Kerri Walsh Welcomes Son Sundance Thomas

05/20/2010 at 01:30 PM ET
Tony DiMaio/Startraks

Volleyball star Kerri Walsh has two Olympic gold medals — and two baby boys to match!

She delivered Sundance Thomas Jennings, her second son with husband Casey Jennings, at 9:59 p.m. Wednesday, May 19 in Torrance, Calif., her rep tells PEOPLE.

Baby Sundance — who weighed in at 6 lbs., 12 oz. and is 19ΒΎ inches long — joins big brother Joseph Michael, who will celebrate his first birthday this Saturday.

Walsh, 31, expects to be back on the court in time to prepare for the 2012 Olympics with her partner, Misty May-Treanor.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Mallory on


Brooklyn on

I normally don’t like saying things like this, but I kind of hate the name. Obviously, they love it and that’s fine but it’s just not my style! Anyways, Congrats to them!

Bela on

Not impressed with the name. As her eldest has a sensible name, I thought he would have a sensible name.

Jess on

Congrats on the new baby Kerri! However… you should have waited until the drugs wore off to name the poor child! I had a friend in HS whose dogs name was Sundance… hmm. Why couldn’t he have a normal name like his big brother? Joseph and Sundance?

Elle on

“Ridiculous” would have been more appropriate… Oh oh oh.

Abi on

Did they seriously name him that or is this a joke? I hope he is famous otherwise the name is just going to get him beat up at school. To each his own though, I guess….

Lola Monroe on

Joseph and Sundance?! Hmmp. To each their own…congrats on the new blessing!!!

elizabeth on

Congrats to Kerri and her family. Not a fan of the name but to each his own.

Ally on

Congrats to them! Not fond of the name…with all 3 of them having very normal simple names, Sundance just seems “way out there” Let’s hope he gets a nickname!

abbey on

And you all had your panties in a bunch over Molly June πŸ™‚

Molly on

I have nothing against the name Sundance… but when your oldest is named something like Joseph, why would you give your second child a more unique name? It just makes no sense 😐

Congrats though..

amy on

How do you go from normal traditional name like Joseph to Sundance? I wouldn’t mind it so much for a girl’s name, but for a boy it just sounds silly.

Amber on

Sundance?? Wow. I was actually looking forward to a normal name from her. I don’t normally have an issue with names, but why would you have Joseph and then Sundance???? He is going to wish he had a normal name when he gets older.

Raleigh on

maybe they’ll call them joey & sonny!

Girl on

All this talk about the name and no one’s commented on the fact that these kids are Irish twins! Not something you see very often, but will hopefully be fun for them growing up.

Jen on

Oddly enough, I’ve known two people named Sundance so it’s not too far out there I guess. Granted it’s not really a name I would choose, but he’s not my kid. I’m glad she and the baby are healthy. That’s what is most important. Congrats to the family!

Lauren on


I’m never one to comment on disliking names, but this one is causing me to gasp. What a name way out in left field. Maybe it has some meaning to the family.

Greta on

The sundance kid
each to their own but it is 1000x times nicer than bronx apple and the others

Liliana on

Congratulations to Kerri and her family on the new addition!

Mallory on

LOL Greta. That’s all I can think about when I think of/see this name – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Might as well have named him Butch. πŸ˜‰

maggiemae on

its a beautiful name for a BEAUTIFUL baby boy! lucky to have him…. congrats kerri and casey

kaz on

Like some of the rest of you I was looking forward to a nice normal name since her son is called Joseph. I’m quite shocked they picked Sundance, it seems very odd, I have never heard of that as a name before. Oh well, each to their own I suppose! Maybe they have given him a normal middle name that will get used? (I’m clutching at straws for this poor kid!) lol

Kate on

Does anyone know if Misty May-Treanor has had a baby? I remember after their last Olympics they said they were taking some time off so they could both have babies. I remember cringing because it always makes me nervous to hear someone have that pressure/timeline. I don’t recall hearing if Misty had a baby, but I hope so if that’s what she really wanted and now her partner has had two!

A on

Maybe for a girl Sundance would be cute & quirky…

But why would you do that to your SON? Knowing how cruel children (& later, society) can be, a boy called Sundance?
Yes, yes to each their own.
But just saying.

surely he’ll go by Sonny.

& wow, they’re SO close in age.
Less than a year apart.

ell on

Boy named Sue comes to mind…
Enjoy the name, Sundance.

Romy on

wow I actually hate it. about as much as Pilot Inspektor. Especially when his older bro is Joseph. Even if there is great meaning to the parents I would not do this to a boy.

Stella Bella on

Maybe they couldn’t agree on names at all and decided that each spouse got to name one?

sarah on

I love it. I myself would have left it in the middle. It brings to mind butch cassidy and the sundance kid, and sundance film festival. It feels vintage and artsy and warm.

glee fan on

yeah one of my favorite volleyball player’s had her baby boy! i totally knew she was going to have her baby soon. sundance…rly??? could’ve picked a better name though. thought he would have been a big baby considering baby joseph was almost 9 lbs. congrat to kerri, casey, and big brother joseph.

Luna on

I almost never say anything negative about the names that people pick for their children but Sundance? Come on now. Joseph is such a simple, classic, and beautiful name. Sundance…not so much. Congratulations Jennings family.

maggie on

WOW WOW WOW WOW! what the f were they thinking!!! i agree with everyone that the name would be cute for a girl but for a boy? think about it her oldest son is name joesph which is very normal and then all of the sudden here’s a boy with a VERY VERY hippe name. well all that matters is the baby is healthy.
also abbey more people had a fit with aviana olea (amy adams baby) than molly june

Allie-Rose on

That’s definitely not a name I expected, especially after she named the first one Joseph… I guess it would have been cute and quirky for a girl, but on a boy? Congrats, though, and good luck to baby Sundance. That probably won’t be easy for him living with such a name — unless they call him Sun

Molly on

I don’t see any problem with the name Sundance. I love how people criticize people for naming their kids. I think it’s unique and they’ll probably nickname him Sonny (or Sunny). I’ve heard worse names like Lene Lovich’s (New Wave singer) daughter, Tarzana Nova.

Estoria on

Sundance, it brings to mind My Little Pony. Yep, that’s it. My Little Pony. That and trailer trash. Can you imagine meeting a guy, introducing yourself and then he tells you his name is Sundance?!?! I mean would you not laugh thinking surely he couldn’t be serious?!?! How embarassing for any future lady he meets and for him also! I really hope he goes by Sunny which although not a favourite of mine at least it’s better than Sundance. I agree with whoever said that she should have at least waited till the drugs wore off! LOL well said!

dfs on

I feel sorry for him. Not only is it a silly-sounding name, but very feminine as well.

I know parents can name their kids anything they want, but I really wish they would take the child’s feelings into account when they do so . . .

dfs on

“I don’t see any problem with the name Sundance. I love how people criticize people for naming their kids. I think it’s unique and they’ll probably nickname him Sonny (or Sunny). I’ve heard worse names like Lene Lovich’s (New Wave singer) daughter, Tarzana Nova.”

This is a comments section, where we are all free to praise and criticize people’s name choices.

You have no idea whether or not they will nickname him Sunny, so why say probably?

At least Lovich gave his daughter a feminine name.

izzy on

i don’t like this name either but i won’t resort to personal attacks on this family. it’s not nice.

Jen DC on

The name made me laugh out loud! Oh, Sundance, I hope you have a sense of humor and are tough enough to pull this off, kid. Good luck to you!

Inge on

congrats on the baby boy.. but sundance?

I can just see it now.. when he is older, has a job and then has to introduce himself as Sundance….oh my

Lynn on

Still waiting for someone to name their child Twilight. If I were male and my name were Sundance…I would go by Sonny or request to/have my named changed.

Romy on

I take back my comment. I actually like Pilot better than Sundance. From a boy’s or man’s perspective I bet Pilot is a better name. Even if they call him Sonny/Sunny it is still very bad. I know it doesn’t matter what It think but reading this I first thought it was a joke.

Martin on

Congrats Kerri, I love the name! You’ve brought even more “sun”shine into this world. Can’t wait to see you out on the beach again!

sara on

I don’t think the name is THAT bad, the only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t go with his brother’s name at all.
After a Joseph you’d expect a James, a David, an Andrew…definetly not a Sundance! lol
But oh well…congrats to them!

Natasha on

Sundance?! Oh my god that poor child. He’s gonna pull a Zowie Bowie and change his name to something normal.

J on

That’s ok Kerry and family, I’m sure you’ve heard worse from better people…

Wow. I rememebr when CBB would put a little crackdown on comments like some above…

Sam & Freya's mum on

Congrats to the parents and big brother Joseph. Quite a contrast in names. Poor kid when he’s older, but each to their own. We have a traditional/common boy’s name and less common/diff girl’s name but not as out-there as Sundance (I hope, LOL). Alternatively, here’s hoping he has a normal middle name that he can go by (one wasn’t mentioned though?). Joseph may well be relieved he didn’t get the short straw re names when he’s older….

Chicki on

@Molly – My guess on why she a unique name for her new son is because maybe she feels he actually IS a unique individual and deserves a unique name! Not all sibling names have to follow a particular order, or theme for them to be considered “acceptable”!! Some people choose to focus on how names sound together and some could care less.

That said, I personally just don’t like the name Sundance for a boy – but that’s just me! πŸ™‚

TV on

Is it bad that after learning the child’s name I immediately thought of the cartoon My Little Pony? This poor child got saddled with cartoon character’s name that happened to be a horse. I’m hoping as this boy grows up they either decided to call him Sonny or Danny.

Kira on

Ok just my opinion but joseph (yawn).. i love different names but seems odd to have such a common name with such a different name…oh well its their kids not ours! There aren’t rules to naming your kids people!

Madison on

I’m just wondering what was she doing in Torrance. I live in Torrance and the only hospital she could have deliverd at is Torrance Memorial. They even have a place where the parents can put the baby’s pic on the website to announce the birth, but I doubt she will do that since she’s a celebrity. Or maybe I’m wrong and she did a home birth in Torrance? Does anyone know if she lives in Torrance?

1003 on

This is a comment from when CBB announced Joseph’s birth: I’m thrilled that Kerri avoided the wacky and misspelled names trends and gave her son a classic name. lol well i guess this isnt true anymore!

Amber on

How do you go from Joseph to Sundance?

Ellie on

At first, i read this as she gave birth at Sundance. That’s his NAME??? Wow. Maybe they are big fans of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Zoey on

Sounds like they wanted a girl. or maybe one parent named one and the other named the other child. Joseph is too normal while Sundance is too unique. doesnt work for me. either two normal names or two unique names. but to each is their own. πŸ™‚

daniela on

Sundance?!! My god, they really were trying too hard to be original. Poor kiddo!

Jess on

You people are ridiculous. Stop hating.
I like the name! I’m not one for unusual names, but I think Sundance fits. Congrats to them.

Niko on

I remember a contestant on American Idol by the name “Sundance Head”. It could’ve been worse, ya know. At least its not as bad as “Apple”. And Sundance can be simply “Sunny”. Food for thought.

Anna on

I am not normally a fan of strange names but I actually like this name. I think it sounds cool! Sundance and Thomas go together well too.

It doesn’t really fit the brother’s name but I don’t see that as an issue.

nettrice on

I really LOVE Sundance as a name. Joseph? Been there, done that. It’s the 21st century!

CelebBabyLover on

Natasha- Not neccesarily! Zowie Bowie DID legally change his name……but Moon Unit and Dweezil Zappa did NOT change their given names. So perhaps Sundance will follow in their footsteps instead of Zowie’s. πŸ™‚

And for all the people saying they hope he has a middle name…..He does. It’s listed right in the post. His full name is Sundance Thomas Jennings. πŸ™‚

CB on

Sundance?!?! They named their son Sundance? That’s cruel. It might be out there for a girl but for a boy?!? Why???

kmb on

ha this has to be a joke, right?
maybe they released a fake name? maybe there was missed communication somewhere along the line? ridiculous!
as other posters have said, to each his/her own, but come on. This is nonsensical and pathetic. Joseph and Sundance?
Can you imagine the reaction of relatives when you tell them your new baby boy is named Sundance?

Crystal on

My first words were WOW when I read the post. I was shocked that they chose Sundance for their son. I’ve never heard the name Sundance as an actual name. It just seems so out there! That being said he is their child and as others have said “to each his own.” CONGRATULATIONS Kerri and Casey on another healthy baby boy!!! Can’t wait to see Kerri and Misty at the Olympics. I always look forward to their event.
@Kate-Misty has not had a baby and is not currently pregnant (that we know).

maxmom on

Congrats to the beautiful family.

Kathryn on


Meg on

Well…at least he can go by Thomas when he is older!

DS on

What’s with the name? It’s way out there? Why can’t people give their children normal names anymore?

Luna on

CelebBabyLover: His middle name wasn’t listed when the post was originally put up.

Sam & Freya's mum on

Thanks Luna, was about to mention that bit too, no middle name initially being listed. Didn’t think I was seeing/not seeing things, LOL.

Thomas is always an option, not a fav of mine personally, but not cruel at least…

Chris on

LOL! The father must have named this one!

kaz on

kmb i’m with you maybe they released a fake name cos i still can’t beleive they would actually name their child that..boy or girl it’s just…horrible and plain cruel. I’m in denial! lol

And yes i know that anyone can name their child anything they want but this is just my OPINION so please don’t jump all over me for saying so! (although some of you still will).

It would have been ok if it was Thomas Sundance as some have suggested. He will need to be a strong person to continually defend his own name for the rest of his life. Good luck lil guy!

Mandy on

Sorry but this is going to be another negative name comment.

If she had named Joseph something crazy, Sundance wouldn’t seem so ‘out there’. But it does.

There’s not even a nice nickname to go along with that. I wasn’t a fan of Julia Roberts’ Phinnaeus but they call him Finn for short and I like that.

But what are you going to call him? Sun? Dance?

Sorry Kerri but this name isn’t cutting it. But to each they’re own. She and her husband obviously loved the name enough to give it to their son…..

Lindsey on

Maybe the dad did name the baby because he calls Kerri is “six feet of sunshine.” So it does make sense. I like the name because it’s unique and I’m tired of seeing boring traditional names especially for boys

Shelley on

I love “different” names (I have a Tristan and a River), so I really want to like this name but no matter how hard I try I just don’t. I’m not feeling it. It works for them though and I’m glad everyone is healthy and happy. Congrats!

Jennifer on

How rude and critical you people are to a woman you don’t know and to a little infant. How sad it is that there’s over 70 comments (so far) criticizing something this family was excited to pick for their 2nd little man. it’s not just “commenting”…it’s making fun and being negative about such a joyous occasion for her. Naming your child is a joyous occasion!

Maybe she doesn’t like your name! I tell you what…you can criticize her and give your suggestions of a name to call HER son when YOU let Kerri and others pick the name(s) of your child(ren) for you! And when you don’t get annoyed or upset when person after person tells you that your name choice is “weird”…like you’re doing to her. Ugh! I’m ashamed of you guys…I came on her thinking I’d read exciting comments because Kerri seemed SOOO excitedin interviews saying how badly she wanted to have babies after the Olympics and she has two little guys within a year. She seems so happy. But it’s over 90% negativity. I hope she doesn’t read these.

Anyways…congrats Kerri and family! One gold (so far) for each boy! πŸ™‚

Zoey on

Sundance Thomas? they really went out there. 3 normal names and one unique name. i kinda like it now lol

Carie on

Maybe he was conceived at the Sundance film festival. My cousin named his daughter Callie because she was conceived in California. I also like that her 2 boys are irish twins – like my brother and I and my cousin and her brother!

Sophia on

Wow, didn’t see that one coming. With a brother called Joseph Michael I would’ve expected a name like Henry or Nicholas.
Sundance. Hmmm… I guess it sounds nice at least. Positive connotations. It’s just a bit too out there for me.

tlm on

What the heck are Irish twins?????????????

TV on

TLM, Irish twins are siblings born within one year of each other but are not actual twins. I have a pair of nephews and nieces each that are Irish twins. Oddly enough though their mothers are actual twins themselves.

Sarah M. on

tlm – Irish twins are siblings that are born 12 months or less apart. Joey was born on May 22nd 2009 and Sundance was born on May 19th 2010. Making them irish twins by 11 days. I hope that helps. πŸ™‚

While I wouldn’t use it myself, at least it’s a cheery sounding name. Congrats to the family and he will no doubt be very loved!

CelebBabyLover on

tlm- Siblings born within the same year (in otherwords, the older one isn’t yet a year old when the younger one is born.). πŸ™‚

Mandy- How about Sunny? πŸ™‚

maman on

tm Irish Twins are two children born within the same 12 months of each other or calendar year.

I like the name – Joe & Sonny πŸ™‚

xxx on

On behalf of all non american people out there, may i ask what Sundance means? Does it has a special meaning that could explain why 99 per cent of you hate the name?

Catca on

Why do so many of you find the name Sundance feminine? The only Sundance I’ve ever heard of was the Sundance kid and he was a very masculine guy…

Jenn on

I like the name. It reminds me of the Sundance Film Festival. πŸ™‚ Sundance, Utah, obviously has a special meaning for her and that’s why she picked the name. I wouldn’t be concerned about it being an odd name; they’ll probably just call him “Sonny” for short. (I think it is less of an odd name than Apple, or god forbid, Peanut all time winner of the “worst celeb baby names.”)

Romy on

I kept thinking we’d see an announcement that they changed the name! I think ‘silly’ names work better on a girl, so while I don’t like Apple very much it just seems a little better than Sundance for a boy. Even if the name is very meaningful to the parents, it doesn’t hold meaning to the boy and he his the one that has to live with it. I don’t like Sonny either, I just don’t think a boy or man would enjoy going by the name ‘Sonny.’ Obviously it’s not my kid, but he may be annoyed that his brother got ‘Joe.’

kaz on

I very much doubt that celebs actually read these comments so those who think they do can calm down. This is a forum for opinions and comments. Kerri will have to get used to a certain amount of negativity and raised eyebrows when she introduces people to her son Sundance. It may not be nice but it’s a reality – people are judgemental whether it’s on a forum or in real life.

I’m pretty sure as a busy mum of 2 little babies Kerri has better things to do than log on every 2 minutes and read what people are saying about her choice of baby name.

And I think it should go without saying that although the majority of posters don’t like the name she has chosen for her baby, we are all really happy for her and wish her and her family well.


Cute name.. if he was a golden retriever. :/

Sarah M. on

kaz – There have actually been a few celebrities that have viewed the comments about articles about them. Trista & Ryan Sutter, Amy Dalley (a country singer) and I think a few others. The ones that have actaully posted comments themselves, with their own names, and the first sentence says who they are, too. But, you’re right, the vast majority of celebs won’t ever even look at this site. πŸ™‚

Christina on

@Kate – No, Misty May-Treanor has not had a baby yet. Last I heard reported the media, she was trying to get pregnant and that was around the time Kerri was pregnant with her first baby.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- Actually, wouldn’t that make them Irish twins by three days, not eleven?

Sarah M. on

Thanks, CelebBabyLover. Apparently it was late at night and my math was off! Thanks for the correction. πŸ™‚

Angel on

Sounds like a horse’s name to me.

rose on

i thank everyone should tell them good luck on your angel sweet name for a sweet babyboy glad everyone ok

Josie on