sadie” but now I’ve changed it to SadieA because there’s obviously more than one of us!

Anyways, I think its fantastic Katherine quit smoking! So many parents don’t care whether or not their kids see their bad habits. It’s great that she is trying to be the best role model she can for her daughter!

stella on

she said she QUIT smoking and doesn’t curse around her daughter..I think that shows initiative. stop being so negative

Lola on

Katherine Heigl travelled to the other side of the world to adopt a little girl, even though she has a heart defect that will undoubedly cost her a fortune in medical bills. Judging by the many interviews she’s done recently, she can’t stop talking about how much she loves her. And now she’s trying to quit smoking and swearing so her daughter will have a healthier environment to grow up in. If Naleigh hadn’t been adopted, she could very well have grown up without a family; maybe even died from lack of proper medical care. Katherine Heigl basically saved this girl’s life.

And people are calling her trashy.

CelebBabyLover on

Emily, Amanda, and Jess- I agree with you guys!

The Writer on

I actually find her the opposite of refreshing. A lot of parents decide to quit smoking or swearing after having children. They don’t go around making public proclamations about it like they’re above everyone else.

dfs on

Sadie, did you even read the article? She said she QUIT smoking and cursing now that she has a child.

Lisa on

I’m so glad to hear she quit smoking. Congrats to her!

Hanna on

What is the point of this post Lila (and other’s like it)?
Why do you feel the need to tell us all this? Ridiculous, all you perfect mom’s out there. Give me a break. She quit smoking and is watching her mouth. Sounds like something many mom’s have done. Good for her.

Hanna on

I see from the comments that Katherine is being skewered for her honesty. This is just jealousy rearing its ugly head. She is beautiful and talented and is creating a lovely childhood for her daughter.

GiannaG on

I’m not a Heigl fan at all, but even I think the bashing of her for talking about how she QUIT smoking is ridiculous. I say good for her for bettering herself for her baby girl. Well done, mama. I believe in giving respect where respect is due. I don’t understand why one poster wrote the same nasty thing three times but somehow has the gall to call KATHERINE trashy.

SadieA on

Well said, Gianna. This post really made me like her more. Some people will find a negative angle for everything.

denise on

I really don’t get it. What is she being criticized for again? QUITTING smoking??! I’m not a fan of hers but to me she appears to be a great and caring Mom and as some users already pointed out, she adopted a sick girl and adores her, pays her medical bills and is just being a Mom.

Mel on

Wow…so she used to smoke and she swears?! Oh my word! Shocking that a celebrity is HUMAN! (gasps) People need to ease up. Guess what, women swear! Some women have smoked and struggled with that addiction. And she probably used smoking (sadly) as a way to control her weight. So now she’s quit and if swearing is something so awful, well add me to the ‘awful mother’ list as I have swore around my son on occasion. Jeez folks, throttle it back a notch.

Sadie on

Well I had to repost since it didn’t take it the first time and finally showed up after the third try.

You can all judge me. We are free to like or dislike whomever we want. Fair is fair.

When Katherine made a coment months ago about how hard she works or something to that effect like the regular folks who arent acting cant know how hard that is – that was when I started to dislike her.

Yes I think she is foul mouthed and vulgar so what???? She seems to think she is too and wants to clean herself up.

Janna on

Jealousy is U•G•L•Y

It’s getting worse and worse here. I’m utterly fascinated at how an interview can work up sooooo much animosity in some people.

It’s good to see that she quit smoking. That’s quite an accomplishment, baby or no baby.

Sadie on

Katherine has NOTHING that I want, so no I am NOT jealous of her.
Can’t someone dislike someone without being jealous of them??

Seems to me that you are the ones jealous of her @ Janna & others.

andilea on

She probably wasnt implying that it was harder for her than everyone else. In fact, I think she adknowledged that celebrities have an easier time of it than other moms in a different article.
If you previously liked her, and the started hating on her just because of that comment shows that you are hypercritical of celebrities. She is a human, just like you are. Grow up and quit being a hypocrite.

Kasey on

Reading comprehension must be at an all time low because, as previous posters have pointed out, the article said she QUIT smoking and is making an effort to scale back the language. I don’t understand how such statements would ignite such anger and distate. If you don’t like her, so be it, but it shouldn’t be for something she said in this article.

Sadie on

@ Andilea – No I never liked her, and have never watched Grey’s Anatomy. Knocked up was enough for me to not like her. After reading her comments about how hard and difficult her job was that was what bugged me and still does to this day.
So no I am not a hypocrite nor jealous of her. I just dont like her thats all.
Its amazing how some of you act like you know Katherine personally and don’t want anything negative said about her, yet you don’t know me but dont mind dishing out the negative comments towards me.

hayley on


so you don’t like some one becuase of a movie part they played and because you don’t like the they things they said about their job? to be fair then she has never done a thing to you that warrented this dislike you just made your mind up.so every time she says any thing you will always take it the wrong way, which i think is the point of the other posters.

your the one calling her names, and sayings she gross, which in my opinion makes you the gross one, i would never call some one i didn’t no names and make out shes a bad mother becuase she has faults, i agree you need to grow up this is how playground kids act.

amy on

I have no doubt that Katherine loves her daughter, but I find it very unsettling how much she talks about her in the press, like she’s trying to improve her image and make her more likable (read bankable) because she’s a mom now. I know she’s not the only one who does this. Heigl’s always been outspoken, but it just seems like she’s speaking even more about her daughter now because she has a movie to promote. I have a son, I love talking about him, but as a public relations professional I have to question her motivations.

Amy on

You people are seriously crazy. I cannot believe people are calling her TRASHy!! This article was so sweet. Katherine clearly is head over heels in love with her daughter and – just like all of us- doing everything she can to make her daughter the best life possible by being the best mom she can be. Get off your high horses, people.

Stella Bella on

I’ve never understood why women dislike this actress so much. Still don’t.

ecl on

Let me get this straight. You hate how she talks about her daughter in the press, yet you come to this site to read about celebrity moms and their kids. She’s talking a lot about her kid now because she has a new movie coming out. Thus, she does lots of interviews. Thus, she gets asked questions about her kid.

amy on

to ecl,
Yes I come to this site to read about celebrities and their kids, However not all celebrities speak about their kids so excessively when promoting a movie. Just because she’s asked about her kid does not mean she has to answer. The way she goes on about her daughter when she’s supposed to be promoting a movie gives off a vibe to me that she is attempting to repair a somewhat unlikable personality. It’s my opinion, and I probably am more cynical because I work in PR. As a publicist, I see how this strategy works, (look at Nicole Ritchie) but as a mother, I cringe.

kmb on

I’m really upset that she’ll be playing the role of Stephanie Plum in “One for the Money.” I don’t have a problem with Katherine, although she’s not my favorite actress by any means, but she’s not right for that role at all. I hope they don’t ruin the book’s hilarity.
In other news, at least she’s being honest in the interview. She probably didn’t think she’d be attacked by readers (esp sadie, enough comments jesus).

Janna on


*You* posted **SIX** times, calling this complete stranger trashy, gross, foul mouthed and vulgar…. and said you disliked her because she gave an interview and said her job was hard (oh my!).

*I* said it was good that she quit smoking.

Want to point out what makes you think that I would be jealous of her?

You crack me up, darlin’!

Diana on

Wow I was not expecting so many negative comments from this interview. Really am surprised at all the hate! Katherine is definitely not my favorite actress but I don’t mind her; and in all the interviews that I have seen posted here the one thing that has been clear is how much she adores her daughter. I don’t see how you can have something negative to say about someone saying they quit smoking and swearing for their kid. We all have flaws and if you say you don’t you’re in denial. I really don’t see how she is so horrible and trashy for this???

KMB- I agree she is definitely NOT right for the part of Stephanie Plum; I was also really disappointed when I heard about it.

dfs on

“Knocked up was enough for me to not like her. ”

How can you possibly not like someone because of a movie role? I understand not liking someone as an actress, but to personally dislike someone because of a movie role doesn’t make sense. You do understand she was ACTING in that movie, right? And that that was a role she played, not relective of her actual real-life personality.

jessicad on

Stella Bella I agree with you, I don’t understand the absolute hatred I see about her. I’d love to hang out and have a drink with her, she seems totally normal and now that she has a child I like her even more!

Lee on

@amy, you are a hypocrite so maybe you should work on that before you judge anyone else

amy on

I am by no means a hypocrite. Please understand the definition of a word before you use it against someone. If you do not like my opinion, fine leave it at that.

RoseG on

The only articles this website are going to print are the ones where she is talking about her daughter otherwise they wouldnt be relevant to the site. To say that she is constantly talking about her daughter to give herself a better image when the only quotes from the interviews you read are about her daughter is in my opinion wrong.

amy on

to RoseG: I do read other things than this site, and my comments are made based on all the interviews I see/read about her not just the ones featured on this site.

amy on

to lee, I’m not sure how you think you “called me out.” I, like many others state my opinion, there was nothing hypocritical about it. If I came on here talking excessively about my child, then yes, I would be a hypocrite. My statement of opinion is not hypocritical.

CelebBabyLover on

amy- I think Lee views you as a hypocrit because you don’t like how Katherine talks “excessively” about her child….but yet, since you are on a site devoted to celebrity babies, you obviously enjoy reading articles about celebs talking about their kids.

That being said, I personally don’t think you are a hypocrit. 🙂

MiB on

How can You hate a celebrity based on ONE movie? That sounds like a lot of effort for nothing to me unless You are chronically angry. I can’t remember having seen her in anything except for an occasional episode of Grey’s anatomy, but I seriously wouldn’t judge her character for that, that would be ridiculous. As for the interviews, she strikes me as kind of straight forward and frank, which I guess sort of clashes with her (previous) classic movie star style. Maybe thats why she seems to rub people the wrong way?