Padma Lakshmi: Krishna Is a ‘Delight in Every Way’

05/21/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Andrew H. Walker/Getty

As a new mother to 3-month-old daughter Krishna Thea, Padma Lakshmi relishes in the simplicities of motherhood.

“I love to rock her to sleep, just to nurse her and hold her,” Lakshmi told Moms & Babies Thursday at the Endometriosis Foundation of America’s second annual Blossom Ball at the New York Public Library.

“She’s a delight in every way and everything is better with her around.”

The Top Chef host and co-founder of the foundation certainly has reason to be delighted.

While Lakshmi, 39, suffered for years from endometriosis, the proud mother is “eager to see” her baby girl’s “quirks and idiosyncrasies.”

“Her personality is bubbling forth,’ says a smiling Lakshmi. “I think we all egotistically say she has the eyes of this person or the humor of that person. I’m sure that’s true but when I look at Krishna, I think of her. I don’t see other people.”

— Jaimie Vaillancourt

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urbanadventurertales on

Sooo weird. Just 20 minutes ago, Padma popped into my head for no reason.
Glad to hear things are going well with her baby! I think it’s true what she says about parents getting a little egotistical by thinking the baby has someone’s eyes or personality. Kind of true 🙂

Amy on

is she hinting that when she looks at krishna that she does NOT see her father (krishna’s father, adam dell) weird.

Lumpy on

Hmmm… “I don’t see other people.” A dig at the sperm donor?

CelebBabyLover on

Lumpy- He wasn’t a sperm donor. From what I can figure out, he and Padma were in a relationship at one point…AND he even apparently tried to get more time with Krishna shortly after her birth. Doesn’t sound like a sperm donor to me.

And honestly, I think all Padma means by her comment is that she thinks Krishna is her own little person. She’s not a mommy clone or a daddy clone, she’s just Krishna. 🙂

Steph on

totally see what she’s saying, I don’t see either myself nor my husband in our daughter, just her. I thought it was quite a sweet comment actually, nothing weird about it.

G on

Babies have a way of stealing your heart, your attention and everything else. Nice to see someone just reveling in it-babies stay small for such a short time that you have to appreciate it while it is happening!

Annie on

She’s very lucky and her daughter is just adorable!

susi on

@celebbabylover…sperm donor is another name for baby daddy… because that’s what he did.

Mehar on

Yes, he was a sperm donor. She deliberately chose a rich, white male to have her child with because colorism is a big deal in the East Indian community. Just look at the Bollywood. They only want the lightest Indian men and women in their movies. Now she wants to shut the guy out, except for the hefty child support payments he must pay.

NYC_Nona on

@ Mehar…she just didn’t choose a white man to have a child with for the fact she didn’t know she was going to get pregnant by him due to previous fertility issues…what a silly comment to make, so judgemental!!…Do you know Padma personally?…Perhaps, you shouldn’t speak on her behalf without knowing all the facts…

Firefly on

Congrats to padma. It’s so nice to see someone just so grateful for a child. Too many women just sit around and complain about motherhood. IRS only the women who experience a disease such as endo who can fully appreciate the miracle of birth.

izzy on

it’s obvious that whoever thinks she was implying anything about her “baby daddy” are the scandalous women who look for drama everywhere. ms. lakshmi is such an elegant and classy woman, so i hardly think she’d resort to taking public jabs at the father of her child.

i wish the term BABY DADDY and SPERM DONOR would never be used. there was a time that “baby daddy” was a term used by trashy women who got “knocked up” (another skanky term) and the father refused to have any part in taking care of the responsibilities. now we have everyone using these terms. it’s scary! and “sperm donor”? that’s not a whole lot better, unless you actually used a sperm donor like in a sperm bank or had an agreement with someone to make a baby, in which case it’s okay.

c’mon ladies, let’s TRY to show some class.

Pamela on

Yes, he was a SPERM DONOR. The bio father is desperate to try to see the child, he wants visitation rights but she wants nothing to do with him anymore, she ONLY wants him paying for child support without him seeing the child..While she now dates a 70 yr old businessman. How smart, she only goes for the millionaires.

Autumn on

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Why can’t you just be happy for her instead of passing judgment when it is really none of your business! I don’t know her, and I am happy for her.
You all should follow suit.

CelebBabyLover on

Pamela- How is someone who’s desperete to see his child a sperm donor?

CelebBabyLover on

Also, has it actually been confirmed she’s dating the 70-year-old businessman? In anycase, as other people have said, I think we DO need to remember that we don’t know her personally, and therefore don’t know all the facts. Maybe she has a valid reason for not wanting to see the child (and actually, what I read was that they DO have visitation system in place, but he wanted more time….and that’s what Padma objected to.).

And as NYC_Nona pointed out, she obviously didn’t choose to have a baby with Adam because he has a lot of money…..Because she was under the impression that she couldn’t get pregnant due to severe edometriosis.

Oh, and just to clarify, to me “sperm donor”, outside of a literal sperm donor (that is, a man who donates his sperm to a sperm bank, or a guy that agrees to donate sperm to help a friend have a baby), means a guy who wants nothing to do with his child. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Adam. 🙂