First Photos: Gary Busey Introduces Son Luke

05/06/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
James Peragine; Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

Meet Luke Sampson Busey!

Proud dad Gary Busey introduces his 10-week-old son on Thursday evening’s Entertainment Tonight.

Girlfriend Steffanie Sampson delivered 6 lbs., 7 oz. Luke on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

The couple are currently developing a show about their new family and Gary’s role as a father.

Busey, 65, is already dad to a son, actor Jake Busey, 38, and a daughter, Alectra, 16, from previous relationships.

See a family photo in the extended post.

James Peragine; Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

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izzy on

how cute, they look alike 🙂

Luna on

What a cute baby! He looks so happy! 🙂

Lacey on

Luke has his father same big blue eyes! He’s so adorable!

Renee on

Oh gosh, what an adorable little man. If I wasn’t already carrying a baby boy, he’d make my ovaries ache for one. lol.

Rachael on

Wow! He’s the spitting image of his Dad!

How cute! 🙂

Nc on

So happy for Gary! (and family)….

What a cute baby – and should give him a new meaning for life.

jade on

Congratulations Steffanie & Gary on the new addition to your family, Luke Sampson Busey. You all look so happy and he is such a beautiful baby boy. Thank you for sharing.

Lori on

They just had a baby and their first thoughts are to create a new show? Seriously? Priorities priorities priorities! Plus he’s been a father for 38 years, nothing new here!

Julia on

He looks just like his daddy 🙂

Erica on

He looks like Zuma Rossdale

Anonymous on

Not to be negative here, but I would be P.O.’ed if I was 38 and my dad had another baby. This kid might graduate from high school without having a dad because his dad is already 65! Woww. This is pretty crazy

pep on

Although i find Gary creepy looking .. his baby is adorable .. and i do wish them the best…

Rye on

Congrats to them! I am REALLY not a fan of older men having babies with younger women though. I think it’s unfair to the child in the long run. Having a dad that is 83 when you are graduating high school is strange. I don’t get it. Oh well, all the best to them!

Becky on

Beautiful baby…I’ve heard of spacing out your kids but wow every 16 or so years.

Brooke on

I am sorry – I am saying it. This guy is a freakin’ trainwreck. He is certifiably insane or delusional. I actually may be the only one, but I feel sorry for that little boy.

Jeppie on

Yuck! I think it’s just creepy and sad when a old man has a child with someone young enough to be his daughter.

kmb on

that baby is adorable! but gary freaks me out. he looks like a crazed drugged horse.
congrats to them though, hope he’s around for a lot of this little one’s life.

Jen on

Wow and I thought the 15 year age difference between my brother and me was big… 38 years… wow.

robin on

It looks like gary is going to eat the baby!

Jenn on

It amazes me that men can reproduce their whole lives. Gotta say, it’s kinda gross to think about IMO! Men always want someone younger and hotter so I’m not surprised he’s with someone that young. What DOES surprise me is what she was thinking lol! Oh well. Cute baby though! I like the 2nd picture.

Lake on

Where is my air sickness bag?

Ran on

Is this guy nuts he will never see the kid get out of high school.

Vivian on

Gary has humongous teeth! LoL!

Just me on

I do wish them all the best. But I do believe there comes a time when you are TOO OLD to be having babies, it just isn’t fair to the baby

Ryan and Trista Look Alike on

Erica, You’re right he does look like Zuma Rossdale and LOL at kmb and Robin…Gary’s horse looking teeth (veneers and false teeth can do this) make him look creepy and like he’s ready to eat the baby! 🙂 LOL!

Elaine on

I’m afraid I feel a little sad for this new tyke. When he’s 10, his father will be 75 – when he’s 15 his dad will be 80 – can’t see him playing touch football in the back yard with his son.

daniela on

Jenn – I totally agree with you! But oh well….And the baby is a cutie.

armaniac on

Gary Busey creeps me out. Baby is cute, Mommy is cute. But, Busey, uh.

Ziggy on

Seriously? What’s with all of the happy congrats? The man is SIXTY FIVE years old!!! If that was a woman becoming a mother at 65, people would be outraged. Not cool.

Anna on

The baby is cute but this story is sad to me.

Kristen on

Wow! His brother is old enough to be his grandfather!

Pinkdancer on

What a cute baby, but the age thing creeps me out a lot. A 38 year old son? Seriously? I try to be accepting of all situations but this one is just not working.

stilts on

HOLY BANANAS! Busey has huge, fake teeth.

Tiff on

I think his son is adorable…and he apparently loves his daddy judging by the 2nd picture.

Angela on

Luke is a cutie pie,Gary not so much & he has the largest teeth I’ve ever seen on a human.

Jordyn on

Hahahah Vivian, I hate to admit that’s the first thing I thought of too! Lol

Daniella on

Damn, and I thought the 11 year age difference between my little brother & me was pretty big. I couldn’t even imagine being 38 years older than my baby brother…just, wow…

Susan on

Just because Gary will be this old when Luke is that old doesn’t mean the child won’t love his father.

jaye on

Wow someone is still having sex with this guy. Hope there isn’t a Hollywood story down the line where we find out the father is actually his 38 year old son.

jessica on

at 65 he should be having grandkids not kids what was he thinking that kid is going to grow up without a dad

DS on

Man, he’s got big teeth! Daddy, that is.

Michelle on

Scary, crazy man with a beautiful little son. I hope that they have a long and happy life together. (For those The Soup watchers – I hope that Gary stays away from Endocrine systems!)

Marilyn on

Congradulations on your new son
Who cares how old you are Gary
God granted you a son love him protect
him treasure him every moment of your’s
and his life and keep your family
safe and happy.Be The Best Dad ever
So he wiil always know he is loved
by his Dad, Mom,sister and his big
brother.You have Three beautiful

Melissa on

Please tell me it was done through artificial insemination, otherwise it means she had sex with crazy Gary Busey. There are images your brain just can’t unsee, and this is one of them. Time to drink myself into a stupor in the hopes of forgetting this.

Sue on

Adorable baby, too bad his father is a nut job!

CelebBabyLover on

Susan- Beautifully written! 🙂

Angela on

Great another person with Gary Busey’s gene’s. Talk about being screwed up. This poor kid doesn’t have a chance!

sharlot on

doesn’t anyone know that gary finally got clean and sober not too many years ago and has found christianity his rock to hold onto..he knows better than anyone how he screwed up all those years (his wives and children KNOW) but he is a new guy these last years and has apologized to the hurts of others he caused..he is a guy who found a good woman and they made a baby who will be loved and nurtured like the others should have been..he was absent and crazy on drugs and he will be the first one to tell you..go ahead and knock it but he knows he is happy and has made amends and wakes up feeling good and thankful to God that he is still alive..and able to be in this new life..

Laura on

So sweet!!!!

Bunty Bagshaw on

The baby is cute but Gary looks like he’s about to eat him!!!!!
Man looks all kinds of crazy!!!!

Elizabeth J. on

I always loved Gary Busey. What a pleasure it is to see him clean and sober. He sure has a beautiful family. would love to see him make another movie.

Steph on

wow Sharlot, well said!
While gary’s teeth frighten me (!) I think some people on here are a bit dumb, especially with comments like he won’t be able to play football with the kid or may not be around when he finishes high school, you guys do realise the child has a mother?? That you could be hit by a bus therefore leaving your child parentless…so you shouldn’t have had kids…there’s a reason men can reproduce when they’re older, maybe we should let nature take its course…

Karen on

I just wanted to say congratulations on the new baby he’s adorable, and he looks just like his dad.
congratulations again
I am glad to see the whole family, that’s what life if all about.

Erica on

Cute baby. 65 is way too old to be having another baby though.

ernie on

I hope Luke doesn’t develop a complex about people with normal size teeth.

Inge on

I feel sorry for this kid. Sure, he has a great family now. But his dad may not see him graduate, get married etc..
My brother is 39 years younger(26) and just had their 3rd baby. Then at least you can enjoy your kids for many more years to come and be there for everything. You can get run over by a bus 2morrow off course.. but no, i dont like this at all.

Tara on

Busey is creepy and there’s something seriously wrong with him mentally. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

Shaae on

Aw!! Congrats Gary and Steffanie. And my own father was 60 years old the day I was born. I had a wonderful relationship with him until he passed away in his 80s and I was in my late 20s. I hated losing him then, but I was lucky to have even known him at all. So it will be fine that Gary is in his 60s.

Tracey on

Wow, like anyone of you are perfect?! I highly doubt it.
Busey was/is a drug addict, now a recovering addict. He chose life instead of death, literally and asked God to help carry him through life. Out of this miracle ( because he should not be alive today due to the road he was on.. )A beautiful child was born. You know nothing about the beautiful people this child will have to love and care for him throughout his life.
Take a look in the mirror and check out your closet full of skeletons and shut the hell up, unless you have something
positive and powerfull to say!

Lauren on

This is gross.. this is like my grandfather having a baby.. disgusting.

Heather on

I love the middle name, it is my family name as well!

Janis Scott on

Horray for Gary!
I have loved & adored this man ever since I was turned on & I do mean turned on to him when he played Buddy Holly. The thing I have to say is enjoy him while you can ’cause they grow up fast.
Steffanie Darling, how I do envy you!

Bless you 3.
Love you,
Janis Scott

fitz on

There should be a law against specific people who should not reproduce.

Dee on

I am a woman….an eight months pregnant one at that and I will just say it now.

We women are JEALOUS of men…..we suffer some enormous penis envy. Men can reproduce their entire life and for us our ovaries start to dry up and our “clocks” start ticking and then when it can no longer happen naturally we have to turn to medicine to intervene.

A man? Well he just needs two minutes and hello baby!!!!

Give it a rest already and just be thankful we have the ability to reproduce at all.

I dont know Gary from a fart in the wind but he seems to be on the next chapter of his life. He probably realized that after all this time, he wasn’t exactly there for his other kids and he wants to try and get this right.

It’s not to say he shouldn’t or doesn’t have a healthy relationship with his other kids. But why should they be angry their father wants more children? I mean seriously, with all the crap in the world today they should be upset about that??????????

I am happy for him and his family and wish them all the health and happiness in the world 🙂

Angela on

Sorry, Dee. Speak for yourself because I don’t suffer from penis envy at all. By August, I will have three kids 3 and under and I am almost 35 (we have a 2 1/2 year old, a 15 month old, and I am almost six months pregnant). I don’t want to reproduce for the rest of my life and I’m glad I’m not meant to. Our third child will be our last and it’s my decision, not my husband’s. Speaking from an anatomical standpoint, women are superior to men because our goodies are on the inside, not the outside. I could go further but it would probably be a waste of my energy.

Joanna on

OMG…That baby is soooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable

Janie on

The baby is cute, but what about family planning? I stopped having kids at 34! Having a 38 yr old and then having another baby is just crazy. You are too old to enjoy them. Being a grandpa at 65 is expected. I hope his wife is ready to change diapers for 2.

ericka on

beautiful kid

she must have ALOT of patience…he drove me NUTS on celebrity rehab.

Anonymous on

Who is the man’s dentist?

Ronda on

Cute baby!
It is not fair to criticize procreation, folks. Only God knows the just and righteous choice to bring this little boy to his parents’ care. I know Busey has had a terrible time with addiction and wild ways, but its refreshing to see him enjoy a life with family. Surely this little boy is a special gift to them. I know some fine folks who had children during their golden years, and it did not look or feel scary at all! In fact, I think babies have a way of keeping life and living fresh and youthful for those who experience it with children.

Ronda on

Cute baby! I think having children makes youthful parents. Not fair to criticize age. This little boy is very lucky to have loving parents. Glad Busey is enjoying a new life with his new family ties.

MiB on

What a cute baby! He really is a spitting image of his father, or at leat what he looked like when his face was still intact.

As for Gary not being able to be a fit father due to his age, I have several friends with older parents, especially fathers, and they don’t seem to mind. I think the only effect was one friend who decided to have kids relatively early (in her mid-twenties) because she wanted her father to be able to meet his grandchildren. I didn’t really think about it when I grew up, I am in my early thirties now, and had two friends whose fathers had served in world war II, and guess what, it didn’t even occur to me that they were “old” until I was 15-16 and did a special assignment on WWII. Were those whos fathers have died sad about it? Off course! But they where not sadder than the ones who lost a younger parent to accidents or illnesses. The ones who make an issue of older parents are usually either bystanders or children who would have had an issue with their parents anyways. I did have a friend who claimed his fathers age was a wedge between them, but I always thought it was just an excuse, the guy had a problem with authoritative figures and his father was an authoritative man (in his teens he was raised with his nephew after the nephews parents died and no harm seems to have come to the nephew, who didn’t let anyone bother him). Bottom line is, in my experience, if you do have problems with your parents, it’s usually not their age.

Alicia on

I don’t have a problem with Gary’s age, it’s his teeth that are scary !

h on

my dad had me when he was 45, i guess it’s still ok. But i know a man, who’s 60, he has a 6 year old and a 6 month old… not ok….

maman on

Yikes those teeth are terrifying!!!!!

Shyla on

I’m 28 and my husband is 49 and we are expecting our first child in October.

Susan Albert on

Adorable baby, but it does seem strange to me when there is such a big difference in age between children. I wonder how the 38 year old feels about having a 10 week old brother.

Andrea on

Congratulations Gary and Steffanie! Your baby is beautiful! Wishing your family lots of love and good health always! God bless you!

canali on

so nice to see gary, who’s suffered a horrible accident, then drug abuse and been seen as ‘weird’ from his injuries, to have found love and a new life again…congrats man!…there’s hope for us all if we try to be more open, loving and moving ahead.

Kay on

Years ago Gary had a horrible motorcycle accident that resulted in some brain damage. This is what causes his odd behavior. He’s lucky to be alive! He travels and gives speeches on the importance of motorcycle helmet safety.
As far as the baby goes, if the Mother is alright with the age difference, who are we to judge? I hope they all have a long, healthy and happy life together!