Meet Dr. Phil’s New Granddaughter!

05/11/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
Alison Dyer for PEOPLE

Just call him Dr. Grandpa. Dr. Phil McGraw is relishing in a new role — grandfather! — since the arrival of granddaughter Avery Elizabeth McGraw, born March 18 to the psychologist’s son Jay and his wife, Erica.

The TV host, 59, was with wife Robin, 56, in the waiting room of the Los Angeles hospital when Avery arrived — and was immediately wrapped around her delicate little fingers.

“His heart just melted when he picked her up,” says Erica.

Admits Phil, “We have every intention of spoiling that child beyond reason.”

Alison Dyer for PEOPLE

Erica’s pregnancy wasn’t too much of a surprise, given that Robin was gently pressuring the 32-year-old the first time they met, in 2004.

“One of the first questions my mom asked her was about grandkids,” laughs Jay, 30, an executive producer on the talk show The Doctors. Adds Erica: “She said, ‘Go home and practice!'”

But now that Avery is here, the elder McGraws are stepping back and letting the new parents learn the ropes.

“Instead [of advice] they’ve given us support and said, ‘You know what you’re doing,'” says Erica. “I can’t thank them enough.”

In return, Phil asks just one thing: “I’ll let Avery decide what to call me,” he says. “As long as it’s not Dr. Phil.”

Alison Dyer for PEOPLE

— Lisa Ingrassia

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Angela on

Beautiful baby, and I love her name!

I just can’t get over how much makeup they’re wearing in the first picture (except for Jay and, of course, Avery).

Natalie on

Beautiful family and gorgeous new addition of Avery!!!

Natalie on

Beautiful baby little Avery is and a wonderful family she has.

Jenn on

She’s so sweet! I love the design on the swaddle blanket, that is just so, so pretty. And I always like headbands on little girl babies. I think they’re adorable 🙂

Romy on

that swaddling blanket was designed by Erica and her sisters right? Just saw it on the Doctors today. I think on I really dislike those headbands on babies, but cute baby!

Pinkdancer on

She is a gorgeous baby and i loved the interview! That last picture is precious, Dr. Phil looks so happy! Best wishes to the whole family.

Nicole on

So you can see that they are a close family but Robin looks like one of “those mother-in-laws” Why does she have to touch Avery in the first photo?!

DS on


rainbroccoli on

She’s so sweet..’n have a lovely name..
God bless all of the family.. 🙂

bo-peep on

(make-up or plastic surgery? the women in that photo just look really weird)

cute little baby and very very sweet that they are all so excited to meet her!

Alice on

What a precious baby! Especially her face in the last pic.

But I’d hate to have in-laws that talk about grandkids the first time I meet them and/or put “pressure” for them. So rude!

Georgia on

Firstly, congratulations on a gorgeous baby. Secondly I agree Angela. And sorry to say but with all the makeup Erica looks really old. Much older than Jay.

Hea on

Cute picture with all the adoring adults and the sleeping baby. A bit rude if they put any kind of pressure on them regarding having kids. What if they’d experienced problems conceiving?

You never push, press or hardly even ask when a couple is going to start a family. It happens if it happens.

janet on

I agree about the make-up and plastic surgery. Robin seems so fragile. . . I have watched his show a few times and she always looks like she is going to break. Why is she at every show? Oh well. Best of luck to the new parents and yes, the baby is very cute. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have her first plastic surgery appointment already set up!

Anonymous on

Erica and her sisters are ALWAYS painted up like clowns
They had sonograms on the Doctors and each one of the sisters
had so much make up they looked scary

Joyce on

It’s simply amazing how many jealous women are out there that can only run down other women’s makeup or appearance in any way. JEALOUS! JEALOUS! JEALOUS! This article is about the baby. Period!

Beautiful baby and a beautiful family.

mary on

What a precious gift from God

andrea on

awww… what a beautiful baby. i considered naming one of my twin girls Avery, but went with Penelope instead. i absolutely love the name Avery for a girl. i’ve been following her and her sister’s pregnancies. i just think it’s wild that triplets are all having babies around the same time, and i believe they all had girls too if i’m not mistaken. so weird! lol. congrats to all of them though. it’s always a joy when a little one enters the world.

T on

Interesting how Erica and her 2 identical twin sisters all have a baby within a few weeks of each other. Good thing none of the girls ended up with infertility because they all planned to be pregnant at the same time. Women who struggle to get pregnant don’t have that luxury.

Jane on

Congratulations!! Babies are blessings! I like the name Avery. And I hope she calls Dr. Phil: Grampa. That’s what he is, after all!


robin is a bit much about the grandparenting… tone it down a touch….. and she’d look so much better a little more natural… less make-up/perfection….. a LOT goes into her looking that way every day….. gorgeous baby and family of course! CONGRATS

Maureen on

Does anyone have the web site address for the swaddle blankets that were featured on this episode? If so, please advise.


mercredi on

So happy for them all!! I’m sure they’ll make the bestest grandparents EVER! Robin will make a wonderful grandmother to that little girl. How lucky can one child be to be surrounded by so much looooove? Wish every child could have that!

Karen B. on

Not a huge fan of Dr. Phil’s show, but he looks like a smitten grandpa. Sweet.

Laura on

It’s just sad that a lot of you have to find to nitpick about. There’s a beautiful, healthy little baby being introducd to the world and everyone is griping about how much make-up Erica is wearing or that Robin is touching the baby.

How money of you have had kids? Do you not remember looking in the mirror and thinking, “Wow! I look like hammered crap.” Robin is a first time grandmother, of course she wants to touch the baby every chance she gets!

There’s the old adage that says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Jess on

I have an Avery and I must admit they are fantastic, my life without my Avery would be so much harder and less fun! Enjoy every minute it goes way to fast!

Anna on

Joyce: Grow up, you sound like a 12 year old. It’s possible to dislike something about someone without being jealous. I’m constantly shocked to hear people like you spout the ridiculous line that a person has to either like everything about someone or they’re jealous. And I don’t believe for a second that you’ve never once looked at someone and thought, “I don’t like that person’s hair” or “they’re clothes are ugly.” But you go right on preaching if it makes you feel better.

As for the article, the baby is cute and the grown ups need to rethink their clothes and make-up choices.

Terri on

You people amaze me with your stupid mean remarks about how someone looks or should look. Erica is beautiful. Get over yourselves and try just saying something nice for once. Jealousy in action….WOW!

amy on

joyce, not jealous, just disappointed that people think a ton of makeup looks good.

nunya on

They look like 90% of the girls I see in Texas everyday!

Baby is cute.

Cynthia R. on

Congrats to The McGraw family, finally a little girl to spoil.


Love Avery and the beautiful photos………..Robin and Dr. Phil are thrilled to have a new baby girl in the family. After all, they raised boys and had plenty of their sons’ friends hanging around the house! A girl is a treat for them! My sis has sons and grandsons, and only one grandaughter. They are so thrilled to know where and what she is doing! Lots of good health and good luck to Avery and the McGraw family and all the inlaws.

Angel on

I think the baby already looks like her grandpa. They have a lovely family, congratulations!

Mel on

Avery is a gorgeous baby girl. I don’t mean to be mean, but why is Erica so orange and manage to stay so orange during her pregnancy. It’s dangerous to tan while pregnant.. I wish she would realize she’s a beautiful girl and doesn’t need all the orange and bleach and all the makeup. I think it’s cute how much g-ma and g-pa love this little girl..

Sandy J on

What a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to everyone.
I know how exciting that first grandchild is. Enjoy her…

Amanda on

Beautiful baby, so good to see a family so excited about their new additions!

It’s sad to see women that fuel the mother-in-law hate, I hope those women have sons and get the same treatment someday. It can ONLY be a good thing for children to have a family that loves them and wants to spend time with them. I’ve always encouraged any time either of our parents want to spend with our children and I remember the time with my grandparents when I was a child as some of my best memories. I think a lot of it is mothers who fear their children will like their mother in laws/someone else more than them, it’s really silly.

T on

My god you Women are so jealous of this family. Who cares if Erica spray tanned or whatever. Maybe you havent had a child yet but for 9 months you feel like crap and some women will do anything and everything to make themselves feel better. Stop being so judgemental and just be happy for this family. Beautiful family, congratulations!

Angela on

Sorry to disappoint you (Laura, Joyce and Terri) but there isn’t an ounce of jealousy in my body toward these women. Makeup is supposed to enhance natural beauty, not cover it up. I watched the show yesterday and Erica looked better while in labor because she had on less makeup. She appears to have problems with her skin (just an observation, not a criticism), so I hope she realizes that she needs to treat the actual problem instead of cover it up.

jobseeker on

Why does anyone feel they have to ruin such a precious moment, with words of negativity, like plastic surgery and too much makeup.

They are estatic, and so they should be. Hurray, you’ve done a fine job, all of you!!


Alice on

Amanda, I’m not sure what you’re referring to, I haven’t see many posts about the mother-in-law hate but there’s a difference between having a great relationship and spending time together etc and putting pressure on someone for something that’s none of your business (like kids). That’s the limit between nice and invasive. You don’t *owe* your parents and in-laws grandkids.

meghan on

Do Jay and Erica sound upset or annoyed about ‘in-law pressure’ for grandbabies? No they don’t and that’s all that really matters. If they had ended up struggling to conceive, I suspect that they would have been candid with their parents and their families would have been supportive and encoraging.

And how dare that woman touch her own grandchild! Seriously!!! Are you people for real?

kellee on

she is so cute she looks like her grandapa to me

kathy white on

When i became a grandmom for the first time i wanted to touch and hold my grandson all the time. I was blessed with 2 more grandkids and was the same way. Robin is no different. Avery is as lucky a little girl to be in any family that will love her and nurture her. Being a McGraw does not make her any more so. My grandkids know they are wanted and very loved and to me that is the most important.(Janet) Robin is at all the shows but did you ever think that maybe they love each other and want to be together? I went to his show in Feb. and they are real nice people. I love there excitment over that baby.
GOD bless all the McGraws.

Katie on

Happy to hear that the baby is here and healthy. I’m sure she couldn’t have more loving grandparents. Regarding the comments about Erica’s appearance, she does have a “tough” look about her, but don’t any of you recall that she and her sisters (she is one of a set of triplets,) all posed together in Playboy magazine in the buff. Very surprised that the McGraws even approved of Jay marrying her. I know that just the idea of it would make me very uncomfortable!

Kim on

Awww I am so glad for Jay and Erica, of course Dr. Phil and Robin too!! Enjoy the times because they go by way too fast!!

Sandy J on

Congratulations to the McGraw family on your new baby girl. I remember the excitement that comes with the first child/grandchild. Enjoy her.

Romy on

I think it’s weird that everyone assumes there is jealousy involved. on this site we make comments. I didn’t make any about their appearances because I knew someone would scream JEALOUS! I don’t feel jealous of them at all. Every time I see Erica I think she would be so pretty if she didn’t try to make herself so pretty all the time! Her sisters as well. They would be so pretty if they were more natural. Robin has had that look for a long time too. She’s attractice but maybe over botoxed for years? I think it’s sweet that she goes to each taping of Dr Phil’s. Plus it keeps her involved. I think the website was for the blanket.

Jamie on

It’s her first grandchild. Of course Robin wants to touch the baby. Geez.

Secondly, Jay and Erica certainly don’t seem bothered by the pressure that was put on them, so why do you people care so much, when it’s not your family? It’s THEIRS.

Last, who cares whether or not Erica or Robin have too much makeup on? Or, how much plastic surgery they’ve supposedly had done? That’s irrelevant to the fact that a new baby is being introduced to the world and all some people can do is make negative comments, instead of just being happy for this family. The negativity on here is astounding. Grow up.

Gorgeous baby and she really is adorable! Congratulations to this family!

Lola on

I love the fact that they got a little girl!! I have 4 beautiful healthy grandboys, it would have been nice for just one little girl. But, since I didn’t get one, I will ooh and aah over every one else’s. My best to the family and congratulations!!

sara krueher on

The baby is so cute! The family is beautiful.

glee fan on

she is such a beautiful baby! i love her name!

mp on

Interesting to see Robin so excited over a granddaughter — she told Cher during a Dr Phil interview that she’d have been afraid to raise a girl. But it’s different when the baby is separated by a generation.

Nena on

What a beautiful family! The baby is just adorable! I think they all look great and remember if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! There are a lot of petty people out there, but I guess some people aren’t happy unless they’re picking at other people. I feel sorry for people like that.

Lynne on

I always tell my friends they just think they love their kids, but wait until you have grandchildren, then you know what real love is! Dr. Phil you look wonderful holding that sweet little girl!!!

lola on

😦 My youngest daughter’s name is Avery. Now I may need to change it!

lori on

Jealous may not play a part in some of your “opinions”, but alot of times the ones claiming “jealousy has no part”, are also saying negative things in a different way, so your just as guilty. This site should be about the babies and children, not about the way the parents look. YES everyone has and is entitled to their opinion, but if its negative, then why state it? everyone making comments about someone elses post, make sure you re read the one you your self posted before you criticize theirs! not pointing anyone out but someone told someone to grow up about their post, when the post that person had posted was just as negative as the person they were pointing out! why cant everyone enjoy the pics of the children, and post positive things, and keep negative comments to their self? Its not that hard to do really…If someone cant STOP from posting a negative comment or way judgemental comment then they have a problem, exp. since ALL OF US ARE PERFECT OURSELFS!

Marion on

What a cute little girl and they alll look so happy. Really does take a village to raise a child and she has a good start on that front. Congrats everyone!

Carrie Chavez on

Wow, what a beautiful baby! Please people out there, lets focus on the beauty of this child, how shallow are you to focus on the “amount of makeup” someone is wearing?? Really? Is that important to this article or to anyone? They look like proud grandparents, and parents… and to me they are just glowing with happiness and pride! And rightly so! As a grandmother myself, of 19, let them enjoy this moment forever! Congratulations! She is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

Anna on

“everyone making comments about someone elses post, make sure you re read the one you your self posted before you criticize theirs! not pointing anyone out but someone told someone to grow up about their post, when the post that person had posted was just as negative as the person they were pointing out!”

Lori, that was me who told another poster to grow up. And I do realize my post was negative, it wasn’t intended to be postiive. And you have entirely missed the point of my post because I did not tell Joyce to grow up because I found her post negative – I told her to grow up because she seems to have an unwillingness to accept that a) not everyone worships celebrities and thinks everything they do is good, nor should they b)we are on a celebrity gossip site, therefore it’s ridiculous to expect people to not have shallow opinions and c)everyone’s opinions in the world do not boil down to either liking everything about someone or being jealous of them, there is a whole range of feelings in between and to try to boil it down to those two things is ridiculous and immature. But hey, if she wants to order people around just because they don’t see things her way that’s her choice, she just shoudn’t expect others to actually bow down to that ridiculous demand.

And I’m greatly amused by the fact that you’re claiming everyone has a right to their opinion at the same time that you’re also saying that only those who agree with you are allowed to actually express that opinion out loud. Sorry to disappoint you Lori but I am not required to agree with you in order to gain the right to express my opinion.

SB on

I an so happy for this wonderful family!! Avery is a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Who could ask for more than that? As to all of you bitter women who have to criticize others in order to make yourselves feel better, OF COURSE Dr. Phil & Robin are on Cloud 9; they are FIRST TIME GRANDPARENTS!!!! And OF COURSE Robin would want to touch her precious FIRSTBORN GRANDDAUGHTER!!!! She raised two fine sons, but always YEARNED for a daughter with whom she could dress up in ribbons & lace, play dolls & have tea parties!! Now God has finally blessed her w/ a precious grandDAUGHTER who she can’t wait to spoil. She’s probably touching Avery to make sure that she is REALLY HERE!!! (I love seeing Dr. Phil holding her. You can tell that she already has stolen his heart!! Good thing he shaved his mustache. Now he won’t scratch Avery’s delicate skin when he’s kissing her!!) I guess none of you have had to wait 30 YEARS to have a prayer answered!!!! May God bless the entire McGraw family!! And God help those of you who can’t find it in your hearts to be happy for someone else’s good fortune just because you aren’t so fortunate!!!! A word of wisdom for those who are wise enough to take it. ” What goes around , comes around!” “If you are honestly happy for the good fortune of others, THEN good fortune will come to you in return! But if criticism, bitterness & judgmentalism is what you dish out, that’s exactly what you will get back”!!! “A word to the wise is sufficient!” SB

Shannon on

I remember seeing Erica and her sisters on TV a while ago. They all look pretty fake; over-tanned and too much surgery. Why can’t people just be happy with how they look?

vicriggs on

WOW This article is about a baby being born and pretty much the only thing being talked about is the apperance of these women! Thats the problem with the world today everyone is always judging someone or talking about them in a negative way. I think Erica looks great for just having a baby and see nothing wrong with either of them. If thats what they choose to look like then whatever. I go out in public everyday and see a hell of a lot stranger things then these two! Congrats on the baby and ALL OF YOU LOOK GREAT! 🙂

T on

I saw the newborn and her parents Tuesday on the Doctors, along with her 2 cousins Charlie and Chanel. Erica is a Playboy triplett, all 3 of them were pregnant at the same time. Avery’s cousin Charlie was born 3 months before her and Chanel one month before her, so it will almost be like tripletts themselves when theyre together for playdates. The swaddle blanket in the pic was designed by Erica and her sisters. They’re all beautiful babies and I’m happy for the entire clan!

nancy on

What a wonderful blessing to this great family. May God bless all of you. The baby is beautiful.

miss alice on

So what is the problen with Robin putting her hands on the baby,I think it is a lovely gesture, she wouldn’t do it if she didn’t feel comfortabe, You know that beautiful baby will be loved so very much. Find something else to gossip about., and grandpa, is thrilled to peices. They are all so thrilled and happy. Leave them alone. miss Alice

Annemieke Schoultz on

I am a great fan of Dr Phil – if only more families could be like theirs! Robin – you are great too. As for the young couple and their beautiful new baby- may God bless you richly- she is a lucky little girl to be born into such a close and loving family.

MiB on

I wonder what You guys would think of my father, he has been going on about grandkids for years and neither me nor my brother are even in a steady relationship…. Anyways, congrats to the McGraws for your beautiful addition.

lori on

Joyce: Grow up, you sound like a 12 year old. It’s possible to dislike something about someone without being jealous. I’m constantly shocked to hear people like you spout the ridiculous line that a person has to either like everything about someone or they’re jealous. And I don’t believe for a second that you’ve never once looked at someone and thought, “I don’t like that person’s hair” or “they’re clothes are ugly.” But you go right on preaching if it makes you feel better.

As for the article, the baby is cute and the grown ups need to rethink their clothes and make-up choices.

Anna, you must have missed my point also! I never once said anyone has to agree with anyones opinion etc., I stated if your opinion is negative in any way why post it? im sure we all “THINK” things about everyone neg/or positive, but thinking and actually leaving a comment where anyone can see it, is completely different. You talking about someone being demanding on things, look at your post also “the grown ups need to rethink their make-up and clothes”.

and Joyce’s comment : It’s simply amazing how many jealous women are out there that can only run down other women’s makeup or appearance in any way. JEALOUS! JEALOUS! JEALOUS! This article is about the baby. Period!

Beautiful baby and a beautiful family
What actually was wrong with her comment? This is not a celebrity site, its a site for children to begin with.Shes not asking or demanding anyone to agree with her about nothing at all. The article is about the baby, and should be.

Lola Marie on

Happy for the McGraw family! Cute little baby.

Dang it Robin has gone “Hollywood” with her looks…

She used to look a lot more natural and more beautiful.


OMG. Leave the family alone and let them cherish their family. I would love to see the women and their families who post all this negative stuff about the Mcgraws so we could all pick them apart. Jeez. Congratulations to the entire family, you all look great and baby Avery is adorable! God Bless.

Tiffany Pitts on

The Dr. Phil family is so blessesd to have the baby in their lives. I congratulate the parents on the birth of their beautiful daughter.

Anna on

Lori: Actually, this is a celebrity site. It’s What do you consider to be if it’s not a celebrity site.

And was I ordering Robin and Erica to change their clothes and make-up? No I was not. I made a comment on a blog which they most likely will never read, that’s totally different from people throwing hissy fits where they demand that other people keep all opinions to themselves unless they’re in full agreement with theirs. You’re comparing apples and oranges.

jennifer on

That is MY daughters name! I hope they are never in the same class! 😉
Congratualtions, and at least they have great naming taste!

Susan on

Our daugter AIVERY ELIZABETH was born 3 months earlier on December 18th. We just can’t believe how similar that is! Love the name, of course.

Sandy Collins on

Little Avery is a definite treasure! She will indeed be the joy of your hearts as parents and gparents. Dr. Phil, I like the idea that you are allowing her to decide on what to call you…our first grandson started calling me Mimi at 10 months…and calls his gfather, pops, soooo endearing. Joy beyond any imagination has entered your lives…