Michelle Stafford Gives Us a Sneak Peek at Natalia’s Nursery!

05/21/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
John Paschal

Before Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford welcomed 5-month-old daughter Natalia Scout Lee into her Los Angeles home last December, she knew she wanted to give her the nursery of her dreams.

“I wanted the room to have a magical, fairy tale feel — complete with princesses and fairies,” revealed the actress.

So Stafford, 44, turned to her mother, artist Paulette Lee to bring it all to reality — and grandma more than delivered.

From the organic bedding to the vintage couch, we’ve got all the details on Natalia’s whimsical nursery.

John Paschal

The Crib

As soon as Michelle saw the Villa Bella Beloved crib by Karla Claus, she knew it was perfect for the room. “It’s a piece of art. And, she actually sleeps in it!” But the pièce de résistance is the beautiful crown backdrop created by Melinda Brownstone of Brownstone Designs. “We really wanted something to make the crib pop,” says Michelle.

The Paintings

Michelle knew she didn’t want a mural on the walls. “I didn’t want my daughter to paint over it later — that would kill me. I would be saying ‘No, no, that’s your grandmother’s!'” Instead, Paulette painted pictures of fairy princesses and adorned their frames with flowering vines and butterflies. This way, Natalia would have the option to update the art once she gets older.

John Paschal

The Fairy

To stay with the magical theme, Paulette recruited Jeanie Shackelford of Jeanie Shackelford Designs to create a fairy perched on the swing in the tree.

The Rocking Horse

It was the very first baby item Michelle purchased. She won it at a silent auction during a charity event four years ago and kept it in the closet as a wish for the future.

The Changing Table

Because of surgery on her back as a result of IVF treatments, Michelle wanted a tall changing table to accommodate her 5’8″ frame. “Picking up a baby from a low changing table and putting her in a crib wouldn’t be great for my back,” says the actress. She also wanted a wider surface for more storage space. To get the right fit, Michelle commissioned David Ayala for her custom-made piece.

John Paschal

The Stuffed Animals

From an oversize pink teddy bear to a mini lamb, Natalia’s more than covered in the plush toy department. “They’re all from my show mates and other very close friends,” shares Michelle.

John Paschal

The Sofa

The actress bought the vintage 1930’s piece at an antique store in Houston. “I thought it was such a great deal until I had to have it driven to LA from Houston, and then have it re-upholstered.” To give it a more personal touch, Michelle added a “Natalia” pillow that was a gift from her costar Joshua Morrow and his wife Tobe.

On Going Green

“I try to be as eco-friendly as I can,” confesses the actress. “Almost everything Natalia eats is organic.” Michelle’s green philosophy extends to the nursery too. All of the baskets on the changing table shelves are made of recycled newspaper. And the beautiful Martinek Bebe mattress and bedding are 100 percent organic.

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Jess from Ohio on

Wow, that is quite an extravagent room! I wish it was mine actually lol. I am very happy for Michelle. It seems that she got her Happily Ever After (pun intended!)

Anna on

I like the murals (that she says she doesn’t have?) but I think the crib and the crown look awful.

paula on

i just what 2 say congrats to michelle.ur baby girl looks adorable…love da name

Jennie on

Natalia is adorable. The fairies are kind of freaky, and the crib is weird.

Angi on

My guess is the crib pieces can turn into a bed.

Susan on

Cute, cute baby!

That is a hideous room imo.

barbara on


tabby on

That baby has more hair than I do!! Very sweet child, the room however is too cutesy for me!

Heather Lynn on

Natalia is absolutely gorgeous! I adore the chandelier in her room.. I wish I had one for my daughter!

Jamie on

Her baby is adorable!

But, I have to agree.. I don’t find this room cute or magical at all. If anything its gaudy.

Meesh on

Cute baby, TACKY room. Proof that money does not buy good taste.

mary on

I hate cribs with posts! When I had my first child 17 years ago a friend of mine had a girl one month before me. She had a beautiful crib in white with posts and a canopy. 13 months later her baby girl was dead after her blanket got wrapped around the post and tangled around her neck. My girlfriend has not been the same since. I cringe every time I see cribs like that!

Kathy on

That baby is GORGEOUS and her room makes me envious. Glad to see she is surrounded by people with great taste.

Candace Kuykendall on

You people who are posting insensitive comments about Natalia’s room are just rude. Who cares if you like it or not and who are you to say what is in good taste or style? Your comments are tacky and hurtful to Michelle. Get over yourselves and be happy for a woman who went through a lot to have a baby she desperately wanted and loves more than anything and keep your rude comments to yourselves!!!

carla fazio on

OMG!!!! You people are mean and ugly if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t leave a comment. Michelle is sharing her world with you and she really doesn’t need to.. So why take the time out to tell someone you don’t know you don’t like their choices. U can all suk it w ur negative comments!!!! jealousy gets you nowhere!
I think Michelle did an amazing job at creating such a cute cozy room for her daughter!!!!
You go girl! I love it!!!! I want to come sit on the couch and hang out!
❤ Carla

Marla on

Gorgeous Room! Fit for a Princess! love the theme!

She has your eyes!! and that is not a pick up line either! LOL

susie freed on

what horrible comments from some people!!!! ALL babies are special and are unique. I watch Y&R every day and Iwish the best of everything for Michelle and her precious baby girl!! She is truly a gift from heaven and all that really matters is she is surrounded by love. I can tell how loved she is and she is a very lucky little girl!!!!!!

Natalie C on

Michelle you are awesome! Your daughter is beautiful, Congratulations! Her nursery is very magical and your Mom is very talented. I love all the decor. I can’t wait til the soap event next month in PA! See you there!

pamela on

C’mon you guys. Michelle did this nursery for HER DAUGHTER, not for you. You shouldn’t be so hateful. I think it’s a fairy princess room for a child who was wanted and is loved deeply. BTW Michelle read your comments and was hurt by some of them. Hope you are proud of yourself.

Suzzanne on

Awesome nursery, beautiful little girl, blessed mother. Thanks for sharing you lovely miracle.

Coral on

Michelle, Natalia is simply ADORABLE (and so are you btw). I am so so happy for you that you got what you wanted the most and I wish all the best for you and Natalia. That room looks terrific and I am positive that when Natalia grows up, you, your family and your friends will tell her she was loved even before she was a reality.

Please ignore and don’t be offended or bothered by the hateful / not so nice comments posted, because clearly the people who posted them are “ugly” inside. And you obviously are so much better than them anyway to want to share this with us.:).

t. on

I’m sorry nothing against the woman, but, that crib is RIDICULOUS

Diva on

Not trying to be rude, but I have a question. Is the theme supposed to be wood fairy, or princess/queen/royalty? If it was supposed to be both, it looks way too jumbled. One or the other would have been beautiful.

Susan on

We’re not being nasty about the woman or her baby. In MY opinion, the decor is hideous. I’m sure she’d find the decor in our house hideous. We’re ALLOWED to state our opinions. It doesn’t make us ugly or mean because we don’t love a room *eye roll*

Michelle on

Wow. Some people live to spread their hateful comments everywhere they go. It is a treat that Michelle invites us into her home, and her beloved daughter’s special nursery. To have the gesture ridiculed and all these mean comments is just so sadly typical. I only wish I could have my child’s room decked out like that! But, even more important is the obvious love you feel for your miracle girl. Sweet Natalia.

Michelle, ignore these cruel people. You are awesome, a beautiful, talented woman. So happy for you and Natalia. Bless you both.

Dylan James on

I hear you Candace!! I Second that. Congrats Michelle, Beautiful Room, Beautiful Baby, and you are such an amazing actress as well!!! I’m very happy for you and your bundle of joy. Dylan James

Sandy on

Michelle please do not take in any of the negativity on this page. You and your daughter are the only two opinions that matter. What a beautiful bond you have begun with her. She is a gorgeous girl and will have a very blessed life with you. Thanks for sharing something so close to your heart and again disregard the negativity like water off your back…….Blessings…

Mavs2980 on

Michelle I am not a soap fan, and don’t know much about you. However, it is very easy to see that Natalia is the baby you have waited your whole life for! Thank you so much for sharing pictures of the nursery with us. It is absolutely beautiful, I would die for a a room like this at 30! Your mother is very talented, and how super special for you and your daughter that she did the paintings. Much love and best wishes!

Patricia Andrade on

People read the article first before you judge better yet think. This nursery has more than meets the eye it has a GRANDMOTHER, MOTHER, and CHILD. Now what’s wrong with that?

Moore on

People, please. Everyone has a right to comment on the room however they want. They are not talking about her or her child cause that would just be rude. It’s just a room, people can talk about it if they want to. Surly, she knows that not everyone is going to like it and she was probably fine with that and the comments. Its not that big a deal.

I think it looks ok but I can’t understand how having a couch driven from Houston to LA is eco-friendly. That’s like 20 hours of gas used. I wonder what her reason was for not shopping in LA. I don’t know her. Does she live in both places cause that would explain it.

skipsie on

Natalia is such a stunning baby! I wish i had hair like that.

I personally love the room, it has a certain magical elegance about it.

Ella on

Excuse me, but who on earth are you to tell the others they are not allowed to state their opinion? If you “share your world” as one said with zillions of people, you have to be prepared for remarks in either way. The question is – why do people do it? You said “she really doesn’t need to”, well obviously for some reason she had to…$?
Anyway, I, too, think this crib is tasteless, it looks more like a royal dusty casket and I would not want to put my pure little newborn in such!
The baby btw looks adorable – these comments should be of more importance than those about the interior!

cris on

The room is not my style, but it is not my room/house/baby so take my opinion for what it’s worth! If she chose to share these pics she has to understand everyone is not going to love it as much as she does…it does not mean that people are not happy for her and the beautiful daughter she has been blessed with.
Is it just me or does it seem that a ‘friend’ of Michelle’s has been commenting on here under several different names?!

pam on

A young baby really won’t care whether she has wall to wall opulence like this – or a simple, modest place to sleep.
To me, rooms like this are created more for the parents than the child! Good that thye’ve taken plenty of pictures because I GUARANTEE baby will have no memories of it once she’s grown up. Beautiful little girl though.

Leah123 on

Natalia is adorable, and how wonderful is it that her grandma painted all the artwork in her room? I bet she will cherish those paintings forever!

Sandy on

Although I would not pick something in that color or backdrop who cares if that is what you wanted for your child so be it. Unfortunately having the crib stick out from top to bottom against the wall it takes up space and mine have always been up against the wall, again it is your choice. She is a very lucky little girl to have a mom and a grandmother who loves her so much!!!

daniela on

Um, no. Don’t like the room. Well I like the murals but it seems so gaudy.

I think if you put pictures out there for the world to see, you open yourself up to criticism and comments. I’m sure she knew that when she put them out there.

Her mom is a great artist though and her daughter is a cutie!

Suzanne on

Veru cute Baby love you.

Suzanne on

Very cute I love the nursery very lovely love you
thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth on

Like the chandelier,floors, the doorway arches, stuffed animals, mural (I thought there weren’t any, lol) Hate the garish gold crown mold, crib, and the brown crushed velvet Huggy Bear couch. Adorable baby though. Congratulations Michelle Stafford.

Patricia on

Hi Michelle ur baby girl is so precious and i luv what u did 2 her room. People are so rude u know what i call those type of people hater’s keep doing you luv u.

Sharon on

If people don’t want to hear another person’s opinion, they shouldn’t put their personal life on the Internet. Sorry. Natalia is gorgeous. Room…..not so much.

marina on

I love everything in the nursery, except the crib, that one just scare me. I love the idea of the mural and that her daughter can later paint them, that is my idea as well! Congrats!

Ryan Jay on


You Rock!!! Great pics and the room is so awesome!!!

Sharon on

Food for thought: We lost our granddaughter when she was 22 months young. She had a beautiful nursery, too. It’s all in storage. You should pour more energy into your daughter and less into decorating.

Candace Kuykendall on

Sharon- I am very sorry for your loss…but, seriously? That is what you want to say to Michelle? A woman who struggled so long and so hard to have a child that she suffered terrible back issues from the IVF. I do not know her personally, but have read her story. Just because she wants to make the nursery some place special for Natalia DOES NOT mean she focuses all her energy on decorating and not her child.

Manal on

Seriously! what is not nice about the nursery? i loved it!!! and beautiful baby!! God bless her!

Dothlyn on


I wanted to say thanks for sharing this with us. It is greatly appreciated. Beautiful room, Beautiful design everything I would want and more in a room.

Natalia is blessed that you and your mother speent the time to design and give her a place to grow and dream.

I would ignore posters who are rude, apparently their outside match their inside. Quite sad. I would not waste anymore time but enjoy your gifts and blessings

Megan on

I am so in love with this nursery. It is beautiful and very fitting for such a beautiful little girl. You can tell it was made with so much love.

Michelle is such an incredible mother and human being. Seeing her dream come true is amazing. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your nursery and your daughter with us Michelle! 🙂

Katie on

Ok, so I have had 4 kids, none of them gave a rat’s butt about what I did or did not put on the wall! That room is just a way for the mom to say, hey I have lots of money. And that is fine, kudos to you. But do not torture your children with your fantasies lol! Great effort, horrid style!

Paris on

I think the room is amazing! all of you who find it tacky, gaudy, or too cutesy, keep it to yourself. its not your room for your own child. I think the room is adorable and suits Michelle and Natalia perfectly! the room can resemble the fairy tale to a wonderful princess that came into her life and what a princess Natalia is to Michelle.
Congrats Michelle!

Patricia on

I really wish the haters would just give MS a break. She’s enjoying motherhood and that beautiful little girl looks happy and healthy. So what if she wants to give her a fairtyale nursery. I wish that some would not bring their personal hatred into everything

Sam & Freya's mum on

Nursery wouldn’t be my style, a bit OTT IMO. Not my child’s room so not that it matters, LOL. What a beautiful little girl, she’s like a doll, and a pretty name to match!

Clara Berta on

I love this nursery, so inviting and warm. Love the art work and the lovely touches such as flowers, mural and love seat. Congratulations Michelle! You have a beautiful daughter.

Joanne on

A room fit for a princess!Michelle God blessed you with all the riches a mother deserves. God Bless! Enjoy her and always remember to pamper yourself. I lost my precious girl @ the tender age of 24 on Dec 1st/2009. My fondest memories were of her when she was newborn to 24. I miss my angel Ashley terribly. So enjoy and imprint every single moment of her life in yours.

Lots of love & support coming your way!!


Zion on

The baby is adorable, and I love her name, and am so happy for Michelle after all the struggle to be a mother.

The room isn’t my tastes, but I’m glad she could create something she loved for her baby. It’s obvious something she put her heart into, but I really don’t like the bed and decor for my tastes.

As to the opinions about it – why isn’t it okay to post a less than glowing review about the room?

I know that Michelle Stafford is on twitter upset that some didn’t like the room, etc, but I must ask why she shared if she truly only wanted positive feedback? We don’t live in a world of just one opinion. I do take offense to those saying she has bad taste however, and perhaps those are the posts that upset Michelle? Taste much like opinion, depends on the person, but there are nicer ways to say you don’t like the room.

I am surprised that Michelle would read the feedback.

Gaia's mom on

The room is pretty unappealing to me. The only thing I like is the gold molding, but everything else is overkill. I agree that this just seems to be about spending money. Its a very oppulent and gaudy room, I cannot imagine that nursery being practical, it being so cluttered.

Alex on

Woooh !!!

That’s really nice. Natalia is so cute… The room looks beautiful. All this work on walls…and for the rest.

Really awesome.

Congrats to Michelle and Paulette for their beautiful beautiful daughter and granddaughter.


MW on

This room is not to MY tastes, but this isn’t MY child, so it doesn’t really matter what I like. I have had friends tell me they don’t like part of my decor many times, but it makes ME happy, so I don’t care. People have different tastes. That’s life. Although,I think there is a way to express that you don’t care for something without using words like “tacky” and “hideous.”

But,that being said, Michelle is 44-years-old and has been in show business a long time. She should realize that if you put something out there in the public eye,people are going to comment on it and not all of those people will agree with your tastes and not all of them will be nice about it.

As I said before, that’s life. If I had thin skin over my friends opinions on my decor, I wouldn’t invite them into my home. If Michelle can’t deal with what are, honestly, very few negative comments in between a TON of happy ones, then maybe she shouldn’t invite the world into her home.

Gloria on

I guess we can ALL negative and postive opinions. Who cares right, its not your nursery, you can say anything you want. Since most of the feedback are from MOTHERS, does not make it okay. Blah Blah because she put herself out there showing off with her money. Great example for your own kids. Does not matter if you have 1 or 8 kids, its a nursery not a den, kitchen or living room. It is beautiful in its own way like yours are. Yes you have a right to your opinion.

Lola Marie on

Very cool nursery. Love you Michelle keep up the good work and congratulations on finally becoming a mom!

Sarah on

Hey Everyone, Michelle can READ your comments! How would you like it if someone said something mean about your room?

Michelle, LOVE the room, the baby is cute and I’m SOOO HAPPY for you!

Bobbie on

You have a beautiful daughter Michelle. Thanks for showing her and her room to us. It is very generous of you to let your fans see a glimpse of your life. Don’t worry about some of these other people. What comes around goes around.

Anonymous on

Why are you people being so cruel? Isn’t difference in taste and style what makes the world go round? What is attractive to one person may not be to another, but that is no reason to be so cruel. Someone may look at the decor and your home and maybe it’s not to their personal taste, but you would not want the to trash you over it. I would be willing to bet that Michelle poured her heart into every inch of Natalia’s room to give her something special. While the room is not necessarily my own personal taste and would not go with the rest of the decor in my home, maybe it does fit the decor of Michelle’s home and even if it doesn’t, there is no reason to be so mean. See the genius in solving problems like a higher changing table to alleviate stress on a parent’s back. See the love and time and energy put into this little girl’s room. Or maybe…just be nice.

Donna on

Thank you Michelle for sharing pictures of your beautiful baby and her nursery.. No matter what people thinks of the room.. they should just say thank you and move on.. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing.. This is Michelle’s taste not ours..I just hate that so many people feel they have the right to be nasty.. again Thank you Michelle for sharing this with us..

Laura on

Once again – people getting carried away with their feelings.
I wouldn’t say that I’m ugly on the inside, but guess what? I don’t particularly like this nursery at all.
Some of you need to get your emotions under control and stop taking everything so personally. This is a forum to make comments – good and bad! The sheer fact that Michelle is a celebrity (who has allowed personal photos to be published) openes her up to criticism.
So, yes I don’t like the nursery, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she has 1 very cute little girl.

Lee on

@Laura, actually I would say you are being very ugly and childish right now. Why post about hot much you hate her child’s room? It’s just being rude no matter how much yo try to defend your immature comments.

Lee on

@Laura, btw she shared the pictures because she didn’t know there wold be nasty people like you waiting to attack. Maybe you should be on Perez’s site instead of here

Tara on

This room is stunning – Natalia is a very lucky young lady to have such beaufitul surroundings. For those of you that are saying it’s just to make a statement about how much money she has to have the room like that: you’re awful. It looks like love made this room and that’s all that matters.

Michelle on

It is interesting that in the close up of Michelle and Natalia the curtain part of the crib, and the wall behind, look purple but in the main picture they look a gold colour!

Can someone explain what this means “Because of surgery on her back as a result of IVF treatments, Michelle wanted a tall changing table to accommodate her 5’8″ frame.” How does IVF affect your back? I am not being smart here I just don’t understand what it means!

Michelle on

Michelle I’m soooooo happy for u congrats on ur little munchkin she’s a real blessing and very luck to have someone as special as u for a mother. May God bless the both of u and I totally love her room,it’s so bright and looks comfortable hope ur daughter enjoy’s her fairy princess room fit for a princess that she is.Love u Michelle u r truly my favorite actress on Y&R keep up the great job!!!!!!!! Enjoy ur daughter!!

CelebBabyLover on

Natalia is a cutie…..and look at all that cute hair! 🙂

cdaddy on

Here’s a sideways comment. This is why the US scares me. People open themselves up to you and B A M, you think you have the right to be critical. Whether the person is a celebrity or a pauper, they deserve to be treated with respect. It’s a woman and her child!!!! Get it? A beautiful bond. The room is a room and that is all. MS and her beautiful babe are flesh and bone, spirit and love. The room is paint, nails, drywall etc. I sat ALL celebrities should shut the selves away from you until you behave. Again, the US scares me!

cdaddy on

Oh yeah! One more thing, if you can’t say something nice, don’t. Its that simple. For all those that decided this was “your big opportunity” to be a “critic” I would like to see pics if your babies and rooms you made for them! We’ll take a look and let you know if you have taste or not. You are the judges of the free world, correct??? 

Judy Levine on

Your little girl is totally adorable and precious. You’re both lucky to be in each others’ lives and I hope that only the best is in store for you both.
The Nursery is beautiful, so artistic and reflects talent which very few of us have.
You are a phenominal actress and, I know, will be a Mother of equal merit. xoxoxox

OMG! on

@Sharon-seriously? Not appropriate. I am sorry for your loss but your comment was completely uncalled for.

As for the rest of you; you should be ashamed! The woman is sharing her baby (whom she worked So hard to get) and heart with you. Keep all hateful comments to yourself. Sheesh!

Jenn on

I love Michelle Stafford; she is my absolute fave actress from Y&R. Her baby is beautiful! I can’t get over that head of dark hair..she must get that from her daddy. Gotta agree with others, parts of the room are gorgeous (love the pillow, and the curtain over the crib, as well as the stuffed animals and window curtains, plus the wall murals are gorgeous!), but the crib and fairies…not my style.

Genna on

Michelle, thank you so much for sharing your happiness with all of us. The room is simply stunning! I happen to agree with your taste, I just love the crib. I am most impressed with the masterful artwork in the room and I have to say that your mother is a very talented woman! The picture of you and your precious daughter is just the touch to this picture that makes it so loving and so personal. Your story is one to be admired. This article is a wonderful tribute to women everywhere who have struggled to have children and the care and thought that went into planning your special nursery is so impressive. A real tribute to all mothers out there who experience the love and planning it takes when you are expecting a child. Your special touches, the planning for the changing table, such a wonderful tip to all mothers who are planning a nursery. I am embarassed for the nasty comments that have been posted here, and especially that it shows how far down we have come in our society today that we cannot even wish people well and be proud for them and their accomplishments anymore. I would just ask you to disregard such illiteracy and be happy. You deserve it. I think that you are a very accomplished person and you should be very proud of yourself. I am very proud for you and I wish you all of the luck in the world. Congratualtions again and thank you for letting us get a glimpse of your home and your beautiful nursery. Genna

Genna on

Michelle, thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into the stunning nursery that you have created. I just love the crib and in particular, the stunning art work. Your mother is a very talented woman! I am stunned at some of the comments, but I am just so proud for you! The room shows that alot of love and care and planning went into it and it reflects not just your taste, but your love. The picture of you and your daughter is beautiful and I am just so impressed by the love and care that went into the project. I wish you every happiness and again, congratualtions to you, Michelle, you have done a great job!

Michelle on

The main problem with this room are the pictures we are looking at. The photography is just not that great. And there are some things that don’t make sense. The bed crown is upside down and it really does’t need to be it looks better right side up. The crib finish which I am sure was custom does not do the crib justice and you can’t see the detail on it at all. The walls are so light and then suddenly– BAM– Not POP– BAM. There is the chunk of gold and the crown panels should have been something sheer that the wall could have shown through some especially when your window treatments are not lined. There is plenty of lightness in the room but is isn’t being tied in when you just set dark pieces around so it just isn’t all pulled together yet. The furniture placement is a little our of proportion but it really has great potential. I think the star chose some stunning original pieces, her artwork is gorgeous. I love the crown molding with the metallic finish. The room could easily be rearranged and soft touches added around the crib. Nice light color pillows on the sofa to tie in the walls and just those few changes would make a world of difference. My assumption of this room is that Michelle isn’t finished with it!!!! I think she shows beautiful yet eclectic taste and she was probably in a hurry to do the shoot and had other engagements and just had to get it done. I would love to see the finished product. I think it will be fabulous!!!

Amanda on

So ladies; only favorable opinions are welcome here??

Pictures of a room is put up for viewing – some people like what they see, others don’t.

Who are you whiners to say that only YOUR, or a favorable, opinion counts, and is the only one that should be pointed out??

Tastes are different (thank god), and if comments are allowed, then unfavorable such should be counted as well as favorable.

Get over yourselves, and out of your little bubbles, and accept the fact that not everyone has the SAME opinion as you!!

So, now to my opinion – I think the way the room is decorated is pretty ugly, and that is MY opinion. That doesn’t mean that I think the room’s owner should redecorate, or anything like that. It’s just my opinion, and since I don’t like it I would never decorate that way.

April on

People are being so defensive because Michelle posted on her Twitter “i accidentally looked at the comments…wow!! people are cruel. i would like to see those people in person and see if they would be so arrogant and bold to me.you can say ANYTHING about me but when you make funky comments on my family…watch out.”

So all her fans came over here to stick up for her. I bet most people have not even been to this site before.

For me, the furniture is not my taste but I love the paintings and the fairy, and baby Natalia is beautiful.

Annie on

Talk about excessive especially when there are starving children in the world. Even with such excessiveness, the room is absolutely hideous and I agree with others, money does not buy good taste!

Maranda on

This may be the world’s ugliest nursery. I never understood putting that much time and effort into a room for an infant. But if you do, hire a professional because that room is a huge eye sore.


Hey Carla Fazio, CDaddy & the like..
Don’t read a celebrity gossip BLOG if you don’t like the comments.. This country allows free speech for people to share the opinions, whether YOU approve or not!

cammie on

Gorgeous room! LOVE it! All you haters can label me “tacky” too if it makes your day better. What a dreamy room!

Sarah M. on

Michelle (and others saying it’s rude to say they don’t like the room – regardless of the wording), it’s MY opinion that youre being too sensitive. Not one person commenting those things said that either Michelle, Natilia or grandma was ugly, hideous, over the top, stupid, or anything else. They are saying that they feel that way about the ROOM and NOT the people. It’s just a room. It doesn’t have feelings of it’s own and every person has their own taste. And, shocker, not everyones tastes match every other person. And, really, if they all did, the world would be a pretty boring place with cookie cutter houses, cookie cutter furniture, cookie cutter clothes, etc. If anyone had actually said any of those things about any of the PEOPLE, then I’d see a problem. As noone did, I don’t quite understand the fuss.

To Michelle, I’m glad you have the beautiful baby that you have so longed for and it’s obvious that you love her to pieces and that she has other people in her life. That’s what’s truly important. 🙂

T Knight on

Beautiful room, beautiful baby and beautiful mother. Who seriously has enough time to come back and comment on the comments made on this page? How is this even a debate lol. It’s lame. Just because a mother wants to decorate a baby’s room in a lavish sense, doesn’t mean the mother doesn’t care about world issues. How is it poor taste for people to enjoy motherhood in this way?

Shaya on

Adorable baby!

sara on

the room has a very cold feeling to it, not my taste. Just don’t care for it.

Eve on

What a cutiepatootie Natalia is. I am SO happy for you! You must be over the moon having been blessed with such a treasure to love. Darling room…love all the creativity. Natalia will have so much fun growing up there.

CelebBabyLover on

Amanda- We’re not saying it’s not okay to dislike the room. We’re just saying that you don’t have to get nasty to make that point (and just to clarify, I’m not saying that YOU personally got nasty. Just that some of the posters on here, IMO, have). 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and accept for her hair, there’s no denying who Natalia’s mommy is! 🙂

cdaddy on

I would like for you to open YOUR home to us and submit pictures of your nursery please. Educate us on what good taste is. Ironically enough, your comments on the room are also under scrutiny. If YOU cannot take them, you may leave the site. There is a larger issue here. It is not the honest remarks of well meaning folks but the catty nature of the few on trial. If a person invites you into their home do you tell that person you think their taste is poor. If you are that kind of person MOMO, then you would SUCK as a guest. (Pause for MOMOS little brain to catch up). Do ya get it yet. Ever hear the expression “rude people SUCK and ruin it for everyone”? Gnight MOMO, don’t let the door hit you on the behind when you are asked to leave! 

cdaddy on

By the way, free speech is great, But Mean speach sucks. Another note, free speech can land you in jail. Ever hear of watergate.

cdaddy on

This is great, all this verbal freedom. Let’s look at Momos pics next. Momo can we start with the can, er excuse me, washroom, watercloset, powder room? I need to redecorate and I know you have taste. Your right about this freedom of speech thing. I can say anything I bloody well please and you shouldn’t take offense. Are u getting the point yet as to how far freedom can take you away from civility to your fellow citizen? 

Anna on

I don’t understand Michelle’s twitter comment. Nobody got funky with her family. In fact everyone said the baby is cute. It’s just the room that many of us find less than beautiful. When you sell photos of your home for publicity you can expect to get all kinds of opinions.

mo1950 on

Thank you so much, Michelle, for being so gracious to share pictures of you, your baby and nursery with us. You are awesome. And I am so very happy for you that you have your little girl that you fought so hard to bring into this world. I know you will have a blessed life.

I do have to say, any time I am on a forum, I try to conduct myself as if I am in the person in question’s living room as a guest. And we are in Michelle’s home when we comment on her home. Of course, we have free speech. But would you really say the hurtful things you have said if you were face to face with Michelle? It’s just common human decency to have manners and treat others with respect. Sure, say what you want. And so will I; I have free speech also. And I want to say that it is really too bad that some of you are not even ashamed of yourselves.

JessicaC on

s always too afraid the baby could pull it down and get hurt or suffocate.She definitely put a lot of work into the room, but it just doesnt seem very cozy or comfortable to me. I dont think the people who dont like it are ugly mean people. It’s an opinion! That comment about the babu strangling on crib posts is awful!!! When I did my kids nurseries, I definitely had to sacrafice style in some areas for safety.

cris on

So from what people are posting about this woman’s post on Twitter, I must say, she sounds very childish…obviously she wanted to show off her nursery and she thought people would fall in love with it-she went online here to READ THE COMMENTS, obviously she cared what people thought, but didn’t hear what she wanted to hear (or read for that matter) People are not attacking her child, just her taste in how she chose to have the child’s room decorated. If you cannot handle people not having the same taste’s as you, don’t have pics of your home published in a magazine!

Kee on

Michelle you are my favorite actress on daytime. congrats on your baby girl. Keep up the good work on the young and the restless. By the way love the nursery. I am 43 yrs old an d wish it was my bedroom.

Kee on

Love the room Love Michelle. Baby is gorgeous.

amandamay on

adorable baby! my son didn’t have that much hair until he was almost 3 🙂 congrats!

Chelise on

The room is gorgeous, Michelle! Your baby is very lucky to have a Mom like you. Pay no attention to the rude people posting nasty comments about the adorable nursery. That’s jealousy at it’s finest! Love you on the show and I never miss an episode…you rock! All the best to you and your sweet little girl!

Mari on

A few area rugs on the floor would give it some warmth. Not too sure of the crib as it is an unusual style. Maybe if it was painted white.

electra on

My dad has this saying, if you can’t take critiques aboutyour home, then you better not let anyone in! Everyone judges other peoples homes, peoples choices in decor says so much about the.

Shannon on

Oh please people, this is ridiculous. People are entitled to their opinion. The room is gaudy. Who cares if Michelle is reading these comments. Last time I checked every computer came with an “off” button. Michelle, if you’re out there….grow a thicker skin.

lisa on

Ya,not my style either. The story about the womens friend who’s child accidently hung herself with a blanket from a crib post is enough to make me sure that when I have a kid, cute or not, a crib with posts will NOT be in my childs bedroom!!!

Laura on

Ahh okay LEE – seeing as you felt the need to post 2 comments in succession about my post – here’s my reply:
Where exactly did I say that I hate this child’s nursery?
Please check your facts (or read my post correctly) before making such rude, uniformed and childish remarks. I said I didn’t particularly like it. Haven’t you ever made a similar comment about something?? I’m guessing you live in a sugar-coated fairy land where everything is just super dandy all the time!
For the record LEE – I won’t be checking back to see what piffle you come up with in reply. I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.


CelebBabyLover on

As it says in this post, Michelle’s mother is the one who painted the designs on the walls and such. So obviously the nursery has a very special meaning to Michelle, and when she saw some of the negative comments, it may have felt as though people were criticizing her mother.

Even if she knew they were just critcizing her mother’s taste, well….How would anyone of us feel if someone criticized OUR mother’s taste?

Rebecca on

You can tell a lot of time, thought, and love went into the design of this room.

I am curious what she means by almost everything baby eats is organic… at 5 months, shouldn’t that be only formula and/or breastmilk?

Ashlee on

As long as Michelle loves the nursery, what does it matter what other people think? Surely she couldn’t be so naive and think that everyone would come to a mutual agreement about their love for the nursery. While I’m sure other people could’ve voiced their opinions more tactfully, not everyone has the same tastes. It doesn’t make them cruel. Cruel would be if they decided to make personal comments about Michelle or Natalia. No one who has posted a comment has done so.

The entire force is out defending this woman yet where are these individuals discussing cruelty when idiotic comments are made about children like Suri Cruise (i.e. she’s an alien)?

Janet on

For the ones who think the crib is dangerous because of the post… better not put a blanket in with your baby either, or a pillow, Oh, and don’t let them sleep on their stomachs either, or on their backs. There is danger for babies no matter how diligent, and to express the idea that MS puts more time into decorating than loving her baby is just true ignorance shining through.. once again. Holy Mary… Mother of God.. this woman is just sharing a nursery, because her “fans” like the “peeks” into a celebrities life. It’s not a cure for world hunger, world peace or world politics. Of course… there is no cure for world ignorance! Y’all have a nice day now. Michelle? I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness with your daughter. :O)

Brooke on

So… people can post their opinion of this room being gorgeous.. but people who think opposite are supposed to keep to themselves? Noo.. If anyone, whether it be a celebrity or my sister, provides this nursery for a baby… I would be honest and say the vomit-colored crib and tacky chandelier are atrocious. Nothing in this room coordinates. I would’ve considered having a designer who knows what she is doing come in and do this, not my mother. Beautiful baby deserves some brightness, because she is a ray of sunshine. I think she deserves better than this.

Becky on

Cute Mom, adorable baby with oodles of hair..Some of the room I don’t care for, but as others have said, this is a room for Michelle, not me..I love the paintings by Michelles Mom..Congrats..

Real Weatherly on

What a beautiful baby girl! Congrats.

Lori on

Cute baby, room, strange and odd. But, that doesn’t surprise me, given that MS seems abit of those things. And, IA, we are all entitled to our opinion, hence the reason for message boards…and I surely won’t be stifled or scolded for them, thank you very much.

This baby is precious, but the room leaves alot to be desired….in my humble opinion.

amanda on

The crib looks awkward in the middle of the room…should have been in a corner with that type of setup. I noticed in the top photo, the crib is sitting against a lavender wall and draping…which looks great. But the larger photo shows it it brown….did the camera filter change the color? Love the lavender/purple, but the brown draping and couch are depressing! Out of all the colors to choose from….she chooses Brown!?? For such a heavy solid colored piece of furniture, the draping should have been in like a white chiffon with green or gold threads running through it….or something very light in color. The brown is not only an adult color but MAYBE would work for a boys room as an accent but is dark & depressing in a little girls room!

dee1 on

OK, the “DON’T LIKE” WINS. The baby is beautiful but the room is too dreary. How is she ever going to sleep with all the light, pull that dreadful brown material around the dreadful gold bed after you sit on the dreadful brown antique musty smelling couch after you’ve changed her on the modern white changing table that don’t match anything else. And how is she going to see with that little chandilier in this great big room? The tree in the corner with/bears is the only thing I like. I don’t even know who this actress is but I’m happy for her if she has been wanting a baby and it came true.

Sandra on

It’s sad that people who do not find this nursery attractive can’t have that opinion and are called “haters”. This is the USA where we have the freedom of speech to say what we want.

Kee on

As I posted earlier Michelle is my absolute favorite actress on daytime. I feel that everyone has a right to their opinion. Everyone does not have the same taste, but making nasty comments about the actress is down right mean.As I stated earlier keep up the good work Michelle and congrats on your baby girl.

Roseanne on


Pamela on

So beautiful! I love everything about it and your mother did an amazing job! Congrats on your sweet baby Natalia. I wish you years and years of happiness!

connie on

I think the room is cold and not very inviting for a little baby.A few good throw rugs,maybe an area rug under the bed,some Disney posters,brighter paint and a more conventional bed with a rocking chair would improve it.But it’s not my baby’s room and if Michelle likes it then it is fine.

Kee on

Also i would like to add congrats on your emmy nomination. I pray that you win, but if by chance you don’t you are still a winner in my book. You are the best , and you deserve that award.

Village on

She wants the crib to pop?!?!?!?! Those draperies are a health hazard to the baby. Once she stands and starts pulling on those, the draperies could bring down the crown and hit her on the head, the baby could wrap herself in the draperies and smother, or she could hang herself. That crib is a death trap, besides being the ugliest baby bed I have ever seen. It could be a miniature of an adult bed. That is so not a good idea for a baby. And I agree. The room is hideous.

Anonymous on

She decorated the room with what she wanted and no one elses opinion matters. Gookluck Michelle

Ellie on

does anyone REALLY think that Stafford gives a crap about
you or your opinions?? seriously. by the amount of posts
on this subject you would think you had nothing better to do
than cruise fan sites and delude yourself into thinking that
this woman is “sharing her life with you” and “letting you
into their world”. the fact is, the majority rules on this
one…the room is ostentatious and tacky and that child
will probably have NIGHTMARES in it. it is cold, UN-baby-like and completely impractical. and just wait until her
little darling scribbles all over that horrendous crib with
crayon! IMO it would be an improvement. as one who has
raised 4 children, you go sturdy, basic and serviceable
when you furnish your nursery, and you get things that will
be useable as the child grows. and invest in a ton of Magic
don’t even tell me that Stafford didn’t know what would
happen when she shared this article. pretty sure she has
a thicker skin than that and isn’t going to lose any sleep
over what anyone says. celebs pretty much don’t give a crap
about the ‘little people.’
the baby is precious, Stafford looks over the moon happy
with her little one. the room is unbearably ugly. and
the last time I checked, EVERYONE is entitled to free speech.

Anonymous on

Beautiful Room and a beautiful baby girl !!!!!

Patty on

I won’t say I am being mean, however I do not think the room is soft enough for that cute litte girl but it’s not all bad!!!

Sarah on

She gets to kiss Nick Newman during the Day, and little Natalia at night. SIGH! NOT FAIR!!

I love Michelle Stafford and think her daughter is a very lucky lady…..

Mari-Ann on

Over indulgence ~ with to much of everything, tying nothing together. As for me the crib looks like a crypt. But that is just me, others may find it lovely. Regardless of the room, Mom and daughter look lovely.

Lisa on

Wow…some of these comments are unreal and many people are missing the point. It’s not your EVERYDAY nursery! It’s supposed to be magical and mystical like a fairytale! I think Michelle captured her vision perfectly. It’s the coolest room, and Natalia is beautiful. I love MS and am so happy for her!

pineapple on

Congrat Michelle,
your baby is just adorable. I am glad your enjoying your time as a mother. To all the people who say that people should not leave nasty comments , I would not but I do agree when you invite people into your world, you invite their opinions also. I mean they did ask people to basically rate the room. Keep your head up Michelle and enjoy your daughter.

Sallyn on

I’ve always loved Michelle on Y&R, and her daughter is a cutie. The **ONLY** thing that threw me off with the nursery was the crib. There are warnings every year about the cribs with the posts. I’m sure that Michelle has done her research with crib safety. The posts on Natalia’s crib certainly appear tall enough to not be of risk.

However, having worked as a parent educator, and being a mom of two on Earth and one in Heaven, I would take the warnings seriously and avoid the posts altogether. Way too dangerous.

From Consumer Reports:
Check corner posts. If your crib has corner posts or finial knobs they should stand at least 16 inches above the crib’s end panels so that a child can’t reach the top and get her pajamas caught. If the corner posts or finials are shorter than this, unscrew or saw them off so that the corners are no more than 1/16 of an inch higher than the crib ends or side panels. After sawing them off, you will need to sand the crib to eliminate splinters and sharp corners.

From Dr. Spock:
And avoid cribs with posts-if they’re longer than 1/16th of an inch, they can pose a strangulation risk if your child were to get his clothing looped around one.

Dawna on

Darling baby! To respond to those criticizing others opinions, when you put anything in a publication or put yourself out to the public, people are bound to make & express their opinions, what’s the big deal? Good or bad, I’m sure Michelle can handle it, otherwise why bother, or is it all just for attention? The nursery, in my opinion was fine, but the crib was garish. If someone is gonna expose themselves & their family in such a public way, they (and their fans) better be prepared for the outcome~~good or bad!

Joy on

Michelle, you are my FAVORITE actress on Y & R! Congratulations on becoming Mommy. I am an interior designer and you and your Mom did an amazing job decorating the nursery. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The crib is a beautiful antique and is very tasteful. I wish the powers to be at Y & R would allow you and Sharon to become gal pals and both of you dump Nick. I loved how you and Sharon teamed up as Thelma and Louise. I think it would be great for the two of you to become close friends. So tired of all the arguing back in forth over 1 man! LOL

Fairy on

Ummmm someone named Kee needs to get a life!


i love Michelle she is absolutely one of my favorite actresses, and her daughter is absolutely gorgeous! BUT sorry Michelle I do NOT like the nursery, iam sure your mom poured her heart into her grandaughters room and the ONLY thing that matters is that YOU love it!
As far as this post that has turned into a battle of who likes and who does not like goes….honeslty the people that are calling others rude and jealous just because they do not agree with their opinion have got some SERIOUS issues with control “yep you got it right” you all are control freaks of this world and you are the ones that need help! there is absolutely NOTHING and i mean NOTHING wrong with saying you dislike a baby’s decorated room, GET OVER YOURSELVES AND RUN DON’T WALK TO COUNSELING. PEOPLE LIKE YOU DESTROY THE NATURAL BALANCE OF THIS WORLD!

Cathy on

I agree with Maryann, it is just amazing how people are getting their feathers all ruffled up over the fact not everyone agree’s with the beauty of this babies nursery.
Since when did it become a law that if a person says they do not like something it makes them a horrible person?
Indeed there are several apologies that are deserved here, all of you that are calling people names like jealous, and heartless etc, should be ashamed of yourselves, clearly it is you that is heartless, biased and a horrible person so much so that you can spew your opinion but aren’t big enough to allow others to do the same, iow you can dish it out but you cannot take it! grow up. if you cannot respect others opinions that differ from yours then you def have no business on a comment board!

cheryl on

Very Cute baby But the room is hideous I like the tree murals but that’s about it.

Letitia on

Beautiful baby and so lucky to have two lovely women who love and cherish her by designing a magical room .
She is truly a lucky little girl who will always be loved and charished The designed is like no other I have ever seen something
out of a fairy tale. Enjoy mother- daughter time together in this room each and every day.

Rose on

Michelle, I love your precious daughter’s room. It is beautiful and so are you and that precious baby girl! I’m sorry for all the inappropriate comments. Have a great life. God bless.

Mary on

Sweet story but the nursery is so gaudy and over the top. The should have featured the story but not the nursery. It’s hideous.

Theordkek on

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