Kourtney Kardashian’s Blog: I Can’t Stop Kissing Mason!

06/01/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

PEOPLE Moms & Babies is happy to introduce our newest celebrity bloggerKourtney Kardashian! The reality star, 31, who can be seen with her family on E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, is mom to 5-month-old son Mason Dash.

Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

Hey dolls! I’m Kourtney Kardashian, proud mommy of my delicious 5½-month-old Mason Dash Disick. His handsome daddy is my boyfriend Scott Disick.

Motherhood has most definitely changed me and my life. It’s so crazy how drastic even the small details change — in such an amazing way. Even silly things, like the fact that all of my pictures on my cell phone used to be of me at photo shoots — conceited, I know! — but now every single picture on my phone is of Mason.

My son changes so much every day. Yesterday, he started getting ticklish under his arms and laughing hysterically! It’s beyond cute. While Khloe and I were playing with Mason last night, he got up on all fours and was moving all around desperately trying to grab a toy. When he finally scooted himself over to the toy, he stuck it straight in his mouth and was so proud of himself!

I could stare at him for hours! He has brought more love and joy into my life than I ever imagined.

Let me ask you all: Do you kiss your baby on his or her perfect little lips? I can’t control myself and kiss Mason on his lips all day long, kiss his chubby thighs and little toes. And his auntie Kimmie can’t resist her Mason kissing either. She basically makes out with him!

Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

— Kourtney Kardashian

A warm welcome to Kourtney! What questions do you have for her? What topics would you like her to blog about in the future?

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Ashley on


Liliana on

He is absolutely adorable!

Mallory on

Ya know, I don’t think I could stomach watching either of her TV shows, but I have a lot of respect for Kourtney as a mother. She seems absolutely devoted to that little boy. And he is insanely adorable! 🙂

Sharon on

he is too cute..I would be kissing him all the time too…and he looks like such a little baby-man!

romy on

tooooo sticky sweet for me! Mason is a cutie though, all Kourtney and her brother Rob!

xxx on

he does look like Robert Kardashian! also he’s very big for a 5 month old!

Trish on

He is so adorable, too cute!! *hugs him* hehe 🙂

Lulu on

He is adorable and looks so much like Kourtney’s brother Rob and her dad…wow! Kourtney seems to be so in love with her little man…look forward to reading her mommy blob 🙂

Sharon on

I Love this family! What an addition little Mason is. Someday they will have 50 grandchildren! All very kissable!

Sharon on

What an addition to the family! Beyond cute!

meg on

I’m a first time mommy to a soon-to-be 8 month old so I completely understand! My son just fascinates me and I can’t stop staring at him either! You just wait… I think he has changed the most this past month so big things are coming for Mason!

Boys, and chubby babies, are the best!!

Jessica on

He is so adorable and cute!
He does have a lot of Kardashian…I think he looks like Rob!
Cute Cute Cute!
Congrats Kourtney and Scott..Good Job 😉

Loni on

He looks like Rob, your brother!

Tiffany on

Mason is adorable! ❤ I have a 7 1/2 month old daughter Amaya, and I can't help but kiss her chubby cheeks all day long too! Being a mother is the best thing to ever happen in my life. =)

Tiffany on

Mason is adorable! Kourtney seems like a great Mom, and babies do change your life and who you are. My 7 1/2 month old daughter Amaya means the world to me. I love kissing cheeks all day long, can’t help myself. I constantly kiss her little tootsies too! Being a Mom is the best thing to have ever happened to me and I’m enjoying every second! =)

Dana on

I’m SO excited you guys took on Kourtney Kardashian as a celebrity blogger. I love her and her family, and I can’t wait to see updates. Our sons are only 1 month apart so it’s cool to compare 🙂

Lola Monroe on

Yay, i’m so excited Kourt will be blogging for you guys now, I look forward to reading her posts!! Mason is absolutely adooooorable…he looks so much like a Kardashian…but I do see a little bit of Scott in there too!!

Karen on

I know she seriously considered abortion. So glad he’s safe and here!

Helen on

I am 11 month old twin boys and I kiss them 500 times a day and still can’t get enough…i love them so much and like Kourt they bring so much joy in to my life. They grow up so fast

Ameya on

My son is 6 months old and I feel the same! I used to think kissing kids on the mouth was gross.. til I had one. Now i’m used to his stinky milk breath. 😀

PS: Nursing moms love you for being such an out & proud breastfeeder!

Lorelai on

Mason is sooo adorable! I have 2 kids (girl and boy) and they are the most amazing thing to me. I do watch your show and I have a new respect for you as a mother, and also, your delivery was so beautiful, you brought that baby into the world as if nothing was happening LOL Congrats to you and your family.

fefe on

The sweetest thing in the world are baby kisses. My baby is almost 2 and i swear ive never felt something as sweet as when he comes up to me and kisses me on the lips and then rubs his nose with mine.


And my sister is always up in my son’s lips…..you can’t help it.

Mia on

He is gorgeous, OMG and cheeks for days, I’d kiss him all day too Kourtney!

He’s such a sharp dresser for a little guy, loving the hat!

Lilysmom on

WOW! He is sooo very handsome. He definitely has the stronger Kardashian gene. Looks nothing like his daddy…

Mia on

He’s so special, he’s definitely got Kardashian genes, I don’t see Scott in him anywhere!

Barbie on

He is absolutely adorable. He is such a gift. What saddens me though is that E! taped the show where she was thinking about having an abortion. So now and forever when he grows up and watches the shows, he will know that his Mommy thought about getting an abortion. It was Scott who wanted that baby. I have two son’s and both were really wanted and Mason now has that question mark hanging over his head forever thanks to E! and Kourtney saying those things.

Hilda on

O M Geeee! So frkn adorable!

Malka on

With all due respect, having seen you on a flight from LA to Chicago recently – where you sent your beautiful Mason to fly with the masses in coach class, while you and your mother flew comfortably and quietly in first class, I find your blog post to be laughable.

Jennifer on

Mason is adorable! Funny how much he looks like Kourtney’s dad. I also cannot resist kissing my babies on their perfect little lips, or cheeks, or toes, or palms of the hands, or back of the neck… (you get the picture! :)) I love watching their shows, they all crack me up!

Congrats on such a beautiful little boy!

GaryInPismo on

He’s a Kardashian. No doubt. There’s also no doubt that Kourt would be a great mom. Very happy for her.

Donna on

He is adorable! Thank goodness he looks like his Mommy!

Nanneke on

Yes yes! My baby-boy is 8 months old and I kiss him like crazy too! It’s addictive!

SAS on

He is a cutie, and I totally understand. I have a nine year old, and I have a 5 1/2 month old son too. In fact, I had my son about a week after Kourtney! I am totally in love, and I have a juicy baby just like her!

Nancy on

Welcome to motherhood. My son is 4 and i don’t think he will be able to live a day with out hugs and kisses from mom.

Ally on

Aww what a cutie!!

Katie on

Kourtney your baby Mason is a handsome little guy! I understand the kisses. I kiss my 7 mo old boy all the time!! I just can’t get enough. You are being a great mom. Keep up the good work! Love to all the Kardashians/Jenners!

Lori on

Mason is adorable!! I have a 6yr old daughter and I still can’t stop giving her kisses! It’ll probably continue til they get to the age where it starts to embarrass them lol!

Katie Curry on

Yes girl, I am the exact same way! lol. I have a 7 month old son who is my own little ray of sunshine and I kiss all over him all day long- literally! I’ll say give me kisses and he’ll open his sweet little lips for me. Precious! Nothing like being a mommy!

RL on

I love the Kardashians and can’t wait until the new season so that I can see more of this precious baby…He is so cute I want to squeeze him…

Damitra Stuart on

There goes lil Rob

Melissa on

He is so adorable, he looks more like her side of the family, i don’t see any of scott at all.

Brittany on

Wow baby Mason is such a doll! He has the cutest chubby cheeks! Kourtney seems like an amazing mother! So cute!

Candice on

he is so CUTE! I cant wait to see him on Kourtney and Khloe take Miami! 🙂

Megan on

She’ll NEVER get tired of kissing him either. My son is almost 3 1/2 and he doesn’t really enjoy all of my kisses and hugs so much anymore, but I still kiss him like crazy. His little pouty lips and his chunky cheeks. It is so amazing how much a child will change your life. How you’ve never experienced any type of love or any emotion really that you do when you’re a parent. It really makes you realize how your parents felt when/if you’ve treated them life crap sometime in your life, and not understanding how parents can abuse their babies like you see on the news. Anyway, she seems like a fantastic mother and I wish her and her family all the best!

Jane on

When my first son was born, I kissed him so much on his little cheek (on his FACE), my grandmother would say, “You kiss him so much, when he is older, he will have an indentation on his cheek’. Now he is 25. I told him what my grandmother had said.. He turned to the side of his cheek and said, “See the indentation.” I swear– there IS one. Never kissed him on his lips, however.. I know EXACTLY what Kourtney means; about kissing your child all the time!!

Susan G on

I can’t believe I’m commenting, as I never comment on anything, like this, but the show is one of my few guilty pleasures. Mason is adorable and looks a lot like Rob in the eyes, but I think he has Scott’s nose and mouth. This is sad, because I think Scott is a total loser, and Kourtney can do so much better. It will be interesting to see him as a Dad…

Yvette on

Who would have thunk it – that such a precious gift from God would give you all the love and happiness in the world. That’s what babies do. So happy for you Kourtney, and by the way – this baby definitely takes after your side of the family (that’s a good thing)

Shaye on

Malka- Really!? That is surprising, who did he fly with in coach? That’s too bad 😦 I bet you were surprised to see you were on the same flight as them lol.

He is an incredibly adorable baby!! There truly is nothing like being a mother and yes.. kids give the best hugs and kisses!

Monica on

OMG, seriously he is perfect, delicious and insanely cute,God bless.

Lulu.G on

thats adorable

Anonymous on

He is adorable…he looks like an Armenian 🙂

Favour J on

He is cute and very much adorable.

Patty on

What a handsome little guy he is-he has that dark Armenian skin-I would kiss him all day too if her were mine. I used to kiss my son all the time on the lips when he was a baby-when they get older they wont let you come near them so kiss away!

Liza on

It is totally not my style to comment on blogs, but I don’t think I can stop myself this time. I find it disgusting that a few of the people who commented on Kourtney’s Blog would be so hateful / critical of her(or anyone else for that matter) and say things that are hurtful and have NOTHING to do with what she blogged about.

Commenting on a flight to ORD, what you think about her boyfriend / Mason’s father (let’s not forget), or the struggles that she BRAVELY shared with everyone (via her show)during the course of her pregnancy and life is just inhumane. Everyone needs to step back and really think (about how less than perfect they are)and pause before speaking. She is a reality star / business owner… does that mean she is perfect, no. And for every one story about something she might have done wrong… there is another about how sweet and fun her and her sisters are. In fact, to balance the scales let me say that I had the pleasure of meeting Kourtney and Kim in Las Vegas and they were so down to Earth / Fun / Welcoming / SUPER SWEET! But back to the matter at hand…

Fact is she keeps it real. Kourtney could do a lot of creative editing and only air the “fabulous” and keep the more difficult topics (that many teens / young woman) being faced quiet… but, she didn’t. She was honest and showed the TRUTH behind not only her life, but also the REALITY of unplanned pregnancy. How dare anyone attack her for that. I am sure that many of her viewers benefited from the honest discussions that were had (revolving around the pregnancy) and are thankful b/c they couldn’t have those same discussions with their own families b/c they are as judgmental as some of you.

Bottomline, Koutney is a human being. Does she have a reality show, yes, but does that give any of us the right to be mean and hateful… NO. If you don’t like what you see, or what she is saying…. don’t watch, don’t read, etc. And before we jump to attack her personality / parenting… why don’t we all remember what OUR PARENTS taught us (or at least should have), if you don’t have anything nice to say…. don’t say anything at all!

Kourtney, I wish you and your family (all of them) nothing but the best. Continue to be honest with yourself and your life. Don’t let anyone steal your joy! ALL THE BEST!

Robyn on

Mason is a beautiful baby! You and your family are very blessed ! It seems like you are a great mom and you realize that the world is about so much more then you ever thought , enjoy it……It lasts forever……

Pauline on


jessicad on

He is adorable, look at those big brown eyes and I love his hat!

I think Kourtney sounds like an amazing mother, and I’m glad she was honest about her decision to keep him, lots of women struggle with the same thing and she was very brave to be so open.

Looking forward to reading her blogs, she sounds smitten with Mason and I love her fashion sense so I hope she’ll give us some tips:)

D on

he is so cute he looks like your dad may god bless your family

Karen B. on

Awww – what a cutie. My “babies” are 4 and 8. I often miss their baby days when I could cuddle and kiss them all the time. I used to have such a sense of bliss knowing that I could give my baby 100% happiness in my arms – snuggling and having a little snack. Sigh. For me, it was and still is all about the head kisses. Their hair is so fine and soft, and it tickles my lips and nose. What sweet kisses those “baby kisses” are. My kids still love a cuddle and kisses. But not quite the same as those baby days. Of course, now I get the pleasures that only an older child can bring – watching them grow, hearing the funny things they say, becoming their own little people. Sigh – it’s not that I want to go back – because I often find myself so excited to see what they do next. I just want time to SLOW DOWN. Alas, it won’t.

Anonymous on

I think baby Mason looks JUST like brother Rob!! Beautiful baby!

Christina on

Mason is such a cutie! Kourtney, you are also beautiful. Those are great pics of you both! I have a 5 month old as well, and I can’t stop kissing his chubby cheeks! A few times I have kissed him on the mouth by accident and have gotten a mouth full of drool. LOL

Marisol on


Andrea on

He is so cute!!!

Tasha on

Mason is soooo adorable 🙂 and Kourtney looks beyond Happy! I love their show and I can’t wait for the new season in Miami to begin…it’s been wonderful watching her blossom into such a wonderful mom.

Marisol on


Nikki on

I love how the Kardashian genes run so deep. And to know that Mason has made Kourtney feel so complete is the reward she didn’t realize she had coming. It’s beautiful!!! Love my Kardashian girls….

Brooklyn on

So glad to have you as a blogger on here Kourtney! Mason is beyond adorable!

Samantha Mitchell on

Wow, he is too cute.

Susanna on

What a cutie-patootie! Just wait, my son is almost 3 and I cannot stop saying how much I love this age – at every stage! They are so much fun, I’m glad she has such a stong bond with him, seems like she loves him an awful lot.

Tatyana on

He is sooooooooo cute:)))) Korthney adore him!!!!!!

Kristy on

He looks like robert so much and is so adorable!!!!

shopbabytrends.com on

so cute!

iluvperfectparents on

He’s a beautiful baby!

Robin on

Cute baby, she seems like a good mom… but is this kid really going to grow up thinking its cool that “His aunt Kimmie basically made out with him” Thats kinda strange

lori on

sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! Looks like all the Karshashians! Kourtney you are a great mom and I have so much respect for you! ENJOY your adorable son Mason as they grow up so fast!

Tracy on

As the mother of a four-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy that I have been kissing constantly since they were born, I can tell you that you get it back in spades. I have had several people tell me how loving my children are because they give hugs and kisses spontaneously to family and friends. Keep up the kisses and you’ll reap the rewards later.

Lindsay on

My husband is Armenian and I lived for two years in Armenia. He definitely got the Armenian genes!

Melissa on

As I new mom to a 10 month old baby boy, I so understand the constant kisses and never getting tired of just staring at them. Prior to my son, I just lived for myself and now everything is about him and I wouldn’t change one thing! Everyday is something new and an adventure. Savor every moment…

jordan on

I see a lot of Scott….I mean I see Rob but a lot of Scott. He is so yummy and such a cutie

Toni on

OMG what a cutie….I love his eyes!!! Mason, I just blew you a kiss too!!!! Yes, that burst of wind and smooch came from cyberspace! LOL 🙂

ethel on

he looks like his Uncle Rob…

Debbie on

Oh my goodness he is such a doll. Those cheeks!!! What a cutie pie !!! Best of luck to you !!!

Jennifer on

My son Carter is 4 months-old today, and I kiss him all the time. My husband always tells me ” Stop kissing him like that, your gonna get him sick!” But I dont care, Ive never been so in love with someone in my whole life! He is my reason for being. I am no longer simply Jennifer, Im mommy…. And that is the best title a woman like me could ever be! Congrats to you Kourtney! He’s beautiful 🙂 Good luck to you!

lizzie on

he looks just like her brother Rob..so adorable

sooo cute! on

OMG Kourtney! He is Rob’s twin! Sooooo cute!

Rachel on

I think little Mason looks like a combination of his uncle and his grandfather..he is too precious for words!

JG on

He is too cute!! My son is 3 1/2 and I still kiss him on his lips, cheeks, toes, and belly all the time, when he’ll let me! Go Kourtney for being a great mom!

Ashley on

He looks like a lil version of his grandmpa Kardashian =)

Nicole P. on

I don’t blame her at all!!! He is so stinkin’ cute!!!!!!!! Such a little mini-me of Rob!

D on


Anonymous on

What a handsome little man….I just want to squeeze him!

JMO on

I really don’t know much about this chick but that baby is ADORABLE!!!!!

LindaWhisler on

That’s what you call mothers love. That love never leaves you either . My daughter is 22 and still adorable. I’m sure your mom looks at all of you and thinks the same thing. Mason is a handsome baby. I love those hats yall have him wearing. He’s a prescious little boy.

Jeny on

Oh wow…he looks JUST LIKE your Dad and brother Rob! Amazing how strong those Armenian genes are! He is beautiful.

Enjoy your kissy-face time with him. I’m the Mom of 15 year old twins, and I’m lucky if I get a hug good night or good bye when they leave the house. The kissy-face, holding Mom’s hand days don’t last long! Eat ’em up while you have ’em.

Before long he won’t want to hold your hand in public because the other boys at school will make fun of him! Happened to me and my son in 1st grade and I was heartbroken! I wasn’t ready for that special bond to end.

Keep on posting pictures of your cutie…he is amazingly and positively handsome, and not a speck of Scott in him! 🙂

Deep Purple on

Cute baby….Kourtney looks like a mom now for sure. However, don’t overdo the kissing on the lips – you might turn him into a playboy like his father!

Princess on

OMG!! Can this child be any cuter. He’s looks so much like his uncle Rob gorgous and I would kiss him all day too. Many blessings.

Enye on

He is sooooo Adorable. btw i love your show and i think he looks so much like your dad (may he rest in peace) and your brother!!!! He is really cute and he is getting so big. take care and god bless!!

Kelly on

Enjoy every moment! The “neck sugar” is the best! I enjoy the show, and you sound like a great mom! God Bless!!

TJ on

Mason is a “doll” but no to kissing babies on the mouth! Their immune systems can’t handle it. It’s even been documented that you can affect their dental hygiene by giving babies cavities. Good thing Kourtney looks like she takes care of her teeth.

Laura on

Hee hee!! He is so cute!!

Grace on

baby Mason looks like his uncle Rob, congrats Kourtney he is the cutest and will be a heartbreaker lol

pat on

That’s Rob baby’s picture.(laugh)

codysmom on

He is a beautiful child. Cherish every second, they grow up too fast. Much happiness for you and your family.

miamichic on

i always said i wouldnt kiss my baby on the lips but i broke that rule early on.. lol.. just dont let ANYBODY w/ sores near their mouth kiss Mason or else he’ll be in big trouble.. many children have herpes type 1 from ADULTS kissing them.. sorry to be the barrer of bad news but i have to make moms aware of this ugly fact 😦

Janice on

He is a cutie. I kiss my 16 month all the time.

sandra on

He looks like your brother how cute is he..I have a boy my self i am telling you they are not like girls ..Enjoy every mintue with your son!!

Angela on

Mason is beautiful, (he looks just like Rob), and those cheeks are soooo adorably kissable!!! You can never kiss a baby too much! Congrats and well wishes to you!!!

Kaylie on

He’s gorgeous Kourtney! Congratulations!

Toni on

He is so adorable! 🙂

Y. Moore on

He’s so cute. He looks like his Uncle Rob a little to me. Glad to see that motherhood is enlightening your life. Welcome to the journey.

Tina on

Kim was right when she said at his birth That he looked just like his grandfather.

Cynthia R. on

I think he looks like his uncle Rob, but Rob also looks like his dad. You already know, he’s going to be a very nice looking kid. 🙂

Lacey on

Mason is 100% Kardashian! He’s adorable!

Sanj on

An absolutely adorable baby. Congratulations!

A on

I love the name “Mason”!

maryanne on

this baby is BEYOND gorgeous. omg! kourtney has a glow that no makeup could ever copy. she’s radiating happiness!

as for the ones who said kissing babies is dangerous, the cavity thing is true. but the germ thing is sorta true. if a baby is repeatedly exposed to germs, he will build up a resistance. if he’s protected 24/7, he’ll get sick quickly and more intensely.

i have 2 nephews who are 7 days apart (perfect for testing *evil laugh*) one of them is sooo protected all the time. i mean, its ridiculous. if you even cough a little, the mom will banish you to another area of the house. this baby is ALWAYS and i mean, ALWAYS sick. the funny part is that he’s the 5th kid in the family. the mom’s not a first time mom being overly cautious. baby #2’s mom is more relaxed and allows her son to do more things (get close to people with colds, etc) and he’s had a cold like, 3 times in his 2 years of life. he’s also the first born and he was 2 months premature.

my point is, let your kids immune systems get stronger. don’t be so overly cautious because then their bodies will be more vulnerable. kiss your babies!!!!!!!……..just don’t have cavities! 🙂

sally on

He is so adorable. Looks like his mom who is beautiful

carol on

Mason does look like her dad and her brother.

Luna on

I have five kids and let me tell you, I love the kisses. My son was three when my twins were born so by the time he started to refuse kisses, I had my girls who’d still be willing to let me kiss them. Mason is such a cutie pie. I don’t blame Kourtney for kissing him like crazy. I don’t think Mason will mind that his mom had to make a difficult decision lots of people have to make, especially since he does exist.

Maria on

He is very cute and adorable. He looks like the kardashians, he has good genes!! I would kiss him too 🙂

scj on

“You’ve only just begun”…
Having a child really gives true meaning to the expression, “being in love”. I didn’t know anyone else smooched their baby like I have for the last 6 years! You just want to devour them, sometimes….Your son really does resemble your handsome dad!! You are blessed.

Angie on

My son just turned 6 and I could still kiss him all the time. Being a mother is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. I love every minute of it. It’s funny though…I dropped him off to school the other day and went to give him a kiss and he said “no, mom, not at school” They grow up so fast.

Kourtney, Mason is a cutie! You seem like such a proud mamma. Keep up the good work!

Marie on

Your baby is absolutely precious. I am surpised you can get him back from your Mother. She must be head over heels in love with him.

Alexis on

It’s ridculous how much Mason looks like his grandfather, the late Robert Kardashian!!! He is adorable, and I can tell just from interviews and pictures how much happier Kourtney is with her life as a mom! Kudos & best wishes!

Sarah on

VERY strong Armenian genes!! He is adorable! 🙂

sistawtude on

Baby Mason is so adorable! It seems that Kourtney is a real good mom. I don’t blame her for kissing those baby cheeks all day long!!

romy on

Hey Malka, we all get baby-sitters sometimes. A 5mo doesn’t care. I am sure if he needed his mommy on the flight she would have taken care of him. a flight to a 4-5mo or so isn’t usually a big deal.

katie on

as a mother to three and a grandmother to 10 i completely understand the impulse to kiss, kiss, kiss. the tushie too. But that comment about auntie making out with him and all the kisses on the lips has me very concerned as it should have others too!!!

Amy on

Oh my gosh he is SO cute! He is a doll- to use Kourt’s term 🙂 I am so excited she is blogging. She is the only one I like in her family (besides Mason!) and she seems to be so in love with her little boy!

Lissie on

that armenian blood is clearly showing on mason, he looks a lot like kourtney’s late father (RIP)

Missy on

Mason is an absolutely beautiful baby! The Kardashian genes definitely run deep in that family. I am so happy to see Kourtney take to motherhood the way she has, she is definitely a great Mom. The comment about how Aunt Kimmie basically “makes out with him” is disturbing, it could have been worded differently, glad to see Kourtney so happy, she definitely deserves it after what Scott has put her through.

glee fan on

he is such a cute baby! he seems really big though for a 5 1/2 month old. he looks a lot like rob in my opinion! kourtney i love your show so much. i watch it a lot!

HoneyBee on

Her family’s genes are so strong. He looks like her little brother, Robert. Cuteness overload.

Happy Mom on

They grow up too fast. Enjoy every moment………

Jenn on

I have two gorgeous little girls and I smother them in kisses daily! My 2 1/2 year old daughter has the most perfect cupid’s bow lips that just BEG to be kissed and the same goes for her delicious little cheeks! My 4 1/2 year old daughter has the most adorable little nose that just begs to be nibbled and kissed and a laugh that is so contagious, it’s insane! The best — and this might sound strange, but it’s a total Mommy-thing — is their little booties! My little girls have the cutest little hinies on the planet and I’m always pinching them or grabbing at them as they shriek and giggle as they run to their bath tub time. So innocent and so beautiful — I love my girls more than life itself! I love that Kourtney has been able to experience this sort of love, appreciation, and strange Mommy loves that all of us who are lucky enough to be parents experience. Born of your body or of your heart, your babies are yours and cherish every second — it goes SO fast!!

Alexis Casso on

what a cutie pie!!!!!!!! Scott and Kourtney are adorable so it is natural Mason is too!!! 😀

jeter on

he looks like her rob!

Heidi on

So adorable! I was just thinking that today… do I kiss my little girl too much! I can’t help myself!

jessica aguilar on

OMG! she looks like his grandma n uncle!

romy on

I am commenting AGAIN, but I am surprised people are taking the ‘making out’ comment so literally! I’ve heard that expression used before about moms/aunts etc loving on the little boys. I know exactly what she meant with that comment, and I know she meant nothing sexual or disturbing by it! Have you ever watched their show and heard how they talk? Very R rated language. That’s just how they are. Different, but entertaining.

Josie on

OMG! He’s sooo cute! Congrats to you Kourtney!

XoXo on

He is so cute-he looks just like Rob Sr! Strong Kardashian genes!

Jessica Wrenn on

He is way cute! I haven’t stopped kissing my daughter since she was born 18 months ago!! I think I actually kiss her more now! Enjoy every moment you have with him because it goes by so fast. I can hardly remember my daughter Maggie at that age!! Congrats on motherhood and looking so fabulous while doing it!

Kristy on

OMGosh!!!! He looks just like Kourtney’s Father and Brother. He’s just super cute with those chubby cheeks. Kourtney, you’re such a great mom. Love you bunches…. 🙂

Natalie on

he is soooo cute!! I kiss my little man all day every day!! I think Mason looks like Rob!! Enjoy him!!

Erica on

Wow!! Does Mason ever look like Kourtney’s brother Robert!! That baby is so cute!!

Anonymous on

he looks like their father and also their brothers friend, the one that visited her in Miami. He is adorable

Dee on

He is adorable and yummy, I know the feelings.Oddly enough for me Kourtney, Mason favors your father, handsome. Enjoy

plks on

Is this true??? Please let it not be………………

With all due respect, having seen you on a flight from LA to Chicago recently – where you sent your beautiful Mason to fly with the masses in coach class, while you and your mother flew comfortably and quietly in first class, I find your blog post to be laughable.

Sonia on

My little boy will be born any day now, and I KNOW that I will be the same way. I want to kiss him when I see him on the sonogram so I know he has no chance for escape once he gets here:-)

Valley Girl on

“And his auntie Kimmie can’t resist her Mason kissing either. She basically makes out with him!”

REALLY??? Makes out with him??? How disgusting is that??

maryanne on

plks: i’m sure the snake who posted that comment isn’t even truly in the know. she’s making assumptions. don’t acknowledge her. 🙂

Anonymous on

hes soooo cute

McKenzie on

The child is adorable! A note of caution, do not kiss your little ones when you have a cold sore as you can pass the virus on to the wee one even if it doesn’t show up right away. This is how alot of people end up with cold sores in the first place.

angel on

Mason is a DOLL!!! I know ur so proud. The kissing thing, is so natural..lol, i could kiss my babies all day long, and when Mason gets to the age where he opens his mouth to kiss u back, its even better……

vicky on

awwwwww mason is like the cuttiest baby alive.cant wait to read more of your blogs kourtney.:)

vicky on

Awww kourtney, Mason is like the cuttiest baby alive. i cant wait to read more of your posts kourtney.Also Rob does look like Mason alittle. Mason does have some of Scott in him too.

Alexis Martinez on

he is the cuttest little boy ever
i just want to grab his face and
pinch his little chubby cheeks!!!
and wow he looks so much like Robert
Kardashian it’s really unbeleivable!!

Penny on

Having children….it’s the only true, real and deep unconditional love known to mankind. Mommies and daddies love their children no matter what. It fills you up so completely, and it’s forever…and ever and ever. It’s hard to describe….but I feel it every day with my four children.

D on

Sounds to me, like she’s very happy that she didn’t terminate this pregnancy. Children bring us so much joy. She’s finding this out. Had she ended her pregnancy, she would not be experiencing this.

bridgette on

I think little Mason is so adorable! I think this family is hilarious and I love them for being so real….Keep up the good work with Keeping Up with the Kardashians….I love the show….I can’t wait til Kim & Reggie get married and have there little bundle of joy…I’m sure Mason will enjoy a playmate..Kourtney love every minute of it bec they really grow up fast…..

Becky on

Valley Girl – Please tell me you are joking. You really are taking that comment literally?!? Of course she is not making out with the baby! It’s a joke! She just meant she kisses him on the lips. How could you NOT resist kissing that baby, on the lips, cheeks, head, rolls, etc…

Danielle on

I have to admit, that Mason is way to damn cute. I would kiss him all day as well if he were one of nephews or my son.

Paula on

Congrats to you both! He is so beautiful. A wonderful combo of you 2 both.I had cancer 8 years ago and never thought we could have are own children but as you read on here miracles and blessings do happen. I have an amazing 5 yr old boy and 18 month girl and they were the pieces of the puzzle missing in my life! Good luck in all you do. You do deserve to be that proud mamma that you are. Continue shining!! My 5 year old son just adores you and esp. your 2 little twin sisters. . .theyre his girlfiends lol!!!!!!

April on

He looks like their Dad (R.I.P.) and Rob….

April on

My 2 year old gets me all the time….he is just the most scrumptuous person ever created….I am not mushy but he just pulls me in! 🙂

SaraKleonnose on

what an adorable little baby!!!I even have a brother named mason they dont have a lot in common.

mom2 on

Okay, these K girls get on my nerves but I have to admit that is one adorable baby.


He is nothing but a big stick of BUTTAH! Thank you for sharing your pics! Have fun chewing on that little love chunk!

Rahmah on

He so handsome!

Candice on

So, not to bring the party down (that baby really is super cute!), but here’s a thought for the moms (Kourtney included): I’ve heard that you shouldn’t kiss your baby on the mouth because he/she won’t be able to fight off your adult sized germs. Your body produces antibodies that can prevent you from getting sick from your day-to-day germs, but your baby can’t produce all of those antibodies yet. Kissing him on the mouth will send those germs straight into his little body, and he won’t be able to fight them off. This happened to a friend, and she got really, really sick. After that, her parents never kissed her or her sisters on the mouth again.

Michelle on

he is so cute and check out those rolls on him I kiss my nephew’s n niece’s all the time 24/7.

katybee on

Mason is soo handsome, almost as handsome as my little man who will be turning 4 next month! And yes, Kourtney, kiss that little boy as long as he will let you, and when he gets older and gives you those sticky lollipop kisses like my boy does for me, it is pure HEAVEN! Congratulations to you and your family, and you all enjoy that baby, they do grow up sooo quickly!

damonika on

Kourtney your baby is so cute. He’s definitely a Kardashian. But I see Scott there too.

Lola Marie on

Her post was just adorable and so honest.

Not that is matters but I am so proud of Kourtney! She is throwing dirt in her naysayers faces. She seems to be a wonderful mom and I love that fact that she was 30 before having her first kid.

Lola Marie on

Oh and Mason is beyond words cute. Just freaking adorable and he looks so happy!!! I love chubby babies…more to love on. Kiss your baby all you want, before long he won’t want you too.

Babies have survived thousands of years with worse conditions then their mommy’s kisses 😀

Crystal on

Mason is ADORABLE!!! He changes every day!! I used to think he was his uncle rob’s identical twin but now I’m starting to see a bit of Scott in him. I know when she posts her next blog he’ll look different again! Lol! I’m sooo glad Kourtney has started this blog. I can’t wait to read more. The Kardashians are by far my favorite celebrity reality family!! 🙂

Reagan on

He’s adorable. Thank goodness he looks like his mom instead of his dad.

gina on

@missy@katie etc. oh get a grip! she was just joking! about aunt kimmie practically making out with him! please it was a funny innocent joke! get a sense of humor !!!!!!

Christine on

Look at that beautiful boy!
He is spectacular! And totally Kardashian!

Evelyn on


Erin on

He is his uncle’s mini-me!! I cannot get over how much he looks like Rob! I am happy he is so loved, I just hope he is given some normal discipline and structure as he gets older. Cutie!

Laura on

Looks just like Rob…

Paula on

He is sooooo cute. And looks just like Rob. Thats a good thing. As Rob is very handsome. At first I didn’t want to watch their show. But now I wouldn’t miss any of them. I admire their closeness. Really their a great bunch of people. And always there for each other. I wish I had a sister to share that with.

Francesca on

I can remember doing that with my daughter when she was that age. I just could not stop. It is absolutely amazing how in love a Mother is with her child. I don’t know if anyone can relate but, when my daughter would sleep I would just love giving her butterfly kisses and the smell of baby breath….I know it sounds corny but I have heard other Mother’s say this too. You know your baby….it is so instinctual that you know baby of yours. It is nothing I have ever experienced before. Such a beautiful thing….a Mother and child!

Robyn on

Mason is so cute! He looks a lot like your dad. You look amazing in the above photo.

Liz on

That newsboy cap is precious! He is such a cute little chubster! I’d kiss him all the time too! And yes – he DOES look just like Rob!

jasmin on

Aww, he’s precious

Hillary on

OMG!! Mason is so adorable!!!! ^w^ *hugs Mason* When my brother was a baby, let me tell you, you just want to cuddle and play with a baby forever. They’re so cute and friendly!!
I see Rob and your dad in Mason, Kourt. Not much of Scott, lots of Rob. Spend every minute with him, Kourt. They grow up fast. 🙂

Mary on

Mason is so freakin cute!!! He reminds me of when my son was that age, chubby cheeks, dark features. Your love for him will only grow, even though you don’t think it’s possible, it will. My son is 5 now and I’m still head over heals in love with him (and kiss him on the cheeks all the time still). Little boys rock!!! Enjoy him!

sylvia on

aww he’s soooo cute i remember when all my six babies were that young enjoy him they grow fassst….all the luck kourt:}

Chris on

He is one cute baby and that love just grows and grows! My “baby” wil be 13 in August and it seemed like yesterday he was 5 months old.

Every stage has it’s rewards. I certainly was obssesed with him as an infant and kissed him constantly….probably still would if he’d let me 😉

Now, while all of the baby stuff is long over, I look forward to hearing about his day and having very grown up conversations with him. I marvel at his intelligence, sense of humor and compassion. I look forward to the person he will become and look forward to obsessively kissing his babies some day!

Ma'Nikka on

He is soooooo cute nd she is too!

Chelsea on

He is such an adorable baby he looks just like her brother Rob. I also think she is a wonderful mother. She is also my favorite Kardashian sister.

Lorna Hite on

Thank you for sharing your beauiful child Mason with the public, enjoy every minute with Mason as time go by very fast.

Shan on

He is precious!!!! I am loving each of your shows! congrats!!

Michele on

Mason looks EXACTLY like her father and brother! WOW! He looks like a mini Rob! LOL!!

Nichole on

Oh wow! He looks just like a Kardashian! She is a great mother! I hope his father is maturing a bit.

My baby girl, Ali Grace, was born around the same time (her birthday is Dec. 3rd) and I feel the same way. Motherhood is great! And Ali is not my 1st, I also have 2 boys, it just keeps getting better!

Felicia on

OMG!!! – He looks like your Dad!!!! – He is tooo cute!!!!

d on

The baby is adorable, but lots of people who can actually WRITE and have something worth saying still don’t have blogs of their own. Why you gave her a job with no creds is beyond me…

Kristen on

Oh mason is really cute nd chuby.

Mary on

Your baby is so cute!! My princess will be 2 this coming weekend. I don’t think any mother can resist kissing their babies on their perfect lips. I kiss my baby all the time.

Genn on

Awww! what a cute baby! He looks a lot like Rob and Kourtney’s dad!

Veronica on

Where did you get that HAT??

Veronica on

Where did you get that HAT!!

romy on

d–look at all the responses this blog post received. That’s why People gave her the job.

zowwie on


Lisa Allen on

A baby is a great blessing to any family. Mason is so cute. Momma and Auntie Kim keep kissing on him as much as you can:) Before you know it he will be saying “stop it!” He is precious. Time goes by so fast.

nikki on

k i kiss my baby anywhere…i love him so much….your son is so cute

lexi on

mason is so cute kourtney

Maria on

He’s too cute!!!!$


His gradfather Robert, may he rest in peace, would be so delighted with him. This beautiful baby is all Rob and Kourtney. Kisses to all

Yaya on

Congratulations Kourt! He looks just like your dad and bro! He is absolutely adorable! Keep the pics coming! You are doing a great job with everything, but especially with being a mommy! 😉

sasha on

I think that he is an adorable baby and I also think that he is a true blessing to you, to his dad and both of your families.

Diana on

He is such a handsome little man! HE looks alot like kourt and her bro and dad Rob.

Diana on

what a handsome dude! Looks alot like the kardash. family
Okay you need to design a baby clothing line!

Latrese on

Kourt, loved this little post. Mason is adorable… we might need to hook up an arranged marriage..lol. Seriously, motherhood is life changing in such an amazingly good way. Congrats on your beautiful baby boy and keep being an amazing mother!!!

irma on

He is adorable! Congrats! He is definetly all Armenian!!!!!

ali on

I kiss my 16 month old all day long =) I think Mason looks just like Rob!! Adorable =)

grace on

mason looks like kortney’s father. how can she ‘take miami’ with her married sister on the e! show while trying to raise a baby?

AmA on

WOW.he is adorable..He looks so much like his Papa Robert….Babys are a gift from god….Heaven sent….HE IS A KARDASHING ALL THE WAY..CONGRATS TO THE NEW FAMILY…ALL THE FAMILY…I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL…

lori on

Well let my first start off by congradulating you … youre an awesome mommy ..very hot !! youre son is ADORABLE !! i admire you .. youre very fortunate to have a wonderfull family .. very supportive .. you keep doing youre thing girl .. dont listen to the nast comments other people have to say … every one has their oun opinion ,and remember at the end of the day all that matters is youre family !! best luck to you kourtney . love always LORi p.s I Lovz ur show !!

Cathy Carey on

I agree Mason is TCFW but can someone explain to me exactly why the Kardashian’s are celebrities?

JJ on

You know, that baby isn’t big for five months. His mother is abnormally small, as are most “celebrities.” Remember, any baby is going to look huge when their size -2 mother is holding him. I’m just saying… Regardless, she obviously adores her baby–good for her.

annnnie on

ohh my kourtneyy , soo cutee (:

kc on

he is sooo cute! my own baby boy will be here in 2 months i can’t wait!! 🙂

Armine on

OMG he looks like the cutes, most adorableest little baby and from looking at the picture I can tell that he is Armenian and he looks like a cute little grandpa, who you just want to annoy all the time and hug and kiss.

Shayla on

He is so cute, he looks like his Uncle Rob!!

nancy on

OMG-he is so cute. He looks just like Rob. I’m sure all his auntie’s and grandma Kris fight for his attention. Mason is one lucky baby with a lot of love from the family.

CZY on

He looks very much like your brother Rob but I’m sure you have heard that many times. I don’t see much of Scott but I see your side of the family big time. He looks like a very happy baby.

Renee on

I think Mason looks just like Kourtney’s Dad & brother Robert! He is just keeping the Kardashian gene going! Sorry Scott you have to agree this baby is pure Kardashian!!!

princesspr on

I may not be a fan of the Kardashians……however, I am a fan of cute babies……AND MASON IS THE CUTEST BABY EVER!

You can see their dad’s genes are strong…because lil Mason looks like his uncle Rob.

shad on

with a sweet baby like mason i know that kris is the happiest grandmommie on the planet..they are a cute family and i love watching their show…good job kourtney he is simply adorable

bria on

he is sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria on

how adorable…. 🙂

liza on

he’s adorable! i know he looks delicious but since babies don’t have much exposure to germs i would refrain from kissing on the lips – your immune system can handle more than his 😡

denise on

I know what you mean I have a three month old and kiss him all the time it seems like anything he does is the cutiest thing ever…Ur son is so adorable =)

sherry on

Kourtney has great taste in naming her son, Mason. I have a 3 yr
old with the same name and he and his 2 brothers are my world. My baby is now 4 months and I kiss his lips, hands, thighs and toes all the time! My older two still love to kiss me goodbye and goodnight and we have cuddle time everyday. I love being a mom and I can see Kourtney does too. Congratulations on your handsome little man!!!

Nonny on

He is so adorable a true Kardashian. Looks like his grandpa Kardashian.

Rica on

YES, I definitely kissed my babies on the lips…I had 3 boys. BUT…since i’m and only child my sons have no blood aunts and I couldn’t see allowing anyone else to kiss them on the lips! Only mommy! Enjoy that little handsome man of yours.

Monique on

Kourtney, You are so right about the kissing. I have three girls 15, 13, and 9 and I still to this day am mad about kissing their beautiful little lips (that is my 9 year old). They have such an innocent touch to them, so angelic. I always joke with them that I am the only lover they are allowed to have and only me, no boyfriends ever!!! hahah Your son is gorgeous and I am sure he craves your kisses filled with love also. Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood:)

Adriana on

They’re so cute and adorable!!!!!

talitha sampson on

Kourtney he is sooooo gorgeous. He is the true doll! He is tru eye candy! Motherhood is the best experience for any women to encounter. After the pain of labor it all goes away truely when you see their angelic faces. God has truely blessed you. I watched your families show and also you and Khloe’s show and i do believe that you and Scott are being the best parents. Just dont let him ever hurt you again Kourt. You cant help who you love, but never settle for any less than tru happiness.

Much Love Talitha aka Ms Hottee

amyk on

Boy, the Kardashian genes run thick in that family! He’s such a cutie! i think he looks like his uncle Rob!

Ash on

Omg! I cannot believe how adorable and handsome he is!!!!!!! I am so happy for you Kourtney! Enjoy every second too cause it goes sooo fast!

Maria on

What a gorgeous baby. You sould be so proud. Mason takes after your family!!!!!!Best of luck!!!!!!

erika on


judy on

I think he looks like his grandpa….Kourtney’s Dad.

Carmen Waddell on

God Bless Mason. He is a Kadashian. Enjoy him, he will grow so fast. Yes love him all you want, babies do not get spoiled by love. They growup to be assertive and secure. Kiss him, hug him,
tickle him, laugh with him. God Bless your family.

Carmen Waddell on

So Kortney sought of having an abortion because of an unplanned pregnancy. When a woman young or mature finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy a lot of emotions pass through her head. Kortney is wealthy, have a supporting family, however finding onself pregnant is a lonely moment and until that suport sink in, many ideas and scenarios go through their heads.
The point is that she thought of abortion as one option and she did not take that option. When her baby grows up, he will be a better person for it. He will know that a person must use protection and that as a men he must be responsible not to impregnate a woman and if he does that he will be supportive of the person he had relation with in order not to have her having to think of ways to deal with a persive problem.

I firmly believe that Kortney went through the normal stages after finding out she was pregnant. And she arrived at the right decision. Lets be happy for her, her boyfriend and Mason.
I love the Kardashian’s reality show because it shows that no matter how wealthy
people are they have the same strugles with children as people with less money or no money do. I do not like the cursing but that is real life. How many of us have used the same language at one time or another. I love the show, I love the mother, I love them all.

Karima on

He is definetly a Kardashian. He looks so much like Rob n her father. He is surely a blessing from your father Kourtney. He is really adorable.

faye on

Enjoy! Bearing, giving birth, raising children…. what a beautiful nuture for we women. He’s too cute and adorable. Raise him right…… he’ll be just fine. You appear very proud, so again, Enjoy.

Anonymous on

He is a beautiful baby. He looks like Kourtney made him all by herself.

Anonymous on

OMG he looks just like Rob. He is sooo freaking adorable!

samirah on

Hi all, im five months pregnant, im happy that im finally pregnant and enjoying it especially now that i can feel my baby move. but im having doubts, im afraid of motherhood and what lies ahead at birth for me, but at the same time im excited that my hubby and i will have an addition to our fam..is it normal, did any of yol have doubts of parenthood and what eased it for you, sometimes i lie awake at night and wonder if i will be a good mother or if im ready for at all, just the thought of it is scary enough..
Kourtney i know you had doubts about parenthood and all that, did it go away while you were still pregnant or that moment when you first held your baby in your arms?

Tricia on

Congratulations, on the birth of your beautiful son, Mason.
He is positivly the most beautiful baby,he looks like you and your brother Rob. Enjoy every moment with him, it goes by so quickly.
Your more beautiful than ever,you have the look of love and content, when you look at your son.

I wish you much health and happiness for you and your baby.
Yes, I do watch your show,your family is very loving and crazy

Safia on

Kourt, I can’t resist my baby boy either. From the moment he popped out to now, 18 months later, i am still kissing him everywhere, lips,cheeks,butt,legs,eyes…everywhere..

Motherhood is the most rewarding and fullfilling experience ever and I’m happy you are enjoying it as much as I do. Wiat till Mason starts to do more crazy things, you’re in for the best ride of your life.. good luck =)


Maddie K on

OMG, I don’t think I have seen a baby that cute in a long time. Hold on 2 him some lucky girls gonna snatch him up!!!! By the way CONGRATS 4 having such a CUTE baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

missy on

great pictures! you can tell he is a Kardashian! Beautiful

Anonymous on

I think he looks like his uncle Rob. He is so handsome!

collleen on

love him he looks like his dad but a bit of you

ShaRita Nicole on

he is sooo cute!!!!

Shaina on

OMG he is sooooooooooo cute Kourtney,…Luv it he looks so much like Rob wow….Im so happy that your happy not like I know you personally but on the show and in these pics your glowing mommyhood is good for you! Many more blessings and happiness for you and your family…Shaina

FC on

He’s so adorable, I almost can’t stand it. It’s nice to see some new blood blogging for the site. Catching up with her and that Mason seems like it’ll be sweet times to me.

Tracy on

I’m so glad you asked that! I had my daughter on March 12th. She’s my first, and she consumes my world! I can’t keep myself from kissing her all over! Her little mouth and cheeks are so perfect and kissable! Her name is Gabriella, but she is my “Ella Bug”! Mason is soooo adorable by the way:)

Emma on

He looks like rob . Mason is such a cutie 🙂

Rachael on

he’s soooooo cute!!!

RT on

He is sooooo cute. Kourtney, I think you made him all by yourself. WOW. Strong genentics.

vivi on

he is so cute good job mamas you got your little man to have your back…..

tia on

I love the show and you’r a great mom.

Carmen on

Your baby is so beautiful. Congratulations!!

Abigail on

Baby Mason looks like Grandpa Kardashian and Uncle Rob…look
at those big, beutiful brown eyes and lovely complexion…

Leigh on

Kourtney Congrats on baby Mason! He is so handsome and adorable! Very happy for u and Scott u are an excellent Mother! Love both your shows u have on E! I hope someday that I will have the opportunity to meet u guys in person! U Khloe and Kim seem very down to earth! Keep posting those adorable pictures of Mason! Congrats again! Very best to u and Scott in the years to come!

Jessica on

He looks so Armenian… adorable !!!

Sabina on

He is soooo cute! I love your show and I think you’ve done a great job staying beautiful throughout your pregnancy and loosing your baby weight! I am 5 months pregnant with a boy and I hope I can do as well as you cause I have (had) a pettite figure as well. You are my inspiration! All the best! X X

Taylor on

He is a really cute baby, i think its so cool that you can write a blog about how much you love your son, and how much you are bonding with him!!

Giovanna on

he looks sooooooo much like you and Scott!!:)

Yuko on

He’s so cute!

Kami on

We SOOOO need to get our boys together for a playdate!! haha, my son is 9 months old and YES, i do love to kiss his little lips all day long… he just learned how to give kisses- its so funny how babies do the open mouth kiss at first! babies change your life drastically, but it is the best change ever!!
Good luck with mommyhood, and maybe Ill see you around when our boys are in school since we are both from the same area 🙂

Cindy on

Of course you can kiss his lips!! His lips and his toes and everything else!!

dominique :) on

good job mama !!!!
hes such a cutie..looks like u

ree on

so cute enjoy your bundle they grow up so fast.

bj on

He is super precious! 🙂 I could never stop kissing my babies either! They grow up so fast!

melissa on

How cute is this child! Sorry Kourtney this kid is all yours Im sure hes got some Scott in him somewhere but to the untrained eye I dont see any.

Nesa on

I dont have kids but I have a 2 wonderul nieces 6,4 and a 2month old nephew. And no you wont ever stop kissing him. My 4yr old and I kiss all the time I kiss her on the lips and she kisses me to shes just perfect!!!! So are the other ones but shes the one that likes ot give me kisses.

Veronica on

Kourtney…enjoy Mason because they grow so fast. I have a 15 month old baby boy and every day is a milestone…enjoy him!! He is all Kardashian. I see nothing of Scott in Mason.

susan on

He’s so adorable. Looks exactly like Rob and has the touch of his grandpa.

Taylor on

awwhhh soo cutee little babyy masonn (: good job kourtney !

Lizz on

Such an adorable baby!

Ralphenia on


Thank you for the blogs you write to share with all of us. Mason is such a handsome little guy, you and Scott did a great job.

As a mother of two myself (Bradley 5, Lauryn 2), I learned very quickly there are a lot of women and mother’s out there who have strong opinions and advice for others. From some of the comments here, I can see there are a lot of ODD comments! I LOVE to kiss my children and the best advice I ever received from our pediatrician is to believe “A mother knows best!” Trust your motherly intuition because that is what is best for both you and Mason. If you can’t help but give Mason lots and lots of kisses, that little guy will grow to have a strong sense of how much his family loves him.

Best of luck with everything you do.

Jackie on


Marl on

Your baby is beautiful. You have a wonderful opportunity to give him a wonderful life. I find your family to be hyper-sexual and I hope you somehow can remove yourself and your lovely little boy from this kind of influence. I didn’t like your comment that his aunt basically, “makes out with him.” That’s a good example of what I’m referring to.

I hope you take a serious look at Scott and do not marry him. He has a serious problem with alcohol and appears to be very immature and selfish. You have lots of family support and can raise this baby without marrying him. He’ll bring you down.

Rose on

Your Baby is so adorable God Bless Him. He has the strong gene from the Kardashian.. He looks like your brother too.. Girl you are a great strong woman and great mother.. Take care of your Mason and my opinion you deserve way better than Scott when I saw the previews of the new show in Miami. I was terrified by his behavior because for the safety of you and your baby.. May God bless you and your family..

Nikki M on

I heard you had a blog and decided to follow it b/c I love to read about moms who have babies the same age as I do. I’m a fan of the shows and had my first child, a son, on Dec. 27th. So Mason and Jack are just about the same age. Jack is 6 months now and I KISS HIM ALL THE TIME! It’s addictive–I just can’t stop! Sometimes I just hold him kissing his little face and mouth and wonder if it’s annoying him! One day they will be able to tell us to stop, haha, and THEY WILL…so we should just take advantage of this time! And Jack is so ticklish under his arms and just about everywhere…. the neck is the sweet spot and he just laughs and giggles hysterically everytime you get close to his neck. Little boys are totally precious and just the sweetest things ever to their mommies, aren’t they?

myra on

Omg mason is soo adorable!! And I know what you mean about not being able to stop kissing him I have a 15 month old little girl and I love her soo much and I just love to give her kisses all the time! And btw you are doing such a good job as a mommy 🙂

Anonymous on

i think at a point you should stop kissing your baby on lips.. P.S:-mason is soo adorable!

mercedes on

There only that small once enjoy him I was the same way when all my kids were that little I would even do it know if they let me! he,he Congrats to you on your handsome little guys 🙂

asdk on

sssoo cute