John Travolta and Kelly Preston Are Expecting!

05/18/2010 at 07:19 PM ET
Jim Spellman/WireImage

After the tragic loss of their son, John Travolta and Kelly Preston can now announce the best news they’ve had in years.

Preston, 47, is pregnant, the family tells PEOPLE.

“It’s impossible to keep a secret … especially one as wonderful as this,” they say in a statement cross-posted to each of their Web sites.

“We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family.

Love, John, Kelly and Ella”

Travolta, 56, and Preston are also parents to daughter Ella Bleu, 10. Their 16-year-old son Jett, died of a seizure in January 2009.

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations! I’m so happy for them.

Chelsea on

Kelly is pregnant?! I hope she has a happy and healthy pregnancy, I’m sure it’s not easy to be pregnant at 47. Best wishes!

ericka on

wow, thats wonderful for them! I wish them all the best.

Brooke on

Words cannot express how wonderful this is…..I am so, so happy for them.

And before anyone starts commenting on her age….Remember Holly Hunter and Geena Davis had twins as well in their late 40’s and their kids are perfect. I think it is brilliant!

izzy on

oh lord, bring on the negativity! congratulations to the happy parents.

Still Life in Southeast Asia on

This is amazing news. I am so happy for them after all they’ve been through.

Emily on

Wow! Congrats to them.

Cheyenne Zombie on

Wow! Congrats to them!

Milania Clarke on

Congratulations! So, so happy for them! 🙂

Lisa on

Wow! Totally wasn’t expecting this! No word of due date yet? This family has been through so much they deserve all the happiness in the world!

Lola on

How nice for them.

Lee on

How awesome is this!!

A new bundle to love and enjoy and bring some much needed sunshine back into their lives.

Congrats and God Bless to the whole family!!

Krissa on

Great news! They talked about trying for another baby 2 years ago. I’m so thrilled for them.
Hopefully this baby will bring them great joy after so much sorrow.

Niko on

Wow, talk about the kind of news you never expect in a million years. Congratulations John and Kelly!. I know they’re not trying to replace Jett, but it won’t stop some from wondering and questioning, though.

Erin on

WOW! Great news. I wish the family the best and send them blessings. And I truly hope the board doesn’t light up with a conversation about Kelly being 47, how’d it happen, etc.

Jaxson on

Congrats to the travolta family they deserve the best in the months to come I hope the as the baby grows up the can tell that child about Jett and have his life touch and help so many people. Kelly have an amazing pregnancy you deserve it

alice jane on

Wow, I definitely would never have guessed this! Best wishes to Kelly, John, and Ella – how wonderful for them! And it seems like they’re thrilled as well.

Lulu on

Congrats to them!
Did not expect this news.
This is great news after all they’ve been through, I hope she has a happy and healthy pregnancy!

cat on

I read the headline and got goosebumps. What extraordinary news! I hope Kelly has a lovely, healthy pregnancy.

Christine on

This is amazing news. May they be bless with a healthy baby with all the tragegy they’ve had to endure

cris on

Congrats to them!! BTW, Izzy, thus far, your comment is the only negative one!

urbanadventurertales on

That’s awesome news! I”m surprised she was able to conceive at 47, but she looks very young still! I am very happy for them.

Angela on

How wonderful! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

I’m especially happy to hear this after the loss of Jett last year and their two dogs last week.

mslewis on

I think this was a “blind item” on a site just today. It said the wife was waiting to get past the third trimester before announcing she was pregnant and that the announcement would happen “very soon.” I’m really happy for Kelly and John. They sure deserve a little bit of happiness.

Nicole on

Wow what wonderful news especially after the death of Jet and now their dogs. I bet Xenu helped! 🙂

Clare on

Congratulations to the family! I’m thrilled for them.

Julie on

That is wonderful news for them. Was there more to the statement? They could be expecting without her being pregnant. Regardless, great news for a family that has been through so much.


Their rep tells PEOPLE that Kelly is actually pregnant herself – they aren’t using a surrogate or adopting.

– Moms & Babies Staff

klutzy_girl on

Something that just hit me:

Because of her age, the chance for twins are increased. I wonder if they will.

And I have this weird feeling they will have end up having twins.

t. on

This came out of NOWHERE!! Wow did NOT NOT NOT see that one coming….

Kate on

Wow! I am so happy for these two!!! I cannot wait to see what they choose for a name. I’m with klutzy_girl-hoping for twins. How cool would that be??

maggie on

i love him in pulp fiction and i’m so happy for them! congrats to the family for a bit of happiness in their life.

Amy in Oregon on

I am VERY pleasantly shocked!! Congrats to the Travolta Preston family!!! Ella will get to be a big sister!!!

Jen on

Congratulations to them. I wish them all the best for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy and happy baby. I’m sure it’s a very welcome blessing to their lives.

B.J. on

What!!! Wow, how unexpected but so wonderful! I’m sure they’re over the moon! Can’t wait to see their beautiful new baby! Saturday Night Fever is one of my favorite movies ever 🙂

Tiffany on

Talk about news out of left field! Wow! Congrats to them! They’ve had too much loss lately and they deserve this happiness in their life.

Isabell on

I am thrilled for them. Have a safe and healthly pregnancy and delivery.

Joscelyne on

After all the horrible tragedies that occured within this family, it is great to hear positive news. I truly hope this family will have peace and happiness in the future.

paula on

Holly Hunter and Geena Davis had “perfect” twins because they did IVF and probably had every test under the sun to make sure they would be “perfect”. I would bet my house that Kelly did the same. Doesn’t make it less special, but come on…let’s be realistic.
Anyway, congrats to them and I hope they have a healthy pregnancy.

meghan on

Did not see this coming. Very happy for the whole family!

JMO on

I’m really happy for them and their kids are gorgeous. I know they’ve always expressed having more children even before the tragic death of Jett! I bet it’s a boy! I just have a feeling!

Jessica on

Wow, congrats to them! Is Kelly definitely pregnant? It just says they’re expecting, but I wonder if it’s not an SJP situation with Kelly’s age. Either way, how sweet.

Kelli on

I am so so happy for them!!! They totally need some happiness this year. Such awesome news! I wish Kelly a safe and happy pregnancy!

Marla on

wonderful news. i hope she has an uneventful, healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby or babies. i just cannot imagine the grief of losing a child. i hope their joy over this new life is beneficial to their healing.

Bren on

They had actually announced prior to their son’s death they had planned on another so I am not surprised. I am so thrilled for them! What a blessing. I hope they do not have to go through anymore heartbreak and loss.

Remy on

Wow. I was in the store earlier and saw a tabloid like the National Enquirer that said they were expecting but I just brushed it off. Needless to say, I’m very surprised! Congrats to them and best wishes!

Sarah on

Boy, this came out of left field! I wish them all the best; they really deserve some happiness. I also wish for Kelly to have the healthiest possible pregnancy. Ella is going to be a big sis–yay!

MZ on

how cool! i wonder if she’s nearing the end of the first trimester. if so, we’ll be pregnancy buddies!!!

mary on

So weird how emotional I feel right now for them, and I don’t even know them. I wish them all the best! Finally some good news comes their way.

Mrs. R on

Not really a celeb couple on my radar usually, but this brought a tear to my eye. This family has been through SO much… they deserve the happiness of a new child in their lives.

Diva on

It will be weird with Ella being the big sister cuz I’m so used to her being the little sister/baby of the family for 10 years lol.

I wonder what they will name it…lets guess! I’m going with J.J. (John Jett) or Preston John Jett for a boy…and Joy Jett or Joyce Jett for a girl.

Kristin on

I can’t believe no one else has thought that maybe they are adopting or using a surrogate. They didn’t say Kelly was pregnant. I don’t think she is pregnant. I think they are waiting for their new baby to arrive.

Paige on

What wonderful news to hear from them after losing their son last year.

Best wishes and congratulations to them!

Marilyn on

They said she’s (Kelly) three months pregnant in other media reports.

izzy on

i wasn’t being negative. i was just waiting for negativity.

i find it odd that everyone criticized gary busey for being old and fathering a new child but nobody is criticizing the travoltas. i happen to be on the positive side (i don’t have a problem with older people becoming parents) before ya’ll get your undies in a bundle.

Tara on

“I can’t believe no one else has thought that maybe they are adopting or using a surrogate. They didn’t say Kelly was pregnant. I don’t think she is pregnant. I think they are waiting for their new baby to arrive.”

Actually, the second paragraph in the article (which is a single sentence long, so it kind of stands out) states that “Preston (47) is pregnant, the family tell People.” It’s pretty clearly stated so I don’t know why people keep refuting this–it’s not common for a 47 year old to get pregnant, but it’s certainly not impossible (especially with the aid of medical science). Just be happy for them and move on people.

Congratulations Travolta family!!

Elle on

Congrats to them!

Jenn on

I’m happy for them because their family has been through a lot and a baby is a blessing, but I will say that: 1) I kind of think it’s selfish of them not to adopt (so many kids out there needing good homes and all), 2) He’ll be almost 80 when the kid turns 21, which is just odd to me, and 3) I can’t imagine a 47 year old woman getting pregnant w/out the aid of medical science unless she was one seriously fertile myrtle. Just IMO’s. BUT..stranger things have happened. Their happiness is all that matters now, so I say congrats!

Molly Mae on

It doesn’t say anywhere that SHE’S pregnant. It says they’re expecting an addition to their family. At her age, that could mean anything…surrogate pregnancy…adoption…or the unlikely scenario of Kelly actually being pregnant. Whatever the truth is, I’m happy for them!!! A new baby night be just what they need! 🙂

Erin on

izzy, Gary Busey is not the best example for the argument you’re going for. Did you see him on the VH1 show about trying-to-recover addicts? Age is the least of his worries as it relates to fatherhood!

sgv on

great news!!! congrats!!

April on

The amount of people in here with reading comprehension problems is staggering. It says in the post and in the comments that Kelly is pregnant.

Congrats to them. They deserve some good news.

Brooklyn on

Was so not expecting this! Congrats to them

Penelope on

“It doesn’t say anywhere that SHE’S pregnant. It says they’re expecting an addition to their family.”

Molly Mae, it states in the second paragraph of the article that “Preston, 47, is pregnant, the family tells PEOPLE.”

What part of that sentence did you not comprehend before you posted your comment? Goodness gracious, slow down and read before you try to post an intelligent comment.

CelebBabyLover on

Molly Mae- It DOES say she’s pregnant. This line right here: “Preston, 47, is pregnant, the family tells PEOPLE”. I know it doesn’t say she’s pregnant in the actual statement from her and John, but I doubt PEOPLE would have said she’s pregnant if she’s not. 🙂

Jenn- Adoption isn’t for everyone! 🙂

explosiveskyyy on

Molly Mae, it does state in the article that SHE’S pregnant.

“Preston, 47, is pregnant, the family tells PEOPLE.”

I’m with Kelly, people must not be reading the article, lol!

Congrats to the whole family! This caught me by surprise when I saw it in my twitter feed! What a blessing, after all they’ve been though!

CelebBabyLover on

And there’s also this comment that the staff of Moms and Babies made on one of the comments here: Kelly is actually pregnant herself – they aren’t using a surrogate or adopting.

– Moms & Babies Staff

Also, John and Kelly both talked extensively before Jett died about trying to get pregnant again, so it doesn’t surprise me that much that she is. 🙂

Bancie1031 on

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw this first thing! This news was completely unexpected probably more than any other announcement! I’m so completely and utterly happy for them! I’m flabbergasted (sp??) and yet I couldn’t be happier …. I honestly wish them the best of luck!
I hope that Kelly has a easy pregnancy with a healthy happy baby at the end of it 😀
Congratulations to John, Kelly and Ella (R.I.P. Jett) best of luck and can’t wait to hear what they name their new addition not to mention can’t wait to see their new addition 😀

meghan on

Quote: I’m happy for them because their family has been through a lot and a baby is a blessing, but I will say that: 1) I kind of think it’s selfish of them not to adopt (so many kids out there needing good homes and all),

Adoption is not right for every family. How a couple decides to add to their family is really no one’s business. It’s unfair to call the Travolta’s selfish. They have always struck as very warm and loving people. Sharing your life with a child–however they become your family–is far from a selfish thing.

Corrie on

After everything that John, Kelly and Ella have been through over the past couple of years, this is the best news imagineable – congratulations and best wishes to the whole family! What wonderful news this is.

m-dot on

I’m totally shocked! Such great news for them! I pray that this pregnancy goes well. =)

izzy on

@erin, yes, i’m aware of gary busey’s issues but that’s not what i’m talking about. if i recall many people said “its not fair that he’s fathering a child at his age because he probably won’t be there for his graduation” or something along those lines.

when this kid is 18, john will be 74 and kelly will be 65.

like i said, i don’t think it’s a bad thing that she’s older, but i just think people are hypocrites for judging busey and not the travoltas. i’m aware that they lost a son (and my heart goes out to them) but i still think its weird that posters would not criticize them.

i wish the travoltas all the best and may their new addition be as healthy as can be! i hope she has a smooth pregnancy and i hope this child gives them back the light their lives are missing.

Shea on

People, 47 really isn’t that old any more. People are living to be older. Puberty is starting younger and menopause is starting much older than in our grandmother’s and even our mother’s days.
I am almost 45 and I am currently trying to conceive the old fashioned way. I had a still-born little girl 14 months ago due to a cord accident (she strangled on her cord..had nothing to do with my, was just a fluke accident. Healthy normal pregnancy, healthy, perfect baby, no genetic issues, just a horrible mishap). My husband is 52, and we both also have grown children as well as grand-children (I had my first child in high school)…and I have a 14 yr old we are raising together but we want a biological child together as well. The doctor said I am no where near menopause. Looking at me, people guess I am around 29 to 34 years old, and that my oldest kids are my siblings. I’m in great shape, I workout, my husband is in great shape and does work that tires out men half his age and no one would ever guess he’s as old as he is either. The doctor says there is no reason we can’t have another baby or even possibly 2 or 3 more before my biological clock stops ticking.
The biggest risks for problems for both mother and baby is when the mother has never had children before the age of 40.

Kat on

Maybe I missed something…they said “we are expecting a new addition to our family.” Did they confirm that she is in fact pregnant? I have a friend that made a similar comment recently, everyone assumed she was pregnant, her family is getting a cat! 🙂

Either way, I am happy for the Travolta’s! They have been through so much tragedy…they deserve so much happiness!!!

Kat on

Ok…have to post something again quick before the attacks begin…I reread the article and I see now it does say she is pregnant!! Maybe I should get my eyes checked! 🙂


dfs on

“Sharing your life with a child–however they become your family–is far from a selfish thing.”

Actually, intentionally becoming pregnant IS a selfish thing. Afterall, there’s not exactly a population crisis going on. But you really can’t blame people for wanting to add to their family.

h on

good for them. However, i sadly wonder what their reaction will be if they have a son… i know a couple who lost their son and ever since his death they have only been adopting…girls.
But it’s a great news, as long as they wanted this i’m happy for them.

Sophia on

Definitely wasn’t expecting this announcement! But how happy I am to hear it 🙂 This baby is such a wonderful thing to come from all the heartbreak the Travoltas have been through. I hope everything goes smoothly in Kelly’s pregnancy. Congratulations to John, Kelly and Ella 🙂

denise on

I’m ususally not the biggest fan of pregnancies late in a woman’s fourties, but after living through the worst nightmare parents can experience I am so very happy for the Travoltas, they deserve every luck and I pray for a healthy baby for them! This is great news, congrats!!!!

Luna on

Wow, this is just what they need at such a sad time! I am so 100% thrilled for them. Congrats John, Kelly, and Ella. You guys deserve to smile.

Brittney on

I dislike how these celebs make it seem like it’s so easy at a ripe age to have a child. Tell the truth…mention the treatments and IVFs.

Sandra on

Oh wow, I just got so emotional when I read it. Wonderful news! Congrats to the Travolta family.

Ana on

Aww this is wonderful news, a gift from their son in heaven no doubt 🙂 wishing them a safe healthy pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby as the end result!

jessicad on

They seem like amazing people and an amazing couple, this is great news!!

tracy on

wow, 47 and pregnant can be a little scarey. Congrats to them though. I hope the best for their family.

Kate on

I’m happy for them, yet I think a 47 (to be 48) year old should not be birthing a child. Maybe adoption would have been a better route. Either way, this child is going to be graduating high school with 70 year old parents – that’s sad to me.

Kresta on

It is possible for a woman of Kelly’s age to get pregnant. I have a friend who had her last child at 50. She’d had a tubal ligation but still fell pregnant and gave birth to her fourth daughter.

iluvperfectparents on

\o/ Congrats to them, I hope they have a smooth pregnancy, labor, delivery & a healthy baby!

@Shea – Good luck!

Mel on

They said they are “expecting,” they didn’t say Kelly is pregnant. They could have a surrogate. However this happens, we can only wish them much happiness.

cara on

Congrats to them.

it is very unlikely she conceived via IVF using her own eggs at age 47. She has either used donor eggs or was very lucky to conceive naturally at her age. Either way, it is wonderful news for them

Lauren on


It is amazing how many people don’t read. The article says, “Preston, 47, is pregnant, the family tells PEOPLE.” Not sure why there is so much confusion

cara on

The article says she is pregnant, however their statement says they are ‘expecting a new addition’, the Travoltas statement does not mention the pregnancy word.

Leigh on

Congrats to the Travoltas!!!! This coming from a child born to a 41 year old……

Kira on

Congrats! I bet they are so happy right now! It says Preston is pregnant..that means she is pregnant people not anyone else. I remember reading they wanted to have another child so maybe now the time is finally right for them. Women are having children older nowadays..I remember my mom thinking she was too old when she had my brother at 36 (this was 20 years ago). Good for them!

ll65 on

Congrats Kelly preggers at 47 is inspiration!

Tori on

Congrats to the Travolta family!! I’m very happy for them!!

Mandy on

They deserve a little bit of happiness after everything they’ve been through. Kudos for them! Here’s to a happy, healthy nine months!

Cynthia R. on


Hea on

I guess since she’s so old she’s had IVF? Congrats to them. I hope she delivers a healthy baby.

Kelly on

Wow never saw this coming! Congrats to the family! After all they’ve been though they deserve this kind of hapiness. Wish Kelly a wonderful and safe pregnancy.

M.Guerra on

Congrats to John,Kelly & Ella! This story gives me hope to keep trying to conceive at 33 years old. My husband and I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter. We have not had any luck in adding to our family but this gives me a little ray of light! So happy for them.

Molly on

Lol you people are funny. You say that its sad that the parents will be in their 70′ when the child graduates so they should instead adopt. Well if they adopt a baby are they not going to be in the 70′ when the child graduates, unless they adopt an older child (and most people however sad that is don’t, most want new baby anyway for lots of reasons we may not like but sure have to understand)? Before you tell them what they should do, perhaps ask yourself if they asked for your opinion and whether or not you make sense. And I have a neighbour that got pregnant naturally at 49. I know its natural cause she met this guy at the bar and it was a one night stand. You dont do IVF with such flunks, do you. Its not common to get pregnant at such an age , but not impossible.
Molly at

Em on

While it would be very exciting–the wording is a bit tricky. It doesn’t say that they are expanding with a baby, there are a few details left out. Perhaps they are adopting, or have a surrogate or perhaps not even having a baby at all!!!

Molly on

And as for if she is or not pregannt, I think people are referring to the family statement rather then the above mentioned post. We know that journalists do jump to conclusions all the time so its possible that she may not be pregnant after all and celeb babies just got it wrong, who knows !!
Molly @

Emily on

Wow! She’ll give Courtney Cox hope! Amazing! Congrats to the family! I wish them only blessings.

Lauren on

Molly did you read the statement, “Preston, 47, is pregnant, the family tells PEOPLE.”

explosiveskyyy on

“Their rep tells PEOPLE that Kelly is actually pregnant herself – they aren’t using a surrogate or adopting.

– Moms & Babies Staff”

I highly doubt the staff would have posted that under a comment or mentioned Kelly being pregnant in the article if it weren’t true.

Congrats to the whole family! This is exciting news!

cassie on

wow! amazing!! congrats to them!

samantha on

This child will only remember them as “old” people..they’re being selfish…it won’t be fun in the sense of enjoying running and playing with the child..I know what I’m talking about; my mother was 40 when I was born and my dad was mid-40’s…I was lucky that they lived a long life..both in their 80’s when they died, but that’s not common..I couldn’t love them more, but I missed having young parents..also for my child..not being able to have fun playing with elderly grandparents..

meghan on

If Jett taught us anything it’s that there is no way of knowing how much time we have on this earth. John could become the spryest 90 who ever lived. Nobody knows the future. We are all just hoping for the best.

Alice on

I miss not having young parents as well but I think it’s different when there are older siblings, the parents have been parents for 16 years, they are not as “out of it” as the first-time older parents.

Conratulations on the new addition! I’m hoping for a little girl for them.

Erma on

Congrats, God works in mysterious ways, He brought a replacement for him, just like when my mother dyed, I got pregant whild she was in the hospital dying then 6 wks later our family graced my sister of getting pregnant. Good for them and I know she has good drs, I hope everything goes great and people leave them alone, I’m so happy for them.

Jill on

47 is not too old to be having a baby with people living longer healthier lives now. Plus she will be 65 not 70 when the baby graduates high school. 65 is not old either. People need to update their thoughts about age with people living longer, healthier lives. If 40 is the new 30, which I think it is then 60’s are the new 50’s that’s for sure.

I’ve seen a lot of women in their late 40’s have babies naturally. It is very possible without IVF. If you are not in menopause, which does not usually happen until at least 50 then it can happen.

At a point it also becomes about having her daughter be able to have a sibling throughout her life too.

That is what happened to me. We tried for a long time for a second child with three failed IVfs. Gave up for years and then I happened to find supplements for PCOS I never heard about. The next month I was pregnant at 40. I am so glad that our 8 year old daughter will not be an only child and they will have each now and as adults.

Good for Kelly and John giving that gift to Ella!

grace on

note to samantha,
the travolta’s lost their son and want to have another child. who cares if they are older parents. i am sure they have thought this plan out. to each its own. most older parents can provide the education, love and time that some younger parents cannot provide. what about that young parent in texas who let their baby wonder in front of the bus.

Jill on

I agree with Grace. More mature parents have a lot to offer with more wisdom/experience, more patience and understand the sacrifice you need to make for your children with time/money and being less selfish. I suffered having such a young mom when she had me at 25. She should have been 40. Would have helped me that’s for sure!

It is always the 20 something parents that you hear about abusing or killing them. You really don’t even grow up until 30. I don’t think people should even have children until at least their mid 30s into their 40’s!

mc on

jill, 65 is not old? sorry it is.

Ashley Brown on

Jill, I think that is an awful blanket statement. People can be great parents (or bad parents) at any age. To say that someone shouldn’t have a child until they are late 30’s or 40’s is just crazy. Biologically speaking, people would find conception a whole lot harder and have a higher risk of issues. If people want to wait, that’s fine, but it is not in ANY way outside the norm, or unacceptable, to have children in your 20’s.

Rye on


I am also curious if it was a natural conception. I don’t doubt Kelly’s ability to CARRY a child-but conception is harder at that age, not to mention the huge increase of the child possibly being born with abnormalities and birth defects. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer…just saying, natural pregnancies for a woman in her mid to late forties definitely increase the odds of the child having complications with both it’s brain and it’s overall developement. I have a relative who had 6 children (all boys actually!) and she had a sort of, “Duggar-outlook” on having kids and she had two children in her mid-forties (one at 44 and the last one at 46) and one had a SEVERE birth defect and only wound up surviving for a year and the last one wound up having down syndrome.

SO, not to be the negative nelly but I am just saying that the risks are greater when you are a woman in your mid-forties.

That said, I hope they have a beautiful, healthy, happy baby and that this brightens there lives and brings some much needed joy to there lives after such a tragic year for them.

Hea on

Jill – I’m pretty sure your mom’s age had nothing to do with the kind of mother she was able to be. That’s about personality, maturity and sense.

Allie on

To everyone who keeps saying “they should adopt,” , if they wanted to have a baby, it is their choice how they go about it. Also, Kelly is the one pregnant. PREGNANT! It’s really annoying that people don’t read or at least skim the previous comments. The Moms & Babies staff even added a note. This is something that should be celebrated, not criticized. They lost a child, the worst pain I can think of as a mother. Now they are having another child and that is so great for their family. Congratulations!

Jill on

That’s right. It does have to do with maturity and common sense, which comes with age and experience. My mom would have made a better mom later as would most moms in their 20s. There is such a thing as having a baby too early. We need more mature moms like Kelly!

Jill on

It also is “not in any way outside the norm or unacceptable” to have a child in your late 30s and into your 40s either.

People are getting married later and having children later and it has become the new norm. 40 is the new 30. So people need to back of mature moms like Kelly and support her and not tear her down!

Sue on

I am so HAPPY for them. They have been through so much pain and I admire them so much. John and Kelly I am so happy for you and Ella. May God Bless you and your unborn baby.

FC on

I’m so happy for them. I never thought I’d hear about them having another child. I always wished they’d add another baby to the family. Best wishes to them!

As for the whole age thing, one of my parents was fortysomething when they had me. That was almost thirty years ago. I’m sort of tired of the age thing. They will be great parents to this child.

Age is irrelevant. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone, period. And things happen when they happen, including a babies.

Anyway, many best wishes to John, Kelly and Ella. 🙂

Jill on

It also is “not in any way outside the norm or unacceptable” to have a child in your mid/late 30s and into your 40s either.

People are getting married later and having children later and it has become the new norm. 40 is the new 30. So people need to back of mature moms like Kelly and support her and not tear her down!

Terri on

That’s such wonderful news after their recent loss.

Allie on

oh my gosh! congrats to them, and for everyone else – they are not obligated to tell ANYONE how they became pregnant, its private medical information. I’m sure if they want to tell, they will. Otherwise, I think you can handle living your life without knowing how the Travoltas became pregnant. Telling, or not telling, about the use of IVF is a personal decision. Would you judge your sister or best friend for keeping it quiet, or telling the world? Geesh.

And as for their age – who cares? You don’t want a child to have old parents, then don’t have kids when you’re older. Does it really affect your personal day to day life to know that there’ll be a well-loved, and hopefully healthy, child out there bringing joy to his/her family? Good lord..adoption is not for everyone. Before I get attacked, my sister is adopted, so no, I’m not against it-but not everyone chooses it.

The world would be a much happier place if not for the judgements people make about other people’s decisions. Do what makes you happy.

Melania on

Wonderful news! There is something to be said for being a younger parent and an older parent. Each comes with benefits and challenges. If you love your babies, that’s what really counts.

Madeline Todd on

To John and Kelley,
Congratulations!!!!!!May you have a healthy happy baby.

Stella Bella on

Congratulations to Kelley and John! After so much loss, they deserve some good news. I hope their baby arrives happy and healthy! 🙂

laura on

Ok, anyone who says that it’s “very possible” or that “lots” of women in their late 40s conceive naturally needs to brush up on their statistics. Does it happen sometimes? Yes. Is it probable that Kelly did? No. Do your research. Any reproductive endocrinologist/fertility specialist will tell you that it’s very, very low odds, like on the order of 1%. The most likely scenario is that she used donor eggs. It doesn’t really matter to me, but it irritates me when uneducated people make blanket pronouncements not based in fact. Anecdotes don’t matter – it doesn’t matter if your great-aunt Ida had a baby at 48…. we’re talking about how many women, out of, say, 1000, would be capable of conceiving at 46+, without assistance. Very few.

Also, again, read up on conception. It’s a majorly erroneous simplification to say that “as long as you haven’t gone thru menopause yet”. Uh, no. That’s not how it works. A woman is born with the number of eggs she is going to have, period. Her fertility may run out at 42, 44, 48, 50, whatever. But there may also be several years of infertility before menopause. This is basic anatomy and physiology. Please don’t post if you don’t know what you are talking about, it just dumbs down the conversation.

Nikki on

@ Rye
How can you say that about a child with Down syndrome. I have a 4 year old with Down syndrome. He is AMAZING! I am just 30 now. The majority of the people I know with children with Down syndrome had them in their 20s or early 30s. The increase with age is minimal. It’s not like you hit 35 and boom is’t 50/50.

I have friends who had kid sin high school… they are great parents. They love their children and know how to sacrifice for them. They may not be millionaires.. but they are doing everything they can.
I ahve friends who were in their 20s like me. I gave up EVERYTHING for my children. And I will have time when they are in their teens to still be able to do things.
I have friends who were in their 30s and 40s… and they are great parents as well.

It’s not your age, your status in life or the amount of money you have in yourbank account. It’s whether you can do the day to day stuff with your children. Whether you can love them unconditionally. Whether you have support.

As for adopting to the others out there… maybe you should attack the people who are having unprotected sex and getting pregnant and giving up their children, or the people who are not prepared to care for their children. (I understand in some cases none of this is true but other unforeseen circumstances). Not everyone else wants to raise someone else’s child. (think also potential medical issues down the road).



(sorry for my rant).

Alice on

Jill – don’t be so quick to judge the maturity of younger people. Older parents *can* (and I stress can, I’m sure there are wonderful parents of any age) have a generation gap that makes it hard to understand/interact with their kids as well as younger parents do. It can help if there is one generation between you rather than 2, just as it can be irrelevant depending on how young you stay “in your mind”.

I’m really happy for John and Kelly but I would not go so far as *encouraging* waiting that long, because of the disease/birth defect/infertility risks – and obviously they didn’t, this is their third baby! 🙂

Alice on

Nikki -just to clear up about Down’s syndrome, the increase is not minimal after 35. The chance of a Down’s syndrome baby goes from 1 in 1000 births at 30 years old to 1 in 100 around 40 and 1 in 46 after 45 years old. It is significant, even though you know more younger parents.

That said I agree with the rest of your post and wish you the best with your child.

halfpint on

Chances are these are donor eggs…would be much safer than taking a chance on 47 year old eggs….but who cares?? A family is a family is a family! These two have proven to be exceptional parents and I’m sure they will continue to be..well into their 70s or whenever. This child is blessed from the very beginning. Congrats Travolta family, parents, sister and baby!

Josie on

Congratulations on your great news!!!! Good luck!!!!

Nora on

I wish them well, they are youthful and I know they love children. It’s probable that they have waited to tell people until they were sure as they could be that this was a healthy baby. I know if I were to pursue a pregnancy when in my 40’s I would take advantage of modern medicine and have tests as early as possible to see if the baby had any genetic conditions.

Les on

I have always been a fan of John Travolta’s and am so happy they are adding to their family. The best of days are ahead.

Amy in Oregon on

I noticed a lot of people saying, “It doesn’t say anywhere that she is pregnant, maybe it’s adoption or surrogacy” but the article DOES say that, “Preston, 47, is pregnant”

Rye on

Nikki, I wasn’t saying anything offensive towards people with disabled children. I was merely saying, as Alice mentioned below my post, that the odds DO go up for women in there mid to late 40’s for having a disabled child. Of course, ANYONE at ANY age can have a child with down syndrome…it is just proven that the odds for that go up as a woman ages.

I wasn’t trying to assume or imply anything negative about disabled children, merely that the odds for women having children with sometimes SEVERE complications goes way up as they age and natural childbirth becomes more and more risky in that aspect. Sorry if I offended you and I am very glad that you are such a proud, loving mother towards your child.

R.O on

Hmm that really is a surprise! I hope the baby is healthy and mom doesn’t suffer from any ill effects.

It isn’t my first choice but to each is own.

CelebBabyLover on

Molly- I agree! I can never understand how some people say that people Kelly and John’s ages should have biological children because they’ll be 70 or whatever when the kid graduates high school…..but are all for them adopting children!

Anyway, as for the issue of how they concieved: She may have concieved using her own eggs, AND they might not have been 47 year old eggs. Didn’t she mention a year or two ago that she had eggs frozen when Ella was younger? If that IS the case, then she may have used those to become pregnant. 🙂

But however they became pregnant, it’s none of our business! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Also, if I’m remembering correctly, Kelly had homebirths wih Jett and Ella (I know I read that she had a homebirth with at least one of them, but I can’t remember whether she did with both of them), and did the Scientology silent birth thing. I hope she’ll be able do that with this baby as well if she so chooses (I know that the risk of complications requiring a hospital birth, and the chance of needing a C-section, is increased in older women, which is why I’m saying I hope she can have a homebirth if she wants to). 🙂

Lauren on

24 hours ago, I was convinced Kelly must have used IVF or donor eggs to get pregnant. But last night, my cousin called to tell me that his wife is (very unexpectedly) expecting their third child. If all goes well, she will be 45 when the baby is born at the end of the year. They are both still in a state of shock, as they most certainly did NOT try for a pregnancy at this stage of their lives and are very nervous about having a healthy baby. Obviously the odds of Kelly getting pregnant unassisted at her age are still miniscule, but as the rare cases prove, sometimes the impossible does happen. Regardless, I hope Kelly and my cousin have safe, happy pregnancies and deliver healthy babies. Life is full of surprises!

Nina on

OMG!!!! Congrats to the happy family!!!! I was an older mom when we got preggers for the first time. WE added another bundle of joy the following year and now at 41 almost 42. I am wanting another baby so very bad. It will definately be close to impossible now the doctors tell us. But a child is a beautiful gift no matter what age.

marjorie gilley on

This is great. Congratulations. Aren’t miracles wonderful. They always amaze me even at the age of 72. God has blessed you and yours. All of you are much loved. Take care. marjorie

Hea on

Jill – I just thought I’d add that when I was 16, I was more mature than most 20 year olds. Life dealt me some bad cards, you know. It makes you grow up and it forces you to deal. In most young parents, having a child does just that. Some are the exception.

lobri on

God bless their family, and I hope the baby is healthy and happy. I hope this helps their family cope with the tragic loss they endured. John Travolta, you were hilarious in Hairspray. I’d love to see you do another movie in drag! LoL

vika on

I really expected to hear this news!! So wonderful! crossing my fingers here.. I hope they’ve waited a little before announcing this though.. but seems like many people are on their side and wishing them only the best! I join them too!!

weeds on

Wow–this is a very selfish act–they will be really senior parents and believe me, its not easy and I had my son at 38. All said, I wish them well.

Tammy on

Selfish of them to have a child and not adopt? Really? stupidest thing I’ve heard all week.

Hoping for a safe and healthy pregnancy and for a healthy baby.
I’ve been a big fan of John Travolta for a long time. I wish his family well.

Sue on

They will never get over the loss of Jett, but this new baby may help to fill the void in their lives. God bless and may you have a healthy, bouncing baby! Love to you all.

ethics on

The Travolta’s have chosen to bring another chold into the world that they will loave and provide for with all their best intentions. But there are concerns raised by their actions. Once a child is lost he or she can never be replaced by another child. WIth the Travolta’s apparent insight one can assume that are aware of this and it is not their motivation. Yes medically Ms. Preston is at increased risk for medical problems affecting her health and her child’s. This is usually discussed at length with woman making this decision before conception. The Travolta’s may be faced with very difficult decision in the furture that hpefully their love will help them make the right decision.

I speak from the heart and experience. I had my last child at 41. Thank god he is healthy and I am an active and vibrant mother. SO her age in raising this child is not as important as it seems.

But there isnone other cocnern that I have and if others are honest they have to concerning the Travolta’s as parents. My concern is did they do the best for their son. Jett had a documented seizure disorder. You do not stop medications. This family did. If you do not think they were working find a doctor find a new mediction find a new treatmetn but do not stop his medications without any other care plan. Jett suucumbed form his seizures. Uncontrolled seizure activity is deadly. Can we assume this family will make the right medical decisions for this new child? Another mean and horrible question that will be completly unpopular with the fan base is, if this ahppened to a child that was not protected by the Hollywood machine would they have beeb preosecuted for medical neglect?

I know what I have expressed is harxh and unpopular but none of what I have said is untrue. I do hope this baby is healthy and helps to heal the horrible suffering this family has had to endure.

Adriane on

I had a feeling this was coming after the death of their son and I knew they would find something to love life again but her being pregnant at 47 is dangerous. They should have gone with a surrogate. There is about a 1/10 chance that baby will be born with Down Syndrome due to Kelly’s age. It’s so wonderful but she is going to be putting her body through a lot. I hope everyone is ok it can just be a worrysome situation with her age and all. I know alot of women become moms in their 40’s but there is a big difference between being 41 and 47. Be well Kelly and congratulations!

sliding doors on

so deserving for such a great couple. great news after such a hard year. all the best.

Maribeth on

I am so happy for all of the Travolta’s ~ Their new baby will be born into a solid family, surrounded by love ~ Many blessings ❤

Sheryl Black, Victoria, BC on

Why is it that people automatically look for the negative in something so beautiful? Just be happy for the Travolta family for goodness sake. After so much tragedy my heart went out to them, now I wish them all good health & best wishes. I am so happy for them. Canada loves the Travolta family.

lyra on

i am so thrilled for these 2 all the luck in the world and god bless

wowza6 on

Congrats to both of them and wishes for a healthy pregnancy. I know there will be the inevitable comments about Kelly’s age, but a baby is a blessing nonetheless. These two deserve some joy in their lives after what they have been through.

Hea on

1. Having a baby is always selfish.

2. Down Syndrome is not dangerous.

Natasha on

Not everyone has to adopt. Get it through your heads! Just congratulate them and get a move on in your ultra-negative lives. They’re having a baby which I am sure will be very loved.

Michelle on

Just a reminder that celebreties are not in any way obligated to even announce their pregnancies, let alone confirm or deny use of fertilty treatments or medical procedures.

Would you shame a 47 year old co-worker or family friend for not spilling the details of their journey to have a baby with you?

Why does it even matter?

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- I agree with your second statement. I don’t know why so many people are acting like it’s going to be some horrible thing if this baby has Down Syndrome. I have known several people with Down Syndrome…..and all of them are amazing, wonderful people that are a joy to be around! 🙂

Jill on

To those who say they are being selfish having a baby. It is the opposite. They are being selfless having a baby to give a sibling to Ella now that she lost Jett.

A sibling is the greatest gift you can give to your child and now she will have a sibling now and throughout her life.

Plus there are other women who have had babies at 47 like Holly Hunter and Gina Davis. I did not see big news made out of that. 40s have in many ways become the new 30s with people living longer healthier lives!

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- I both agree and disagree about your comment on siblings. Siblings are wonderful (I know from experience, as I have an older brother!)…..but it’s also possible for a person to be perfectly happy being an only child. My mother is living proof of that! 🙂

J.J. on

Technically I honestly think having a baby past 42 is old, but I am thrilled beyond words for John and Kelly!! They deserve another baby after the tragic loss of their son. Nothing wrong w/ having a baby at’s their family and their don’t judge!! Plus do you know that having a baby in your 40’s do increase your lifespan..I find that many women who have kids in their 40’s tend to be the one’s who live to their 80’s 90’s and 100’s!

CelebBabyLover on

J.J.- “I find that many women who have kids in their 40′s tend to be the one’s who live to their 80′s 90′s and 100′s!” Actually, your thoughts have scientific merit. I read somewhere that studies have shown that most women who are 100 or older had kids later in life (although granted, I’m pretty sure they meant women who STARTED have kids later in life, not women who had kids younger and then went on to have one or more later in life.). 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Naturally I meant “having” not “have”. Anyway, I also want to give kudos to Moms & Babies both for pointing out that the Travolata’s lost a son a year ago, and for saying that they are ALSO parents to Ella (rather than that the new baby will join big sister Ella Bleu, which is how it’s usually worded here when there’s a pregnancy announcement from a celeb couple who only have one other child in addition to baby-on-the-way.).

Jett may be gone, but he most certainly has not been forgotten by his family, and will always be a part of their family. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I meant to finish my previous comment by saying that I’m glad Moms & Babies recognizes the fact that Jett’s death does NOT mean that the Travolta’s at this point only have one child! 🙂

Kathy on

she is WAY too old to have another baby. i’m sorry, i think this is selfish and i feel badly for this child who will only know his/her parents as senior citizens.

Kathy on

40’s have not become the new 30’s as far as fertility goes, by the way. As women, we are STILL born with a certain number of eggs… that is a fact and that will not change. God made us that way. Now, Kelly could have gotten an egg donor… that’s their own business. But for those saying having babies in their 40’s is fine because “40’s are the new 30’s”… that’s a very dangerous statement and very FALSE.

Jill on

Why do you say that “40s are the new 30s” is a dangerous statement? I had a baby at 40 naturally after years of infertility in my 30s.

Is it because you think it is misleading to women trying to to have a baby at 40 that their chances are lower? I think women can get pregnant a lot easier around 40 than the media or doctors realize. I know of A LOT of women around 40 who are new moms and became pregnant naturally. The average age for women in Post WWII was 42 to have her last baby. That was the norm and it was before any fertility treatments were even around. Glad to see the trend is back!

Or is it the health of the baby that you are concerned with? The majority of women who have babies in their 40s are completely healthy. FYI.

Jill on

There is research that shows women who have a baby in their 40s live longer, healthier lives. They have fewer side effects once they reach menopause and fewer health issues overall. They also look and feel younger throughout life.

I don’t think it matters if women have had another baby earlier either. They think it is because of the high level of progestrone the get during pregnancy later.

Jill on

Meant to say the majority of babies born to women in their 40s are completely healthy in my last post.

But the women I’m sure are healthy too to be able to get pregnant and have a baby since 40 is still young!

Ivonne on

Wow I haven’t had internet for weeks… so glad I decided to read through pages and pages of Celebrity Babies! This is wonderful news. I am THRILLED for them!!! I hope that they have a wonderful pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby. Congrats to the Travolta family!

Kathie & Forrest Lee on

I’m thrilled for all of them! They desire joy and something wonderful and full of life to look forward to! I wish them only happiness and peace of mind. They are God’s perfect children and they are in their rightful place.

Best Wishes and here’s to a beautiful, amazing new baby!
The Lees

Karen Hughes on

I think this is the best news! Congrats to John & Kelly!

Candi on

Congratulations . This is so cool. I know that you both must be thrilled. I hope it is a wonderful experience for all of you.


Part of me is happy, the other concerned. She is 47 after all.

laura m on

many blessings love and good wishes for a healthy happy baby.. congratulations..

laura m on

many blessings love and good wishes for a healthy happy baby.. congratulations..

Retha Crowder on

A wonderful gift to this family from Our Father in Heaven!!