Mini Must-Have: Suri Cruise’s Sweet Dress!

05/23/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Splash News Online, Courtesy of Crewcuts

Cue the cute dress!

While visiting mom Katie Holmes on the set of Son of No One on April 4, Suri Cruise proved once again she’s a budding fashionista.

The 4-year-old opted for a girlie, all-pink ensemble (cotton dress and pull-up socks) complete with navy bow ballet flats.

After a little digging, we found out Suri’s adorable frock is the Cozy Cotton Tunic Dress in bright coral ($32) from Crewcutsone of her go-to brands.

Love it? It also comes in navy and heather grey.

— Anya Leon

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Angi on

I think she looks cute. A nice smile and dressed like a little girl and not an adult.

cris on

Is it just me or do Suri’s outfit’s always look 1/2 put together? It just seems that there is always something with her outfit’s that either do not match or just seem out of place…I understand she is a little girl and little girls often dress themselves, but I think in Suri’s case this is less her and more her mom’s unusual fashion choices.

gep on

You can make it for less than $5.00

lizzielui on

Cris, she’s FOUR. How put together do you expect a four year old’s outfit to be? She has on a dress, socks, and flats. In this pic, she looks like any other random four year old running errands with her mom. I fail to see anything off about her look here at all. Two of my girls have on something similar at this very moment while the younger one is giving her Snow White vibe for the day. Hell, I just left the grocery store and there was a little girl who looked to be about three years old in the store with her mom and her sisters. The little girl in question had on a tutu, a wonder woman leotard and bunny ears. On an adult the outfit is STRANGE. On a three year old? Eh… it’s quite normal.

lia on

for once there is nothing to criticize about her or her outfit and you people still find something bad to say.
jealousy is not a good thing
she is cute, dressed age appropriately and her dress is affordable

Chris on

She looks so much older than 4. She’s probably going to be tall like her mom!

Lauren on

I’m the first to call this family out on the numerous ridiculuous decisions they make raising this child (if you’re old enough for lipstick, heels, Beyonce concerts, and Broadway shows, you’re too old for a bottle and diapers). And I won’t even get into them taking her out barefoot with no coat in freezing temperatures. But the fact that anyone could find fault with this picture says way more about them than Tom, Katie, and Suri. When she’s dressed in perfectly matched expensive outfits, people complain that she’s not a doll and should look like a kid. And when she’s dressed in normally priced clothes with her hair in her eyes and chololate on her face, people whine that her parents should put more effort into her appearance. After a certain point, it crosses the line of consructive criticism and really is crying wolf.

maggie on

why does everyone on this site wine and complain about suri’s outfits? god she’s a four year old who really loves fashion and being a girly girl. anyways the outfit is very cute and i love the stuffie (stuffed animal).

J on

Exactly Lauren. What is it about Suri that people need to complain so much? Since the child was born people have made nasty comments about how she is apparently an alien, how she is some evil spawn, how she dresses too grown up, blah blah blah.

And is there a point about the complaining that you can make the same kind of dress for under $5? Give me a break. The money thing against the Cruises is long since been old…lol!

Manal on

Beautiful Beautiful and stunningly beautiful!!<3<3

Kimberlee Chrisman on

This is my favorite photo of Suri!! So sweet, typical 4 year old look. What a little doll.

bo-peep on

i think she is dressed appropriately and her hair is out of her eyes. she is smiling and relaxed. cute kid.

(though the nanny dressed her … she is being taken across town to visit mom on set)

Janna on

Jealous is so disturbing to watch. And people who need to c•o•n•s•t•a•n•t•l•y criticize a stranger, or worse, a stranger’s four-year old, are worse than disturbing.

Audrey on

Well, I don’t love the outfit, either, and wouldn’t put my daughter in it. I guess I think the dress is just kind of blah and socks with flats have never appealed to me. I would put sandals with that dress. However, one thing I can say is that this dress actually looks like it fits and is age appropriate, which is not always the case. She often looks to me like her dresses are a couple sizes too big. It’s just a matter of taste, I guess; like a tailored, made-to-fit look on my daughter, and Suri’s clothes are often too long and the shoulders are often hanging off. (And I’m not jealous, just very particular about the way I dress my daughter.)

izzy on

@janna i completely agree. lets just hope the parents on this site don’t pass the horrible disease of jealousy onto their children.

Mary on

No, no , no, Suri needs to be in cool tone colors, peach is warm and it washes her out!!
Suri is a gorgeous girl and I have a 3 year old that insists on dressing herself and it’s HARD to deal with. For the women who think it’s fun to have a girl so they can dress them cute has a huge wake up call, because most of them prefer to dress themselves and in outfits that DON’T match. I had to bring my daughter to school one day in the most hideous outfit that she put together and even the parents laughed at her and she still won’t take it as a hint.

Mrs. R on

I think she looks adorable. The pigtails and scrunchy socks are just so sweet. She looks 4, and looks like she’s been playing all afternoon. IT’S NORMAL!

Christina on

Tom was just interviewed and said that Suri gets dressed by herself. From the pic, she does a fine job. 🙂 She looks adorable!

maryhelenc on

Love this dress!

Suri reminds me of those lil ones you see @ the mall in tutus or dressed like Spiderman. The parents obviously don’t see the point in arguing about something so trivial. My 3 year old has gone out sans coat because she pitched a fit & once the cold air hit, she learned.

How come Angelina is praised for dressing Shiloh like a boy (expressing herself) but Katie Holmes can’t allow her daughter to pick out dresses? Is it because Angie is a crowd pleaser, or do we live in a society where it’s “wrong” to be a girl? My older daughters are as girlie as you can get, does that make them wrong because they love pinks, greens, purples, etc? Suri is 4, Suri likes dresses, Suri’s parents buy her dresses with the money THEY earn. Suri likes to try on Mommy’s lipstick. So, she’s a GIRL. I know it’s shocking, but not every girl wants to be a tomboy.

Jessica Williams on

It’s nice to see her not on her mom’s hip.

Ashlee on

I don’t understand how some people can ridicule her. If you don’t like her parents for one reason or another, fine but why pick on their child when she has absolutely nothing to do with who they are as individuals? It just so happens that she was born into their family.