Niki Taylor: Teen Marriage, Motherhood Was ‘A Lot On My Plate’

05/23/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Mom

Long before she became a parent, Niki Taylor had envisioned herself as a young mom.

However, when she welcomed twin boys into a failing marriage at age 19, the model found her life spiraling in a direction she didn’t like.

“It was like, ‘Who is this guy I married?’ It was super hard because I did rush into it,” Taylor, now 35, reveals in the spring issue of Mom.

“I was young, and I thought I was in love. So when the babies came, it was not something I signed up for.”

“We were just two totally different people and after two totally different things. I was pregnant at 18, had [Jake and Hunter] at 19 and divorced by 21 … it was a lot on my plate for my young 20s!”

Now married to NASCAR driver Burney Lamar and having welcomed the couple’s first child together — daughter Ciel, 14 months — Taylor’s life has finally come full circle.

“I’m in love with my husband. It was a totally different situation with Jake and Hunter’s [dad],” she admits. “So this is just a walk in the park!”

Noting similar qualities in herself and her 15-year-old sons, Taylor says the trio share many of the same interests. “We like the same music and movies and we think the same things are cool,” she explains. “We just look at things kind of the same way.”

And ever since Ciel joined Taylor’s brood of boys, the mother-of-three jokes her style now includes some pink — but not too much!

“I get to do girl things and mommy-and-daughter things. I have a lot more pink in my house now,” she says.

“People still ask me if she’s a boy or a girl because I won’t put her in pink. [Ciel] wears a lot more grays and neutral colors. I guess I get to be kind of like a girly-girl and dress her up and be a tomboy at the same time.”

Although she declares herself a hands-on mom who is more than willing to get “dirty … and rough with the kids,” there is one aspect of parenthood Taylor will be taking a backseat to — literally!

“Yes, Burney will be teaching them [how to drive], because it won’t be good coming from me. They’ve already told me I’m not a very good teacher,” she laughs. “Burney’s a totally different driver in a car off the track, so he’ll be a better instructor.”

— Anya Leon

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Chris on

Her boys are handsome. Look at Ciel touching her big brother’s hair. Adorable!

Tracey on

She always comes across as loving her daughter more than her boys just because she’s actually “in love” with her husband. She has said more than once, in other interviews, that she didn’t really love her first husband. Okay, we get it. Your boys shouldn’t have to read that all over the news and net. What kids must say to them at school. That should be a private family matter. She almost comes across as wishing her boys didn’t exist and her daughter is really what it’s all about. You should love all your children equally, Niki, and count your blessings.

JMO on

I didn’t read anything that makes me think she comes across as loving her daughter more then her sons?!

Basically she just says the relationships were different from her sons father to her daughters father.

She’s got a beautiful little family.

amandamay on

i don’t get that vibe from her interviews either – quite the opposite. she’s always seemed totally in love with her boys 🙂

the twins look so much like niki and little ciel looks just like her dad – they’re all gorgeous!

glee fan on

this peopel seem like such a great family! those boys are very handsome and ciel is a really cute baby!

Cate on

Beautiful kids and Mom. Of course being a single Mother at age 21 is much easier when you have money.

Anonymous on

I was about 5 feet away from her in the shoe department at the mall one time and it was when she was pregnant with her daughter (I, too, was pregnant) and she had no makeup on and she was still GORGEOUS. She also had one of her teenage sons with her and he was incredibly tall for someone his age. They definitely got their mother’s height!

jessicad on

She just said she was young and thought she was in love, I can imagine how twins would change everything, especially at 19. I think she seems very loving and honest, her boys should know the truth anyway! She has always been honest about her life, even with her addictions, I admire that. Saying she loves her daughter more and wishes her boys didn’t exist is kind of crazy, it sounds like you’ve made up a story in your head and are taking your anger out on Niki!

Ciel is gorgeous, I did the same with my daughter since I was a tomboy and didn’t dress her in too much pink when she was younger, but now she’s the one turning me into a girlie girl and I’m buying purple and pink constantly:) I’m glad Niki finally found peace and complete happiness in her life, she deserves it.

noam on

i’ve not gotten the impresstion that she prefers her daughter over her sons. she seems to really love her entire family. and her sons are at an age where if they were truly hurt or offended by the comments she made about their father, they would speak up about it. (however, from other interviews, it’s been implied that their biological father has little to do with their lives…)

Sheri on

How does Niki pronounce Ciel’s name? Does it sound like “See-Elle”? Just curious ~ 🙂

Kristin on

I think it’s pronounced “Seal.”
Niki looks amazing.
I think her cutie Ciel has severe plagiocephaly. I am not being rude, I just noticed. Because her face is also very asymmetrical. I’m sure Niki knows but I wonder if she’s thought about the DOC band. Maybe Ciel is too old?
NOT hating. I just hope she addresses it.

Molly on

Her daughter’s name is pronounced “See-elle”. It’s french for sky.

And personally, I think we should leave medical diagnoses up to a pediatrician.

Jess on

Cate, being a mother is never easy, regardless of having money or not. The changes to your body are amazing, scary and so much more. And once that baby comes, regardless of having money or not, it’s not easy.

I too had twins at age 17 and was a single mother, who worked 2 jobs, went to school, went to and finished college and am now the proud mommy of two 9 year old twin boys. At times i had money, enough money to hire a maid or a nanny, at other times we had enough money for bread and macaroni and cheese. But that still has nothing to do with actual parenting. Parenting cannot be made easier by money. Pawning your children off on a nanny is not parenting nor being a true parent. My children have never been with any nanny or babysitter except their grandmother.

You can have all the money in the world to buy your beautiful babies anything and everything, but it makes parenting no easier. I assure you that being a 27 year old mother of 2, who is still single with a job that gets us through is not easy. But if you truly love your children, you do it with no complaints or questions. I don’t wonder why i’m single, i don’t wonder why things arn’t easier. I just focus on my beautiful babies, send them off to school each day and teach them to be good, honest and truthful people. One day i will remarry and have more children, and those children will be no more or less important than any other child i have. True parenting comes from the heart, not the wallet.

Luna on

I totally sympathize with young motherhood. By 27, I had three kids, three and under. It’s hard. I’ve never gotten the vibe that she doesn’t love her boys as much as her daughter. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve always gotten the vibe that she is just so in love with all her kids. I think she is a great role model for her kids, and she seems to be a really great mom.

Jen on

I don’t think she came across as anything more than honest about how hard it was to deal with a very young marriage and babies right away. It wouldn’t be easy for anyone. Most teen marriages fail. Her daughter is adorable and looks just like her daddy!

Renee on

I have always liked Niki Taylor, she has been through alot in her life and seems to have a peace about her life. Good for her

Pinkdancer on

I have really admired her ever since I first saw on post on her. She’s been through a lot, especially with the terrible car accident. But, she seems like she is thriving today! I defenitely did not think at all that she loved her daughter more. Her teenage boys are very involved with the family, which is nice because most posts simply mention a celebrity’s older kids from a previous relationship of they have any. But whenever there are stories about her, they feature the whole family, and what a great family it is.

Jennifer on

When I heard that she had a daughter…I really did think that Niki would name her daughter after her sister that passed away several years ago. I was kinda shocked she didn’t do that. Obviously she doesn’t HAVE to…I just thought it in the back of my head. Cute kids though!!!

Marie on

Jennifer, I thought the same thing! I thought she would name her Chrissy for sure.

meghan on

Niki and Krissy have an elder sister. Perhaps she already had a child named in Krissy’s honor.

I think Niki is right to be honest with her boys about her marriage to their Dad. They are old enough to understand the truth and they aren’t much younger than their parents were when the twins were born. What better way to teach them the difficulties of young parenthood than by sharing her own experience?

gina on

kristin, i was thinking the same thing my friend’s son had it and they did surgery butthani saw her dad’s pic and maybe she just inherited his head shape. cute baby !!!!!!

Rye on

I don’t think she comes across as sounding like she loves her daughter more then her sons. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. All she said was that she didn’t have that wonderful of a relationship with her twins father-which they are well aware of since they were babies when there parents split. She is just in love with her husband and it’s a different dynamic.

As for Ciel’s head shape. I think there might be some truth or possiblity behind the plagiocephaly theory. Beautiful baby, as they all are, but I have thought that since the first images of her were released.

Brielle on

As the child of teen parents (who also has younger half-siblings), I completely disagree with the comment of her loving her daughter more. My parents are not together, haven’t been together since before I was born and honestly, I’m kinda glad that they’re not together anymore, its much less dramatic that way. I know my parents never really loved each other, they were 16! But I have never felt that my mother loves my sisters and brothers more because their father is my step-dad. My stepdad is awesome! I love him and he’s great for my mom, just as my step-mom is great for my dad… much better then they were for each other. As much as a parent wants their child to be happy, a child wants their parents to be happy as well, and I’m sure the same goes for Niki’s boys. Kids aren’t stupid, its not like they first heard about this online. Their parents have been divorced for years and I’m sure if one of them had an issue with it, Niki wouldn’t be talking about it. Plus, its not like she’s trash talking their dad or something. Never once does she say he was a bad person or a bad father. They were just young.

Furthermore, this isn’t 1950 anymore. Divorce and being a single or young parent is very common, in fact I’d go so far to say that the majority of my friends parents are divorced, and I have never known anyone to be ridiculed for it. So before you start judging and acting all “greater-then-thou,” remember that there are plenty of people out there who are open about the fact that a relationship they, or their parents, were in was a mistake, who could really take offense to that statement.

Ayantika on

I have ALWAYS loved her! Even back when she used to model a lot to now, that she’s not so involved in the modeling world. The car accident was so tragic but at least she’s better now! Her kids are absolutely beautiful! And her husband is pretty easy on the eyes as well lol! I wish her nothing but luck in life! =]

Diana on

I don’t see how in this article she in any way showed that she prefers her daughter.

Lissette on

Her daughter looks alot like her father! Wow. She did have a “in lust” with the boys’ father than in love. Things happen and she seems to be in a happy place now.

Etsy on

Niki’s older sister did name her daughter after Krissy….I think they called her Erin after Krissy’s middle name.

So on

@Tracey comments, Please seek therapy! Your comments are concerning because nothing she said would give your comments any validity. Nikki’s sons seem to be so happy with their family. Perhaps they even have a relationship that is meaningful with their paternal family also! Good life to Nikki always!

Pookie on

Are the twins half latino/itlaian? Gorgeous family by the way.

Stephanie on

Yes their father is Latino . Nikki has a great family and I just love her and always have.


cassie on

such a beautiful family and she seems happy..he kids are gorgeouS!

SAR on

I never realized before how much the boys look like Niki. Ciel doesn’t look like Niki, aside from having blonde hair. Niki’s clearly a proud mom, as she should be. And it’s cute that she can be a girly-girl and also a tomboy with Ciel.