Chyler Leigh: Daughter Suffers From Febrile Seizures

05/13/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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Actress Chyler Leigh knows her way around emergency rooms — both real and make-believe.

The Grey’s Anatomy star says her experiences as a mom-of-three have left her well-versed in the medical field, beginning with daughter Taelyn Leigh, 3½, who suffers from febrile seizures.

“The first time it happened, I was at home and had no idea what was going on,” Leigh, 28, explains to WebMD Baby. “Most seizures end after a few minutes, but hers went on for 25 minutes.”

After riding in an ambulance to the nearest emergency room, Taelyn was fine.

“It was a virus, and the fever just spiked too high too fast, but it’s scary,” Leigh recalls. “Any time she’s warm, we watch her.”

Son Noah Wilde, 6, has had his share of health scares as well.

“He busted his chin on the ground when he decided he wanted to slide like a penguin,” Leigh reveals. “He smacked his head on the ground when he was trying to spin and got his pants stuck under his feet. He wound up with a huge goose egg that looked like his brains were coming out.”

With so much going on at work, and at home — Leigh and husband Nathan West welcomed daughter Anniston Kae, 1, last May — she admits she often feels like “the oldest 2[8]-year-old on the planet.”

“I work, and I’m a full-time mom, and it’s hard for me to sit down and relax because it’s like, ‘Crap, there’s something I’m forgetting,'” she notes.

Not her marriage! Leigh says that she and West, an actor, work hard to keep the spark alive.

“Even though you’re parents, you’re still a couple,” she says. “You need to take time and be together, talk about your dreams and plans, and just be in love.”

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JessicaC on

LOVE her! I wish there was more of her on this site. I can definitely relate to her (well not the whole successful actress thing!)

Hea on

We have kids at work who get febrile seizures sometimes. It’s no fun for either them or me but their parents leave paracetamol for them and we try to give it as quick as possible once we notice a fever coming on. It usually works well.

Aimee on

I also feel like the oldest 28 year old on the planet. I have three little girls 5, 3, and almost 1. We just took my 1 year old to the ER a couple of weeks ago when her fever spiked 105.6. She also had febrile seizures. It is very scary! No one ever said being a mom was going to be boring! LOL There is always something.

Sarah on

Well if it is any consolation – I feel like the youngest 29 year old with no boyfriend in site even. I think deep down we all want to get married and procreate. Some just do it sooner than others…no worries (yet).

hayley on

i got married at 21 and my first baby at 22 and my second at 23 , now 25 i honestly feel like i’m 80 although both babies are healthy we had some horrible horrible scares with them that have aged me by at least 10 years each time, the worse had to be when my daughter was 6 days old we all caught th nora virus, poor thing was so ill and ended up back in hospital, so ill and so tiny she went from 6 pound 1 onz to just 5 pound 2 😦 and throwing up for 3 days , 6 days after A C section was no walk in the park either lol

but still the best job in the world xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
we are all in the same tired boat together xxxxxxxxxxx 😀 x

Luna on

I married at 22, was 24 when I had my first, and 27 when I had my set of twins. By 32, I had 5 kids! I feel like I’m 90! All my friends have like one kid or two kids and it’s like “yeah I’ve got five.” The worst health scare was when my twins were born. They were preemies and had to be in the NICU for almost two weeks, which considering how long it could have been isn’t too bad, but for their mommy, was terrifying. Now they’re healthy. The next scariest was my oldest broke his arm. Motherhood isn’t boring, that’s for sure. I really feel for Chyler. Especially having a child younger than the sick one! Good luck to you Chyler, Nathan, Noah, Taelyn, and Anniston.

molly on

Sounds like for 28 she has her head on pretty straight- not to mention all that she seems to juggle and seems to be doing it with gusto and grounded-ness! And agreed- when you become parents it is hard to not remember you were a couple first. While children’s immediate needs need to be met first, parents need to remember that their relationship should be front and center. Because happy parents and happy unions make for happy children. The martyr-dom of taking time for yourself and as a couple should be ignored knowing that when you are taking some time out it is for your children as much as it is for you. Good for Chyler Leigh to do so for her family!

molly on

I just read Sarah’s post. Glad you don’t have worries yet. I am guessing 29 seems old to not have a marriage or kids if you have friends around who are married and/or have children. But enjoy this time now and do the things you want to and utilize the freedoms your life possess’s now! I wouldn’t change my life now being married and having a child, this stage is amazing and so rewarding for me NOW! But I am also glad I waited a bit to travel, meet people, have an education etc and gain perspective and invaluable lessons first. Enjoy what is in your life now and know that if you take advantage of who you are now, the future will be so rewarding to you wherever it leads you!

Melody on

I’m 33 now but had 4 kids by the time I was 28 (my 2nd and 3rd were twins) but I don’t feel 80! They keep me young. I still feel like I’m a teenager!

Em on

Wait, is her son’s name Noah Wilde West? Too funny!! My son has had a couple febrile seizures due to a high spiked fever but has outgrown them (we hope). I’m sure her daugher will be fine although it is pretty scary if you don’t know what’s happening. All the best to her family.

Alexandra on

I suffered from a febrile seizure when I was 10 months old. Since then I have suffered from a heart condition and when i get a really bad fever I hallucinate. Whenever a child gets fever of any kind it is best to do anything possible to cool them down. Seizures are painful experiences that no matter what affect your life in ways you don’t expect. I am now a mother myself and because of my past I watch my daughter’s health like a hawk. Remember to watch and pay attention.

Megan on

I’m sure it’s very scary any time your child is sick or injured. I would probably freak out if my kid had a cold 🙂

Brandy on

My son had 2 febrile seizures in a row when he was 1 year and 9 Months old. I have to say that was the scariest thing I had ever been through. I can’t imagine how he felt. Although the EMT’s weren’t very concerned, I sure was so we took him to the ER where they ran numerous tests on him and I was sure they traumatized him for life (which he is not). I hope and pray that my son and Chyler’s daughter NEVER have another seizure again!