Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker Totes a Twin

05/06/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

Hot town, summer in the city!

Sarah Jessica Parker steps out on a steamy Sunday in Manhattan, taking 10-month-old twin daughters Tabitha Hodge (pictured left) and Marion Loretta Elwell to a West Village park.

“My children are the most important thing to me — the fact they are loved and that I have created a healthy, nurturing life for them,” the actress, 45, said recently.

She and husband Matthew Broderick are also parents to son James Wilkie, 7½.

Parker’s latest flick, Sex and the City 2, hits theaters May 27.

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Doug Meszler/Splash News Online

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Kristin on

Those babies are so beautiful but I can’t believe they’re already 10 months old. Time flies!

hillary on

all i can say is too cute! she would love the new baby jogger city select stroller or the baby jogger city mini double 🙂 that mutsy stroller is cool though but looks a bit bulky for her…

Meesh on

Yikes! What is UP with her hand in that first picture? Scary.

Madison on

@meesh She’s just very veiny. Everytime I see a pic of SJP in a short sleeve or sleeveless top all I focus on are the veins. Madonna has the same thing going on. It’s just a factor of getting old. It’s going to happen to all of us.

I want to know are these kids SJP’s egg and Matthew Broderick’s sperm? Everyone is going to say “does it really matter”? Well yeah, I want to know. Why won’t she reveal if these kids are her biological kids or not?

erilynne on

I was thinking the same! her hand is so veiny?

Alexis on

Guess this halts the theory that she loves Marion more than Tabitha. ::rolls eyes::

Whatever will people complain about next?

Romy on

love the guy smoking a cig right behind her

Lilli on

I’m 99% sure they’re biologically her children, cause I saw recently a pic where Loretta looked like James a lot.

Tess on

@Madison, I am so with you! I just want to know. i know it “doesn’t matter” but I’m curious. Anyone know?

Jill on

She is not old at all — she is 45. Come on people! 45 is at least the new 40 now. I know a lot of women much older whose hands do not look veiny at all.

I think she works out a lot and that can cause it because there is more muscle and not much fat. It can be in your genes too.

dfs on

“Why won’t she reveal if these kids are her biological kids or not?”

Madison, she has stated several times that they are her biological children. And if she hadn’t, I don’t see why anyone would be surprised: it’s none of our business. I certainly wouldn’t have said anything about it publicly if I were her.

hayley on

I want to know are these kids SJP’s egg and Matthew Broderick’s sperm? Everyone is going to say “does it really matter”? Well yeah, I want to know. Why won’t she reveal if these kids are her biological kids or not?

– Madison on May 6th, 2010

not to be rude , i no you want to no but its nothing to do with you, they are her babies end of, i don’t really see why its important……. just becuase she is famous means nothing , she has a right to keep some things to herself.

those babies make my heart melt ………i want one lol or two!!! 😀

Charlotte on


Mia on

So cute. I think 1 twin looks a lot like the older brother who I think look more like Matthew Broderick + the other like SJP. Cute kids.

Yes-I think the twins are biologically their kids, like JW. They mentioned it in interviews. Plus the kids all look alike.

Rye on

For the record, they have NEVER stated that the children were biologically SARAH’s children. They have stated that they used a surrogate and have mentioned that one twin favors son James, which doesn’t necessarily mean the kids are Sarah’s. They could have chosen donor eggs and used Matthew’s sperm. I don’t see the SJP resemblance YET but that could just be because of the ages of the babies.

SJP has very, very strong, dominant features and sooner or later, one or both of the girls will show through with them.

It doesn’t matter regardless if they are biologically her children or just biologically Matthew’s…she is the mama and that is all that matters.

Rye on


I have ALWAYS thought that SJP had very VEINY hands…even when she was younger. I remember even having a discussion about her hands with a friend of mine when Sex & The City first aired back in 98. She’s just a veinier person!

Laura on

Madonna has the same veiny hands and both her and SJP both work out alot and I think that just shows up when you get older because of that.

gianna on

rye your right, they have never said if the kids are sjp bio kids. I def think they are matthew’s bio babies they resemble him, but like you as of yet neither baby looks like sjp to me. They could be her bio kids, but like you said she has strong features and eventually if they are her bio kids I think it will show. but right now neither kid looks like her, they are adorable.

Meesh on

Yes, I’ve notices the same thing with Madonna, and Angelina Jolie for that matter. I just think it’s gross. Of course, since I’m saying that, I’ll probably have them when I’m older!

Lola Monroe on

@ Madison Because it’s nobodies business but their own & who cares if they are or not…the kids are THEIRS regardless…

Anywho…their so adorable,this year has sure gone by super fast!!!

MiB on

I have said it before on here and I will keep saying it. Visible veins can be genetical, you just don’t see them as well on heavier people. All my aunts and cousins have them, You just don’t see them that clearly in my 3 over weight aunts as in the rest of us. My veins got even more visible when I lost some weight lately and they get more protuberant (in lack of better words) when I carry heavy loads (which SJP is doing in the picture).

Anyway, those babies are real cuties!

Ann on

I know she said she didn’t want or plan on twins, but I wonder if they did sex selection with the IVF treatment. I know she’s said in the past she always wanted a girl.