Claudia Schiffer Names Daughter Cosima Violet

05/25/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Richard Young/Startraks

Update: Schiffer and Vaughn have named their baby girl Cosima Violet, the model’s rep announced Tuesday. The couple chose to wait to release the name until their families had met the newborn.

Originally posted May 15: It’s a girl for Claudia Schiffer, who delivered her third child via c-section on Friday, May 14 at Portland Hospital in London.

“Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn are proud to announce the birth of their baby daughter who was born on Friday May 14 in the early afternoon,” the couple’s rep said in a statement.

“Both mother and baby are doing well.”

The baby girl, whose name has yet to be released, joins siblings Clementine, 5Β½, and Caspar, 7.

Supermodel Schiffer, 39, is currently appearing on the June cover of German Vogue.

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Luna on

Congratulations Claudia, Matthew, Clementine, and Caspar. I can’t wait to hear what her name is! Many blessings.

Ema on

OK, Let’s guess names!

I am guessing Colette.

kaatse on

I’m thinking more like “Charlotte”.

nico on

congrats & herzlichen glΓΌckwunsch!

hope they continue with the c theme. otherwise the littlest vaughn might feel left out. …or maybe they should find something with m for matthew? πŸ˜‰
it’s funny how some pregnancies seem to last forever, while others just fly by. this one definitely seemed to be of the latter to me.

Elki on

Chloe is my guess.

maggie on

i think her name might be CHARLOTTE it’s pretty popular where i live or i’m with ema it might be colette too. can’t wait to see a picture of the baby

h on

i’m thinking Amandine or Augustine

openhagen on

I’m thinking Corinne or Martine (C like her siblings and mother, or M like her father). Cannot wait to hear the name!

Anne on

I’m thinking Cosette πŸ™‚

t. on

I would Love for her to be Collete but I’m thinking something along the lines of CΓ©cile….

Rachelfromboston on

Claudette? hehe

Ana on

I have no idea but i love the name Clementine, its so cute! I think it will either be a name that fits well with Casper and Clementine or be really different! One way or the other.. I hope shes a healthy baby!

Manal on

i love the name Charlotte!! but i think they are gunna give her a name that is not that popular , u know cause they are famous!!!

Linda on

I think the name is something that sounds good also in Germany, Cecile is too french…

Sophia on

Congratulations to Claudia, Matthew, Caspar and Clementine!
I’m guessing maybe Camille or Camilla. Maybe Charlotte.
I can’t wait to know! They’re bound to chose something lovely; Caspar and Clementine are gorgeous πŸ™‚

Zara on

I’m going to guess Camille or Camilla if they stick to the C theme!

Amber on

I’m guessing Celeste or Josephine…

robinepowell on

Congrats to Claudia and Matthew. Maybe this time they’ll be an “M” name so that it sort evens out. They have two kids whose names start with “C”, like Claudia, why not “M” to go with Matthew? πŸ™‚

Alice on

kaatse I immediately thought Charlotte as well! But Chloe would work great with her siblings’ names! Caspar, clementine and Chloe.
Whatever they choose, welcome Baby girl Vaughn!

SAR on

I’m sure the baby is super-gorgeous; Caspar and Clementine are. What will her name be? Will her parents stick with the “C” theme?

izzy on

i find it humorous that people are trying to guess what she named her kid. do you guys seriously have nothing else to do but to think up names another human being might name their kid? i’m all for reading celebrity news and stuff but c’mon……look up a recipe or a new hairstyle.

btw, i do not have anything better to do right now (midnight, insomniac, boyfriend’s at home sleeping, etc)

Kate on

Congratulations to them all! I’m guessing Cassandra πŸ˜‰

Chantal on

I say Therese/Theresa, no idea why. It doesn’t really fit into the C’names, but maybe she will take a different path.

jasca on

third caeserian , too bad .
too posh to push 😦

lena on

Congratulations!! What a lovely birth date. I should know – it’s mine πŸ™‚

sarah on

no part of the article says that she had a c-section with this baby. why would you just assume that?

terese on


ctl on

It seems that she had that Vogue photo shoot timed perfectly — to meet the scheduling constraint imposed by her scheduled c-section!

(Sarah — no, the article didn’t say that she had a c-section. But I will personally send you $5 in the mail if it is true that any one of her three kids were delivered vaginally.)

Momo on

“Too posh to push?” LMAO

It’s reallly sad to see grown women judging someone they’ve never met over how she chose to deliver her third child. Apparently being a mother only counts if you’ve made it through a long, painful, drugfree labour!

Honestly, it sometimes comes across as pure jealousy – Claudia is hot, rich, and successful, and some women on these boards seem to have only one acomplishment in life: giving birth to child. And then they try to make themselves feel better by criticizing celebrities they know nothing about.

/End Rant.

Congrats to the Schiffer family! I hope they go with another beautiful C name πŸ˜€

Chris on

Claudia perhaps? πŸ˜‰

CelebBabyLover on

Momo- I agree! And if see DID have C-sections for all three of her kids, who knows what that reason was. Maybe there were complications with Caspar that made a C-section neccesary (he could have been breech, Claudia could have failed to progress, maybe Caspar went into distress, etc.).

If doctors in the U.K. are anything like doctors in the U.S., it’s extremely possible that Claudia’s doctor refused to allow her to try a VBAC for either of her two daughters. Or it could have even been that the hospital wouldn’t allow it. Sadly, it’s becoming very hard to find a doctor or hospital in the U.S. that will do a VBAC. Perhaps it’s that way in the U.K., too.

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to point out that just because Claudia’s a model doesn’t neccesarily mean she had C-sections. Gisele Bundchen is a model, and she had a vaginal birth with Benjamin. Heidi Klum is a model, and all four of her kids were vaginal births (well, at least the first three. To be fair, I don’t think she’s ever discussed Lou’s birth.).

So some models DO have vaginal births. πŸ™‚

ctl on

Ironically, Momo, you are now judging women you have never met! πŸ™‚

Maybe we are critical of the rising rates of elective c-sections across all societies of the world, and not any one individual who contributes to that trend. Maybe women who have had c-sections, who have never had the opportunity to experience real child birth, are bitter whenever someone dares to speak out against convenience-based delivery systems.

Momo on

“…experience real childbirth…”

That sums it up perfectly, doesn’t it? It’s nobody’s business how Claudia chose to give birth (if she *chose* at all). What matters is that mother and child are healthy. Women aren’t better or wose mothers because they had a c-section.

And as for elective c-sections (which in some cases can be understandable), the doctors should take the blame because they are the ones who provide them and many times lead mothers in that direction for their own convenience.

ctl on

Yes, yes, Momo — if you read more carefully, you will see that we actually agree! You are misunderstanding to think that anyone is criticizing Claudia’s personal choices — please don’t take comments out of context or extrapolate the meanings to something that was never intended. That is not a fair way of having a conversation. Nobody implied that women are better or worse mothers because they chose to have a c-section — please read more carefully before making such accusations!!

The only think I was criticizing was the general rising trend in elective c-sections (because it contributes to rising health care costs for all of society.) As you pointed out, a major driver of this trend is doctors who shape patient care around their own schedules and desire for full control over a birth. Though it’s not the only driver, as lots of mothers do push their doctors to grant them an elective c-section.

HeatherB on

Just wondering what “real childbirth” is.
Anyone care to inform me?

h on


ctl on

HeatherB — in my opinion, the term “real childbirth” is completely open to interpretation. It means different things to different women, and it is laden with emotional connotations.

The problem with forums such as these is that expressions can easily be taken out of context. If I were having a conversation with a woman face-to-face, I would be happy to learn about her experiences and perspectives on child birth. Internet “conversations” don’t easily allow for any such nuances to be explored. Sarcasm and blind attacks on the characters of strangers usually dominate.

writermom on

Just for the record I remember reading an article when Claudia’s first child was born about her doctor-ordered c-section and she was very upset having wanted a vaginal birth. If I recall it was because she had a broken leg or something that prevented her from putting any weight on her leg/foot and that was why.

izzy on

who cares how the child was born? i doubt that will have any effect on the child throughout its life! the important thing is that the child is healthy. i think it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS, like i can’t even believe it, that women on here are judging how the kid was born. whats next? judging women because their kid was “probably” conceived during woman on top sex and not traditional missionary sex????

NW Mama on

How about Charleyne or Christine those are older names but still classic, I also like chloe.
Congrats to the family on the new arrival

Genevra on

My guesses for the baby name are:

Casseiopia, Carnation, Cameo, or Campanuala Nivelle


izzy on

@genevra- um WTF!!!

MiB on

Genevra, that would more likely be a name for baby Oliver No. 4 (and I actually prefer traditional but quirky Daisy, Poppy and Petal to many other baby names), neither Caspar nor Clementine are outlandish. I don’t know any Clementines personally, but I do know several Caspars (in various forms of the name).

Best wishes to the whole family.

Jaedyn on

I would also guess Camille, Charlotte or Corinne!

lucy on

i think its name is gong to cornelia

Fiona on

It’s got to be Coco

MiMi on

With the resurgence of Victorian ‘virute’ names, ie Faith, Honor, Grace etc, what about Constance or Charity.

Clementine was the name of Winston Churchill’s mother and is still chosen quite often in UK.

adabeth on

Ok, I will guess Clarissa or Charlene. Best Wishes to the family

Kirsty on

Lucy thats exactly the name that came to mind for me too not sure why x

Liza on

actually MiMi Clementine is still very unusual here in the UK! but classic and gorgeous, i agree!
i hope they go for Corinne, i think that suits the other two perfectly.

CelebBabyLover on

IF they name her Clementine, then their daughter will be the third celeb baby named Clementine. Ethan Hawk’s youngest is named Clementine, and Rachel Griffith’s youngest is named Clementine. πŸ™‚

Indigo-Serene on

I will guess Celeste!!

Anonymous on


Sarah M. on

I doubt they’ll name her Clementine, seeing as that’s their older daughter’s name. I do hope they go with another ‘C’ name, though. πŸ™‚

Congrats on the newest addition!

luci on

The name still hasn’t been released? Goodness!

Fiona on

According to Wikipedia they have chosen the name Clotilde

helen on

wikipedia is saying the baby is called clotilde…not so sure this is accurate as wikipedia doesn’t tend to be!

Shelly on

Can we say EEEWWW! Poor kid!

Marilyn on

Chloe would have been cute. I don’t know of anyone named Cosima but maybe it’s popular in Europe.

Emily on

Sounds like a tropical drink, tough break…

xxx on

marylin, i have NEVER heard of the name Cosima and i live in Europe!!! i’m pretty certain that it doens’t even eixst. Here’s the thing i don’t get: they give their kid a weird, unknown name, but try somehow to make it sound ” normal” by giving her as a second name Violet. Why not call her Violet Cosima? The little girl would have had a real and yet gorgeous name, and an orginal second name… But than again, we don’t know the story, the name is probably meaningful to her parents, and it’s their right to give whatever name they want to their children.

Linda on

That name is used at least in Italy and Germany, it’s kind of old fashioned name in there…

Anna on

Cosima sounds like an existing name to me even though I don’t think I have heard it before. I don’t like it though. I love Clementine and Caspar!

Etsy on

It’s a Greek name and it’s the girl’s version of Cosmo! I live in Canada and I’ve heard of Cosima- it’s not a made up name!

Marilyn on

They wanted it to start with “C” not “V”, so I don’t think they would have named her Violet Cosima. I wonder if that name is in a baby name book.

Brianne on

Cosima means ‘order’ in Italian, but its origin is Greek.

Ella on

Hmmm, what can I say.. it does exist in Germany although I do not know anybody with this name.
It is of Greek origin though and means “honour, brilliance” according to one website dealing with surnames.

sgv on

“i have NEVER heard of the name Cosima and i live in Europe!!! i’m pretty certain that it doens’t even eixst.”

Well yes, it exists. I live in Italy and I’ve heard the name before.

puck on

Cosima is a very common name in south of Italy

kristen on

Cosima certainly exists as a name…it’s been used since at least the 1800’s (Cosima was the wife of Wagner, the composer). It’s Italian, the feminine form of Cosimo (a very famous historical name…think Cosimo de Medici). Say it CO-sim-ah.

Lana on

That name DOES exist!

Cosima is a classic German girl name and sounds beautiful…

Marie on

Im in England, and Cosima is a popular name here for the daughters of the upper classes and rich people. It’s origin is Italian I beleive.

katrin on

cosima is actually a german name! i think it is pretty and works well with clementine and caspar! and i love the middle name!

Victoria-Jane on

I’m also from Europe but have heard of the name – the composer Franz Linsz daughter was Cosima Wagner and Nigella Lawson’s daughter is also Cosima.

Jo on

I live in Europe (in France) and I know the name Cosima. It may not be nice or real to some of you but it’s not a weird name: it’s an old name coming from the Greek. Knowing the name or not has nothing to do with the place you are living. In fact, for those who are interested in litterature or classical music, Cosima was the name of Richard Wagner’s wife . Cosima Wagner was the daughter of Marie d’Agoult & Franz Liszt, really famous personalities in the 19th century. Btw, it seems that Cosima is an usual name in UK. Considering Claudia Schiffer is German & Matthew Vaughn is British, I don’t find that choice surprising. As for Caspar and ClΓ©mentine, Cosima is an old and traditional name, that’s all.

sara on

It’s an Italian name but it’s very rarely used in Italy nowadays.
It might be slightly more common in the south of Italy though.
It’s pronounced CAW-zee-ma.

dee on

xxx, I can assure you that Cosima is in fact a real name. It is Greek in origin and is the female version of Cosmo.
I’ve love the last two birth announcement names I’ve heard so far. First Leonie and now Cosima. Not everyone wants to name their kids Violet and Ava.

Chris on

Apparently Cosima means order, harmony and beauty. Cute!

diane on

Why? This sounds like a name you’d give to an alien. Why do celebrities feel the need to give their children these made up, off the wall names? This is just not right.

Annika on

Cosima is not a made-up name – it’s just ignorant of some of you to say that. As many have pointed out before it is an old name, known in many countries throughout Europe and even though it might not be common it certainly is kind of a classic. And, yes, I do know a Cosima- and she’s not suffering.

nico on

I wouldn’t say it’s common in germany, but it doesn’t have a weird ring to it either. if I remember correctly, fellow german model nadja auermann also has a daughter called cosima.

Linda on

Let’s remember the fact that Claudia is German! Names that sound good in German may not sound good in English…And that is not a bad name, pretty unusual though

B.J. on

This is my favorite celeb baby name ever!!! Cosima is beautiful, it mean harmony, and it works so well with Violet! Two thumbs up!

Inga Russo on

I love the name and I have heard of it, of course. But then again, I am not American. I believe Americans, in general, do not travel much or are not familiar with classical literature. How else to explain the constant ignorance of any of these type of names. I am not being disrespectful but I truly do not understand why people think it’s made up.

Erica on

I’ve loved the name Cosima for a long time and I’m American! For those who are saying it is a “made up” name, it clearly isn’t. Just because you personally have never heard it doesn’t mean the name doesn’t have a history or a beautiful meaning (which this one does).

Jaedyn on

I am German, and the name ‘Cosima’ is pronounced similar in German and English (co-zee-ma). I don’t like it at all, to be honest. Violet is cute, but Cosima isn’t my type. Anyways… she has to like it and it flows well with Caspar (which is also pronounced ‘cas-pah’ in German) and Clementine (‘clay-men-teen-eh’ in German)!

Mrs. R on

Cosima is also the name of a flower.
It’s beautiful and Victorian sounding!

meghan on

Sunny Von Bulow has a now-grown daughter named Cosima and chef Nigella Lawson’s daughter is also a Cosima. Most definitely not a made up name. Why do people assume that just because they haven’t heard an obscure name before that it must be made up? Spend two seconds googling, you might learn something!

soph on

Laughing at those saying Cosima is made up, weird, etc. Cosima is a perfectly legit name. Keep your Kaylees and Kaydens, the names that are truly MADE UP and ugly but that you think make you look so original and trendy.

anna on

Nico, you’re right, Nadja Auermann’s daughter is named Cosima, too.

izzy on

not everyone loves the names jaelyn and jaeden and all those truly made up names. claudia schiffer is not exactly street trash so don’t be surprised if she chose a beautiful, classic and elegant name. i’m constantly surprised by the level of ignorance and mediocrity on display here in the comments of CBB.

p.s. just because you’ve never HEARD a name, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. news flash: there’s a lot in the world you don’t know about and it does not simply cease to exist because you don’t know about it. it’s called LEARNING, people.

Philippa on

Hmmm..can’t say I’m a fan of the name, but it does fit with those of her siblings.

What I find most peculiar is that people on here are commenting on how the name is probably “popular in Europe” as if it’s a country. Europe is a continent that consists of different countries, cultures and religions so if a name is popular or common in one country doens’t mean this applies to the whole of the continent!

*steps off soap box*

amandamay on

soph – i agree! cosima has been around for ages and ages… it’s names like cayden, braeden and jaden that are made up and trendy. cosima isn’t a name i’d pick, but i don’t find it weird or unpleasant. hope cosima and mom are doing well πŸ™‚

Lorn on

Lol why does she only give her kids names that begin with C?! With Cosima she’s really scraping the bottom of the ‘C’ barrel! There are other letters you know Clauds!!

JMO on

not a fan of them name…then again…I don’t have to be!

Sunny on

I think it is a beautiful name. Very elegant and lovely.

Erin on

Philippa – People say the same thing about Africa. “I went to Africa.” Funny, nobody says, “I went to North America.” It drives me nuts. It’s either ignorance or laziness on a speaker’s part.

A on

Lovely name!

Marilyn on

Philippa: Popular in any of the various countries in Europe. You couldn’t figure that out?

Stella Bella on

Lovely name! Not one I’d choose for my own child, but still a nice choice! πŸ™‚

Janie on

I can’t believe some people think Cosima is a made up name! Wow, people are clueless. I’ve loved the name ever since I found out Nigella Lawson’s daughter’s name is Cosima. Definitely NOT made up. Made up names are so trailer park!

Anonymous on

how do you pronounce this…im in america and this could be said a few different ways..

amandamay on

philippa – just because someone says “popular in europe” doesn’t make them ignorant – they mean exactly that – popular in the countries that make up europe. how is that ignorant? i’ve never met anyone who thought europe was a country. seems to me like you’re being over-sensitive. and having lived in the UK and france, i can say i’ve heard natives in the uk and france say “europeans this” and “europeans that” just as much as any americans do.

Luna on

I agree with Stella Bella. It’s a nice name, beautiful actually, but I wouldn’t choose it for my own daughter. It works well with Clementine and Caspar.

J on

Then why so defensive about it JMO?

Luna on

I just realized that Cosima’s last name isn’t Schiffer (idk what I was thinking). Violet Vaughn doesn’t really work IMO. A lot of times when the same letter is used for one of the names, I feel like it’s kind of repetitive. Like Aven Angelica works (IMO) but Violet Vaughn (again IMO) doesn’t. Still pretty though. πŸ™‚

lelee on

Yes, Cosima is a well-known name in Europe. I know someone whose name is Cosima. It’s a cute name though.

Congrats to the Schiffer-Vaughn family.

JustMe on

LOVE the name. Ultra classy.

Philippa on

I did not use the word ‘ignorant’ in my previous post, nor was my comment meant to start a debate. I’m merely expressing my opinion, which should be allowed and respected by other readers/posters on this website. I’ve lived in both the Netherlands and France (currently living in Amsterdam), and I seldom hear anyone refer to people in general as ‘Europeans’. (I know this is slightly different in the UK because they don’t always regard themselves as a part of Europe). However, I know there is a general misconception about continents being regarded as countries, that’s why I posted my earlier comment. No need to get all agitated πŸ™‚

Anyway, I have to admit the name Cosima is growing on me. It still wouldn’t be my personal choice, but it’s kind of nice πŸ™‚

Sharon on

COMISA would have been better (I think) don’t like the name at all.

kaz on

Phillipa I agree with you on the European thing. It’s quite lazy. It’s a bit like when people (Americans – sorry!) say someone has a ‘British’ accent….there’s really no such thing because there are so many accents in the UK (I’m from Scotland). Just me being picky but like you, I’m allowed my opinion πŸ˜‰

Not a fan of the name Cosima but it’s not as out there as it could have been.

Ratty on

There was a singer on the first series of Australian Idol called Cosima de Vito – she did realise an album but that was the last I heard of her. I honestly don’t understand how people can say its a strange name – its a legitimate, real, non-made up name (though really, you could get into a whole debate about the use of the phrase ‘non-made-up’ because at some point in time, ALL names were made up!). There are numerous excellent baby name books and websites that will attest to this fact. As a writer, I constantly seek out unusual or weird names, names fit for aliens in fact, as I write sci-fi, and I can assure you that there are names out there far weirder (or more fit for an alien) than Cosima.

Also, whilst I agree with all the people that say Europe is not a country but a group of countries, you could all come to Australia – a country, continent and island all in one πŸ˜‰

Marina on

Philippa – I agree with you. People do the same with Africa as it was a whole country when they are huge difference between regions and countries. I guess that people try to fill the spaces about things they don’t know (please don’t take this out of context! I’m not calling anyone ignorant, it’s impossible to know every little thing, such a popular name trend, heck is impossible to know everything that matter in life to start with!)

That being said Cosima it’s not a name that I would choose, but I think it’s lovely nevertheless πŸ™‚

mslewis on

I love the name Cosima! It’s so pretty and unusual and it goes well with Casper and Clementine.

I am embarrassed for those ignorant commenters who said Cosima was a “made up” name because THEY had never heard it. Educate yourselves before commenting. That way you won’t sound so stupid.

Jen on


Kind of like how people sometimes refer to an “American” accent, even those there are multiple accents here in the States?

Same thing, different day, my dear.

izzy on

FYI PEOPLE: AMERICANS is incorrect. there is NORTH america and SOUTH america and CENTRAL america so when you say AMERICANS you’re being too vague. i hate when people say americans. ugh.

Anonymous on

It’s actually quite cool. I’m from New Zealand and have heard that name before. I’m just not a fan of having the whole ‘C’ theme going on. Ideally I would have my children each starting with different letters.

robinepowell on

I guess Claudia and her husband like the letter “C”. πŸ˜›

tunatuna on

Isn’t Matthew’s real surname “de Vere Drummond”? I think that’s what he uses privately so the kids are Caspar de Vere Drummond, Clementine de Vere Drummound and Cosima de Vere Drummond? Very long-winded to me, but there you go!

Sophia on

I’m not mad about the name, but it does have a sweet, nature-based feel to it. Cosima reminds me of Gossamer, which at least has lovely, silky connotations πŸ™‚ And Violet is a gorgeous, timeless one, and flows nicely. So… I mean, it’s quite lovely, but just not my cup of tea. It kind of sounds a bit… dowdier than Caspar and Clementine. But a baby’s a blessing, no matter what the name, and I’m sure little Cosima Violet is as stunning as her mama and sweet brother and sister πŸ™‚

tomfool on

why is everyone still guessing her name? It says in the title, it’s Cosima!!! >.>’

Jennifer on

Cosima is traditionally a name used by the German and Italian aristocracies. Composer Richard Wagner’s second wife was a Cosima.

Lila on

It’s not something I would have put on my list, but it’s pretty. Not that my opinion matters, I had a C-section and therefore are not real woman or mother (eyes roll).

Congrats to the family!

Elda on

i likes it!! different!

Jen on

Well I am greek and I don’t know of any ancient or modern greek name like that… it may come from the word ‘cosmos’ meaning world *i’m guessing here* but still we don’t have a name like that and it sounds really weird to me.
Still congrats! I hope they are all healthy and happy πŸ™‚

Cosima on

Yes, the name Cosima is greek – and it is the female form of Cosmo. I have never had any problems for having an uncommon name in the US – in fact, no one ever forgets you because the name is so rare. So excited that Claudia chose to name her daughter Cosima. Cosima is more common in Italy (even though it’s origin is Greek) and in Germany. Believe it or not, I have actually met one other Cosima from NY.

isabellefrancine on

omg omg omg… where to begin?? the absolute ignorance displayed here is shocking! You haven’t heard of Cosima so therefore it MUST be made up…??? Pleeeeeeease spend 2 mins BEFORE posting & look it up!! YES Cosima is REAL (yes of Greek origin) & it’s used all over Europe (see i can say “Europe” because i live here & we DO say that!) by saying “all over Europe” we mean the name is used in many of the different nations in Europe regardless of language. Claudia IS German. To Izzy: NO ONE says Americans in reference to any South Americans, one would say “Peruvians, Colombians etc OR South Americans” Americans(alone) MEANS Americans— from the USA— it’s IN the title: United States of America!! NOT the least bit vague! To Jen: your stellar Greek knowledge is impressive… just what part of Greece are you from? New Jersey? New York???
Cosima is a beautiful, classic name.
PS (for the avoidance of doubt!) I AM American, French & British & I live Italy (currently! we move around with the UN lots!!)

maggie on

i like cosima also the meaning is very pretty too! also just because you haven’t met somebody we the name doesn’t mean it’s made up i’ve met 2 cosimas and 5 with that as a middle name.
congrats to claudia, matthew, caspar and clementine and i can’t wait to see a pic of the lil cutie!

Angela on

tomfool, look at the dates of the initial posts. People started guessing her name over a week ago after she was born. This is an updated post with her name announced.

Libby on

I’m from Germany and I’ve been reading all this comments around the website for a long time now and ask myself…Why are you complaining about the babies names anyway?Do you really think that either of the celebrity-parents care if you like the name or not?^^ We should be grateful,that the parents and the babies are alright and shouldn’t start complaining about any baby’s name.I think they really don’t care and I also think that it doesn’t really matter,ya know?;)

Really guys,grow up.;)

isabellefrancine is right by the way.

In Germany we say “US-Amerikaner–>North-America and “Latein-Amerikaner–>South-America

People from South-America are also called “Nandus”,but not many people know that and I doubt that many people call them that.^^

No reason to freak out here. You all have different cultures and it is just fine.Nothing else matters.

Cosima on

I love it! Can never have enough Cosimas in the world!

CelebBabyLover on

Lorn- She probably didn’t want Cosima to feel left out by being the only one of her siblings without a name beginning with “C”. πŸ™‚

lizzielui on

I guess some people here have never heard of colloquial terms? Informal conversation. Americans do it all of the time in every facet of the vocabulary so I don’t know why saying “Europe” is a big deal.

maggie on

this is so funny i just had my daughter the same day as claudia’s baby, and her name is “cosima rose”. ha ha