Taye Diggs ‘Would Never Ask’ for Baby No. 2

05/10/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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Despite the joys of fatherhood, actor Taye Diggs is leaving it up to wife Idina Menzel as to whether there will be a baby number two.

“I was in the room when my wife gave birth to Walker [Nathaniel], and after seeing that and going through the nine months of pregnancy with her, I would never ask,” says the first-time dad, who welcomed his son in September.

“I would never ask her for another child. If she wants to give me one because she wants to, I’m perfectly fine with that. I came from a large family, and I would love Walker to have some siblings.”

Quick not to rule out anything, Diggs, 39, says that “there’s also the idea of adoption. So we’ll see. It’s basically up to her. She’s the boss. It’s her body.”

For now, he’s relishing his role as Dad, and is already seeing glimpses of himself in 8-month-old Walker.

“He’s like his daddy. He likes the sweet things: pears and apples,” the Private Practice star tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies of his little boy, who just started eating solid foods last month.

“He eats everything, but there’s definitely a difference between feeding him the avocados and the pears!”

Diggs, who served as spokesperson for Amtrak’s National Train Day in Washington, D.C. on May 8, may have even passed his humor gene on to his little one. “The funniest thing he’s doing [are] the funny faces he makes when he’s going to the bathroom,” says Diggs with a chuckle.

It also appears the baby is a go-getter.

“He just inched across the bed,” reveals Diggs, who admits both he and Menzel are short on sleep nowadays and always tired.

“I was going crazy because he tends to get frustrated when we put him on his stomach. But this day, he went from one side of the bed all the way to the other side … quickly!” The proud papa boasted, “He’s definitely a Diggs. He’s got speed and power.”

Right now, Diggs’s favorite daddy and son activity is spending guy time alone. “I have to get permission from the mom, and once she writes off on it, it’s cool,” he jokes. Just two weeks ago, the pair spent a day at the park, where he took his son on the swing and fed him lunch.

“It was a big day for us,” Diggs recalls. “I put him in the car seat all by myself!”

— Arnesa Howell

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Anon on

I love this man…he is wise and beautiful!

Maya on

God, this guy is really into his baby’s bowel movements… Weird.

Princess on

I think I am in love. This man is just perfect.And can that baby be any more cuter.

Molly on

I love this family. Both of them seem like such lovely people. I wish we’d see some recent pictures of Walker – I bet he’s adorable. With two gorgeous parents he can’t miss!

Liliana on

Maya, what a weird comment!

Taye made a remark about the faces his son makes when he goes to the bathroom. By saying that, he’s obsessed with his son’s bowel movements?

I guess if anyone’s up for a good laugh or two, they should start by reading the comments on this webiste.

Tracy on

They are an adorable family. I saw Idina in Boston last week and she talked about how Walker isn’t sleeping well because of all their traveling. And because they just moved back to NYC (Private Practice and Glee are done filming) so the baby is still on west coast time.

I hope they have another baby! They started so late though, so I doubt they will.

daniela on

Love this man! I hope they have another baby – would love for them to have a little girl. Hurry up Taye! Y’all still have time! 🙂

Luna on

Walker was so cute the last time we saw him! I wish they’d show us a more recent picture. Taye seems to really love his son and I love that. I also love his opinion on his wife deciding if they have more. That’s smart 🙂

Chris on

I didn’t realize they were pushing 40. I thought they were in their early 30s. They could probably still have another but they’d have to start like now. lol

Romy on

I always wonder if people like Taye say these things because they think they sound good? Would he REALLY never ask his wife about having another child? NOw it’s all on his wife. Like if they never have another it will be, oh I guess she just didn’t want to. I don’t know, sometimes I find celebrities’ comments so dramatic. Makes sense though 😉

Tracy on

I normally would question them, but Taye has always said stuff like this. He used to say all the time that he would love to have a child but it would be completely up to Idina when and if they ever had one. So it must have been true considering they were together 13 years before they had their son. So Taye saying baby #2 is up to her is very believable.

I am just amazing Idina was able to hold off 13 years. The curiosity would have KILLED me. LOL! And now they are so much older. I wonder if she regrets waiting so long. Pregnant at 38 is is very different than being pregnant at 30.

Jen on

Romy,I think he’s being respectful of the fact that its his wife’s body and that therefore, it must her her choice, first and foremost.

I,for one, think it makes him even more attractive,just knowing how much he respects his wife’s body integrity.

Linda on

What an amazing family, they are real down to earth people who are all beautiful, and talented. Walker will have a loving, musical and wonderful life.

CelebBabyLover on

Idina sure got lucky with him!

MahYah on

This man has always taken my breath away with that smile, those looks but now after hearing about him with his baby. WHAT A MAN.

Lola Monroe on

He is so gorgeous & sweet, I love the way he talks about his family…it’s so lovely<3

Anna on

I LOVE Taye Diggs! He looks so happy and they have the cutest little family. So happy for them! 🙂

dfs on

Tracy and Chris, he said they might adopt, so why would you ever say they need to start trying now if they want to have another baby? They have a good ten years or more.

Annie on

Taye is so HOT!

Carlene on

Talk about a 10,000 watt smile! And he really loves his wife. This is a real man.

Becky on

I would have a second baby for him in a heartbeat..

Liliana..I thought the same thing..He said he loved the faces that Walker makes, not what hes doing..

Mz. G on

I think that it is wonderful that he is loving being a daddy. I hope that he and his wife are blessed with continued happiness. Enjoy the little things(like the sounds and face) they don’t stay babies for very long.

Megan on

Dang he is hott!! And so cute and sweet! And they make such a beautiful couple!! I think he has a great attitude about the whole situation! Obviously his wife knows how he feels, but ultimately it is her choice!

Ellena on

Liliana and Becky–the earlier comment was referring to yet ANOTHER interview Taye Diggs gave where he was talking about his son’s bowel movements. He DOES talk about it a lot.

Beth on

He seems like a great dad! It’s sweet of him to say he wouldn’t want Idina to have to go through labor again unless she really wanted to….after my sister had her first baby her description of how it felt made me amazed again that anybody has more than one kid!
Those of you who think it’s weird that he talks about the faces when Walker goes the bathroom….have you ever seen the faces babies make while taking care of business? Cause they are hilarious. And if he said it more than once, perhaps it’s part of a semi-prepared speech when asked about Walker; I’m sure that he thinks through what he is likely to be asked.

Caryn on

Taye and Idina both say the same thing when talking about Walker. Taye seems to talk more about him while Idina is much more reserved. I chalk it up to being new parents and not wanting people all up in their baby business.

I think it is sweet he is leaving #2 up to her, though I suspect she won’t deny him another child. I hope they do. I would love to see them with a little girl!

Jamie on

Maya, I’d hardly call talking about the faces his son makes when going to the bathroom being obsessed with his son’s bowel movements.

Tracy and Jen, I completely agree. He’s respecting the fact that it is his wife’s body that has to go through the process of giving birth, not his. Therefore, it makes sense to leave it up to her. I thought that was very sweet.

Love them – Walker is going to be very talented and gorgeous, considering who his parents are.

Maddie on

taye is great! 🙂

Ivonne on

Hmmm nice interview I guess, and I am a mother, but I don’t think it should be completely up to the mother when and if to have children. A man has no right to want a number of children? I guess that’s fine if the couple iffy on children or didn’t decide on a certain number (if possible) early on. Anywho, my old pastor had 2 children with his wife and desperately wanted another. She refused…for years. He NEVER got over the bitterness of being denied another child. They did eventually divorce and both remarried. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he finally got the child that he wanted for so long. As a woman, is it my body? Yes. Are children a mutual decision? Heck yes! So I feel what he’s saying… but it’s kind of strange to me. Maybe he’s not an obsessive planner like I am.