Spotted: Camila Alves and Levi Wheel Around

05/14/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Splash News Online

Who needs a car when you can bike?

Camila Alves takes Levi along for a little grocery shopping — on wheels! — at Safeway on Wednesday in Malibu, Calif.

The day before heading out for a spin with her 22-month-old son, Alves was spotted at a Victoria’s Secret event, where the Shear Genius host was named “Momshell.”

Alves, 27, and Matthew McConaughey are also parents to daughter Vida, 4 months.

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rb on

She needs a helmet on too. What good are you to your children in a vegetative state or dead. It doesn`t take a big hit to kill you, it just needs to be in the `right` place. I am sick of seeing parents with no helmets!

Cristiana on

Why on Earth do sanctimmomies have to criticize EVERYTHING? If you have nothing positive to say, then donΒ‘t say anything at all. Specially when there’s little chance that Camila is going to read this…

Molly on

Oh this mama needs a helmet ! That’s a law regardless how pretty you or hair is. Not a good role-model ! Perhaps you should remove this picture from your site

lisette on

You know what… dont panick but in holland almost no kids and parents wear helmets. Not that Im saying you shouldnt but the accident rate and the problems here are barely ever occuring.. so its not that dangerous.. It is a safer way and if you want to do it. But to criticize and demand the picture to be taken down… Djeez…
I thought people would talk about the fact that she is indeed caring about nature by not taking a car.. and that they both look so happy and she takes care of her boy by putting a helmet on… But noo… someone found something to pick on! Yeah for us…

Molly on

Yeah but Dutch people are not as clumsy as Americans. You’re comparing apples with bananas.

Dani on

What a neat looking bike seat for Levi! I’ve never seen one like that before. I’m used to the old school seats where the kid is in back. I googled it and apparently they’re quite popular.

Chris on

Yeah I don’t get the no helmet thing. It’s like placing seat belts on your kids but not buckling up yourself. But Camila and Levi are too cute. Looks like fun!

sassy on

Funny no one is commenting that his helmet looks loose – or more importantly – she’s wearing an engagement ring

Luna on

Molly: With all due respect, you can’t make a generalized statement like that. All people are different. Clumsiness is not necessarily a trait that you pick up from the country you live in, like language. There are Dutch people that are clumsier than Americans and vice versa. Your statement is like saying Americans are more attractive than Dutch people or Dutch people are luckier than Americans. Clumsiness is all according to the person, not the country of origin. I’m wondering if possibly you were joking. That being said Levi is too cute. Hope to see an updated picture of Vida. πŸ™‚

Larissa on

I am from Holland/The Netherlands, and indeed, nobody wears a helmet, mostly not even children. When Americans visit Amsterdam, they are shocked seeing moms riding a bike with 2 of her children on that same bike with her, and another 1 of 2 children on a bike of their own, next to the mom, all without a helmet.

This is a picture of a mom with 3 kids, all on the same bike (without helmets), waiting for the train to pass:

And this is a picture of dad with his 2 sons, all on the same bike, also without a helmet:

This is a picture of a bike carrying a stroller:

You also see a lot of these, especially in Amsterdam:

My aunt has one like that and when I babysit her children, I take them to school with a bike like that. Two of them sit in the front, one of them sits behind me and one of them rides his own bike. It’s a regular thing.

Ah, and I just got to love the following picture! It’s the crown-prince (king to be), his wife and their 3 daugthers:

Larissa on

Check out this web site, I am sure you won’t believe what you are seeing, haha

Lorus on

The big difference between Holland and the US regarding helmet safety is that drivers/people are used to looking out for bikers in Holland. It’s a normal thing there because so many people ride bikes as their main form of transportation. If you ask anyone in the US who bikes daily they will have a story to tell you about almost getting hit by a car (or even actually hit!) so helmets are very important.

Larissa on

Ok, last link I will post, probably a shocker for all of you, but a regular thing in Holland:

dfs on

Why don’t we all just wear a helmet every time we ride in a car too? That way if we get in an accident our heads will be protected. Or we could just wear helmets all day every day. You never know what might happen . . .

Larissa on

@ Lotus, you are right. Did you know every child has do to a ‘cycling exam’ in 5th grade? On paper AND on the road. Until that exam, every year, once a week, they have a class about traffic (signs, rules, safety, etc. etc.)

Tara on

Okay, so because a whole nation of Dutch people are foolish enough not to wear helmets that means it’s safe? I don’t get that logic. I guess if everybody in Holland started jumping off bridges we should too, LOL!

It’s a mandatory law in Canada that everybody has to wear helmets when cycling–not just children–and statistics have proven that it has reduced the rate of serious head injuries. That’s just common sense in my opinion.

If you put style above protecting yourself from potentially life-threatening head injuries then so be it. Just don’t expect taxpayers to pay for your long-term medical care when you’re thrown from your bike and have suffered a serious head trauma.

Beverly on

Safety Schmafety. My question is where can I get a seat like that for my kid? I’ve never seen one.

Annie on

@dfs…HYSTERICAL. Ya know what? Wear your helmet, put it on you kids and leave me alone. Fat lot of good it does you when your pinned under a car anyway.

All that aside…adorable picture of them.

L on

Jeeeeeez, Tara. πŸ™„ Obviously you don’t live in the Netherlands and seem to have no clue about this country so don’t judge what it’s like to cycle here. The thing about cycling here is that we have lots and lots of cycle lanes, not beside the road, which means we do a lot of cycling away from cars = a hell of a lot safer than cycline in Canda, no doubt.

Anna on

That photo is super cute, love the look on his face.

I’m from the Netherlands too, so don’t see the need for bike helmets. I live in China now where many people are on bikes too and no one wears a helmet either.

The truth is that when a bicycle gets in a serious accident it is mostly caused by a car. Which is the same as a car hitting a pedestrian. Are you going to out a helmet on when out for a walk too?

letters on

She is absolutely gorgeous and levi is so CUTE!

Shelly on

sorry not going to get into the country debate..thought this was about the kids and mother. See the point about the helmets. My goodness though. I think if you look at their front profile Levi actually looks quite like his mum in the picture. Love that they are so invovled with their kids. There are days where I would love a nanny. I live in a place where that would be unheard of.:) they obviously put a lot into their children and their parents as well!!

CelebBabyLover on

sassy- I doubt that’s an engagement ring. Matthew and Camila have made it clear that they don’t plan to marry any time soon. Then again, maybe they changed their minds like Nicole Richie and Joel Madden did. πŸ™‚ But anyway, Camila seems to be wearing a ring on EACH hand, so I’m guessing she just likes rings. Or maybe the ring is simply a “commitment” ring.

Now, to the picture. Levi is adorable! πŸ™‚

m-dot on

Love the bike for mom and baby! I’ve never worn a helmut in my life and I’m from NY. I’ve never fallen off an hit any part of my body. I think the helmut laws are rediculous…but anywho. Levi looks just like mommy in this pic. =)

Lyl on

what are you talking about? you don’t even know where is she going! maybe she is in the park, not in the city.
don’t you think you are overreacting?
now I can see that’s what people say about Americans it’s totally true

Natasha on

Levi looks adorable. I live in Canada and I bought that same bike seat for my daughter at ToysRus for about 80 $ and my daughter absolutely loves going for bike rides with me. And I think that parents should set the example by wearing helmets.. I believe in the saying ” Do as I do and not as I say ”
But apart from that, it’s a really pretty pic

JM on

not sure why we’re debating here. people in the netherlands tend not to wear helments. well, that’s because cycling is more common and there are A LOT more allowances made for cyclists, cycle lanes and exams etc. as some dutch posters have pointed out here. but to say that that means in other parts of the world where this isn’t the case, it’s still ok for people to not wear helmets is just stupid. i’m sorry to those dutch posters who seem to think that what works in their country automatically works in other countries, but you just sound very naive and ignorant.

so if you don’t live in a country where these allowances are made for cyclists, yeah, don’t be a moron, wear a helmet and put a helmet on your kids. otherwise you just look like someone who really doesn’t care about their life.

Sophia on

Cute photo, but I will never understand why every time there is a photo of celebrities bike riding with their kids the children have helmets but the parents never do. Not really a good example…

electra on

My family is from a country where people use bikes for transportation and most of my family don’t use helmets either. As someone mentioned before, the mentality of bike riding is different. The streets are much more bike friendly in the netherlands and the riders overall are much more experienced. There is a difference between knowing how to ride a bike, and knowing how to ride a bike in a street. A lot of americans don’t make this distinction and find themselves in accidents.

Lisa on

I’m suprised you all didn’t mention that he should be wearing elbow and knee pads as well! lol…… Anyway, at least he has some protection on his little head. He is a “boy” and I am sure there will be many scrapes and bruises as he grows up. These are pretty active parents that like the outdoors and I am sure they would protect their kids if they feel they need to be.

Malou on

I live in the Netherlands and I bike to school everyday.
I ride on my bicycle like half an hour a day but my best friend does 2 hours because she lives anywhere else.
It’s a normal thing to do, even when it rains or snows, everybody does it. And when I’m in Belgium or Italy than I see helmets, and I think like: why are they wearing helmets? Because nobody does it. Nobody. It’s a weird thing to do. You only wear a helmet here on a scooter and I think Americans will be shocked to see how many people here ride on a bicycle everyday. But I’m used to it and I’ve never had a problem without an helmet.

But I understand Americans think it’s weird when you’re not wearing a helmet.

Kim on

I have a friend(age 13) ran into a school bus while on his bike. He lost his leg. If he hadn’t been wearing a helmet , he would have been paralized or dead.
I don’t care where you live and how careful you are. You never know what is going to happen. If you can do one little thing that might help against a potential brain injury or worse, why not do it? I don’t get it.

Anonymous on

She does not wear a helmet because she likes recognition. When Matthew was in Port Douglas, Australia for the filming of Fools Gold, he hired a bike a rode around without a helmet, until the police pulled him over and had a stern talk to him. He also got out of paying a hefty fine!