Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Expecting a Baby!

05/27/2010 at 09:00 PM ET
Dave Allocca/Startraks

A wedding and a baby are on the way for Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.

The musicians “are expecting a baby and are engaged to be married in a private ceremony later this year,” reps for the couple confirm to PEOPLE.

The announcement comes after the two, together since fall 2008, attended Thursday night’s Black Ball in London, which benefits Keys’s Keep a Child Alive charity.

“They’re very happy,” says a friend of the couple. Swizz Beatz (real name: Kasseem Dean) is father to sons Kasseem Jr., 3, and Prince, both from previous relationships.

— Marisa Laudadio

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Sage on

Congrats, I wasn’t expecting this news!!!! But I remember reading that he cheated on his wife with Alicia, is that true?

Lavish on

Yes, he cheated on his wife, then divorced her, got with Alicia now she’s pregnant. He already has 3 baby mamas, they only mentioned 2 in the report. He is definitely not a winner, she could’ve done much better. Desperate times, I guess!

Lynn on

Happy for her, and that everything works out for everyone involved!

Jen DC on

I *thought* she looked prego in a recent picture! She was wearing some sort of shiny black jumpsuit that looked extra pouf-y in the front.

I can’t agree with how they’ve come together – cheating on his wife, etc. – but here’s hoping for the best. Good luck and congratulations!

Chris on

Wow his divorce was just finalized. Oh well she seems like she’d be a great mother. She’s talked about having a family for some time now.

abbey on

lol! her concert it was so obvious! congrats, that baby will be gorgeous!

Sale Bite on

I guess she couldn’t hide it any longer. Congrats to them!

iluvperfectparents on

Hope she has an easy, safe labor and delivery and a healthy bundle of joy.

Lola Monroe on

Him & Mashonda have been seperated for quite some time…let’s leave the judging to God because nobody knows the truth…but them.

Anyways, im SOOOO excited for Alicia…she’s going to be an amazing mom & wife…she really could not hide it anymore lol..that baby bump was getting WAY to big..


Lilly on

Wow Lavish…are you bitter honey?! The 3rd child isn’t his….that was a fabricated story..get your facts correct & he didn’t cheat on his wife…they were seperated 7 months before he and Alica began dating.Were you present at the time of their you know the facts…EXACTLY!!!

How about enough of the negativity & more positive energy….CONGRATS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE!!!! Your going to be an amazing mommy Alicia!!

Nina on

A baby is always a blessing.Alicia is a very talented woman.Past behavior is always a good indicator of future behavior(Aka Charlie Sheen)and I hope Alicia does not get a dose of her own medicine.As in I hope that Swizz doesn’t cheat on her the way he did his Ex-wife.I wish her and her child happiness!

mae on

Wow, that is great news. Thought she looked pregnant in the recent tour pic of her in a black ensemble…she was definitely sporting a prominent baby bump. I’m a huge fan of her music and really like her–Wish them the best!!

Chassity on

this is not cute. what a roll model we have these days. I guess this is the 2010 way to get a man, huh?

1. make sure he’s married or seperated.

2. let him knock you up out of wedlocks.

3. then let him propose to you.

Erika on

He and his wife have been separated for a very long time. She just refused to let go and is bitter and money hungry which is why you still believed they were together and why the divorce took a long time to be finalized. Anywho, congrats to them. I hope they make each other happy!

Ellie on

@Chassity- if you’re going to be rude, at least spell role correctly.

Lauren on

I couldn’t agree with you more Lola Monroe! I love Alicia Keys because of her musical talents and not because I use her or any celebrity to be my moral guide. Besides, I don’t know any of these people personally to judge them nor do I know the truth or even care about the nature of their relationships.

I can only say that I adore Alicia and wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy and hope that she is blessed with a baby as beautiful as her. Congratulations Alicia!

Elzbieta on

I was never a fan of her music but,I had a lot of respect for Alicia keys. I thought she was all about sisterhood and living with integrity, but she’s a homewrecker. I have very little respect for her left. Of course Swizz is responsible too, but Alicia seemed like a woman of character. I’m pretty young and used to look up to her when I was in high school. Congrats to them both though.

lilly on

well i guess congrats is in order, but dont be surprised when these two split and shes left raising a kid, i can bet my money on it, once a cheater always a cheater, i expected miss keys to settle down with a nice man, who respects women, and not have a bunch of kids with a bunch of different momma’s. She might not realize it now but will in the future, heres hoping im wrong and she can find the good in this guy

Caryn on

I wish her a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

The hows of them getting together is very shady. The entire situation is unfortunate and I hope for the sake of their children — all 3 adults act like adults and be civil for those kids.

Gaia's mom on

I don’t think that celebrities are supposed to be the moral compasses for the young masses. At the same time however, it’s illogical to appear on MTV, have young people buy tickets to your shows but, then say you have no responsibility towards them at all.

Alicia however, actually does do things in the community. She has chosen to work with young girls, and write songs directed towards them, go to schools to speak to them. She has set herself up as a role model. None of us know Alicia Keys personally and none of us know mashonda, so its just as wrong to call Mashonda “money hungry” as it is to assume that Alicias conduct was perfect in the situation. We don’t know, we can’t know and we will most likely never know. The only thing I’ve ever read about it was a letter from Mashonda and even that is only her side of the story. It seems all parties have moved on, so maybe the fans should too!

Misha on

I think that everyone needs to stop judging and leave them be! Who knows what happened with him and his wife and how long they were actually separated. It does not matter to me because they dont pay my bills nor put any food on my table.

Who are any of us to judge? A baby is always a blessing. We should be happy about a new life; not bitter about the past. Alicia nor Swizz have ever claimed to be perfect and blame-free. Give these people a break.

CelebBabyLover on

Misa- Beautifully written! Anyway, I wonder when Alicia is due?

CelebBabyLover on

Chassity- Do you really think Alicia would put herself through 9 months of pregnancy if she didn’t really want a baby? I have never understand the notion that women “trap” men. If you REALLY were desperete to get a guy to stay with you, I’m sure there are much easier ways of doing so than going through pregnancy and childbirth (not that I agree with doing ANYTHING to get someone who clear doesn’t want to stay with you to stay with you!).

Also, I’m sure that at least 99 percent of men out there know how babies are made. So if they don’t want to have a baby, they can take steps to prevent that from happening.

Lola Marie on

Congratulations Alicia!!! Her baby will be beautiful and very talented. I am so excited that she is becoming a mom. She is one of my favorite people. She does so much philanthropic work, supports so many charities, and is an advocate for children, education and the arts. She shouldn’t be judged by this alone because she is so much more than what has transpired in her PERSONAL life.

God bless her pregnancy and her new baby ๐Ÿ˜€

nettrice on

Too many judges and I’m sure even fewer of them are saints. Let and let live. I wish them all the best!

Frost on

I’m just bothered by the trend of women have their firstborns with men who already have multiple children.

Wouldn’t you want to experience the joy of your first child with a man who is going to experience that with you? Alicia is probably super excited, but for Swizz, he’s already been through it with two other women.

Jo on

I loathe the whole ‘don’t judge’ thing. I am entitled to have an opinion, and I think what Alicia and Swizz did is wrong. I don’t have to agree with everything that people do.

gianna on

what’s up with all these rich beautiful women having kids and marrying these men who have shady pasts, seriously it never works out and when a guy has a history of cheating, different kids from different women, the chances are high the same will be done to you eventually, because honestly what makes the next woman any different, this is another case of jesse james, k-fed, charlie sheen, a guy who is known for being a cheat and already has multiple kids. I am a huge fan of alicia so congrats to her, but I thought she was smarter than to hook up with a guy like this and I don’t have high hopes for these two lasting in the long run, because for the most part if your gonna be realistic a leopard never changes it’s spots.

Bb on

Congrats to them!
Big fan of Alicia Keys, wishing her a healthy happy pregnancy!

sarahm on

God bless the child but I cannot agree with what Alicia and Swiss have done which is against God and the sanctity of marriage. In the eyes of God, Swiss and his ex wife are still married making this upcoming ‘marriage’ nothing more than adultery.

His ex wife’s letter makes an interesting and touching read:

I feel sorry for everyone involved and I sincerely hope that those at fault will repent for the ever merciful Lord to have mercy on them. As humans we are all (whether so called ‘celebrities’ or not), sinners and we can be terribly misguided by sin. I will pray for them.

Luna on

I’m happy for Alicia and Swizz. A baby is a blessing, no matter the circumstances. I wish them a safe, healthy pregnancy and baby.

Rachel on

No he did cheat on his now ex-wife. Swizz and Alicia were together as early as January 2008 (kissing photos prove it), when he was still very much married, and not yet separated. Can’t waste my time on caring about homewreckers and cheaters.

browngirl on

people plz get a LIFE how do u know what happen between these people? Just bc his EX says he cheated? A man cant be taken if he doesnt want to be took… why do people always have to JUDGE others when they dont know the real deal?

Cape Town Mum on

Wow so much for my brother’s theory that she’s a lesbian! Wish them everything of the best for a healthy baby and a happy marriage.

African Jewel on

Congrats to Alicia and Swizz! Alicia is still a role model regardless of this situation. I think people are fools for expecting role models to come in pretty packages wrapped in bows with no blemishes. Alicia is more of a role model for accepting Swizz just as he is, baby mama drama and all. As long as she’s happy and not sleeping with a broken heart, who are we to judge?

rb on

I won’t judge his cheating/non cheating, but I will judge on 4 babies with 4 women. Yuck.

Kelli on

I can’t believe that people are getting mad about people voicing their opinions about their relationship. This is a COMMENT section. People can say what they want! When they put their business out there they knew fans/non-fans were going to have something to say about their controversial relationship. I think they both were wrong for having a relationship when he was still married. Congrats on the baby but people are always going to have something to say about it. What if Swizz was your husband/ex-husband?

Jo on

@ Lee
I am being rude because I don’t agree with what Alicia and Swizz are doing?
You are also being rude, because to use your own words
‘ You havenโ€™t learned about respecting the way other people choose to live their lives, have you?’- you are not respecting my rights to express my disapproval.

Siana on

Chassity: Anything wrong with having kids out of wedlock??? Hellooooo, it’s not the XIXth century anymore!

Di on

I am very disappointed in Alicia Keys behavior. Yes, I do believe she had an affair with a married man although I am sure he claimed that he was separated and that his marriage was over just like Jesse James. Swizz Beatz is major producer and Keys is a big star and he probably felt he deserved to be with someone who was on his level. I am sure the marriage will end in divorce anyway.

Whatever happened to having morals,integrity or character? I am not going to congratluate someone who had an affair and is now pregnant and engaged to someone whose divorce was finalized earlier this month. I can’t imagine getting engaged to a man who legally married to someone else less than three weeks ago.

Erica on

I read Mashonda’s letter, and it paints a very different picture of the situation than what her ex and Alicia state to be true.

The one who broke his vows is ultimately responsible, but women should show more solidarity and make the choice not to become involved with married men.

That said, I do hope Alicia has a healthy, easy pregnancy.

Nina on

Di,thank you my words exactly.It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where a persons talent and what they do for the community buys them a pass to behave badly.Alicia and Swizz were having a full blown affair while he was very much married.There are pics that prove this.I first saw the pics over 18 months ago on the YBF BLOG.This story is nothing new.

Lotus on

I really wish women would set higher standards for themselves when it comes to love. It’s more beneficial to think with your brain and not be solely guided by emotions.

romy on

what do you all adore about Alicia? Just that she’s famous and cute? I just never get how everyone adores celebs. I find them (and these sites) entertaining, I wish them the best (and personally hope he goes by Kaseem with her and not Swizz haha)though. From what I’ve read he did in fact cheat on his wife before they separated, but I could be wrong. This is how Tori and Dean got together too right?

Leyley on

Congrats to Alicia and Swizz!!.. I love her and she is going to be a wonderful mother. I wish them the best..can not wait to see what the baby will look like..I am sure she/he will be beautiful..Alicia is one talented singer my her music..

JMO on

Wow I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t even know she was seeing someone. I didn’t even have to read any further then 2 kids from previous relationships to think to myself oh great here we go again!!
I like Alicia but this talented beautiful young women couldn’t find a man who seems to have it better together then this guy does?? I don’t want to be critical especially since I really don’t know the whole story but it would be nice to one day see strong women not “settle” for second best. But to each their own and I hope it works out for all of them. Perhaps they truly are in love and he’s changed (mmm hmm) but I’m sure the little one will be beautiful.

Orchid on

Happy wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby. The baby is completely innocent and can’t help its parentage.

@Di – Thank you!!! To all of these people who don’t understand why AK didnt marry this guy before she got pregnant… well… It’s kind of hard to marry someone who’s already married!!! The divorce was just final 3 weeks ago. If they started dating in fall 2008 (according to People), that means she starting dealing with him right after his son was born… Keep it classy AK and SB…

I wonder if all of these people excusing this behavior would say the same thing if this was Tiger Woods or Jesse James leaving thier wives and young children for a pregnant mistress. Don’t worry… I’ll wait…

Lauren on

WOW. I heard all the pregnancy rumors about Alicia, but I had no idea about her shacking up with a blatantly married man. I just read Mashonda’s open letter to her, and all I have to say is that she explained herself and her side of the story with the class, dignity, and respect that I thought Alicia had until her charade was revealed. The fact that she could be so callous and disrespectful not only to her partner’s own wife, but her stepson-to-be is nothing short of repulsive, and while I hope her baby is born safely and healthy, she gets no congratulations from me. She should be ashamed of herself. More importantly, she should eat her own words: “What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down.”

Dana on

Alicia should have known men lie about the status of their marriage all the time. She was stupid to let this man lie to her. I remember pictures him and Alicia leaking out years ago.
Her relationship will end in the same way since Hollywood is a filthy bed garbage. We will all watch Alicia get torn to piecies to.
What makes Alicia cheating with him-think he will not cheat on on her later. All you fans of Alicia that celebrating with her…. stand by and cry with your girl when he cheat on Alicia. I use to be a fan of Alicia but not any more. I don’t tolarate women stabbing other women in the back.

Amanda on

Oh please, people will use the “don’t judge” line to (quite literally) get away with murder if you let them. Sometimes it’s best to say, “You know what? What you did was not right and I’m not going to pretend otherwise.” Not that I or anyone else are saints, but that is not an excuse to let bad behavior go unquestioned either. Sometimes people just need to be put in check, whether for their own good or the good of others.

Stella Bella on

If he’ll cheat WITH you, he’ll cheat ON you.
Hopefully the $$$ will cushion the blow when it comes. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

maggie on

wait alicia keys slept with a married man? (guess i’ve been living under a rock for 2 years). i happy for her and i think the baby will be a boy. also Chassity welcome to the 21 century. WHY CAN’T WE JUST SAY THAT WE’RE HAPPY FOR THEM people

Di on

I dont think its fair to say that Chassity is being rude.
Its just a fact that ppl think its not normal to get knock up out of wedlocks.

I dont care if its the the 21 century or not i think its not normal to do that im 21 maybe im old fashion but i dont think its normal to do. And i wouldnt not get knok up before i was married this is my opinion .

But i know a lot of ppl dont agree with me and i also think if ppl want to live like that then its there own choose. Im not the one to judge ppl or to tell ppl how to life there lives. Everybody should do what they want with there life.

Theres no point of marrying somebody if u dont believe in marriage.

I respect every owns opinion but that doesnt mean i have to agree with everybody.

Orchid on

I love how People and everyone else says he has 2 children from previous relationships. NOT – he just divorced his wife of 10 years, 3 weeks ago. Makes everything so tidy, doesn’t it?

Elizabeth on

I’m so happy for Alicia – I’ve always liked her a lot and she’s always said that she wanted a family. The relationship situation seems unfortunate, but we don’t know what truly went on between these people in their private lives.

m-dot on

For those of us who followed this story for yrs…Alicia was having an affair w Swizz WHILE he was still legally and physically married. His wife Mashonda discovered the affair via receipts/phone records/etc. Swizz initially denied the evidence and rumors…but continued to cheat w Alicia. At some point Swizz decided to leave his wife and their son altogether to be w Alicia, while Mashonda hoped to repair their marriage (they’d been together for more than a decade). He continued to move forward w Alicia while still part-time married. Eventually he and Alicia went full throttle…which ultimately led to the divorce. The divorce which was JUST finalized little more than two wks ago. Love Alicia’s music, but…She’s demonstrated rotten character in this situation.

Shannon on

I love how People and everyone else says he has 2 children from previous relationships. NOT โ€“ he just divorced his wife of 10 years, 3 weeks ago. Makes everything so tidy, doesnโ€™t it?
– Orchid on May 28th, 2010

10 years? They got married in 2004 and separated in 2008.

Lee on

@Di and Nina, why does it matter? Neither care about what any of us think. If you hate it so much, sorry but it’s the real world. You need to able to deal with not always getting your way.

Lee on

@Di , in case you didn’t notice while you are trying to give us a ‘moral’ lecture. Everyone’s definition of marriage is different. When you start to fully understand that, only then will I take anything you say seriously.

Orchid on

@ Shannon – He was with her for a total of 10 years. According to the wife they never separated. SB was actually taking his wife to functions last year like everything was okay. If he separated from his wife 2 years ago, why didn’t he and AK go public with the relationship then. He’s been denying his relationship with her for awhile. It would make sense that her PR people would make it known that he was no longer with his wife before pictures of them together were seen. That’s just beneficial to their client.

Oh well. It doesn’t matter anyway. They’re all happy campers in the end. Karma’s a bitch though.

mari on

I had no idea about Alicia Keys and this guy with the dumb name. Good luck to them and good for the ex-wife for moving on. It seems this guy is following the footsteps of K-Fed.
@mdot – there is no such thing as “part-time married”. This guy has a bond with his son and ex-wife forever. Let’s hope he is a good father to his kids no matter what.

CelebBabyLover on

rb- As another poster pointed out, he only has two kids so far, not three. The third child isn’t his.

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon- I think she just meant that they were legally married for 10 years (since the divorce just became final now). I definitely get where you’re coming from, though.

Anyway, I am apalled by the people saying that he’ll definitely cheat on her, too. It’s almost like they’re just waiting for that to happen. I would think that’s awful no matter what, but when there’s a baby involved it’s just, well, there are no words. You would think that people would be saying that they hope things work out for the baby’s sake!

jan on

like that old saying what goes around comes around sorry Alicia you walk into a marriage and when you get married he will walk out on you ,but who’s fault is it in the end his wife will get the last laugh in both your faces ,look at what you &swizz did to her and it’s coming back to you
good luck to you and yours

Angel on

Alicia’s a home wrecker so there will be no congratulations from me. I believe in reaping what you sow and would hate to have her garden. It’s gonna be a doozy.

jenna on

i put my money on them having a boy! don’t know why, but i just can’t see them with a daughter! be a little cutie though!

Di on

@ lee

maybe u should learn how to read coz i said i dont think its normaL BUT THATS MY OPINION

‘Theres no point of marrying somebody if u dont believe in marriage.’

Kim on

Tom Hanks was married when he got with Rita Wilson while filming Volunteers, Paul Newman was married when he got with Joanne. Did their wives get the last laugh?

meghan on

Lee, just because there is a segment of the population that still believes in morals and values it doesn’t make them disturbed and it doesn’t mean they claim to be perfect. One can be very fallable and still manage not to screw married men. No matter how many post you write saying more or less the same thing, adultery and immorality are NOT the norm!!

Lee on

@ meghan and Di, no matter how much you complain, people are going to do what they want to do. Did you forget that they are adults? Also, again I can’t take any of your fake ‘moral’ arguments seriously. Sorry but I have my own thoughts and I don’t follow what a whole bunch of women who don’t focus on their own families and friends so -called advice. Actually, I think you both are quite naive if you get upset about he said and she said stuff online

meghan on

I’m well aware that people are going to do what they want. That doesn’t mean it’s right. Just because you happen to disagree does not make my point of view less valid. And who the hell do you think you are to tell me I don’t take care of my family?! I am a full time caregiver to my chronically ill mother, while working and going to night school. I bust my ass for my family!!! If I spend a precious few minutes on the internet, that’s my choice and I don’t have to take crap from ignorants like you! I am very far from naive and I’m sick to death of people becoming more and more immoral. ‘If it feels good do it’ just doesn’t cut it anymore!

MJ on

Everyone needs to simmer down and mind their own business… What happens in the bedroom of SWISS n AK is nobody’s business. I luv Alicia and I hope she has a safe and health pregnancy. Too many people pass judgments on them when only they know the whole story. ALICIA ur my gurl forever silence out the negativity and much love too u!

Gaia's mom on

You know there IS such a thing as a positive judgement. A judgement isn’t inherently negative and while I haven’t read everyones comments it seems that almost everyone has made some type of judgement towards this situation.

And to the person who made the comment about tom hanks and paul newman. Just because they did it and their relationships worked out doesn’t make it right by any stretch of the imagination. They could die in each others arms 60 years from now like the end of “the notebook”, but that doesn’t take away the fact that this man broke his vows and she helped destroy this family.

I remember a few years ago some B list actress(christy swanson? Alisson sweeney?) broke up the marriage of figure skater and she had his baby. The nasty comments were overwhelming, I really feel that because alicia is a media darling many people are giving her a pass. Where was leanna rhime’s pass? Britney spears? I think the comments towards alicia have been a lot more generous.

Gaia's mom on

Lee, this post is one my first in weeks. Its 1 in the morning and my children are sleeping. Not that I have to justify anything to you, but writing 3 paragraphs on a blog doesn’t interfere with my parenting but, thanks for the concern. You don’t know anyone on here yet you make a judgement on my ability to parent? How? That just makes you look irrational.

No one here is harassing alicia keys. This isn’t her personal blog, its an article about her and there’s a comment section for a reason.

And yes, people do have different morals. Morals are different for everyone, who was arguing that?? However, kaseem and alicia are christians I believe, and as christians they’ve opted to suscribed to certain morals.
Since they’ve decided to get married, they’ve decided that they believe in the sancity of marriage and the lifelong commitment it entails. So these supposedly are their morals. Not something I or anyone else is pushing down their throats! It seems like you have your own ax to grind, but I suggest that you keep the personal attacks out of your argument. You’re coming off really aggressive and frankly- its not that serious.

CelebBabyLover on

Gaia’s mom- Only two people can break up a marriage: The two people in it! Using the example you gave (I’m pretty sure it’s Kristy Swanson you’re thinking of), Lloyd Eisler (Kristy’s husband) left his ex-wife because he chose to, and thus he is the one who broke up his marriage. I’m pretty sure Kristy did not force him to leave his then-wife!

Also, I’m pretty sure what Kim was trying to say is that Paul Newman and Tom Hanks are two examples of how “once a cheater, always a cheater” isn’t always true, since Tom is still with his wife, and Paul was still married to Joanne when he died.

Kara on

Congratulations to both of you I hope the baby is healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

Darlamaria on

Can they play any more to negative stereotype? Unwed mother…man with multiple babies’ mamas. Very disappointed.

RR on

Too bad he is still married to his wife!! Cheating is NOT the way to do things if you are truly a Superwoman! Karma…..not good! I am sad as I used to respect Alicia!

jjki on

congrats, hope its a girl

Npc206 on

I can’t’ believe somebody said she had to trap him? wow. Really?

Ugh. I guess there is no hope for me at all, then. I feel like she could have done muuuuch better.

BrandiceBaby82 on

Has anyone thought that there is a baby involved that didn’t ask to be here? Regardless of what they did or didn’t do, there is an innocent baby that is coming into the world. I hope she has a healthy and happy baby, regardless of the parents situation.

KB on

It’s just another case of Hollywood, thinking they can do what they want, and the nobodies suppose to agree. It was wrong, very wrong. I heard a couple of interviews from AK, and she stated if you know me and the person I am that this was just rumors. But I guess she’s right we don’t know her. But I did expect more from her. But as the good book says, bless those who are for and against us.

Gaia's mom on

Celebabylover- its up to the husband and wife to uphold the sancity of marriage, that’s true but, it doesn’t sit right with me personally to say that the 3rd party doesn’t have to be held accountable at all for their actions. They aren’t innocent bystanders, they can pursuit the person after the marriage is disolved.

Lee- if someone should ever have anything negative to say about another persons supposed actions that means they find themselves to be perfect? Or is it that I can’t understand that people have different morals than my own. Pick. Maybe you’ve been the other woman, and that’s why you’re so sensitive about this topic. I figured I’d throw that out there since we’re making grasping statements about perfect strangers.

Gillian on

“you lose em how you caught em” In my opinion, I don’t foresee this relationship lasting any longer than 5 years. She’ll be a single mother before she can say it. When its all said and done, he was still married when they first started dating. Alicia could have respected the institution of marriage and waited until his divorce was finalized. Its simply a matter of respect. When are we as women going to develop a higher standard of SELF RESPECT. Practice what you preach Alicia…

Laura on

I hope she has a happy and healthy baby.

It’s really disappointing to read some of the above comments.

LadyCap on

I know people are going to do what they want, and outsiders’ opinions don’t really matter, but I was shocked to hear of Alicia Keys’ behavior in all this, and I, too, have lost a tremendous amount of respect for her. She is just WAY too smart for any of this, and appeared to hold herself to this high moral standard. But, as I saw someone say on a blog, “How are you going to be a humanitarian AND a ho?” LOL.

Can someone PLEASE answer this for me: what in the HECK happened to Alicia’s former boyfriend Kerry “Krucial” Brothers, Jr.????? He just totally fell off the face of the earth!!!

Lee on

@Gillian, that has to be one of the most ignorant set of comments I have ever read. How old are you? You sound so bitter and uneducated about the real world. I hope I never end up like you

CelebBabyLover on

BrandiceBaby82- Thank you! That was exactly what I was trying to say earlier!

RR- As other posters have stated, the divorce was finilized a few weeks ago. So no, he is not still married.

meghan on

Lee, the only person who comes across as ignorant and bitter is you. Every single one of your posts in this thread has been you picking out the messages you don’t agree with and leveling personal attacks on the person who posted it. You’ve spent an awful lot of time and energy to attack people for spending too much time on a message board. Your rabid defense of adultery is getting ridiculous. WE GET IT. Sleeping with married people means you are so wise and evolved. People who have a personal set of principles that they adhere to are immature and ignorant. We got it. You don’t have to keep saying it over and over again. And before you call me names, (again) Let me save you some time and do it for you…

“@meghan, that has to be the most childish point of view to ever be typed on a message board. You are truly the most ignorant and naive woman who ever lived. I’m amazed that someone who is so lacking in understanding of how the world works even owns a computer. God help me if I ever become a person like you, you know, with morals.”

Dee on

I would like to here the comments of of you guys in a couple of years.

lisa on

@Meghan – I’ve have found that when folks are rabid about attacking other people for their point(s) of view, it is because they themselves (and you know who we’re talking about) have done dirty. Hence the personal attacks.

Ms. Keys could give a gnat’s behind about what her fans think – just as long as the money comes rolling in. Or maybe she does and that is why this relationship was kept on the DL and repackaged by PR. While I hope that she has a safe pregnancy and delivery, I can’t help but feel bad for the family Alicia & Swizz badly fractured because things weren’t done in order. Not many post, if any, hoping for the mental and spiritually stability and well-being of the family that has been shattered, mainly his children. What is sad is that Swizz’s ex-wife publicly requested Ms. Keys to leave her family alone in an effort/attempt to heal.

For the women that have posted in defense of and attack others who have called this situation for what it really is) Ms. Keys, if she was your ’round the way, neighborhood gal, without a stitch of musical talent or Hollywood connection and she did this to your family (you and your husband or your mother and father)-would you still rabidly defend the other woman?

Kudos to the poster that acknowledged People “tidy packaging” of this situation and the other poster that discussed Ms. Keys lyrics about sisterhood and such -clearly a “do as I say, not as I do” call.

Karma is an incredible thing…

iluvperfectparents on

Gillian, you gave them two more years then I think their marriage will last.

Daphne on

Well Swizz is not married at this very moment but he was certainly a married man when Alicia got pregnant since the divorce was only finalized a few weeks ago. I have also lost a tremendous amount of respect for Alicia Keys. I don’t care if she’s a superstar singer and humanitarian or the girl next door. Extramarital sex is wrong. There is no way to sugarcoat it.

Lee on

@lisa, glad to know you are a member that also has no idea about karma. How is wishing bad karma on anyone ever good? I would love to read what crazy excuse you come up with. BTW, I’m so glad Alicia isn’t like you. We have enough bitterness in the world

Lee on

@meghan , I’m not bitter at all. I’m not preaching moral lessons like you on a random forum in order to feel better about myself. I really do feel bad for you because this is sad. Maybe you need to take a look in the mirror at yourself because right now you come across as lonely and bitter

Lee on

@Gaia’s mom , I have never been the other woman but I will not judge women who have been. Did you ever read the bible since you are busy preaching here? I thought you weren’t suppose to preach judgment against others or do you ignore that part in order to justify your ignorance? I don’t care what anyone thinks about me because at the end of the day, I’m not trying to judge other people’s morals in order to seem perfect. I still feel sad for you. I’m okay with who I am, the big question is are you? Because it seems to me that you’re not. Why else would you be so focused on celebrity morals?

iluvperfectparents on

Alicia A*K*A Lee, stop badgering people with integrity and high morals and values. Nobody on here is saying that since they have enough respect for themselves and the estranged but still legally married WIFE; therefore they would NEVER get involved with a married man equates to them being perfect.

We get what you are saying, A-sleaze and Swiss Beak do not have any, I mean have the same morals as some people. What goes around comes around, What goes up, must come down. <— Her words, not mine! Good luck with their baby though!

The bible also says make a righteous judgment and since she is showing she is further along than the almost 3 weeks since his divorced was finalized, so saying she was sleeping with a married man is not judging that IS A FACT!

meghan on

Lee, you are a fool. I’m done suffering you.

meghan on

I really wish People would consider moderating this blog again. It’s getting out of control.

Carey on

People are going crazy here LOL.
I wish the best for the baby.
I agree that Alicia and Swizz did wrong things but they have money and money can put an end to any problem.
Alicia must know that Swizz one day can cheat on her or she will be the one cheating. They know pretty well how much good cheating is. So there’s no need to create a discussion about their actions.
The chat about moral and values, sorry but they are extinct, people do not care about values and morals anymore, it’s something old and old things should be in the garbage.

Jazlene on

Thought she might find a better character to marry. Only reason why Mashonda was holding on was to make sure her baby daddy, Swizz Beatz would pay his child support. Especially his back child support to the tune of $334,000. Wow. Just wow. I expected Alicia Keys to marry someone who didn’t have 2 or 3 kids with 2 or 3 different women and didn’t have his divorce finalized yet because he wasn’t in agreement for taking care of his business.

But, here’s to hoping we are all wrong and that it will be a happy healthy relationship with a happy and healthy child. Just because we call it like we see it doesn’t mean we are jealous, haters, or negative. We are just telling the truth.

CelebBabyLover on

meghan- Considering how bad the comments are on JustJared and other sites, I think the comments ARE still moderated here. Just maybe not as much as they once were.

iluvperfectparents- Considering Lee has commented on several other posts here, and has been commenting for awhile, I highly doubt she’s actually Alicia. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I just want to say that none of us know for sure what the situation is between Swizz, his ex-wife, and Alicia. From reading the comments, it sounds like Swizz has said he and Mashonda (his now ex-wife were seperated before he hooked up with Alicia, whereas Mashonda claims they weren’t. We have absolutely no idea which one of them is telling the truth, or even if either one is telling the absolute truth (it seems like, in a lot of he said/she said cases, neither person is being 100 percent truthful).

So we will never know for sure what the real truth is in this situation. I also think that at this point, we really need to agree to disagree. We’re all just going around in circles now!

v on

You can bet the marriage one last. Look at the foundation. What goes around comes around. I’m not surprised if her songs are an indication she sings like she’s desparate. I thought better of her though. I am glad that some of you younger ladies have enough sinc eto comment on how this is not the way to go about getting a man I was starting to worry about the younger generation enough of you already sound like you’ll accept anything just by the comments youve submitted condoning this relationship. She isnt married yet, people are always getting engaged. By fluck I hope for the best but again … the foundation issue

CathyBurke on

I really look up and respected Alica Key I think she is a wonderful woman who made a poor emotional decision.

My mother always use to say dont use candle light to see what you can see in the day light.

She may not want to hear it now cause she inlove but she deserve better than him. Marriage should be taken likily and even though the man and his wife has been separated they have a two year old, so that didnt give them much time to work things out.

As married woman myself i would have been pissed, which is an understatement.

My life motto is do on to others as you would like done on to you and the universal law is you reap what you sow, so look forward to your harvest down the road. You will have a child too one day and you wouldnt like that to be your lot.

Best wish to you and the woman X hope you both survive after this sperm machine moves on to the next one.

Women know your worth, breaking up family is never a good decision it hurts not only the immediate ppl but extended famil, relatives and all who honours the sanctity of marriage, so despite of what your feelings are, do the right thing, its our decision to do the right thing that makes us higher and different from the animals

chee Chee on

You busy bodies need to mine your own business. You talk like you no Mashonda Personally. Mashona and Swizz have been separated for two years. Alicia does not need to explain anything to anybody. It is nobody’s business, I glad they are happy. And they are both successful people. People talk about Swizz because they do not know him, he has been in the business a long time. He is a very good producer he is just behind the seens a lot.

Michelle on

I will never understand why some people feel that it is their place to speak ill of someone else’s relationship. Quite frankly, none of us know the true circumstances under which they started dating – only what the media tells us. Yes, they could break up in the future but guess what, couples sometimes do that. It doesn’t have a lot to do with how they got together – only how their relationship progresses and whether they are willing to put in the time and work to keep it together. Couples that have done things “the right way” (according to some of you)still end up divorced with kids in the middle. Don’t be so naive to believe that if a person courts for a few years, gets engaged, married and then has kids that it guarantees that they will stay together. Similarly, just because a couple doesn’t do it that way doesn’t mean that they won’t stay together. All that matters in whether they stay together is are they happy and do they still love each other the way they did when they decided to get married. If the answers are yes, then any couple will be fine, including this one.

Congratulations on the new baby!

lakreisha buie on

i am so happy for both of them i am so happy they are getting married and the baby is one the way i wish them good luck on their marriage…

nana on

i think that everybody should just let them be happy… that is truely none of our businesses and we shouldnt get involved in theirs. There is already enough drama in basically all of our lives. stay out of theirs… it might be different than people make it seem. But congrats to Alicia she is gonna hav a beautiful baby and i will pray 4 them. swizz needs to get everything out of the way or something like this happens. and for the rest of us… just let them be happy… all that matters is that he is divorced and he seems like he truely loves her… ALicia has far more knowledge than to see a married man. she is still a role model so dont judge her… this doesnt have 2 b her fault just because papparazzi decided to make some money and find athe next head cover… and its a shame how many people have stopped looking up 2 her because of what you read in magazines… shame on you people ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

ash on

Ok.. as they say everyone is entitle to their opinion. My opinion is, for a woman of such high standard i expected way better from her. she had a business relationship with the guy and it should have remain that way, she should have been classy and told the guy to work out his marrital problems especially because children are involve. Additional,fans like myself are disappointed because we consider her to be a strong role model for young girls.

Maggie Magpie on

I am very late. Been reading these comments all day as I am deep in depression myself. I have a serial cheater in my life too. To Mashonda, I know this hurts, but better you find out now at 30 and move on than to find out at 40 or 45… Harder to find someone new.

To miss AK although your life is none of my business personally, you chose to be a public figure. You chose dollar signs over privacy. You chose to lay down with a married man while his wife sat at home alone crying with a NEWBORN baby.

So while she was changing pampers and wondering how to fix her marriage, her husband was telling you that he was separated. He could have divorced his wife 2 years ago if he wasn’t happy. He does have the money for a divorce, so there really is no excuse. I understand Mashonda’s pain. She wants or wanted them to “feel” or even acknowledge her pain.

And although the 3rd baby may not be swizz beats’ baby, he did nevertheless fly to London with Alicia in tow to prove it. Which gives the impression that he was sleeping with 2 other women while married.

Two years means Alicia Keys had time to know that he was still married with a newborn. I am sorry this is not right.

And I know she will have some trust issues in the future. But, welcome to Hollywood, where when you are famous you can cheat, lie, beat, be a pervert who likes children or even kill and your fans will back you even defend you.

I do believe that being engaged to be married means you are a believer in Christ. With that said, my question is how can you expect your marriage to be respected when you did not do the same. Your husband will be fair game to all the other women…..


even though the man she is with cheated on his first wife, second, or third wife which one was it swizz…when the money is not funny, holly wood can do those things. So best wishes to her, the husband and baby. We will know what kind of a man he is by the length of the marriage, alicia could be the forth baby mama. But still love her music.

april on

i think people should mind they on damn business. it dont matter how many baby mothers he has all that maters is that he happy and he taking care of his kids and everybody shouldnt be so quick to judge and if thats who she want to spend the rest of her life with the more power to them. mind yall business its not like yall doing better……. congrats on baby and life

jasmine on

i am so happy for yall alicia keys i am a big fan of u i said i want to be just like u u sing beautiful. u will make a beautiful child i want to know did u have a girl or boy reply plzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):)