Kevin Costner Welcomes Daughter Grace Avery

06/02/2010 at 10:24 PM ET
Byron Purvis/AdMedia

Kevin Costner is in seventh heaven.

The Oscar-winning director, 55, and his wife, Christine Baumgartner Costner, 36, welcomed a baby girl named Grace Avery Costner on Wednesday, June 2, the actor’s rep tells PEOPLE.

Grace arrived at 5:46 p.m. in California. She weighed 7 lbs., 11 oz., and was 21 inches at birth.

Both mother and daughter are doing well, says the spokesman.

The baby’s impending arrival was announced in March. The Costners have been married since 2004.

This is the actor’s seventh child, his third with Christine. Grace’s siblings are Hayes Logan, 16 months, Cayden Wyatt, 3, Liam, 13, Joe, 22, Lily, 23, and Annie, 26.

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klutzy_girl on

Yay! Congratulations to them!

I love the name.

Bridget on

What a beautiful name. How nice she has a girl with 2 big brothers.

Bancie1031 on

Awe congratulations to Kevin and Christine … I love the name Grace Avery! This is a family that we definitely don’t see enough of … to be honest I don’t think that we have ever seen their son Hayes Logan (can anyone tell me for certain? I would love to see it if he has been on here). I know that we’ve seen Cayden a couple of times but not often.

TC on

Love the name, can’t wait to see a picture

Anna on

I don’t really like there name choices, to my ears it sounds like they mixed up the first and middle name. But I do like the name Grace on its own.

Congrats to them! I hope they last.

jashmom on

Congratulations to the Costner family! What a great early Father’s Day gift for Kevin!

lisa on

congrats! Very pretty name.

Brooke on

Wow – that was FAST!!

Nella on

Congrats! The name is simple and cute, I like it.

izzy on

*yawn* so tired of “avery” and “Grace” and especially that combination. its funny how his kids have gone from ultra classy/classic names to boring trendy names. cayden? seriously? ugh.

nicole30923 on

@ izzy

because Grace isnt classic….

izzy on

yeah, i know its classic but its totally overused, especially with avery. so i’d call it more “trendy” than “classic” at this point in time.

CelebBabyLover on

Finally, he has another little girl! 🙂

kaatse on

“Hayes” and “Grace” sound kind of similar, dont they? Or maybe thats just me.

Michelle on

Grace and Hayes? That should be fun when they’re older and Kevin or Christine is yelling for one of them across the house…

Luna on

I like it. They will certainly have their hands full. Congratulations Kevin, Christine, Annie, Lily, Joe, Liam, Cayden, and Hayes on baby Grace.

sgv on

what a lovely name! congratulations!!!

Tabi on

Obviously I love Avery since I picked it 6 years ago before anyone I’d ever known was using it for girls, (my daughter is Averie.)

amandamay on

wow! 3 kids under 4? that’s crazy! lol congrats – and here’s to hoping you have a LOT of energy to keep up with your little brood 🙂

romy on

Grace is a surprising choice after Cayden and Hayes.

Marilyn on

Bancie1031: I’ve seen Hayes’ photo once, but it’s been a while.

By the way, isn’t Angie Harmon’s daughter named Avery Grace (the opposite of Grace Avery)?

krewcat on

some of these comments crack me up!(insert sarcasim)

Congrats on the new arrival. I had my first 3 spaced exactly like how they have done it. Oh, and my sons name is Caden and my Daughters name is Grace.

Some people are very rude in what they say on here, yet its all protected by free speech and the veil of the internet. Blah blah blah….

dee on

Atleast they used Grace as a first name. Though I am suprised it wasn’t spelled Grayce.

izzy on

i agree with izzy. grace is a very classic name but it’s totally overused these days. it’s pretty annoying to be honest! and cayden is such a tacky name. it’s not going to age well. can you imagine saying “grandpa cayden” lmao. i can’t.

krewcat! get your panties out of that bundle woman. your opinion is not important 😀

@EricaMI on

I actually like this name combination (and obviously so do the new parents)! I wouldn’t say it’s trendy, but you do hear it a lot more… if the parents like it enough to choose it for their new baby, what does everyone else’s opinion really matter? Let’s just be happy for their new baby and wish them health and happiness as a family!

JMO on

I actually was wondering the other day and couldn’t remember if these two were expecting again. Guess they were!! So lovely to have a beautiful baby girl after their 2 baby boys!! Conrats to them!

Snowiz on

Why is no one mentioning that he is to old to have little kids!

glee fan on

wow that pregnancy seemed to zoom by! love the name choice by the way! congrats to the whole costner family!

Niko on

“Why is no one mentioning that he is to old to have little kids!”

Maybe because nobody cares? Congrats to the Costney family.

Lauren on

I didn’t mention that he is too old to have children……because I don’t think he is. Is there a rule book that say how old you should be? If so, where can I find it?

Niko on

“Why is no one mentioning that he is to old to have little kids!”

Maybe because nobody cares? Congrats to the Costner family.

amy on

izzy-are you five years old? Do you really care what other people say on this board that you posted a comment to yourself?
“I agree with izzy. grace is a very classic name but it’s totally overused these days. it’s pretty annoying to be honest! and cayden is such a tacky name. it’s not going to age well. can you imagine saying “grandpa cayden” lmao. i can’t.

– izzy on June 3rd, 2010

I find it hard to believe that there are two “izzy” commenting on this board critizing the overuse of the name grace.

Jill on

No one is bringing it up because there is a double standard between men and women. A man can have a baby at any age and most people do not bat an eye. But if a woman has a baby a day past 40, which is still fairly young, some people bring up the age issue. What gives?

But with 40 being the new 30 then 50 is the new 40 that’s for sure. I think things really have shifted by 10 years with people living longer, healthier lives. So he should be around for his little kids for along time. Let’s try and move past this age issue that some people harp on. We could all die tomorrow!

krewcat on

oh i forgot, silly me. Just so EVERYONE is clear…IZZY’S opinion is what matters…no one elses. No matter how insulting she is.

skyler on

Grace is over used in Hollywood as a first name and middle name. Grace Elizabeth Grace Margaret Grace (Christy t daughter) Grayce(Megan price daughter) Grace (lance Armstrong daughter) Grace (Lou diamond daughter) Avery Grace Zoë Grace Charlotte Grace Hartley Grace Helena Grace Liberty Grace Skyler Grace Blakesley Grace Ashby Grace.

littlelady on

@Skyler: HAHA! The first thing I thought of when reading that list was Bubba from Forrest Gump when he’s listing all the different ways you can cook and eat shrimp! Your list was impressive 🙂

dee on

It’s not just hollywood parents skyler. I’m sure if you went to any american suburb and looked at k-6 class roles their a tons of Emma Grace’s, Madison Graces’, Ava Grace’s etc. Grace and Rose are de rigueur middle names nowadays. It used to be Marie.

jenny on

Just curious, is Christine an actress?

romy on

look how much Kevin Costner looks in that suit than James Vanderbeek lol. Jenny, I think Christine was a realtor not an actress. Grace is a fine name, imo. It just seems like they would have gone for Avery as 1st name or Delaney or something like that with Cayden and Hayes as sons. Grace is extremely popular (even more so than maiden names), but I still prefer a classic over a ‘made-up’ or trendy or last name as first name name any day. you can look at the social security website to see exactly where the name ranks, but it won’t include middle name usage.

Lauren on

Izzy is always posting negative messages on these boards and being rude to people. Most have a lot of built up frustration to get out. Your behavior should be taken to a board that is not focused on family and children. Maybe the Real Housewives……just sayin’

I don’t have a problem with people posting their opinions, but telling someone their panties are in a bundle and their opinion doesn’t matter is not appropriate.

Marilyn on

Jenny: For some reason, I thought she designed purses but I could be wrong. It’s been a while since I think I read that (before she had kids). She’s not an actress, though.

Luna on

Poor guy can’t win. They name their kid Cayden, it’s too trendy and ugh not another -aden name. They name their kid Hayes, it’s too out there. They name their kid Grace, it was classic but now it’s overused. I think it’s a great name!

soph on

People seem to get really defensive about the -aden names. Sorry, it’s not our fault that you chose tacky names for your children that won’t age well.

I really like the name Hayes. Grace does sound too similar to it, but she might end up being called Gracie, since she has a sib named “Annie” 🙂

Bancie1031 on

WOW a lot of negative comments on here …. I love the name Grace Avery ….

JMO on

Were people this controversial back in the 80’s when every little girl was named Jennifer, Stephanie, Amanda? Those names were extremely overused too. Some names die off and others live on. Grace will be one that remains popular.

jayme on

How can you say a name won’t age well? Grandpa Floyd sounds good, but people would blow this board up with comments if someone named their kid that. Names will age as the generation ages.

CelebBabyLover on

jayme- Excellent point!

Hanna on

55 and a new baby? Wow. I felt guilty having a kid at 39! I am 55 too, btw.

kayleesmom on

I find it hilarious that izzy had nobody agreeing with her so she had to write a message to pretend she was another person (but forgot to change her screen name!) LMAO. That’s too funny.

Congratulations to Kevn & Christine. I’m sure Grace is absolutely beautiful.

Sophia on

How lovely! I’m sure Grace is a little stunner like her brother Cayden (I’ve never seen a photo of Hayes, though I bet he’s as sweet as his big brother too). Grace Avery is a pretty name but it kinda sounds the “wrong” way round to me. Avery Grace has a nicer flow. But whatever. Can’t wait to see a photo of her! x

alma serrano on

I think he should have switched the names around. Avery Grace Costner sounds much better.

Rye on

Congrats to the Costner family for the new baby girl!!! Sooooo exciting! I actually like the name Grace and although I kind of understand what people are saying, as far as it being a little trendy right now, but I think it’s totally classic. It’s beautiful! It’s feminine and elegant. I like it. I can see where some people are confused about the Grace Avery naming instead of Avery Grace…but, oh well! It’s a name! Some people are named Gertrude Ruth. Or Helen Cordelia. Things could be a lot worse people.

As for Costner’s age. I am leaning towards the “he should stop now” team…just because I am not really a fan of older people having babies…and by OLDER, i mean couples who are viably too old to have babies physically. Like, it’s not really cool to me that a guy (Celine’s hubby comes to mind) could be 88 when his kids graduate high school. That is just not right to me. That’s just me. So, while I think Kevin is a little older, he isn’t really OLD-OLD…if he was in his 60’s I might care more.

CelebBabyLover on

kayleesmom- To be fair, it’s possible that the second izzy was a different one than the first. That’s happened here in the past (in fact, some commentors have even had to change their usernames to avoid confusion with other users who have the same or similar names).

I agree that it’s not likely, since “both” izzys have a similar comment style and dislike the name….and the “second” izzy hasn’t commented to say she is indeed a different person than the first one. I’m just saying it’s POSSIBLE.

Brooklyn on

I have a 10 month old Grace Avery…..I see that some of you say that it’s too trendy and some say it should be reversed to Avery Grace…..I’m sure they would agree that Grace Avery is more interesting and takes away the trendyness and makes it a little more unique way to use classic names. Avery Grace is beautiful, just more predictable. Leave them alone. I was so proud of the name we chose and I’m sure they are too. Congrats to the family!