Julia Roberts: Kids Keep Me From Getting Grumpy

05/24/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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Mom-of-three Julia Roberts says her early wake-up calls have gotten a whole lot sweeter since welcoming fraternal twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus ‘Finn’ Walter, 5, and Henry Daniel, 2½.

“My favorite thing is just watching them wake up and watching them realize the day come upon them. It’s fascinating to me,” the actress said during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show airing Monday.

“[Henry woke up the other morning and said], ‘It’s a beautiful day, Mama.’ Which makes 5:30 [a.m.] a whole lot prettier,”

Raving that her children with husband Danny Moder “are really angelic and wondrous and so heavenly and kind and dear,” the Eat, Pray, Love star continues to be amazed by their innocence.

“That’s the thing about being new to the world, you’re just so … impressed with everything,” she notes. “The older you get, the grumpier you get.”

And according to Roberts, who will celebrate her 43rd birthday this fall, she’s doing her best to be as equally “present” as her kids.

“Don’t they say that your brain starts to get mushy after 40? Along with your tush?” she jokes, revealing she has recently taken up a new hobby — sewing.

“This is my new skill to keep my brain firm,” Roberts explains. “I made some big pillows for the kids and some really simple pants for Danny. So simple pants, people.”

— Anya Leon

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ariana on

she was one of the firsts BIG celeb moms, she knows how to pick good men, she has an incredible family

wouldntulike2kno on

“she knows how to pick good men”
um, yeah, she had picked A LOT of men, and never sticks with them …..Richard Gere, Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott, Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, Daniel Day-Lewis, Lyle Lovett, Matthew Perry, Ethan Hawke, and Benjamin Bratt. Now Danny the “camera guy: – ha ha ha ha. She seems really flighty and ditzy in interviews – big horse mouth.

lisa kellar on

Love, Love, Love her!!! Loved the book can’t wait for the movie:-)

Nannette on

What do you mean “she knows how to pick a good man”??? What number is this one anyhow – lost count? A woman with a potty mouth like she has that she cannot even contain on national televison shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR kids!!

Shea Tay on

ummmm, ariann; about that “knows how to pick good men” comment; have you forgotten that her current husband was married to someone else when their relationship began? And to call her one of the first BIG celeb moms; get real, celebrities have been having babies for years. She’s a good actress and probably a lovely human being but you’ve got to keep things in perspective

Lauren on

‘she knows how to pick good men’…especially those who are already married to someone else. Always liked her and admired how she handled herself in the Hollywood crowd, but lost respect for her, especially when she wore a mean shirt directed toward the wife, while presenting on a nationally-televised awards show. Quite classy. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you get to be a tacky homewrecker.

Lindsay on

I love Julia! It’s been really fascinating watch her grow into the incredibly charismatic and interesting woman and mother she’s become.

If you look at all of the young girls now and see all of the problems they have with drugs and alcohol and everyone else, it’s really great to see someone who started in this business so young (she was only 21 when she made Pretty Woman) and has emerged as this wonderfully grounded, smart and talented lady.

Sure she’s made some mistakes, we all have, but it is so nice to see an actress that I grew up with have her feet still planted so firmly on the ground. She took over all of Paul Newman’s charities after he passed away, she has a great family, she seems to have her priorities straight, she’s very protective of her children, and she’s still endearing and funny and making films for everyone, particularly women, to enjoy.

She’s great and I’m so happy for her success and family.

Lindsay on

Julia has said many times she doesn’t use profanity in front of her children. That when she gets around adults she tends to cuss more because she never does it at home around the kids so when she’s around adults she feels a bit more free with her language.

Since when does using profanity among adults make someone a bad mother? That is positively absurd.

Kim on

She knows how to pick good men??? When she picked this one he was married to someone else.

Carol Senal on

You would think she invented a new thing–having children. How sickening!

Sue Weisner on

You people are just jealous that you don’t have what she has so SHUT UP and the one that called a big horse mouth…you might want to look in the mirror at yourself.

Becky on

Used to love to watch her movies, not so much anymore..Yeah, she knows how to pick them, she just doesn’t know how to keep them..On the flip side, she does seem to be a good Mom, so in the end thats all that matters..

pam on

Lol. Did u really call her a “potty mouth” Nannette? What are you like 100? Yes she did date some men before she got married. So what. You are supposed to. Its not like she was out making babies with everyone. She dated, got married and had babies. Isn’t that the way its supposed to be?

Lori on

Yes, isn’t it just precious when your little ones wake you up at 5:30 a.m. and they are so sweet that you hug and kiss them and then leave them to the nannies and roll over and go back to sleep.

Kate on

She sounds like such a great Mom. Good for her on not settling on finding her love; no matter the number, it is just in fact a number. And as far as her “potty mouth” my Mom taught me to swear (and swear correctly-not calling people names or degrading others) and I will teach my children how to swear correctly as well. Can’t wait for the movie!!!!

CJ on

What is the matter with all you sad and nasty people who are counting the number of men Julia was with before she started this family. My gosh, that is what life is about you pathetic people, searching the world for one who fits for a while. Sometimes it lasts for 60 years, some times for 6 months. What does it matter anyways? Why are you so judgemental and feel that YOU have the right to be judge and jury to another. I think you judge like this because you are jealous and you are just mean and spiteful people who wouldn’t know true love if it bit you in your butt! It still surprises me that there are people out there who can be mean to someone like Julia Roberts. I mean my gosh you really must have sad and lonley lives mustn’t you!

Love Julia she’s a sweetie and deserves her happiness as we ALL do no matter if we dated one or one hundred people!

Annie on

“she knows how to pick good men”
Like the married ones?

Lindsay on

I like Julia. I don’t agree with some of her decisions, but I’m sure that if my life were placed under a microscope a lot of people would not have agreed with mine. Here is why I like her:

-She doesn’t parade her kids around. She’s very protective of them and really values their privacy
-She takes her entire family everywhere with her, she won’t even consider doing a film unless her whole family can go with her
-She is charitable but doesn’t have to parade around making announcements everytime she gives. She has been involved with Paul Newman’s charities since she was in her 20’s and UN ambassador but she doesn’t brag about it or use it to gain herself some publicity
-She has made so many movies that I simply adore and I’m really excited for Eat, Pray, Love, early screenings say that it is awesome.


Yeah Arian, Pam, Sue W., and CJ (especially you!).

On behalf of all of us who are pretty on the inside AND out.. A woman who sleeps with a married man, pays off his wife to divorce him and then badgers the ex wife in public is not jealousy on our part..

It’s class and honor– maybe YOU should learn about it.

Julia is no different than any of the other tramps that have slept with married men, except you fools drank the Kool Aid on her…

Cec on

I think Julia finally got smart and picked a guy who would worship her. I don’t think it is so much about finding a good man just finding someone who will always be grateful and worship her. She seems like the insecure type who need all the attention on them all the time in a relationship.

Lindsay on

Whether or not Julia had an affair with her husband while he is married is not my business or concern. Do I condone that behavior? Of course not, but I don’t give a damn either, I don’t know any of these people it really isn’t my business. I don’t know the circumstances, I don’t know Danny or the ex-wife or Julia so who am I to pass judgment? People make mistakes everyday, I’m sure you’ve made quite a few of them yourself MOMO but lucky for you nobody has had cameras in your face 24 hours a day to expose them to the world.

All of this “I think Julia” crap is so silly, you people don’t know her so this all sounds rather crazy. You can guess and hypothesize what she is like all you want to but the fact is you don’t know her or her family and likely never will.

It is amusing that you all have taken time out of your day to respond to a post about someone that you so greatly dislike but love and hate are often two sides of the same coin. The opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy, and clearly you all care about Julia or you wouldn’t be here discussing her so I guess that’s good for her. That she has so many people concerned about her personal life lol.

BTW: Julia is on Oprah’s show today along with Elizabeth Gilbert, Ryan Murphy, James Franco, Javier Bardem and Richard Jenkins, you all should check it out!

Yoco on

I lost respect for her when she wore that “A LOW Vera” tshirt. She made a tshirt to mock her boyfiend’s wife Vera Moder.She wore it so that the paparazzi could photograph it and it was in all the tabloids at the time.

Lindsay on

MissPhilanthropic, you have a positive outlook on things. I didn’t like the t-shirt thing or that debacle but really I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime too so I’m not one to pass judgement on anyone else. I think it’s cool that you don’t either, it’s easy for us to sit behind our computers and judge people we don’t know but I don’t think people would like it much if the situations were reversed.

Julie on

Julia always seems so histrionic and attention-seeking – to the point that is annoying and over the top. But I guess most actresses are like that – which is why many of them go into the craft. I tend to like celebrities who are more down-to-earth, calm, and under the radar. On a positive note, she seems to really enjoy her children.

Liz on

This woman makes me smile. I can’t think of a negative thing to say about her.

I’m truly looking forward to Oprah’s show today, as well as her movie debuting in August. I’m hoping it will be inspiring and heartfelt; a movie I can watch over and over and over again… like My Best Friend’s Wedding 🙂

Jeny on

Went to HS with Julia (Julie…way back when). What you see on TV interviews is pretty much just …. Julie.

She hasn’t really changed since high school. Well, except she has a bigger bank account and she finally could afford to buy her Mom a house on Ridge Road (the tony part of Smyrna back in the day).

I agree its tacky to steal another woman’s husband, and then to wear a T shirt mocking the ex-wife is insult to injury, but you know what? We don’t know the whole story there, so I’m willing to give Julie the benefit of the doubt.

At any rate Julie and Danny Moder seem quite happy. Who are we to judge them and their family?

shawna on

For everyone that is making “trashy Homewrecker” comments about Julia Roberts; Are ya’ll sure that she wrecked that marriage? Do you all positivily know that Danny & Vera weren’t already on the outs with their life together or if they’d alr4ady discussed a break up? All of you Julia haters make it sound like Julia just walked right in & took him under poor Vera’s nose. If this is true, why do you supose it was so easy for her? HAPPILY married men don’t leave thier wives, no matter how attractive the prospect is. So….maybe he wasn’t happy. Maybe Vera didn’t treat him very nicely & maybe since we have never lived in their home with them, these are things we didn’t know about their lives.

Lindsay on

It’s really nice to have Julia Roberts back to taking lead roles in movies. So many movies of hers are just my go-to films, films I watch when I want to feel good, whether it is Pretty Woman or Notting or My Best Friend’s Wedding or Runaway Bride or Mystic Pizza, she just puts a smile on my face. My friends and I have so many of her films memorized word for word, she’s just an icon to me and was such a massive part of my upbringing. She has this infectious laugh and gorgeous smile and just zest and joy for her life that makes her so endearing. I’m hoping that Eat, Pray, Love will be one of those movies that I can go back to and just smile and enjoy the energy that she brings to every role, one that is just unmatched by anyone else. I’m really looking forward to the movie!

Beth on

Julia has her priorities in place. Unlike a lot of “celebs” today she keeps a low profile. You only hear from her when she is promoting a movie. For the most part she and her husband keep a low profile and their children out of the limelight. Sure she has a past, who doesn’t? But, she has grown up and matured. She appears to appreciate what she’s got. Good for her.

Aubrie on

Oh come on…. Like this is anything new in hollywood…. Like Angelina Jolie was the picture of virtue???

Erin on

Lindsay – I’m an attorney at an artists’ agency in LA. I don’t have the power to hire anyone on a client’s PR staff, but if I did – I’d recommend you in a heartbeat!

jessicad on

I’m with Lindsay too!

Shelly on

Who cares? She’s another mother who is raising children with a zillion dollars. Julia is very lucky that she can afford to raise children without a care in the world.

Edna on

Whever I see a Julie Roberts’ movie, I get a warm feeling inside. I’m not into the judging of her on her personal life, I just love her. “if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones”… How many of us are fortunate to date and marry our first love and to celebrate our “golden anniversary” with that person? Ladies, ladies, put up your claws and let love abide!!

Edna, Ja. WI

Lauren on

I LOVE Julia! I will watch her in any movie, interview, etc. I think she is funny, smart, and a great mom. I personally don’t care how many people she dated before she and Danny got together. I also am not going to blame her for breaking up his marriage, that would be the responsibility of the couple in the marriage. Since I am not part of the marriage I don’t know and I don’t care. It happened so long ago. Get over it people!

Jane on

shawna on May 24th, 2010

ITAWU!! i wish some people can say the same or have an open mind about a certain couple but i guess its all depends on who they are a fan or not a fan of.

klm on

I don’t trust her, the way she talks about her children like the are absolutely perfect. I’m all for saying glowing things about your kids, but you have to temper it with some humility.

Janna on

klm… You actually take issue with this woman talking glowingly about her children? So you’d like it better if she talked about her kids in a more negative way? What kind of nonsense is that?

Luna on

I don’t know, she’s always seemed like a great mother to me. I respect how she doesn’t parade around for the world to see like her children are pawns. She’s a beautiful and talented actress. What’s done is done, bad or good. As for her mouth, I used to have a TERRIBLE mouth on me, but when I had kids lots of things changed, like my language. 🙂

Ashlee on

Funny how one-sided this site can be. Julia gets flamed but others featured on this website, who also have gotten into a relationship while their partner was still married, don’t even pass people’s mind.

If it’s wrong for one person to do, it’s wrong for all, right?

Anonymous on

judge not lest ye be judged….

Crystal on

LMAO @ Annie! My sentiments EXACTLY!!! She’s “America’s Sweetheart” but what she does in the dark must come out in the light! 🙂

Kelly on

Since when is it “jealous” to say that you don’t approve of Julia stealing another woman’s husband and having the nerve to wear a T-shirt chastising that wife for being upset that her husband left her for Julia? How about moral outrage? How about having integrity and believing if you are going to steal a woman’s husband, at least have some vestige of decency left to be embarrassed about it instead of attacking her further while she’s already broken hearted? I guess there are moral codes for the rest of us then there’s Julia and Angie.

Elisa on

How can one steal a husband? Are there giant bags that one shoves him into? If my husband ever leaves our marriage it’s because he CHOOSES to go not because he was hogtied and dragged away.

klm on

Janna, no. I do not take issue with Julia Roberts for speaking glowingly of her kids. That’s not what I meant to say, but I’m just not the most articulate person . . .

It’s just that, people already tend to think of celebrities as having “perfect” sort of lives, and when they sit down with Oprah and they lack any sort of grit, or mess, or jagged edges, than. . . well it’s just as I said: I don’t trust it.

Heavens NO! I don’t want her to say negative things about her kids. My poorly executed point was that when she just portrays her children as little “angelic” cherubian, spritely, magical beings, devoid of tantrums, dirty diapers, and nap revolts, than it just makes me think she’s a surface-type person who hides the way things really are from people — which she is TOTALLY entitled to do.

klm on

Elisa, Your statement is technically true. But would you feel differently if you knew that a woman at your husband’s work – a famous and powerful woman – set her sites on your man and relentlessly pursued him? Men and women alike have those lapses, those weak moments. It takes two, I agree with you there, but if there is a least one person in the equation to say, “Dude, you’re married, no way!” Than that lapse can often be just that, a minor lapse, and go away and things go back to normal. . . Or not.

bo-peep on

all very interesting.

i think it is the stuff she says about her children that particularly fascinates me…. they are angelic and wonderous and all that stuff.

now i, like everyone else on the planet, happen to have hilarious, busy, fearless and generally totally amazing children but TYPICALLY i am blown away more by their general savagery than by their harp playing. they are getting there but my guys started out sociopathic brutes and it has taken about, gee, i’d say TWENTY GAZILLION empathy talks and a whole lot of time in their bedrooms to reach the point where i would leave them alone with a fluffy baby rabbit without serious supervision.

so i wonder what it would be like to have sweet, meek, “wonderous” children….

sgv on

@ Aubrie, you are so right! but nobody here will say anything against Angelina having a relationship with Brad when he was married to Jennifer Aniston, because Angelina is a saint, but Julia instead is a bad woman! come on…She is happily married with three beautiful kids, leave her alone.
And I can’t believe that CBB (or people.com) doesn’t remove offensive comments (comment number 2, calling Julia “big horse mouth”)…that sounds REALLY insulting to me. I think i will not read this site anymore, old CBB was a LOT better.

Mary on

I was wondering when Angelina Jolie would be brought into this conversation. It never fails. Afterall, she is the only woman in the entire world who is guilty of “stealing” another woman’s husband. However, please someone provide proof and I don’t mean tabloid rumor, that she had a relationship with Mr. Pitt while he was still married. And maybe there is some other blog, but it sure isn’t this one that never criticizes Ms. Jolie. She is brought up and trashed more often, even when she has nothing to do with the conversation than any one else.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary- Right on! I guess it comes down to two things The first is whether you choose to believe the tabs or the people involved (in the case of Brad and Angie, even Courtney Cox, who is one of Jennifer’s best friends, is on record saying she doesn’t believe that brad cheated on Jennifer with Angie, or any woman. I seriously doubt she would have said that if she wasn’t convinced it wasn’t true, since saying Brad didn’t cheat when he really did most likely would have jepordized her friendship with Jennifer.) and sadly (with a lot of celebs. I’m not just talking about a few specific ones) a lot of people choose to believe the tabs.

The second thing is what you percieve an affair to be, and when you think it’s okay for someone to move on to a new partner. Some people think of cheating as an affair in the physical sense, others think of it as an affair in the physical and/OR emotinal sense. Some people think it’s fine for people to move on once they have legally seperated from their partner, others think you should wait until the ink is dry on the divorce paper (and some, naturally, are somewhere in between).

So because of that, whether or not a celeb cheated (unless there is actually proof, such as in the cases of Tiger Woods and Jesse James) is something we’re never going to agree on.

CelebBabyLover on

And Mary you are also right about Angie constantly being criticized on here. In fact, I’d say she is the most criticized celeb on here (to the point that people blame parenting decisions, such as Shiloh being allowed to dress like a tomboy or Viv having pierced ears, soley on her…..ignoring the fact that the Jolie-Pitt children have TWO parents). At any rate, she’s certainly one of the top five celebs who get criticized here (Tom and Katie are also way up there, as is Britney Spears).

kai on


you. rock.

Rebecca on

I love that she’s taken up sewing and digs her pillows and simple pants. Make some cute outfits for the kids! It’s not too hard, check out Wonder Under, you can turn simple into fabulous very quickly!

Jen on

I once read that a celebrity’s kids once asked why people in general were so interested in all aspects of his life. He replied, “I don’t know. Why do people even care about my life?” (that sort of thing) I find it fascinating that our culture is so addicted to celebrity status and all their goings-on. Why is that? Just curious…..

Anne on

I used to live in Laguna Beach, and see all the hype and glamour, and everyone looked as if they were from Melrose Place or 90210 or any of those shows. My appetite for anything Hollywood flatlined b/c I realized they were just normal people that the media would then “turn” into gods with all the constant coverage.
My view of celebrities changed, so that I was sad to realize what it must be like to live life with no privacy. Come on, people. They’re not that rich. There are TONS of people-tons-who live in all the beach cities in Cali or Florida or in Cape Cod or elsewhere in the east-coast, or even Seattle-tons of people who have far more money, who quietly live their lives out of the media’s eye, quietly socialize (or party) with otherhs of similar affluence, send their kids to all the top schools, shop from the most expensive stores, and travel around the world.
Celebrities are, for the most part, people who were not wealthy enough to benefit from years of fine breeding, deep financial reserves in the family coffers, and had to find other ways to make a little more money for themselves.
Celebrities do not choose to work the crazy hours they work because they love working those crazy hours! Come on, people! If you want financial success, you are more guaranteed to accomplish it by working hard, getting into a top school, and then not being intimidated by all the wealthy kids who didn’t have to work so hard. Come on, people! Some of you sound so sour-go find a way to enjoy your own life instead of being envious of others. You sound like a snob, lack of true knowledge about the situation, and thinking too highly of yourself!

On another note, perhaps it is just the general decline of values we are noticing in our country. I personally would not date a separate man-b/c I would rather have him find any way for he and his wife to fix their marriages-than for him to get with me. The breakup of marriages really distresses me, and marriage is hard enough. Distractions in the form of other people don’t help.
On a similar note, I would not go for a man who had just divorced b/c I don’t want to be the rebound woman.
I am a divorced woman who kicked my husband out. I waited so I wouldn’t rebound. I also refused to date during the whole separation process b/c I wanted to be fair to my ex, in case he did want to try to work things out.

On another note, in the past 3 years, I have dated over 30 guys. I just want to find someone who will become a best friend ad someone w/ whom to have a loving relationship w/. I have found many men who just aren’t ready. Let’s be kind to Julia in this regard. She probably would have preferred too to not need to sort through so many men.