Family Photo: The Sutter’s Legoland Love

05/10/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Enjoying a family vacation to Legoland‘s SEA LIFE Aquarium in Carlsbad, Calif. on Friday, Ryan and Trista Sutter watched as Maxwell Alston, 2½, and Blakesley Grace, 13 months, made nice with the fish.

Although baby girl squealed with delight as her finned friends swam by, her older brother was a bit more cautious!

Courtesy Sandy Huffaker/LEGOLAND California Resort

Courtesy Sandy Huffaker/LEGOLAND California Resort

Later the foursome searched for the hammerhead shark in the Lost City of Atlantis, before Trista and Blakesley left to film The Doctors, leaving Ryan and Max to enjoy some father-son time!

No wonder the busy mom was exhausted!

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Inge on

Is it free for them if they go on the photo? Dont get why they are always perfectly photographed at their trips.
Cute family though.

Carolyn on

I’m willing to bet that they were invited by Legoland in return for the publicity. I’m so over the staged shots of families like the Sutters and Tori Spelling at events and parks. Really old.

cris on

yawn…Ryan and Trista on having another ‘family’ event…unlike most families though, this family everything from birthday parties to vacations to pimp out their children for free stuff and attention…their scrapbooks must look like the advertisement fliers that come with the Sunday morning papers or travel brochures. pathetic.

Lorus on

I agree with previous posters. I guess the plus side is they never had to take a camera anywhere!

MissMissy on

Yeah, unfortunately my first thought of, “Wonder what they’re promoting now…” (Answer: Trista’s TV show segment?) overshadowed how adorable the family looks.

But–it’s their choice, not mine. And they are a reality-TV couple through and through, so it doesn’t surprise me that they should continue to use the personal sides of their life to promote the public ones.

Bec on

They’re such a beautiful family, I love them!

Min on

It’s sad how Trista constantly promotes herself and her family in order to maintain a lifestyle that SHE wants.

CelebBabyLover on

Min- How do you know her husband doesn’t want that lifestyle, too? Anyway, as long as the kids are happy and healthy, I don’t see a problem. 🙂

K on

Cute family! I love her necklace! I have the same one from!!!

michelle on

well I don’t think they got paid but they must have gotten the trip for free. can’t imagine why they would let anyone share those photo’s if not.

Dawn on

I’ts nice to see a loving family together & keeping the kids happy. Who cares if they get “free” trips in exchange for pictures. The kids are getting some AMAZING experiences! Keep doin’ what you do, Trista! Scorpio’s rock 😉

Anonymous on

Trista, don’t listen to anything these jealous people are saying, you are a wondeful mother and wife!!! Love a fan Danica

Mary on

I hope you have learned to ignore negative comments from envious people! You have a beautiful family to show to the world. If you get free admission for your photos, more power to you!!! Enjoy each and every day that you have with your handsome husband and beautiful children!

Lise Albert on

I agree I would do the same,if the trips are free good for them. They are a nice family.

Getoverit on

Get over it!! Be happy with your life and let them be happy with theirs. We have all chosn where we r going in life and what were doing. Don’t take what you have for granted. They don’t. Let’s all stop worry about others lives and just watch and treasure our own.

Lisa on

Relax everyone – I enjoy seeing their family & am glad they are a happy couple with beautiful, happy children. If you don’t, then don’t look.

Heather on

It’s great to see a happy family despite all the publicity that’s around them. I’m sure it’s difficult to ignore all the bad comments from above, people with real lives don’t care about whether you were paid or not do to these photographs. I think it’s great to see these kinds of pictures, and even those of Tori Spelling and her kids. You are trying to give your kids the best childhood you can. What parent can argue with that?

Ursula on

There she goes…exploiting her kids for free stuff again.