Spotted: Ellen Pompeo’s Shady Lady!

05/07/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
893/Splash News Online

She’s a Hollywood star in the making!

Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery, 7 months, sports some serious shades while catching a ride with mom Ellen Pompeo during a shopping trip Tuesday in New York.

“Being a mother is magical,” Pompeo, 40, told PEOPLE Moms & Babies earlier this week.

“I live a very blessed life and I could go on for days on how amazing my daughter is. She’s so great. She’s just starting to get a personality and she’s definitely a charmer.”

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h on

i’m surprised stella’s skin is not a little darker..I know that babies’skin color can change but still, she’s very white! too bad she’s wearing sun glasses because we can’t see her face, but i’m sure her mom had her reasons.

Beth on

How Stinking adorable!!!!! Stella is a cutie patootie!!

kc on

-h: The only thing you could find to comment on (her skin color) is not even worth commenting on. Get over what “shade” people are! IT’s 2010 ALREADY!!

Inge on

So cute,
for those who want to see, here some pics of her face;)

hayley on

oooooooooooo sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! seriously i could just eat her up 😀 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Blackrose on

kc, so what if people are commenting on her skin colour! because it IS 2010 we should not take the skin colour as a sensitive issue! why isn’t the same as commenting on her eye or hair colour?!
Stella is so pretty! and i love her look in this pic! so sophisticated!

strupberry on

@kc: or maybe it’s just you, finding something bad in that comment… it’s just a genetics talk, like any other “which parent do they look like more” topic…

anyway, stella is a cutie! 🙂

Adi on

kc – I could be wrong, but I don’t get the impression that h was saying anything bad about Stella’s skin colour either way. It’s reasonable to notice that for a biracial child, she tends to favour her mother in terms of skin colour. It’s not unusual to be either a pale or a dark biracial child, it varies from person to person.

Would you be so up in arms about somebody commenting on eye colour or hair colour that favoured one parent over another?

ForeverMoore on

The pics of her face really show off that she is a perfect mix of Mommy and Daddy – she totally has Ellen’s mouth and Chris’s eyes…cute baby!

Jaxson on

Stella is so adorable her skin is really light but still on of the cutest baby girl god the cast of greys anatomy seem to have cute kids

denise on

so cute!!! and i love seeing ellen using an ergo instead of a baby bjorn which most celebrities seem to favor!!

Nicole on

Anyone know what kind of baby carrier Ellen is using?

Allegra on

Such a cutie! I love her little sunglasses.

Every time I hear her name it makes me think of that children’s book, Stellaluna. One of my favorites when I was in elementary school!

Spiff on

Nicole–It’s an Ergo.

J.D. on

Her skin color is a reasonable thing for people to notice or comment on considering she’s a biracial child. Genetics are just fascinating that way. Victoria Rowell is mixed and had a child with a Caucasian man and her daughter looks completely white. With Halle Berry’s daughter, you can tell she’s biracial.

Anyway, this picture is adorable and should be framed!

Amanda on

Baby Stella is so cute… love her sunglasses!!!!!

LP on

@ h — I think it’s the lighting/environment. My son is biracial and he photographs very light (white) to deep tan. I am black (medium complexion) and his father is Irish (pale). Genes are fascinating! My son has been called everything from Hispanic to Arabic (and with all the hostility towards those groups I sometimes worry). He is only identified as black/white when he is with me! I must admit that I am curious what he will look like as an adult and how people will perceive him racially.

Angela on

Genetics really are amazing. My husband and I have a very fair-skinned child (a shade or two darker than Stella) and we’re both medium-skinned black people. Our daughter is our complexion and our son is very light (he takes after my father and my husband’s mother). We’ve gotten some pretty interesting comments when we’re out as a family. I’m due with #3 in August and it will be interesting to see what color she’ll be!

Jenn on

OMG how freakin’ cute!!!!!!!! She looks like a mini Elton John (minus the crochet hat, of course)! LOL! Adorable. Love it!

skyler on

Stella has white skin tone because she mostly white. Stella mother is white her father is half white and half black.

Mina on

I dont think H meant to be offensive. Questions usually dont hurt, ignorance does. If people ask me (politely) what my ethnic background is, I dont mind answering. I have an ambiguous appearance so I’ve been mistaken for just about everything. It’s funny when random people come up to me speaking languages I never heard before, that’s how I met a lot of friends!

Biracial children can sometimes favor one parent over the other or be a blend in the middle. Everyone is beautiful!

izzy on

@lp: why are you worried about your son being called Hispanic or Arabic? yes, there is hostility attached to those races but there are just as many associated with blacks and irish people. i think that’s a pointless worry to have.

Torrie on

Unlike almost everyone else, I agree with kc. I also think h’s statement was uncalled for. Would h be at all suprised if little Stella had a complexion closer to her fathers? My guess is… no. Why is it that their seems to be no comments on the complextions of kiddies with no known african american ethnicity. Where have some of you people been, who don’t seem to notice that people come in all shades of the skin colour rainbow! Did anyone know that super-talented Carly Simon’s mother was 1/2 black? Which makes her a Quadroon, just like Stella pompeo-ivery,nahla aubry,levi mcconaughey,honor warren,carol channing,wentworth miller, and others. Like kc said. It’s 2010. Move on allready.

Elki on

Am I the only one here that thinks the sunglasses are stupid as they do not seem to be proper childrens/babies’ sunglasses? They tend to slip over the little nose. Also the hat does not really protect the head from sunrays – fancy “sunprotection” instead of proper one!!

Lurry on

What a lovely little girls. She looks a lot like her mom.

She is undoubtedly a fair skinned child who will need the same skin protections as her mom. The father has Caucasian bone structure and features– (e.g.quite a chunk of Anglo ancestry,) so I’m not surprised that the child looks totally Anglo.

Halle Berry’s daughter looks mostly European to me. In fact, she looks like a Versace–the family that may have been responsible for the union of her parents, however brief.

Lurry on


We are all bi-racial, tri-racial or something. There is no such thing as a pure race.

And with the influx of Asians, and Hispanics and all of the mixed children, the notion of racial purity goes further adrift.

This child is predominantly Anglo in her gene pool. Bi-racial would deny her father’s Anglo heritage which is a tad predjudcial.

h on

kc, you have some issues my friend. Call me racist all you want while you’re at it, i was just commenting on the baby’s skin color, the same way i could have said ” oh, her eyes are blue!” or ” she’s a tall baby !”.
Go start your own private war somewhere else please.

anna on

she looks so cute in t hose sunglasses. i just love it!!!

Diana on

I don’t think H meant anything by the comment; I was wondering the same thing as her. It just seems to me biracial children tend to be darker and looking at her I wouldn’t have thought she was biracial. It doesn’t mean anything good or bad and like someone else said its like commenting about hair color or eye color.

Dani on

Skin colour seems to be really random- my mum is half african, half caucasian and my dad full caucasian, i am quite clearly mixed race with quite dark skin, one of my sisters looks european and then the other is so white that some people don’t beleve that our clearly black mother could be her parent!

JM on

kc, the fact that you have problems with comments on skin colour says more about your own insecurities than anyone else’s. the point of equality is not to think that we are all completely identical and pretend like we don’t look different. it’s to embrace the fact that we are all different and that that is wonderful. commenting on a baby’s skin colour is no different to commenting on hair colour, weight, size etc. i don’t know what kind of world you live in but skin colour should really not be a taboo…

lilly on

i dunno in that pic, she looks very white…but in other pics i think you can tell she’s bi-racial, but anyways who cares, shes a cutie, and i dont think people here are trying to start a war, by commenting on the child’s skin color. it is 2010 people and whatever the child is, shes beautiful and one of gods children.

Luna on

I have a friend with a black dad and a white mom. He looks like he’s biracial. However, his two sisters are different stories. One is very dark, and the other is blonde like their mother! Genetics are funny that way. I don’t think it’s weird to comment on her skin color. It’s a physical attribute. We all comment on ‘Oh Frannie Bateman looks like her Aunt Justine’ or ‘Henry Samuel looks really tall; must be Seal and Heidi’s genes coming through.’ What’s the deal over saying that Stella Luna looks lighter skinned, like Ellen.

Mia on

I think it’s just an observation on a physical attribute, nothing wrong with that. She is a cutie!

And also, with everybody (whether skin, hair, eye color) gets darker as they get older.

My dad had light skin, blonde/light brown hair when he was little, hazel eyes and the older he got he had olive skin, DARK brown hair, and brown eyes (milk chocolate).

My hair color was strawberry blonde when I was little, almost golden hue and the older I got it just got darker red.

Laura on

Perhaps, perhaps, she doesn’t look bi-racial, because she’s not. She’s an Anglo dominant baby with a modicum of silent or nullified African ancestry. Her dad was bi-racial. That makes her whatever her parents designate her as. It’s their call. Not ours. And certainly not our perogative, to label her as bi-racial, which completely nullifies her father’s Anglo heritage.

Generally, she will perceived as a white baby. The nuances of her identity will be the proper domain of Ellen Pompeo and husband, Chris Ivery.

JMO on

In other pics I’ve seen of her she clearly looks darker. This picture she does appear lighter but I think it may also be the way the sun is reflecting. That’s a super cute picture!!

Chloe on

Elki – I don’t think the sunglasses are appropriate for a baby that age either! They seem to be more tailored to a toddler because of their size, but at least they keep her eyes protected.

On the issue of skin colour… my son is biracial and is quite dark skinned, so much so that I am often presumed as a nanny or babysitter when I am with him which is very hurtful. However, he had 4 cousins – 2 of which are darker skinned and 2 who are as white as me, so yes genetics are fascinating but I think it wrong for people to make assumptions on parentage just because of a child’s skin colour. So many people ask me about Harry’s ethnic background which I don’t at all mind because they want to know and it’s a fine question, but to make statements stating I am not his mother simply because he looks of a darker skin tone to me is not on, and I hope most people wouldn’t be so ignorant as to say something like to me, or someone like Ellen about Stella, or Gabriel Aubry about his daughter Nahla with Halle Berry.

Manal on

Ellen Pompeo & Daughter Stella

a picture of Stella!

Laydacris on

I dont get those saying that Stella is mostly white, YES her father is mixed, but he looks like a black man! I notice nobody says anything thing about Bronx Wentz when Pete Wentz has a black mother. Personally, if you are mixed, you are mixed no matter if you are half or quater.

Dee on

She is an adorable baby 🙂

As for her skin colour, that will change as she gets older.

I have a boatload of nieces and nephews ALL MIXED and when they are first born they are practially lily white.

As they got older their skin got darker…..however if her hubby Chris is also biracial then lil Stella may not be as dark and stay on the lighter side of caramel 🙂

In the end it doesn’t really matter…she has awesome parents who love her and thats what counts!!!!

sarawara on

I’m Jewish (olive skin, black ethnic hair and dark brown eyes) and my husband is Scottish (pasty skin, red hair and blue eyes). I have 2 toe-heads with green eyes, and I have one sandy haired with dark brown eyes. That’s just how the old genetic roulette wheel turns. Chill out people.

Brooke on

The insinuations that the first poster made an uncalled for statement is ridiculous.

Stella is bi-racial, and to point out the color of her skin being quite light is a good one. Her skin looked much darker when she showed her pic on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, so for a brief second, I actually wondered if this baby was indeed Stella.

Laura on


I have white nephews who are descended from a mulatto, but have four mostly white grands. They are fairer in skin, than their hispanic cousins–who also descend from at least one mulatto. The day that their mother will think that your right to know their ethnic history and to assuage your curiosity, is the day that you will get a quarter million dollar gift certificate to your favorite plastic surgeon from her.

Laydadris, your opinion matters. But, only to you. My sister and her husband, make the decisions for their child. And in fact, they are perceived as white. Just white. If, and when that changes, we will note your prior cynically stated view on racial perceptions. But, until then, please recognize that your views are about as old and outdated as the institutions that spawned them. And by the way, have you ever dared tell a mixed Anglo/Hispanic person who thinks of themselves as white, that they are mixed?

Laura on

It is simply rude to ask a question about ethnicity, color, race that seperates a child from their parents or that may make a child uncomfortable.. The rights/curiosity of a total stranger have never been more important than the rights/feelings of a child. For those of you who feel like (ancestral background) its a fine question and that your unbridled curiosity should be addressed straight away, look out. Some people, who have a Anglo dominant, but slightly exotic looking child, may engage you and say, she’s 3/4 Anglo, 1/8 Mulatta and 1/8 Native American. But, there’s a growing cadre of mom’s who are about ready to affirm that there child’s ancestry is none of your beeswax.

m-dot on

The little girly is a doll. I love her shades! Very baby diva-esq. As for what she looks like…I think her features tell of her black genes, and her complexion tells of her white genes. So few of us in the US are “pure” anything that one should not be surprised by what babies come out looking like. I think this makes us even more interesting to see. =)

J on

I don’t think it’s so terrible to wonder about the child’s skin tone. I’m biracial (b/w) and my fiance is white and I wonder what skin tone my own children will have.

I think the people having a fit over someone’s simple comment on skin tone need to grow up. It’s getting to the point that you can’t wonder about anything without people getting offended.

J on

Oh for pete’s sake Laura, the kid’s biracial/multiracial…

Anna on

Laura, there is nothing rude about asking about someones background! And it doesn’t separate the parent from the child nor should it make a child uncomfortable to talk about her/his heritage.

Sarah K. on

Lauren, why is ancestry/ethnicity/background so shameful to you? Kids should learn to be proud of wherever they’re from and not feel like it’s a secret that can’t be shared with the outside world. The problem is not that someone made a neutral comment about Stella’s skin tone – the problem is that other people are not yet ready to have a mature conversation about race.

Ivey on

it is funny too me that if her face wasn’t covered by giant sunglasses, we would all be talking about weather she has Chris’ eyes or Ellens’ nose, but instead all we can comment on is her skin tone.

Sometimes a mothers need to over protect backfires….

kayt on

Not that it matters what his racial background is, but you are misinformed about Pete Wentz. His mother is Hawaiian, so he is Polynesian and Caucasian. Besides, I don’t think anyone here is implying that one race is better than another. It’s just a subject of curiosity about genetics. Lighten up.–And I’m talking attitude, not skin tone. ha

Laydacris on

@ Laura

Who was talking about your family or even cares? I was making a statement about Stella ethnicity being a controversial subject and those who are trying to state she is more of one race than another. She is BI-RACIAL either way you look at it and Yes this is MY opinion and no I dont care about what you think either and I’m sure no one else does!

@ Kayt
Pete’s mother is black hawaiian. I have seen pictures of her. Please look it up.

Laura on

Until I hear the mom or dad make the call, she is not bi-racial. She is Stella, plus whatever identity shaping terms that her parents choose to use. Bi-racial implies a polarity. There may be one or they may not be one. It’s up to the parents. I personally believe that for the length of time that their respective families have been in America, that they can have earned the right to a Continental designation, similarly afforded to Middle Easterners and Hispanics. Still, it is not up to me and I wouldn’t dare try to assert my racial baggage or curiosity over the perogative of the parent.

I don’t beleive that the people of color from Asia, Latin America or referred to in racial fractions, so why are we doing that to American citizens. It’s ridiculous and pathetic.

Again, for those of you who believe that your right to know a child’s ethnic background or history, supercedes the child’s right to privacy or a comfort zone, the lot of you are out of line. In fact, just as an aside, and I really mean this with all due respect, but wouldn’t you be better off saying a quick prayer for a child, as opposed to asking questions on a subject that a parent may or may not be ready to bring up. Think about it.

Finally, I just hope for all of the Anglo dominant babies with some mulatto history that they will be allowed to negotiate soceity without being hassled, guilted, shamed, or pigeon holed.

Laura on

Sarah K,

Please understand that there are many different viewpoints on the virtues or lack therof in the cultivation of a prideful heart. Some families who adhere to the bible, are very careful in how/what/when they instill pride. Prideful hearts are a cause of concern-theologically speaking.

A parent’s perogative extends to the value/virtue shaping. That is a must. The cultivation of racial pride is therefore not a given, as you have implied. (Particularly by total strangers whose curiosity runs amouk) Rather, it is one more variable for the parent to consider. Hence, their choice in the weighting, timing, of the consideration of such. Not yours or mine.

CelebBabyLover on

Laura- I think what people are saying is that, biologically, Stella is mixed-race. Now if she chooses to identify as such when she’s older is an entirely different matter. 🙂

Lola Marie on

Man that is a cute picture!

maman on

Gosh at first glance I thought it was Fergie!!!

Gorgeous bubba, love the shades!

MAE on

I am astonished to see how most people can be that ignorant concerning mixed raced children.
I am both black and white myself (white mom, black dad), and hight yellow skinned, but mainly with my dad’s features.

*We come in every shade*, and with many different features. I really wonder when people will stop discussing “races” and such.

Laura on


I fully understand what they are saying. That doesn’t make what they are saying in sync with biological or dna facts. Nor is it consistent with the way in which we regard other “people of color” i.e. groups who have some overlapping physical characteristics with groups from Africa.

One standard. One standard for all. Not one for Hispanics, Indians, Asians– and then a seperate standard for anyone born of one grandparent with some color and/or oppresive history. That would be perpetuating social ills, mistruths, predjudicial thinking from the past. Who in their right mind would perpetuate such while claiming to be progressive and fair minded?

Sarah K. on

“I don’t beleive that the people of color from Asia, Latin America or referred to in racial fractions, so why are we doing that to American citizens.”

That’s actually not true. Skin color and racial make-up are issues on every continent. Read a book.

The point is that we should be able to talk about things like skin tone without it having a negative connotation. The original comment about Stella’s skin tone did not have any ill intent towards Stella or her parents – it was a question about genetics. Where people are from obviously affects their skin color and that’s not a bad thing.

h (read first comment...) on

My gosh. All i wanted to say was that Stella’s skin appeared very white and that surprised me since her father is mixed. In my opinion some people are getting way to offensive here and read only what they want to read. Some of you are even saying things that i didn’t even say. I would have made the same comment if Heidi and Seal’s daughter Lou had a very white skin..nothing racist about that! i loooooooooove Seal! It’s simply a genetic matter nothing else, so to all of you who thought ( or maybe wanted to see in my comment somethng i would never even imagine: racism is not part of my vocabulary and shouldn’t be part of yours. That’s it, thanks, peace and love y’all!

RM on

I love the sunnies and the ergo carrier. She looks so contented being close to her mamma. Ellen looks pretty comfy with being able to have her so close, too.