Mommy & Me Style: Suri and Katie’s Matching Shoes!

05/25/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
INF, Courtesy of Bloch

During a shopping trip at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills last Saturday, Katie Holmes and her mini me Suri Cruise, 4, were spotted wearing the same purple ballet flats.

After some digging, we found out their chic footwear is by Australian-based shoe company, Bloch, which is known for their comfy, on-trend flats.

Katie’s wearing the Ballerina Pearl ($150) style, while Suri’s rocking the Arabella ($62).

Their particular color — grape leather — won’t be available until the Fall, but you can purchase similar versions at and now.

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Stayce on

Wow, I have the same shoes. Wal-mart….$12.99!

grace on

I know, why invest so much for a shoe with a four year-old?

J on

and here we go…

Kira on

With their income, even if they donate half of their monthly earnings, 62 bucks is NOTHING for them to pay for some shoes. It is the equivalant to our $12.00. Besides, let them buy the expensive shoes, HOPEFULLY they will donate them or send them to a consignment shop when Suri has outgrown them. Then some lucky mama can snatch them up half price! LoL.

On a different note, I LOVE Suri’s dress! SO CUTE!

Sarah on

I would really love to see a photo of them playing at a park, sadly I see them shopping all the time. Perhaps it’s the papparazzi that keeps them away from the park…who knows.

Chris on

It’s cute. It’s not like they’re wearing matching outfits from head to toe.

They probably get stuff sent to them all the time. Who knows? Maybe they paid absolutely nothing for the shoes. Uh oh this might set of a chain of comments about why celebs shouldn’t get stuff for free. lol

christi collins on

Suri dress is from Gap. I believe that it cost 32 or 36 dollars

Kari on

I didn’t realize how big of feet Katie had! OMG!

izzy on

@kari, tall people have big feet. it would look weird if she had small feet.

anywho, i love this family. people buy whatever they want. so her shoes are a tad more expensive than what the average family would buy. OH FREAKIN WELL. you would too if you were rolling in dough. shiiiit, i would for sure.

Anna on

I never thought I’d say this about a four-year-old, but it’s nice to see that child wearing flats.

Anna on

It says right there the colour isn’t available yet, so they were obviously gifted these shoes. Hence they were cheaper for them than your 12US$ shoes!

I like Suri’s dress!

Rachelfromboston on

maybe Suri likes shopping with her mama over going to a park? I always did! My mom & grandma took me shopping from 2 weeks old on – and even as a 3 or 4 year old would choose shopping over going to the park with my dad & brother! 🙂

N on

Ugg is expensive and I see so many non-celebrities wearing it. What’s the problem with $150 pair of shoes? I know a lot of people who spend $100-200 on a good pair of shoes and believe me, they don’t have as much money as Katie. I’ve spent $40-60 on kids shoes (skechers, primigi, stride rite, hanna andersson etc). Heck, I buy my babies robeez and pediped for $30+ and they don’t even walk! $62 isn’t a big deal.

Brianna on

I buy my kids shoes for as much as $80 sometimes and we’re not celebrities. That said, they’re good quality shoes, usually running shoes from a good brand that will last my kids a while. But I’ve bought my daughter Uggs, which are $150.

Elisa on

C’mon. It’s 150 and 62 dollar shoes. It’s not the end of the world, THEY ARE RICH, PEOPLE. Leave them alone!
Suri looks so cute. I loved her dress and pig tails.

Lorraine on

You all make me feel bad. When I have a daughter, I have a feeling I’ll be taking her shopping quite a bit. Have you ever gone to celeb portion of this site and clicked on Tom Cruise? He takes her to the park. In my opinion, Suri’s got the best of both worlds and I LOVE the fact that her parents let her choose her own clothes. If my mother EVER forced me to wear those overalls and flowery leggings she thought children look cute wearing again, I may puke.

Whitney on

I used to only wear Bloch dance shoes – amazing feel.

Kate on

Dude, I just bought each of my daughters $50 shoes, and they each have that babyGap dress in different colors, and our income is a tiny, tiny fraction of theirs. For how much money they have, the fact that I constantly see Suri wearing babyGap clothes that my middle class daughters have tells me that they’re pretty down to earth when it comes to dressing her.

Denise on

Is that a coat or a blanket that Katie is holding?

Lila on

My daughter is the same age and loves to shop. She has gotten into picking out her own clothes in the stores and is so proud of herself when she puts outfits together. She also loves playing in the dirt and running around like a maniac. Those are the joys of girls!!

Sadie on

She is 4 years old so why does she still need to walk around with a baby blanket?

Her dress is from Gap and costs $30.00

Feet are important and a good pair of shoes are costly and lasts a long time. Cheap shoes do nothing for your feet, lacks comfort and breaks fast.

Sharon on

Rachelfrombostan!!! Your Kidding Right!!! shopping over a trip to a park at 4 years Old – I DONT THINK SOOOO. My daughter is 4 and as much as she likes shopping I think the Park WINS anytime!!

Lauren on

PS. The 62-dollar shoes in question are now half price at 32 dollars for a pair of quality leather shoes with proper support is far from unreasonable. I’d go so far as to say that anything less expesive is likely of a lesser quality and could cause damage to growing feet.