Céline Dion Is Pregnant – With Twins!

05/30/2010 at 04:40 PM ET
Lilly Palmberger/CelebrityPhoto

Céline Dion‘s dream to expand her family has come true.

The singer, 42, is pregnant with twins after undergoing her sixth in-vitro fertilization attempt and turning to acupuncture to improve her chances of a pregnancy, her rep Kim Jakwerth confirms.

Dion, mom to 9-year-old son René-Charles, is 14 weeks along. She will find out the gender of the twins next month.

“We’re ecstatic,” her husband/manager René Angelil tells PEOPLE. “Celine is just hoping for a healthy pregnancy. She was hoping for one baby and the news that we are having two is a double blessing.”

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Crystal on

Hearty Congratualtions 🙂 🙂
hope she has a healthy pregnancy ^^

glee fan on

i am so happy for her, René Angelil and rene charles! i predicitng it’s fraternal b/g twins!

Leslie on

So excited for them!

Lynn on


Crystal on

I ♥ ♥ ♥ Celine Dion!!! I’m praying for a healthy and successful pregnancy!! CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂

Vanessa on

Congratulations! That is fantastic news. I wish them all the very best.

What will that mean for her Las Vegas shows next year?

Traci on

That is beyond wonderful news!!!:) I’m so happy for their family! Shes been trying for so long! And Rene-Charles will get to be a big brother! How Exciting:)

Nella on

Congrats to Celine and her family! I wish her a healthy pregnancy and hope all goes well. She must be so excited! I’m very happy for her and her family 🙂

Amy on

I was waiting for CBB to put this up! I am glad they waited longer than last time, oh that was heartbreaking. Congratulations, I am SO excited for them and Rene Charles!!!!!!

Mallory on

This is so awesome…Really, there are no words. 🙂

Many prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a safe labor & delivery for Celine!

Kaylie on

I am absolutely THRILLED for Celine & Rene. They’ve obviously tried for a long time and I hope this pregnancy goes great for them. CONGRATULATIONS!

Lacey on

I’m so happy for them!

Anna on

I’m so happy for her.

lily on

sending all the good vibes i got

Mandy on

Been waiting on this news! Woohoo! Congrats to the lucky family! Hoping for a healthy pregnancy for her, can’t wait to see them!

Anonymous on

So ecstatic for her, Rene and RC!!

klutzy_girl on

Yay! Congratulations to them!

Brooke on

I am extremely happy for her. She and Rene have wanted this for a long time. I am excited for Rene Charles as well….Congrats to the Angelil family!

court on

babies are always a blessing but her husband is almost 70…. ugh why?

MZ on

Oh this is such great news!!! I know they’ve wanted another baby for quite awhile. And, she’s my celebrity pregnancy buddy 🙂

robinepowell on

Since I live in the same Province that she’s from, I’m guessing that’s Monday’s headlines in our paper. She made the news when she had Rene Charles, so I’m guess these twins will be a big deal too.

I’m glad she waited a bit longer this time to make an annoucement.

Robin M. on

I’m not really a fan of her music but I was really pulling for her. It makes me happy to hear she’s pregnant. I wish her the very best.

cara on

Wonderful news for them!

CelebBabyLover on

I was still getting over the surprise of Kelly Preston being pregnant again….and now Celine is pregnant, too! 🙂 At first, when I read that she is 14 weeks along, I thought, “Whoa! That’s kind of early to be announcing it”. But then I did the math and realized that 14 weeks is actually the same as just over 3 months. So techicnally Celine is past that three month “safety” mark. 🙂

Anyway, I have to say I’m sort of surprised they haven’t found out the genders of the twins yet. Given her age, you’d think they would have done PGD (that’s where they screen embryos for prospective genetic problems) with the IVF, or at least done amniocentesis (it could be that amniocentisis isn’t done until about 4 or 5 months, though. I seem to remember reading that somewhere.) or some other genetic testing….both of which can also tell you the gender of your baby or babies.

In anycase, congrats to them, and to Rene-Charles!

izzy on

i’m so happy for her. she deserves this so much! nobody should struggle so much to have the blessing of having children.

@ court and any other poster who might comment on his age: the father’s age is a big deal. dying can happen at any age. mr. angelil is old, yes. but maybe he’ll live to 100. you can’t not have a kid because you might die. then the world would be empty.

Kimberlee Chrisman on

Many prayers Celine. God bless!!

Mina on

I hope its boy/girl so Rene Charles will have a little bro to play with and Celine will have a daughter. I cant wait to see what she names them.

No doubt Rene wont be around to see his grandchildren, but at least they will have Celine, and if something happened to her Rene Charles wont be left alone in the world..he will now have siblings. And no doubt those twins will want to hear all about the 9 years Rene Charles got to spend with mom and dad alone.

Tove on

Very happy for them. But on a separate note, I wonder if there’s been any research done on the long-term effect of multiple exposures to ivf hormones…it doesn’t seem like it would be a good thing…

joanne on

Congrats to them, it is a double blessing fr them,they have struggled for a while, but it seems that celeberties having twins has become so repetitive

Rye on

Congratulations to Celine! I know she has wanted to give Rene Charles a sibling for a long time and it’s nice that she got double the luck with twins! I am hoping she has a boy/girl combo or both girls.

Also, not a fan of older men having babies (ESPECIALLY over 60)…but, I guess that’s off topic so I won’t harp on it.

sgv on

congratulations!!!!! great news 🙂

Rebecca on

Amazing news! I’m so happy that she’s progressing so well.

Marna on

I’m not surprised at all … Last week, I’ve seen her on a TV show promoting her new DVD and she said she was expecting great news and I immediatly thought baby. I even told it to my mom who was by my side, even if she doesn’t care for celebrity gossips.
By the way, great news, I wish the best. Last time, her miscarriage must have been hard to deal with … And I hope that expecting twins will not make her pregnancy harder ( I mean bedrest, early labor … ).
Congratulations !!!

CC on

What wonderful news!!!!!!! I’m so Happy for Celine and her family….. I wish them all the best!!!!!!!

mari on

Happy for her. I just kinda hope nothing goes wrong this time.

I mean shortly after she announced her pregnancy the last time, she lost the baby. 😦 I hope that is not a bad omen and this time everything goes well for her.

Bb on

Am so, so happy for them!!!

Daze on

Amazingly good news. Congratulations to the family. I am happy for them. She’s had so much heartbreak, I’m wishing for joy for them.

Alice on

So happy for her! And she’s past the first trimester already! Can’t wait to see the little cuties, and I hope she has a safe pregnancy.

Niko on

When this news broke, I had tears of joy streaming down my face. Happiest celeb baby news for me, ever!. Celine Dion is my favorite singer of all time! She deserves this double blessing of twins, after all the nightmare she’s been through. Congratulations to the whole Dion-Angelil family!. Wooohooo!!

xxx on

They may have wanted another child for a long time, but let’s face it: She’s 42, that’s not very young for a new mother, and he’s 70, that’s just SELFISH!
How long are they going to know their dad? Even if he’s lucky and live 30 more years, is that fair? I’m tired of all these celebrities using IVf treament, and making babies when they are 45, 50, 60 and now 70.
No matter how much money you have, how famous you are, how many years you think you have left, there’s NO reason why a baby should have a 70 year old father.
I don’t even care if people start to judge me now that i have say that, i know for a fact that it’s hard to deal with an “eldery parent”, other kids making fun of you at school, healf problems… i don’t see why children should deal with that at such a young age while most 30 year old don’t even have to worry about their parents health yet.

Ana on

Im so happy for them! Im praying for a happy healthy pregnancy for celine and hopefully in 26 weeks time (probably sooner actually as its twins!-unsure as to how far you tend to carry twins?) two healthy babies!

Even though she is in the financial position to keep going with IVF, she has still shown if you never give up on something it can happen!

Paula on

The ages of these two makes me shudder. A seventy year old man should not be having more children, they should consider the children first and not their own selfish desires. It is unfair.

Ana on

Congratulations to the family!

Although Rene is quite old it does upset me when people talk about having an old father, him not living for very long etc… because really i think we should all just live for the moment and be grateful for what ever time we have left with the people we love and just to live life!
Of course I understand the disadvantages to having an older father, but come on guys, lets just celebrate the good news and not be so negative!

xxx on

Ana, you are just selfish too. How happy would you be if you had a 80/90 year old ,probably dying, father at 15 or even 25? How good do you think it is to be young, and not knowing how long you are going to see your dad, if you dad is going to know what job you’ll do, how what your kids will look like? Tell a soon to be orphan to live for the moment, and i garantee you that he will just punch you in the face, i know i want to.

Alia on

I know they have worked a long time for this. How wonderful for them that things are going well this time. She’s past the first trimester, so they may have felt safe this time announcing the news. And to be expecting twins! Great news for them and for René-Charles. I pray everything continues to go well for them and they welcome two healthy babies in a few months.

And it’s nobody’s business except theirs how old they are. I have a friend whose father was in his 50s when she was born and was in his 60s when her youngest brother was born. Her mom was much younger than her dad (and no, it wasn’t her dad’s second marriage nor was there any intervention to get pregnant). Her dad isn’t here anymore, so he never got to see his youngest graduate high school, see his two older children get married or see my friend give birth to his first grandchild – but they’re a close-knit family and managed to get each other through the loss of their dad.

You don’t have to have an old parent to lose one. Mariska Hargiskay lost her mother in a car accident when she was three. Figure skater Sergei Grinkov died of a heart attack in his 20s, leaving behind a 3-year-old daughter. Anything can happen.

April on

Back off xxx. You’re being extremely aggressive for no reason.

Congrats to Celine and Rene. These are much wanted babies.

Anonymous on

I agree with xxx. If everyone thought more about what was in their children’s best interest instead of their own best interest, the world would probably be a much better place.

Dee on

You know, it really ticks me off when people come on here and start sprouting their negativity and crap about people’s ages!!!

Seriously, what do you care? Is it your kid, your life? If no is your answer then BUTT OUT….these people dont care about your thoughts and feelings!!!

I am happy for anyone who brings life into this world. Older fathers have been apart of our tapestry for donkey ages now. Why make a big deal of it, how is it selfish to want to share your life with a child?

It is better to have the love of a parent for a short period of time than to have never known your parent at all and in the end that’s all that matters.

For someone like Celine who has struggled so hard and so long to have a child and then to expand her family, I am double thrilled for them and wish them a happy and safe pregnancy and God bless them 🙂

Dee on

XXX is a troll on here to cause problems….just ignore them….people who sometimes lack for something in their own lives take it upon themselves to breathe negativity elsewhere!!!

z on

do all of you people who condemn the father’s age also think that men and women in the military should not have children? after all, there’s a chance of being killed in action with young children at home. and i suppose police officers and fire fighters should think twice, too. i mean, how UNFAIR would it be to die and leave a young child behind?

WAKE UP PEOPLE: There are no guarantees in life. You can live to be a healthy 90, or you can live to be 25 and die in an accident, of an illness, etc. Nothing in this world is assured.

If you don’t think that this family should have other children you must all also think that single women shouldn’t be able to have IVF or sperm donors yes?

Such judgment you all pass!!!

Shawna on

Anyone can die at at any time. What about a child with a parent in the army? Their parent can die at any time. Would you argue that anyone in the military shouldn’t have children? What about other people in high risk jobs like police office or firefighter? Should there be a ban on anyone with a higher risk of dying having children? What about parents with disabilities or health problems? Should they not be allowed to experience the joy of being a parent because they may not live to see grandchildren? None of us know when we will die. A perfectly health 22 year old could have a baby and then die in a car accident the next day.

z on

@ shawna — we posted the same thing at the same time! i agree wholeheartedly with you 🙂

Christina on

My friend’s husband was police officer killed in the line of duty last year at the age of 23. She was pregnant at the time of his death and gave birth just 4 months after. She was not expecting to be a widow at the age of 21. Life hold no guarantees for how long you get to live.

Delaina on

Congratulations to Celine, Rene and their families!! So glad they muzzled the doc who announced her last pregnancy too soon, giving her time to get to the “safety” point!!

Anyone criticizing Rene’s age should remember that a child can lose a parent at ANY age. My father died when I was 15. He was 44. Should my father NOT have had me because he MIGHT die before I was a grown adult? That logic is ridiculous! We all could die at any time, so live life to its fullest and stop worrying about what other people do!

Janna on

I understand why people think he’s too old. It’s all about the odds. Odds are that younger fathers *will* be around for their children and older fathers *won’t* be. That’s ok, it’s factual and it’s honest.

But what happened to human civility. How about not writing something that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face? Is this really how you would talk to someone? How rude, how mean can you be?

We can talk about a million what-ifs… What if two dwarfs want to have children? What if a black man and a white woman want to? What if it’s someone with diabetes? What if someone stores the sperm of their husband who is dying of cancer?…. Who are you to decide who should have children? And when? And how? And how hard their children’s lives will be *if* one of a million things happens?

The problem isn’t with people stating their opinions. The problem is that their opinions are soooo mean-spirited.

Karine on

I’m wondering what’s gonna happened to her show in Vegas, she is supposed to be in March 2011, for years, what abour her kids ?

Lilliana on

@xxx seriously?

it is better to love, then to never love at all.
You can’t go on saying how selfish it is to bring life into this world, life is a delicate thing, and can be taken away at any moment regardless of age! These 2 babies will be loved and adored by their parents, and so he might only live another 15-20 years, but that is plenty of time to build a relationship and memories for the child.

i lost my dad when i was 9, he was not old, he was only 26 when i was born, he was killed by a drunk driver one night. Just because he was young when i was born, doesn’t mean he was going to live to see me grow up. It is heartbraking and sad, but the pain pasts, and i am left withthe great time i had with him, and will never forget him, and i am greatful that he gave me life, and i love and enjoy every moment of my life.

Rene and Celine is giving these 2 babies life, and they will have a great life, with many stuff and experiences that many of us were not exposed to.

maggie on

oh congrats! i think it’s a boy/girl combo with french names

Gaia's mom on

This is such joyous new! Congrats to this beautiful family! I don’t think the rene’s age should be an issue. I mean plan for today, live for today. No one knows the day they will die and it should stop them from the joys of parenthood. Im sure that both celine and rene recognize their precarious position. I wish them the best!

Niko on

xxx, you need to get a life, troll. If you can’t be happy for the happy couple, then please keep your negative opinions to yourself coz they mean squat. I doubt Renee gives a damn about you boringly rambling on about his age. The point is he’s STILL healthy and alive, and wants to be a father again. What’s wrong with a family wanting to expand? Stop whining.

As some people have pointed out, anyone–young or old–can die at any time.

iluvperfectparents on

Congratulations! Geeesh some people will take the beauty out of a rainbow. Why does it bother anyone how old celebs are when they choose to have their children, you don’t have to take care of them?

Kristen on

I will never understand those who hate the idea of older parents. If the idea is to give children young parents who will live the longest with the child then why not promote teenage parenting? Wouldn’t that solve the issue? Babies could live for decades with their much younger parents and all would be right with the world. Oh wait that would be stupid…

Give me a mom in her 40’s anyday versus a mom in her teens.

Elzbieta on

I don’t think god forbid if Rene or Celine should pass the children would regret being born, or that they would regret having them. So I don’t see the issue. Congrats to this happy couple!

Anna on

I don’t agree with having children at his age. For me the cut off lies around 40. And people saying you can die at any age, that is completely different! The chance of dying at 25 is small, Rene knows for sure he will die when his child is still young.

Lee on

I think what individuals are trying to say on this board that because he is 70, he is already in old age and closer to passing away of natural causes, illness, or what have you. 70 is old and there is no way to deny it. I know it is sad to lose a parent at a young age, I lost my dad at 7 and my mom at 17, but I do remember the times I had with them. I agree his children will remember the time they will have with their father and that is all that matters.

Shirelle on


JMO on

I’m very happy for them because I know it’s what they wanted. But ever since her people article where she shunned the idea of adopting she kind of puts me off. Not that I’m saying people should adopt over trying for their own but the comment rubbed me the wrong way.
That being said I worry more or so about two people being their age and the effect it could have on the children. At their age all kinds of problems could occur (downs, autism, etc). But I guess they took the risk fully knowing that’s a possibility. I just think it’s not fair to the child to put them in that position of growing up with certain medical issues. Anyways, I do wish them all the best. I hope for 2 healthy little babies!

Ana on

Well xxx (you could really write your name!) i think your bad attitude is just ridiculous (c’mon, “i want to punch you in the face” grow up)and to be honest it has nothing to do with you or me how old they choose to be when they have children! Why cant we just say congratulations to them and be happy that they got THEIR wish!

Mina on

Kristen…I was a teen mom and I raised my son right…smartest kid in the class (always getting awards), polite (I cant tell you how many times people ask his age, amazed that he is unlike their bratty kids), funny, friendly, empathetic towards others feelings (so many brats in his 1st grade class just hit hit hit and my son asks why and NEVER hits back). And the funny thing is, all these brats have older parents. Kids who have older, richer parents are often more spoiled. Since I had to do without things, my son learned to appreciate things he did/does get. I’m well off now, so I can give him anything he wants, but I wont because I refuse to have my son a spoiled brat! We are the few who are humble. If you want to make generalizations about teen moms, then I can make them about older moms. It doesnt feel too good when the tables are turned, does it? Think before you speak.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them! Such great news. I know Celine lives in the States now and everything, but I’ll always only think of her as Canadian 🙂

Daphne on

Some of you posters are no better than xxx! Calling xxx names like “troll,” etc., what are we, nine year olds? Let’s not forget that this is an internet discussion board and we are ALL entitled to our opinions whether popular, positive, negative, hey, that’s life. Life is not full of roses and people offering positivity and encouragement at each turn. I’m happy for Celine and Rene considering how long they’ve tried. And I’m sure they could care less about ANY of our comments, negative or positive.

My hope is that a couple in Celine’s and Rene’s financial position would start a charity to raise money for couples that can not afford multiple IVF treatments so that other couples can also experience their joy. After so many failed attempts, no one would understand more than Celine and Rene the pain that is associated but having to give up on IVF for financial reasons is heart shattering.

Rye on

I think XXX has some valid points. I think it’s fine for people to become parents in there 40’s. There is nothing wrong with that. But, for a man of 70 to be having newborn babies…there IS a selfishness to that. I think that would be a lot of added stress to a childs life having a parent who was old enough to be your grandparent. Of course anyone can die at any time…but, REALLY? Are you going to use that excuse in the age debate here? Are you guys that are saying that being serious? We are talking about a man who is going to be 87 when his kids graduate high school here. Do you think he is going to get to see them get married and have kids? If you do, you must also believe in fairies and unicorns.

Elle on

Congrats to them!!!!! :0)

maggie on

oh for the love of god! having a baby shouldn’t have an expiration date. if people like xxx, are saying a parents are in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc shouldn’t have kids because their OLD and selfish! what next people in their late 30’s can’t have kids because they’ll be 50 when their kid is a teen?

Fifi on

Congrats to Celine and Family!! Hears to a happy, healthy pregnancy 🙂

Shea on

What I find interesting is the argument young fathers will be “around”….Tell that to all those single moms out there that had a younger man that was too immature and unsettled so he bailed when the responsibility of a baby came into the picture. I’d rather have a older, settled man that will stick around and want to be a part of my child’s life than some young jerk that makes a baby then moves on to make another with someone else, and never pays a dime to any of the kids he produces or acknowledges their existence. I’ve been in both situations and though my husband isn’t as old as Celine’s (mine’s only in his 50’s), he not only loves and cares for his own kids but also mine that have no relationship with their loser younger father’s that decided that family life wasn’t for them after they created the children.
10 years of a wonderful, loving family life with a dad that loved and wanted you is a lot better than a lifetime of wondering why your father couldn’t be bothered to give you the time of day. Just ask my girls.

Lee on

I just ask why should his age matter in the first place? Death doesn’t care about age so why should any of you? There is no guarantee in life that any of us will live past today. Are some of you like Anna so naive that you actually believe no one dies before they are old? Seriously, how old are some of you.

Romy on

Like I’ve said here before, celebs can choose to either come to these sites or not to read comments. Hopefully they choose not to! Mixed feelings for me. Happy for her after trying for so long, but also don’t like the idea of such an old father. That is older than my parents, and as youthful as they are, I can even tell with them that they are slowing down a bit. Hopefully these kids get to know their dad for a long time and can become adults before he dies, but there are no guarantees regardless of age anyway.

Alice on

maggie, that’s the point, they’ll be 50 when their kid is a teen and that’s fine because they’ll still be around when the kid is grown up.

That said, I can’t blame them, when they started trying they were both younger, and it’s unfair to say mean things when at last it worked, plus Celine IS younger. She will be around! 42 is early to be done for age reasons.

JMO, just a thought about the health risks for the baby, I think they used frozen embryos like they did for their first child. So there isn’t really a risk due to their age because the babies were created with younger eggs 🙂

JMO on

Alice, thanks I do not know how this stuff works. But even so if they were created say 10 years ago…Rene was still a 60 yr old man. That’s still a risk, right?
I hope they come out fine (and sure they probably will) but it is scary to think you could potentially have not one but two babies with these conditions.

Allison on

I definetly think that 70 is too old to start having newborns, but celebrities pretty much do whatever they want because they can afford to. Luckily, the majority of people don’t do IVF at age 70.

Alice on

Well genetic abnormalities due to age are more likely to be from the mother. Men make sperm anew at any age while eggs are blocked in the middle of a division from birth, so the more you wait, the more the eggs are old and when they finish their division they are more likely not to do it correctly.
There are hypotheses of risks linked to the father’s age though, but I think it has an influence only if the mother is old as well. I’m not too sure about that.

Anyway, in Celine and René’s case the risks are very small since they screen for abnormalities before implanting embryos with IVF. In a natural pregnancy it’s risky to make tests but with IVF the embryos are already in a Petri dish so you might as well test for easy to spot defects. They pick the healthy ones and implant them.

Shawna on

JMO – FYI, the incidence of autism is NOT linked to the age of the parent. Please do some research before making a declaration like that. Yes, there are some conditions whose numbers increase with parental age but autism is not one of them.

martina on

I just read an article in the NY Post about Tiki Barber (a 34 y.o. retired star football player) who cheated on his wife Ginny while she was pregnant with twins. Now he’s fighting Ginny, who just gave birth, to make sure she doesn’t get “too much money”. So a question that comes to mind – who’s going to be a better father to their twins, a 70 year old man who WANTS the children, or a perfectly healthy 34 year old who doesn’t give a damn. Life isn’t one-dimensional. Age only means so much.

Daphne on

Shea, I’m not sure if your argument is valid. It is much different for a child to have never known his or her father versus having his or her father die, especially when he or she is a young child or teenager. I’m not sure if there is even a comparison. As long as the father is still alive, there’s always that chance that he will reappear in the child’s life down the road…even if it isn’t until the child is an adult. On the other hand, death is well, permanent.

I also find it interesting that no one has brought up the increased chance of health issues that children of older fathers face. I read a study that children of older fathers are more likely to have autism.

Erika on

Yay, I am so happy for them!!!!! Congrats to them!!!

izzy on

@xxx, wow i’m surprised you have time to spread your ignorance on this site, what with your promising career in law in the works.

you can’t not have kids because you MIGHT die when the kid is young. my friend’s dad had her when he was 28 (a good “decent” age) and he died when she was 16. my mom’s friend’s father had her at 50 and he is currently 99. sooo, age is really irrelevant.

all you negative people must have a lot of regrets in life and i offer you my sympathies from the bottom of my heart ^_^

Anonymous on

My god, common sense people. The whole “you could die at any age” is the lamest argument. This man is far too old to have kids…again, who cares if THEY wanted a baby at this age? What about what is best for those kids? But whatever…I guess you can make different choices in life when you’re filthy rich and can pay other people to play ball with your kids and whatnot.

Michelle on

It floors me how people can call having a child SELFISH. How in the world can devoting your life, love and care to another human being for AT LEAST 18 years in any way be called selfish? In fact, it’s the most un-selfish thing one could ever do.

Michelle on

Any having babies when you are 30 is no guarantee that you will be around to watch them grow. My brother unexpectedly died at age 37 leaving his children behind without a father. Was he selfsh too?

Cathryn on

LOTS of teen girls get pregnant every day and the fathers are never to be seen again. These babies will likely have many wonderful years ahead of them with a mother and father who obviously love them and wanted them very much. I think people need to stop being so judgemental, but that seems to come with the territory with fertility treatments. The whole world thinks it is their business what other people do with their bodies.

Congratulations to Celine and Rene. I’m glad your dream came true!

Brianne on

Congratulations, Celine, Rene, and Rene-Charles on your happy news! I wish you all nothing but the best!!!

grace on

@ xxx: wouldn’t life be perfect if we could get our advanced degrees; have our careers and be successful; get married and have kids in our early 30s? unfortunately life does not play out that way and we make choices and sacrifices. so, let people live their lives the way they want to. you cannot live your life according to how other ignorant people think you should!

Anonymous on

Yes, Lee…moronic as ever. You can die at any age. However statistically speaking, the odds of you dying under the age of 40-50 are minimal. The real, and more intelligent truth, would be that this man will absolutely not live to see his kids graduate from college. While those kids may love their father, I would argue that if they had the choice, they would probably choose to have him around longer. But whatever, Lee. You can’t argue common sense issues with people like you…who have none.

JMO on

Shawna –

My mother’s friend got pregnant at age 42. They did testing because of her age and determined the baby would be down syndrome. The baby turned out not to have downs at birth but they said her risk for autism would be high. It turned out she did test for autism. So I’m sorry to get you all hot and bothered by my comment. I just thought of that situation and figured that some cases of autism do occur when the mother is of older age since it happend to a friend of ours.

Daisy! on

xxx- Is it selfish that my father died at the age of 41, when I was just 12? Fathers, parents and people in general can die at any time, at any age. There is no need to be so agressive and judgemental. Whether he lives for thirty more years or just three all that will matter to these children is that they had a father who loved them. It is not your place to judge this family. To be honest you disgust me.

Maddie on

YEAAAAAAAA! congratulations celine and rene! 🙂

Aaron on

Why are people only focusing on HIS age and not hers? She’s only 42, which IMO, isn’t all that old anymore to have a baby (or two). I have three aunts who all had babies in their early 40’s and they are all doing just fine. I also have a cousin whose dad was over 30 years older than her mom. Her dad died when she was only in her 20’s, but she’s never regretted the precious time that she had with him, no matter how short it was. He also proved to be a more stable father, unlike my son’s father who was in his early 20’s when I had our son. He has absolutely nothing to do with our son now, which just breaks my heart. I’m sorry, but basing someone’s ability as a parent on a silly number is just stupid. Love is not something that can be rationalized away because you think someone is too old…it just doesn’t make sense.

swedemama on

Congrats to Celine. I tried to get pregnant in my 20’s and 30’s with no success suprise when I became pregnant at 40 with my beautiful son. He is healthy and happy. My mom died when I was 16 and she was 37. I am very healthy and ran a marathon this past April. Enjoy the time you have with your family. Even if you are a “young” mom there are no guarantees cherish every day.

Lee on

@Anonymous, I love that I annoy you. You are just upset because I’m correct and you are trowing a tantrum like a child. So please, keep coming with the insults. It’s the perfect way for me to end a long weekend 😀

young with old folks on

As a now adult child of older parents, I can say this absolutely sounds selfish to me. I got to reach the ripe old age of 26 before my adult life turned into TAKING CARE of my parents. While these two have the money to hire people to take care of them in their old age, most people do not. I tend to be of the mind that if you are past the age where mother nature can no longer do the job, there’s probably a reason. And you can blab all you want about life being beautiful and a few years of love are better than nothing but you know what, you should be selfless enough to want to give your children the best and most of you that you can. Take it from me, having really old parents as a young adult absolutely sucks.

Bancie1031 on

AWE!!! YAY!!!! Congratulations to Celine and Rene. I truly wish them the best of luck with a easy pregnancy and two (2) healthy babies at the end of their pregnancy with a easy delivery 😀 Can’t wait to find out what they’re having 😀

xxx – Just for your information my best friend died at the tender age of 27 and had 2 sons (ages 8 and 6)…. was she selfish because she decided to have children then died from Complications of pneumonia? She will never see her children grow up or graduate from hight school let along college or see her children get married nor see them have children …. Yes it was hard on them to lose their mother but they are strong, healthy, happy and are striving each and every day even 3 1/2 years later. They remember her, talk about her, remember the good times and they’re statisfied and content.
Your statement is just CRAZY and IGNORANT! Yes Rene is older and might not live to see his grandchildren but that doesn’t make him any less of a good father or less deserving ….. Unfortunately people die every day and at all ages (whether they have children or not) TOMORROW IS NOT A GUARANTEE FOR ANYONE (whether it’s a 27 year old mother or a 70 year old man or anyone inbetween).

Stevie B on

Congrats on the Twins.. Cant wait to hear if they are boys or girls.. Or one of each…

sbg on

OK, so I think that it is selfish, however, being selfish is part of being alive.

For me having kids was selfish — I wanted to experience this aspect of life and, after my first was born, I wanted to do it again. There were social reasons too that had nothing to do with these beings. These are selfish reasons that we are all aware of — at least I hope so. Yes, I also want to care for them and usher them into their own, but the underlying selfish aspect is part of biology and undeniable.

Congrats to Celene and Rene!

CelebBabyLover on

Anonymous- Actually, there is a chance, even if it IS slim, that he might see the twins graduate from college. If he lives to be 100, then the twins will be about 30, and most likely will have graduated from college by then. 🙂

Alia, Z, Shawna, et al….I agree completely! My grandmother was in college (so in her early 20s) when her father died of a heart attack….at only 54 years old. So I agree that there are certainly no guarantees in life!

dee on

This is such wonderful and encouraging news. Congratulations to Celine and her family. She’s worked so hard for children, I can’t imagine anyone any more deserving. May she have a successful pregnancy and birth.

xxx on

It’s all about odds, that’s it. Sure, death can happen anytime. My dad had me at 45, which is kind of late. I’m not even 20 and he’s very sick, i’m not sure how long he’s going to be “around”. It’s HORRIBLE to be young and have to deal with a parent’s death. I simply wish people would think about the concequences of having babies late in their lives, before they make babies at 65.
Am is selfish for saying this? Is it selfish to wish for a child not to have to deal with their parent’s health problems?

xxx on

ps: the amazing Denis Hopper died on may 29th 2010 of cancer at the age 74, leaving a 48 year old daughter, a 36 year old daughter, a 20 year old son, and a 7 year old daughter ( Galen, born in march 2003).
How do you think this little girl is feeling right now? Her older sibling got to see their dad a lot longer than her. SHE IS ONLY 7. I find it sad. Sure, Denis Hopper could have live 10 more years, maybe even 20 or 30, and see his daughter get married, have children… but he dind’t. Because he was 67 when he made the decision to bring another child into the world.

People yell at Jamie Lynn Spears because she has a baby at 17. Because people are afraid that young teenager may think that having babies at a young age is the right think to do… At least Jamie Lynn has a vey good chance to see her daugher longer than Rene will ever see his children.

isabelline on

This is great news! I’m not a fan of her music but I’m very happy for them. However, I still wonder why they didn’t try a surrogate. Being pregnant at 42 is extremely dangerous for her and the babies!

SarahP on


Audrey on

I am happy for them both, that they got the babies they so badly wanted.
But I feel sad for them too, as a child raised by her grandparents I know how hard it is as a child to have a parent that cannot be as active as a normal parent, having to deal with age related sickness, and loosing one of them at 16, I know how hard it is, still is, because now I am the one who is looking after the other grandparent. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but parents just think that its so simple, and the children will be able to deal, and the other parent will take care of them and it will be peachy. But it doesn’t always work that way, and its hard for people who haven’t been through it to understand. The guy had cancer and is 70 years old, it makes me angry too. it is a really selfish decision, and one that will hit the children the hardest when they are older.
It can happen to anyone, but it will defiantly happen to them alot sooner.

malibu on

awww, that’s really nice news 🙂

in regards to the whole age situation, i really don’t think selfish is the best way to define their actions. odd, perhaps. it’s a shame because i honestly can’t see a 70 year old man rolling on the floor, running about the place to play and take care of his babies, but for all we know the guy can maybe still do cartwheels. they’ll have nannies too i guess… i really hope the reminder of his life with these kids is long and healthy, i can’t imagine how hard it would be to be a teenager with a senile parent should that situation arise.

however, there is no doubt that those kids will be adored and i truly wish this family the best

Sonya on

That is wonderful news! I’m so happy for their family! Shes been trying for so long! Now Rene-Charles will get to be a big brother! How Exciting is that ;-}
Congratulations! That is fantastic news to finally hear. I wish them all the very best.

La-Anna on

I am overjoyed by the news of a double blessing for Mrs. Celine Dion. I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 & 1/2 years, and it gets really hard sometimes. I understand how it feels to get your hopes up thinking you are pregant but you are not. But to hear the news that she is pregnant with twins, I can’t help but wonder how much love they have for eachother, to know that they stuck by eachother through it all…… then thier dreams came true. I am so happy for them, I pray many blessings for thier family!

Migdalia bishop on

What makes this story so great, Celine and Rene is willing to share everything to the world about their personal lives. They are both true to themselves. I am 40 yrs old and want more anything to have another child. We have one son and there were complications with us. We made it thru. In the article, it was mentioned about acupuncture that was my next move. Being healthy and having a positive outlook on life it is important. CONGRATULATIONS~ I am a fan of yours and your voice is so angelic. Wishing you nothing but a great pregnancy and keep your feet up. Twins! Your going to need it. By the way, you never give up do you? 🙂 Keep up the great music and hopefully, I get to see you in Vegas. This I don’t want to miss.

Elizabeth on

Number of years isn’t the only measure of a good parent-child relationship. Also, my father in law is 90 and still gets down on the floor and plays with his grandchildren. My niece’s father is 35 and hasn’t bothered to see her in years.

Would a child of older parents truly prefer not to be born at all? If you were born earlier in your parents’ lives, you wouldn’t be “you” as that person would be a combo of whatever sperm and egg met earlier–you wouldn’t exist.

giselle on

isabelline- that’s actually what I’ve been thinking about.

Congrats to the family. Obviously Celine and René don’t care about your thoughts about his or her age.

Anonymous on

LOL…No, Lee, you are not correct. You are a hypocrite. You judge everyone for judging. Sorry to push you off your pedestal, but you are just as judgemental, if not more, than everyone else.
And why would you annoy me? You are probably a know nothing 12 yr old girl for all I know…the only thing I do know is that you can judge me and everyone else for not agreeing with everyone else’s life choices all you want. But at the end of the day, your moronic comments won’t change my opinion. And you are entitled to your opinion, however absurd it may be, as well. So kudos to you for spreading your stupidity all over the internet.

As for the topic at hand, my father is alive and well at almost 60 yrs old. I’m sorry that some of you lost parents early on, but as someone who hasn’t, I am suprised that so many of you would ever wish that on someone else. I am thankful every day for having my parents around at the most crucial times in my life for support and advice.

And Lee, write back as much as you want about how right you think you are (as if writing that somehow makes it true?) But I won’t be back to read it…not because I can’t rip you a new one every time, but because I have what is called a life. You should try getting one.

B.J. on

Someone said: “having a baby shouldn’t have an expiration date.”

Well, it does, that’s why woman go through menopause. Men shouldn’t be making babies forever either, when they get older the quality of the sperm decreases. Either way, I’m happy for them, but at the same time, take care of newborn twins is going to take A LOT of energy… So I hope they are prepared to deal with that. But wait, they’ll probably have nannies… So I guess they’ll be just fine!

xxx on

would any of you have a kid at 70? i don’t think so…because deep inside, you know it’s wrong, selfish, call it all you want it’s simply not the best thing to do for a family.

JMO on

Well I have a feeling the Duggar mom will be punching babies out until she’s 50 so why not the rest of the world! If it’s worth the risk of whatever could happen to either child or parent then I say to each their own!

Jill on

42 is still young to have a baby. Maybe 70 is pushing it. But with people living longer healthier lives 40 is the new 30, which I think is true, so 70 is the new 60 in alot of ways too! I think everything really has shifted by at least 5 or 10 years.

They also want a sibling for their son. It is the greatest gift to give to an only child — a sibling. We had a baby naturally at 40 after years of infertility in my 30s. We also have an 8 year old daugther through IVF. Now we finally have a second child and sibling for our daughter! So happy for Celine and understand what she went through. If you have not had infertility you have no idea what it is like.

Plus having a baby around 40 is very common and normal. There are A LOT of women around 40 who have babies naturally without IVF too. There really is no difference between late 30s and early 40s!

B.J. on

Just want to add..

I met Celine and her family when I worked at Disneyland. Her husband rolled into the restaurant I was working in IN AN ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR. This was 3 years ago, he’s not getting younger. If he couldn’t even walk around the Happiest Place on Earth without a wheelchair, I can’t help but question his energy levels, what with twins on the way…

Kate on

Personally, I think Hollywood is pushing it with the ages at which they are having children. Celine isn’t old, old… like her hubby. But she’s still way beyond the advanced maternal age mark. Between this story and Kelly Preston, it makes me shudder, to be honest.

Kate on

And I’m sick of hearing to mind our own business because it’s what “they want”. It’s not about what “they want”. It’s about the children. And it’s really, really irresponsible to have children at an old age like that.

Kate on

42 is YOUNG to have a baby????!!! I think I’ve heard everything now. FYI… 35 is considered advanced maternal age.

Lee on

@Anonymous, thanks for the comments. It made my day and have a nice life in your small corner whining about older parents 😀

Kara on

Celine will be over the moon when these babies arrive!

Luna on

Okay I’m happy, no, make that thrilled that they’re pregnant because she’s wanted more kids forever. However, in his 70s, I think that his kids won’t get to see him as long as Rene would want. I’m assuming that most people who want children don’t want them by the time they’re old enough to retire. However, congratulations to them. Twins (as I’d know) are a blessing times two.

Jill on

Newsflash Kate. That 35 is still considered advanced maternal age with some doctors is the joke. Like you. There are A LOT of women having babies in their late 30s early 40s and doctors have now backed off even using the AMA label with this age group. Get with the program!

42 is still in the mix to have a baby now and still have a long life after that. It might not be teenager or 20-something young but it is by no means old!

kiara on

REALLY people are still debating about this! ok first of all it’s not like this will matter to them we have no say in what the hell they should do with their lives because we’re just the FANS! 2nd xxx i feel so sorry about you (honest) taking care of your father at such a young age, that happened with my mom taking care of her mother. 3rd even if renee does died when the twins are young, at least they will have some memories they had with him and sure it will be hard on them but at least they’ll be with people they love. look i’m not saying that this is very selfish or that 70 is the new 30, but we should be happy for the family and that’s all that matters! right?

McKenzie on

I’m beyond thrilled for them..it was something they desired for years now and they got it. FX for a healthy and happy pregnancy for them. As for age, I personally do think 70 is pretty old, 42 is nothing..still young enough, but I think having a baby past age 43 for women is old. However, it is NOT selfish and we are not to judge others as every family is different. And yes I agree that anyone can die at any age..true. My cousin was killed in an accident when he was 27 and he was married w/ 3 young kids, and I had a neighbor whose father was 43 when he was born and is still alive into his mid-90’s, still healthy and going strong. However, what I think ppl are speculating is that the chances of having a young parent die is very slim compared to having a very older parent, where the chances are higher cuz the older you get, the more likely you’ll have problems. See what I mean? It’s not always the case as I’ve seen many unhealthy teens, 20 and 30 year olds and very healthy 60, 70 and 80 year olds. So it can go both ways…it mainly depends on the lifestyle of the family and their views. Celine and her husband seem to be very healthy, so there should be no problem with having a baby later on at all. I don’t know the what big deal is, just don’t judge!

Brittany Anne Lynn on

I am so excited for Celine and her husband. I hope the twins are very healthy and that them and Celine have a safe delivery.

Lisa on

Omg I love it! Yeaaa twins!

Danielle on

Wow-People why can’t you just be happy? Telling him, “you’re just going to die when the kids are little” is completley rude. I’m 12 years old and I think it’s fine to have a baby whenever the time is right, just raise it correctly, and it will become a great person..no matter how old you are!

Congrats guys!!!!

Patricia Muir on

All the best to both of you. Hope a little girl is in the making, this will make your family complete. Both are admired for being such a caring couple and the best parents Rene-Charles could ever have. Please do not listen to people about age cause it’s only a number. Blessings to your family!!!!

Carly on

@ Court
My husband is 59 and I am 29 and we are trying to get pregnant. So because he is older are you saying we shouldn’t have kids. You can die at any age. Age is just a number. Maybe once you find someone you are truly in love with you will understand.

Congrats Celine and Rene!

Niko on

Some people STILL don’t get it. Who cares if he’s too to have kids? Rene Angelil has every right, like every human being on earth, to pursue happiness. Despite his advanced age, he looks healthy and probably has about 25 more years to live. He’s going to be a father again, leave him be. Its HIS life, not yours. HIS choices, not yours. Why do you care so much? You’re not one who’ll shoulder the responsibilities of raising the twins. Seriously, STOP all these pointless whining that will solve nothing at the end of the day. What ultimately matters is that two miraculous lives are about to be created, which is truly a blessing.

Mi on

Congratulations to Céline, Réne and Réne-Charles!

I can’t find the source right now, but up until the 50’s the average age for women to have their last child was ower 40 due to lack of contraception and the majority of these children (including my mother) were fine. Celine and her babies will probably be fine and healthy and they will (hopefully) alwas have each other.

Sage on

XXX- I think it’s crazy that you would try to justify teenage pregnancy.

I love Celine and Congrats to their family. Yes is there a chance that the kids won’t get to spend alot of time with their dad here on earth yeah. But atleast they will know they were wanted, they were loved and cherished. Celine is an excellent mother and will make sure that all her children will be loved and taken care of. Yes some may see that as selfish but I do not.

What I think is crazy and selfish are those people in the world that don’t take care and love their children. That is why there are so many children that are so many children in the system because of crappy parents. So I applaude when children are in a loving home with people that can take care of them.

Allison J. on

What wonderful news! I know how much Celine wanted another child, and now she gets a double blessing. Rene-Charles will be a wonderful older brother. I am thrilled for this family and wish Celine a healthy and happy pregnancy and delivery.

Jill on

In post WWII the average age for a women to have their last baby was 42. That was the norm and very common even before any fertility treatments were around. It was not until the birth control pill in the late 60s that this changed somewhat.

As a new mom at 40 I am glad to see the trend is back since it took me time to figure out my infertility in my 30s. Moms in their late 30s/early 40s make great moms. If you don’t know a new mom around 40 then you don’t get out much!

As I said in an earlier post it is a joke to say advanced maternal age starts at 35. This was an arbitrary age set years ago because amnios were the same risk as risk of miscarriage at that age when amnios were more risky. It makes no sense and has no meaning at all. The majority of babies born to women around 40 are also completely healthy. The College of OBGYN now recommends doctors do not even use the AMA label for this age group.

There also is research showing that women who have a baby around 40 live longer, look and feel younger and have fewer health problems later in life. They think it is the higher progestrone during pregnancy. Maybe mother nature does know a few things!

CelebBabyLover on

I keep forgetting to say that I hope, if one or both of the babies is a girl, Celine’s name will be incorperated into one of their names somehow, since Rene-Charles has his father’s name as part of his name. 🙂

Kate on

35 is definitely considered AMA. Just because socially, it is okay to have a baby well into your 40’s, doesn’t mean that we have physically changed as humans to have babies later. Our physiology is STILL the same as it has always been.

Kate on

Also, every 40-something new mom I know does not have the energy that 20-something moms have. Please don’t try to justify starting a family in your 40’s with such “facts”.

Erin on

My practice states that AMA starts at 35. All of the ACOG uses the same information. Statistics show how age factors into your fertility and the overall health of your child. The younger the eggs, the better.

Jill on

I guess you need a history lesson. Women have been having babies well into their 40s for centuries. It is nothing new and is completey normal and common.

Like I said the AMA label was randomly put at 35 many years ago for no real reason except that amnios at that time caused the same miscarriage rate as as having a miscarriage without an amnio at 35. The research shows that there is no increased risk to having a baby at 35+ until at least 40. Even then the majority of babies born to women in their 40s are completely healthy!

The ACOG has backed off even using the AMA label for this age group now. Some doctors I guess have not gotten the memo yet!