Spotted: Jessica Alba’s Little Lunch Date

05/10/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
EM43/Splash News online

Back from a family trip to New York City, Jessica Alba and her daughter Honor Marie, 23 months, soaked up the California sunshine while on their way to grab a bite to eat at Urth Café in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

The mother-daughter duo, along with dad Cash Warren, weren’t away from the Hollywood hills for long, but Alba, 29, plans to eventually make a more permanent — and exotic! — move to the South of France.

“My mother-in-law has lived there for more than 20 years, and she has a beautiful setup,” the actress says.

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Chris on

Jessica kind of looks pregnant. Her weight fluctuates a lot thought so maybe not. Her daughter’s outfit is so cute.

Simone on

There isnt anything exoctic about the south of France but its a very beautiful region..huge lavender fields,vineyards,old villages with beautiful buildings and very quiet perfect to raise your child(ren) somehow I have the feeling Honor is going to be a big sister in the not to distant future 🙂

babymam on

how can you say she looks pregnant? you can see right through her shirt!

Sarah K. on

I love the way Jessica dresses Honor. Always so pretty and classic, but also comfortable/practical

JM on

oh how i hate these pregnancy speculations. they’re so obnoxious. i’ll never understand what’s fun about commenting on the fact that another woman looks pregnant, when you’d never say it about anyone in real life. it’s just ridiculous.

on a more positive note, Honour really is such a cute little girl. really really pretty and she suddenly looks so much older.

daniela on

LOL! I KNEW there would be a pregnancy comment when I saw her wearing a loose fitting shirt!

Lauren on

I really do feel sorry for these women. Being on the heavy side and having someone question whether you’re pregnant is hurtful enough. I can’t imagine the complex these obviousy thin, fit women get from having people question whether they’re pregnant based on a loose shirt, tiny belly, etc. Unless they make an announcement or are obviously hiding something the way Naomi Watts and Isla Fisher did, keep me out of pregnancy speculation. Just not necessary.

Lola Marie on

She kind of looks like Megan Fox from the angle this picture was taken? I don’t see any evidence of a pregnancy?

She is very lucky to be able to move to such a beautiful location. If I had Jessica’s money I would LOVE to move to Italy….specifically Monteriggioni or San Gimignano in the North.

Amy on

Honor is the same age as my son and she looks really tall!

Xan on

It’s so weird that Honor is technically 1 year old, yet she looks quite tall and more like a little girl than a baby! She’s a cutie alright!

Kait on

SO cute. She’s almost two – which is why she looks like a little girl not a baby… I agree though, she looks tall for hr age.

CelebBabyLover on

babymam- I agree! It’s clearly just the baggy shirt. As you said, the shirt is see-through, and you can clearly see that Jessica’s jeans are resting against her flat stomach. 🙂

Anyway, Honor is a cutie, and I agree that suddenly she looks so grown up! On another note, if the Alba-Warrens ever DO move to the South of France, I wonder if they will end up living near the Jolie-Pitts (since they, too, have one of their primary residences in the South of France! :)). If so, then Honor could play with Knox and Viv. They’re just a month younger than her. 🙂

RedHead on

@Lola Marie: I agree, she looks a bit like Megan.

We spent our last summer holidays in the south of France and it was so great, lovely weather, beautiful landscape, only the language takes getting used to

Babymam on

Haha, CelebBabyLover! I’m glad I’m not the only one who could see her shirt was see-through.

Mariana on

LOL! I KNEW there would be a pregnancy comment when I saw her wearing a loose fitting shirt! [2]

how can you say she looks pregnant? you can see right through her shirt! [2]

And LOL, Jessica really resembles Megan Fox in this picture.
Honor is a lovely baby girl!

Nade on

I know Jessica’s brother in law and where they live in the South of France is totally beautiful. One of the most amazing places in the world. Honor is so adorable!