Family Photo: P. Diddy and Sons Get to the Greek!

05/26/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

P. Diddy and his boys — Quincy, 18, Justin, 16, and Christian, 12 — pose at the premiere of Get Him to the Greek, held Tuesday at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Christian is Diddy’s son with Kim Porter, with whom he also has 3-year-old twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie, while Justin is the producer’s son with Misa Hylton-Brim. Quincy is the son of Porter and Al B Sure.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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Denise on

Christian looks just like his father! Wow!!

Carolyn on

I had to read that a few times to figure out what kid belonged to what set of parents! I may not like much about “Diddy” but I do respect the fact that he treat’s Kim’s son by another man as his own.

Mandii on

Oh my!! I thought I was looking at a picture of Al B Sure!! He’s a clone of his father!! 🙂

Anonymous on

Wow! Quincy does look like a clone of his father, Al B Sure.

Devon on

Christian does look exactly like his father. All of those boys are going to be heartbreakers. I’m sure the older 2 are already there!

Anna on

Would it hurt them to smile?

Dee on

They are boys, my 17 year old son never smiles when he takes pictures.

ariana on

you didn’t mention Chance! his illegitimate daughter from Atlanta that looks just like the twins, and Kim won’t accept her

Lotus on


Chance actually isn’t “illegitimate.” Diddy has acknowledged her and is financially responsible for Chance. The pictures he tweets of her are so cute. 😉

Jane on

ariana- “illegitimate” is a completely outdated and actually offensive term in this context.

Blueflameagent3 on

Diddy’s new movie looks so hilarious and i can’t wait to watch this movie.

Lotus on

One last thing…I saw more pictures of Diddy and his sons from this event and Diddy as well as the two oldest sons were definitely smiling in those pics.

Jaime on

I actually saw this movie a few weeks back as part of a prescreening. I think the movie is higly inappropriate for his 12 year old son Christian to watch – regardless of his father being in the movie.

Lola Monroe on

Hey @Jamie…did it say that Christian went inside & watched the movie? Don’t jump to conclusions honey…1/2 the time it is just about photo-ops & the celebs usually leave right after the red carpet anyways…

Diddy’s sons are SO handsome…Justin definitely takes after his mom & Christian is his clone…lol..Chance not being mentioned is sad, but Diddy does take care of her…so “illegitimate” isnt the appropriate word.

Michelle on

Am I the only one bothered that the little boy is making a gun with his fingers? We suspend professional athletes for this, what sort of symbol does it send to young people if their well-known peers are doing it without reprimand?

Laydacris on

@ Michelle… That is not the sign of a gun. Its Christian pointing to his father. Its a known act in the hip hop world, its like you are acknowledging the person who you are taking the picture with. A gun sign is TWO fingers pointing.

Kristen on

All of the boys are handsome!

Tell me if I’m reading this wrong…but it’s insane to me that the two oldest are not related biologically at all, yet they look totally alike! Heartbreakers, for sure.

They don’t need to smile. They look good just like that. 🙂

SCFox on

So cute. Diddy always thinks about his family. There are some new (Funnyyyy!) images from the movie out too, – can’t wait till Diddy’s movie drops.

jimmynotkimmel on

@Carolyn – I had to read that a few times to figure out what kid belonged to what set of parents! I may not like much about “Diddy” but I do respect the fact that he treat’s Kim’s son by another man as his own.

huzzah to that.

Anonymous on

they all look good

Been There on

The guy is a loser and a low life, regardless of his bank account … which he got by singing about other losers. Losers don’t grasp that kids need to be raised in a two parent intact family. Losers also don’t grasp that they are role models if they are in the media. The boys who will imitate his behavior don’t have his bank account and John Q. taxpayer will pick up the tab for their kids’ upbringing. Sorry, but this isn’t about race. It’s about blatant lack of integrity and ignorance with regard to the developmental needs of children.

bevvie on

Kim needs only to have something “to do with” her own children. She is not married to Diddy, so she does not have to acknowledge any children except her own!

R'Jewel on

Me and my oldest brother used to go over their grandmother house when they were over there and hang out with them if you dnt believe me i dnt have to prove myself

Lovly on

I know these are our opinions, but some of us need to keep them to ourselves. No one has the right to judge another. If you see something you may not agree with pray for that person our situation. Right now i am praying for those that have issues with Ditty and his life. I bet you do not even know the man.