Spotted: Tom Brady and Jack’s Sunny Smiles

05/12/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Spending some quality time together, Tom Brady and elder son John Edward Thomas, 2½, were snapped strolling in sunny Los Angeles on Saturday.

The New England Patriots quarterback — who’s spending the offseason out West to be closer to Jack, his son with Bridget Moynahan, as well as to watch over construction on a new home — was spotted at the park recently with wife Gisele Bündchen and baby Benjamin, 5 months.

“It’s a great thing to see them run around at the football game — or at least one of them run around,” Brady, 32, said recently.

“For a long time, I didn’t know when I was going to be a father, and now I have two boys.”

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Etsy on

I **heart** Tom!

Mina on

I love Tom Brady. I’m not a football fan but I admire him as a father. I love Giselle as well, she’s so close to Jack & treats him like her own child. I wish all families could be this awesome!!

Alyssa on

Jack is ALL Bridget, but only with Tom’s coloring.

Luna on

Cute kid, hot dad, love his love of parenting. Gisele and Tom seem like great parents.

Erin on

Alyssa, I completely agree with you! Jack’s eyes look just like Bridget’s. So cute.

luny on

I think jack is starting to show a little of his mother,he is such a cutie!I hope he continues to look like tom cuz his baby brother ben looks just like gisele.

Chelsea on

Alyssa, no way would I say Jack is ALL Bridget. I definitely see her in Jack, but this kid looks SO MUCH like Tom as well. Jack sure is cute!

Jenn on

He’s starting to look more like Bridget than in pics I’ve seen before, but he still looks a lot like Tom. Definitely more than Benjamin, who I think is totally all Gisele.

kate on


James on

What an adorable child and hot daddy.

sue on

Why hasn’t Celeb Babies posted any recent pictures of Bridget and Jack?

Bridget and son are so adorable together.

Natz on

Cute picture! And I agree with Sue, would love to some pics of Jack and his Mummy too CBB;-)

CelebBabyLover on

sue- I’m guessing because there probably aren’t any. Bridget isn’t as famous as Tom and Gisele, so she doesn’t get followed as much. 🙂

Christina on

There aren’t any pics of Bridget and Jack because she has been outspoken about not wanting Jack in the tabloids. She’s has even called out Gisele and Tom for not keeping him out of the paparazzi pictures.

Zoe on

Christina give it a rest. The paps don’t take pictures of Bridget and John because they don’t care about her. Not because Bridget’s going out of her way not to be photographed.

There are more photos of Gisele and Tom with either boys than Bridget and John because they are more famous and sell more.

It goes without saying the #1 Supermodel in the world with a husband who is a top athlete are going to be photographed more than a filler actress.

Sarah K. on

Christina, Bridget has never said anything to the public about how she feels about either Tom or Gisele. So, she never “called them out.” Bridget is not as famous so doesn’t get photographed as much. Do you really think the paparazzi care about who wants their picture taken? As if Gisele and Tom could politely ask photographers to back off and they would listen? That’s not really how it works…

luny on

every single time the bradys show up bridget show up,what is that about?LET’S JUST SAY HOW CUTE JACK IS W/ HIS DADDY that kind of things.
If his mother wants him out of the media why did she put him on the cover of OK MAGAZINE when he was only 5 weeks old?she chose to put her baby out there,but the bradys can’t control the photographers. I totally agree w/ zoe and sarah k.

Evelyn on

what a handsome pair Jack is the spitting image of his dad Tom one day we might hear this words and now introducing the starting quarterback Jack Brady

Nia on

The starting QB…Jack MOYNAHAN.

letters on

beautiful family… gisele is so lovely and gorgeous!

Lola Marie on

Of course I was on the outside looking in but I got the feeling that early on Tom didn’t relish the idea of becoming a father but he certainly does now 🙂

Mina!!!! “Not a football fan”?!?!?!?

breck on

Luny – In response to your comment about Bridget putting her son on the cover of OK Magazine when he was 5 mos. She did it because she knew the photographers and people were wanting to see the baby ,so she gave the money to help friends that had a baby with a serious health problem called Friedreich’s ataxia( she helps two foundations).It is a rare,genetic,neurodegenerative, multisystem, life-shortening disorder. So I would be careful to make snide comments about people when they might have a great reason to do things that you don’t know about. She is a wonderful friend to do this.

Sade on

What Bridget was angry about is that they don’t try and keep him out of pics.. (If Bridget can keep him out of the paparazzi’s sight then so can his father and step-mother… I really don’t care about modeling and could care less about foot ball) to me I wonder why the hell u want pictures of either of them ….. And what she was also angry about was that Giselle was saying how she felt like Jack was her son with out thinking of Bridget his actually mother. I think it is great that she cares about her husbands son… but to say something as hurtful as that is kinda of heartless.