Debra Messing’s Secret to Staying Fit? Son Roman!

05/12/2010 at 08:00 AM ET

Two years ago, the tabloids slammed Debra Messing for not losing her baby-weight fast enough. Now, 42 lbs. lighter — and back to her pre-baby figure — she says it’s son Roman who has helped her keep the weight off.

“I run after my 6-year-old. He’s so into sports right now. I honestly can’t keep up with him!” the actress told PEOPLE Moms & Babies at a benefit for the Joyful Heart Foundation, an organization founded by actress Mariska Hargitay that helps abuse victims, in New York last Wednesday.

“[Roman] loves handball, basketball, soccer, and softball. [I play] all of them.”

Fortunately getting in the game is easier these days for Messing, who credits fellow mom Hargitay with providing her with an energy boost secret.

“Mariska sent me this book called Clean, and said ‘You’ve got to do this. I feel great!’ And I just did it two months ago and I feel really strong. I’ve got so much energy,” she raves.

“It’s just a deep detox with lots of organic smoothies, vegetables, fruits, and just a regular normal healthy meal at lunch time. [There’s] also lots of lemon water and garlic … everything that you know is good for you.”

— Carlos Greer

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jessicad on

I didn’t know people talked about her weight like that, I actually thought she looked better with a few extra pounds! She was so thin the first few seasons of Will and Grace, you could see her ribs. Looks like she found a good balance!

Kat on

I think she looks great, with or without baby weight. The media is so obsessed with what makes women beautiful. Why are WE letting the media dictate to us what is beautiful and what is not? It seems as if society shuns women who are overweight, like modern day leprosy, and then critique and criticize women (sometimes even the same woman) for being too thin. We can never win. The worst part is: WE DO IT TO EACH OTHER! Women hating on other women. All women are beautiful, and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has brought life into this world. Who cares if so and so doesn’t lose every freaking pound of extra weight within days of giving birth? Looking perfect is never more important than the overall health of mom and baby. Perhaps if we all starting loving ourselves more, and had more self esteem to say, “I’m beautiful, even with a few flaws.” then perhaps Hollywood and magazines and porn obsessed men would not be so obsessed with every little freckle, stretch mark or extra pound or two. Why do we do this to ourselves? Perhaps if WE stopped being so critical and hateful of ourselves, the rest of the world would follow. People talk about women’s lib and equal rights and all that, but how liberated are we really if we can’t at least stop hating ourselves and picking on each other for every little slight or flaw? Real liberation comes when we learn to accept ourselves and each other for the beautiful women we are, regardless of the latest hair style, diet craze or handbag.

Just my two cents.

GiannaG on

Jessicad, you’re so right about how she used to look in the early W&G seasons, you could literally count her ribs. She looked so much healthier after she had her baby. I was also unaware that tabloids wrote about her not losing the weight fast enough. How rotten! There are really some cretinous people out there.

Lila on

I “run” after my kid too, but I didn’t lose 42 lbs! I hate when celebrities act like they don’t have to spend hours at the gym (and live on wheat grass and boiled chicken) to look like they do. Just own up to it!

jessicad on

I agree with Kat! It’s sad that we do this to each other.

Lila, click the “slammed” link and it goes to an interview of her talking about how she lost the weight, she didn’t say it’s because she chases her son. It’s a good article and she’s one of the few who seems to have a realistic approach! 🙂

One thing I loved about her on Will and Grace was that she let them make fun of her small boobies, I have small ones too and it’s nice when people can make fun of themselves. I figured she had enough self confidence and didn’t let it bother her, I hate that the tabloids got to her and hurt her feelings. She seems so down to earth.

Mariana on

This is great. When I have a son, and if he loves sports that much, I absolutely will learn to play any of those sports just to play with him, LOL.
We haven’t seen pictures of Roman lately, have we? I can only remember him as a toddler. I always thought he was a handsome little boy.

Luna on

I want to see a recent picture of Roman. I loved Debra on Will and Grace. She is BEAUTIFUL, extra pounds or not. I want Debra to be able to come out and say, “I’m beautiful flawed or not!” However, it’s great that she’s HEALTHIER now. Healthy is what we should aim for.

ctl on

I agree with Luna — it would be awesome if Debra could somehow send the message that she looked great and was proud of her body both WITH and without the 40 extra lbs. Instead, it sounds like she was ashamed of carrying post-baby weight.

Oh well. I do like her in general, so I don’t be too critical.

B on

I seem to remember hearing something like, she had to gain weight just to get pregnant because she was so skinny beforehand. It’s sad that there’s so much pressure put on us to lose the weight like magic when it took nine months to gain it.

Rebecca on

Lila, she lost 42 lbs in 2 years, that’s hardly the equivalent of living on wheatgrass and boiled chicken while spending hours in the gym.