Spotted: Pete Wentz’s Hip Hugger

06/01/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
GSI Media

We see you Bronx Mowgli!

Hanging on tight to his precious cargo, Pete Wentz stepped out for a sunny stroll with his towheaded tot last Thursday, May 27th in Bel Air, Calif.

Looks like the Fall Out Boy bassist and his 18-month-old son were squeezing in a bit of bonding time as mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz sat this walk out.

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Destiny on

Bronx is such an adorable child. Does anyone else think that he looks just like Ashlee in this photo?

mina on

I was just thinking how I can’t see any resemblance of either of them in Bronx. But now that you mention it Bronx may favor Ashlee.

Lisa on

Look Bronx has shoes on! Just Kidding! When I found out Pete and Ashlee were having a child I did not picture him looking like this. He looks like Bronx. Whatever genes Ashlee gave and Pete gave they made a gorgeous child! I love his blonde hair! Pete doesn’t look too bad himself in the picture but I just want to eat little Bronx up in this picture!

Mina on

Why is Pete always holding him and always with him without Ashlee? Even during the car wreck, the childs mother didnt even show up!? Does she even work anymore? I’m beginning to question her as a mother..

Liliana on

Destiny, normally I don’t see a resemblance between Bronx and his parents but the way he’s staring at the camera, I immediately thought he looked like mom.

Nella on

Awww he’s a cutie. Here he looks like Ashlee to me. Love his chubby little legs šŸ™‚

Kasey on

Mina, Bronx is 18 months old; not 18 years. There’s nothing wrong with Pete holding him. As for the second part of your rant, I’ve seen plenty of photos of the couple out and about with the baby and, yes, even just Ashlee.

You may question her parenting skills all you want but I doubt she or anyone else actually associated with this family cares. You’re a random person commenting on a website. You don’t know the family so your assumptions have no basis.

Josie on

It’s true, he does look a little like Ashlee. Pete and Ashlee make such an adorable baby, Bronx is just so cute.

meghan on

“Looks like the Fall Out Boy bassist and his 18-month-old son were squeezing in a bit of bonding time as mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz sat this walk out.”

like she sits EVERY walk out. i have never seen her alone in public with her son.

maryanne on

@ mina & meghan: have you considered that maybe they managed to evade the paps on some of their outings???? this picture is just ONE day out of 365 days a year. just because CBB doesn’t post pictures of them from every day doesn’t mean ashlee’s ALWAYS absent. are you and your husbands/boyfriends/whatever ALWAYS together? no. sooo hush your little mouths šŸ™‚

Mina on

Meghan I agree. Kasey, the Simpson family are stooges anyway. Money hungry father who pimped out his daughter and talked about her breasts to the world, and then Ashlee jumping all over a McDonalds counter talking about how great she is when she lied on national TV to the world about her band “played the wrong song” when she lip sang on SNL. Its bad enough she messed up, she had to LIE to the world, including her fans and BLAME the innocent band guys (who carry her horrible voice with their talent on instruments). Hopefully the Wentz family is more stable for this darling little boy!

Ellie on

You know what, Mina? You really should read some of the responses to your rude comments (except for meghan’s) Just because you don’t like the Simpson family you just want to assume the worst about Ashlee as a mother! And would you let go of the whole lipsyncing incident. you act as if the Simpsons killed your family or something. No, not everyone spends every second of the day with their kid. If you’re going to come on here to be a bitch, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Ellie on

Geez, Mina, calm down. Unless you can read Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s mind, you have no actual way of knowing she lied. You act as if she’s hurt your family or something! Get over the lip-syncing incident and yourself!

Marina on

Please, there is TONS of pictures of Ashley with her son. They are on this particular blog, but check other gossip blog and you will found them.
And no, I’m not her fan, I actually don’t think she is very talent as a musician, but I’m pretty sure that she lover her son.

Marina on

Here is a picture of all three of them.,,20316372,00.html#20758122

Lauren on

Mina… have issues. What is funny is you start off by mentioning, “Why is Pete always holding him and always with him without Ashlee? Even during the car wreck, the childs mother didnt even show up!? Does she even work anymore? Iā€™m beginning to question her as a mother..”

Well, he is only 18 months; therefore, there is nothing wrong with him being held on public streets of California. I don’t know about you, but I hold my 2 year old when I walk down the public streets of Chicago. Does he really need to be photographed with his mom for her to be a good mom? Maybe she is working and that’s why she wasn’t in the picture….hmmm… Maybe when the accident happened the father was closer. Should they have kept the child there until Ashlee arived. I mean, they could have waited on the side of the road for 3 hours. That would make sense.

If you are don’t like her because she lied, then that is one thing, but don’t make it about her being a good mother.

Erica on

I agree with every response to Mina. And as well, if you look back and read articles from the car wreck Bronx was in it was noted that Ashlee was IN THE CAR. Just because she is not pictured does NOT mean she wasn’t there.

CelebBabyLover on

Bronx is adorable, and he DOES look like Ashlee!

Niko on

Mina, I’m having trouble believing you’re actually serious. You can’t tell from ONE photograph that Ashlee is somehow a slacking absentee parent who’s not as affectionate with her kid as her hubby. You’re beginning to question her as a mother? I’m beginning to suspect YOU to be a teenager, if not a tween.

Peace on

Negative comments about Ashlee as a Mom and even as a performer, is just not right! Ashlee from photos, personal account by many and her husband prove she is a good Mom. A person whose career is acting and music will have good and bad throughout their body of work! They understand that and if Ashlee gave up after that then yes talk about it! However Ashlee is still working at her craft and she is living her life and thankfully you negative people are anon and we don’t care about your failures or successes!!!!!!!!

Mina on

So you can all assume shes a GOOD mother, but I CANNOT assume she is a bad one…and that is fair how?

About the car crash…fender bender or not, if my baby was in any kind of accident I would race there (hurt or not). Pete is always the one with the big thing strapped to his back, hauling this kid around the streets. I’m sure I am going to hear in her defense (shes so tiny, she cant put that thing on her back blah blah blah). Ashlee doesnt know how to make sacrafices and be a good mom? I have no doubt she LOVES her boy, but that doesnt make someone a good mom!

mari on

Wow, some people really should work on their jealousy issues and focus on their own life.

The hatred they are spewing on the internet about a person they don’t even know personally is disgusting.

I am not really a fan of Ashley Simpson or her family but I don’t really know her, so I don’t start posting stuff about her, which is most likely made of tabloid reports which have are probably not even entirely true and stuff that I made up in my mind about a celebrity myself.

Mina on

I’m NOT jealous of Ashlee Simpson lol. I felt embarassed for her thru her whole “career”. I’m just saying Pete is always the one with Bronx and I am wondering why, if Ashlee isnt working.

MiB on

Well Mina, I have seen plenty of pictures with only Ashley and Bronx, but Pete has at least periodically been Bronxes primary caregiver, for example when Ashley was on Broadway, which would be a reason as good as any for why we most of the time see either Pete with Bronx or all three together. There is nothing wrong with that.

As for the car accident, what if Pete was just around the corner and Ashley across town? If I were Ashley in that case I would have preferred if Pete took Bronx home or to the A&E as soon as possible and meet them there than be sure to get to the site of the accident. I used to work both as a nanny and at a kindergarden, and guess what, if a child would fall ill during the day I would either call the one whos number had been noted with preferred, or I would settle with the one I could reach first, wether it was the mother OR the father and the parents would be perfectly capable of deciding for themselves who would pick the child up from daycare and none of them would be a worse parent for that.

hayley on

mina get a grip!

yes you can blah blah its your opinion blah blah blah but to call out some ones mothering skills on the base you have seen more pics of s child with his dad is a step to bloody far.

Pete is always the one with the big thing strapped to his back, hauling this kid around the streets. Iā€™m sure I am going to hear in her defense (shes so tiny, she cant put that thing on her back blah blah blah). Ashlee doesnt know how to make sacrafices and be a good mom? oh yeah because unless yu break your back your just not a good mother…..words tuly fail me!

i have never EVER carried my child in a baby sling, their dad always did … i a bad mother….NO of course not but i forgot your the BEST MOTHER EVER just here to judge us mere mortals

honestly i used to love this site, but more and more hatefu people with nohing to say are here just insulting mums because they clearly have nothing better to do, its not about expressing an opinion its about being a b**ch.


Mina on

If carrying your own INFANT on your back is something a healthy mother cannot do, then there is something wrong IN MY OPINION.

Next thing we will be demanding kids walk at 3 months old (the age my kid strating getting very heavy) because lord knows we dont want to hurt mom. Times have truly changed to nothing but lazy diva mothers..remember moms working the fields while pregnant?..or look at native cultures when those women work in heat and sun with thier babies strapped to their back, or breastfeeing while they work!

Ok well, have a nice day. Crank the air conditioning, its going to be a hot one. LoL

hayley on

your just being silly now, honestly, becuase if you have a bad back you shouldn’t have kids, look over your words , what you saing is so silly its almost funny.

i again never ever carried my child in a sling or back pack, i was to worried would fall, my husband always did it and lets get this clear shall we….i am not a lazy diva mother, nor do i feel the need to strap my baby to my back while i deliver other womens babies to prove what a good mum i am…..

the fact is you wrote a nasty and kinda harsh comment in my opinion and you got called out on it. the kids looks happy with daddy and how much time he spends with mum is no concern of your or ours. if he is happy thats ALL that matters

Mina on

Hayley, some single mothers dont have the luxury of a husband to tote around their babies.

Patricia! on

Bronx is such a handsome little man!

I don’t get the drama. This is only the second post I’ve seen on this website where Pete was with Bronx alone. And Ashlee was in the car during the accident from what I read in the reports. I didn’t know that not showing up in a couple of paparazzi pictures in one INSTANT of there lives meant that you were a bad parent.

Maybe Ashlee and Pete should glue or sew themselves together? Lol šŸ™‚

mina makes me LOL on

mina, hun, you seem to have a lot of pent up anger towards ashlee simpson. are you sure you’re not a bitter ex of pete wentz’s?

have you thought about the fact that maybe pete WANTS to have the carrier on his back all the time? have you considered that he’s the lazy one because he doesn’t want to hold him in his arms like his devoted mother? (that’s not my personal view). there are a CRAPLOAD of different reasons as to why things are the way we see them through pap pictures, so don’t be so judgemental. it’s not good for you.

to be quite honest, i think ashlee simpson is dumb but seeing her with her son and husband is actually heartwarming and i respect her. she seems to have her life in order and that’s all that matters.

Mina on

mina makes me LoL? Thanx sweetie. Its nice to know I’m worth your time/effort to make your name that.

Ashlee Simpson is the only celeb mom I rarely see with her child..I even see the busy ones with their kids more often. Take Naomi Watts who juggles her two young sons..yet Ashlee cant handle to carry one?

Maybe shes a good mom behind closed doors, maybe not. This child needs to learn from his surroundings (which thank gawd Pete is a good dad) and his memories are going to be of dad, dad, dad, doing everything. This is a critical time in his life when he is learning things that will be the foundation of his vocabulary, etc…and Ashlee cant take him for walks and talk to him? Paparazzi my butt, shes not that famous and even so, that means that shes NEVER going to take Bronx for walks? Poor child…o wait, he can just ask dad.

Mariana on

“Bronx is such an adorable child. Does anyone else think that he looks just like Ashlee in this photo?”

Destiny, I was actually gonna say that this is the first picture in which I see Bronx resembling Ashlee, not Pete.

hayley on

Hayley, some single mothers dont have the luxury of a husband to tote around their babies.

– Mina on June 2nd, 2010

ok but ashley does, so i’m confused at your point? and even if i didnt have the ‘luxury’ of a husband i still would carry my baby round every where, thats what prams are for. and because i no you just love this šŸ™‚ when me and my husband go out together he always pushes the pram, he wants to and its a nice break for me, pushing two kids is heavy work. šŸ˜€

My point? if you have a partner who is hands on and better yet wants to be enjoys being hands on its daft not to let them, it gives mum a break and allows good bonding.
that makes you a clever , and good mother , its not about being a marter all the time.

mina makes me LOL on

you’re welcome šŸ™‚ i figured you’re so starved for attention, what with all your negativity here, that including your name in my screen name would make ya smile!

you’re seriously way too judgmental here. it’s not like there are 7 pictures of bronx and pete for every day of the week. this picture is from ONE day of the week. like you said, she’s not that famous. i’m sure she takes him on walks and the paparazzi aren’t around to capture proof for you.

i’m sure ashlee is aware of the fact that this is a critical time for her baby. idk why you think she ignores him! celebrities show us only a small portion of their lives.

think about what you do during the day. when you go to the store, for example. does that outing represent your whole day? no. you have another huge chunk of life that nobody else sees. so its not fair to accuse ashlee of not being there for her child just because she didn’t go on an outing with her husband and son. bronx won’t suffer psychological damage from her short absence in pictures, so relax. breathe deep and keep living your life.

Mina on

Hayley, what makes u or Ashlee or any other mother think that you cant lose your husband in a heartbeat? Then what, if you cant handle your child/children without help? In my personal opinion a mother is a martyr because raising a child properly takes strength (physically, emotionally, psycholigically, etc), determination, patience, sacrafice, etc…its not something that comes easy, even WITH help. YOUR child is YOUR responsibility. But I guess since they have money, they can always afford help..but Bronx (and any other child) will realize when hes older who did what for him. =)

hayley on

ok mina seriously whrer do get this c**p from?

so what your saying is the mother must do every thing, with no help what so ever so she can be a marter about it because that makes a good mum????????

i am so glad that all the women i have ever helped have their babies get the sound words of advise from people like me who have kids, ** clearly you don’t or you wouldn’t spout this rubbish* who tell these first time mum, take all the help thats offerd to you, and make sure daddy dos his part.

becuase being a GOOD mother is understanding you CAN’T do everything and asking fo help or letting some one else take the baby does not mean you have failed, its makes you smart.. end of.

Mina on

Hayley just admit it already…mothers who do it without any help are stronger than you, and any other mother who gets help. Whats next, Kate Gosselin is a great hands on mom? There are just some moms who are better and stronger than others. Just admit you are weak and cant raise a child on your own. =)

Catey on

Goodness me!

Mina, I am sure you would also complain about fathers who desert their kids?

When we had little ones, my hubby worked full time. On the weekends he loved to help out, as he felt he was missing out on our kids while he was at work. He would take the kids to their kiddy swim classes on a Saturday morning and then take them to the super market. And he LOVED carrying the kids in our baby backpack. I’m sure the people at the super market wondered where the neglectful mother was at this point. Neglectful mother had spent the whole week caring for the kids, playing and having fun and was having a bit of much appreciated quiet time at home doing washing and cleaning (which my hubby, as much as I love him, has no interest in doing).

If I didn’t have my hubby, I could have gone to the supermarket, taken the kids to swim class myself and cleaned the house by myself. It was not a case of me being a bad mother, he just liked to have those moments with the kids as well. I greatly appreciate the fabulous partner I have, but having that support does not make me a bad mother.

And when my son broke his arm playing sport 2 years ago, my husband went to pick him up because I was on the other side of town with friends and my husband was around the corner. I met them at the hospital because it took just as long for me to get to the hospital as it would for my husband to pick up our son and get to the hospital.

Mina, you have your own issues. I grew up in a single parent household and know how hard it is. I feel lucky to have my partner be such an active parent, because my father was selfish and absent from my childhood. Bronx is a very lucky little boy to have two people in his life that obviously adore him (there are hundreds of photos of Ashlee with Bronx!)

hayley on


clearly i am a better mother than you, becuase my children won’t be hateful nasty bitter people…..unlike other *cough cough*

you have daddy issue you need to work out on your own there sweetness.

admit you wish you husband lol šŸ˜€ btw i deliverd 5 babies last nigh…then took by daughter to dance class, son to football tots , did my house work and baked cupcakes for my dads birthday………..weak????I.THINK.NOT.DEAR

MiB on

Mina is so clearly a troll that I wonder why we even bother with her, because the thing is that during the last decades fathers have worked hard on carving out more time for their children, and guess what? It has proved beneficial for both the children and the parents. Children need to be around and form relationships with adults of both genders, not just their mother, but also their fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles and family friends. I also don’t think it’s healthy for children to grow up with a mother who suffers martyrdom for them, they should grow up with happy parents who love them. Period.

“Hayley, what makes u or Ashlee or any other mother think that you cant lose your husband in a heartbeat? Then what, if you cant handle your child/children without help?” Mina, what makes You think Your husband and/or children might not lose You in a heartbeat? Wouldn’t You then want Your husband (if You have one) to have formed a relationship with your children, so that HE can take care of them without Your help? I know this isn’t possible for single mothers, but Ashlee does have a husband, who seems to adore both her and their son, and she seems to adore them both as well.