Meet Bethenny Frankel’s New Baby Bryn!

05/25/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Even though her daughter is only 2½ weeks old, Bethenny Frankel can already see one similarity between her newborn and herself.

“She has my E.T. toes,” says Frankel, pointing to Bryn Casey Hoppy‘s little pink feet. “They are so long!”

Frankel, the star of Real Housewives of New York City, always tells it like it is — even when discussing her baby’s early delivery on Saturday, May 8.

Waking Jason Hoppy up around 6 a.m. some five weeks before their first child was due to tell him her water broke, Frankel immediately called the doctor and told her husband to pack their bags.

In his excitement, Hoppy instead started ringing up a few friends.

“Her water broke — we’re having a baby!” he announced. Frankel countered: “We don’t have a baby. We have a puddle.” Looking back, she laughs, “I told him to get a pen and paper and get organized!”

Albert Michael/Startraks

The couple rushed to the hospital. “All I wanted was a bagel and the doctor [told me] I couldn’t eat,” she recalls. “And for two days, I couldn’t.”

After some 30 hours of labor, doctors recommended a c-section to deliver baby Bryn. “She came out like a little doll,” Frankel, 39, says of seeing her daughter for the first time. “It was amazing.”

The couple chose their daughter’s name to honor Hoppy’s brother Bryan, who was killed in a car accident 19 years ago.

“They used to call him Bryn as a nickname,” she explains. “When Jason told me, I thought that would be a great name.”

Having kept mum until Hoppy’s parents arrived at the hospital to meet their new grandchild, revealing Bryn’s name in person was a special moment for the family.

“Jason’s mom was hysterical, crying,” Frankel recalls. “They couldn’t believe we kept it secret.”

Albert Michael/Startraks

At a tiny 4 lbs., 11 oz., Bryn stayed in the NICU for four days until she was strong enough to come home to the family’s apartment in downtown Manhattan.

“We were in this dark little room with our baby. It was almost like Survivor — where we were fending for ourselves,” notes Frankel. “We couldn’t stop staring at her.”

Now settled in at home, Frankel is up every three hours to nurse Bryn — who’s been “such a good baby” — and divides the rest of the parenting duties with Hoppy.

“Jason is the burper and diaper changer,” the natural foods chef laughs. “He loves it when she goes to the bathroom because he has a project!”

All joking aside, “We’re so thankful and lucky to have a healthy baby,” says Frankel, who adds that she’s looking forward to strolling around the Big Apple with Bryn. “This is the new me now.”

— Liz McNeil

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Elle on

That is a precious story about Bryn’s name. What a lovely way to honor family.

Glad to see baby and mama doing so well!

grace on

so cute, congrats to all!


Bryn is absolutely precious!

Luna on

OMG Bryn is too cute. I love her name, especially the story behind it. Bethenny seems to really love her daughter and that’s what really warms my heart. And Hoppy is a fun last name 🙂

Erica Ann on

Bryn is so tiny and perfect! She looks like Jason in my opinion.

Julie on

I love Bethenny and am so happy for her and her husband. I also love the name they chose; what a wonderful tribute to her husband’s brother. I can’t wait to see more of this family!

kmb on

aw she’s so tiny! but beautiful! congrats to bethenny and jason!

Katie on

Awwww!!! ❤ She is adorable! I think she looks like her daddy.

samantha on

I love you Bethenny. Your baby is precious. I wish you both the best.

Shelby on

I absolutely LOVE Bethenny and could not be happier for Jason and her’s newest little bundle Bryn! Such a beautiful name to accompany a beautiful little girl. Congratulations! Wishing them a wonderful time getting to know their sweet, pumpkin.

glee fan on

bryn is such a cute and tiny little baby! congrats to Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy!

Klaudia on

Baby Bryn is so precious. She looks like a little doll! Congrats to Bethanny and Jason, they deserve to be happy!

Bethenny Fan on

I love Bethenny! Congrats to you and your family!

Sara on

I am so happy to hear that you are nursing Bryn! You will be back to your Skinny Girl self in no time while giving your baby a great start to a fabulous life… Best Wishes!
XOXO from a Mommy of 3 in Indy

A on

Perfect Name!!!

Richelle on

Way to go you guys!!! You both deserve all the happiness coming your way!!!

Renee on

Love her, love you. You are blessed!

nene on

All the babies are precious! I like the name as well. It is nice of them to name her after a family member who’s passed.

nunya on

We love you Bethenny!! Don’t ever change!!
Bryn is beautiful!

francesca on

She is just precious! Much love to new momma and baby! oh and the new papa!

soph on

I thought the name Bryn might have been inspired by her parents’ names (B for Bethenny, ends with an N sound for Jason), but the actual story behind it is much nicer. Cute pix!


Congrats to mom and dad and grandparents. What a beautiful way to honor their son. Enjoy life Bethanney – be good to each other – please, please, keep the evil and toxicity of the Housewives away from your family. You don’t need LuAnn, Jill or Kelly. They are so jealous it is killing them. Please be happy.

Lorelei on

What a beautiful little baby! Wishing the best of everything to this lovely family.

diane on

Although I don’t watch the show, congratulations to them both. Bryn is beautiful and very tiny. If they stayed that way, I would have had more.

Kari90 on

How precious. So happy for you!

Claudia on

Beautiful baby. Congrats

valentina on

congrats!!! by far my fav housewife. i believe she is very deserving of this and will make an amazing mother.YAY BETHENNY!!!! congrats again!

Kelly on

Congratulations to Bethenny and Jason!! What a beautiful baby and a beautiful name. And the story behind the name is precious. Enjoy this amazing time in your lives!!

Amanda on

Our daughter’s middle name is Brin, after my brother who died….it’s such a great way to remember your family.

Bryn’s absolutely beautiful….Congrats to the Hoppy family and their newest edition.

Soly on

Congrats to the new family and thanks to them and People for sharing with us. God bless you all. Its such a nice thread/blog its not even worth pestering it by mentioning certain nuts (and I dont mean the eating kind)

Jim Gilmartin on

Congrtas Hop, I knew you before you were a celeb. Say Hi to oppie.

t. on

what a cute little peanut 🙂 the story of her name is lovely and something she has to carry for her entire life a special connection to the family history

Toni on

Oh she is so cute…..congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you on the new show.

Sabrina on

AWWWWWWWWWWW LITTLE BRYN IS SOOO DAMN CUTE I COULD JUST SNUGGLE HER ALL DAY LONG (but ill probally most likely wont meet the baby soooo i really can’t snuggle her but I would if I could ):)

RL on

Love Love Bethenny and how precious is Bryn…and how sweet of you to name after Jason’s brother…the name is perfect…I wish you so much happiness and motherhood is such a wonderful thing. XOXO

kayong on

im so happy for the couple. wish them all the best!
go bethanny for overcoming your ‘daddy issues’ …unfortunately its something many of us have to deal with. Thankfully Bryn won’t

All the best!!

lauren on

Is it all you ever hoped for, Bethenny? I truly hope so – as having a child is truly a joy. Congrats to you and Jason!

Kimberly on

Momma and baby are so beautiful and adorable! I’m so happy them all 🙂

MissAlexa on

luv u Bethenny! many blessed years to you and your family!

C on

I’m so happy for her and her family. She seems to just shine.

Jackie on

I am sooooo happy for Bethenany and Jason. Brynn is just the most beautiful little “peanut” ever. I wish the Hoppy family love and joy forever…..

Nicole on

Being a big Bethenney fan, I was thrilled to find out she gave birth to Bryn on my very own birthday! Congrats Bethenney and Jason!

Janie on

Congratulations to Bethenny. Bryn is precious!

HamptonMommie on

Congratulations to the new parents! The baby is adorable…my daughter was 6 weeks early, too but she caught up in no time. Your little peanut will be the same. Also, what a nice way to honor a family member that’s passed on.

Anne on

The baby is beautiful and Bethenny is absolutely head-over-heels in love with her. I wish Mom, Dad and precious Brynn a long and happy life together.

Matthew on

I am so proud of you and Jason!! Congradulations!!!

sharae73 on

Congrats to the new parents. Your daughter is beautiful. I hope you enjoy your new life as a mommy.. and I can’t wait to watch your new show.

Sherie on

What a sweet little baby girl! Congratulations. Love the name and the story behind it.

Nicole on

So happy for her. I think Betheny is fabulous! Bryn is beautiful.

priscilla villarreal on

Sooo sweet, happy for the whole family!

Marnie on

What a beautiful baby!

Lisa on

So happy for you! She is precious!!

Suz on

Even though I have never met you, your story is such an incredible one. Congrats on a gorgeous healthy baby, and thank you for sharing the personal story behind her name. What a tribute and and honor for Jason and his parents. I wish you and your family nothing buy happiness.

Jen DC on

Oh, tiny tiny lovey! Congrats, Bethenny – you’re gonna be great at this with Jason at your side.

Dee on

My daughter is 11 and her name is Casey Bryn, although she goes by her middle name, Bryn. I never dreamed we’d meet another. I’m kind of disappointed….but mine is precious and I’m sure your’s is too.

D on

Love the name and Love the story behind it!!! What a precious baby! Congratulations to you! I’m so glad you are doing well! I think you are an amazing person and CHEF! (put that in for Kelly! haha)

kristy on

Congrats on your beautiful little angel!!

Collette on

Bryn is so cute! I LOVE the name too. Bryn is actually one of my top favorite names.
Congratulations Bethenny and Jason!!

Griz on

Congratulations to the beautiful Hoppy family. You all deserve much happiness. Bethenny: keep your sharp tongue! 😉

marie on

she is so very beautiful, bethenny and jason should be very proud…….

Melissa on

What a darling baby and such a cute cupcake outfit 🙂 Congrats to you and enjoy every second b/c it goes by too fast. Best wishes!

itznia on

How fantastic – congratulations!!!! You are going to be a great mom and I am sure Jason will be a fantastic dad!!!!

Sharon on

Congratulations to Bethenny and Jason. The baby is tiny, precious and so cute. Bethenny looks like she is in seventh heaven and I am happy that she will know the self-sacrificing love that a child brings to one’s life.

Niki on

Sooooooooo Cute!!

Laura on

Beautiful many blessings to the whole family

lee ann on

Betheny and Jason
Bryn is so adorable and i am so happy for you both. Betheny you deserve to be happy and i am glad that you found true love.


So cute! So happy for Bethanny….she deserves all this happiness. Can’t wait to see how cute Bryn becomes over the next months.

Anonymous on

Her little face is so beautiful! Congratulations from one mom to another!!

carrington on

very cute…glad bethenny got the family she deserves.

I have a question though. Why are there never pic or entries about the Gosselin kids. I thought it was because this blog didn’t do reality tv stars, but that can’t be, because they have the Kardashians, Bethenny, Ryan and Krista. Just wondering. I love to see pics of those kids, they’re so cute.

Shannon on

Bryn’s adorable. Congrats! The story behind Bryn’s name is sweet.

Alicia on

Oh goodness she is adorable!

electra on

The baby is so cute! I’m happy for her and Jason they seem like a good couple. The baby has her jaw!

Tanya on

You see, good things do come to those who wait.. All the best always to Jason, Bethenny and beautiful Bryn who has her angel Uncle to watch over her. God Bless your family! P.S. If your daughter is anything like my son, she is sucking the life out of you.. Stay hydrated! LOL.

Mandy on

Congratulations to Bethenny and Jason! Enjoy this very special gift you as parents have been entrusted with! A touching and wonderful story about how Bryn was named. You all deserve much happiness as a family.

Lisa on

Bethenny I hope that now that your beautiful daughter is here that you don’t allow all that crazy stuff that went on before you had her to continue. You as her MOTHER need to protect her from the crazy females that you are forced to be around on your show that housewivess some of them women scare me and it;s on tv can’t even imagine that being a part of my everyday life. I was wondering if “CRAZY” was a requirement to be on the show. Because all I see is money doesn’t make you have manners that are not there in the first place. Good Luck as a new MOMMY and a new wife you deserve a fresh start away from those weird and back bitting females that you were around

Donna on

Congrats! It is through our relationship with our children that we truly understand the meaning of unconditional love

Journey on

What a precious child! I wish you and Jason a lifetime of happiness with Bryn.

Kim on

Congratulations to Bethenny! Gorgeous baby. I’m so happy for B. and for Jason.

Peg on

Soooooo Cute~~ so happy for you. You will be a GREAT Mommy!
The best to your family always

heather on

how sweet is little Bryn. she’s an itty bitty little thing just like her mama! she should do skinny baby clothes since she has skinny girl drinks…congrats!

rathnawjoe on

Congratulations on your little girl.. I agree with the other post about keeping the negative energy feeding off the other housewives at bay… nothing needs to spoil your newfound life. Sending good wishes your way…. take care…

Julie on

Congrats Bethenny and Jason! So happy for you and the addition of your new family member. Bethenny, you’re an inspiration to women like myself who are still holding out for the whole package, despite the “clock ticking”. Thanks for persevering and doing so with an awesome sense of humour! Looks like a girl can have it all… even the skinny part!

Dana on

SOOOOOOO precious!!!! She is just a honey and so beautiful she brings tears to my eyes. Congratulations Hoppy family 🙂

lynn on

congrats to Mr & Mrs Hoppy, Bryn is beautiful

izzy on

@heather, let’s hope she doesn’t do skinny baby clothes. babies aren’t supposed to be skinny. they can wait til their 20s to worry about that. meanwhile, she’s gorgeous as well as momma and daddy’s a cutie too. i’m happy to see her happy 🙂 i love the name bryn. i might use that one day!

Chie on

What a beautiful baby and beautiful mother! Baby Bryn couldn’t stand waiting one more month and wanted to see the world! She should be energetic like her mom!! Congrats Bethenny and Jason!! Love you both!!

Lynn on

Bethenny congratulations to both of you!!! Bryn is so so precious. Take good care and keep her away from those other crazy housewives Except for Alex the others are CRAZY!

Ashlee on

Izzy, Skinny Girl is a brand Bethenny made. Despite the name, it’s only concern is with healthy eating and living; not being a size 0. It also doesn’t have anything to do with restricting the diet of an infant.

Marla on

i love the family name. seriously, beautiful and incredibly touching. i love bethenny: her sense of humor; her perspective…she cracks me up. just please, keep that precious baby away from the nonsense and drama (i.e., kelly).

Lorie Ames on

Bethenny, what a beautiful little baby girl and what a precious name because of its meaning. Leave the drama of the housewives behind, you have someone much more special to concentrate on. God Bless and best wishes to you and your new family.

Evelyn Worley on

What an amazing women you are to have been thru such an up and down year with such dignity. Beautiful baby. Always keep her close to you.

Ms June on


Congrats on the husband (what a well deserved catch) and the absolutely adorable baby Bryn. You and Jason will be wonderful parents to this precious little angel. Be insanely happy and enjoy every moment. And the tribute to Jason’s brother, how touching. It just shows how beautiful you are inside and out. Peace and happiness!

kendall on

congrats you deserve al the happiness in the world im proud of you girl

Sophia on

Oh, what a precious little thing! That second photo is beautiful 🙂 And Bryn’s name is lovely, especially seeing as it holds such special meaning for the family. Congratulations to Bethenny and Jason, and welcome to the world Bryn Casey 🙂

Toni M. on

Bethany congrats to you and Jason on such a beautiful and healthy baby. The story behind the name brought me to tears! I wish all a lifetime of happiness and enjoy every moment!

Lynne on

Betheny, your daughter is gorgeous! Congrats and best of luck to you, Jason and your new family.

Shanna on


Words cannot describe how happy I am for you. I remember you talking with a friend while viciting Miami and discussing your ‘eggs’ being too old! I will never forget that episode or the one when you found out your were pregnant and your ‘holy shit balls’ I’m pregnant!
You are so beautiful, intelligent and have this original HYSTERICAl witt about you! I wish you and Jason a lifetime of happiness, you deserve it.

Lots of love from Tampa!

Michele on

love the name. She is beautiful. Enjoy she will grow before you know it. I hope everything works out the way you want it in your life. Husband is a cutie too!

Smvwille on

She is adorable! Congrats on everything that happened this past year! Go Bethenny 🙂

Lola Monroe on

Aww she is toooo cute, I think she looks a lot like Jason in the first picture. Best of luck Bethenny…

Soo on

Congratulations Bethenny! You deserve all the happniess coming your way. You are such a fantastic woman. And I love your hobby too. Could not have chosen a better man for such a wonderful woman. Never take your blessings for granted. Always be grateful. Cheers,

Kristin on

I have loved Bethany since I started watching housewives of NYC! It is so great she now has her complete family she has wanted for so long! To Bryn: If your parents are anything like we see on TV you are an extreemly lucky little girl:)

Jill on

What a cute little baby! Congratulations to Bethenny and Jason! What a beautiful baby to match the beautiful name they chose for her. So happy for them! ❤

Bonnie on

Bryn is so adorable! i love bethenny and i think she will be a good mom. and jason will be a good dad 🙂 they are just a cute little family!

tobey on

What a precious way to give tribute to Jason’s brother. Bryn is a lovely name for a lovely little lady. Congrats to Bethenny and Jason!!! I wish you all many Godly blessings.

pksmama on

what a DOLL! absolutely perfect!

Becky on

I am so happy for you. Life will be happier for you now.

Carolyn on

What a beautiful baby with a beautiful name with a beautiful story. Congratulations Bethenny and Jason!

sue on

Congratulations!I think Bryn looks like Daddy.I bet you never thought you would be a wife and mother.You can have it all Bethenny!

Crystal on

Luv ya bethenny.But please stay away from all that toxic crap from the housewifes show.They are all crazy,so much so that I would be afraid for you & bryn.Surround her with nothing but love & happiness.Hope your not coming back to the show or did I see you have a spinoff of your happy for you all.♥♥♥.

annie on

bethenny – what a wonderful, wonderful and precious blessing.

bringing a baby into this life moves you from ‘self’ to selfless. a life depends on you for everything.

it is my hope she will be surrounded by the goodness in you and your sweet husband without all the (and i can’t believe i am about to use this word) DRAMA waiting outside your door. (i have said if i hear ‘drama’ one more time, i’ll run screaming from the room. really. every series, every episode, every housewife. let’s just call it what it is. poor behavior by women – which is the most vicious, conniving and sometimes unforgivable. and, good grief! all the expletives. my father told me once that the reason people feel the need to use this type of language as conversation rather than emphasis is because they do not have a command of the english language.)

your baby needs your protection, and you deserve to be protected as well. i will be watching your show and hope it will bring joy and peace into your life, which now seems so complete.

heartfelt congrats!

Sami on

I love Bethenny, and I love Bryn’s name! Have been so curious as to whether she would have a boy or a girl all along…glad that she’s okay even though she came out early! Can’t wait to see all the pregnancy stuff on Bethenny Getting Married on Bravo.

Mem on

God bless you Baby Bryn & parents. Bethanny is so open and funny, i pray they will have a wonderful life together.

Tara on

I have been a fan of Bethenny since I saw her on the Apprentice with Martha Stewart. I am so happy for her and Jason, being a mom is the best job in the world!

jessie hudd on

She just couldn’t waite to met her wonderful parents. congrats to you both. Welcome Bryn

TJ on

Why not Bryanna? Bryn is a college in PA.

Erin on

What a great story and beautiful Mom and baby!

Mamsmom on

TJ…almost got through reading all the positive and wonderful posts and happy that no negativity was related to this wonderful story, until yours, Why not Bryanna? They picked Bryn….so what if it is a college in PA…It is what they chose for their beautiful daughter.

Congrats to the Frankel/Hoppy family. God Bless!

Dnice on

Great story. I’m so happy for Bethenny, she’s always been my favorite housewife of all the cycles. I’m glad she is enjoying this special time in her life.

rose on

I am sooooooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!

gail pennell on

love to bethany, jason and baby bryn.

how beautiful !!!

Jen on

She mentioned nursing, that is so awesome to hear that she is breastfeeding her child, now a days people go with the formula.

Patricia Myree on

I LOVE Bethenny! Bryn is just too adorable, and Bethenny is positively BEAMING with love and happiness! Reading that Bethenny is nursing her baby girl reminded me once again just how awesome she is… of COURSE she wants nothing but the best nutrition for Bryn! I hope to see lots more of Bethenny, Jason and Bryn in the future. I wish this beautiful family Blessings in Abundance ALWAYS ~<3~

Fu on

So happy for you. A lucky little girl
who has her mom’s beautiful jaw line
but also looks like her daddy. Congrats

Diane on

So happy for you Bethenny. Your daughter is gorgeous. I wish you the best. Oh …..I loved your book!!!

mae on

Congrats to Bethenny and family! The baby is adorable, all the best!

Shannon on

CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is so beautiful! I am so happy for you. You are such a good person and you deserve everything you that comes your way. You are my favorite housewife!

Ava on

Congrats Bethenny and Jason! Bryn is adorable!! Love the name. Can’t wait for your new show to come on on Bravo…looking forward to it! Wishing you guys the best!

Denise West on

Congratulations, Bethany I am so happy for you, Jason and your new daughter. Wonderful story, she will carry her name with pride when she understands the story behind it. Can’t wait to see your new show.

Rocky on

It is just like you Bethany to be thin as a rail 2 weeks after giving birth. You skinny girls really make me sick!!! Teeheehee.. But seriously Bryn is beautiful already with her teensy weensy self.

Diana on

Most beautiful baby that I have seen in quite some time. Congratulations to the bran new Hoppy family!!

Her name fits her well.

Bethenny, I am sure you will be a great mommy, you look soooo in love with her.

Love the show, keep your chin up, you are definately a winner!!


Anne Fee on

Congrats to you both!!! Bethany you are a beautiful woman and I’m sure you’re going to be an awesome Mom!! Enjoy motherhood, it was truely the best thing that ever happened to me!! Take care of beautful Bryn!!!

Anonymous on

Your daughter is sooo beautiful. Welcome to mommy hood!!! I am a first time mother of a three month old. It is the most amazing thing!!! I am soo blessed to have her!! Congrats to you and Jason!!!

ecmoran on

congratulations little bryn! you made it! you picked great parents ~ bethanny & jason know how lucky they are! =) enjoy your life together! hugs & aloha to all of you!

Lidia on

CONGRATULATIONS…..GOD bless your baby.

Kelli on

I love her! Congrats!

annie on

Congratulations to Bethanny and Jason. She is so tiny and beautiful. Glad mother and baby are doing great. Daddy stay strong for both of them.

rhonda on

Congrats Bethenny! I love watching you on bravo. I wish you all the best to come.

joann rodgers on

So happy for you and your family. Time to ditch all the crazies and focus on what really matters. Best of luck to you in your greatest role yet, Mommy!!

Court on

Bryn is such an adorable peanut! Congratulations, wishing the Hoppy Family many blessings! I love the Real Housewives of NY and totally relate to Bethany. I just love her quick witt and the fact that she is what I believe to be the most geniune person on the show. All the best to the Hoppy Family.

Jewell on

Congrats Bethenny and Jason – Bryn is adorable! Love U Bethenny…ur the Best! Can’t wait to see ur new show.

Ben on


cnethartman on

Congratulations on your beautiful little Bryn. I cried when I read the story behind the name and then waiting until she was born to tell your mother-in-law. What a moment that must have been.

Below is what I sent to Jill, just didn’t want her to say the public is on her side. NOT
You can’t be serious. Bethenny tried and tried to talk with you and you listened to LuAnn who was dead set against you being friends with Bethenny. Of course she is not going to tell you about the baby, her engagement and her wedding. You treated her like she was a psyco and yet you befriended Kelly who is just plain nuts. Do you think your new best friends Luann and Kelly are not talking about you. You can tell when Luann is lying the corner of her mouth quivers. She does it everytime she lies. I think you may want to find a hobby as it will be very hard to ever have the viewers believe anything you say.

Good Luck.

Lisa on

Looking great for just having a baby…Congrats!! Glad everything turned out ok Bethanny!

eve diaz on

Bethenny & Jason congrats on your beautiful baby girl Bryn. You’re going to fantastic as a mom. So happy when you found out you were pregnant because I had the same reaction when I was expecting and kept retaking the ept test. Much peace, happiness, love and no drama from K, L, or even J. Enjoy your time and take lots of pictures. Bryn C. Hoppy is gorgeous already; imagine a few months from now. Love to the 3 of you and true friends and Hoppy Family.

Tabatha on

Congrats and you look great bethanny! Sweet story and what BEAUTIFUL baby girl you have!! Love the name and the meaning behind it. You guys are such a beautiful family. We wish you all lots of happiness and love. God bless you all!

Laurie on

So happy for you Bethenny. You are living proof that dreams really do come true. She’s a beautiful little p-nut. Enjoy the journey!


Eitan on

I wish only the best of life for this new little family. LOVE TO ALL THREE…Bethenny, Bryn and Jason

ggtc on

Bless your new little family. I’m so happy for the three of you. Bryn is adorable. Thank you for sharing her pictures. Looking forward to your show! God bless!

Trina on

I’m so happy for you. Your my favorite lady on the show. I love your personality. You and Jason will be such cool parents. Have a wonderful life. Be Happy. All my Love. Trina

bernita motley on

beautiful baby Bethenny. Love you on the show please donot change! congrats to you an Jason. waiting to see you on your own show.

Sharon on

Congratulations! The baby is beautiful. Keep her away from LuAnn, Jill and crazy Kelly

Riley on

Oh my goodness baby bryn is so adorable. I wish her, bethenny, and jason all good luck!

Robin M. on

That’s a sweet story. I was wondering where the name Bryn came from!

Stevie B on

I Love to hear storys like this.. She is a lovely baby and she had an angel watching after her, it was her older brother looking after her and it’s good to see that ya’ll named her after him. My daughter was also born at 3 lbs and 1.8 oz and got to come home at Four pounds… I believe that she had an angel also, I had lost a baby a year earlier and about lost her but i believe that he was looking after her until she came home from the hospital… Thank the Lord for little Miracles and for the doctors that help them get stronger…

Mark on

Cograts: What a beautiful child and the name Bryn is so beautiful in iself. I think is woderful the stroy and honer behind it. By the way, Bryn is a Welsh name meaning “Hill”. We have 2 Bryn’s in the family.. Love the sound of it.. I rolls of the tongue and sings to the heart.

Meredith on

The little angel is so sweet. Congrats, I hope all continues to go well.

Brynn on

Love the name 🙂

katy on

ohhh she is soo cute congrats to you and jason!!!!!!!

Gloria Pecsek on

Your baby is gorgeous. You and your husband deserve only the very best. God Bless You and Bryn.

Val on

Congrats on your little angel….Bryn

viewer on

You’re my favorite housewife, Bethenny! Enjoy the ride of your life with your new baby…Being a parent is God’s greatest gift. Love her name…Gorgeous and so special!

Mari on

Congrats!!! ON your baby girl, May god watch over her…

sandy on

bethenny and jason congrats on your new bundle of joy. Love the beautiful name u chose. enjoy many wonderful days with bryn

Maurietta Powell on

LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! She is adorable!!

Heather on

Congrats! What a Blessing! The name is perfect and what a
great way to honor his family. I was exactly 4lbs 11onces yet I wasn’t healthy. Be truly blessed!!

terry on

so happy for you and Jason, you deserve the best and you got it.

lisa felkel on

she is adorable, I know your proud as peacocks. she came early but thank god she is fine betheny

Lisa on

Way to go Bethenny and Jason – she is truly adorable. I have been looking for a picture – and this is beautiful. You are my favorite because you tell it like it is!! I couldn’t be happier for you – as my mother would always say everything happens for a reason. Enjoy her – they grow up so quickly.

Judy on

On the first season I heard you say I raised myself and that exactly what I had to do since the parents had more exciting things to do like throwing dishes screaming etc. I had to raise my little brother as well. So I do understand what you said and have been a fan of yours for all of seasons. Beautiful Bryn!! I am so happy for you and look forward to your new show. The stupid people who have been write in about you and your life just throw them in the ocean.
after I had my second little girl I was still like a stringbean because of all the extra things that I had to do the weight just fell off. Oh on the stringbean thing my mother told me I was a green stringbean. Very nice huh
All the most wonderful things should keep on forever with your new family. When I realized thats my parents didn’t know anything about me when I had my baby at 16 I knew that now I had someone to love and love me back

Nana on

Bryn is a beautiful baby, and your life with her and Jason will be a beautiful one from now on. You have had enough heartache! It’s time for you to spread those Mama wings and FLY! I know from watching the show from the beginning that you and Jason will cherish each other and all your babies to come. Wishing you only love and happiness for the rest of your lives. Who needs Jill??!! You HAVE the best.

Ana on

Bethenny you are a very honest person and seem like you’re willing to admit when you do something wrong, but also willing to fight the battles when they’re necessary. So glad things worked out for you. I don’t find babies all that cute until they’re a few weeks old and a bit filled out, but she’s still very lovable/adorable being so tiny. I look forward to seeing photos of her in a few weeks when I know she’ll be deliciously cute!

Cherice Stapleton on

I had two premature babies back to back 2yrs apart,my 1st was a 27 week 3lbs, his name is Chase Riley, My 2nd was 33 week 5lbs, her name is Audrey Madison and wanted to give you a congrats on surviving having a preemie also the dark N.I.C.U. Having a preemie really put life into perspective. They are not touching earth yet! Little angels, they are such strong personalities, they also adapt easy. I can believe your lil Bryn is a good baby, both mine were such troopers. I send love from one preemie mommy to another. She is so darn cute.

Lisa Grieb on

Dear Bethenny, Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! I wish you all the best on this new chapter of your life with your (hot) husband and beautiful baby! Please enjoy every minute of all of it, and realize that most people search their whole lives for a love, like the one you have found with Jason. You will be a wonderful mother and he, a wonderful dad. I’m sure you are amazed at the overwhelming feeling of Love in your heart for this baby….enjoy every minute, it only gets better! God Bless Lisa Grieb

Sarah gulley on

I could not believe when I heard your daughters name it is sooo cute. I guess I should think that cause my 15 month olds name is Brenn Catherine. We named her after our moms. Congrats on the new little bryn she is to cute for words. Motherhood is the best job on earth!!

Sarah gulley on

Congrats on the new little miss Bryn!!!! My daughter is 15 months and her name is Brenn Catherine. We named her after our mothers. I hope all goes will with her and make sure to enjoy every moment cause it goes by so fast.

Jen on

What a cute baby girl!!! Though I wouldn’t expect anything less from mixing Bethenny and Jason’s good looks. 🙂 Congratulations, she’s absolutely gorgeous!!

Shelly on

Congratulations to my favorite housewife!!! I love you Bethenney and couldn’t be happier for the three of you. You will make a wonderful mommy. Bryn is a lucky little peanut. I thinks it’s time to quit the NY Housewives and keep your world sweet, clean and positive. Being married and raising a baby and having a career are enough challenges! Little Bryn needs her mommy as much as she can have you around. I can’t get enough of you on T.V. You crack me up! You’re the best Greek chorus ever. Reminds me of me, only better. Every time I see the little clip of you on Bravo where Jason is waxing your pregnant belly and you say “Yeah” I laugh.

Grace Gutzler on

Your baby is beautiful. God Bless your family.

Cassey on

Love the name, it’s my babies middle name also named after her father and grandfather Bryan!

Trecia on

Extemely Happy for her……I know the feeling after giving birth to my daughter 17 yrs after my son…its great at this point in my life…I wish you many happy years and lots more babies…

judi on

I love the baby’s name! Mazel Tov to you and your family! I love your show on tv. You are gorgeous and you are so funny. I love you!

Lisa Grieb on

Congratulations! You have been truly blessed with a hot husband and a beautiful daughter! Most people search their whole life for a love like Jason…enjoy every minute of it!

Lauren on

I am so happy for her she deserves it. You go girl. Your daughter was born on my moms birthday

Paula on

Congrats on Baby Bryn!!!!

Judy on

Congrats to Mr and Mrs Hoppy and their little Hoppette!!!

Danita Bass on

Bethenny, I admire you for your bravery. May God continue to bless you and your family; especialy Bryn.

zahra on

i am so happy for you ,you are my favorite of all the housewives and you deserve to have happiness with your new baby Bryn and your husband Jason

zahra on

im happy for you you are my most favorite of all the housewives of New York deserve happiness with your baby Bryn and your husband Jason GOD BLESS YOU

Kate on

Bryn and I have the same birthday!

Casandra Barnes on

Congrats Jason and Bethenny on your new life together. Bryn is just beautiful!! Bethenny now has the family that she deserves.

Bev on

Oaky, let me get this…TJ is complaining about her name Bryn as it is the same name as a college in PA? Hello, TJ is what we call Tijanna, Mexico just south of the border from us! Grow up, her name is gorgeous and so are her parents!!

katie on

Bryn is absolutely gorgeous!!!!Congratulations to you both!!!

Lucia on

What a baby doll.

jennifer on

Congratulations!!! Bryn is so beautiful and angelic. Being a first time mom myself (my son alex rocco now 17 mos) it’s the most rewarding feeling in the world. I never knew how much i can love a little baby until having mine……Bethenny and Jason..cherish every second of every day with Bryn because the moments just go by so quickly.

Lynn on

Bethanny..YOU CRACK ME UP! Thanks for the laughter!
Your the Best..Congrads to you and Jason for the special little baby. All the joy and laughs you have given everyone has come home to roost!

dana on

Bethenny i love watching your new show and i think your new
baby is adorable. Best wishes.

lucy on

oh Bethenney, she is so adorable. she looks like your husband. so Precious… I named my daughter after my little sister who passed away… I love when people do that. we keep the memories alive.. God Bless and take care of her always..

Joanne Palumbo on

God Bless that darling angel and her whole family.

Gaga Lady on

Take good care of her, she’s preciouse!

Denise Latimer on

Bethenny,your wedding was absolutely beautiful and baby Bryn is adorable – a cutie-patootie if there ever was one. I had 2 girls, all grown up now, and I breastfed both. It’s such a beautiful, intimate, bonding experience and I know you are loving every minute of it. I am so glad you found such a sweet, intelligent, very caring man to share your life with. It’s obvious that you both have beautiful, loving hearts and you deserve all the wonderful and happy things in your life. The smartest decision you made – after saying “yes” to Jason -was exorcising the “toxic trilogy”(Jill/LuAnn/Kelly)from your life. All I can say is, it’s about time, as in holy shit balls, hallelujah and pass the GD Red Velvet! Congratulations on a GREAT show, Bethenny. I absolutely adore you and Jason and never miss an episode. I think your adorable show is becoming the modern day “I Love Lucy.” It’s so sweet and funny – a real “feel good” show – which is a wonderful change from all the depressing, morbid crap that’s out there. Your show and Kathie Griffin’s “life on the D-List” keep me in stitches. Don’t ever change, Bethenny – we all love you just the way you are. Oh, perhaps this is a sore subject, but how is the “other b-a-b-y” (Cookie) doing with THE baby?

Love ya! All the Happiness in the World to you and Jason!

Atlanta, GA

Petra on

All the very best to my favorite N.Y. Lady, Bethenny and her new family.
May you live in love and happiness.

terri on

Bethanny I think you are the strongest,smartest,and beatiful woman. I am so happy that you have this great man. As a mother who believes alot of your same ideals and principals I am so happy for you. Bryn is beatiful expecially the name. My husband and I did the same thing with our Bailey. My sister turned me on to your show even though I don’t watch alot of t.v. and you inspire.

Laurie on

I watched R.H.W. OF N.Y mostly to see you. I have so much respect for you. You came along way. From hell,to heaven. You deserve it.I made up this saying a few years ago. It totally applies to you.I don’t want to go through life wishing I did and did’nt, I want to go through life doing and say I did.You are an insperatio. A beautiful women, husband and daughter.
Stay away from Kelly and Jill. God bless you and your new family, Laurie
P.S. I do not drink hard liquor, but I am buying a bottle of Skinny Girl vodka.Very unique.I love the picture and color chosen.

Y on

Congrats Bethany and Jason,

Bryn is so precious!!! What a great blessing!!! She is a nice combination of the both of you. I think she looks more like Bethany. She couldn’t have picked a better birthday it happens to be the date of my husband’s and I Anniversary. Good Luck and continue to “Have a Great Life”!!!!!

Donna on

Oh how I love this show and oh how I laugh at Bethenny when she doesn’t understand how to do something, like the car seat, I laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants. She is wonderful in a show of her own and believe me, she can keep the pace going unlike Housewives of New York, everyone was so busy back stabbing everyone, I no longer watch it, “But” I am hooked on Bethenny and her family and the assistants….such great work you guys, wonderful show, can’t wait for each week to come. Don’t stop now!!

Sharon Fink on

What a beautiful family. You deserve only the best that lofe has to offer. Stay come, moe more slowly, and give yourself a break. Motherhood was not bilt in a day. i am sure that Jason is an enormous help. I have four adult children who are all married and seven grandchildren. Maintain your patience and get reswt when you can. It works out as long as you are not so hard on yourself. Have realistic expectations and you will see that everything works out fine. Mazal Tov and may G-d in his infinite wisdom less you and your family.
With love,
Grandma Sharon

AvaLilly on

the baby was born on my birthday!! soo cute!!!

Kathy on

My best to you and Jason. Bryn is absolutley beautiful!!!
I love your new show, you and Jason have such a great relationship!! You seem so much happier now that you are not on the Housewives Of NY. I will miss seeing you on that show, but it is better for you and Jason and Bryn, you are so much more relaxed. You don’t need all that Drama!!!!
You, Jason and Cookie,Take this time to enjoy your blessing from the Angels, Live, Love, and Laugh!


rory hennessey on

AWWWWW Bryn is so cute!!!!

rita on

That baby is so cute that it looks like my babysister that looks like a doll too.By yhe way did you guy’s see the water or whatever it’s called go to the island JAPAN and went all the way to TSUNAMI.Anyway’s congratulation’s to JASON,BRYN and to BETHENNY and what a sweet life and what a good way to repersent there family.By the way my name is Rita Favela Marmolejo and i am 8 yer’s old and I live by the betsy ros aparment’s.THE END…………………………………….

Janice on

To Bethany and Jason,

Congratulations to you both on your sweetest adorable baby. Oh and I love her name.

I love your show so keep it coming. You both make me laugh. Your a great couple.

Best Wishes.

william on

when is she going to have another baby so she can have a brother or sister.

william on

when is she going to have a another baby so bynn can have a brother or
sister and when are going to make up will jill.

nancy on

Love your show – Congratulaions to you and your husband. Keep doing what you do your the BEST!!!! Nancy

Grace on

What a lovely tribute to Jason’s brother Bryan. Bryn is a lovely and unique name for their gorgeous baby girl. Bethenny you are my favourite “housewife”. I have followed u since the show was aired here in Scotland. I wish u all the happiness with ur hubby and baby girl. You so deserve to be. Xxx

sharon on


barabara80 on

I don’t agree

trinity on

i love franklin he is the best america man i love him so much i am happy for you had a bady