Spotted: Jennifer Lopez and Emme Do Lunch!

05/21/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Up, up and away!

Jennifer Lopez gives 2-year-old daughter Emme Maribel a lift after lunching at the Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc near Cannes, France on Thursday.

Later that night, the singer and actress shined in Roberto Cavalli Couture as she attended amfAR’s Cinema Against Aids annual gala with husband Marc Anthony while Emme and twin brother Max snoozed.

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Kirsten on

Emme looks just like her daddy!

Mary-Helen on

Too cute! Jennifer seems like such a loving and doting Mama. You don’t see the twins very often, seems Jen & Marc are trying really hard to keep them out of the limelight.

Manal on

so adorable and sweet!!

Allison on

i used to love her, but with all the times she’s gone on and on about her denials of IVF and how she would never do treatments and she’s just so blessed, yada, yada, i just detest her now.

Cute kid though.

E on

When they were younger, I didn’t find them very cute, rather plain, but you can really see that both of them are growing into their looks, they look adorable now 🙂

tiffany on

you don’t see the twins very often, seems Jen & Marc are trying really hard to keep them out of the limelight.
You actually don’t believe that do you ?

She puts her her on the cover of a magazine for money ,Shows them off in her concert to thousands of people and now she’s showing them off all over europe for her promotional tour .You call that keeping them out of the limelight? Not!

JChicago on

Of course, we all know that she is lying about not using IVF or other fertility treatments. At least the kids are healthy and she got the family that she wanted. I’m not a fan of hers and I just hope she and Marc don’t spoil those kids rotten. I remember the nursery in People when they were first born and it was just so tacky and gaudy. And every time they’re photographed, they’re wearing clothes more expensive than anything I own…and I have degrees and a job. LOL.

Girl on

Why do so many people keep insisting that she is lying about using IVF? Many others here have recounted stories of friends and relatives who conceived twins late in life naturally. I am sure it’s rare, but it can happen. How can we presume that we who do not know her somehow know THAT about her?

Robin on

Oh she is just PRECIOUS!!!

Mary-Helen on

@tiffany they were in a magazine ONCE & on stage ONCE. Otherwise the photos are pap shots, which are sparing. Should she keep them under lock & key? Never let them out with her? The Muniz children are some of the least photographed children. Honor Warren is seen more. Would you say the Jolie-Pitt kids are pimped out, as they were on mags @ birth too. Shiloh appeared in a movie & they have sold vacation photos to magazines.

Jennifer & Marc seem to be doing their best to let their kids be kids. I didn’t know letting them out of their cage was exploiting them.

@girl apparently only the people on this site know how Jen concieved, not the woman herself. They all work in her doctor’s office/lab/live in her uterus. Same goes for many other celebs who deny IVF. They just KNOW.

Ellie on

I agree entirely with Mary-Helen. Shame on tiffany for her snobbish, overly critical attitude. If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your freaking mouth shut! I’m sick of all the haters and negativity on this site.

Rachel on

It is possible to get pregnant with twins naturally. It happens all the time. I’m not ruling out that she had IVF but that’s her own business. I just don’t understand why if a women has multiples or gets pregnant over the age of 40 it’s automatically, “Oh she must of had IVF.”

Katherine on

Max and Emme are so cute!
Now they’re really cute! Emme is so sweet…

Henri on

I completely agree with you Rachel.

Dee on

Ellie, if you don’t like the negativity, don’t read the comments. I hate when people like you complain about how negative things are and that the “haters” should just look at the stories and move on, but why don’t YOU do that yourself and stop whining?

The reason people don’t believe JLo about IVF is because she goes over the top when describing about how she didn’t have IVF. Why talk about it so much except that it’s on her mind and why would it be on her mind if she didn’t have IVF? Before you say the reporters ask her the questions, well they ask all kinds of questions that I’m sure she doesn’t give answers to (it’s their job to push for dirt). Celebrities share what sells their products or what’s on their minds. IVF seems to be on the JLo’s mind.

emily on

Are people really still calling her “JLo”? Thats funny..

Anyway, why does everyone get so worked up about the IVF thing? Even if she did have it, she is under no obligation to scream it from the rooftops. She can lie until shes blue in the face for all I care. Or she could be telling the truth? Either way, WHO CARES? It’s her own body and she can lie, tell the truth, anything she wants. In the end she has 2 sweet kids that she obviously adores. How they were concieved means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Seriously. Get a life.

Mariana on

This is the cutest Jen-Emme picture I have ever seen!
And I see a lot of Jennifer in her, much more than in Max, who is all dad.

Sarah K. on

Allison, it sounds pretty silly to “detest” a woman you have never even met because you think she used IVF and lied about it. Let’s face it – you don’t know, because you’re not her or her doctor.

CelebBabyLover on

Mariana- I’m with you! I don’t get it when people say Emme looks just like Marc. To me, she looks just like her mommy!

Mary-Helen- I agree! I also want to add that if she hadn’t taken the twins to Europe with her, people would be calling her a bad mom. J-Lo just can’t win either way!

dfs on

“Many others here have recounted stories of friends and relatives who conceived twins late in life naturally. I am sure it’s rare, but it can happen.”

Actually, twins are more common the older you are.

Sharon on

Didn’t she have the twins when she was 38 or 39? So she wasn’t 40 yet and I wouldn’t consider late thirties to be “late in life”. And just a thought, but maybe she mentions not having IVF all the time because people are so adamant that she did get it and she wants to set the record straight.

Allison on

Sarah, LOL celebrities are in the public eye and people can like or dislike them for any reason. i don’t like the way she comes off in interviews, it’s my choice to not be a fan of hers. that’s what we read this stuff for, right? so we can have favorite celebs and ones we don’t like, etc. the whole celeb thing is silly, but it’s entertaining, so whatever.

nic on

Come on people she did use ivf she just doesn’t want to admot she’s not perfect!