Spotted: Rebecca Gayheart and Billie – Ciao Bella!

05/12/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Alison Dyer for PEOPLE

Sealed with a kiss!

While daddy Eric Dane films a commercial, Rebecca Gayheart and their 10-week-old daughter Billie Beatrice keep close company off-set in Portofino, Italy, on Monday.

Later in the day, the new trio were spotted strolling the streets — but a sleepy Billie seemed to be down for a nap!

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Gem on

Cute little girl! Not much of a fan of her parents, but she is adorable none the less.

Luna on

She’s too cute! Love her little baldie head 🙂

jessicad on

She’s a gorgeous little baby, with parents like that I’m not surprised though:) I really love the name Billie, and Rebecca and Eric looked smitten with her and each other in that magazine spread they recently did, can’t remember which one it was but it was really sweet. So happy for them.

chels on

i think its weird to take a 10 week old to a different country

Sarah on

@chels – I wouldn’t say it’s weird, but pretty daunting ! Transatlantic flight with a 10 week old baby – phew! Barely made a 1 and a half hour flight between Paris and Monaco with mine and it was hell, lol! Fair play to them though, I don’t think I would have dared!

Taylor on

Chels, lots of people have to for jobs.

She’s an adorable little girl.

amyjoyfox on

What a cutie!

I think she’s at a great age for travel – in my experience, when they’re that tiny, they can be a lot easier and more flexible during going long distances than an older baby or toddler. There’s no reason to stay at home when you have the means and opportunity to do otherwise.

maggie on

jessicad it was US WEEKLY. also i don’t find it strange to take a baby to another country, i went to a christening in france and the baby was pretty much a newborn. also the parents work so do you think they would leave the baby back in LA?

explosiveskyyy on

Did anyone read the US Weekly article where they introduce Billie? I think it’s sweet how they chose her name, after Eric’s late father and Rebecca’s grandmother.

Love this couple! Billie is adorable, and I just love little tiny bald babies!

Jenn on

Ok! NOW I see it! I bought the US Weekly and loved the story and pics, but when Rebecca said Billie looked just like Eric, I didn’t think she looked much like either one of them (like, you couldn’t tell who her features resembled yet). But seeing this pic now I totally see she was right!

CelebBabyLover on

Billie’s a cutie! 🙂

Nicole on

I hope this child doesn’t grow up to be anything like her parents…vehicular manslaughter and drugged-up sex tapes? I worry about this one.

annefan on

Nicole : maybe you should stop commenting on the posts about Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart ? You always say negative things about them, just leave them alone if you don’t like them…

As for Billie, she’s a cutie! I’m happy they finally have their baby, they’ve been trying to get pregnant for 3 years so it’s amazing when it finally happens.

Torrie on

Ohh! little Billie is soooo precious.

Sarah K. on

Nicole, Billie seems to be doing just fine. Everyone has made mistakes in the past (let’s face it, most of us have gotten distracted or talked on the phone while driving – we just got really lucky). Nicole Richie was a mess and no one thought she could be a good mom and she is doing a fantastic job. I’m sure the same is true for Eric and Rebecca

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah K.- I agree 100 percent! Very good point about Nicole Richie. No one thought that Kendra Wilkenson or Kourtney Karadashien would be good mothers, either….But so far they both seem to be doing very well!

For that matter, Angelina Jolie was quite a “wild child” in her younger days as well, and most likely no one at the time thought she’d make a good mother. But look at her now. 🙂

My point is, like Sarah K. said, we all make mistakes. Also, people can and do change. Let’s give Eric and Rebecca a chance to do things right where parenthood is considered before we criticize them! 🙂

Steph on

I too have been a bit unsure of Rebecca because of her past, however the more stories about her I see, the more I am becoming warm to her…she seems like she’s trying really hard and I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful mother to her cutie pie daughter!