Katherine Heigl: Naleigh ‘100 Percent Fine’ After Open Heart Surgery

05/20/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar

When Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley welcomed Naleigh last September, the couple explained that they were able to adopt their daughter faster because of her special needs.

Revealed to be a congenital heart defect, it was repaired with open heart surgery before the baby girl left Korea.

“Her heart is 100 percent fine now. She has a scar, so she won’t be wearing bikinis, which is fine by us,” the Killers actress, 31, tells Harper’s Bazaar in their June cover story.

“A lot of children don’t find forever homes because they’re on that special-needs list, even if it’s because of something as simple as her mother smoked cigarettes for a month, not knowing she was pregnant. That’s not so huge that you couldn’t handle it.”

Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar

On a lighter note, the former Grey’s Anatomy star says that something as simple as dressing her now 18-month-old baby girl can be daunting.

“Dude, I try, but I’m not nailing the baby fashion. It’s intimidating,” she laughs.

“I get beautiful outfits from Gap and baby Juicy, but I’m not layering it or putting her in Prada flats. It’s really stressing me out.”

It’s clear that motherhood has taken center stage in Heigl’s life — even at the expense of romance.

“If parent time interferes with sexy time, that’s that,” she said, referring to a recent incident when Naleigh spit up all over her lingerie.

“Now it’s time to reevaluate and grow up … enough with the drama.”

— Suzanne Zuckerman

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Sandra on

She looks a lot like Ashley Judd in the first picture!

I think it’s so great that she has become a mum, and that little Naleigh is doing well. Must have been terifying for them when she had that surgery.

Penny on

Absolutely gorgeous. Full interview is at Harpers – really nice.

Caroline on

Great to hear Naleigh is well and healthy. Big fan of Katherine’s too and I love how her family is the focus of her life.

Stella Bella on

Katherine looks heavenly beautiful in these photos.

Mo on

Just because her baby girl has a scar does not mean she cannot wear a bikini some day. She should let her daughter be proud of everything about her and not diminish her daughter’s beauty because she has a scar.


The child can still wear a bikini when she is older,, I hope they tell her to embrace her differences even the scar, rock it out kid!

canada girl on

That is good if she has grown up, she was running her mouth off there for awhile. She is still a beautiful woman and a good actress

Susan Lewis on

She sure has her own heart in the right place. Good luck and God bless, this story is sweet.

Tammy on

I love Katherine Heigl and really miss her on Grey’s.
Very happy to hear that her daughter is going to be fine.

h on

way better with blond hair

K on

I have a scar from 2 open hearts n I wear a bikini! I’m proud of my scar n it shows I’m a survivor.

Birdcage on

The existence of a scar shouldn’t preclude a confident woman from wearing a bikini, if she wants. I know that wasn’t the point.

jam on

i like katherine but she is already giving her daughter a complex about a scar saying she won’t wear bikini’s. i think she should be proud of the scar and show it off when she is older. and she isn’t putting her in prada flats or layering her clothes? give me a break she is a baby. how materialistic can you be? she does need to reevaluate and grow up for sure!!!

erin on

she has a scar…so what….she survived open heart surgery…nothing like teaching her early the standards of hollywood body perfection.

JessicaC on

Why was she wearing lingerie holding the baby?

Dominique on

I’m glad little Naleigh’s doing great, must’ve been a terrifying few hours when the surgery took place. I agree that Naleigh should just wear a bikini if she wants to, she should be proud of who she is, and so should mom and dad.

Katherine looks beautiful btw, she’s definitely rocking the blonde hair wa better than brown.

ginny on

I’m pretty sure Katherine Heigl was just making a joke when she said her daughter wouldn’t be wearing a bikini. People really need to lighten up.

Lauren on

I totally agree with you Mo. My sister was in a horrible car accident that left her abdomen badly scarred. We have always been big boaters and it broke my heart that she wouldnt wear the bikinis she used to because of the scars. I always told her that they are marks of survival and NOTHING to be ashamed of but proud of. She wears her bikinis now with a beautiful tatoo beside them in rememberence of the day she lived. Not the day she got scarred.

jb on

I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks her daughter can wear a bikini, scar or no scar. Please not give the poor girl body image issues this earlier in life.

Meli on

Sometimes becoming a parent helps a person mature and this goes to show she has done a total 180! I’m glad that her daughter is doing great. I also think that her making a comment about her daughter’s scar and wearing a bikini was making light of the situation. Many people read way too much into statements.

ecl on

Running her mouth off? What an obnoxious thing to say. She was stating her opinion, which is allowed. We just still seem to think that women should be seen and not heard. And enough of this junk that she should have been more grateful. Why can’t someone be critical and grateful at the same time? And remember that she made her projects money as well so maybe they should have been grateful for her. I am a big fan of hers exactly because she does speak her mind rather than giving trite, canned responses all the time.

C on

I myself am a surviver of open heart surgery, and while for a time I was self-conscious of my scar, I eventually came to realize that it’s a daily reminder of the things I went through, and how strong I am today beause of it. I now proudly wear a bikini every summer. Katherine Heigl should not teach her daughter to be ashamed of her body, especially if it is something as trivial as a scar. Besides, by the time she is old enough to wear a bikini, the scar will hardly even be noticeable.

Michelle on

I don’t think that she intended for it to come out like it did, but she can still wear a bikini! My daughter has a repaired cleft lip & palate. She has a scar on her lip. I tell her that’s her tough scar. Meaning that she went through so much, that just shows how tought she is! (My daughter is 7 & was born with a cleft.) I do think that it’s amazing that Mrs Heigel adopted a special needs child. Too many of those children are overlooked & don’t get the medical attention they deserve until people like Mrs Heigel & her husband adopt one. But please, let her be proud of those scars!

Noodles on

I’m sure she just meant “she may not want to wear a bikini.” Not everyone is comfortable with little imperfections on his/her body. Some people are not even comfortable in a bikini in a perfect body! She sounds like she has a healthy attitude towards parenting and there’s really no reason to beat up a sentence because a a few words spoken off the cuff.

t on

I have a scar also from two open heart surgeries and I too wear a bikini. I am here today because of those surgeries and I too mark my scar as a sign that I am a survivor!

whatever on

of ALL the points made, bikni scars is the dicussion topic…vapid – and I don’t mean you K, you ARE a survivor

Megan on

Seriously I really think she was joking and making light of the subject with the whole bikini comment! As well as with the fashion statements! And what she’s not allowed to wear lingerie while holding her baby? She’d probably just put the baby to sleep and thought there was time for her husband and the baby probably woke up again, or something! Sex is still an important part of a relationship even when there are kids. And a baby could care less what the mom is wearing, and will not remember! So many people just need to lighten up!! And btw all the scar stories that you guys shared I am very proud of you for embracing them and showing them off!! 🙂

Samanthat on

That scar quote came off really bad. I hope Naleigh doesn’t grow up with self-esteem issues when her own mom is saying because of a scar she won’t be wearing bikinis.

They chose a really bad pic for the cover. The black and white pic looks better.

Bonnie on

Can’t stand KH but I’m glad her daughter is ok.

dfs on

“Why was she wearing lingerie holding the baby?”

Who cares? Maybe she was wearing lingerie and her daughter started crying and she went and picked her up.

Maybe she wasn’t wearing the lingerie when her daughter spit up on it.

Does it really matter?

Robyn Johnson on

It is a blessing for the little girl to be adopted and I am so happy that she is healthy and doing great.

BUT not so happy about the remark about her not being able to wear a bikini!! She doesn’t want her to wear a swimsuit now that she has a scar??!! That seems a little superficial doesn’t it!

I think we will be hearing her take that statement back, which she should. Dumb statement, please let the child not be ashamed of having surgery! That is such a Hollywood statement! Ridiculous!

kate on

I myself was in a horrible car accident at the age of 9 and have had to endure 3 back surgeries to repair my spine. I’m just fine now but I have a 30-inch scar straight down the middle of my back and I could give two shakes about wearing a bikini or open-back top. The scar is part of me and I embrace it.

Josie on

Gorgeous cover; I agree, she looks better as a blonde! (But I know her hair is dyed for an upcoming movie role.) Glad Naleigh’s doing so well. I agree, too, that motherhood seems to have matured Katherine. And as for not being able to keep up with Suri Cruise fashion-wise, if it means Naleigh won’t be toting around $800 handbags as a toddler, I say more power to Katherine!

Melissa on

I had open heart surgery 34 years ago and I am PROUD to wear my bikini and all the rest of my other heart related surgery scars.
They are beautiful and have prompted great conversations throughout my life! My father offered to me when I was a preteen plastic surgery to lessen them if I wanted and I am glad that I said NO!
Scars can serve as beautiful reminders to the bearer and the onlooker on the beauty of life and the miracle of modern medicine.

Luna on

From actual report (in Harpers Bazaar):
“Her heart is 100 percent fine now. She has a scar, so she won’t be wearing bikinis, which is fine by us,” Katherine explains, unembarrassed by her overprotectiveness.”

I’m sure she jokes about bikini. If her daughter didn’t wear, boys couldn’t see her little baby’s body. I think she is sooo overprotective 🙂 Katie it is so early to worry about her Naleigh :)))
So, I found her comment very cute.

JMO on

Not really a fan either. Used to be but her arrogant comments in the past have rubbed me the wrong way. That being said I think it’s wonderful that she adopted Naleigh. Even though I sometimes find KH to be annoying with her comments the bikini one didn’t realy bug me. I don’t think she meant it as a complex she’s putting on her daughter that she can’t wear a bikini I just think she was joking around. And as Naleigh grows the scar will become less noticable. Quite frankly if a little scar is what she has left after her ordeal she should embrace it as a reminder that she’s a survivor.
And I get the fashion drama. It seems like the world is so focused on celeb babies that even they get their own fashion section in magazines! They’re babies. Put them in baby clothes and let them be babies!!

Mellie on

One word for baby clothes…GYMBOREE!!! Seriously makes dressing the kids super easy! Everything matches and it’s all super cute!

nichole on

Lol, looks like she too is affected by reading about Suri and other babies “fashion.” I think a baby not having much fashion is perfectly fine!!!

And I’m glad her health is A-okay.

Hannah on

Im sure she isnt going to stop her kid from wearing a bikini …im sure she was making a joke…get a life people

Nina on

It was a joke, people! Apparently no one knows what that is anymore and now Naleigh will be damaged because her mother is so ashamed off such a hideous scar. ::rolls eyes::

Danielle Hayes on

As a young woman who had multiple heart surgeries as a baby, and have very large scares on my chest, I am appalled at her comment regarding bikinis. I hope it was taken out of context, but nevertheless should have never been mentioned. My mother ALWAYS encouraged me to wear them (although I haven’t yet), and said I was more beautiful because I had proof that I am a survivor.

Anna on

OH MY GOSH, SHE WAS JOKING ABOUT THE BIKINI. If you read the whole interview, you can tell she was joking about that because she’s over-protective.

Mel on

I seriously do not think that Katherine was trying to say that her daughter can never wear a bikini!! She obviously was just trying to make light of a pretty scary situation! Why is it that everybody here is only focused on the negative??? I think that Katherine is an amazing actress and person, and I applaud her and her husband for adopting a special needs child!! What better parents could you ask for? Stop bashing her and applaud her for being an amazing mom and taking the time to be a mom and wife for her family!! She obviously has her priorities in check!!

Sarah on

I agree that she was probably making light of the situation with the bikini comment. Also, babies’ skin recovers REMARKABLY well. I have a scar on my forhead from a surgery I had as a baby and no one can see it unless I point it out. Since she was so young when she had her surgery, the scar will be incrediably faint when she is a teenager…

Sydney on

For everyone thinking Heigl is being superficial because of the bikini comment, I think you are overreacting hugely. The reason why her daughter will not be wearing bikinis (at least for next few years) is because it’s important to keep the skin out of the sun.

I too had heart surgery as an infant and my doctors insisted the scar tissue was kept out of the sun at all times for at least 5 years, and then always use high SPF sunblock. So yes, it’s true Naleigh won’t be wearing bikinis just yet, but only because her mother is looking after the scar tissue, not because she thinks it looks ugly. I am sure that as a mother, it is the last thing Heigl thinks.

Also in my experience growing up with a scar, it has always been a part of me ever since I could remember, so I have never been self-conscious about it in the slightest. I have worn bikinis since my teen years and the only time I ever paid attention to it is to apply sunblock. I don’t know if Naleigh’s experience will be the same, I hope it is.

Marian on

I have a very pronounced scar on my upper wrist extending into the hand and arm because my wrist joint had to be rebuilt. It doesn’t bother me in the least. Such things make people INTERESTING. I’ve had some other women ask if it bothers me or makes me self conscious…it doesn’t in the least.

And I’ve never had a man find it unattractive. 🙂 More importantly though…it doesn’t bother me in the least. I am vain about some silly things, my scar isn’t one of them.

Actually truth be told…I even kinda like it.

Alisa Stone on

WOW! I need to find this necklace it is so beautiful! Anyone know where I can locate? This is the only photo out of the shoot that is missing these details.

Grow Up! on

To all you people who read this article and couldn’t see past a comment about wearing a bikini! It was a JOKE!! Was it not obvious that she a a devoted and doting mother? From one comment in the whole interview you judge her? Shame on you all! And for the rest of you that were shocked she was wearing lengerie and holding the baby. Get over it. I’m sure if the rest of you were in lengerie and your baby cried you would stop and tend to it. So stop judging. It’s disgusting! No one is perfect!

Mandy on

Glad to see all the speculating can stop now. I read some pretty crazy and ‘out there’ theories as to why Naleigh was special needs. I also don’t think Katherine meant it in a bad way about not wearing a bikini. I’m sure she meant it jokingly and I bet her husband probably mentioned it. You know how dad are with their daughters. I think everyone needs to chill and not take every single thing out of context.

Julie on

Just because she has a scar does not mean she can’t wear a bikini. My daughter has a scar from heart surgery and 2 more scars from her pacemaker implantation and she loves to wear bikinis. Her scars are a part of her and they make her who she is. I would never hide that fact. She can wear what ever she wants.

Anne on

My daughter also had open heart surgery, at 9 months. She also has the long beautiful scar of survival. If she wears anything that shows part of the scar, Im proud to explain that she fought to stay alive. And I never really considered her special needs!

Mavs2980 on

Well said Grow Up. When I read the article, I took it as a joke. It is a joke making light of a serious situation people. I am sure Katherine would never teach her daughter to be ashamed of her scar. Although I knew as soon as I read it, that there would be a ton of negative comments about it. It is getting to the point, where I do not even read the comments anymore. Instead of supporting each other, we seem to derive a lot of pleasure from tearing each other down.

I am glad that Naleigh is doing well now, and has found such a great home, with loving, caring and such devoted Parents.

Lila on

Oh, lighten up people! She made a joke about not wanting her daughter in a bikini. What parent does? Geez, how would YOU feel if every word you said was under this my scrutiny?

And SHE didn’t say her child was special needs, she said that Naleigh was considered special needs in China- that is how she was able to get her so fast. I think it’s great that she adopted a child that may have sat in an ophanage for the rest of her youth. A lot of those children are deemed special needs, but really don’t need any extra care.

Jenna Gennaro on

People with scars can’t wear bikinis???? Wow she put her foot in her mouth again

Cathy on

Can’t stand the woman, glad she’s off Grey’s but am happy her little girl is good.

Elda on

i’m so happy for Katherine n her baby girl!! Things are looking up!!

Alice on

You people need to get over it. She was joking about the bikini comment, obviously, but most of you took it so seriously. I’d hate to meet any of you in real life. If I said something jokingly like my child picking his nose as “he’s digging for gold,” some of you might take me seriously and start panning your nostrils for gold.

Kate on

I can’t believe children with such treatable problems are considered special needs. If I were looking to adopt I couldn’t care less(except with regards to taking proper care of the child) if a waiting child needed a heart surgery or his/her mother smoked. When I think of SPECIAL NEEDS I think of lifelong debilitating issues such as severe autism and Down Syndrome.

Lila on

BTW, I am glad her daughter is healthy and doing well. I hope that being plucked from an orphanage and given a great life will help with the trauma from her moms “bikini” comment.

(eyes roll)

Christine on

This just goes to show you that people will find anything Katherine says offensive. She was obviously trying to make light of the situation with the scar/bikini comment. She’s not someone who gives into the pressure of being too thin, and I’ve always gotten the impression that she’s happy with her body, so I highly doubt that she will give her child any body issues.

Lighten up people.

Lila on

Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

Here’s a story of a women who went half way around the world to adopt a child living in an orphanage with heart issues so that she could give her a forever home- and all you can do is nit-pick at one comment she made jokingly. It’s like you all just scan these articles looking for anything to get uppity over. You must be tired from all the pats on the back you give yourselves.

alexa on

agree with ginny. everyone needs to lighten up. it was a joke! k is not that shallow. concentrate on things that matter. she and hubby opened their hearts and home to a special needs child. priorities people!

M on

To adopt a child that has special needs..well, what wonderful people they both must be.

AtlantaGirl on

Katherine Heigl is one of the most misunderstood actresses of the 21st century. She isn’t a hell-raiser, she isn’t shooting her mouth off, she just doesn’t kiss people’s butts in the industry, she tells it how it is. If she didn’t get the plot line for an Emmy, then she shouldn’t be nominated, what is so wrong with her saying that?

stella on

omg! stop with the scar..i’m pretty sure she was just kidding..and not giving her kid some complex about a scar..give her more credit than that..my god you people are so critical..think about all the other great emotions she has about being a mum. everyone ALWAYS finds the one negative thing about a celeb..i am sure you all have said things that some would find a little daunting..she IS human ya know..

Romy on

it seems she was just making light of the situation, not really saying she could NEVER wear a bikini.

meagan on

I think it’s great that they adopted a special needs baby, but I have a problem with her comment about her daughter never being able to wear a bikini because of her scar. I also had open heart surgery as a baby and I have a scar on my chest, but I wore bikini’s and other tops that would show the top of my scar. I think it’s very important for her not to make her daughter feel ashamed or uncomfortable with her scar but instead to help her feel proud of it. My parents always let me know how beautiful I was and that my scar on my chest, as well as other places on my body that were from my surgery, made me special and unique. Without it, she wouldn’t be here today and there is nothing wrong with other people seeing it.

toni on

I see the I hate KH members showed up. Women are so hateful to each other. I just don’t understand.

Traci on

She’s clearly very greatful that her daughter is healthy after the surgery. Do people really think she wouldn’t want her to show off her scar? That she would be embarassed or ashamed of her? It was pretty obvious that she was joking..especially when she said which is fine by us.

Hea on

I’m surprised so many people took her serious about the scar!

Katherine looks absolutely stunning in these pictures. WOW!

Mom of 2 on

My baby had open heart surgery at 9 months of age. She, too has a scar down the center of her chest. But I would NEVER discourage her from wearing a bikini. In fact I think she should wear her scar as a badge of honor. It shows that she is tough and a fighter. Shame on Katherine Heigl for suggesting her daughters’ scar is anything other than something to be proud of!

Denise on

I can’t believe that out of a wonderful article like this, all most of you read was that part about the bikini. It sounds like alot of people need to get a life. I am very proud for her and her beautiful family.

Jackie on

My first thought was the same as Mo’s…My 15 year old daughter had Open Heart Surgery when she was 3, and we have always told her to be proud of her scar. She has no problems wearing a bikini, and when people ask her what the scar is, she’s very open to explaining why she has it. It is a wonderful thing that she has done, to adopt a child who had special circumstances. But…be proud of what makes us different!

Liliana on

Yet again, commenters on this site are making a mountain out of a mole hill. What else is new?

Heather on

How incredibly ignorant of Ms. Heigl–Naleigh should be very proud of her scar and will be able to where whatever she wants. Furthermore, though her defect has been “repaired” not “fixed”, Naleigh will require lifelong care for her defect so that she can lead a normal life. Shame on you Katherine Heigl and People for not calling better attention to the world’s #1 birth defect but rather choosing to publish statements that are not accurate. I have a heart defect and am extremely involved with an organization that promotes advocacy and lifelong care for those living with heart defects.

Anonymous on

I think A LOT of people are taking this out of context!! First of all I believe she was playing saying her little girld wouldn’t be wearing a bikiny, second I believe she was playing around again stating she is not getting the “baby fashion” refering to Katie Holmes and the way they dress their little girl. Heigl just dresses her little girl like any normal parent would, like a kid not a runway model with prada shoes and handbags!! People relax!!

dfs on

It doesn’t matter whether Heigl is joking or not. She shouldn’t discourage her daughter from wearing a bikini, joking or not.

Sarah K. on

wow, this is a little ridiculous. “she’s going to give her daughter body and self-esteem issues?” that’s extreme considering she was obviously joking. so many people on this site take everything so literally. lighten up!

Kerri on

Maybe she was joking with the bikini comment, maybe she wasn’t, either way the thought clearly occured to her and she should have kept it to herself. I had congenital heart defects and have scars from 2 open heart surgeries and pacemaker implant scars. They do fade and I wish I had the confidence to wear bikinis when I was younger and had an otherwise good body. The body isn’t so good now, three kids later, so I wish I would have rocked a bikini when I could have. Mom needs to help give her confidence to not be embarrased by her scars but to wear them proudly.

dfs on

“To adopt a child that has special needs..well, what wonderful people they both must be.”

Actually, it sounds like her “special needs” have been taken care of and I think they should just be grateful people. It’s not easy to adopt a child, so Heigl and her husband should consider themselves very lucky to have her.

Manal on

yes I am pretty upset of what she said about the scar comment!! Mothers and fathers should teach their children to embrace their differences and to see it as something unique and beautiful!! i had a heart surgery when i was young and i was left with a scar from my chest to my stomach and i do wear bikinis and Iam fine!! I also have Vitiligo a skin disorder , i have it on my legs and feet! but yes i admit i can sometimes be really self conscious about it,(i don’t wear skirts and short dresses , except when Iam the beach) but i guess it is because of people like her who think that a scar like should be hidden as if its a shameful secret….

Annie on

“of ALL the points made, bikni scars is the dicussion topic…vapid – and I don’t mean you K, you ARE a survivor”

Agreed. It was clearly a light-hearted comment. I think her daughter’s ability to wear bikinis is the last thing on her mind after the open heart surgery — she was making a joke.

tina on

For all of those upset about the scar comment. I work at one of the top children’s hospital in the South East that does this type of surgery. We tell all our parents to keep the scar covered up for at least the first year. We stress highly to avoid any exposure to sunlight. I’m sure this was the reason behind the no bikini comment. She is following Dr’s orders.

sar on

geeze people can you take one freaking joke?? you act like a bikini comment is the end of the world… A BIKINI COMMENT lol..

Riri on

“Women are so hateful to each other. I just don’t understand.”

Couldn’t agree more. Maybe to make themselves feel better of their own bad decisions.

I think this is just People’s plot to garner more readers, cut the important lines from the original interviews.

lila on

I dont like this actress and how she thinks.

Tonya on

She looks much better with blonde hair, and the clothes looks beautiful. I haven’t liked the way she has been dressing lately. Not at all flattering to her figure and really bad taste. Glad to see Harper’s B got her back to her old look that is classic and beautiful and what people love! I liked the bikini scar comment, she was being funny. No one wants to think of their baby girl being all grown up and in a bikini!

Sydney on

Tina! Thank you, I thought everyone was just ignoring the fact that she has to keep the scar out of the sun for at least a year, and that is why she won’t be in a bikini anytime soon.

Heigl didn’t say “never” will she wear a bikini.

Heigl is her mother, and as such thinks her daughter, scars and all, is the most beautiful thing ever. She is covering her up to protect her skin, not because she’s ashamed!!

Paula on

Number 1 birth defect – Congenital Heart Disease. Number 1 misconception about Congenital Heart Disease – that you are 100% fine or fixed. Number 1 worst thing you can do for a chldd with a scar – make her feel bad about it! That said, People Magazine, you have the chance to make a difference and shed true light on Congenital Heart Disease and let the world know that children with this grow up to be productive adults but need life long care. Right now this group is getting 3rd world care in this country and this is a FACT!!

Etsy on

Well said, Paula. ‘People’- these comments are often taken out of context and you can’t hear the humour etc behind the ‘written word’. Don’t get all uppity about comments you read but didn’t actually hear!

erin on

Well said Paula…..Maybe with all the chit-chat People could do a story on CHD.

Amy on

I find it amusing that all the people complaining about her bikini comment would probably be more upset if she said her daughter did wear a bikini because they’d claim she was sexualizing her and making her be an adult too soon. You obviously don’t like her so move on to the next story.

Mom on

article totally irks me.

CHD awareness


pia on

my daughter has a long scar on her stomach that bisects her belly button.. and she will never, EVER hide it on my watch.
this woman really annoys me i must say, she says the most silly throwaway things ALL THE TIME.

Hayley on

wow, i must of read that bikinni comment differently.
i saw it as she was joking. you know, oh she will be covered up from the wondering eyes of boys. we are totally cool with that.

i don’t think she would stop her child from wearing anything like a bikini.
but i would love it if my child was to cover up, esp in the hot sun of oz.

Lee on

@Pia, then maybe you shouldn’t bother posting on topics about her. It’s pathetic how people think saying they hate a celebrity will some how change the world

Lily on

as someone with a large scar, i will continue to wear my bikini proudly and will take anyone down who says that a congenital defect was caused by a biological mother’s ignorance of being pregnant. i will be boycotting her movies from now on and i encourage anyone who was offended to do the same.

Hayley on

@Lily she said nothing about mothers being “ignorance” causing congenital defect. don’t put words in her mouth.

she was saying that if a mother was to smoke for the first month that is was no big deal
i highly doubt not knowing you’re pregnant for the first month counts you as being ignorant, and i don’t think she was implying that at all.

the smoking and the congenital defect i read as having no connection at all.
she was saying IN ALL, kids are being put on the special needs list, when really they shouldn’t be, for small things like that. and those issues can be managed with no problems, so there is no need to labal them as “special needs”

Shay on

I have a large scar from open heart surgery that was done when I was 5 and it’s actually on my back but I forgot why they went in that way. When I was older I wore things like tank tops that ended up revealing it. When people, usually my peers, would notice it and ask what happened I would come up with some pretty out there explanations on how I got the scar. One was a bar fight and I was only 16 at the time, another was a circus accident. I was just trying to make light of the situation so I wouldn’t get that “oh poor you” face. After they got a shocked look on their face I would tell them the real reason then we’d have a laugh. I rarely got that “poor you” face b/c of it. What I’m getting at in a very long winded way is alot of people have seemed to have lost their sense of humor. I’m not trying to diminish those of us who have been through surgery and have the scars to show for it. It’s just that it seems so obvious that she was making a joke. Anyway I’m not too keen on my daughter wearing a bikini when she gets older, scar or no scar, who is? FYI I didn’t mean to write a novel.

CelebBabyLover on

I think Katherine was just joking with the bikini comment…..AND I think people with scars should wear them proudly! I know a preteen girl who’s had a few heart surgeries due to a congenital heart defect, and as a result she has a scar on her chest. But she’s not afraid to wear clothes that show the scar. 🙂

Also, she’s recieved excellent care for her heart defect, so I don’t think it’s fair to say, as another poster did, that people in the U.S. with CHD are getting third-world care.

That being said, I also have a scar. It’s on my forehead (the result of accidentally being hit in the head, causing a gash that required stitches, when I was about five). At the time I got the stitches, my doctor said I’d probably need plastic surgery to lessen or even eliminate the scar when I was older (and before anyone says anything, I honestly don’t think he meant that in a superfical why. He’s actually one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever met, and I think he was just concerned that I might be self-conscious of the scar someday).

However, all these years later, I’m not all ashamed of my scar or of letting it show (such as when I put my long hair in ponytails), and would never dream of getting plastic surgery to eliminate it. My scar is part of who I am now. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

And as for her comment about the lingerie…..What is the big deal about her wearing lingerie while holding her baby? When my brother and I were each babies, my mother used to sometimes bathe us by taking baths with us. Obviously that meant she was stark naked while we were in her lap in the tub!

Neither my brother or I is scarred for life because of that, and I’m sure Naleigh won’t be scarred for life because her mother once held her while wearing lingerie! Really, you could be wearing a paper bag and your baby wouldn’t care! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Sorry for the triple-post, but I also don’t think it’s for us to decide whether Naleigh’s really “100 percent fine” or not. After all, we have no idea what her heart defect was. If it was something simple like having a hole in her heart, she probably is and will be just fine without ongoing special care!

Steve on

As yet another Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) survivor, I totally agree with Heather and Paula. The baby is not “100% fixed” as “fixed” implies that her cardiac issues have been completely dealt with. She will need lifelong care from a Cardiologist who specializes in Heart Defects. This will ensure that any issues that come up later in life can be monitored and corrected early.

This does not mean that her lifetime will be limited. Statistics show that more than 90% of all children who undergo open heart surgery live to at least age 21. There are currently about 2 million people living in the US with a heart defect, and a slight majority of them are adults. Better medical care and advances in surgical procedures mean that a Heart Defect is *not* a death sentence anymore!

But the older you get, the worse the availability and level of care becomes. While adults living with a heart defect number just over one million people, the number of doctors who can properly diagnose and treat Adult CHD patients is about 100. We’re often misdiagnosed or our symptoms explained as the effects of age. In this regard, we ARE getting third world level care.

Why aren’t these patients getting adequate care? Why are there so few doctors to serve this growing patient population? I was present when a United States Senator asked this question of a Cardiologist in late April. His reply was “Twenty years ago, most of these kids didn’t live to be adults.”

So if Miss Heigl wants an issue to advocate for, better Congenital Heart Defect care is important – not just for children with heart problems, but for the adults that they will become.

Adventures of a Funky Heart! blog

happygolucky66 on

she is absolutely gorgeous; her and scarlett johansson are the most natural beauties in hollywood. no plastic surgeries and it is so obvious!
you were brave having your baby operated on but that was the thing to do. best wishes.

pinkprincess69 on

I had 2 open heart surgeries by the time I was 16 and am a cancer patient (38 yrs old) that had a double mastectomy and still wear a bikini. I would hope people would not be focused on my scars as a defect but as a survivor with what my friends and family refer to as “MY BATTLE SCARS”. We have enough to worry about with our health, finances, work, raising a child and functioning in society to worry about “our scars”. I hope her child never sees this comment because it could make a huge (negative) impact on how she sees herself ……not as a beautiful person but as a “SCAR”

Heartmom on

As a mother of two daughters with CHD, I can say that this large community of families with CHD are saddened by Katherine’s comment regarding the scar. My daughter proudly displays her scar, and we encourage her to be proud of who she is and the special heart she has. I believe Ms. Heigl should learn more about congenital heart defects so that she will understand that even after heart repair, a host of other issues can develop or be discovered, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. My “100% okay daughter” was discovered to have another organ anomaly two years later, has a weakened immune system, behavioral issues, not to mention lifelong monitoring by a cardiologist. Despite this, she does live a normal life and is well-adjusted. CHD is considered a lifelong condition. Yes, Ms. Heigl’s daughter can and hopefully will lead a restriction-free, healthy lifestyle as an adult, but hopefully Ms. Heigl IS learning more about CHD so that her daughter won’t grow up feeling different or embarassed by her special heart.

ariana on

i’m not a mom yet, but it’s so refreshing to finally hear a mother talk about how the baby fashion intimidates her…that’s one of the top 3 intimidations for me to in becoming a mom…is it right to show off a child through fashion? or does it really matter?

ShanP on

I am the mother of a daughter who has undergone 4 open heart surgeries and she is extremely proud to wear a bikini. I commend Katherine and her husband for adopting a child with a special need but there is absolutely nothing wrong with her daughter showing her scar. It’s a sign of life for a child with a CHD and she should teach her daughter that there is nothing wrong with letting the world see her beautiful scar. Thanks to that scar she is alive and well.

Mary-Helen on

Am I the only one who remembers that this baby is 17 months old? She’s a baby, why does she need to wear a bikini?!

My husband makes comments about our daughters not owning bikinis all of the time & not a one has a scar. He’s just being a dad. He’s also made jokes about chasing their prom dates off of the porch with a baseball bat & sending them to an all girls high school taught by nuns. Is he causing self esteem issues?

Cindy Crawford lets her daughter wear a bikini & she’s sexualizing her, Katherine Heigl says she doesn’t want her daughter to wear one & she’s not respecting Naleigh’s rights. Which is it? Personally, I find the number of people here demanding that Ms Heigl put her 17 month old baby in a skimpy bikini frightening. She’s a baby, let her be a baby & wear cute baby things!

MiB on

I saw her bikini comment as a mom version of sitting on the front porch with a shot gun. But she does have a point, scars are very sensitive to sun, I have a quite visible scar on my hand (a 3rd degree burn scar that used to cover 90 % of my hand and now covers about 70 % of it) and I don’t know how many times the scar has gotten badly sunburnt when the rest of my body didn’t even get warm. I am proud of my scar, it makes me special, but I still wore glowes to protect it when I did a 3 day biking trip last summer and I always cover my hands with sun screen.

stacy on

I hope KH takes the opportunity to use her status to promote awareness of congenital heart defects. While her child may have had a simple hole repair which is major by itself, some of our kiddos have complex defects that require 3+ open heart surgeries and more. Research for CHD is very underfunded and very under publicized. 1 out of every 85 babies will be born with a heart defect!!!!!! It is the number one birth defect and is more common than all childhood cancers combined. This is a serious issue that needs attention. I hope she takes a cue from Jenny McCarthy and speaks up for what her child has gone through! she may be “100% fine” but I hope she gives voice to the thousands that are not!

B on

I think the bikini comment has to do with not exposing a big surgical scar to lots of sunlight. They’re very sensitive.

God, the parenting police will never leave this woman alone.

M2Two on

As a parent to a child who has had three open heart surgeries, they are not simple surgeries where one goes in and comes out the same day. It’s major surgery with days, even weeks in the hospital for recovery. They break their sternum, place drainage tubes in their chest cavities and bellies. It’s not simple and we’re told from the start that surgery doesn’t “fix” these kids. Maybe her daughter was lucky enough to have something less invasive done to correct her condition. Either way, it’s surgery and all surgery has risks involved.

I have read the article and all of the comments pertaining to this article. Choosing not to allow your child to wear a bikini is fine by me, my kids don’t wear “bikinis”. By saying what she said, in the context and subject matter in which she said it, is why so many people are upset by the comment. If she was joking, it isn’t clearly stated for those who took it as a jab. It’s hard to convey spoken words into text, so it’s possible she meant it as a joke. In my opinion, she said something rather ignorant and it doesn’t change my opinion about her. I’m still not a fan. She could really help the CHD community by educating herself and becoming an advocate for kids like Naleigh.

Just to clarify, Congenital Heart Defects ARE a lifelong condition. Just as much as Down Syndrome and Autism. There are daily medications, routine heart exams, special instructions for caregivers and school teachers, medic alert bracelets, physical therapy, and sometimes learning disabilities. It’s hard enough to raise healthy kids with great self esteem and even harder doing the same thing with a child who had to start their life off with a life threatening illness/birth defect.

brannon on

oh my goodness. obviously a joke meaning the scar was her only complication and no parent wants to imagine their daughter in a skimpy bikini – lighten up people.


Ok, she made a comment about a bikini for a baby that has already been thru not only open heart surgery but adoption. Wearing a bikini HOPEFULLY is the last thing on her mind right now.All of us heart moms do have a sense of humor- walk a day in our shoes you will see that we NEED it to survive. However we are hoping she isnt going to teach her daughter her scar is a source of embarrasment, but a badge of HONOR. Heart surgery has come a long way, but its still not getting a cavity filled at the dentist *which also poses problems for CHD kids, one nick of the gum can cause an infection straight to the heart* and isnt to be taken lightly. THOUSANDS of children DIE each day because they are born with Congenital Heart Defects. The survivors with CHD’s face problems EVERYDAY of their lives that dont just stop at one surgery or because they are amazing and are able to live longer. This article was a great window for the actress to raise awareness for soemthing that considering the masses few have intrest in. Im sure they would if it was THEIR child laying on an OR table, body cooling to a whopping 18 degrees, being put on a heart lung bipass machine and basically dying in hopes that the doctors can preform miracles and bring their child back to them ALIVE, and hopefully fix the heart problem. My 7 year old daughter has had 3 massive heart surgeries,countless heart proceedures and still many more to go if she has any chance to survive to live a life that many take forgranted. I guess in a way, this article is bringing out some awareness, Ive seen several heart survivors and parents posting in outrage, but its getting you to read and learn about CHD right? Too bad it wasnt done in a better light.

Bridget on

My 7 year old daughter has had 3 open heart surgeries, with many more in her future. The idea that this child is “100% cured” is very misleading. NO CHD survivor is 100%cured. As the children get older and THANKFULLY the #’s are increasing over the years. 10 years ago my daughter wouldnt have stood a chance. 7 years ago she was given a 5% chance at living a month. I dont find as much fault in the comment about the bikini as I do in the chance for this actress to raise more awareness for CHD. 1 out of I beleive 85 children will be born each day with a heart defect. It is more common then childhood cancer, but less research funding. Having to hand your child over to a COLD OR so they can be sadated, their bodies cooled to 18 degrees,and put on a heart lung bipass machine is intimidating enough. But it doesnt stop there. Hundreds of doctors appointments hopefully will be the only thing this little girl endures.

Alexis on

Katherine’s comment was made out of ignorance, not malice. That said, it is still very offensive and does not set a proper or realistic example for her daughter or readers.

I had open heart surgery as a child and do not think twice about wearing bikinis, v-neck tops or anything else that may expose my “scar”. To educate people, as a child grows older the scar diminishes resembling a thicker tan line or skin mark. But no matter what it looks like a scar should never be something to be embarrassed by or cover up.

Love yourself and be proud of your scar as it is evidence of your fight to live.

Kate on

I wasn’t trying to minimize what people with a heart defect go through. I just meant that unlike severe autism or Down Syndrome they can still live normal productive lives and are like anyone else outside of their heart problems. I went to school with a girl born with a heart defect. She had to be monitored by a cardiologist, but you would never know she had this problem unless she told you.

Stephanie McKaskle on

I am writing as a mom to a little girl who has a severe heart defect and has had THREE open heart surgeries. Since Katherine’s daughter had her surgery before she ever became attached to her is probably the reason she so blatantly jokes about it. Being the mom of a child with a CHD is physically, emotionally and mentally draining. While I applaud Katherine and her husband for adopting a special needs baby and I know that Naleigh will have a better life; and whether she meant the bikini comment to be a joke or not, it struck a raw nerve with CHD parents everywhere. I say if MY daughter (now 5) can wear a bikini with pride, then so can Naleigh. Be proud of the scars not ashamed. They show just what these kids have been through just to be here. I am proud of my daughter’s scars and I try to educate people as much as I can. Good Luck to Katherine on her new, scary and wonderful journey.

Stephanie, Noah (age 7) and Caroline (age 5; TA, PA/IVS and HRV)

Heartmom on

Kate, you are right, many individuals with CHD can lead normal lives, but many cannot. I know several parents with children living pretty normal lives despite having Down Syndrome or Autism. I have also, being a heart mom, met many, many people who have lost their precious child to CHD- days, months, even years after their repair. And, looks can be deceiving. That is the evil reality of CHD. Many of our children DO appear normal, and I get, “You would never know your children have heart issues by looking at them.” On the inside it’s a whole different story. I can only hope that Ms. Heigl will take a proactive approach to CHD awareness to advocate for (if no one else) her daughter. Hopefully she’ll do more than throw some cash at the AHA and call it a day.
Yes, humor is important when dealing with a serious chronic illness, but so is education and awareness.

Lori on

My niece has had many open heart procedures and is proud of her body and wears a bikini with pride. Teach your daughter to be proud of her body and her scars. Her scars represent life.

Anna on

I really hope the last 50 or so posters are still making their ridiculous remarks about how wrong Katherine is to not want her child to wear a bikini are doing so simply because they haven’t read the other comments on her because multiple people have already explained that it’s NOT SAFE for people who have new scars to expose them to sunlight.

And whatever the reason Katherine has chosen for not putting her child in a bikini, good for her. Bikinis on a child are vulgar and trashy looking.

Lee on

@ Alexis, your comments are very ignorant and quite frankly, arrogant. Maybe you should learn to respect people before trying to sound ‘mature’

K on

I too have had 2 (two0 open heart procedures!!! I wear anything I want!!! Don’t teach a child to NOT want to wear a bikini!!!! That is the wrong message to send to anyone…Be proud of your body…

Jill on

I applaud any parent who chooses to adopt, and I love to hear Naleigh’s story. I just adopted my 3 year old with a severe, complicated heart defect and skull defect, and she is a joy and a blessing to our family.
As for the bikini comment, it is easy to judge, and I try to avoid doing so. I was told to keep my daughter’s scar out of the sunlight for now, to avoid sun damage. My daughter will have more than a chest scar, as she is full of battle or survival scars on her neck, chest, sides and arms from being in the hospital for over 3 weeks with tubes everywhere. I will certainly encourage her to be proud of her survival scars, but I am choosing not to put a bikini on my innocent little one.
Each and every day with these children is a gift, and a reminder to be thankful for life, family; and less focused on our imperfections and material worths.

Alicia on

Really, folks?? I seriously doubt that KH was trying to impose superficial beauty standards on her toddler when she made that comment. She’s just being an overprotective mother, like most of us!! I don’t want my daughter wearing a bikini and she has no scars. It’s not about hating your body or thinking you have to be perfect, it’s that I don’t want boys oogling over my daughter. Which is probably why KH made that comment!! As for the comments about baby fashion, I think she was making a joke about how “fashion-concious” some children are at such a young age, i.e. Suri Cruise.

Claudia on

When I read the scar quote I thought she meant the baby won’t be wearing bikinis anytime soon due to possible sun damage in the scar. I think people love to read too much into this, she could’ve meant this as a joke! I agree a scar is nothing to be ashamed of, instead it’s part of who you are, something to be proud of, and I know some of you have scars for different reasons and I applaud you for being so self-secure, but magazine quotes made by stars in whatever context shouldn’t be taken so personally IMHO.

Judy on

My daughter has had 4 open heart surgeries and wears ANYTHING: bikinis, tank tops, whatever any girl can wear. Her scar is a sign of survival that she should be proud of not something she should be made to feel like she has to hide and be ashamed of. Just another idiotic comment from Katherine.

Elizabeth on

She should be grateful that her child is healthy and what the hell does it matter that she has a scar!(written by a 16 year old survivor of 4 open heart surgeries who is currently in the hospital dealing with the effects of her congenital heart defect)

Nina on

Wow,you women on this blog need to get a life.I mean seriously Katherine was just joking.There really is a mean side to these baby blogs.Seems to me many of you use it to attack other parents who parent differently from you,or spew venum at people you simply don’t like.

anonymous on

I think it’s so great that they adopted her because they have the money to pay for whatever she will need, whether it’s surgery or physical therapy or anything else. That’s another reason why kids with defects aren’t as quick to be adopted, sadly: getting them the right treatments can be very expensive. I think more Hollywood parents should follow in their footsteps.

clare on

Oh my goodness will some of you people get a grip! yep i have scars on my stomach, everyone can have scars, maybe KH has scars, so what about her comment!!!! leave the woman alone.

Oh and those people asking why was she wearing her undies holding the baby? SHE IS HER MUM FOR GOD SAKE! oh so because the child is adopted KH shouldn’t do what most mother’s do naturally? thank heavens we have great people like her & her husband who is prepared to adopt a child.

Seriously, why don’t all of the whingers go do something more useful in your life all!!!

Sara on

Katherine shouldn’t be too sure that Naleigh won’t wear bikinis- I had open heart surgery at the age of three, and while I was self-conscious for a while, eventually I realized the only person who noticed my 6 inch scar was myself! My scar is a part of me, and I don’t mind when people ask me about it. I don’t have many more bikini-wearing years left, so I’m definitely living it up now!

AnnA on

Sara- I had the same reaction when I read Katherine Heigl’s comment. I had open heart surgery at 7 weeks old and have a large scar down my chest. I used to cover it up, but now I’m proud of it! My family and friends never made a big deal about it, which helped me realize that I was the only one who cared. I hope Katherine and her husband don’t make Naleigh ashamed of having a scar! It is an interesting conversation starter sometimes.

Rachel on

Goodness gracious… who knows what Katherine meant with the Bikini comment – it could be any number of things, all of which I’m sure we’re meant to offend. I had surgery last April and was told to be very careful because for a couple years the scar would be very sensitive to sunlight. Maybe that’s why she can’t wear bikinis. Who knows… but who really cares. What really matters here is that her daughter is HEALTHY!

Marky on

How lame to think KH was doing anything other than making a joke about the bikini-wearing! If Naleigh never wears a bikini what is the worst thing that will happen to her? Really? Not one thing! I am appalled that people would criticize another person because they made a joke about their child not wearing a bikini and insult KH in addition. Amazing! Are you people that incapable of !) understanding she has a right to raise her child as she sees fit? 2) understanding a simple joke? 3) Realizing that to an adoptive parent (I am one) an adopted child is not different than a biological child as far as how we feel about them, and care for them, and want their lives to be happy? and 4) You really need to learn the facts of any given situation before you begin to rage.

It is just sad to see the type of postings made here where insult after insult is made about KH’s parenting skills and her intentions without regard to finding out the facts. If she were depriving her baby of something that was anywhere near a necessity, it would be understandable, but a bikini?! You gotta be kidding! I’ve worn them myself, but they are not a necessity of life, people. Get real……..

Marky on

I think KH just wanted to make her won decisions about raising her own child, just like all the rest of us. No one has to wear a bikini; they aren’t necessary to anyone’s wardrobe. I’ve worn them myself and I don’t hate them, I’m just saying that any mother should feel free to make that choice. \

Personally, I believe she was referring to the length of time Naleigh has had the scar, and making a joke. If people took it wrong, that is their problem, not hers. Adoptive parents are working hard to do a good job, the last thing they need is constant criticism from anyone, let alone strangers.

Maria on

My baby-to-born (next week) will also have to go trough open heart surgery in the first week of life, his CHD being incompatible with life if not operated at a very early stage.

I woud love that this story helps to raise awareness on CHD. The bikini comment may be a joke, but it is also important to highlight that CHD can happen to ANYONE, there is nothing e can do to avoid it. The smoking-comment is unfortunately too easy: I have never smoked, not tried alcohol during pregnancy, and nevertheless my baby has a CHD.

Lola on

Katherine didn’t say, “Naleigh has a disgusting, horrible scar and now she’s never going to be able to wear bikinis because now she’s not perfect.” She said, “She has a scar, so she won’t be wearing bikinis, which is fine by us.” She probably meant that Naleigh has a scar that she might be self-consious of later on, and she can show it off or cover it up, whichever she prefers. Sure, she could have worded it differently, but nobody’s perfect, right?

grace on

i don’t understand why she kept her baby’s heart defect under wraps? it is not so uncommon.

lucy on

did anyone ever stop to think that the bikini comment was made because Ms. Heigl was raised a MORMON!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Maria- Katherine didn’t say that Naleigh’s bio mom may have smoked and caused the CHD. She said that children in Korea are often put on the special needs list even if they don’t need to be….such as if the “special need” is that the mother smoked while pregnant. I’m pretty sure she just used “her mother” in the general sense, not in the sensing of meaning Naleigh’s bio mother! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Also, from what I’ve read, Naleigh’s CHD was VSU, which is just a fancy way of saying she had a hole in her heart. Most babies born with VSU, from what I’ve read, don’t have any further issues with their hearts once the hole is closed.

So Katherine was probably being honest in saying that Naleigh is fine. 🙂

Marky on

KH did not connect CHD with smoking; she said smoking during pregnancy was considered by some to classify the child as special needs. Honestly, do people even read the article before the decide how mad they are at KH? I don’t know how she keeps calm in the face of all the hatefulness thrown her direction for what is essentially no reason. She has hurt no one by her statements, she is taking care of her child, and provides for her in every way. After surgery, scars have to be covered for more than a year or they will be permanently discolored, then you would yell at her about that. Give it up, please……

Melissa on

Here’s how I took the bikini comment: bikinis on a baby can be really freaky. I have three little girls, and my husband HATES when they wear bikinis! Granted, I get ones for them that are age appropriate and cute rather than trashy. However, when shopping we have come across some that are all sequins and craziness that I swear look like they belong on a stripper rather than a little girl! My husband has conceded the difference between the two and will let the girls wear the cute ones. However, when he sees them, he reminds me that he will meet their future boyfriends sitting at our kitchen table while he cleans his gun. That’s what I thought when I read the comment – they would both rather skip the debate and keep her covered!

I don’t think it makes sense to jump to the worst possible scenario of what she may have meant. It sounded to me like she’s told to keep the scar covered and has no problem doing so. I personally have a great c-section scar that I would never consider having faded or fixed because it is where my last child came into the world. You can’t honestly tell me that Katherine looks at her baby and thinks “Oh, she’d be so beautiful if it weren’t for that ugly scar.” Even if she’s not your favorite actress in the world (and yes, she has said and done things in the past that just make me cringe) she is a woman and a mother. She adores every bit of that scar, because it is part of her baby.

Oh, and to say Naleigh had the surgery before KH was attached to her and that is why she can joke? That is just sick. KH could have been right there by her side the whole time while it was repaired before she came to the US. It’s not like she opened a magazine and ordered a McBaby, just make sure you fix it before she gets to me. Whether she was there the whole time or not, as a mother she loves her child and feels her pain – even if she wasn’t able to hold her hand until afterward. Just ask any adoptive mother.

Rebecca on

Emu oil could help with the scar.

A. Burke on

Naleigh and Katherine are gorgeous; looks like they love each other, too.

I have so many good wishes for them, and Daddy, too.

Jill on

KH’s comment regarding her childs scar and wearing a bikini is totally unnecessary. Being a congenital heart patient myself, I find it offensive. I have had 4 open heart surgeries, and 3 back operations and I still wear a bikini 33 yrs later! My chest/back look like a road map but I have enough confidence in myself to be comfortable in my own skin. I look at my scars as a story….they make me who I am.

melissa on

i also agree that the bikini comment wasnt right atall! my sister had heart surgery when she was a few months old, again when she was 2 and now she’s just had about 4 surgeries and a transplant…i can assure you she’ll be wearing a bikini on the beach next year. she should let her little girl be proud of her scar or “zip” as many children call them. she’s a very special child as all heart children are.

Gary Player on

95% of you are a bunch of idiots! And just a bunch of haters! Katherine’s comment was was just making light of the the situation… duh ! It amazes me how stupid most people are. Remember people, this blog was just an excerpt from the Harper’s Bazaar article. Taken out of context…

And to the ultra sensitive people “I have a scar and I’m proud of it etc…” Obviously you’re still dealing with the issue! Don’t project your situation on someone else!

Makayla on

Just because we have scars doesn’t mean we need to hide them; Shaun White takes his shirt offal the time. Think before you open your mouth!! . I was born with two types of CHD that is really really offensive.

Makayla on

You think we are being overly sensitive about the scar thing?
That’s cool, you can comment on that when you’ve had people YOUR WHOLE DAMN LIFE say things like: “You can get that fixed with plastic surgery right?” or “I have stretch marks all over my ass so I know how you feel.” (Implying your scar, which you attained from overcoming major surgery, is as gross as stretch marks they attained via unhealthy life choices) or the classic “You’re lucky you can’t wear a bikini”
So no, I don’t give Sh%# if she was just joking; Heigl has perpetuated an unwanted stereotype.

Erin W on

I have a congenital heart defect and I always wroe bikinis!! I loved to show off my scar!! I don’t wear them now but that’s because I have puot on some weight, lol. Once I get back into shape I will be ROCKING the bikini!! Oh, and children with CHD are not fixed, not 100% corrected!! She will need LIFELONG care!! At least a cardiology visit annually to make sure everything is fine!! I am almost 34 years old and have been fine, but never fixed!! I will need a valve replacememt at some point! STOP spreading the idea that these children are fixed for life. This causes complacency, loss of care and can cause death in the future because the children grow up to be adults thinking they are just fine and don’t get checked out until it is too late.

Brianna on

I just want to say how uneducated you come off about congenital heart defects. Her Heart is 100% fine really can you predict the future? Have you not heard that there is no cure for a congenital heart defect? If you were told your baby was cured you were being lead a fool. I know I was born with one myself. Also she will never wear bikinis??? Really so you won’t let her if she wants to just because she has a scar? Talk about damaging to self esteem. I think you need to re-eval what it means for you to be a mom of a parent of a child that has a serious medical problem.

Laura R on

Just because the child had OHS does not mean she is 100 % fine now. she will need to be followed by a pediatric cardiologist forever just to be safe. I hope she lets her wear bikini’s if she wants to and not make her self conscious of her scar.

Naomi on

I just have to say that it’s a shame that she thinks her daughter will never wear a bikini simply because of a scar. I have had open heart surgery due to a congenital defect. A scar shows that you are a survivor. I hope that her daughter will grow up to not be ashamed of her scar.

Secondly, in regards to her heart being “100% fine”… No. That’s a myth that children’s hospitals put across. They like to make people think that they CURED the children but it is still something to be followed up on in the future. Especially if it required open heart surgery, I am certain that her daughter will require regular follow ups. My surgery left me with a conduction disorder (problems with the electrical system of my heart). That’s quite common and I will be in need of a pacemaker eventually.

Congenital heart defects are the #1 most common birth defect but you don’t really hear about it. There are more of us than there are people with MS or Parkinson’s or CF… One in one hundred babies are born with heart defects.

If Katherine were smart about this, she COULD champion the cause of CHD for her daughter. She seems to be ignorant about it though.

Lisa on

Absolutely disgusting. I am outraged! What a horrible response to her child’s CHD and scar. I pray that this little girl grows up proud of her scar as a sign of her bravery! And NO child with CHD is ever “cured” and 100% fixed. PEOPLE magazine, check the medical facts before posting such nonsense. Surgery is a management tool; not a cure. And this mother who plans to hide her child’s bravery scar and no have her in bikini’s? How vain does one need to be to be so hung up on “beauty” as to hide their child’s courage!? What a crock. Happy for the child, disgusted with the parents and magazine!

whatiwastryingtosaywas on

I think Katherine is letting the CHD community down a bit with this type of attitude. A lot of these kids don’t have it that easy and people still don’t know what they are even. I lost my baby at four months after successful surgery to treat his critical CHD – nothing is ever just “fine” – that heart is now altered, operated on – it *is* a big deal. I’m also with everyone on the bikini “joke” – there are some things that are funny and others should be thought through before splashed across the papers.

suzanne on

This is so disgusting, my son was born with a heart defect, first surgery 2 days old and we are facing more in the next couple of years. We do not hide his scar, there is nothing wrong with it, he is doing great, can’t play sports, but that’s OK he is a normal, healthy child!!!!

Kristen Downing on

Congrats on becoming a mother. You are in a unique position to speak out about congenital heart defects. Sadly the information that was given to you (that she is 100% fine) could be 100% dead wrong. It is widely misunderstood at this time even by cardiologists, that CHD’s require life long care.ACHAheart.torg

Lisa Ortiz on

Your ignorant!!!!Your baby’s heart will never be 100%.She was born with a Congenital Heart Defect.My daughter was also born with a Congenital Heart Defect.Her nor your baby’s heart will never be 100%.Maybe the doctor lied.to you because you are Famous.And you have no compassion saying your daughter will never wear bikinis because of her scar.That is so cold-hearted.You sound like.you are embarrassed or ashamed!!!Shame on you.I am proud of my.daughter’s scar.It.shows the world what she has overcome!

Melissa on

As a mother of a daughter born with a congenital heart defect I must speak out and say that congenital heart defects are NEVER fine! They can be repaired or patched but the child will ALWAYS have the defect. We work so hard to bring awareness for CHD and this statement makes it seem as if a CHD can be cured and that isn’t true! 1 in 100 babies are born with a congenital heart defect, that means that many of you are either related or know someone related to a child affected by a CHD. CHD’s are the #1 birth defect and are the #1 cause of birth defect related death. Congenital heart defect research is way underfunded. Please get educated on congenital heart defects and help us raise awareness don’t shush your daughter’s scar and surgery as if it means nothing. You could help us bring light to this cause!

Micki on

The beginning of this article is total BS! Children with heart defect are never 100% fine after a surgical REPAIR. She’s lucky her child had a mild CHD, unlike my son, but its still a defect that will affect her, forever. There is very little awareness for CHD & this article makes it seem like its no big deal. News flash – many kids that have had a surgical repair will need more heart surgeries later in life. And she didn’t even have to endure the agony of her flesh & blood infant undergoing an extremely long & complicated open heart surgery. There are many posts on FB about this article and how offensive it is to families of children with heart defects. Very insensitive!

Andrea on

Naleigh CAN wear a bikini (if she chooses to) and ROCK IT. There’s nothing stopping her from being awesome, and that comment about her scar was not necessary.

Emily on

My daughter has had 3 open heart surgeries! We’ve raised her to be proud of her scar and embrace it as her badge of honor. Also, even with a “fixed heart” every heart patient will need to be followed for a lifetime by a cardiologist! Come on Katherine Heigl – help us be an advocate for Congenital Heart Defect Awareness. It’s the #1 birth defect in the world. More than 1 in 100 babies are born each year with a CHD. It is also the #1 cause of death in babies under 1 year old. We need more people out there creating awareness AND helping our kids be proud of their bodies, “perfect” or not.

Firemom on

As the mother of a medically complex daughter, this article makes me sick! I’m teaching my girl that her scars are part of who she is and if she wants to flaunt them and her feeding tube, more power to her! I sure hope Katherine Heigel decides to get some parenting classes or has good insurance, because this kid is going to have serious body and self esteem issues. Yuck!

Jacqueline Goodyear on

I know words can be taken out of context, but as someone that has lived with CHD, scars are not something to be ashamed of. They are my badge of strength and courage. And I hope her daughter learns that, and wears a bikini with pride as she rocks her scars.

Talitha Korn on

Shame on you Katherine! My son has had 6 open-heart surgeries, and his scar is something to be proud of! I understand not wanting her to wear bikinis because of her age, but because of her scar?! What kind of message is that sending?That scar shows she is fighter and has overcome the odds. It’s so disappointing she would say something so shallow.

Anna on

This is ridiculous. First of all, she should be teaching her daughter that her scar is a badge of honor as opposed to something she should be ashamed of. That aside, most of the article focuses on baby fashion. Wow, she’s so stressed about keeping up with how to dress her instead of ensuring that she maintains her health.