Karolína Kurková ‘Having More Fun’ As a Mom

05/30/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

Upon her return to the runway following the birth of her first child — 6-month-old Tobin Jack — a rejuvenated Karolína Kurková says that motherhood brings with it “a higher purpose.”

“I did take a few months off, to make sure we bonded and established a relationship as a family — not just me and the baby, but my husband [Archie Drury], too,” the 26-year-old model explains to W magazine.

“But now I’m back to work and it’s actually busier than ever. I’m having more fun.”

That she’s able to bring Tobin along for the ride certainly helps, and to that end Kurková concedes she is “fortunate.”

“I want to incorporate him into my life as much as possible,” she continues. “And he’s getting used to being in different places and around new people. I think he likes it!”

That Kurková was able to reclaim her place in the modeling world — as well as her pre-baby body– so soon after giving birth is a testament to a healthy pregnancy.

“I didn’t gain much weight, and I think the secret was really staying active throughout my pregnancy,” she says. “I did Pilates, a lot of weight training, I walked a lot and I traveled. I lived my life, you know?”

Diet also played a role, with Kurková noting, “I was eating really healthy, taking good supplements and vitamins, drinking green juices and just making sure I was putting the best stuff in my body.”

Fortunately, she rarely suffered cravings for junk food; Instead, Kurková says she craved “more natural foods” while making sure to eat “lots of fiber.” “I’m all about listening to your body,” she adds.

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AG on

I disagree Helen. I think children join our lives, we don’t join theirs.

Mira on

He turned 6 months, not 18! I don’t think it’s the right time to be busier than ever at work…

izzy on

@helen- is she supposed to incorporate herself into his life? he’s 6 months old lol. or is she supposed to quit work to be a SAHM? then she’d be criticized because she has the luxury of not having to work. or should she leave her baby at home with a nanny? then she’d be criticized and accused of not actually parenting her kid.

she’s a lucky lady. she’s able to work and have her baby with her at the same time. her baby’s a lucky kid too!

CelebBabyLover on

When did she and Archie get married?

MZ on

Yah seriously! I agree with Karolina. I mean, I’m a SAHM because it worked out that way, but I work from home and travel a couple weekends a year for work and my son (now 16 months) comes wherever I go. I love being a mother, wouldn’t trade it for everything, but I’m still ME. I was shocked when people assumed I’d quit the work I do just because I had a baby. But I see it as my mom said when I got pregnant: my baby came to live at my house, not the other way around. It doesn’t mean my life didn’t change when he came, as it should have, but being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be anything else too.

klm on

Even if she were to entirely quit working to be a full-time mother, work is only one small aspect of life. The concept of having a child “join your life” as opposed to the other way around is more about continuing to live your life — find pleasures outside being a parent, be creative, have friends and relationships, travel, etc., and not put everything aside.