Hey Mamas! Kanye West Gets the Lullaby Treatment

05/19/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Rockabye Baby

Rockabye Baby! is branching out — into hip hop! The popular lullaby series — which counts Nicole Richie, Denise Richards and Kate Hudson as fans — just released the first offering in their “Rap-a-Bye” collection, Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Kanye West ($17).

Using baby-friendly instruments like the glockenspiel, harp and bells, the rockin’ 12-track CD is full of soothing music-only versions of West’s biggest hits including “Stronger,” “Gold Digger” and “Good Life”.

On why they chose Kanye West as their first rap artist to cover, album producer Leo Flynn explains: “He brings together so many popular styles and creates a really modern kind of soul music. So the challenge was to translate, into a lullaby, the key elements of that vibe. There’s so much to latch on to in his music — from the charisma of his tracks to his musicality and candidness as a performer.”

We couldn’t agree more. From the “Good Life” to “Hey Mama,” we were bopping our heads through the whole CD.

Want to take a listen? Buy it at RockabyeBabyMusic.com.

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Tiffany on

Kanye’s music for baby? Not feeling it at all. To each their own, I guess.

Lola Monroe on

Hey Mama is SUCH a cute song…very sweet too!!

Lauren on

I totally get the point of a lullaby version of songs in an instance like Kanya, where the full versions of his songs are inappropriate for chilren, but overall I’ve never understood the “baby-fying” music trend. Why not just play the original music of U2, John Mayer, Bob Marley, etc instead of messing with it for no reason? Just an unnecessary ploy to make money, imo. The original music works perfectly 9 times out of 10.



lily on

I can’t stand kanye, and would never poison my childs’ ears with his crap.

giftbox on

ROFL @ Yung Jeezy.

JMO on

Does Kanye interrupt the music at any point?

Mina on

Even before the VMA stunt, Kanye was always a nasty person with a sour personality. It’s sad because he’s a talented performer, producer & writer, even if I didnt agree with his music. If you’re a horrible person, I’m not buying your stuff.

As for the baby music trend, I think it’s cute! Not all music is appropriate for kids, so making versions for children is a good alternative. Parents can still sing along!

B.J. on

“18 years, 18 years, she got one of your kids, got you for 18 years!” Gold Digger for a baby, really? This is comical, if nothing else.

LOL @ Yung Jeezy! Hilarious.

Jennifer on

I’m pretty sure there are no words. It’s just an instrumental version. We have a Madonna one and there are no lyrics.

Nina on

Jennifer, you’re correct.

A friend of mine bought us The Cure version of the cd but it only has the melodies of songs; not actual lyrics.

That said, I cannot stand Kanye West for his diva-like antics so I’ll pass on this one.

Luna on

Not exactly the role model I want my sons (or daughters for that matter) having. I’ll pass. LOL at YUNG JEEZY! Just what I was thinking.

JMO on

It is sad. I enjoyed Kanye before he started whining at award shows and putting down other artist. Then the Taylor Swift thing happened and that just pushed me over the edge. I refuse to purchase anything of his anymore. For me Kanye is the Terrell Owens of the music industry. Loud mouthed and over paid!

Mark on

Rap a Bye is clever idea, but Kanye West? Kanye West who is so ungracious, and self-absorbed, and lacks class? Puhleeze. How ’bout Mr. Jay Z? Now there’s a much better role model.

Amanda on

Oh please…like an infant is going to know if the catchy little *melodies* he or she is listening to have come from a good role model or not. If lyrics were included then I might understand the concern. (…And really? Jay-Z’s music would be better suited for little ears? Hah.) Is Kanye a jerk? You betcha. But you don’t have to like someone as a person in order to appreciate their music. I think the whole Rockaby Baby concept is so cute…but I just don’t really listen to rap, so I wouldn’t buy this one in any case.

Liliana on

Of course an infant isn’t going to know whether or not a melody is catchy but if the man whose recordings are featured acts like an asshole, the parents, who in turn hold the wallets, aren’t going to be as likely to fork over money to buy something that is associated with him.