Kerri Walsh on Sundance’s Speedy Arrival

05/26/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Volleyball star — and new mom! — Kerri Walsh delivered her second son, Sundance Thomas, on May 19 in Torrance, Calif. Walsh, 31, talked to PEOPLE Moms & Babies about Sundance’s early arrival, what elder son Joseph Michael, 1, thinks of his new little brother, her plans for the 2012 Olympics and shared a few baby photos!

Courtesy Kerri Walsh

You weren’t due until this coming weekend. Can you walk us through what happened last Wednesday? When did you realize the baby was really on his way?

I was due Sunday, May 30th, but they were going to induce me on Sunday, May 23rd because his tummy was measuring small — a few weeks behind. They were worried that he wasn’t getting enough nourishment inside and wanted him out so he could feed well and often.

Turns out they didn’t have to induce because Sundance had his own plans!

On Wednesday I started feeling so happy and excited. My mom had told me, “If you get a burst of energy, give me a call” because it may mean that the baby is coming soon.

At 3 p.m. I began getting some cramps that got stronger — but they weren’t terrible. I started having real contractions around 7 p.m., and by that time my mom had arrived from Saratoga, Calif. By 8 p.m. my contractions were three minutes apart but still didn’t become all that strong until close to 9 p.m. We got my stuff ready and called the doctor, but by then I knew I wouldn’t make it [to Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles]. I had waited too long.

Luckily we had a family friend who happens to be the woman in charge at the local hospital in Torrance, Calif. We headed to Little Company of Mary, arrived around 9:15 p.m. and Sundance came out at 9:59 p.m. It was unreal! Quite the adventure that night.

Courtesy Kerri Walsh

Your husband, Casey Jennings, is also a beach volleyball player. Unfortunately he was competing at the FIVB Grand Slam in Rome and missed the birth! Who did you have with you for support? Were you able to speak with Casey during labor or after you delivered Sundance?

I had my mom and my little sister KC with me — they were amazing coaches and helped me keep the drugs away. Joey spent the night with my dear friend Rachel.

It was really sad to not have Casey by my side throughout labor and delivery. He helped me so much through my first labor experience, so I was nervous about my partner not being there to help me get through no. 2.

So — aside from my wonderful mother and sister, who were awesome, and the fantastic nurses — I focused on Casey and what he would be telling me; he was very much present in my mind. It felt like he was there with me. It really did.

We were able to Skype with him about 20 minutes after the baby arrived.

You mentioned you delivered naturally – can you tell us about why that was important to you?

Yes, totally naturally like I did with Joey. I had wanted to try and see if I could do it the first time and I did — then with this one I just took for granted that I could do it again. As far as the rationale behind trying to go all natural … I wanted my sons to be born without drugs in their system — and the challenge [of delivering without an epidural] was a little part of it!

However, I have been so blessed to have such quick and easy deliveries both times … if things had been different I don’t know that I would have been able to hold out!

Courtesy Kerri Walsh

How did you and Casey choose the name Sundance Thomas for your new arrival?

Well, the first six months of my pregnancy he was going to be named Kelly — Kelly Thomas. But I loved the name a lot more than my husband did.

About a month ago, Casey threw Sundance out there in reference to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a movie he grew up loving. I said, “I don’t know if I can do that!”

Then Casey started telling me about so many beautiful memories he has running around with his brothers as children, and that’s the relationship we want for Joey and his little brother.

When people ask why we named our son Sundance, he refers them to the introductory scene of the movie because that in a nutshell is why he loves the name so much.

As for me, I think it’s an awesome name and the fact that it means so much to my husband makes me absolutely love it. Plus, they shot the movie in Grafton and St. George in Utah, and we have a lot of memories in that area as a couple ourselves.

We can call him Sunny and whatever other nicknames we come up with!

How did the first meeting between Sundance and Joey go?

It was kind of like a stare down — it was hilarious! They just looked at each other for about 30 seconds. Joey was pretty interested at first, then just went crazy exploring the hospital room. He’s definitely excited and knows something’s up. He already gives his little brother kisses, it’s so sweet. Everything has been wonderful so far.

Courtesy Kerri Walsh

So Joey’s first birthday was this past Saturday – did you celebrate or are you waiting until things aren’t quite as crazy at your house?

We actually had his birthday party two weekends ago because Casey was still home. We had all our friends over and Joey dived into his cake! We’re back home [from the hospital] now and are keeping things pretty mellow and low-key, just going to the park.

It’s probably a lot to think about right now, but you’re still planning to come back to volleyball and try to make the 2012 Olympic team with your partner Misty May-Treanor?

Absolutely! That’s my goal. I hope to be back to the [U.S. AVP] tour by the end of August. That was the whole point of having my two babies back to back, to do it all together. Have the kids and get the traveling circus on the road! My ideal situation for 2012 would be to win a gold medal with Misty — both of us as moms.

For more on Kerri Walsh, visit her official Web site or follow her on Twitter.

— Sarah Michaud

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Mallory on

Cute kids, but that name (and the story behind the name) is still weird, in my opinion.

Oh no, I probably shouldn’t post this comment because the comment police will jump all over me! Oh well.

Jess on

Cute kids but thank God she has nicknames lined up for Baby #2! Sundance… Oh geez.

Noelle on

Sundance??? To each his own, but I think it’s hideous, especially for a boy. I cannot imagine calling an adult man Sundance.

cali girl on

I absolutely LOVE the name Kelly for a boy. So much better than Sundance. Sundance is not even a real name.

April on

Yikes. You guys are a little rude, no? Kerri’s nice enough to share photos and talk about her experience and this is the reaction? We already had this discussion on the birth announcement…the name is not my style either but geez.

Congratulations Kerri, your boys are gorgeous and lucky you to have had such quick deliveries! I enjoy watching you and Misty every summer Olympics and hope to see you again in 2012.

court on

I think I have finally heard a name worse than Apple. Sundance? I wonder why they didn’t name him Blue Moon or Purple Wind? Anyway, I give her credit for having two kids exactly a year apart and doing both without drugs even though drugs in an infant’s system for a few hours obviously isn’t harmful in the long run or else they wouldn’t give them. Good luck to them!

court on

My full name is Sheldelae and I’ve always gone by Shelly but I remember every year, the first day of school when the teacher didn’t know my nickname and would read Sheldelae from the roster, all the other kids would laugh. It’s tough having a “unique” first name. I wish parents would think about those things. Cute baby. I wish them the best of luck with two so close together. Just a side note- Why do dads take overseas trips that close to their wives’ due dates? I feel like to some extent he could have gotten out of that one. To each their own.

Lisa on

I loved to play in mud puddles naked as a kid. That’s why my first son’s name is Buck Naked Mud Puddle Player.

maggie on

i’m still not over the moon with the name but the story made me kinda like it. love the interview. also how about danny for sudance?

Angi on

The name would not have been my choice, but it has meaning for the family. I love seeing the private photos and Sundance is beautiful!

Amanda on

I love the name Sundance. Congrats to her and her family.

Mallory on


Hahahahahahaha. Love it! πŸ™‚

Crystal on

I love the reason she gave Sundance his name. I think that is very romantic and special for both she and Casey. Welcome to the world Sundance!! πŸ™‚

Mira on

Lisa, ROLFMAO! I think your suggestion may even be a bit better than Sundance Thomas.

Kelly is only slightly better than Sundance. What I’m wondering is how you name your first kid Joseph and then you have two crazy options for the second. Kerri should’ve explained that one, instead of talking about Butch Cassidy.

Anna on

I love the name Sundance, I think it sounds great!

Jaren on

I LOVE the name Sundance! Really reminds me of the movie. Hopefully little Sunny will be as independent, strong and self aware as the character in the movie. With parents like his, it sounds like that’s probably going to happen. Congratulations!!

Boy, it’s a good thing Sunny wasn’t born to a lot of you people leaving comments. He picked the right momma. πŸ™‚

B.J. on

Who cares what anyone else thinks? The name is meaningful and for that, I love it. I love the movie too.

dee on

I don’t get how Kelly is a crazy option. It’s a boy name!

Sundance is cute and Joey is an adorable boy version of his mom.

romy on

I still think it’s more for the parents. the name is meaningful to her husband, but will their son really have that feeling about it? I doubt it. I could be wrong, but it seems like a name a boy or man would not appreciate. I wouldn’t do that to a person no matter what meaning it held to me.

Fifi on

court – I can relate, as I have a very unusual first name too. But mine can’t be easily shortened into anything more normal, so I was completely stuck. I got made fun of for my name, but I would imagine even if I had been named something normal, like Sarah, I would have been picked on for something else. That said, my daughter has a pretty traditional name, and if I ever have more children, they too will have pretty normal names.

I don’t have a problem with the name Sundance, though. I wouldn’t bestow it on my child, but it doesn’t matter to me if another parent wants to give it to their offspring. For me, it just has a very “hippie” vibe, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Anyway, names aside, congrats to them! I couldn’t imagine having a newborn and a one year old, but it works for others, and that’s wonderful!

Fifi on

Oh, and I had a fast labor, too. Although, mine was actually too fast (four hours from the time contractions started until I was holding my daughter). I didn’t know this ahead of time, but I guess if a labor goes too fast, the baby can go into distress (that’s what happened to us, but thankfully everything ended up alright). So, fast isn’t always better.

Stephanie on

Love the meaning behind Sunny’s name…I think Sundance is refreshingly different…sometimes as children we are laughed upon because of our differences–but as adults we cherish those differences because they are what makes us unique! One poster said it before…Sundance makes one think of a warm, beautiful day:)

Chris on

Kelly Sundance wasn’t an option? πŸ™‚

Mary on

Wow, I am really surprised at all of the rude and negative comments about their name choice. As she stated above, they had a solid reason for why they named their son Sundance. They didn’t flip a baby name book open, point at a name and say, “Eh, that name’s okay. Whatever.” Whenever I hear a name I try to remember that the parents found this name and envisioned their child with this name and decided it fit in with their family. Just remember that the name Sundance may not be to your taste, but it is for their family and Kerri and her husband may look upon your baby names and think, “Ugh, they named their daughter Ava or Madison.”

J on

But Mary, Sundance isn’t a real name, someone above said so…lol!

Gotta love ignorant people like that. Those and the people who make nasty comments about babies and then have to get defensive immediately and crow about how it’s just their opinion.

lilly on

weird odd name, but hey the name choose has a meaning, and they like it, so whocares, the kid is healthy and the family is happy, not a name i would choose, and many kids go through life being picked on due to there name, but i would choose a name thats more normal.

nettrice on

I LOVE the name Sundance. Kelly, not so much.

CelebBabyLover on

dee- I don’t think Kelly is a crazy option either, but I disagree that it’s a boy name. In my opinion, it is a unisex name. I’ve known (or known of, in one case) three Kellys. One was a man, but the other two were women (and one of the women was born in the 80s and the other in the 70s, so obviously Kelly has been used as a name for girls for quite awhile!). πŸ™‚

Anyway, I love the story behind the name. And who says sibling names have to match?

Charlene on

@CelebBabyLover – Kelly may have been used on women, but that doesn’t change the actual essence of the name, which is male. Just like if people started naming their girls Ethan – that doesn’t make the actual name unisex. It’s just a male name which is used on girls. Onomastics (the study of names and their origins)is a major interest of mine and i have read a lot about it, so trust me, i know what i’m talking about!

Anyway, i LOVE Kerri’s original idea of Kelly Thomas. I myself have planned on calling a baby boy that – although i like Sundance in a guilty-pleasure kind of way!

Anyway, good for Kerri with her cute little boys- sad though that her husband missed the birth!

stacey on

To each his or her own! Thank god these children are healthy, that’s all anyone can ask, for their babies. It’s petty to scrutinize other people’s name choices – shame on all that did. Congratulations on the birth of both of your children!

jessicad on

I think it’s a cute name and it love the meaning behind it. She did something nice for her husband because she knew it meant so much to him, how can you guys make fun of that? You’re teaching your children to have the same attitude towards unique names and that’s exactly why he probably will get made fun of, but Kerri seems like a strong woman who will teach him to not care what other people think! Loved her labor story too, I’m going natural next time and I love reading about them, glad she shared:)

Romy on

April, Kerri definitely knows she will get a lot of negative feedback on this name. Probably to her face too. We all get some, not everyone likes the same names. She knows if she doesn’t want to read it then don’t come here and read comments. It’s as simple as that. They love it, so that is all that should matter to them. Again, I would have considered that it is the child will have to hold this name forever, and he probably doesn’t have all kinds of feelings about the Sundance Kid like his dad does. Maybe he will be Dan or go by his middle name. Maybe he’ll legally change it when he’s 18 πŸ˜‰

Romy on

Jessicad, in no way am I teaching my children to make fun of names or not like unique names. They would never have a clue about my feelings toward names, besides looking at the names I chose for them.

daisy on

We named our beautiful son…Sonny! We love it, and I have never heard a negative comment about it – in fact, only comment I have ever heard “great name!”. He is 5 now, and we have never encountered another Sonny anywhere. Sundance is a great name – when these kids grow up, so many of them will have unusual names – no one will have any reason to pick on anyone else!!

Marsha on

My husband’s nephew’s golden retriever is named Sundance.

candrmama on

Beautiful name for a gorgeous baby!

Lauren on

I don’t know. I see why it’s not everyone’s taste, but I’m not getting the sheer outrage over this name. I think it’s more suited to a golden retriever than a child, but I actually think it’s kind of cool. For most people, it’ll bring to mind “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”-not the most girly movie of all time. And Danny, as someone suggested above, is a perfect nickname (not wild about Sonny, though obviously it works and is what they’ve come up with). Touche to Lisa, though; that was funny πŸ™‚

wouldntulike2kno on

…Sunny as a nickname? That is even worse than Sundance! Both are pretty fem sounding. How about Rainbow Butterfly for the next one!

CarrieAnn on

Well, I’m at a loss. I mean, people can name their kids what they want, but if her husband loved the movie THAT much they should have named the first one Butch then this one Sundance. THAT would’ve made MUCH more sense. However, I am not the baby name police and I love Kerri. So more power to you girl!!! Can’t wait to watch you in 2012.

Kim on

I’m all for choosing names with meaning, but I just don’t see a teenage boy or grown man being called Sundance. Maybe for a girl. At least he has the option of going by Thomas. Sundance reminds me of a horse’s name. Maybe they could have called him Butch since they loved the movie so much. Congrats to the family, though.

1baby on

it is so rude to critizie name choices. I have 1 daughter and can not have more and when people found that out knowing I wouldn’t be able to have more I was asked by several people why I choose that name and didn’t go with something prettier knowing I wouldn’t be able to have more. I personally love my daughters name and think that her name is very fitting.

Estoria on

Kelly is actually a lastname first and a first name second. It is masculine but I only know girls named that. I grew up with it being a girl’s name and not a boy’s name. It is too unisexual for me. I don’t like names that can be used for male or female. It has to be one or the other for me. As for Sundance, to each their own. I am glad at least that she is going to give him the nicname of Sonny or something like that. All I can think of is My Little Pony from the 80’s.

Becki on

So now I have to agree with Mary. I too am surprised with all the negative feedback. I actually happen to like the name Sundance, yeah I know it is not a common name BUT it is unique. And you cannot get mad at someone for naming their child a name as unique as Sundance. I think it is ridiculous all the negative feedback. And I think that you all need to put into perspective how you would feel if yourself or one of your siblings had a unique name like Sundance.

Karen B. on

I’m not loving Sundance, but if they like it, that’s what matters. The boy can always go by his middle name “Thomas” if he prefers as he gets older.

She stated “My ideal situation for 2012 would be to win a gold medal with Misty β€” both of us as moms.” Has Misty had a baby? Or is just a hope that she will be successful in conceiving?

Jamie on

Sundance is a perfect name for a future beach volleyball player. πŸ™‚

Plus, there are so many unusual names out there (Pilot Inspektor, anyone?) that Sundance doesn’t even sound that strange to me.

Congrats to Kerri and her beautiful boy!

Karen B. on

One more thing – I’d argue that Kelly, much like Stacey and Lynn before it – has become far more common as a girl’s name than a boy’s name these days, despite its masculine origins.

Mrs. R on

My husband and his brother are a year and a week apart. Hopefully the boys will be close when they are older, but Kerry’s going to be BUSY for the next several months πŸ™‚
Congrats to the family!
As for the name… it’s meaningful to them, and if it’s truly how they see their family, then it’s a beautiful name.

Romy on

Jamie, if I were a guy I’d rather be called Pilot than Sundance! Maybe they will call him Ace? πŸ™‚

Kelly on

Thanks for telling me that my name sucks and should be for a boy.

Romy on

Did someone tell you that here Kelly? I would NOT take offense here. your name is fine. It is much more girly now. I would never name a boy Kelly since girls have taken it over!

dee on

Kelly, you are probably young so I’ll just say that no one said that your name sucks. But just like Shannon, Courtney, Lindsay, Robin, Beverly, Ashley, Avery, Madison, (or pretty much any name ending is son for that matter) Leslie, Jody, etc. at some point in history they were very much male names. It’s not really something to get emotional about.

lizzielui on

Or maybe he will go by his given name, Sundance, and love it. Celebs are not the only people on the planet who give their children unique names. Check the class lists in your kid’s school. TONS of unique names there. There is a little girl in my daughter’s class whose name is Hanne Elizabeth, a German name that is uncommon here in the U.S. On the first day of school a little girl name Michelle decided to tease Hanne about her name to which Hanne responded, “My mother is German and she named me after Hanne Darboven who was a famous artist in Germany. That’s Hanne with two Ns. Tell me, which famous Michelle were you named after? Or was your mom just trying to be like every one else?” I also look at the unique name phenomena like this: I don’t have to like or understand it because at the end of the day no one is asking me to.

bre on

I like the name Sundance. Besides all the other boys in his class are going to share three names….Jaden, Jacob, and Jackson.

Charlene on

@Kelly – grow up. No name is universally loved – why should just yours be immune to negative opinions? Why didn’t you shrug off these peoples’ opnions about your name and get on with your life, instead of leaving an immature passive-aggressive comment that didnt even refer to the main point of the article? I sincerely hope that you’re no older than 13 years old, because if you are in fact an adult, you should be ashamed of being so infantile.

Lara on

Congrats to the new family. I do hope Misty is able to have her own child within the next two years as well. Not sure if Kerri (although I know she said it innocently) should have mentioned that she hopes they’ll both be moms by 2012. What if Misty has trouble conceiving?

mp on

I love the name Sundance.

Sally on

My husband and I LOVED the movie TITANIC, but we didn’t name our son that when he was born! ☺
A girl could get a way with it- but a boy??
Anyway- congrats.

Court on

I love this article. I love the name. I love that she went without an epidural. Kerri seems like a sweet down to earth girl who loves her family. I think Sundance is a strong name and I can see why they went with it. Wow, 2 baby boys a year apart. It’s great she’s an athlete as that will take a ton of energy!!! I wish their family all the best. I also am thinking positive thoughts for Misty and her children to be.

Romy on

Lee just take a break. I am bored so I am responding.

Dee on

I think it’s funny that so many posters say Sundance and Sunny are too girly but didn’t you all hear that gender differences are obsolete? Society is cool with naming girls Michael, Ryan, Carter, etc so since no boy name is really male anymore, why not let the boys get in on the fun girl side?

I personally hate hippies but I like Sundance. I would never name my child that but as kooky unique names go it feels earthly and Western like Cheyenne, Dakota or Sierra.

I have to commend Kerri for not bragging about going drug free. Women who’ve done it (like me) can get really smug so I’m glad she was open that if she had a long labor she might not have been so tough. I know I wasn’t the second time and I felt pretty stupid for all my bragging about the first labor. She seems very down to Earth and classy.

Dee on

My MIL’s dog (an obnoxious poodle) is named Sundance. :oP

Karen on

I love her, and how sad that her husband couldn’t be there. I’m sure they’ll call him Sonny, which is way cuter, but either way, glad he is a healthy baby. Brothers, what fun!!

I hope Misti does become a Mom too!

glee fan on

her boys are so cute!

lee on

Glad you and your son are both fine. Would go with Danny or Tommy as a nickname. In my family, many people go by their middle names. I have an unusual first name, and my nickname saved me. I was named for my mother, and she was the one who gave me my nickname. Bless her for that. Looking forward to seeing you at the Olympics and whenever you feel that the time to be back to the sand is right.

lyoness on

Why the uproar? Remember Picabo Street the skier? I like it. Both of the parents are athletes right? We’ll probably see Sundance at the 2032 Olympics in Peru. Sundance will probably be in an advertising campaign for the Olympics.

Mandy on

Man, some of you are such a bunch of whiners. I think I’m going to stop at the story/photos and skip these comments. Blah blah blah, I think this, and I hate that, and wah wah wah.

christina on

Sundance?!!? I was hoping it was a joke. Truly awful. What are they thinking??

CelebBabyLover on

Karen B.- No, Misty has not yet had a baby. As for your comment about the name Kelly…..I agree entirely! To add another example….Probably no one would call Ashley a boy’s name these days, but, in fact, that’s what it start off as! πŸ™‚

Kirby on

Since the child is not yours how do feel that you are entitled to decide what is a “normal” name? As long as it means something to them and they are happy what difference does it make? Worry about your own little petty lives and how wonderful and perfect you are on a daily basis.

Beth on

Congratulations to Kerri, Casey and BIG brother Joey.

As far as names go, I think they chose the name that meant the most to them and that is what matters.

What is more important is what type of person he is while growing up and when he is an adult.

I have a God daughter, who is in her late twenties, She is a wonderful and kind person.

Her initials are ZSM.

What does that mean? Zaslow Sugar Maples.

And yes, she did get picked on during her early years (especially school years). When she got a little older and the rest of the children had learned that teasing someone (no matter what the teasing was about) was wrong, the other children realized that what they were doing was not the way they should act and most of the teasing stopped.

It is the parents responsibility to teach their own children what is acceptable behavior and right from wrong.

The parents of Sundance seem to be good people and hopefully he will follow their example (you can teach children right from wrong, but sometimes our children don’t follow what they are taught).

I got teased a lot in elementary school, for different reasons. But like I said above, most of the teasing stopped when the other children realized that what they were doing was not the way they should act.

I am not trying to say any thing negative or to start a confrontation with any one. This is just my humble opinion.

Again, congratulations to the Walsh family and the newest member of their family. May they have nothing but a loving, happy, and healthy life.

Gustavo on

Congratulations from Melissa and Gus ( MAG) , i hope to see you soon.

kw on

You all are so rude!!! What is wrong with you guys?? Keri and her husband are showing us some very special and private family moments and all you have to say ar rude comments about their choice in baby names. What is that saying, “If you can’t say nothing nice, then don’t say nothing at all”. So you need to either congratulate them on their wonderful addition or keep your rude comments to yourself. Plus there are WAY worse names out there than Sundance. CONGRATS to you Keri and your family for the wonderful SUPER cute addition!!!

Zoey on

they should have named him Cassidy. it flows better with Joseph in my opinion. well anyways its their choice cause its their son, but that’s what i would do if i was her. and there is always Butch. Just kidding.

Breana on

Mallory: I agree with you on both counts!

KS on

Sorry just can’t get behind Sundance.

If it was about the movie – how about CASSIDY?

Or even Butch.

Or make it his middle name.

Or hey – name him after one of the actors that played the main characters (Robert Redford and Paul Newman) – then they would have normal names and yet it could still have a personal meaning.

I also grew up with a strange name. It was HORRIBLE. I gave me daughter a very simple name (Jamie) for that very reason. Feel for any kid who has to go through life with a strange name!

Christina on

These are beautiful pictures! What an adorable baby! I can’t wait to see Kerri back at the Olympics in 2012, and I hope that Misty May-Treanor achieves her goal of motherhood, as well.

JTSunshine on

I studied mountain gorillas in Africa one Summer and named my favorite one Sundance!

M on

What’s funny about ppl saying they don’t like the name,Guess what Kerrie doesn’t give a s**t what you think and so what if you don’t like it!!! Geesh ppl grow up!!!!

Lauren on

“Sunset” Thomas was the name of that prostitute from The Bunny Ranch in Vegas on the HBO show Cathouse! “Sundance” is way too close to that name for me…not too mention it is feminine…

Kayla on

They are both so cute! and at least he can go by Danny or use his middle name.

ME on

Hopefully they will call hin “Sonny”…Sundance????!!!!? Really? but then it’s not my child so not my choice…it’s getting to the point where I am not surprised when I hear the names these celebrities have given their children…

And just wondering why you all are getting so emotional over this..People gives us all the chance to comment (hence the “add a comment” option) whether we like or hate the name it is JUST AN OPINION..I think the people getting bent out of shape over it are the ones with issues…if you can’t act like a respectful adult then go take a nap πŸ™‚

anne phillips on

It’s been my observation ovr many years that most kids don’t like their own name. I hated being Anne Marie and finally got my family to use Anne. My daughter was christened Caren, but when the kids in school called her Carrie, she began to call herself Kerri, which has stuck. Funny because people from school were calling for Kerri and I kept telling them they had the wrong number. She hadn’t bothered to tell me! And one of the people was a boy named Kerri and she had been hoping he’d call, but I turned him off too! 0h, to be young again and have something so trivial be my worst worry!

rachel on

If you notice, Kids copy our reactions to things. Children wouldn’t tease other kids about their names or call them “weird” if parents didn’t say it first. Everyone is different and thankfully so. So, you wouldn’t pick Sundance, ok, good for you. Others probably wouldn’t pick the names you have given your children. Sit there and feel superior, but, keep it to yourself.

ME on

We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box

kelly on

Ironic, couldn’t help but notice your name is Mallory….which means unlucky. Who would do THAT to a kid? Love the name, but seriously!

Feiger on

My former boss would go through resumes & if he couldn’t pronounce the name of the prospective employee, the resume hit the trash.

I suspect Sundance is easier to digest than Apple or Moxie CrimeFighter…but not by much.

Angela on


My step father was named Kelly Thomas and he would have been in his 90’s by now!You are so right, Kelly was a male name along with Stacey,Tracey,Stephanie,Carey, etc.

The trend seems to have gone beyond naming girls male names…now they are tagged with mostly last names for first names.

To each his own.

Candice on

you all are so mean…..Noelle. The babys name is perfect for him. I bet yall kids names are stupid

Randi on

My name is Randi and my husband’s name is Kelly. I like our unique names. If you look back at the origin of the name Kelly it is an Irish boy’s name. It’s okay to not like a name for yourself but I don’t think it is really necessary to bash people for their names or the names they choose for their children.

CelebBabyLover on

ME- Beautiful comment!

Kasey on

Hey, people stop being rude. Yes Sundance, is an “origonal name:. But, I personally think its cute. They can call him Sunny, which is a very cute nick name. respect their choice of names. Anyways, both the boys are darling!

Stephanie on

Well I think naming your child something that means alot to you is great….you still have to think of the reprocutions if the name is weird. If a weird name means that much to you use it as a middle name. That poor kid is going to catch a lot of heck as he grows up. Hopefully it will make him a stronger person instead of making him seek therapy!!

Christie on

Congratulations Kerri, Casey, and “BIG BRO” Joey! I absolutely LOVE the pic of you and your two little men. It is not only heart touching, but you look absolutely beautiful in it!!

LC on

I think that is probably one thing in life we can’t chose ourselves our name given at birth. For some of us that may be something we find regretful all of our lives. Sunny is fine for a nickname. That is seeing as they call the older boy who is named Joseph, Joey. It rhymes! However, upon reading the name first was Sundance…before reading the explanation she gave for it…my first initial thought was isn’t the Sundance Film Fest-of Robert Redford’s creation no less-also held annually in Park City, Utah?

Mel on

I have a feeling that little Sundance with want to be referred to as S. Thomas Jennings when he’s older! I honestly feel some parents don’t think about how a weird name will affect a child as a teenager, or even as an 80 year old.

Allison on

Kelly, dont listen to what anyone thinks. I love the name and as long as you like it. That is all that matters. Enjoy your new life with Sundance .


Carrie on

Congrats, Kerri! Those are two cute boys. Such a big fan of yours. Hope to see you competing in 2012!

mayra on

Congrats beautiful babies

McKenzie on

At least the name isn’t pilot inspector, but not too far off. I agree with KS – my father in law is named Archibald and he got teased alot, so he named his kids functional names. People will always pick on other people but the first things that kids will choose is the name, so why give your kid a rough start? Also, it is people with regular names like Pete, Jason, Chris, and that woman Shannyn who named her kid Audioscience etc that give their kids weird names so they don’t know how bad it is to have an oddball name.

this is a more interesting history of the name!

CelebBabyLover on

McKenzie- Trust me, kids will find a way to pick on pretty much any name! My grandmother purposely gave my mother a short, fairly common name so that kids wouldn’t be able to give her nicknames (whether good ones or bad ones!). Well, guess what? It didn’t work!

You can give your kid the most “normal” name on the planet and some kid will probably still tease them about their name!

Sundance's Dad on

My wife and i are thinking of naming our next son Sundance. We love the name and have been looking into it when we came across this page. I’m surprised at everyone’s comments and my wife is now worried. We absolutely love the name and it means a lot to us. We were engaged at Sundance (the ski resort near where I grew up in Utah, also home to Robert Redford’s film festival), and it would be tender for us to give him such a special name that would remind us and our family of the very instant my wife and I decided that we would make our family and be together forever.

I’m personally excited for all of the questions, “Why Sundance???” so I can tell them, “The name is very special to us and signifies the love and commitment that we have as a family. I can’t think of a better name for a cherished and exceptional son.”