Spotted: Gwen Stefani and Her Beach Boys

05/25/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

With the wind in their hair, Gwen Stefani and sons Kingston James McGregor — who turns four on Wednesday — and 21-month-old Zuma Nesta Rock play at the beach in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday. Joining them was dad Gavin Rossdale (not pictured).


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grace on

is kingston still in diapers?

Sylvie on

Please tell me that Kingston is not wearing a diaper, because it sure looks like he is!

Gemini on

it doesn’t look like a diaper to me

ElenaS on

It looks like he has a diaper. He is way to old for one. By the way Happy 4th birthday to him. And Zuma is such a cutie

JMO on

Wearing a diaper at four?! Well why not!! On popsugar in these same sets of photos he’s walking around with a pacifier in his mouth and in photos a few weeks ago he had Zuma’s bottle and was drinkin from it. Maybe Kingston still wants to be the baby….however there are no amount of excuses in the world for any parent to make that tells me that at age 4 their child “needs” a pacifier!! Your child at that age walking around with bottles and pacifiers looks odd and ridiculous and at some point it’s time to call it quits!

Diva on

That doesnt even resemble a diaper, but even if it was, it would be ok. Some kids take longer to get used to a potty, especially for going number 2. My son was 2-3 going pee on the potty, but waited till 4 to go poo on it. So I had to have him in pull-ups when we went to publioc places so he wouldnt have an accident. My one friends daughter is 4 years and 2 months old, and still not potty trained. And girls are “supposed” to train faster. Its about a kids comfort level.

grace on

well if that is a diaper, it looks pretty full and needs to be changed. i think brittney spears and jennifer garner had their kids using pacifiers up until now too. i think by age 3 diapers are ok, but 4 is pushing it a bit.

alice jane on

It doesn’t look like a diaper to me, but guess what? He’s not my kid.

They’re adorable kids; pictures of them never fail to put a smile on my face. I have to say I hope the rumors are true and Gwen and Gavin are having another, because they sure have beautiful kids.

Laura on

My son wasn’t trained until he was 4 years and 2 months. And believe me, I tried and tried to train him for more than a year prior. When it clicked for him mentally, then he was able to handle it. Some kids take longer than others. It’s not fair to judge.

Whitney on

it’s hard to judge another person’s children and their reasons for being a certain age and still wearing a diaper or using a pacifier or carrying a blanket or heck sucking their thumb (awful habit!). My almost 4 year old cousin potty trained early but when it came to her “baby” and “binky” it was a chore. She became a big sister in August and refused to “pass on” her “binky” to her new brother. However, my cousin has decided against a pacifier for the new baby and it has not been an issue. They finally told their daughter, after months of refusing to give the princess’ at Disneyland her pacifier, that she could not bring her baby and binky in stores or to places such as my house. After about two months she forgot about them. So after fighting with her for over a year she did it on her own.

And even if the older boy IS wearing a pull up, maybe he has accidents or maybe he sees his brother in them and wants to do the same.
Both her and her husband appear to be very hands on and no nanny seems to ever be around so it is what it is and I’m sure both boys will be potty-trained and using sippy cups at the same time.

sarah on

wow! he does not look like he is wearing a diaper and if he was We have no right to judge. Silly parents. None of us have things figured out and if someones 4 year old is in diapers or someone elses child is 2 with a bottle in their mouth who cares. Its there child. The joy is we get to choose what to do with our own.

I think those two are awesome parents and make some really cute little boys!

grace on

sarah, who are you calling silly parents? i am just expressing my opinion on a blog. that’s what blogs are for. i do know that most preschools do not allow toddlers in diapers by age three, so it is encouraged to get them trained by then.

Rosa on

Seriously, has anybody paid attention to the fact that he is only 21 months old? That means he isn’t 2 years old yet!
You must have really special kids cause I know of alot of children who wear diapers until they are 3 years old!

jordan on

look at Zuma all chilled out on his momma….too cute those two

Chris on

@ Rosa I think those comments are about the older kid who is nearly 4 years old. 😉

JMO on

Rosa were talking about Kingston who is four not Zuma the baby.
I agree it doesnt look like a diaper and I’ve seen other pics of Kingston recently and he doesn’t ever look like he’s wearing one.

Ryo on

Here’s a bigger image, I still can’t tell if he’s wearing a diaper or not:

But he’s definitely still using pacifiers and at the very least he gets a bottle every once in awhile. But I’ve seen his smile and it doesn’t look like either is messing with it, and anyone who’s seen pap videos knows he has no talking issues, either!

Zuma is so blond. I like Gwen’s hair like this.

Lorus on

Way too bulky to be a disposable diaper and I’m pretty sure they never used cloth dipes. Even so we’ve seen Kingston plenty of times with slimmer pants on so I doubt it’s a diaper. Maybe he was wearing swim trunks and they bunched up around his bum when he put the jean shorts on.

xxx on

I don’t think that’s a diaper. Just his underwear. His pants are just very low which make us think there’s a dipaer underneath.
Even if he was wearing a diaper, this poor kid is not any regular little boy.
The little boy i babysitt who’s 3 1/2 still wears them at night and is not 100per cent poty trained. Accidents can happen, i guess that when you go to the beach with your kids, you don’t wont to risk it that’s it.

Sara on

Looks to me like he’s wearing a diaper, but seriously? Who cares.
I’m more amused that he appears to be wearing an H&M t-shirt.

CTBmom on

Sheesh! Some of the parents on here are just out looking for something to jump on “ooooh, is that a diaper???? It doesn’t look at all like a diaper to me, but if it makes your day to say it is and be able to criticize Gwen’s parenting….then I guess have fun.

romy on

It looks like a diaper to me, but who knows. I think I have seen him without a diaper before though. My kids are 5 and 3, and I know they went through random stages of having accidents. Maybe it was just necessary to do a pull-up that day because of accessibility to bathrooms or something.

mimmey on

sometimes i think they allow kingston to have his pacifier so that he can feel safe when he’s around the paparazzi. having grown men within feet of you everyday, yelling and wanting to take your picture can be unsettling and upsetting for an anyone–i can’t imagine how children deal with it.

i love seeing baby pictures and love celebrities, but i am starting to feel guilty about coming here.

i have a serious question: do any of y’all ever feel about looking in on family’s private moments?

look forward to answers…

JMO on

I play no part in paying for or making money off of these images so no guilt on this end.

Valerie on

Considering he’s at a beach, it’s probably just a bathing suit and maybe he also has a swim diaper on just in case.. not a big deal, people!

Mandy on

Surprised no one mentioned the possible pregnancy. I doubt its a diaper but just swim trunks.

Pretty sad there’s over 20 comments on this………

Chiqui on

I dont think the kids are natural blondes. Does she dye her kids’ hair?! It’s a lil too early to be doing that, eh?

maggiemoo on

if you look at the pictures on the link someone posted above, it doesn’t look at all like a diaper, almost like he has boxer briefs or even another pair of pants on under his jeans-his underwear looks blue and then some type of white cotton/knit pants under the jeans.

so you can criticize them for putting to many layers on, instead of the diaper now.

XoXo on

Kingston has highlights, but Zuma is naturally blonde-looks just like his mommy.

I hope Gwen is pregnant again! Their kids are soo cute-hope they have a girl 🙂

Kim on

Gwen rep told E News she is not pregnant today. Gwen mentioned in Glamour Kingston wears diapers sometimes esp at night

Npc206 on

it’s a little odd. All this talk about this little boy’s underwear. I think we should leave it alone. His parents have it under control, I’m sure.

Npc206 on

and it’s odd that folks get moderated for saying a child is not pretty but this threat did not get moderated at all.

Jennifer on

She needs to stop dying their hair. Oh wait!! Yeah, she’s a real blonde who produced blonde children, right? WRONG!