BumpWatch: Jodie Sweetin – The Heart of the Matter

05/10/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Michael Bezjian/WireImage

She wears her heart on her belly!

After recently confirming she is expecting another baby, Jodie Sweetin debuted her bump while attending The Silver Spoon 4th Annual Dog and Baby Buffet Mother’s Day Event at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City, Calif., on Friday.

Baby-on-the-way will be Sweetin’s first with her boyfriend Morty Coyle.

The actress, 28, is also mom to daughter Zoie Laurelmae, 2, with ex-husband Cody Herpin.

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Hea on

She looks happy and healthy. I wish her all the best.

jessicad on

She’s glowing! I think she’ll have another girl.

Alice on

Hea just what I was going to say! She does look glowing. Hope she stays this way.

Vinaya on

Soon she’ll have a full house.

sadie on

Many blessings to Jodie and her family!

Lisa on

when is her baby due?

Romy on

I thought she married Morty recently?

Chris on

Jodie, Morty, Cody and Zoie….I wonder how the new baby’s name will fit in with these other names.

Lisa on

She looks 4-5 months pregnant so i’m going to guess she is due late september/early october… she found out the sex of the baby with Zoie I wonder if she will do that again. I agree she looks happy and healthy!

izzy on

this girl involves herself with men with the ugliest names! cody HERPIN, MORTY COYLE? ew.

alice jane on

She looks beautiful! Best wishes to her, Morty, and Zoie.

Shawna on

Does anyone know if she has custody of her daughter Zoie?

Renee on

she has joint custody with her ex. she does look very happy and healthy. glad she is doing well. I grew up with her on full house.

Mallory on


I don’t know about you, but I don’t generally base my feelings about a guy on his name, something he didn’t exactly have a choice on.

izzy on

@mallory- i’m not basing any feelings on them……i’m simply stating that she chooses men with ugly names.

Hea on

@ Izzy – Izzy to me will always be a lizard. I’m not going to hold that against people named Izzy though.

CelebBabyLover on

Romy- There were rumors that they married, but I don’t think they were ever confirmed.

Anna on

She looks good here and I hope for the best for her and her children. She seems very unstable.

Melissa on

She looks great. I just read her book, it was really good. I wish her the best and i hope she does a follow up book so we can see how she is doing.

She said on twitter that she did not get married again, they are dating.

Mandy on

She looks a lot healthier in this photo. I hope she’s taking good care of herself and her baby.

You know, there’s a lot of pressure and problems with child actors. I mean yeah, she went through a lot but so did that girl from Growing Pains. And even Candace Cameron said something about weight issues and worrying about that.

These producers and such on the shows, they have this ‘body image’ they think is ‘key’ and they brainwash these kids into thinking that’s what they need to be.

Unfortunately Jodie got involved in some bad things. And those aren’t just easily fixed either. I am glad to see she’s happy and hopefully a lot healthier.

Shaye on

Sheesh, I don’t think Izzy meant anything nasty by it. She just pointed out the odd names like I’m sure many have noticed. She didn’t say that Jodie should not have dated these guys because they had awful names. Likening to her name as a lizard is a bit harsh…

MiB on

She does look good in a glowing, healthy way. She didn’t look like that last time she was pregnant. Not sure wether it’s because last pregnancy was harder on her, or because she is actually, to quote her publicist, “in a better place”. I wish her the best of luck

Anonymous on

Jodie’s previous pregnancy was a lot harder and not in the last place because of her ex-husband, so I have read in her book. It seems that she’s truly in a better place and I hope that she has found genuine happiness this time.

Jenn on

I agree with Shaye. The remark by @Hea about Izzy’s name was uncalled for and childish. Izzy was just making an observation. It is amazing how some people on this site overreact so much, at the simplest observations not meant to be harsh at all. Get a life already!

izzy on

thanks to the mature civilized people sticking up for me. i meant no harm whatsoever by my comment. i hope “hea” isn’t so judgmental and mean in real life!

btw, i love lizards 😀

Shaye on

Lol, you’re welcome Izzy! It really was uncalled for and I have noticed before the odd names. I LOL’ed at your I love lizards statement. Good for you, lizards need love too! 😉

Jason on

Jodie was extremely happy when she got pregnant the first time too. What worries me is how Morty was living with his girlfriend of many many years when he started cheating on her with Jodie. Jodie seems to get pregnant on purpose.. Ever hear of Karma?????