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05/19/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

PEOPLE Moms & Babies is happy to introduce our latest celebrity bloggerConstance Marie! The actress, 44, best known for her work on The George Lopez Show, lives in California with her fiancé, yoga instructor Kent Katich, and their 15-month-old daughter, Luna Marie.

Courtesy Constance Marie


Here it is, my first baby blog. I am very excited to share all the “poop” with you — pun intended!

You know the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? What I’ve learned is — it is so true! In my mommy journey I realized I got really lonely sometimes, and I needed to connect with other moms. Dads do the best they can but — unless you have carried a little bowling ball in your body for 10 months — you can’t really relate.

That’s right. I said 10 months! That whole nine months thing is a lie! Pregnancy is 40 weeks, right? You do the math. Okay, I digress.

Anyway, I wanted to hear other people’s stories about being a parent. The good, the bad and the ugly. I needed that, so I didn’t feel like I was the only one who ever made mistakes or was unsure of myself, ya know? So now that’s what I’m here to do — share my experience. Hopefully you will find it helpful or amusing. PLEASE GOD, let it at least be amusing! Or they might take away my comedy card!

Okay, let me start with introducing my little family:

The Mama: That would be me, Constance Marie. Yep, I’m an actress who likes to “make the funny” on TV but who can also make ya cry in a good drama — ya know, if I really wanted to. I am loving being a new mom!

In my quest to have a baby, I went through lots of fertility doctors, detoxing, trying organic and holistic remedies and finally, through a combination of IVF (in vitro fertilization) and acupuncture, my baby wish came true … in only 3.5 easy (NOT!) years. But I am not bitter. Well, maybe a little.

The good thing is, I have taken all I learned about detoxing my body while trying to get pregnant, and applied it to being a “green” mom. In fact, I’m working on a book right now. I know, you are thinking, “Constance, I am so busy … I don’t have time to read a f—ing organic baby book!” Okay, I will make it a small pamphlet! Happy now?

The Dada: My man Kent Katich … who our daughter worships! Of course he’s got those baby blues, so who wouldn’t? We’ve been together 14 years! FYI, in Hollywood that’s like 98 dog years! Seriously.

He is uber healthy. He’s a yoga coach for professional athletes and has his own instructional DVDs called Yogaletics, but he still likes to plop down on the sofa, eat lots of popcorn and watch a movie on our (rare) date night. So he’s a keeper!

And last, but so not least…

The Baby: Little Luna Marie! The star of the show! YES I AM GUSHING! She is now a full 15 months old — a cute little bundle of teething, pooping, babbling, tiptoeing, running and falling energy.

Now don’t get mad, but she does sleep through the night! (Well, mostly.) She wears cloth diapers, so sometimes the pee pee level gets a little high and it wakes her up. Still, we have decided to keep her!

So that’s us in 500 words or less. Whew, I am exhausted! Stay tuned, there’s more to come, whether you like it or not! 🙂

— Constance Marie

A warm welcome to Constance! What questions do you have for her? What topics would you like her to blog about in the future?

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Serena on

What a great blog … and a gorgeous little girl!!

Francis on

such a cute family!!! I love the name Luna

Marcia on

Welcome Constance!! Thank you so much for sharing your time and stories with us. I am currently on my infertility journey, going on 5 years now. My husband and I have decided to do our first IVF at the beginning of next year. You inspire me and give me hope, thank you so much!

cindy on

excited to read more from you. we too had fertility issues. after our third round of IUI we had our precious boy. he’ll be 1yo in june.

GS on

What a great blog! I have a 10 yr. old who has discovered the George Lopez show on Nick and watches it every night! Love the humor in the blog even though I have no plans to have another child. They grow up fast!

Jenn on

Thanks for admiting you got lonely, too. We, as women and mothers, all too often want to put up the front that we are handling everything perfectly and don’t want to admit this motherhood “poop” is HARD! We love the little souls we’ve nurtured and created but let’s face it, they don’t exactly have the greatest of conversational skills for quite a while! It’s fantastic to hear someone “in the spotlight” to admit it’s difficult and lonely, and it looks like you took such a natural and safe approach to your pregnancy as well as losing baby weight. You look healthy and so happy, as does the rest of your super cute family!

Thank you for adding a little humor into the Mommyhood — we all need it!

Manal on

Beautiful baby!!! God bless her!

Karen B. on

Cute blog. But pregnancy IS 9 months. Since when do any of us operate on the lunar month (aka – a 4 week month) except in February. The average month is 4.3 weeks. So 40 weeks is 9 months and about a week. Really. This 10-month pregnancy thing irks me for some reason. We use the Gregorian calendar – deal with it.

emptyspeculation on

If 40 weeks = 10 months, then there would be 13 months in the year (52/4 = 13). 9 months is about 39 weeks, so I’d say it really is 9 months… it really annoys me when people say that 40 weeks = 10 months. Might be worth you doing the math!

Josie on

Great post…lighthearted & humorous, the way a good blog entry should be!
My nephews spend every weekend with me and we never miss re-runs of your former show, ever! They especially love when there’s a marathon!

Elby on

You’re not the only one who gets lonely as a mother; my husband works away from home Monday-Thursday and there are often times when I think I’m actually going to go loopy from being on my own in the house with 4 kids aged 3 and under. Having other mummy friends I can talk to makes all the difference because small children aren’t great conversationalists and it means you can share ideas and make sure other parents are doing things the same way.

Melissa on

I, too, am glad to hear of the loneliness. Okay, that sounded wrong. Great to hear something kinda sucks for you! I mean it is comforting to me as a mother to know others feel lonely too at times. I know those 3.5 years are so hard waiting to get pregnant. I was told I would never have kids, and I now have three amazing daughters. No fertility treatments, just God’s plan being different than my doctors’ words. After 2.5 years trying on our own, we were all ready to make a plan with my doctor for how to get this done, and then I was pregnant! We were also set to make sure everything was in order so I could get pregnant when I wanted to after the baby came. The doc and I had a plan to get cycles regular and everything else. The day before that appointment, I went a head and took a pregnancy test just so I didn’t look like an idiot for saying my cycle is still irregular and then he says “duh, you’re pregnant.” NEVER expected the test to be positive! First two are 14 months apart. Oh, Lordy that is a lot of time pregnant! Finally conceded that I needed birth control after 2nd baby, did the IUD thing. When we decided to have a third baby, we were pregnant within one month of removing the IUD. I go from “you will never have kids” to the most fertile woman in the world!!! I had to be stopped – I had the doc tie my tubes after the third. Love my babies, but we are done.

People (acquaintances and strangers, not those who love and know me) often say when they see my three awesome daughters “Wow! Three girls! Are you going to try for a boy/are you disappointed you don’t have a boy?” I tell them boys are stinky and who needs ’em (not that I really believe that, I just try to shut down the question). If that doesn’t stop them, and often it doesn’t, I tell them “Look, I was told I would never have children, and I have the three most wonderful daughters anyone could ask for. I have been given a wonderful gift by God, and I am not one to look a gift baby in the diaper.” That shuts ’em up.

Karen on

What a fun blog! Constance Marie is great on George Lopez, and I’m glad to see she is just as funny as herself! Love the name Luna, as well.

Plus OY is her husband a hottie! 😉

Melisa on

What a funny blog! I’m a SAHM to three kids, 9, 7, and 18 months. AND I own a home based daycare. Sometimes I would give my left arm to talk to someone who doesn’t poop, drool, or chuck food at me. Its always nice to come across a mommy blog that shares funny stories and builds people up instead of saying what we are all doing wrong. Keep up the awesome work Constance. Litte Luna is a love….and wow are those BLUE eyes on hubby!! We all have them in our family too….they are hard to say no to 🙂

Ashley on

Luna is Beautiful!!!

Missy on

What an inspriation you are. I too, have a beautiful 15 month old little angel that we conceived after our 2nd round of IVF. We tried for over 3 years doing everything imaginable. It is amazing how the struggles just brought my husband and I closer together. And what we have to show for it now ?? is this silly little bundle of energy. Thanks for sharing your blog. I am so glad that I decided early on to keep my own journal. I can’t wait to read your next entry.

greg on

I did do the math, and 40 weeks IS 9 months. You can’t simply round off each month to 4 weeks, since the ONLY month that is actually 4 weeks is February. If you add up all of the half weeks that make up the months, you get 9 months. I know it must seem like forever being pregnant, and every man should bow to the awesomeness and sacrifice and endurance and miracle of motherhood. But math is math… add ’em up Connie! And congratulations!!

Lisa on

Great blog! I’m looking forward to seeing many more entries.

As far as Karen B. and Emptyspeculation whining about the 40 weeks = 10 months–it’s called HUMOR! Ya know, making a joke? You might try it some time.

Barbara on

What a beautiful family! Sometimes the struggles to become a mom are hard, and definitely not fair, but the end result is soooo worth it!

BTW, for the couple of clueless ones above, I’m fairly certain Constance, who in her own words likes to “make the funny”, was joking/poking fun at the 40 weeks equaling ten months. Lighten up a little bit and don’t take things so literally!

tina on

thank you for sharing, you are a beautiful family, tell us tho, how was labor girl?? did the yoga help and did you remember it at the time?

JMO on

wow that’s a gorgeous baby!

Jacy on

Hi Constance, what a gorgeous little girl. You look great. Love you on re-runs of George Lopez show. Pregnancy, whether it’s 40 weeks, 9 months or 10 months (lol) is hard on anyone. Enjoy your daughter…they grow sooooo fast. My baby is in her 2nd year in college. Yikes, where did the time go? And here come the tears. Good luck to you and Kent and most of all love each other like there is no tomorrow.

robin on

So cute and true

Laura on

I hate to quibble with her but 40 weeks does not make 10 months. There is only one month of the year that contains 4 weeks. All the other months have a few days excess. I have been hearing women cry this 10-month thing for years and they just sound like they cannot count.

GiannaG on

Oh COME on. People really didn’t catch on that she was JOKING about the ten months thing and are busy trying to explain math to the woman like she’s some sort of idiot? How truly, truly SAD. Pull the stick out, ladies.

Erika on

Great blog! I have to ask though why everyone has their panties in a bunch over the 10 month remark? Pregnancy is long and it really doesn’t matter how you add it up. Is it just about proving a celebrity wrong? Quit commenting on it!

Carrie R. on

I’m looking forward to this blog! I love it that a celebrity is cloth diapering!! Now I’m curious as to what diapers she uses.

Bob on

Laura, give it a rest.

Luna on

I love the name Luna. It’s not my real name, just a name I wanted for my daughters that my husband vetoed. I think it’s refreshing to hear a celebrity talk about being a mother like it really is. She doesn’t sound like she’s saying, “Life is great, I’m always immaculately dressed and being a mother is fantastic all the time!” I really respect her. Luna is soooooooooo cute!

Terri on

His eyes are so bright!

Luna is a beautiful baby.

FC on

I’m not ashamed to admit that the first thing that caught my attention was her husband. Damn. Kent’s handsome, yes, but I cannot get over those bright blue eyes of his. Almost sky blue, if you ask me. They’re beautiful.

And they’re such a cute family in that photo. I adore that little Luna. I also loved Constance’s first blog. I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂

Callen on

Holy pupils, his eyes are very blue and beautiful. I love love love constance,and The family is beautiful.

Vanessa on

Karen B. It *is* possible that her pregnancy was 10 months. I have a coworker, who both of her kids was 11 month pregnancies, so you never know!

Josie on

Beautiful family Constance!!! God Bless

Sharon on

Very funny and very entertaining info on family life with baby. It’s been awhile, at least 28 years since my last one, but seems just like yesterday when I read Constance Marie’s comments.

Angela on

I think some people are forgetting that an average pregnancy can go up to 42 weeks, not 40. While 42 weeks isn’t a full 10 months, it’s closer to 10 months than to 9 (it’s like 9 months and 3 weeks).

Melissa on

Constance – I have a question for you. I thought about doing the cloth diaper thing, for about a split second. My whole “germ fear” took over and I had to give up the idea. I don’t know what it is, maybe the possibility of extra mess on clothes and in beds is what got me. Yes, I know you can put plastic pants over to help with containment. You could probably list many studies that say it is healthier and less germy and everything else, but that part of my brain takes over that goes “eeeeeewwwwww” and I can’t shut it off. It doesn’t make sense, as I certainly have more than my fair share of contact with germs and bodily fluids with 3 kids. What can I say? You can’t argue with crazy.

However, I have been totally interested in how it results in potty training. I think one problem with disposable diapers and pull-ups is that they keep the kids so dry, there is no reason or motivation to pee in the toilet. Even the pull-ups that have the wet feel seemed to make no difference. With mine, it was like “why should I stop playing and go potty, when I can just pee here and mom will fix it in a minute?” I would think maybe the cloth diapers are more of an instant result from a “mistake” that it could help speed things along? I don’t know any moms who used cloth, so I don’t have anyone to ask. I’d love to know what you think of it.

Oh, one more question. Does your man get away with way more than he should because of those stunning, mesmerizing baby blues? When you two get in an argument, do you kinda just go “Okay, whatever, you’re right. Just kiss me now, please.” Yikers those eyes look like they hold some awesome power.

megan on

“Karen B. It *is* possible that her pregnancy was 10 months. I have a coworker, who both of her kids was 11 month pregnancies, so you never know!”

I hate to burst your bubble, but people who claim 11 month pregnancies are just doing a song & dance to cover their baby’s true paterntiy

Steph on

megan you are a fool and a rude one at that. You do not know the circumstances of that woman’s, nor anyone else’s for that matter, pregnancy so what you just wrote is just crap. Way to make generalisations.

megan on

Steph, no sane doctor would let a patient go *that* far past their due date. Maybe you don’t understand what happens to the placenta and to the baby if you’re that far past your due
date ?

Brooklyn on

Luna is adorable!
Great to have Constance blogging!

Lisa Nickel on

Dear Constance,

My kids and I have been watching “GP” for what seems forever (well, not actually as much lately, as we have seen every episode ten thousand times). But after reading your as they say “blog”, I said to myself, “that is exactly how I write! (not that I am a writer, but when I write stuff, I see a very common denominator!). FREAKY! I actually never even thought of myself as having any kind of future in writing (especially since I am now 46!), but everytime in the past, whether it be entries in a journal, letters to pen pals when I was a child, or even notes to teachers, I find myself just blurting out words without even having to think about them beforehand. Sometimes I tend to ramble on too… as you can see!!

Anyway, beautiful family and God Bless and good luck to you all!

Lisa Nickel

Steph on

megan, while that is a fair point, perhaps you forgot that you made an incredibly rude and ignorant comment about paternity…plus please explain how my sister found out she was pregnant in February and then gave birth in December…that’s 10 months to my reckoning whether you’re counting months or weeks, so don’t write like you know everything because you don’t.

Lisa on

Constance, I am so thrilled you have a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. I think every woman who wants to be a mom, can be, even if it’s being a mom to a friend’s or relative’s child. I spent many years being a surrogate mom to my friends’ kids: I loved it 🙂 It took me 11 years to have my son. I have PCOD and was quite shocked when I got pregnant!!! My son is now 13 (I now understand why some animals eat their young!!!)and as huge George Lopez show fans, he thinks you’re hot!! You and I are close in age and I have to chuckle when my son calls me “Angie” because she and I are a lot alike 🙂 I’m a single mom now and my son is doing a fab job as the “man of the house.” Teenagers are not of this world and everyday has been a wonderful adventure since he came into my life. Cherish Luna and don’t forget your sense of humor. It will stay with you even when your sanity is gone!!

Valerie on

Beautiful family! Would love to hear the other “green” things that Constance does in her parenting!

angelina on

I am proud to say I have been pregnant for 10 months also. My mother rolls her eyes each time I say it. A man made up 9 months. You are pregnant from the second you conceive and 40 weeks equals 10 months. I want credit for carrying my child for 10 months. Thank You. Constance love the blog, love you , congrats . Can’t wait to read more. I have a two year old and a two month old. Beautiful family you have. Nice to see a real Hollywood family ! I am a stay at home mom with no funds. How can I eat healthy and get back in shape. I have no motivation.

IrieCoco on

Constance, I LOVE the way you write and I think you’re hilarious…unlike some of the biddies commenting on here. Jayzus, you guys must be fun to live with ” no, math is math and if you carry the 1 it’s…” Please, if she said pregnancy was 15 months long it’d still be funny. The last 2 weeks might as well be an extra six months in my book. Keep up the good work, Constance and yes, keep us informed on green-Mommyhood 🙂

megan on

Steph, my comment had nothing to do with your sister. I don’t know why you are randomly offended on Vanessa’s behalf.

Steph on

I am not randomly offended on anyone’s behalf, I simply pointed out your awfully rude comment. And I never said that your comment had anything to do with my sister, I was using it as an example of how you are not the know-all you seem to think you are…hate to burst your bubble…

Anonymous on

God bless you with your daughter.

lizzielui on


Here is some info on “post-term” pregnacies, which are ones that go 42 months or longer. While not recommended, approximately 5 to 10 percent of all pregnancies continue to at least 42 weeks’ gestation. Here’s the link from the AAFP:

tpajulie on

Hi! Congratulations! We also went through 3.5 years of infertility, several failed IUIs, and lots of tears. We had success with our first IVF (and acupuncture)! We are now parents to 6 month old boy/girl twins. We are very lucky! Please spread the news of your IVF!!!! It’s important to tell the wonderful, heart warming stories!

Shell on

Oh Im so glad you are going to be blogging. I think you are great. I was so happy to read a while back that you were pregnant and now your little one is just precious! Can’t wait to read more.

Lisa Smith on

I love,love,love your baby blog! it’s funny and sweet,and it’s plain to see your so in love with that sweet little girl..God blessed me with 7! 6 girls and 1 onry little boy! Yes..God has a wonderful sense of humor!! We were so NOT trying for a boy or another one at that,BUT, this is what happens when you have the whole house to yourself on New Years Eve and decide not to go I am 43 yrs young and our oldest is 25 and youngest is 6,talk about hands in pooh for the last 25 yrs..It’s awesome and i wouldnt’ trade it for anything..So glad there are others that can share their stories! God Bless you…:)

Kayla on

Just to get it out of the way about the whole 10 months joke first… I was 11 days overdue when my first son was born which makes it pretty damn close to 10 months! Makes me wonder how long my son would have stayed in had they not induced?! And considering he’s a mama’s boy, he probably would never have left lol My second son was 5 days overdue, so there’s about 9 1/2 months for ya. Not really fair to just say 9 months when it’s usually a little bit longer than that. I mean, give us all the credit we deserve for every single day of carrying that “bowling ball” in our bodies!
My oldest just turned 7 & we both love the George Lopez show. I loved you in Selena, but I never really made the connection to you as her mother even though I had seen it a million times (must be great acting then!).
I was just curious if you have any plans to teach Luna any foreign/additional languages. My oldest is 1/2 Mexican, but as he isn’t around his father or his side of the family, he barely speaks Spanish. I really want him to learn so that when he gets to meet his father’s family (as they all live in Mexico) he can speak to them without a translator, but being in school & daycare where they only speak English there isn’t much opportunity. Just wondering if you have any suggestions…
Would also love to hear about the whole green living thing. I would love to be more green, but as a single working mother sometimes it is hard or not sensible, especially on a limited budget.

Mallory on


Here’s an example…My sister’s due date was March 15th. Count back 40 weeks from that day, and that tells you the conception date was June 8th. That’s 9 months and 1 week. So unless you go insanely overdue (like the women who hit 42 weeks), 10 months is completely inaccurate.

It bugs the crap out of me when people say the number of months they are pregnant by taking their # of weeks and dividing by 4, as well. Because that’s just not right.

Valentina on

Wow, I can’t believe how many people are angry about the 10 month comment. Let’s not forget that the person writing this blog is a comedian. I was born 3 weeks late and was a healthy baby and have continued to be a healthy person all my life. I usually don’t comment on things like this because I feel like I am lowering myself to the level of those who feel the need to be so ignorant, but come on ladies! do you have nothing better to do than to rip someone’s words apart? Are you a better person for pointing out someone else’s error?

Kat on

Mallory and the other trouble-makers, 🙂

Gotta add my support here, you’re totally right. 40 weeks = about 9 months + 1 week.

e.g. Your preg starts from the first day of your last period. Mine was Dec 26th. So every 26th of a month is another month pregnant. On Sept 26th I’ll be 9 months pregnant, and 7 days later is my due date.

marla on

Constance Congrats.! My son is 16 mos old. He was born at 9 mos 3 days

marla on

Beautiful fam